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1915 January

A mild winter. Had an Evangelist, Mr Asher, meetings held. There was a good attendance. There has joined the Presbyterian Church 90, the Methodist about the same. It has done our town a good deal of good. Mr Boen was our preacher [previously spelled Bone] In Sept, Charley & (I) went to Norristown, stayed four weeks, had a very nice time. Edward was elected to Council of Newtown Pa. He is Secretary of the O&N Club. He takes a

V12 Page 108
great interest (in) it. Margaret made us a visit.

Helen Dunbar's second daughter is engaged to a Mr Gregory of Oklahoma. His parents live in New York. Natalie is the second daughter. The farm has been sold to Wm Rose of Trenton.

1916 January

Nothing written. Here the record stops.

Further back in the book, she has written a page each of Births, Marriages, & Deaths of her father & mother's family as follows:


Family record of Dr J. & Elizabeth Boyd copied from the old family bible

Jeremiah Boyd was born Dec 31, 1797

Elizabeth Long was born May 10, 1801

Their children:

1. James Boyd was born Mch 29, 1821

3. Isabella L. Boyd was born Apr 3, 1825

2. Alexander Hamilton Boyd was born Apr 30, 1823

4. George Washington Boyd was born Feby 18, 1827

5. Albert G. Boyd was born (Mch 4, 1829)

6. Elizabeth Boyd was born Dec 24, 1834

7. Mary Boyd was born May 16, 1839.

Charles Pugh was born Sept 3, (1836)

C. Edward Pugh was born Dec 19, 1874

James Boyd Pugh was born July 28, 1876
V12 Page 109

Jeremiah Boyd & Elizabeth Long Apr 16, 1820 in Fayette Co Pa

Isabella Boyd & Joseph H. Boyd May 6, 1845 in Fayette Co Pa

Alexander H. Boyd & Ann Overholt, Feby 1847 in Westnd Co, Pa

James Boyd & Sarah Jamison, June 1, 1846 in Norristown Pa

G.W. Boyd & Anne Songer, Nov 9, 1853 in Trenton O

Albert G. Boyd & Lizzie Beagle, Jany 24, 1856 in MO

Lizzie Boyd & W.H. Ewing, Nov 4, 1861 in Norristown Pa

Mary Boyd & Chas Pugh, Oct 1 [?] 1873 in Grand Ridge Ills

C. Edward Pugh & Jessie Erpe, Sept 5, 1901 in Phila Pa

J. Boyd Pugh & Margt Eliz Jackson, July 10, 1902 in NY

James S. Pugh [Boyd?] & M.L. Burnes, Apr 1906 in St Joe, MO

C. Edward Pugh & Henrietta B. Smyser, Mch 23, 1911 in Balto Md


Jeremiah Boyd died Mch 1871 aged 75 yrs.

Elizabeth Boyd died June 15, 1871 aged 70 yrs

Lizzie B. Ewing died Dec 16, 1881

Isabella L. Boyd died Oct 27, 1890

Albert G. Boyd died Mch 1891

A. Hamilton Boyd died July 1901

James Boyd died Oct 16, 1904, 83 yrs

G. Washington Boyd died Jany 19, 1906, 79 yrs

James Boyd Pugh died July 15, 1912 32 yrs (36)

July 4, 1924, 12:03 AM, I will now quit & go to bed.)

(July 4, 1924, 7:30 AM, resuming)

Mrs Pugh's son J. Boyd Pugh in his twenties wrote some very creditable verses of poetry, some of which she has copied in the book. I will copy two or three of them. Remember he was then a traveling salesman.
V12 Page 110
"The Traveler's Mother"

Here's to the traveler's mother alone

Who wishes so much for her son to be home.

She counts the minutes, the hours, the days

And pictures him having the hardest of ways.


In a little Hotel, with not much to eat,

Tired from travel, almost dead for sleep,

If she could only be with him to make some tea,

She'd be oh as happy as happy could be.


He has written no letter for quite a long time

And this to her is a very bad sign

Surely he's sick and unable to write

Oh! Why can't he be here this very night.


She reads the paper to try & forget

But sees to her dismay an account of a wreck

"Hark" Who knocks at the outside gate

Why it is my boy as sure as fate


Boys don't forget to write to mother

For when she's gone, you'll ne'er get another

She cheers you boys when business is bad

And always speaks kindly when you are sad.

March 1902 J. Boyd Pugh

Evening on the Farm

The sun is moving slowly down

leasting [sic] beautiful shadows all around

The cows are restless at the barnyard gate

'Tis harvest time, the men are late.


The men and horses leave the field of wheat

V12 Page 111

Tired so tired from head to feet

Down the lane & to the barn

Disgusted indeed from work on the farm.


The cows are milked, to supper they go

Now, they do not walk so slow.

Like hungry wolves, they devour their food

And soon they change from their tiresome mood


To bed they go exactly at nine

Up early next morning feeling very fine

A good way to spend this short life

Far better than the business man's strife

"Boyd Farm" July 11, 1902

The night is dark & long

All is quiet save the crickets song

Oh! peaceful night, 'tis then we rest

Thanks oh! thanks with sleep we are blessed.


All must sleep, either sound or light

And be prepared for the next days fight

Mind and body must stop their work

O'er in time all duties they'll shirk


Sleep, yes sleep, yet we know not how long

Our bodies will continue to be as strong

For a higher power regulates it all

So sleep, yes sleep until we hear Him call.

July 25, 1902 J.B.P.

V12 Page 112

(To be sent with candy in a heart shaped box)

By James S. Boyd.

This is a typed sheet in front folds of the "Cropper"

I would send a valentine

Unto you, Dear Heart of mine

Shall it be a red, red rose

That kindles passion as it grows?

Shall it be the violet blue?

That breathes a calmer love, though true?

Or shall forget me nots be best

To set your fluttering heart at rest?

Indeed the thoughts that flowers speak

Though beautiful, are far too weak

Nor do I find in poet's art

Words that can express my heart

Express my heart: That's what I'll do  

Express my heart and love to you

"The Cropper and Other Poems" by Frank Boyd

(A son of Geo Washington Boyd)

Waynesboro, Tennessee, 1907

This is a 99 page 5 by 7 1/2 in little book & the copy loaned me was inscribed "To Aunt Mary, From the Author"

V12 Page 113
In the back of the Book of her records on the last two leaves is:

This is a list of the nephews & nieces living at the time of Col James Boyd's death (which was Oct 16, 1904   I was then on the Pacific Ocean, sailing homeward)

1. A. Hamilton Boyd's family

Belle Weaver, Simpson, Kansas

Christofer C. Boyd, Fremont, Iowa

Ann Patterson, Streator, Illinois

Fannie Boyd, Streator, Illinois

Margaret B. Swift, Streator, Illinois

2. Isabella Boyd's family

Mrs Belle Barrett, Howell, Indiana

Edward & Frank & Walter, do not know addresses.

3. G. Washington Boyd's family

Frank Boyd Esq, (Waynesboro, Tennessee)

Dr Harry Boyd, Waynesboro, Tennessee

George Boyd, Waynesboro, Tennessee

Charlie Boyd, Quinter, Indian Territory

Albert Boyd, Do not know address

4. Albert G. Boyd's family

James Boyd, don't know address

George Boyd, don't know address

Will Boyd, don't know address

Anna Boyd, don't know address

Laura Boyd, don't know address

Ella B. Graham, 367 N. Compton Ave, St Louis, MO

5. Lizzie B. Ewing's family

Helen E. Dunbar, Toledo Ohio

6. Mary B. Pugh's family

Chas Edward Pugh, Newtown, Bucks Co Pa

J. Boyd Pugh, Newtown, Bucks Co Pa

Finished transcribing July 4, 1924 9:30 AM Oak Hill. JVT

V12 Page 114
Oak Hill July 5, 1924 7:44 AM

I cannot at the moment turn to the record I got at the Fred R. Carothers home on Irwin St, probably two years ago, but I am noting here from the obituary of his son in law Percy D. Hagan in the Morning Herald of July 3d (there had been one in 2d, both filed) & who is to be buried today from the First Pres Ch of which he was a member that his full name was Percy Dillingham Hagan & he died at his mountain home near Braddock's grave [grove?] Tuesday July 1, 1924 at 11:45 PM

He has been here 35 yrs coming first to Oliver Pa where he was with the Fayette Supply Co. He was born in Shala Tp, Allegheny Co Pa Mch 1, 1866 son of Nathan & L. Josephine Hagan. He married Laura Carothers, daughter of the late Fred R & Geneva Carothers & is survived by her & their two daughters, Gertrude & Bertha Mae. He has been a member of the First Pres Ch here ever since coming to Uniontown & is to be buried from the church at 2:30 this afternoon. Rev Dr Wm R. Van Buskirk officiating. Interment at Oak Grove Cemetery.
V12 Page 115

Oak Hill, July 6, 1924 6:15 AM

I got up an hour ago at 5:15 AM. Last night, about nine o'clock, Western Union Tel Co phoned out to me a message from Lyons, Kansas from Mr J.C. Caruthers, stating that her husband, my double cousin, Jasper Markle Caruthers, had died there yesterday July 5, 1924.

I was there to see them Nov 29, 1922 See Book 9 Page 3.

I am expecting to drive over in the morning to Cokeburg Pa to see if I can find Miss Pearl W. Messmore who I want to see on business & will take with me the Fulton blue print Family tree roll of the Fulton family with over 1000 names on it, descendants of Abraham Fulton, the elder which Cousin Rebecca E. Linn loaned me on June 15, 1922 see Book 7 pages 24 et seq & will go on to Monongahela City Pa & return it to her. It is in the original tube, old with age, in which it was sent to her by William Jewett Fulton of Keokuk, Iowa, whose widow & sister I saw Sept 21, 1921 at 712 High St Keokuk, Iowa, see Book 5 Page 375 & from records gotten there then at the Library from Mrs Nannie P. Fulton, I made a table on pages 372 & 373 of some of the descendants of Elisha Peairs & his wife Elizabeth Jack. In my table page 372, their granddaughter, Nancy Peairs born Oct 1, 1791 died Feby 22, 1882, daughter of Joseph, became the wife of Wm Fulton No 59 on blue print chart.

He, Wm, was son of Robert Fulton, No 9, 1751 1820 & his wife Nancy Sloan, who lived 8 miles west of Mt Pleasant Pa & is buried at Sewickly Church g.y. He was bro then of
V12 Page 116
Abraham Fulton 17     1835, who lived S.W. of Ligonier & is buried at Salem Ch g.y. & who married Jane Coe (they are 7 & 8 on chart) & were the parents of Uncle Henry Fulton (35?) 1785 1867. They, Abraham & Robert seem to have been the two youngest children of a senior Abraham Fulton No 1 & his wife Margaret Guthrie No 2. who came from Attalane [best guess, very faded] Co Londonderry, Ireland to Westmoreland Co Pa June 26, 1772. Robert, above 1751 1820 was a Revolutionary soldier. He had seven children:

1. Margaret 53, m. Cathcart 54

2. Mary 55, m. McClintock 56

3. Abraham 57, m. Jane Turner 58

4. William 59, m. Nancy Peairs 60 see below

5. Hannah 61, m. Hartley 62

6. Sarah 63, single

7. Robert 64, m. Crow 66

William Fulton & Nancy Peairs had six children viz:

1. Joseph P. Fulton 282

2. Susan P. Fulton 283

3. Elizabeth P. Fulton 284

4. William Fulton 285?

5. Nancy H. Fulton 286

6. Robert Fulton 287, see below.

It is not clear to me from the chart whether Lizzie Dalzell who had five children 669  673 was the wife of William or the first wife of Robert, but as she is numbered 288, I infer from that, that she is the wife of Robert & it is clear from the extensions that Harriet Scott? Trussell No 289 is the wife of Robert to whom she had ten children Nos 675 to 688, so I am listing below the entire 15 children as Robert's viz:

1. William Dalzell Fulton 669

2. Nannie P. Fulton 670 who I think is the one I saw at Keokuk, Iowa Sept 21, 1921 see Book 5 page 372 & 375 who I must see & get the record with dates of her grandmother Nancy Peairs Fulton's descendants

V12 Page 117
3. Robert Dalzell Fulton 671 married & had:

Raymond Fulton 995

Hazel Fulton 996

4. James M. Fulton 672 married & had:

Jas M. Fulton Jr 997

5. Mary Elizabeth Fulton 673 mar Patterson 674 & had:

Earl Dalzell Patterson 998

Elizabeth Fulton Patterson 999

6. Wm Jewett Fulton 675, mar Jessie Fisher 676 & had:

Willis McQuean Fulton, decd 1000

Alice Rinoland Fulton Decd 1001

William Jewett Fulton Jr, 1002

Marshall Naime Fulton 1003

7. Laura Pears Fulton 677 mar Reed 678 & had:

Harriet S. Reed, 1004

Harry Reed, Decd, 1005

Clara Emma Reed, 1006

Frank Reed, 1007

Jessie May Reed, 1008

Gratia Jewett Reed, 1009

Laura Fulton Reed, 1010

Robert Wallace Reed, 1011

8. Mary Emma Fulton 679

9. Harriet Shara [best guess, very faded] Fulton 680

10. Robt Henry Fulton Decd 681

11. Perry Allen Fulton 682, Keokuk, mar Lulu Chandler 688 & had:

Guy Chandler Fulton 1012

Robt Jewett Fulton 1013

Howard Trussell Fulton 1014

12. Frank Taylor Fulton 684 M.D. Providence R.I.

13. Charles Edgar Fulton 685 More, Minn, mar Esther Goodell 686 & had:

Grace Fulton 1015

Hubert Fulton 1016

Willard Fulton 1017

Ralph Fulton 1018

Gladys Fulton 1019

V12 Page 118
14. Hannie Fulton Dec no 687

15. Ralph Trussell Fulton 688 Oakes N.D. mar Harriet Spencer 689 & had:

Margaret Vail Fulton 1020

Ruth Trussell Fulton 1021

Jean Spencer Fulton 1022

There are numerous descendants of Uncle Henry Fulton, many of whom I have listed, by reason of which & the hope of getting a chart, I will not list them here this morning.

Uncle Henry is the son of Abraham, the second, above, whose children are listed as:

1. Benjamin Fulton No 29 Ohio 8 chil given, Ancestor of Mrs H.S. Milholland No so. See page 120.

2. Abraham Fulton No 30, Ohio

3. Joseph Fulton No 31, Ohio 5 children give.

4. Elizabeth Fulton NO 32 mar 1. Shields 2 children, mar 2 Elder 2 children

5. Henry (1785 1869) No 35 West Newton Pa mar four times:

1. to Rebecca Jack 4 children, no 36

2. to Taylor 2 children, no 37

3. to Chapin 4 children, no 38

4. to Smith 5 children, no 39

6. Moses Allen Fulton 1800 1878 NO 40 mar Eliz Barnes 41 & had:

8 children. His 6th child, Eliz E. Fulton on June 11, 1868 mar James M. Jack see book 5 p 194 & had 5 children as shown on my book 5 page 195, Fulton Jack of Beatrice Neb being the oldest.

7. James Fulton, Latrobe Pa no 42 mar Elizabeth Thompson & had:

Thompson Fulton 209 m. Sarah Burleigh 4 chil

Jane Fulton 211 m. Fleming, 10 chil

Henry Fulton 213 m. Houseman 3 chil

Alexander Fulton no 215

Maria Fulton no 216 m. Sterling 2 chil

James T. Fulton 218 m. L. Gilson 1 chil

Elizabeth Fulton 220 m. Tyler, 2 chil

V12 Page 119
8. Robert Fulton no 44 mar 1. Rosanna McCaskey, 4 chil mar 2 Hannah Bovard, 7 chil. His 3d child by 1st wife, Dr Henry W. Fulton whose photo I have, mar Jennie Nichols who gave me the photo & their record. I have also the story of his father sending him out to get a wife & of his being introduced to Hannah Bovard & his youngest child by her being his 12th child Eleanor Jane Fulton 239 married Robt Pitcairn 240 & had five children.

9. Margaret Fulton No 47 mar Shaw & had 4 chil

10. Jane Fulton No 49 mar McConaghy & had 3 chil

As I recall Cousin Eleanor Jack Niccolls told me 30 yrs ago in Iowa that either her father, Henry Fulton, or her grandfather, Abraham Fulton, were first cousin of Robert Fulton 1765 1815, the inventor, whatever my former deductions, her father could not have been his first cousin as the inventor's father was Robert who died in 1768 & Uncle Henry's Uncle Robert died in 1820 & we have his line on the chart.

Likewise the inventor's Uncle James, but two yrs older than himself 1763 18   who married Agnes Thompson 1762 184  is an entirely different man from Uncle Henry Fulton's Uncle James 1749 1834, No 5 who married, as the chart shows, Sarah Cochrane no 6, settled in Derry Tp, Westnd Co Pa & had 8 children as follows:

1. Abraham Fulton no 17 mar Annie Smith 18 & had:

I. James Fulton 104 mar 1. Dunbar 105, no issue, mar 2. Mahon 106 shown.

II. Robert Fulton 107 m.1. Scott 108} 7 m.2. Haddon 109 } children

III. Abraham Fulton 110 mar 1. Elizabeth Taylor, 111 7 children, mar 2 Ann Fulton 112. No issue.

V12 Page 120
IV. David Fulton 113 mar Sarah Craig 114 Had 7 chil

V. John Fulton 115 mar Sarah Egbert 116 had 8 chil

VI. Dr Cochran Fulton 117 mar E.A. Davis 118, had 2 chil. His oldest child, Anna Z. Fulton, 409, mar Rev Dr A.S. Milholland 410 my deduction on page 118 line 14 was wrong.

VII. Andrew Fulton 119 mar Lizzie Scott 120 had 4 chil

2. John Fulton No 19, single

3. Robert Fulton No 20 mar Letitia Running? & had 9 chil

4. Cochran Fulton no 22 mar Mary Forgason 23. No issue

5. Benjamin Fulton no 24 mar Jane Ayres 25 & had 3 chil

6. Esther Fulton no 26 mar Craig & had 3 chil

7. Polly Fulton no 27, single

8. Sarah Fulton no 28, single
From which then it seems clear (however investigate & prove) that Robert Fulton, the father of the inventor & James, who married Agnes Thompson, first cousin of grandfather Andrew Finley Thompson were brothers of the original Abraham Fulton no 1 who came from Articlare, Ireland June 26, 1772, see page 116 line 6 to 9 & this would make Abraham Fulton his son (the grandfather of Eleanor Jack Niccolls) a first cousin of Robert Fulton, the inventor, which may be what Mrs Niccolls told me & then she was in a measure a little uncertain as to what degree of consinship it was.

When I went into church this morning, I wired Cousin Mrs J.M. Caruthers my great regrets that business engagements prevented my going to funeral & going to P.O., I got a letter from Jasper, written July 4, saying his breath was a little short & he had to work slow, which is probably the last letter he ever wrote as he died the next day July 5, 1924 see page 115 top. I have just phoned & a notice of his death to the Morning Herald, Forke [best guess] Kennedy at the phone.

V12 Page 121
It is now 2:22 PM & I will get from the flap compartment of the top (lid) of my old college trunk under the desk in my room, the Power Jack Finley printed family tree sheet, recd forty yrs or so ago from Wm Jack Power of McKeesport Pa & which has reposed there in its original C.O.D. $3 wrapper ever since. This chart was founded in the year 1856 by Rev Francis Herron Power 1829 1863, son of Dr James Power & his 2d wife Nancy Jack, see pages 4 & 5 of my book 10. It was transcribed into a different form & was printed by David P. Power in 1877. I wish I had the original form as this form is not one easy to understand & without full knowledge of all the families, it is difficult to properly place some of the names given.

Mrs Andrew Brown of Washington Tp wrote me abt 3 mos ago that she had just recd one & could not understand, so on June 9th last, returning from Cousin Kate Smith's funeral, I stopped to see her & in view of my knowledge of many of the families, I am making a genealogical table in my favored form so as to locate & place as many of them as I can. Rev F.H. Power is descended from all of the three families viz: Power, Jack, & Finley, his grandfather Col John Power having married Margaret Finley, dau of Rev James Finley. There are only two dates given & you have to supply Rev James Finley's name to make meaning out of one of them. It is printed on white paper which is not tough or durable & it is torn on right hand side for two inches & does not admit of much handling. It is 35 1/4 inches wide & 22 inches deep, contains 20 vertical columns, some long & some short & lists 1207 names

V12 Page 122

by counting the unknown & blanks as names & twins unnamed as two. There are some errors, but I will put them down as they are but where I know the names are spelled wrong, I will use the correct spelling for instance:

Nicholls should be Niccolls, Thom shld be Thompson, Blane   Blaine, McColister   McCallister, Peoples   Peebles, Riche   Richey, Stopher   Stouffer, Niel,   Neel, Keer   Kerr, More   Moore, Lutes   Lutz, McCrackin   McCracken, Housman   Houseman, Hostler   Hosler, Bezell   Beazell, Dolber   Dolbear, Bennet   Bennett, Summeral   Simeral, Ekart   Eckart, McElbaine   McIlwaine, Robison   Robertson or 22 in all. Nolan   Newlon.

It will be necesary to make a tree for each of the three families & I will just make it in skeleton now, as printed by David P. Power, son of Wm J. Power above & not undertake to compare or make corrections from my records. I will leave the next three pages for remarks & notations if need be abt placing of the different limbs of the trees & will commence on the left hand side of the chart with the Jack family & move to the right, taking the Power & Finley family in order as listed. Will commence on page 126 with great great grandfather, John Jack but will necessary have to pick out & arrange them as best I can as his children are listed under his name in 4th Col. To the right of John Jack, he lists Mr Kilgore & Margaret Jack, James Jack & Jane Carnahan, saying brother & sister. It should be James Kilgore see book 1 p 186 & Elizabeth Jack see book 1 p 207 & John Jack, James Jack & said Elizabeth Jack are brothers & sister. I am changing & supplying names & also adding John Jack's wife's name which they didn't know. The paper is like blotting paper & will not admit of writing with ink.

V12 Page 123

Sunday 6:44 PM July 6th 1924

I have just returned from Andrew's where I went at 5 o'c for dinner. Lida says her sister, Pearl Moorhead who was with her a few days ago, having returned from Florida says that brother James Anderson is in a pitiable condition there & has lost his money & told her that his favorite son, James Richard Anderson living in S.E. Kansas had died & that he did not like Victor's wife. Strange that I had recd no notice of his death. Lida showed me a small floral album of my dear Mary's mother, Sarah Frances Anderson with much interesting writing which when I have time, I must read, several verses from her brother, A.J. Redburn, one, the finest legible writing I believe that ever saw, several from her sister Desdemona Poundstone & two pages at the end of the book in immaculate plain writing by her sister, Mary Redburn dated Aug 4? 1849, Ashland (O) see Book 1 p 289. The lines on pages 126 129 are not near complete only giving parts of many families & then it was probably only brought up to 1856 or 1863 when Rev F.H. Power died.

V12 Page 124 & V12 Page 125
[Descendant Chart]
Margaret Finley see page 230, daughter of James Finley was born Dec 24, 1819 & died Dec 5, 1852 married Sept 30, 1841 William Brownlee born June 4, 1819. They had 5 children. He married again on Nov 17, 1853 to Rachel Danley & had 3 sons, Martin A. William S. & Chester M. Nov 30, 1924 Mrs Knox writes Nov 27, 1924 that there was no death record in the family bible.
Finley Brownlee, B Sept 20, 1842 ob m. to Tillie who lives at Lane, Kan.

Matthew Clark Brownlee, B Feby 1845 at Wash Pa ob Aug 7, 1919 at Leavenworth Kan mar Nov 15, 1871 at Uniontown Pa to Ethel [Etta L.?] Sharp born at Uniontown Pa Nov 15, 1851 (dau of Wm Sharp & wife Caroline Harrow) & died June 26, 1913 at Warrensburg Mo. Had 8 children the first two born near Barnett Kansas & last four at Columbus Mo. See pages 24 & 230. [twin]

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