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Clearance papers are issued daily 1300 – 1600 using the following guidelines

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Clearance papers are issued daily 1300 – 1600 using the following guidelines:

(a) 5 working days - Soldiers residing in the barracks

(b) 7 working days – all other Soldiers (on base housing & authorized to reside off post).

(c) Intra post reassignments – 3 working days


The following documents are required for the issuance of clearance papers:

- DA Form 31 (approved)

- Orders

- Battalion clearance papers

650 Monroe Avenue, Fort Eustis, VA 23604


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Services: Process individual awards and badges recommendations

Relocation Assistance
Transportation Office (Inbound and Outbound Personal Property)

650 Monroe Avenue, Room 131 (enlisted); Room 124 (officer), Fort Eustis, VA 23604


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Services: The Personal Property/Household Goods office is located in the Soldier Support Center, 650 Monroe Avenue. This office services as a processing office for shipping household goods, unaccompanied baggage and privately-owned vehicles (POVs); it does not accept incoming shipments.

The Transportation Office responsible for all incoming household goods and unaccompanied baggage is the Consolidated Personal Property Shipping Office – Langley (CPPSO-L) at (757) 764-2045/2046/2047, Inbound Shipments for Norfolk (FISC Norfolk) at (757) 433-3700, Langley Air Force Base (AFB), Virginia. Immediately after arriving at Fort Eustis, Solders should contact the CPPSO at Langley, (757) 764-2045. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 0730-1630. Soldiers will be asked to furnish a contact phone number and a delivery address, if one is available. For information refer to “Moving”.

Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP)

705 Washington Street, Building 71, Fort Eustis, VA 23604


Hours of operation: 0800 -1630



Transition Services: The Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) delivers a world-class transition program for America’s Army that ensures that all eligible transitioners have the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to be competitive and successful in the global workforce. ACAP helps transitioners to make informed career decisions through benefits counseling and employment assistance. ACAP is responsible for delivering both transition assistance and employment assistance services.

ACAP provides a wide range of services designed to make transition an easy and successful experience. The key to transition success is knowledge of those services and a firm understanding of how to use them. All transitioning Soldiers are required to visit the ACAP Center prior to departing the Army. Military personnel will receive services by attending a mandatory pre-separation briefing no less than 90 days prior to separation. During the briefing, Soldiers learn about their benefits and rights, as well as the services that are available. During the briefing Soldiers are introduced to the DD form 2648 “Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist” and assisted in its completion. This form helps Soldiers to identify their needs and develop a personal plan for securing the help to meet those needs.

Portable Storage Service – PODS


Promo Code: EXCH

Mobilization/Deployment Program

650 Monroe Avenue, Fort Eustis, VA 23604


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Services: This program is the principal source of resources and services for Soldiers, Commanders/Rear Detachment Commanders, Family Members and Family Readiness Groups (FRG). It assists units and installation personnel with deployment and reintegration briefings and a variety of Operation READY classes to include FRG Leaders, Points of Contact, Treasurer and Newsletter, Commander/Rear Detachment Commanders & 1 SGT Courses and Unit level training is offered upon request. The Mobilization/Deployment Program also offers Spouse Battlemind Training and the Spouses' Yellow Ribbon Support Group, specifically designed to help Spouses recognize the signs of deployment such as fatigue & stress, and provides ideas and recourses to manage the challenges of deployment and re-deployment. The trainings are available monthly, times vary. All our trainings offer free in-house Short Term Alternative Child Care (STACC) For schedules and registration information, please contact the MOB/DEP Office 757-878-2552.
Plan My Move

Services: “Plan My Move” is an automated information system designed to provide relocation information on all military installations. Specific information contained in “Plan My Move”; education, employment, medical & dental, housing, relocation services, support services.

Release of Information

576 Jefferson Ave, First Floor, Room G-16, Fort Eustis, VA 23604

757-314-7868 or 757-314-7865

Fax Number: 757-314-7671

Hours of Operation: 0730-1430 Mondays-Wednesdays; 1430-1630 Thursdays; 0730-1630 Fridays and Closed during Lunch 1200-1300

Services: The release of information office is responsible for obtaining records from previous duty station, duplication of records (i.e. personal copies, insurance requests, legal requests, and copies for VA claims). Patrons are entitled to one free copy of their medical record, per AR 40-66. Additional copies will be assessed an administrative fee of $13.25 plus a copying fee of .15 cents per page. Due to the large volume of requests, customers requesting duplication of their medical records should submit their requests in writing no less than 30 business days in advance.
Please Note: Medical Records are the property of the United States Government and are maintained for the benefit of the patient. Release of Information staff have the responsibility for ensuring all medical records held in their custody are safeguarded from loss or tampering, and that the information in the records is released only to authorized individuals.
In/Out Processing
Fort Eustis

Military Personnel

650 Monroe Avenue, Fort Eustis, VA 23604

757-878-1395 (Officers, Room 124); (Enlisted, Room 131)

After-Duty Hours

733d Mission Support Group

Bldg. 601 Lee Boulevard, Fort Eustis, VA 23604


Langley AFB

Personnel Employment Office

45 Nealy Avenue, Suite 218, Langley AFB, VA


Non-Duty Hours

24 Hour Base Lodging Office

44 Taylor Road, Langley AFB, VA


PODS – Portable Storage Service


Promo Code: EXCH

Services: PODS provides both storage and moving services (local and long distance).
Retirement Services
Retirement Services Office

650 Monroe Avenue, Fort Eustis, VA 23604


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Services: Provides information and services on benefits and entitlements to active duty Soldiers and families preparing for retirement; and to retirees and families.


- Coordinates, conducts, and facilitates detailed periodic Pre-Retirement and Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) group briefings for all retiring Soldiers (highly encourages Family Members to attend).

- Counsels Soldiers and Family Members concerning retirement rights, benefits, and privileges.

- Conducts one-on-one SBP counselling for all retiring Soldiers, and their Family Members.

- Conducts one-on-one (desk-side) Pre-Retirement briefings as needed.

- Assists retiring Soldiers and Family Members with completion of the DD Form 2656 (Data for Payment of Retired Personnel).

- Process the DD Form 2656 electronically using TRANSPROC to the Department of Defense Finance and Accounting Services, Cleveland (DF AS-CL).

-Provides CSDIREDUX retirement pay option counselling, and processing of the CSBIREDUX pay option election form, DD Form 2839 (if assigned as the Installation CSBIREDUX Program Manager)

- Other services and related information (if assigned those duties) related to pre-retirement services, such as, retirement application processing, retirement orders and DD Form 214 processing, and final out-processing procedures.

- Counsels and assists survivors of retired Soldiers, and Soldiers who die on active duty regarding their SBP options and entitlements, and the proper processing of their SBP elections, which includes counselling on Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and its relationship to SBP.

- Publishes mails retiree newsletters at least annually.

- Publishes periodic articles for installation and local newspapers.

- Conducts an annual Retiree Appreciation Day (RAD).

- Provides information and filing assistance for the "Annuities for Certain Military Surviving Spouses" - or ACMSS, also known as "Forgotten Widows".

- Provides information and assistance to Soldiers, spouses, and former spouses regarding the Uniformed Services Former Spouse's Protection Act (USFSPA).

- Assists/advises retired Soldiers in understanding and applying for Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC).

- Provides information to retired Soldiers on Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments (CRDP).

- Assists retired Soldiers and Family Members in obtaining: copies of lost documents (i.e. DD Form 214, retirement orders, and medical records); re-issuance of military awards; and issuance of military ID cards.


- Provides retired Soldiers and their families with information and referrals on a myriad of other benefit entitlements including Veterans Affairs (VA), TRICARE medical dental; Social Security Medicare benefits; and others.

The following services are provided using the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Cleveland (DF AS-CL) Defense Retired Annuity Pay System (DRAS):

  • View retired Soldier's pay account

  • View annuitants pay account

  • Change allotments

  • Change beneficiary information

  • Change mailing address

  • Change bank information

  • Change tax filing and withholding status

  • Request copies of the 1099-R form for tax filing purposes

  • Request copies of the retired account statement


For Soldiers wanting to know more information on pin-point assignments and sponsorship upon arrival at Fort Eustis contact Officer and Enlisted Reassignment Section 757-878-5392.

eSponsorship Application &Training (eSAT)

Services: eSAT is designed to support military service members assigned the responsibility of unit sponsorship by supplying training online. eSAT also connects sponsors and newcomers through communication tools, which include sponsor and newcomer registration, newcomers’ needs assessment and custom welcome package.
Dominion Virginia Power Company

Pembroke Avenue and G Street, Hampton, VA 23661

1-888-667-3000 or 1-866-DOM-HELP

Services: Provides electrical service. Requires a $180.00 deposit for new accounts. Payments can be paid in three monthly installments of $50.00 each, included in the customer’s monthly bill. The deposit may be waived with a letter of “good credit” from a previous utility company. Connection fee is $15.00 and non-waiverable. Please call for updated fees.

VERIZON Wireless and Home Telephone Service


Services: Provides wireless internet connection and home telephone service. Requires a $95.00 deposit for new service. The deposit may be waived with a letter of “good credit” from a previous telephone company. Deposits are included in the first month’s bill. Customers have nine long distance companies to choose from.
Newport News Waterworks

700 Town Center Drive, #100, Newport News, VA 23606


Hours of Operation: 0800-1700; Monday -Friday

Services: Newport News Waterworks is a regional water provider, owned and operated by the City of Newport News that serves over 400,000 people in Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, and portions of York County and James City County. Deposits are $25.00 and $12.00, respectively. Billing is every 2 months. Please call and check for costs as these may vary from year to year. Applications for service can be processed by calling 757-247-8421.
Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD)

1434 Air Rail Avenue (Customer Service Building), Virginia Beach, VA 23455

757-460-2491; 1-888-275-4782

Services: HRSD's protects public health and the waters of Hampton Roads by treating wastewater effectively. HRSD handles all sewer and odor complaints.
Local Trash Collection

HRSD does not collect trash. Please call the number for your locality listed below:

For trash collection contact:





Newport News










Virginia Beach




James City




Virginia Natural Gas

750 Diligence Drive, Newport News, VA 23606

757-873-1322 or 1-866-229-3578

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0700 - 2000; Saturday 0900-1300


Services: Provides gas /propane to local communities. The average deposit for gas/propane is $180.00. There are several companies to choose from. Most oil companies operate on a cash basis and do not require a deposit.
COX Communications


Services: Provides internet, telephone and cable services. Requires a deposit depending on the installation you will be ordering. The deposit is non-waiverable. Cox Communication is located in the Kiln Creek Shopping Center on Victory Boulevard in Newport News, Virginia.
Veterans Services
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Services: The mission of VFW is to foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. VFW serves our veterans, the military, and our communities. We advocate on behalf of all veterans.
Local Chapters
VFW Post 3219

122 E. Mellen Street, Hampton, VA 23669

VFM Post 176

21 Forrest Drive, Newport News, VA 23606

VFW Post 4639

106 Jesters Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23188


VFW Post 824

1700 George Washington Memorial Highway, Ste E, Tabb, VA 23693


Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Services: DAV is the most long-lasting veterans’ advocacy and assistance group in this country. We’ve watched this country change and grow, and we’ve grown along with it. However, DAV has never wavered in its core mission to fulfill our country’s promises to the men and women who served. We invite everyone, veterans and civilian, men and women, young and old, to join us as we stand up for those veterans who risked it all when they stood up for us, our country, and our ideals.
Services include:

  • Providing free, professional assistance to veterans and their families in obtaining benefits and services earned through military service and provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and other agencies of government.

  • Providing outreach concerning its program services to the American people generally, and to disabled veterans and their families specifically.

  • Representing the interests of disabled veterans, their families, their widowed spouses and their orphans before Congress, the White House and the Judicial Branch, as well as state and local government.

  • Extending DAV’s mission of hope into the communities where these veterans and their families live through a network of state-level Departments and local chapters.

  • Providing a structure through which disabled veterans can express their compassion for their fellow veterans through a variety of volunteer programs.

Local Chapters
DAV Chapter 2

15460 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, VA 23608


DAV Chapter 13

1700 George Washington Parkway, Yorktown, VA 23693


DAV Chapter 34

3306 Craggy Oak Court, Williamsburg, VA 23127

DAV Chapter 58

6139 George Washington Parkway, Gloucester, VA 23061

DAV Chapter 6

913 Aberdeen Road, Hampton, VA 23666

VA Medical Centers
Richmond Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center

1201 Broad Rock Blvd, Richmond, VA 23249

Hampton Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center

100 Emancipation Drive, Hampton, VA 23666

Salem Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center

1970 Roanoke Boulevard, Salem, VA 24153

540-982-2463 or 1-888-982-2463, then 1 + Ext. 3250, 3252, or 3258
Department of Veteran’s Services

2016 Cunningham Drive, Hampton, VA 23666

757-825-7893; Fax 757-285-7894

Services: DVS offers a range of services for veterans and their family members—everything from assistance with filing for claims to certifying educational programs.

Service the following areas: The counties of Charles City, Gloucester, Isle of Wight, James City, Mathews, and York. The cities of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, and Williamsburg. Also, the Hampton VA Medical Center

U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare Administration

Visit for information on benefits, facilities, and much more. Or, call 1-877-222-8387.

Veteran’s Crisis Line


Services: The Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text. Veterans and their loved ones can call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, chat online, or send a text message to 838255 to receive confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Support for deaf and hard of hearing individuals is available.

National Resource Directory

Maintained by the Departments of Defense, Labor, and Veterans Affairs, this directory provides information and access to services and resources for wounded, ill, and injured service members, veterans, their families, and those who support them. Visit

Wounded Warriors
Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) Wounded Warrior*

*Soldier & Family Services Branch

501 Madison Avenue, Fort Eustis , VA 23604


Hours of Operation: 0730 – 1630; Monday - Friday

Services: The Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) was created to provide compassionate, coordinated services to Warriors in Transition (WTs) and their Family Members. SFAC is a one-stop shop for services that partners with the Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) as a friendly supportive team dedicated to encouraging self-development, wellness and to meet the unique needs of WTs and their Families.

Warrior Transition Unit

502 Sternberg Avenue, Fort Eustis, VA 23604


Services: Alpha Company, Warrior Transition Unit, Fort Eustis, VA provides command and control, primary care, and case management for service members receiving treatment for wounds suffered while deployed. The unit works to "promote their timely return to the force or transition to civilian life." Soldier in Transition (ST): Any wounded, injured, or ill Soldier with complex medical needs requiring greater than 6 month medical treatment and/or requires a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB). This includes all Soldiers previously assigned to Medical Hold and Medical Holdover Units or on Active Duty Medical Extension (ADME). All Soldiers in Transition will be assigned to a Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) at an Army Medical Treatment Facility.

If you need to reach us during the normal business hours, please call: 314-7500

  • Commander: ext. 4-5001

  • First Sergeant: ext. 4-5003

  • Human Resources/In-Processing: ext. 4-5058

  • 1st Platoon: ext. 4-5006

  • 2nd Platoon: ext. 4-5024

  • 3rd Platoon: ext. 4-5005

  • Family Readiness: ext. 4-5033

  • Ombudsman (If You Need Help) 757-314-7539

If you have an emergency and/or need to reach us after normal duty hours, please call: WTU Staff Duty NCO: 878-1579 ext. 221

Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline


Hours of Operation: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Services: To offer wounded, injured, or ill Soldiers and their families a way to share concerns on the quality of patient care. Staff members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the Wounded Soldier Family Hotline (WSFH) works in conjunction with the MEDCOM Medical Assistance Group (MMAG) Ombudsman Program for assistance with medical related issues.
Restore Warriors (Wounded Warrior Project)

Services: Offers questionnaire and online help for stress, loss, self esteem, relationships, etc.
Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Services: Provides caregivers of Special Operations Forces personnel with spa services.

Air Force Wounded Warrior Program (AFW2)


Hours of operation: 0630-1700, Monday-Friday (CT)

Services: Working hand-in-hand with the Air Force Survivor Assistance Program and Airman and Family Readiness Centers to ensure Airman and families receive professional support and care from point of injury, through separation or retirement, for life.
Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2)


Services: Provides personalized local support to Soldiers, veterans, and their families through the assignment of an AW2 Advocate: refer to for program requirements.

Federal Recovery Coordination Team


Services: Develop an individualized recovery plan; to quality be referred by a member of your multi-disciplinary team, your commander, recovering warrior program, or through self-referral.
Marine Corps Sergeant Merlin German Wounded Warrior Call Center


Services: Conducts outreach calls to offer assistance; assist Marines, families, and caregivers with benefits and referrals.
Military Crisis Line


Services: Hotline to help yourself or someone you know who might be in danger, or be a danger to others.

Military OneSource Wounded Warrior Specialty Consultation


Services: Primary telephone resource for recovering warriors and their families; provides specialty consultation services; access to immediate assistance.
Navy Wounded Warrior –Safe Harbor Call Center

855-NAVY-WWP (6289-997)

Services: Provides personalized support and assistance to wounded, ill, or injured Sailors and their families.
Wounded Warrior and Family Hotline


Hours of Operation: 24/7


Services: Offers wounded, ill, and/or injured Soldiers and their families a way to share concerns on the quality of patient care. Also, provides senior Army leaders with visibility on medically-related issues so they can properly allocate resources to better serve Soldiers and Families.

Wounded Warrior Project Resource Center



Hours of Operation: 0900-2000, Monday - Friday

Services: A contact center that actively reaches out to warriors and caregivers.
Wounded Veterans Internship Program

The Virginia Department of Transportation's (VDOT) Wounded Veterans Internship Program is designed for veterans who find they are not suited physically or emotionally to return to a former job, or because the job is no longer available. The program allows veterans to revamp old job skills or develop new ones. VDOT attempts to locate the internships close to where the veteran is receiving rehabilitation or now lives. For more information, call 804-786-2085, 888-508-3737 (TTY 711) or e-mail

Families of the Wounded

This organization provides financial support to family members/caregivers of military service men and women who have been wounded in combat operations or injured as the result of line-of-duty activities in support of combat operations. For more information, visit:

Virginia Wounded Warrior Program (VWWP)

The Virginia Wounded Warrior Program assists veterans and families with finding community services to help them with the healing process and successfully rejoining their communities. The program is operated by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services in cooperation with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) and the Department of Rehabilitative Services. For assistance, call 1‐877‐285‐1299 or visit .

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