Jesus dies on a cross 30th March 2014

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Yrs R-2

Jesus dies on a cross

30th March 2014
Open up your Bible at Luke chapter 23:32-49 and recap the story.

Imagine the adult in your group is one of the criminals from today's Bible story. What question would you ask them about Jesus and the way he died?
My Questions
What did you find out about the criminal?
Did they respect Jesus? Yes/No
Did they understand who Jesus is? Yes/No
Did they think Jesus should on a cross? Yes/No
Were they sorry for their sin? Yes/No
What did Jesus say to them?

We are learning today – Jesus died to put things right between us and God

Take this sheet home with you so you can tell your family and friends about what you learnt at Cosmic today. Don’t forget to bring in your drawings, jokes, prayers and questions for our postbox.

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