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Principal Officer

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The Scottish National Memorial to David Livingstone Trust (DLT)


Principal Officer
Salary: £32,500
Location: David Livingstone Centre, Blantyre
The David Livingstone Trust is recruiting a Principal Officer to assist its work in establishing a well run, coordinated and effective office for the Trust as it begins its journey to deliver the £7.3m David Livingstone Birthplace Project.
The post holder, who should have knowledge and understanding of the voluntary sector, will play a key role in ensuring that the Trust operates effectively in management, governance and fundraising as it delivers this Project. The post will require a range of abilities including: project management and evaluation; excellent written and oral communication skills; good team building; writing applications for grant funding; event organisation; management of interns and volunteers and the effective use of ICT and web-based technology. The successful candidate will ideally be a passionate advocate of the David Livingstone story and the legacy of his work, specifically in areas such as education, medicine, faith, anti-slavery, local community and international partnerships.

For further information and an application form contact Alastair Firth on 0131 529 3164.

Closing date for applications: 30th June 2015 at midday

Scottish Charity (SC014590)

Company Limited by Guarantee (SC16172)

Background Information

The David Livingstone Trust (DLT) was entrusted in 1930 with the ownership of the David Livingstone Centre at Blantyre, which includes the Listed Building of his birth, surrounding parkland, and the 2,000 piece David Livingstone collection. DLT is charged through its constitutional documents with keeping alive the name and memory of David Livingstone at the site of his birth by making it available to the public, and providing an interesting, educational and enjoyable cultural experience.   

The Trust, in partnership with the National Trust for Scotland, South Lanarkshire Council and in consultation with the local community, developed a Birthplace Project during 2013/14 aimed at showcasing the remarkable life and heritage of David Livingstone (1813 – 1873) as a powerful story that sets Scotland in a global context and presents a compelling universal example of what each of us can achieve – and what we have to offer the world.

Through urgently needed conservation and re-interpretation of the historic buildings and unique collections that comprise Livingstone’s birthplace, DLT will create a museum with a mission to inspire social justice and personal achievement. It will use Livingstone’s journey from poor millworker to global figure to help all of us build the vision and capacity to change our world.

Set within the historic context of Livingstone’s Birthplace, the aim for the collection will be to conserve and interpret internationally significant heritage; to create a dynamic new destination; to be a centre for research and deliver learning and public programmes to support education, community regeneration and international development.

The cost for this Project is £7.3m, and in February 2015 DLT submitted an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding of some £3.6m. This application has been approved and the Trust is embarking on a new journey itself to deliver this ambitious project.

Currently the Trust has no staff to support its Executive Committee and there is therefore considerable excitement as we build our ‘office’, and challenge and charge ahead particularly in relation to its funding and profile. Candidates will therefore be expected to demonstrate that they have the necessary strategic, fundraising, financial and management experience required for this important role.

The Trust’s Objectives

The Trust is charged through its constitutional documents with keeping alive the name and memory of David Livingstone at the site of his birth by making it available to the public, and providing an interesting, educational and enjoyable cultural experience.   


Principal Officer – reporting to the Executive Committee
Full Time (37.5 hrs a week). Occasional out of hours work as agreed with Line Manager.

Salary: £32,500

Responsible to: The Executive Committee

Responsible for: The ‘office’ and building a small team of interns and volunteers.


  • All organisational management and governance including overall responsibility for all office functions;

  • Servicing the Trustees (including 4 international High Commissioners) and the Executive Committee;

  • Servicing the Development Strategy Board;

  • Servicing the Audit and Finance Board;

  • Servicing the Annual General Meeting;

  • Support the Executive Committee in determining DLT’s overall strategic objectives and priorities and thereafter in the development and delivery of DLT’s Business Plan;
  • Be responsible for the achievement of DLT’s funding targets and manage the budget and all funding, directly with the Company Treasurer – including information systems, reporting, monitoring and evaluation; and ensuring effective financial planning, controls and reporting to safeguard the assets of DLT, to achieve efficient and effective operational and support services and delivery within budget

  • Lead in developing sustainable sources of funding for DLT over the short to medium term in support of the Development Strategy Board and alongside the National Trust for Scotland

  • Be the point of contact with the National Trust for Scotland in their capacity as Project Leaders for delivery of the Birthplace Project and thereafter as operators of the Birthplace on behalf of DLT

  • Communicating directly with the media and maintaining the web-site;

  • Overseeing Companies House and OSCR reporting;

  • Undertaking all lobbying and advocacy work;

  • Developing and managing strategic partnerships, including South Lanarkshire Council, National Trust for Scotland, Scotland Malawi Partnership;

  • Building new initiatives for funding opportunities;

  • Developing structures for new international links;

  • Developing and maintaining strong links with a range of funders, including HLF, Historic Scotland, Private Trusts;

  • Briefing MSP’s on DLT’s activities within their constituencies.

  • Management of all DLT risk and liabilities;

  • Managing all strategic correspondence;

  • Responding to external economic, political and social challenges;

  • Other duties as required to support the DLT


The office is located at 165 Station Road, Blantyre, G72 9BT I think say they can be based from home as well, given the building will be inaccessible for more than 12 months.


The salary, which will start at £32,500 per annum, will be reviewed by the Executive Committee one year from the date of appointment.

Application Procedure

Application forms are available at:

Please complete and return with a CV to:

  • Alistair Firth, The David Livingstone Trust, 165 Station Road, Blantyre, G72 9BT

  • Or, ideally, please email with a digitised signature to:

For further information contact Alastair Firth on 0131 529 3164

Closing date for applications: 30th June 2015 at midday
Interviews will be held during July


It is essential that the Principal Officer is able to:

Be committed to the work of DLT:

  • exhibit organisational excellence and honesty, integrity and a strong sense of ethics in all decisions and actions.

  • be resilient, remaining calm and positive under conditions of stress.

  • be naturally self-reliant, but would rather take people along than act unilaterally.

  • be receptive to feedback.

  • have a passion for results.

  • navigate ambiguity.

  • Display Intellectual capacity.

Provide Direction

  • Support the delivery of strategic and operating plans by our operators, NTS, to ensure the sustainability of DLT taking account of changing circumstances within the Trust.

  • Develop a sound understanding of current thinking around areas of the Livingstone legacy specifically as they relate to South Lanarkshire, Scotland and internationally; promote and represent the interests and views of DLT to key decision takers, funders, relevant bodies and the public.
  • Lead the promotion of the Executive Committee’s vision for DLT and its values and the development and promotion of a culture which is positive, stakeholder focussed and supports community engagement.

  • Ensure that the needs and interests of DLT stakeholders are effectively represented and addressed.

Achieve Results

  • Develop and meet performance targets and budgets agreed by the Executive Committee, providing regular performance reports to the Executive Committee and an annual report.

  • Ensure the development and operation of effective management information systems.

  • Establish, maintain and develop effective partnerships and networks.

  • Increase charitable income through leading the fundraising campaign.

  • Strengthen the profile and charitable image of DLT across Scotland and the diaspora.

  • Protect the DLT archive.


  • Lead the Birthplace project on behalf of DLT, being first point of contact for all operational issues and keeping the Executive Committee fully informed on a regular basis.

  • Maintain regular and direct contact with all NTS Project team.

  • Is engaged with the DLC team (staff and volunteers) to ensure the David Livingstone story is accessible throughout the Project.


  • Represent DLT at the highest level in the Scottish charity, business, community and political environment.

  • Work closely with HLF and any other grant issuing bodies to ensure we meet the terms of the grant including all related reporting and other commitments in a timely fashion.

  • Maintain effective networks and participate in discussions with local authorities and other voluntary sector organisations, in respect of issues relating to David Livingstone’s legacy.
  • Participate in Scottish Government steering groups as required to represent the organisation and the voluntary sector.

  • Undertake speaking and other promotional activities as required to promote DLT’s work, to support fundraising and to influence national strategy.

  • Understands the local, national and international context within which DLT operates.

  • Politically astute, being able to read situations correctly and apply sound judgment.

Abilities / skills required



Project and financial management


Grant funding and event organisation experience


Excellent written, oral and media communication skills


Ability to manage oneself and build a small team


Ability to use IT and web-based technology


Commitment to the Objectives of DLT within the local, Scottish and international perspectives


Demonstrable experience of stakeholder rmanagement

Experience of the voluntary sector and linking into local and international opportunities


Experience of project monitoring and evaluation


Policy and public relations experience


Team building experience with interns and volunteers


Experience of working in partnership with other organisations


1. General Conditions of Employment

The post holder will report to, and be line managed by, the Treasurer. The Trust is a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act 1985 (SC16172) and is a registered Scottish charity (SC014590). Its remit and conditions of operation are set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association. The post holder will be legally required to work within these conditions.

2. Service / Working Time

Unless otherwise indicated, the post holder will be appointed for full-time service. Members of staff may not accept outside paid employment, including personal consultancies, without the permission of the Executive Committee.

The normal working week is thirty seven and a half hours, usually between 09.00 and 17.30, Monday to Friday. Where out of hours or additional working is required (for example, for meetings, forums or events) equivalent Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) will be granted by agreement with the Line Manager.

The post is for two years, to mid-2017, pending funding agreements.

3. Holiday Entitlement

Annual leave entitlement is 24 days per year, to be taken by arrangement with the Line Manager.

4. Sick Leave

Statutory Sick Pay will apply.

5. Pension Scheme

The David Livingstone Trust, in association with The Pension Trust, offers membership of a defined contribution pension scheme to its staff, based on a 5% contribution of pensionable salary by the employee, with a matching contribution by the employer.
6. Probationary Period / Review Procedure

The appointment is subject to a probationary period of 3 months’ duration, after which an appraisal will be carried out. The Trust reserves the right to terminate employment at any time during the probation period. The post holder will take part in bi-monthly supervisions with the Line Manager. A performance review will be carried out after one year’s duration.

7. Notice and Termination

The employment of a member of staff is terminable by one month’s notice, in writing, on either side. The Trust is not obliged to continue a fixed-term appointment beyond the employment period.

Final Terms and Conditions to be agreed at the point of job offer.

Chair of Governors: Dr Isabel Bruce OBE

A Charitable Company limited by guarantee – registered in Scotland No. SC16172

Registered Charity No. SC014590

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