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The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Study Guide

Jenna Fox

Discussion Questions

Pages 1-30

  1. What time period do you think the book is set? Cite at least two examples from the story.

  1. What is Jenna Fox’s biggest problem thus far?

  1. Why is Lily so rude towards Jenna?

  1. What are Jenna’s parents’ occupations? What part do you think they will play in the story?

  1. Select one poem that has appeared in the first 30 pages and explain how it relates to the story thus far.

  1. How important do you think facial expressions are for finding out a person’s true feelings?

    1. Which clues usually indicate a person’s emotions?

  1. What creates our identity (what makes us who we are?)

    1. Our personality, family, ideals and beliefs, or something else?

Pages 31-60

  1. Why does Jenna ask Lily, “Why do you hate me?”

  1. Which important religious event does Jenna remember? Anything symbolic going on here?

  1. Which organization does Lily belong to? What is its purpose? Should we have this in our world?

  1. Why do you think Jenna is so willing to go to school?

  1. Make a prediction: Why did Jenna have a red scar under her chin seven years ago?

  1. Do you think that antibiotics will lose their effectiveness sometime in the future? Explain.

  1. Some of you have predicted that Jenna had a brain transplant. Assuming this was a possibility in our world, do you think it would be beneficial? Any side effects?

Things to consider: in vitro, birds, Mr. Bender, friends, Kara and Locke,

Pages 61-90

  1. Which one of Jenna’s senses seems to be gone (or at the very least) dulled? What do you think is wrong with Jenna drinking the hot chocolate?

  1. Make a prediction: Why does Jenna walk funny?

  1. Make a prediction: Why does Jenna have the ability to recite entire passages, and even books, word for word?

  1. Provide a brief description of each classmate: Dane, Ethan, Gabriel, Allys.

  1. Do you think it is a good idea for Jenna to be “dating” Ethan? What are the potential problems with this?

  1. What are some of the signs that Lily may feel guilty about something relating to Jenna?

  1. Imagine if your education at school was self-guided. What are some of the pros and cons with this type of education? Would this be an option for you?

Things to consider: practicing walking, digging the dirt little by little, man taking pictures (who?), Kara and Locke, Freaks Unlimited, Walden,

Pages 91-120

  1. On page 91 there is a somewhat revealing poem. Make a prediction about the story based on this poem.

  1. What is the importance of doing something you loved? What would yours be if you could choose anything to do for the rest of your life?

  1. Consider cloning for a moment. Do you think this will ever be a reality? What are some of the pros and cons of cloning a human?

  1. Consider the following quote, “But just because we can doesn’t mean we should.” Is this true or should be always at least try?

  1. Allys tells Ethan that they are “trying to preserve [their] humanity.” Do you think our race needs to be preserved or protected? Is it even possible?

  1. What happened to Jenna concerning the BioGel?

  1. Is ten percent enough to make a “person”?

Things to consider: Gabriel’s anxiety disorder, prosthetic advancement, Biogel in our world, point system (no one superior), Ethan’s reason for charter schooling, Dane’s eyes, 18-month old Jenna, Lily’s room, key, the smooch, mustard = defiance, Angeline, butterfly, “The silence of the house is a heavy blanket”

Pages 121-150

  1. Jenna finds out that the limbs she has aren’t really hers. How did they make an exact replica of her?

  1. How did her father recreate Jenna’s skin? Will this ever become a reality?

  1. How did Jenna get all the additional information into her brain? What would be some of the pros and cons of having this in our world?

  1. How does Jenna’s father compare her brain to a spinning glass ball?

  1. Jenna could theoretically live until she is 200 years old. Do you think this is something that could happen if technology keeps progressing the way it is? What are the pros and cons of this possibility?

  1. Is Jenna “human”? Explain.

  1. Were Jenna’s parents right to do this to Jenna?

Things to consider: Father in the doorway (121), stroke-like recovery, illegal practices, her soul, the ripples in the pond (determinism), Lily’s stance on the procedure, no stomach, ovary, 2 inches shorter?, able to read “through” people, “Everything in the universe says it’s not right”, mind control, Would you really want to know what happened to you or is “ignorance bliss”?

Pages 151-180

  1. We find out that Jenna has been “programmed” to obey her parents. What are your thoughts on this? Good or bad idea? Do you think her parents had Jenna’s best intentions in mind when they did this?

  1. Which episode of her discs does she keep going back to? Why do you think this is?

  1. Why is it so ironic that Jenna keeps finding herself in the church?

  1. Why did Ethan beat the man senseless? Do you think he is justified?

  1. Allys mentions that her prosthetics “aren’t perfect, but none of us are ever exactly what we want to be, right?” With this statement in mind, name one thing that you would change about yourself.

  1. Should we try to genetically engineer plants and animals to create new species of these? Explain.

  1. What happened to Jenna, Kara and Locke?

Things to consider: subliminal messages, jail time, marrow metaphor, the key, “The sanctuary is in the shape of a cross. I stand in the crosshairs, feeling like an imposter, waiting to be found at any moment and ushered out”, kissing on the altar, eyes are the windows to the soul, cemetery (Frankenstein allusion), colorful flowers/dark secrets, vigilantism, Dane-sociopath, cards dealt metaphor (168), predictions about the “aqua-colored car”, trashing Bender’s place, tainting the world (Jenna), red skirt, birds won’t go near Jenna

Pages 181-210

  1. Was it right for her parents to “program” certain words out of her vocabulary? Do you really think it was for her own good?

  1. Make a prediction: How is Jenna remembering things about her infancy that normal people couldn’t possibly recall?

  1. Read the definition of “identity” on page 190. Which definition makes the most sense to you? How do we make an identity for ourself? Is it ever possible to have a truly unique identity without the influence of others?

  1. What epiphany does Jenna come to regarding her endless knowledge?

  1. What is strange about the three computers that Jenna finds? Why did they do this?

  1. Jenna says, “Everyone has to die eventually.” Father responds, “No more.” What type of tone did he have when he said this? What did he mean by it?

  1. What epiphany does Allys make about Jenna? Why might this become a problem?

Things to consider: warm, velvet liquid (womb?), former relationship with Lily (confidant), Edward (father’s friend), Existence precedes essence (Sartre), “It is life near the bone where it is sweetest”, books (192), Lily seems drunk, crashed computer

Pages 211-240

  1. Why did Ethan think that he had such a powerful connection with Jenna? How would you react if you found out your bf/gf was artificial? How about her relationship with Mr. Bender?

  1. Describe the altercation between Dane and Jenna? What do you think he wanted from Jenna?

  1. What is the backup plan if things start to go south, or the authorities find them out?

  1. Dane is missing what important character trait? How important is this thing?

  1. So…what happened in the “accident”?

  1. Why did Lily want Jenna to see that last disc so bad? What was on it that revealed the true Jenna?

  1. Who is Ted and what is his role with the Fox family?

  1. Make a prediction: How and why are Kara and Locke’s voices trying to get Jenna’s attention? What do you think they want?

Things to consider:

Pages 241-265

  1. What sad thing do we find out about Allys and her current condition? Describe her attitude concerning her condition.

  1. Why do you think Allys told her parents to turn in Jenna? Would you have felt the same way?

  1. Consider the following quote from a poem: “Maybe we all change”. Do we?

  1. What does Jenna do with the backups of Kara, Locke and herself? Why do you think Lily wanted in on this task?

  1. Why was Jenna so intent to get rid of the backups?

  1. Consider the following quote: “A billion years of spinning. We are not immune to momentum”? What does this mean to you?

  1. Reread the ending: “Some things aren’t meant to be known. Only believed. A drop on my forehead. Hardly enough to feel. But still enough for Lily. And maybe enough for me. Washing away the old, believing in the new. The world has changed. So have I.” What happened symbolically here?

  1. What did you think of the ending? The epilogue?

Things to consider: Are good people capable of great evil?, smelling death (imagery) p. 244, sweet elixir, “Fear is caffeine running through my veinless body”, faith and science (263), new Allys – 22%, Kayla,


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