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We sold out our store in 1891 & moved to Newtown, Bucks Co Pa. Charles took charge of a large farm (227 acres) belonging to my brother James Boyd of Norristown Pa.

Edward left the Trust & came with us.

Boyd commenced going to school to Newtown in Sept. He was 15 yrs old.

Brother Albert Boyd died at Topeka Ills in Mch 1891   62 years of his age.

The new barn was built in May 1891.

I united with the Newtown Pres Church by letter Sept, joined the Missionary Society in June, had been a member at Wayne 9 years, was treasurer of the Society that long.

Helen's second daughter "Mary Natila" was born July 7, 1892.

Charley joined the G.A.R. Post at Newtown Pa No 427 Wyncoop Post
V12 Page 90

1892 & 1893

Edward got a position in the Reading RR office 3 & Berks St Phila June 8, 1892.

Howard's wife broke her leg in June.

Edd Matlick & his daughter made us a visit in Sept. In Oct Boyd & I made a visit to Radnor, Delaware Co Pa.

Charles' mother died Oct 7, was buried the 11th at Radnor Friends Meetinghouse, was 86 yrs old. We attended the wedding of Helen Chambers a neighbor. She married Mr Roberts Dec 27, 1892. Charles went to Washington D.C. Sept to the reunion of the G.A.R.

Cousin Edd Pugh died Jany 11, 1893 63 yrs old

Edward bough a pony (Maud P.)

Had a great deal of snow & the weather was the coldest for 30 years.

Grover Cleveland was elected the second time. He ran against Benjamin Harrison.


I was taken sick with the Grippe the last of January, rheumatism set in & I was not out of the house until April. Martha came the first of Feby & stayed till April, had to have a nurse to take care of me.

William Pugh & Sallie Ramsey, Ida Pugh, Mrs Conner & her son Harry, John Pugh, Dewitt Pugh & Ellen & Caddie Pugh were to see us in the summer.

Boyd had a party of his young friends in August

I went as a delegate for our Missionary Society to Abington Pa. I had the Ladies of the Mis. Society for tea in June, there were 12. Edward went to board with Mr Charles M. Trago 1709 Venango St Phila Pa in Oct.
V12 Page 91
Edward was taken sick with typhoid fever Nov 30, was in bed five weeks. I was with him four weeks, the 16 Dec, Edward came a few weeks after & was home until the middle of March. He went to the office & was there until the first of April, he was so run down, he was obliged to stay home until the last of June.

Boyd commenced going to the George School near Newtown Pa Nov 7, 1894

Brother Hamilton's wife died in June very suddenly with heart disease.

Annie Ewing made us a visit. I had a tea party in Sept (3rd). Annie & I went to see Nellie Cameron living at Ambler Pa.

Boyd started on his second year at George School in Sept. I took for 5 shares in the Newtown Building & Loan Association commenced June 1894.

1894 & 1895

Charlie was elected Judge of the election of Newtown Tp in Feby. He was appointed Committeeman of this same Tp in 1893.

Had a visit from Ida Pugh & John & Nina Pugh. Dr Angle's daughter Norah was married in June to Mr Task.

Jackson Knox died in Nov 1894.

Cousin A.D. Boyd of Uniontown made us a visit. Had a pleasant lawn picnic July 13.

Edward bought Floss in April. We bought our buggy Apr 22. A heavy wind storm blew down a large oak tree said to be 150 yrs old.

Edward & Boyd made a visit to Uniontown Pa in July.

Nellie Cameron & family with her brother James Knox made us a visit

V12 Page 92

Boyd started to the Spencerian Business College 1520 22 Chestnut St Phila Nov 1st.

Brother James met with an accident on a train. The car was over turned & his side & shoulder were hurt.

Edward's 21st birthday was the 19th Dec 1895. His papa gave him a gold watch.

Cousin George Boyd of Mt Pleasant Pa died in December

The weight & size of the boys:


14 yrs 107 lbs, 5 ft & 2 inches

17 yrs 135 lbs, 5 ft & 6 inches

19 yrs 145 lbs, 5 ft & 8 inches


14 yrs 88 lbs, 4 ft & 10 1/2 inches

15 yrs 105 lbs, 5 ft & 3 inches

18 yrs 147 lbs, 5 ft & 9 1/2 inches


Boyd finished his business course Feby 1896. The 16 Apr, he took a position as Asst Station Agt at Newtown Pa with RR Co.

Ida Pugh made us a visit in July. Had a tea party Sept 3d. The Far & Near Social had a dance in July, the boys both belonged.

Edward took a trip to Niagara Falls in July.

Charles's cousin Samuel Hart of Phila died Dec.

Helen's third daughter "Dorothy" was born Christmas

Hamilton's daughter was married, Maggie, to Mr Swift of Munster, Ills.
V12 Page 93

Howard Boyd went to Europe in June 27, came home in Sept. Boyd was 21 yrs old July 28, 1897. We gave him a gold watch. Edward was elected town clerk.

This was an unusual wet season, rained at harvest time, that a great deal of the wheat was spoiled.

The trolley was finished to Newtown from Langhorne Pa in December.

The boys had a picnic dance in August.


Boyd went from the Newtown Sta into the Real Estate Office Foulke & Montgomery in Phila cor Broad & Germantown Ave.

Edward took a trip to Virginia with Chas Foulke, visited a town called Boydton. It was named for Thomas Boyd. I have no doubt they are a connection of my family.

The year brought death to several of my Illinois friends, Anna Vance, Cousin Joseph's wife died. They were married at the same time I was in the Pres Church, Grand Ridge Ills.

Joe died a few years before, both with consumption, left three children. Two Elders of our Church at Grand Ridge died: Evans Finley & Mr Essick.

Edward was elected Inspector of Elections of Newtown Tp. The Spanish American War commenced in May.


Feby 12, was the fiercest blizzard 16 below zero, snow the depth of 4 ft on the level, it drifted so it stopped travel

V12 Page 94

on the RR for a week, it was two weeks before the public roads were opened to Newtown. Papa was elected Squire & Auditor & Edward was elected Judge of Elections & town clerk.

The Grand Army encampment wash held in Phila Sept 3d. My niece, Annie Patterson of Ills & her husband paid us a visit.

Millard Pugh paid us a visit in Aug.

Sept 15, Boyd took a position with the Thackara Mfg Co 1606 Chestnut St Nov 27, Edward was promoted in the RR office at Port Richmond, he went to the city to board at the Washington Hotel, T. & Dauphine St Phila

Boyd commenced to board in the city with Edward Jany 1st. Edd Matlick & Charles Pugh of Radnor paid us a visit.

Helen's baby boy, H.W.C. Harold was born in Apr.

We attended the wedding of Nellie Nelson to Eager Hall in the Episcopal Church in Newtown Pa.

The Trollies were extended to Doylestown from Newtown Pa.


Annie Ewing paid us a visit on her way home from Europe in Sept. Edward was promoted to a higher position at Pt Richmond.

My intimate friend, Mrs Samuel Berckman died in Feby.

Harry Conner was married in Nov.

James S. Boyd entered the University of Penna in Sept age 17.

Harry Pigott of Rochester NY paid us a visit & his brother "Will" was here too.

We attended the wedding of Mary Pickering in Oct in the Newtown Episcopal Church.
V12 Page 95
Boyd left Thackara Co to accept a position as traveling salesman with the Gibson Gas Fixture works 1426 Callowhill St Phila

Boyd had quite a bad spell of Rheumatism the last of Dec.

Our neighbors Mrs Slack left their farm.


Brother Wash's wife died Jany 11th at Waynesboro Tenn, 67 years old.

Boyd started out on his first trip as salesman Monday Jany 7. Went South as far as Norfolk Va. In July, took a trip as far west as Omaha Neb, took another trip South in Oct, went as far south as Mississippi. Papa had rheumatism (muscular) had it for five months.

Cousin Dr Rob Boyd from Chicago Ills paid us a visit in May on his way to Europe. I took 20 shares of oil stock of the Sand Fork Petroleum Co in Jany 10

Brother Hamilton died of softening of the brain in July in Ill in the 78th year of his age.

Edward was married to Jessie Erpe, daughter of Dr Webb of 540 Lehigh Ave Phila on Thursday Sept 5, in Phila. Went on a trip to Akron O. Were gone over a week, then they commenced to board at Dr Webb's. Ida Pugh made us a visit in July. Oct 1st the 28th anniversary of our wedding. We held a reception for Edward & his wife, had quite a number of our friends & had a pleasant time. Wm McKinley was inaugurated Prest for the 2d time & was assassinated at Buffalo NY in Sept, died from the wound. Theo Roosevelt was made Prest. Charles Dunbar sold his farm. Edward & wife & Boyd spent Christmas at home.

V12 Page 96

Boyd accepted a position with a NY firm Cassidy & son Mfg Co 23d Dist

Had the heaviest sleet & snow, the limbs of the trees were broken by the weight of the ice & snow. Helen Dunbar moved in March to Grand Ridge, Ills. Sold their farm & went in Real Estate business. Papa took 40 shares of the Ohio & California Refining Oil Co Dec 31, 1901. He took 20 more shares Feby 28, 1902.

Edward accepted a position with A.W. Nostal Apr 1st, he & his wife came home May 10 to spend the summer.

Boyd was married July 10, 1902 to Margaret Elizabeth Jackson of Reading Pa married in NY by Rev Thomas Harlene.

We had visiting us through the summer, Dr Webb & wife, Mabel Craft, Jane Pugh, Mather Pugh, Ada Ramsey, Mr & Mrs Will Long, Mrs Bessie Custer's daughter Florence from Seattle Wash.

Boyd was taken sick at Reading, was in the hospital, came home Aug 27, was home quite a long time before he was fit for business.

Edward went to housekeeping Oct 12, in Germantown, 622 Rittenhouse St.

We took Thanksgiving dinner with them Nov 27. They took Christmas dinner with us at Springbrook farm, Bucks Co Pa

I took out 5 shares of the Newtown Building & Loan June 1903.


Apr 5, Palm Sunday. Charles Edward Pugh Jr was born in Phila Pa. Boyd & his wife went to Chicago Ills Apr 27. Traveled in Wisconsin

V12 Page 97

Iowa & Illinois. He paid Helen a visit in Sept at Grand Ridge. He returned to Chicago Ills & remained there until he came east. Edward's family paid a visit, came in July & stayed till Sept 3d. Had visiting us in the summer, Mrs Martha Conner from Radnor Pa, Mr & Mrs Charles Mason of Germantown, Julia & Grace Pugh, Mrs I. Shaw, Miss Fredia & Jessie Webb, Nena & Jane Pugh. Dr Webb & nephew Webb Wright from Akron O. Brother James's son Howard Boyd died Aug 21st Friday, was in poor health from epileptic fits, in a moment of temporary insanity, he shot himself, buried on Wednesday 26th in Montgomery Cemetery.

Boyd's daughter, Mary Boyd Chuda was born Nov 11, 1903 in Chicago Ills.


Boyd & his wife & baby made us a visit.

He accepted a position Apr 1st with Enos Co 317 Fifth Ave, NY. They lost their little baby in July 30th with cholera infantum, was buried July 31, in Kensico cemetery NY.

Edward's family came the latter part of July & stayed until Sept.

Boyd & his wife spent a few weeks in August.

Nena & Jane Pugh, Ida & John Pugh & wife made us a visit. Brother James Boyd was taken sick at Atlantic City the later part of August, was brought home, was never able to leave his room. He died Oct 16 & was buried the 19th in Montgomery Cem, Norristown Pa in the 83d year of his age. His death was caused from old age.

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Brother G.W. Boyd of Waynesboro Tenn made us a visit in Sept. He has five boys.

Oct 1st "Boyd" went to Toronto, Canada on business with the same firm in a branch office.

On Nov 4 (it was Nov 8) Theodore Roosevelt, Republican, was elected President. Edward's little boy died "Charles Edward" 19 mos old on Saturday Nov 26, of acute indigestion, was buried the 28th at Greenwood Cem Phila Pa.


Margaret (Boyd's wife) made us a visit Jany first. Spent a week. Had one of the worst blizzards Jany 24. Snowed 36 hours, the snow was drifted 6 inches (she no doubt means feet) in some places. Papa (& I) went to Phila Pa spent six weeks with Edward, he lived 242 N. Rittenhouse St, Germantown in April. Edward & wife spent several weeks in May. Edward took charge of a Gas & Electric plant (was with the Union Railway Supply Co Phila Pa No 1633 1634 Real Estate Bldg) at Lewisburg Pa.

His wife made a visit to Chicago Ills in June. Went to Lewisburg to live in the fall. Boyd & his wife made us a visit in July, also Ida Pugh & her father & mother. In Oct 24, we attended the wedding of Ada Ramsey of Wayne Pa. Made a visit there, had a very pleasant [time]

Millard Pugh took sick the last of Nov

(July 3, 1924 11 AM going in town to office)

(July 3, 1924 6:22 PM resuming)

V12 Page 99

The winter of 1906 was the mildest ever known. Brother Wash died suddenly at his home in Waynesboro, Tenn in his 79th year. Boyd accepted a position with a gas fixture Co in Cleveland O (the Morrean Gas Fixture Co) he & his wife spent Christmas with Edward, then made us a visit.

My brother in law, W.H. Ewing died Mch 19th buried at the Chester Valley Pa Pres Ch g.y., left one child "Helen".

My grand nephew, James S. Boyd married Apr 19th to Margrete L. Burnes of ST Joe, MO.

Edward went to Boyertown Pa in July is engineering the putting in of a gas plant.

In August, Boyd & Margaret came home to spend their vacation.

Ida Pugh made us a visit. Fanny Boyd from Munster Ills came to see us & Nellie Cameron from Norristown. The Rich girls were here the month of July.

Edward made us several visits. DeWitt Pugh & Annie Ramsey were here in Sept. John Pugh & Jane were here in Oct. Emily, John's wife died Oct 18 very suddenly, had a stroke.

Boyd accepted a position with Tiffany Co NY on Sept 22.

In November, we bought a house in Newtown Pa NO 111 North Chancellor St. Had a telephone put in Apr 30.

Helen Dunbar moved to Toledo O in Sept.


Boyd started on a tour of the largest cities, fifteen, for Tiffany Stayton Co NY. Was very successful in selling goods.

V12 Page 100

While on his trip, his knee became very sore & by the time he got to Phil Pa in Mch, he had to give up & come home. Commenced doctoring, was forced to get a brace. Stayed home until the first of June. Then he & Margaret went to NY. The later part of July, his knee began to trouble him again. He began to doctor again & it got so bad, the doctors decided to operate. On Nov 12, he went to the General Memorial Hospital NY. He got out of the hospital, he came home. He improves slow, for his nervous system went through such a long strain.

The 1st of May, I had a fall on the stone walk & injured my left leg so bad I could not walk. In July I commenced to use crutches, began to improve slowly. In March 1908, I got to walking with one crutch. Martha Connor made a short visit in May. Ida Pugh came to see us in Sept. In October, Sallie Ramsey died. Nov, Edward was home about six weeks.

April 1908

Boyd & Margaret are still home.

Boyd's knee improves slowly. I am still using one crutch. Am well & very thankful that I have gotten along so well. We are expecting to move to our home No 111 North Chancellor St, Newtown Pa

Moved to Newtown May.

Edward made us a visit. All like our new home.
V12 Page 101
Boyd's knee no better. Went to University Hospital, Phila Pa, was there a week, came home & began to use the Baird treatment, using a rubber bandage, was benefited by that treatment for awhile, the trouble returned. In Dec, began doctoring with Dr Allen of Trenton NY.

Edward engineered the construction of a water works at Mountville Pa near Lancaster Pa, was very successful & a credit to him. Started the Construction of a gas plant at Elizabeth Pa in Sept.

Edward had an attack of tonsilitis.

John Pugh was to see us in Sept. His son DeWitt Pugh was married to Anna Ramsey Oct 7. Helen Dunbar's oldest daughter graduated (Helen Jr) from the High School of Toledo O. Popa (Papa) joined the Friends Meeting. Boyd does not seem to get much better. Ida Pugh & her mother made us a visit in Aug.


Uncle Millard paid us a visit in Feby. On Mch 4, Taft was inaugurated President. He was from Cincinnati, O.

Nell Cameron & her husband made us a visit in April. Boyd commenced to Doctor with Dr Brinckman.

In June, Papa went to Gettysburg Pa as Rep to the G.A.R. Encampment, was a delegate from his Posts, Newtown, Pa.

Stopped to see Mary Rue (or Rice) at Harrisburg Pa. Stopped to see Edward at Elizabethtown (Lancaster Co) Pa
V12 Page 102

Papa was elected Chief Burgess of Newtown, Bucks Co Pa in Feby to serve three years. Ida Pugh was to see us in July. Boyd grew worse & walks with great trouble, so he went to bed the last of July. Uncle John was to see us. Was very proud of his grandson, John R. Pugh.

My friend Martha Connor was to see us. I made a visit to Cousin Belle Long at Hartsville Pa, Boyd & Margaret's friend, Mr Coles, Mrs Snead of New York, Mrs Mamie Turner of Chicago Ills, Mr Fisher of Florida.

I still use my crutch & always will.


Had a very cold winter. So much snow. Feby 8, the Young Dr Leo Brinckman of Phila came to see Boyd & advised going to the hospital for treatment. He had been in bed seven months. He went to St Agnes Hospital [unreadable street name] & Mifflin Sts, Phila on Tuesday Feby 15, had to be taken on a cot.

Helen's daughter Natalie underwent an operation for appendicitis at Toledo O.

Boyd came home Apr 12, not much better, used his crutches, did not walk much, rode out in carriage some.

Uncle John Pugh & DeWitt made us a visit.

Boyd's friends, Mr Cole, Mr Tustel? Mr Rich, Mr Fisher. The last of Apr, Dr Hamilton commenced treating Boyd.

Apr 16, Grace Pugh was married to Charles Mann of Bridgeport.
V12 Page 103
Helen Dunbar & family moved to Chicago Ills from Toledo O

In Sept, Annie Patterson, my niece died in Streator Ills.

Ida Pugh made us a visit in July.

About Oct 1st, Boyd & Margaret went to Wernersville Sanitarium in Montgomery Co Pa, was not benefited any. Stopped on his way home to see Dr Roe in Phila.

Boyd got along very comfortably, did not suffer so much, only by times.

In July a son was born to my grand nephew James S. Boyd.


Helen Dunbar's daughter Helen fell & broke her arm.

Boyd commenced using the beaker [baker? caker? leaker? have no idea what this could be] for his trouble with the hopes it might benefit him, had used it two months.

The last of Feby, Edward got his divorce. Was married Mch 23, to Henrietta B. Smyser of Newport, Lancaster Co Pa in Baltimore by Rev L.M. Zimmermann. Edward was manager of a gas plant in Elizabethtown, Lan Co Pa. Called a minister to our church Presbyterian, Apr Rev W.M. Bone of WVA. James S. Boyd sold the farm (Boyd farm 2 miles from Newtown, Bucks Co Pa) to Mrs Barbara Amison of Phila. In July Boyd had a spell of fever, was sick six weeks. Had Dr Hamilton. On Sept 7, the doctor died very suddenly. Boyd was better for a time. In about 3 mos, he seemed to go down & did not walk even with crutches.

V12 Page 104
Edward was down to see him in Dec. Has been so mild, no cold weather.

Papa & I made a visit to Edward's at Elizabethtown Pa. Went Nov 11, came home Dec 16. Edward is Supt of a Gas Plant. In Oct, he & his wife were confirmed in the Episcopal Church (the St Elizabeth Mission) by Bishop Darlington of Harrisburg. Edward was made Treasurer & Asst Vestryman. There is a very extensive Masonic Home started at Elizabethtown. We made a visit to Cousin Charley's at Moores, Del Co Pa. My grand nephew James S. Boyd started on a trip around the world Dec 30. Still unable to walk. Cousin Ballie Long died in Oct.


Boyd went up & downstairs, had a pleasant Christmas. In January, Boyd quit coming down, in bed most of the time, seemed to be worse & Dr Shepard of Trenton, all he did for him done no good. Margaret doctored with him. Toward, Spring, Boyd took Asthma, nothing seemed to do any good, he was so distressed when the weather grew hot, he failed & we had to give him up. On Monday afternoon, July 15, he left us for a better world. Oh how hard it was. We buried him at Newtown Cem, Newtown Pa July 17 (Thursday) afternoon. Edward & Nellie went home the 24. They decided

V12 Page 105

to move to Newtown. Edward had accepted a position with a gas firm in Phila. They moved July 21 & shipped their goods. Made a visit to Newport, Pa, Nellie's home, made us a visit on our 35 wedding anniversary (it wd be their 39th). Edward took his first trip for his firm with Mr Kemmerle Oct 29th went to Boston, took a trip to Henderson NC, also to Charleston SC on Nov 26.

I unfortunately slipped & fell on Aug 30, & broke my wrist, had it bandaged six weeks, it got along very well, a long time getting strong. The first Sunday in Aug, our old Pastor W.T. Krush from Elwin Del Co Pa spent Sunday with us & preached. How we did enjoy his visit. He is a Godly man. Edward & Netta went to Newport, spent New Years, spent their Christmas with us, had a pleasant time.

January 1913

Edward went again to Henderson NC Jany 1st. In Feby, Nettie went to see Edward, was there until May, came home for a short time. Then she & Edward came home together, I think in July. Feby, Margaret went to the Hospital, was there 3 weeks, had an operation was successful. Went from there to Reading Pa. Got entirely well, made us a visit. Her friend, Mrs Howard Boose was with her. Jane Pugh came

V12 Page 106
& stayed with me a month or more. I had a severe spell of indigestion. Jane took care of me. I did appreciate it. In June, I had a nervous breakdown, was confined to my room a week, had a nurse.

Mrs Ida Cary, Maggie Burns was with us. I was quite awhile before I was myself. The year of 1912 & 13 was very mild. Gas was put in Newtown, the fall of 1912. Had a visit from Aunt Martha & Aunt Emm [sic] the last of August, Helen Dunbar was to see us on her way to Bellville NJ to take a position of teacher of Art in a school at that place. She spent Thanksgiving & Christmas with us. Edward & Nettie made a visit to Newport, Pa, Nettie's home. Edward & Nettie's friend, Mrs Copland of NC brought her son Francis Leroy & entered him in George School Pa. E & N went to Newport Pa Oct 11. Edward went to Georgia Oct 23. Papa went to the reunion of Tremont Seminary Norristown Pa Oct 23. He went there in 1857.

Edward came home with a very sore throat Oct 29. Went south as far as Atlanta Ga Nov 3. Went to Waterville, Maine, came home Nov 28.

Edward & Nettie went to Newport Pa Dec 27th

V12 Page 107

1914 January

Edward went South to Wilson NC, came back Feby 7.

Papa had quite a sick spell. Got over it in a short time. In March, I was taken with a sudden attack, the Dr termed a stroke. Was quite a long time I could not use my pen, so I have left out a good deal what has happened. Margaret & her friend, Mrs Bort maid [sic] us a visit in Apr.

Edward was successful in getting gas franchise at Wilson NC, was one of the largest in the summer of this year. There was a change in the Co & he took charge of the Newtown Pa gas plant, was manager & control of it. Made considerable improvements to the house, new heater, new piping for a better flow of water, had the house newly painted in Nov (17). An outbuilding turned in a garage & back yard much. [sic]

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