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Shree Hari

Ram Ram

Jnana Yoga

Author: Swami Ramsukhdasji
Language: English

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Jnana Yog


Attachment - Pain of Separation in Attachment


Body and Self are Different

Experience of Separateness of this Body

Body - I am not this Body


Egoism - How to Root it Out

Egoism and It's Release (Ahankaar aur Uski Nivrutti)

Egoism - Our True Nature is Not Egoism (Aham Humaara Swaroop Nahin)

Egoism - How to Eliminate It

Egoism - How to Get Rid of It

Egoism - Pride Leads to Distress

Divinity / Essence (Tattva)

The Essence of the Supreme Being (Bhagavad Tattva)

Naturally Realizable Essence, Element (swatah siddh tattva)

Essence - Core Essense (Saar Baat)

The Essence beyond Doership (Karanse Ateet Tattva)

The Essence beyond Ken of Instrument (Karan Nirpeksh Tattva)

Reality and Illusion


Experience - Respecting our Experience (Anubhava)

Experience (Anubhav) and Faith (Vishwaas)

Experience of Flawlessness / Faultlessness (Nirdoshtaah)

Experience (Anubhav) of Essence; Destruction of I-ness and

Experience and Respect It

Experience of Pain in Separation

It is Everyone's Experience (Sabke Anubhav Ki baat)


Liberation (Mukti) is Innate (Sahaj)

Liberation - It's Secret (Rahasya)

Liberation is Natural (swatah siddh)

Liberation is Natural, Innate (Mukti Sahaj Hai)

Liberation - Simple Methods

Liberation and Devotion (Mukti and Bhakti)

Liberation - Is Self Evident

Liberation - Renunciation of Desires Leads to Liberation

Liberation - Renunciation of Thoughts Leads to Liberation

Liberation and It's Definite Means

Liberation through Acceptance of Truth

Liberation - Path of Natural Attainment

Liberation - How may All attain Liberation?


Knowledge - Acquired and Experienced

Knowledge - Respect It

Knowledge - What it is ?

Knowledge - Jnana (Knowledge) and Vijnana (Manifested Divinity)

Knowledge - How to Attain It ?

Knowledge - Let the Light of Knowledge Shine

Knowledge - Enquiry and Cognition


Mind - How to be free of Agitations of the Mind (Vikaar)?

Mind - Intellect are Not Ours

Mind - How to remove it's fickleness

Mind - Ways to Reduce it's Agitations

Me and Mine (Mein aur Mera) - How to Wipe Out?


Real State (the Essence, the Natural State, Tattva)and It's Realization

Real - and It's Realization (Satya kaa Swaroop kaa Anubhava)

Unreal (Asat)

Unreal and It's Description (Asat)

Unreal - Don't Depend on It

Unreal and It's Lack of Affinity

Discrimination between Real and Unreal (Sat - Asat kaa Vivek)

Giving up of the Unreal, and Search for the Real


All is God (Vasudeva Sarvam)

Union - Eternal Union (Nitya Yog) and It's Realization (Anubhav)

Effortless Realization of Supreme Consciousness, the Essence

Realization of the Attained Essence (Praapt Tattva ka Anubhava)

Realization of the State-less Essence (Avasthaathee Tattva ka Anubhav)

Natural and Easy Method of Realization of Essence

Realization of Supreme Consciousness - The Easiest of All

Realization and It's Secrets

Realization by Inaction

Realization is Easily Attainable

Realization of Self

Spiritual Discipline

Silence – A Spiritual Discipline (Chup Saadhan)


Is-ness - It's Acceptance


Union (Nitya yog) Eternal Union with Bhagwaan

Separation - In Union (Sanyog), seeing Separation (Viyog)

The Part (Section) of Union (Vibhaag Yog)

Union - Eternal Union with God


Satsang and It's Importance

Gift of Satsang

Extraordinariness of Satsang

Flowers of Satsang

Liberation through Satsang

Truth - Let Us Know the Truth

Quest for Truth


Renunciation - Bliss through Renunciation

Peace Through Renunciation


World - Do Not Depend on It

World - It's Perishable

World - The Art of Living in it

World - How to Get Rid of Effects of the World


Body and Self are Different

There is one thought that lingers in spiritual aspirants and that is - I have attained the essential knowledge, when my mind becomes free from defects and alterations (thoughtless and unaffected) in all situations, but if I am affected by certain situations, then I have not attained.

Please try to understand this important point very clearly and in the right perspective. Who is affected? It is the Mind that is affected. It is the Intellect that is affected. It is the Body that is affected. It is the Sense Organs that are affected. But, the Self (soul) remains entirely unaffected. The Self remains unchanged, the same at all times.

If I receive money, the mind immediately becomes happy; and when the money is taken away, the mind experiences a loss and suddenly becomes unhappy. The mind experiences two kinds of effects with gain and loss, but the Self remains unchanged. Was the “Self” different when there was gain, and was the “Self” different when there was a loss? Was it someone else at that time? If the Self did not remain the same at all times then would I be able to have the experience of gain and loss? Who is it that has knowledge of both - gain and loss? It is only the one who remains the same (unchanged) at all times. Self remains totally unaffected. Only the mind and intellect are affected.

From childhood to old age, those great, realized Souls, experience loss of hearing and vision, diminished ability to walk and move around, but is there any change in their essential knowledge? This body, sense organs, mind, intellect are all are continuously changing. If any of these change, and one part becomes affected then what happens? Becoming one with them (blended), the Self believes itself to be happy and sad. This is a gross mistake that is made.

Therefore let us become firm about this point, that the Self remains the same at all times. It is the same one that was present during the time of sorrow and during the time of joy. Swasth means remaining established in the "Self", without blending with that which comes and goes.

"Samadukhah sukhah swasth." (Gita 14:24).

Becoming happy and sad, by blending with that which comes and goes, is remaining established in Nature (prakritisthih). "Puruvah prakritisthitoh hi bhukte." (Gita 13:21).

Self is not established in Nature, but intentionally it becomes established in Nature.
Self is neither in happiness, nor in sorrow, nor in gain, nor in loss, nor in birth, nor in death. It remains apart from all of these. But intentionally it grabs hold of these and pulls them and takes hold of them, and hence becomes happy and sad, and then it says - "I have not advanced spiritually ". The defects are there in the inner senses, but by identifying with them, the Self accepts these defects in it self and thus experiences pleasure and pain.

Simply stick to the fact that the “Self” is the same at all times, and remain established in the Self.

From "Benedictory Discourses" in English by Swami Ramsukhdasji

From "Saadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu" in Hindi pg 87 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Body – I am Not this Body

A thought came to my mind today. I wanted to tell all of you to accept one thing today. Accept that 'I am not the body'. The body has been made in the mother's womb. You have not been made. The body will remain here where as you will not remain here. You are separate from the body. If you were not separate - who goes to heaven and hell? You have come here and will go from here. The body, house, family, and wealth, all has been received and will be separated. Accept this fact and you will see that your progress will be very fast. Accept this firmly that I am not the body.

After accepting the first, the next point is that 'the body is not mine'. It is not mine because I do not have full control over it. I cannot always keep it the way I want to, I cannot keep it for how long I want to, I cannot keep it from falling ill, I cannot keep it from dying. So the body is not mine. The body has been received. It is your duty to serve your body - serve it for the purpose of survival only. Not for enjoyment. Provide it with food, water, clothes, house, and sleep. You do not have a right to destroy this body. Developing bad habits,

becoming lazy, not eating nutritious food, using your body for sensual enjoyment only - all this is not service to the body. Do not eat food for taste. Do not sleep for relaxation. Do not wear clothes for fashion or style. Eat that which is good for the body. Eat to survive. Sleep for giving the body the rest that it needs. Wear clothes to protect the body form heat and cold. Protect your body to serve others.

The third point is that 'the body is not for me'. This point is understood even lesser by many. You are a part of God and the body is a part of the world. Serve the world with the body. God is for you. The body is not for you. It is for the world. The body is for serving the world. If the body were for you then you would be fully satisfied after receiving it. You would not want anything else. It is meant for serving others. Thus you will get what is yours and for you - that is God.

Gist of the discourse given by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 6.8.1996 at 5 a.m.

Body – Experience of Separateness of this Body

God has provided us all that is needed for our salvation - knowledge, capability, strength, etc. It is everyone's experience and knowledge that our body is not the same as it was when we were children. Our body has changed – but 'we' have not changed. I am the same. Everything has changed - the body, situations, objects, friends, family, nature, but 'I' have not changed. What changes and what does not change can never unite. Lord Krishna starts the teaching of the Gita with this principle that - You and the body are separate (Gita 2:11-30). The physical, mental and causal bodies are for the physical, mental and causal worlds - you are for God. You do not give importance to your own knowledge - this is your mistake.

The mind also belongs to the world - it is not yours. Apply it in the service of the world. You are part of God. Apply your self to God. 'I am God's'. We all know how to change and create relations with the body and world. Now create the true relation with God. We are God's. The worldly relations are all false. None of them will stay. You are imperishable - join the imperishable with the imperishable - not with the perishable. Accept it - the body is not me, the body is not mine and the body is not for me. Your relation is only with God – leave the relation with the body/world and you will naturally experience your relation (unity) with God. The body is never with you - only God is with you.

Separate your self from the body. There are three paths for this - The path of knowledge, the path of action and the path of devotion. The body is for service of the world. It is a part of the world and the world has a right over it. Use it to serve the world. Only give and no take. Change your feeling - 'I am a servant' - this is the path of action. I am here to serve. The feeling is more important than the action. Change your ego. All your action will be with the feeling of service. Serve all - even serve your body by not making it lazy - by

thinking ill of no one. This is true service of your body.

Even if you get the three worlds you will not be complete. You will be complete only when you attain God. You are a part of Him - nothing else can make you feel complete. Give the perishable to the perishable. You can purify your ego by the path of action (I am here only to serve), you can remove your ego by the path of knowledge (I am not the body) and you can change your ego (I am God's) in the path of devotion. The goal of all must be to attain God. To experience that you are separate from the body.

From Discourse in Hindi by by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 10.11.1996 at 5 a.m.

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