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The water sources near any nuclear plants are always contaminated. In BARC many nuclear reactors were in operation since 1960. Thousands of curies of radioactive liquid wastes resulting from split fuel rods were drained in to the Mumbai sea. Fish can accumulate some of the radioactive elements lakhs of times. Some studies have indicated high levels of radioactivity in marine life. Yet there is no restriction in fishing or any independent study was done on the daily catch of fish from Mumbai seas. The human life in India appears to be of no value for the government. Kakkodkar introduced lady shift engineers in the reactors, a practice, avoided world over. The reason is that the girls have all their eggs at the time of their birth, and a female at the reproductive age works in a radiation environment, the future generations will have serious genetic mutations.

BARC staff bear the brunt of the ever present radioactive leakages, over-exposures, arising out of design deficiencies, poor maintenance, old power reactors, the hazardous nuclear installations like Apsara, CIRUS and Dhruva reactors, fuel reprocessing and waste treatment units. In seventies, a university professor sent a neutron source to BARC by post to the table of a scientist. Nuclear reactor superintendents like Rakesh Kumar died of radiation induced brain tumors. So many such cases are hushed from the public view. Even the total absorbed doses by the staff are revealed to the that staff. Time to make AERB an independent organization outside DAE for the radiation health of India. Some 130 crore people have died since nuke tech has been in vogue. By suitably defining the effect of radiation this figure is reduced to zero. AERB should be independent of DAE and bring back BARC under AERB purview. There is a need to put DAE under a full time cabinet minister.

BARC is pouring an enormous amount of radioactive waste in to the Mumbai sea. Similar thing is happening all over the world at the nuclear installations. This unseen undersea radioactive contamination, is finding its way into the food chain. If one goes around the fish market in Mumbai with a Geiger counter I’m sure that one could detect radiation. Other non nuclear agencies are also dumping radioactive waste in to the sea. Italian mafia is dumping European radioactive waste off the coast of Somalia. Europeans are finding that their raw and finished metal stocks are slightly radioactive and in some cases exceeding 70 microSieverts per hour. Western industrialized nations have been indiscriminately dumping their polluted metal waste material to the emerging world because in country disposal is both hazardous and expensive. Much of that came from decommissioned nuclear reactors that were sold into metal recycling industry.

R. Chidambaram, who lied about the Hydrogen bomb, through an office memorandum dated April 25, 2000 while being the Secretary of the DAE, has ordered that the regulatory and safety functions at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and its facilities, which were being exercised by the AERB, were removed from the responsibility of AERB. This was assigned to be carried out through an ‘Internal Safety Committee Structure’ of the Director of the BARC to hide all such exposure to the staff working in BARC. The independent safety assurance and regulation has thus been made the responsibility of the same people who manage these installations, defeating the very principle of unbiased external scrutiny, which is at the core of any such regulation. The radiation exposures to BARC staff, will be hushed up.

Chidambaram when retired, he promoted another traitor Kakkodkar to that post. The traitor Kakkodkar was given three extensions by NDA and UPA and both were following antinational policies at the prompting of Americans. The last AERB chairman who retired recently S K Sharma has nothing to do with radiation protection, but everything to do with radiation destruction, as he is from the Reactor operations side and was responsible for dumping of thousands of curies of liquid waste in to the sea, that is now got in to the food chain of Mumbaikers. The policies of the DAE chairmen were to hide all mishaps from the public. If the public comes to know the true story of contamination from our nuclear programme, there will be no more Nuclear power programme in India. CANDU reactors release 20 times more tritium than the light water reactors that are in use elsewhere. This environmental poisoning by tritium, is similar in toxicity to radon but once ingested it can slow death.

The position of the Atomic Energy commission was occupied by illustrious scientists like Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha, who not only contributed to the science but was also a visionary who created our nuclear programme and brought in scientists and engineers of an excellent character. After Bhabha, was murdered by CIA in a plane crash, the next chairman was Dr. Vikram A Sarabhai who developed our space programme. was also murdered by CIA using their heart attack method. As per Kovalam staff where he died two ladies came out of his room after killing him. Kerala is the breeding ground of CIA. Eventually a dishonest Chidambaram became AEC chairman. Decay in political field is seen in research establishments. Chidambaram, systematically and deliberately refused to sit with his previous boss Shri P.K. Iyengar and clear his fake claim that May 11, 1998 Hydrogen bomb test was a success. They also started putting pliable AERB chairmen. 


With the best of technology, staff and finance, UK, USA and USSR had undergone serious nuclear accidents. India is about to follow it soon. Poor leadership of AEC, has made the safety of Indians a big question mark. If there is a terrorist attack, with a dirty bomb, the only option for the public is to leave the places like Mumbai. The first major nuclear accident was in 1957. The reactor fire at Windscale was possibly the most serious nuclear accident to occur outside the Soviet Union. Large amounts of assorted radio-isotopes were released. Government records altered in cover-up and the name was changed to Sellafield. The accident led to discharges of between 600 and 1,000 TBq of iodine-131, between 444 and 596 TBq of tellurium-132, between 22.2 and 45.5 TBq of caesium-137 and about 0.2 TBq of strontium-90. An estimate of 1369 TBq of Polonium-210 was also released during the fire. It is estimated that due to the fire some 1000 lives were lost due to cancer etc
Indo US civilian nuclear energy agreement was a treachery on India by the prime minister. Our nuclear bomb making capacity is curtailed with the coming Shut down of CIRUS reactor that was producing Plutonium on 31-12-2010. It was in the West’s interest to have this agreement to dump on India unsafe nuclear reactor types which India is not following or planned to follow. CANDU type was our power reactors, even though it contaminates the surroundings and cause cancer to thyroid problems, and does not meet the 911 criteria. Our Thorium based technology is not known to any other nation. As a person who designed and installed our first thorium fuel, I can say that our DAE is taking the nation down the drain. US has not constructed a single nuclear power plant in the last 31 years. In my opinion a terrorist attack in Trombay is simply inevitable and it could result in total Chernobyl type effect in Mumbai. It is time to shift Bhabha Atomic Cancer Centre out of Trombay to save Mumbai.

The EPR is European Pressurized Reactor, or Evolutionary Power Reactor, but is now simply named EPR by Areva.It was developed mainly by Framatome which is now Areva NP and Electricite de France or EDF and Siemens AG in Germany. Not a single EPR reactor is in operation anywhere in the world. As of 2010, four EPR units are under construction. The first two, in Finland and France, are both facing costly construction delays. Construction commenced on two additional Chinese units in 2009 and 2010. In July 2008 the French President announced a second EPR would be built in France. Electrical power output will be 1650 MWe with thermal power 4500 MWt. The reactor can use 5% enriched uranium oxide fuel, or with up to 50% mixed uranium plutonium oxide fuel. On November 4, 2009, the nuclear power regulatory authorities in France, Finland and the United Kingdom issued a joint letter to Areva, citing serious problems with the EPR’s digital Instrumentation and Control systems (I&C). The letter stated: The issue is primarily around ensuring the adequacy of the safety systems (those used to maintain control of the plant if it goes outside normal conditions), and their independence from the control systems (those used to operate the plant under normal conditions). Independence is important because, if a safety system provides protection against the failure of a control system, then they should not fail together. The EPR design, as originally proposed by the licensees and the manufacturer, AREVA, doesn’t comply with the independence principle, as there is a very high degree of complex interconnectivity between the control and safety systems.” EPRs nuclear waste will be many times more radioactive than that from conventional reactors.

I support the call to stop the nuclear power plants completely in India. We should go for distributed solar plants. See my blogs

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