Jillian White — Coach With State Large Group Contest completed successfully, this year’s speech season is half over!

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Jillian White — Coach

With State Large Group Contest completed successfully, this year’s speech season is half over! Due to the students’ busy schedules and the numerous school events planned during the middle of speech season, we once again started speech early this year to give the students some flexibility to be in other activities. Students started signing up the first week of October, and we’ve been writing scripts and practicing ever since. Seeing as how 10 groups (a large number for such a small school) represented the PHS Large Group Speech program this year, we had to start right away. We took on the following five categories this year:

  • The Choral Reading team consisted of Hayley Dougherty, Cassidy Welsh, Jacque Schutte, Megan Brincks, Patrick Brackett, Stuart Gelo, Dylan Schnuelle, Kelsey Schnuelle, Aimee Upton, Nicole Groth, Carli Stee, and John Schutte. These students performed a humorous piece called How to Eat Like a Child, and Other Lessons in Not Being a Grown-Up. They received straight I’s at the State level.
  • The Readers Theatre group was made up of Jacque Schutte, Heather German, Eric Winter, Ashley Morgan, Kelsey Smith, Dylan Schnuelle, Natani Gallagher, Kassy Johnson, A’Brianna Morgan, Hannah Radloff, Alyssa Meltzer, Andrea Schnuelle, Carli Stee, & Pedro Lopez. This group presented Strong Wind’s Search for Honesty: A Native American Cinderella Story, earning two I’s & a II at State contest.

  • Three Ensemble Acting groups hit the stage with a variety of comedic skits:

    • Patrick Brackett, Kassy Johnson, & Nicole Groth [Blithe Spirit (II)]

    • Hayley Dougherty, Ashley Morgan, & Alyssa Meltzer [Sounds Like (I, I, I)]

    • Samantha Duffield & McKenzie Sebastian [Hide & Go Sneak (II, II, I)]

  • There were also 3 groups of students who entertained the judges with their Group Improvisation skills:

    • A’Brianna Morgan, Hannah Radloff, & John Schutte (I, I, I)

    • Samantha Duffield, McKenzie Sebastian, & Eric Winter (I, I, II)

    • Mayela Cardona, Valeria Espinoza, Pedro Lopez (II)

  • The last two individuals silently performed their self-written Solo Mimes:

    • Jemel Bostic [Musical Not-So-Genius (II, II, II)]

    • Jake Teff [Worst… Morning… EVER! (II, II, I)]

We want to thank everyone who supported the large group teams

at all of their speech competitions this year!

Without you, we couldn’t have had

such a successful & record-breaking year:

-8 out of 10 groups moved on to State Contest
-5 out of those 8 groups received division I ratings

(the highest rating) at the State level.
Thanks for everything!

We can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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