January 26-30, 2015 District Plan Martin County School District Literacy Events

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January 26-30, 2015

District Plan

Martin County School District - Literacy Events

Ongoing District/School Events

Martin County School District’s 12 elementary schools, 5 middle schools and 3 comprehensive high schools will be celebrating literacy week with numerous general events:

  • The Million Minute Marathon on January 26th,

  • author visits,

  • school-wide read alouds,

  • book swaps,

  • family literacy nights

  • guest read alouds,

  • characters coming alive through teacher/student costumes,

  • literacy poster, book mark and poetry contests,

  • classroom door decorating to look like book covers, and

  • books shared that showcase students’ and teachers’ love of reading via school announcements, book trailers, “Reading Rocks, So Wear Cool Socks!” days and participation in a Vocabulary Parade.

Prior to the week beginning, Citrus Grove Elementary hosted a CSI inspired family night so that students could find the missing school mascot. Students used reading/writing, science, and math to solve the case.

The following are some events unique to other school sites on specific days during Celebrate Literacy Week:


January 26

Jensen Beach Elementary and Felix A. Williams Elementary will host a “Starbooks” Café in which the genres of poetry, nonfiction, realistic fiction, biography/autobiography, and mystery will be highlighted during read alouds and each grade level K through 5.
Palm City Elementary will focus all the week’s events around the water cycle while encouraging students on Monday to wear t-shirts pretending to be a part of the water cycle from the sun, to the clouds, to a form of water. Students will also participate in STEAM-themed events as they fill in their water cycle related Tic-Tac-Toe board of activities throughout the week.

Murray Middle School has purchased a book stand for every teacher’s desk, so this week they can showcase library books that the teachers are reading every day for 20 minutes. Book trailers connected to these books will be on their announcements.


January 27

South Fork High School will have a breakfast for all intensive reading students prepared by “celebrity chefs” from the school and school district.

Wednesday, January 28

Bessey Creek Elementary is participating in the Literacy Bookmark Challenge where classes will join Students Rebuild, Save the Children, and Global Nomads Group to improve youth reading and writing skills around the world. For each bookmark sent in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2—up to $300,000 to Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program in Latin America.

Anderson Middle School will have a “travelling tale”—each period, the teacher will read a portion of a short story so that the students have the entire story read to them by the end of the day.


January 29

J.D. Parker Elementary students are the rockets and they are “shooting for the moon” all week. All activities revolve around space. (They were lucky enough to also have a visit from the JRF portable planetarium!) This day is designated as “Black Hole” day in which students sign a pledge to commit to NO MEDIA for the full day. They can come dressed in all black, and the intent is that they will read rather than turning to digital entertainment for the entire day.
Seawind Elementary will have their family literacy night at the local library where students will participate in different literacy station activities. Participants will leave with a goody bag containing prizes-- the best one being a new book!
Martin County High School will have a “Get Caught Reading Day” in which students can earn PBiS tickets when caught in the act of reading.


January 30

Port Salerno Elementary students will participate in a reading race in which they will “race” to a new book, find one they haven’t read before and read it during the day while dressed up like creatures from outer space.

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