Josiah V. Thompson Uniontown, Pa Family Record Book 12


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Cyrus Jack Anderson born July 15, 1834 see next page 290.


William Howard, see page 290

Etta Floy, B Aug 18, 1889 m. Mch 26, 1911 to Fred J. Riley son of John Riley & wife Mary P. Korter who was born June 22, 1892 at Corning Iowa. They have 3 children born at Lenox, Iowa & now live at Lenox, Iowa.

Walter Lavene, B June 14, 1913

Jennie Leatha, B Mch 26, 1916

Wilber Howard, B June 16, 1924

Laura Blanche, B Dec 8, 1891 ob Dec 4, 1895

Lula May, B July 25, 1894, unmarried.

George Mitchell, B Oct 27, 1902 m. Feby 12, 1923 to Genava Morris, dau of Ezekiel Morris & wife Myrtle Shiveley who was born Feby 15, 1901 at Kent, Iowa. They now live at 1505 16th St Des Moines Iowa.

Frederick Meade, Born Apr 23, 1879 at Washington Iowa, m. May 10, 1904 at Gravity Iowa to Nellie Margaret McColm born Mch 20, 1876 at Gravity Iowa dau of Dr J.T. McColm & his wife Lottie S. Johnson. See page 290. They have two children born at Saxmanks [sic] both unmarried.

Bernice Lucille, B July 20, 1907

C.J., B Sept 4, 1909. He has no names, just the initials.
V12 Page 290 & V12 Page 291
[Descendant Chart]

Andrew Jack m.1. Elizabeth McCoy & by her had 2 sons & 2 daus. He m.2. & by her had 1 son & 3 daughters.

James Jack, oldest, went to LeClaire Iowa & died there

John Jack, B Jany 11, 1805 ob Oct 3, 1887 at Industry Pa

Margaret Jack, Born May 24, 1807 ob Oct 27, 1883 m. Oct 22, 1833 to Francis Anderson born Mch 27, 1810 & died July 18, 1875. He was son of Robert Anderson & his wife Mahala Thomas. Their children were all born on the farm in West Deer Tp & my informant was the youngest.

Cyrus Jack, B July 15, 1834 ob in Adams Co Iowa Nov 25, 1899 m. Jany 29, 1857 Eliza Fulton dau of James Fulton, bro of Jesse & Samuel etc. Had 7 chil see page 278 see page 347.

1. Wm Howard, Lives 1621 30th ST Des Moines Iowa. B Oct 2, 1857 in Butler Co Pa m. Mch 26, 1884 to Narinna Jennie Mitchell born Sept 28, 1863 in Warren Co Ills dau of James B. Mitchell & wife Martha J. Rosa. Had 4 children all born at Lenox Iowa. See page 289.

2. James Harrison, B June 29, 1862. Lives Seattle Wash No 309 32d Ave Born in Butler Co Pa. M. May 3, 1887 at Madison Neb to Rose Sterner born Jany 28, 1864 at Monmouth Ills dau of Wm David Sterner & wife Agnes Jane Kirk.

Lois Lucile Anderson, B Aug 15, 1892 in Corning Iowa ob Sept 1, 1893 in Corning Iowa.

3. Frank Hayes, Lives 5043 Ewing Ave S. Minneapolis Minn

4. Josiah George, B July 8, 1866 ob May 30, 1899 m. June 2, 1895 to Cora O. Cooper b Dec 19, 1874 at Corning Iowa dau of James M. Cooper (who was a son of Henry Cooper) & wife Ruth Wilson. She married 2d Mch 29, 1904 to Francis A. Outhier & live at Prescott Iowa.

Gladys Olivia, B Dec 28, 1896 at Rouse Col. M. June 10, 1916 to M. Earle Britton son of Albert Herman Britton & his wife Minerva Mosella Packard. He was born Sept 26, 1894 in Washington Tp, Johnson Co Iowa.

Ronald Earle, born Apr 7, 1917 at Prescott Iowa

Robert George, B May 12, 1920 at Atlantic Iowa

5. Margaret Jane Jennie, B June 10, 1870 m. Feby 9, 1892 to Irwin B. Ferguson. Lives Tarkis Mo born Apr 10, 1869 in Middletown Iowa, son of Geo Christy Ferguson & wife Mary G. Irwin. His name is Irwin Balle [best guess on last word]

Faye Harrietta, Born at Lenox Iowa Nov 26, 1902 single See B 27 P 2.

7. Frederick Meade, a Dr in Sterling Ks Sept 6/24 he writes as "F.M.A. M.D. from Nickerson Ks see page 289.

6. Cyrus Everett, chiropractor in Sterling Kan, married..

Eli Andrew, [son of Margaret Jack & Francis Anderson] B Feby 7, 1836 ob Apr 4, 1919 in Florida at Eustis. m.1. Sept 26, 1862 to Sarah Jane Christy, dau of John Christy & wife Sarah Jane Christy. But one child. M.2. Margaret Kennedy & had 5 chil by her. Sarah J. died July 8, 1865 see page 527.

Amelia Etta Anderson, by 1st wife, B Oct 21, 1863 m.1. June 21, 1888 to Harry Denny, son of George Denny & wife Mary Ann Frazier, born Apr 1, 1859 ob June 27, 1893. M.2. Aug 8, 1917 to Wm Boyd Thom56. Thomas Jefferson Rose married Mary Umst at Ocalla Florida. No issue by him. One son by Denny. Their number is 215 Watula St Ocala Fla.

Unnamed Son, Died at birth Apr 27, 1889

Harry Andrew Denny, Born Dec 24, 1891 at Creighton Pa & died Nov 13, 1915 at Eustis Fla, unmarried.

Elizabeth, m. Kirk & lives at Ellwood City Pa

Alzina, twin, m. Melvin Lelliss & live at Denver Colo

Harry, twin m. Flick

Mary, m. Joseph Campbell

Thomas, died unmarried. Josiah James [son of Margaret Jack & Francis Anderson] B Apr 30, 1838 ob Oct 1867 died in Tarentum unmarried. He was a blacksmith & his bro Wm T. learned his trade with him.

Harrison Henry, B Oct 29, 1840 ob Nov 28, 1862 fr fever contracted in Civil War. He was Lieut in 63d Pa Vol. unmarried.

William Thomas, B Feby 20, 1842. He is living in Tarentum. M. Oct 10, 1867 to Charlotte Leslie, dau of Capt William Leslie & wife Harriet Hunt & who was not related to William that married his mother's half sister. See page 295.

Elizabeth Jane, B Jany 25, 1845 ob Feby 11, 1866 m. June 15, 1865 Hugh Williamson son of Johnson Williamson & his wife Mary Ann Stephenson. No issue.

Robert John, B July 28, 1848 my informant m. Oct 11, 1871 near Saxonburg Pa to Mary Elizabeth Logan. Born Aug 5, 1853 dau of Joseph Logan & his wife Margaret McCandless. Both living at No 421 Ridge Ave. New Kensington Pa. Have had 9 children all born on the farm in Clinton Tp, Butler Co Pa near Saxonburgh Pa 4 living & 5 dead.

1. Joseph Francis Anderson, Born Nov 15, 1872 ob Mch 17, 1916 mar to Susie Bowers dau of Martin Bowers & wife. She living at Turtle Creek Pa in the suburbs with her dau Ida Harbison.

Ida Anderson, m. Arthur Harbison a RR conductor frt.

Frances, unmarried.

2. Maggie May, B Feby 20, 1875 m. Aug 7, 1893 W. Clarence Sheppard son of Wm Sheppard & wife Jane Holstead. He was born Feby 8, 1872. Both living abt 2 miles fr Bakerstown & have 7 chil living & 3 dead. Oldest born in West Deer Tp & all the others in Middlesex Tp.

Clara Bell, B Aug 28, 1894 m. June 9, 1914 to Walter H. Allison see page 304

Unnamed son, B July 30, 1896 ob Aug 21, 1896

Elizabeth Jane, B Dec 25, 1897 m. Oct 12, 1920 to Charles Patton born Jany 1, son of Ross Patton & wife Ella Cunningham. No issue.

Unnamed Dau, B Dec 31, 1900 ob Jany 3, 1901

Howard Anderson, B Mch 12, 1902

Frank Eugene, B Dec 22, 1904

Edwin Clarence, B Jany 1, 1909

Infant Son, Born & died Sept 2, 1914

Margery May Halstead, B Sept 26, 1915

Lois Eleanor, B Mch 20, 1918

4. Alva Clark, B Aug 11, 1878 m. Jany 9, 1913 to Augusta Amelia Demmler born Apr 21, 1885 in Allegheny Pa dau of Nicholas Frederick Demmler & wife Amelia Schell. Children born at this house, 421.

Samuel Demmler, B Jany 8, 1915

Anna Margaret, B Apr 7, 1916

5. Clorinda Belle, B Jany 17, 1880 ob June 28, 1903 unmarried.

6. Robert Preston, B Aug 16, 1884 unmarried. Is in a home.

3. George Love, B Apr 10, 1877 ob Apr 25, 1877

7. Bessie, B Aug 26, 1885 ob Jany 22, 1886

8. William Andrew, B July 24, 1890 ob Mch 30, 1891

9. Emmett Claire, B Oct 13, 1894 at home unmarried.

Jane Jack, [dau of Andrew Jack]. Wm T. Anderson says she was a widow when he was born & was teaching school. m. James G. Smith.

Andrew McCoy Smith, see book 6 p 514 519

Elizabeth Jack, born 1814 ob 1900 m. Robert Fleming born 1813 & died 1877 [last numeral a guess] & both buried at Deer Creek son of James Fleming.

Mary Ann, m. John Fleming, a brother of Robert. Both buried at Pres Ch 4 miles south of Butler Pa

Leslie, m. went to LeClaire Iowa & died at Fort Dodge Iowa where he was living & where his children are.

Andrew6rs 8 mos 30 days Pre Sarah Belle, B 1818 ob 1860 m. to William Leslie & was his first wife. He born 1820 & died 1868.

1. Agnes Leslie, B 1843 ob 1897 m. Leslie T. Fulton his 2d wife

3. George G., B 1847 ob 1909

2. Mary L. B 1844 ob 1857

4. Anna E., B 1849 ob 1898.
V12 Page 292
From page 287

all born in Jefferson Tp, Fayette Co Pa

1. Ashbel Fairchild Hough born Nov 14, 1862

2. Minnie Vanora Hough born May 4, 1864

3. George Clarence Hough born Dec 13, 1869

4. Clyde Howard Hough born Jany 1, 1880.

1. Ashbel F. married Belle Duvall. Both living in Rostraver Tp where he is a farmer & have 4 chil living & one dead

2. Minnie V. mar Wm H. Phillips. She is dead & he lives on the Norcross farm in Redstone Tp. 2 chil

4. Clyde Howard mar Pearl Morefield & both living in Jefferson Tp where he is a stationary engineer. Have two children. They were married Jany 17, 1901.

Elizabeth Weaver's mother was a sister of David Waltz of Uniontown Pa & of Catharine the wife of Abraham Hough of near Fayette City & of Susanna Highberger, the mother of T.J. of West Newton Pa.

Leaving 9:30 PM

V12 Page 293
At residence of Joseph Henry, No 1118 Victoria Ave New Kensington Pa Aug 13, 1924 12:25 PM

I walked down here from Mr Anderson's & met Mr Henry & his daughters. Says his wife, Mary Ann Thompson, born 1839 & who has died was daughter of Capt Robt Thompson & her sister Catherine, wife of John H. Montgomery P.O. Evans City Pa Route 2 living on the Harmony Route 4 miles out, get off at Conoquenessing stop, can give that Thompson line. Ask her the name of the brother of Capt Robert Thompson who was a lawyer. Mr Henry says he gave her the Capt Robt Thompson bible after his wife died. Miss Henry said her mother helped W.H. Taylor get up the Brown book.

Left 12:17 PM

I then walked downtown, got a street car to Tarentum Pa & after asking many people, I found Mr Anderson & was:

At Residence of William T. Anderson No 617 East 9th St Tarentum Pa Aug 13, 1924 2:07 PM

Mr Anderson gave me information to fill in the blanks in his own record

V12 Page 294
which I am entering in the table on page 290 & carried to page 295. he enlisted in 1862 in the Civil War & served 9 mos, was in 123 Pa Reg Co F.

Leaving 2:44 PM

Going out, I called at No 504 East 9th St at residence of Thomas Culbertson Miller, but his wife said he had gone out to get shaved.

I walked back to the Bridge where I got a street car at 3 PM back to New Kensington arriving at 3:30 & walked up, on the hill to 242 Ridge Ave & found Jesse Allen Fulton had just got in from his work. He drove the Auto of his mother in law, Mrs Jacobus, starting at 4 PM with her, Mrs Fulton, Bertha, Ada, Alice & James accompanying & drove out through Springdale & Bakerstown to (see page 296)

V12 Page 295
[Descendant Chart]
William Thomas Anderson Born Feby 20, 1842. Living at 617 East 9th St Tarentum Pa M. Oct 10, 1867 Charlotte Elvira Leslie daughter of Capt Wm Leslie & his wife Harriet Hunter. She was born Apr 24, 1843 & died Mch 8, 1908. They have 4 children living & two died in infancy. First two children born Petroleum Center Pa next two in Clarion Co Pa & the 5th at Tarentum Pa.
Alice Elvira, B Feby 8, 1869 m. to Ford W. Felinley son of John Felinley. They live at Jeannette Pa at 115 So 2d St where he is Asst master Mechanic for Amer. Window Glass Co.




Charles Wesley, B Apr 22, 1876, m. Annie Boulton. They live at 804 Dohrman ST West Park Pa Stowe Tp & he works on the Pgh Post. No issue.

Charlotte Leslie, B July 30, 1871 ob May 30, 1872

William Thomas, B Sept 30, 1873. Live at Freeport Pa but he is abt to move to Harmarville Pa where he is Agt of Penn RR Co. Have 7 children.

Raymond Leslie,


A son


Marian, a girl



Hattie Jane, B June 19, 1875 ob Sept 4, 1875

Frank Willard, Born Apr 15, 1877 in Columbus Junction, Louisa Co Iowa, m. June 24, 1903 Daisy Bartholia dau of A. Frank Bartholia & wife Sarah E. Hay, who was born June 24, 1878 & live here at 111 Lock St Tarentum Pa. He is a painter. No issue.

V12 Page 296
Middlesex Presbyterian Church graveyard, Butler Co Pa Aug 13, 1922 5:22 PM

Where I made note of the following. We came here expecting to find the graves of James Fulton & his wife Agnes Thompson as Mr Fulton had been told 5 yrs ago by one of his aged relatives that he had been buried here. The finding of these Campbell graves & a Thompson Campbell & Margaret Campbell of proper age leads me to question whether this Margaret buried where her sister Agnes is buried, but we found no marker or the Margaret Campbell at Dick Ch g.y. is the daughter of Dr Samuel Thompson.

17. James Campbell ob Jany 1, 1836 aged 74

Margaret, wife of James Campbell ob Jany 12, 1811 in 69th yr (might be 1841)

Sarah Campbell 1796 1881

ohn [sic] Campbell (scaling off & split in two) ob Oct 1, 1830 aged 77

Margaret Campbell ob Oct 2, 1853 aged 92 yrs

Thompson Campbell who died at San Francisco Calif Dec 6, 1868 aged 57 yrs.

This last Margaret would be abt the right age to be next older than Agnes.
V12 Page 297

18. James C. Thompson ob June 23, 1857 aged 31 yrs 3 mos 21 days

Margaret C., wife of R. Thompson ob July 6, 1830 aged 35 yrs 10 mos

John Thompson ob Nov 9, 1884 aged 90 yrs

Hetty Thompson ob Nov 24, 1896 aged 78 yrs

Harriet K. daughter of John & Henrietta ob Oct 4, 1864 aged 11 yrs 17 days

Mary, consort of Wm Thompson ob Oct 23, 1858 in her 88th yr

Martha Thompson, ob Nov 12, 1878 in her 77th yr.

19. William Campbell ob Dec 13, 1863 aged 85 yrs

Sarah, wife of Wm Campbell ob Sept 17, 1867 in her 85th yr

Leaving 5:50 PM

J. Al Fulton said he wanted a book when published even if it cost as much as $25. We left the church at 6 PM & drove back through Cooperstown Pa stopping there:

At residence of H.M. Park, Cooperstown Pa Aug 13, 1924 6:11 Pm Butler Co Pa

Mr Fulton introduced me to Mrs Parks [sic] who is a daughter of James B. Fulton, the oldest son of Jesse & to her oldest brother

V12 Page 298
John Thompson Fulton, her oldest brother, an old bachelor, who brought out his father's bible printed at Pittsburgh Pa by Joseph Horner, but without date & from which I copy, but note they are the same dates copied this morning from the Brown book pages 272 & 3.

Children of James B. Fulton 1. John Thompson Fulton born Feby 11, 1858

2. Melissa Jane Fulton born Dec 23, 1859

3. Annie Ellen Fulton born Aug 16, 1862

4. Margaret A. Fulton born July 18, 1865

5. Eliza C. Fulton born Nov 2, 1867

6. Sarah J. Fulton born Sept 20, 1870

7. Mary L. Fulton born June 11, 1874

8. Edgar M. Fulton born Sept 27, 1878
James B. Fulton born Dec 28, 1835

Nancy McKibben born July 28, 1837

Married Jany 8, 1857


Eliza C. Fulton and H.M. Park Dec 28, 1887

Annie E. Fulton and C.H. Fredley Jany 1, 1890

Margaret A. Fulton and J.M. Hartung Nov 9, 1893

Mary L. Fulton and Harry Ferguson Jany 24, 1894

Sarah J. Fulton and Wm J. Fredley Oct 30, 1901

Edgar M. Fulton died Apr 19, 1909 aged 31

Ethele Fern Park, dau of H.M. & C.E. Park Mch 4, 1911 in her 20th yr


James B. Fulton died Oct 13, 1901

Melissa Jane Fulton died June 15, 1920, unm

Nancy Fulton (mother) died Aug 2, 1922

Nancy McKibben was dau of Moses McKibben & his wife Margaret Prussian?

Leaving 6:33 PM

V12 Page 299
At residence of Georgianna Conwell Gummert No 600 E 6th Ave Tarentum Pa Aug 14, 1924 11:17 AM

Mrs Gummert's son in law says she has been in Los Angeles Calif for a month visiting Katherine & Martha Elliott. His wife has gone up to get her grandfather Elliott's bible & call her brother James S. She has brought down James Stokeley Elliott's big bible which is in good condition & has a clasp on it & was printed in Phil by Wm W. Harding in 1869 & the record therein is as follows:

James Stokeley Elliott was born Dec 16, 1836 & died at his farm Luzerne Tp Fay Co Pa Aug 24, 1905.

Jane Wood was born Jany 22, 1838 & died Jany 14, 1914 in this house. They were married.

they had but one child viz:

Georgiana Elliott was born July 27, 1862. She was married at Seventh Ave Hotel Pittsburgh Pa Apr 4, 1892 to Thomas Newton Gummert who was born in Brownsville Pa Sept 8, 1862 son of Thomas Christian Gummert & his wife Amanda Clemmer & he died in this house Jany 27, 1923. Jane says her father was a 2d cousin of Jeff Davis through the Clemmers or Count Gummert who lived in see book 7 p 20

V12 Page 300


Georgiana & Thos N. had two children viz:

1. Jane Amelia Gummert born Feby 19, 1893

2. James Stokeley Gummert born Nov 1, 1895. Jane was born in Brownsville Pa & James in Luzerne Tp, Fayette Co Pa.

1. Jane Amelia Gummert married Aug 28, 1919 Carlos Porfirio Echeverria (pronounce E Chev' e ri a) who was born in Buena Vista, San Luis Potosi, Mexico Sept 15, 1888 son of Francesco E. Echeverria & his wife Petra Lopez & grandson of Javier (or Xavier) Echeverria who was Mexican Ambassador to France & in 1849 was President of Mexico. He founded the Free Art School & Museum at Mexico City which Carlos says is the only free art school now extant. They have one child:

I. Juanita (pro Wanita) Echeverria born Nov 12, 1922 in this house.

2. James Stokeley Gummert married on Dec 26, 1921 Mildred Almeda Buck born Feby 3, 1898 at Nationa Pa dau of John Frederick Buck & his wife Amanda Humphreys. No issue.

See Elliott History in:

1. Ellis Hist of Fayette Co 1882

2. Gresham Hist of Fayette Co 1889
V12 Page 301
At residence of Chas W. Baxter 268 Ridge Ave New Kensington Pa Aug 14, 1924 9:44 AM

Mrs Baxter, a fine looking matronly woman in her 60s says her father, Hiram Shearer died 2 yrs ago in his 95th year, & his father was Peter Shearer & his mother a Snell & she never heard of any Markle connection. Says there are Shearers at Verona Pa, one named Peter & one Hiram she thinks.

I then walked down the hill, hired a taxi & went out the ridge east a mile or two to the home of Howard Mahan's where I arrived at 10:17 AM & found the house locked up. He lived in the McKean Plan on the East of the town. A neighbor woman said he had left in his auto this morning going to the country in the neighborhood of his wife's people for berries.
Peter Shearer above might be a son of the other daughter of George Markle & named for him. Am writing Mrs Baxter today Aug 26, 1924.

Sept 22, 1924 am writing her again see book 1 p 402.

V12 Page 302

At residence of Wm Andrew Allison West Deer Tp, Allegheny Co Pa (P.O. Gibsonia RFD 3 Pa) Aug 14, 1924 5:05 PM

Mrs Allison is a daughter of J. Nelson Fulton & he a son of John Fulton being his only child. She don't have her grandfather's bible & thinks her step mother has her father's bible. The J. Nelson Fulton home is about 2 miles beyond here, but his widow his 2d wife is now visiting either her two daughters Gertrude, wife of Bert Bean & Margaret Matilda Walters, wife of Coston Walters who live together over a mile beyond Russellton, turning to the right of Russellton at the middle of the town, on the Saner's farm, or she might be at her sister's, Mrs Frank Kennedy on 1133 Highland Ave, Tarentum. Mrs Allison is giving me the family record which I am tabling see page 304. Mrs Allison gave the dates on pages 304 & 305 from memory. She is a very intelligent, fine virile woman.

Leaving 7 PM

V12 Page 303
At residence of Anna Mary Mahan, Middlesex Tp, Butler Co Pa (P.O. Valencia RFD 1) Aug 14, 1924 7:22 PM

Mrs Mahan's husband, (9.) James A. Mahan was son of Wm A. Mahan & his wife Nancy Fulton, she being a daughter of Samuel Fulton. She has the record of Nancy's family on a piece of paper which I am tabling on page 306. Mrs Mahan remembers the names of these additional children of Samuel Fulton viz:

1. James, who lived & died in Pgh leaving two girls & a boy, both girls living in Pgh viz Margaret Jane Telfer & Ann Eliza Frazier, living at 311 E. Lacock St N.W. Pgh Pa

2. Allison went west

3. Jesse went west

4. Peggy Ann married James Harvey a farmer in Clinton Tp, Butler Co Pa

5. Lee Ann, married George Hayes & lived where Donaldsons now live. Both dead without issue.

6. Jane, never married buried at Deer Creek

7. Mary never married buried at Deer Creek

8. Sarah, died when a young lady, buried at Deer Creek.

Leaving 8:46 PM

At James Lee McCredie's, West Deer Tp (P.O. Gibsonia RD 3) Aug 14, 1924 9 10 PM

Mrs McCredie has given me the dates for the family which I have entered on page 304 in the table.

Leaving 9:30 PM

V12 Page 304 & V12 Page 305
[Descendant Chart]

John Fulton, son of James & Agnes Thompson Fulton born May 25, 1787 & Mrs Allison says he died in the latter part & feels sure it was Dec 1856 near the holiday. She recalls it from having been told that he died within the month preceding the marriage of her father which was on Jany 1, 1857 & they consequently had a quiet wedding. He was buried at the Deer Creek g.y. but there is no marker. There was a stone with his initials on, but recently when she hunted for it, she couldn't find it. He married Ann Hayes, daughter of John Hayes, twelve years before their only child was born which would make it 1822. She died in Feby 1861 was old, but don't know her age but remembers her even if only 3 yrs old. She is buried beside her husband in Deer Cr g.y. See page 271 for her sister Jane, wife of his brother, James.

[Their only child was:]
John Nelson Fulton only child was born in Middlesex Tp, Butler Co Pa Dec 28, 1834 & died on another farm in same Tp 2 miles from here June 22, 1915 & is buried at Deer Creek g.y. He married Jany 1, 1857, Sarah Jane Murray, born Sept 21, 1837 at Millerstown Pa near here & died June 30, 1888, daughter of John W. Murray & his wife Elizabeth Weir. Had 4 children. He married 2d Aug 28, 1890 Mrs Sarah Jane Cunningham born in this house May 2, 1852 & still living. She was widow of Samuel Meriel Cunningham & daughter of Samuel Allison & his wife Elizabeth McGowan. She had two children by Mr Fulton, all of whose children were born in Middlesex Tp. The second wife is a sister of the husband of my informant.
[his children]
1. Elizabeth Louisa Fulton, B Jany 22, 1858, my good informant of the day. M. Dec 19, 1877 to Wm Andrew Allison, born in this house July 27, 1854, son of Samuel Allison & his wife Elizabeth McGowan. Have 11 children all born on this farm & in this Tp.

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