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(Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi-lila Chapter 5 - The Glories Of Lord Nityananda Balarama)

Cc. Adi 5.22

chintamani-prakara-sadmasu kalpa-vriksha-

lakshavriteshu surabhir abhipalayantam


govindam adi-purusham tam aham bhajami
“I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, the first progenitor, who is tending cows yielding all desires in abodes built with spiritual gems and surrounded by millions of purpose trees. He is always served with great reverence and affection by hundreds and thousands of goddesses of fortune.”
BHAKTIVEDANTA PURPORT: This is a verse from the Brahma-samhita (5.29). This description of the abode of Krishna gives us DEFINITE information of the transcendental place where not only is life eternal, blissful and full of knowledge, but there are ample vegetables, milk, jewels, and beautiful homes and gardens tended by lovely damsels who are all goddesses of fortune. Krishnaloka is the topmost planet in the spiritual sky, and below it are innumerable spheres, a description of which can be found in Srimad-Bhagavatam. In the beginning of Lord Brahma’s self-realization he was shown a transcendental vision of the Vaikuntha spheres by the grace of Narayana. Later, by the grace of Krishna, he was shown a transcendental vision of Krishnaloka. This transcendental vision is like the reception of television from the moon via a mechanical system for receiving modulated waves, but it is achieved by penance and meditation within oneself.

Srimad-Bhagavatam (Second Canto) states that in Vaikunthaloka the material modes of nature, represented by the qualities of goodness, passion and ignorance, have no influence. In the material world the highest qualitative manifestation is goodness, which is characterized by truthfulness, mental equilibrium, cleanliness, control of the senses, simplicity, essential knowledge, faith in God, scientific knowledge and so on. Nevertheless, all these qualities are mixed with passion and imperfection. But the qualities in Vaikuntha are a manifestation of God’s internal potency, and therefore they are purely spiritual and transcendental, with no trace of material infection. No material planet, even Satyaloka, is comparable in quality to the spiritual planets, where the five inherent qualities of the material world—namely ignorance, misery, egoism, anger and envyare completely ABSENT.

In the material world, everything is a creation. Anything we can think of within our experience, including even our own bodies and minds, was created [ALTHOUGH TRANSITORY, IT IS REAL SINCE ETERNALLY MANIFESTS AT INTERVALS]. This process of creation began with the life of Brahma, and the creative principle is prevalent all over the material universe because of the quality of passion. But since the quality of passion is conspicuous by its absence in the Vaikuntha planets, nothing there is created; everything there is eternally existent. And because there is no mode of ignorance, there is also no question of annihilation or destruction. In the material world one may try to make everything permanent by developing the above-mentioned qualities of goodness, but because the goodness in the material world is mixed with passion and ignorance, nothing here can exist permanently, despite all the good plans of the best scientific brains. Therefore in the material world we have no experience of eternity, bliss and fullness of knowledge. But in the spiritual world, because of the complete absence of the qualitative modes, everything is eternal, blissful and cognizant. Everything can speak, everything can move, everything can hear, and everything can see in fully blessed existence for eternity. The situation being so, naturally space and time, in the forms of past, present and future, have no influence there. In the spiritual sky there is NO CHANGE because time has no influence. Consequently, the influence of maya, the total external energy, which induces us to become more and more materialistic and FORGET OUR RELATIONSHIP with God, is also ABSENT THERE.

As spiritual sparks of the beams emanating from the transcendental body of the Lord, we are all permanently related with Him and equal to Him in quality. The material energy is a covering of the spiritual spark, but in the absence of that material covering, the living beings in Vaikunthaloka are NEVER forgetful of their identities: they are eternally COGNIZANT of their relationship with God in their constitutional position of rendering transcendental LOVING service to the Lord. Because they CONSTANTLY engage in the transcendental service of the Lord, it is natural to conclude that their senses are also transcendental, for one cannot serve the Lord with material senses. The inhabitants of Vaikunthaloka do not possess material senses with which to lord it over material nature [THEREFORE A NITYA-BADDHA NEVER WAS IN VAIKUNTHALOKA].

Persons with a poor fund of knowledge conclude that a place void of material qualities must be some sort of formless nothingness. In reality, however, there are qualities in the spiritual world, but they are different from the material qualities because everything there is eternal, unlimited and pure. The atmosphere there is self-illuminating, and thus there is no need of a sun, a moon, fire, electricity and so on. One who can REACH that abode does not COME BACK to the material world with a material body. There is no difference between atheists and the faithful in the Vaikuntha planets because all who settle there are FREED from the material qualities, and thus suras and asuras become equally OBEDIENT loving servitors of the Lord.

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