Josiah V. Thompson Uniontown, Pa Family Record Book 22


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Josiah V. Thompson

Uniontown, Pa

Family Record Book

V22 Page 1
Oak Hill, Dec 11, 1927 7:11 PM

This is the 48th anniversary of my marriage on Dec 11, 1879 to my dear Mary Anderson at Geneseo, Ills. I might say like Robert Louis Stevenson when asked when he was born, gave the data of his marriage to Fanny Osbourne.

At 1 PM, on previous invitation, I went to 107 N. Gallatin Ave & had an excellent dinner with my second cousins, Miss Louisa B. Richey & Mrs Mary R. Post & everything (as always at Richey dinners) was faultlessly perfect & good as well as plentiful & abundant. Miss Lou, though in her 87th year, which she probably would not confirm, doesn't have a wrinkle in her face & would pass for 20 yrs younger. Mary, though my age, looked also much younger & noticed she walked with a perceptible limp of which she said nothing. Lou is having trouble with her right eye from which she does not see at all. She is expecting Dr Wm W. Blair of Pgh, Pa a classmate or college mate of Judge Samuel Evans Ewing, now of Bryn Mawr, Pa up this week for the preliminary operation of removing it. He removed one from her left eye 7 or 8 yrs ago & she now sees hazily from it. About 3 PM, their brother, David S. came in & I arranged to go someday with his wife
V22 Page 2
nee Josephine Elliott, to her father, James C. Elliott's old home at Little Redstone where her bachelor brother Harvey lives to get the record of her father & his children & descendants. I left at 4:20 PM with Pallini who had come for me.

A letter dated Aug 29, 1927 in answer to mine of Apr 21, 1927 to his mother Lizzie B. Robinson & of May 23, 1927 to himself, see book 20 p 388 answers on both letters fairly fully, the questions I had asked. While not tabled, I am entering the information in place there & see also book 20 p 146 7 & 304.

Some of the Wiley dates he gives vary slightly from the dates I have which I do not change as I got them direct from the family.

He says he is university examiner in charge of admissions & also Asst Prof of Education at the Southern branch at Los Angeles, but the main seat of the State Univ is at Berkeley, Calif with Professional Schools in San Francisco. He says the famous author & lecturer, Samuel McCord Crothers of Cambridge, Mass is a son of John, son of Benjamin & I believe he has worked up the genealogy of his branch. Read his "by the Christmas Fire" which I got yesterday by the time I make slips & write him for the record.

V22 Page 3
Benjamin Crothers, he says married Susannah Lockhart, daughter of Patrick & his mother was Susanna Irwin born abt 1683, married a Lockhart abt 1700 & died about 1773. Her parents perished in the siege of Londonderry in 1690. Patrick Lockhart's son Robert got the bulk of his estate & his daughter & her sister each got 100 A of poor land & £50.

He says Benjamin & Susanna were married in 1750 at Brandywine Manor, Chester Co, Pa & moved to her land near Chambersburg, Pa & had the following children:

1. daughter, died in infancy

2. daughter, died in infancy

3. James Crothers b July 29, 1771 ob Apr 2, 1853, married Ann Wilson (my line, he says)

4. Jane Crothers married John Williams

5. William Crothers married "Widow" Pool, killed in action at Battle of New Orleans.

6. John Crothers. Samuel McChord Crothers is in this line

7. Samuel Crothers born Oct 22, 1783 ob July 20, 1856 at Greenfield, O

8. Mary Crothers, died single

9. Abner Crothers died at Franklin, O while studying medicine.
William Crothers of Ireland (father of Benjamin) married Mary Doke. Their children:

I. William

II. Susannah, married a Carson

III. Rachel married a McNab

IV. Benjamin married Susannah Lockhart
V22 Page 4

in 1750 & died in July 1800 at Ft Elkton, six miles from Lexington KY (present maps do not show at Ft Elkton & he thinks it is South Elkhorn abt that distance from Lexington.) Rachel & Benjamin were twins. Their mother died at their birth.

He says that in 1774 Benjamin moved to his wife's farm at Chambersburg, Pa & in 1787 they crossed the mountains & embarked at "Old Fort Redstone" & landed at what is now Maysville, Ky. The son James moved to Franklin O in 1810 & had nine children. See b 20 p 146 & evidently brought several of them to Piqua, O abt 1835 as their names appear among the families affiliating with the U.P. Church there at that time. I have considerable data about several lines of the family. He says he has not been able to get back on Ann Wilson's line but finds tombstones of a Wm Wilson & a James Wilson in the old Pres Ch g.y. at Pleasant Ridge, near Cincinnati, O where he says Thomas Robison's father, Alexander is buried, having come from Fayette Co, Pa where he was registered in 1790 census with the same number of children he then had (I see he is listed as from Franklin Tp 1, 2, 3, Page 105). He wants a book. He commenced collecting data when in High School

V22 Page 5
Oak Hill, Dec 12, 1927, 12:01 PM

Parsons College Bulletin, Fairfield Iowa Dec 1927 at bottom of last & 4th page announces that:

"Dr D.E. Jenkins, President of Parsons College from 1896 1900 died Nov 25, 1927. Dr Jenkins went from Parsons to the Chair of Theology in the Presbyterian Seminary in Omaha, & was elected President of Omaha University at the time of its founding in 1909"

He married Annie Finley, daughter of my cousin, Samuel Elliott Finley.

A letter dated Feby 12, 1926, Lincoln Day, in answer to an appreciated one of mine from Arda Bates St Clair Rorison, of Hawthornden 7411 Hawthorn Ave, Hollywood Calif but taking up three big bunches of large envelopes assorted alphabetically by States yesterday afternoon, I come to her letter, second & will now record much of the valuable data & references she has kindly dug out for me & make ackmt to her belated as it is.

She says she looked through the first 79 D.A.R. Lineage Books at Los Angeles Calif, but didn't find the D.A.R. Directory to get addresses of parties reported, but says I can get them at Memorial Continental Halls, Washington D.C.

V21 Page 6
June 17, 1929 made slips to here JVT

She devotes half a page of her letter to the birth of Maria Delamater which I do not record.

She says on page 24 of my papers NO 2 J.R. Pierce of Butler, Pa in 1887 said that Mr McCreery, one of the Coverts (spelled Cooverts above), Attorneys, has original genealogical records, among them, Maria Delamater's bible published by Martin Luther & that he himself had seen it. Make slip to see if can trace. She says perhaps it is still in existence & perhaps the Covert heirs attorneys in Pittsburgh still know of its whereabouts as the Anneke Jans suit is again being renewed.

She says Jan Delamater died in 1702 leaving all his estate to his wife Ruth, not even mentioning his children. Ruth married 2d Hendrick Bogart & several of Jan Delamater's children married several of Bogart's by his first wife. Abraham Delamater mentions only two daughters in his will 1730 (gives name). I do not know who is the authority for the name of William Peairse's wife Mary being Jack. The New Harlem Register gives it Mary Pierce. She asks if I know who LaRue Thompson was. He was nearly related to Jan Delamater & married Margaret Bryant, daughter of John Bryant & Margaret Wade, daughter of Wilson Wade of NJ. LaRue Thompson was a grandson of Cornelius Bryant

V22 Page 7
died 1792, married Hannah Canteret. Narcissa Vanderslip is descended from Richard LaRue, born 1760. LaRue was with Genl Clark. They are planning a splendid new Ocean View residence at Palos Verdes.
Descendants of Col Andrew Porter

Members of the D.A.R.

1. Mrs Emily A. Porter Hamilton   2335

Born in Pa, wife of Rev S. M. Hamilton D.D. Descendant of Col Andrew Porter of Pa, Daughter of Hon Wm A. Porter & Emma Wagner, Granddaughter of Gov David Rittenhouse Porter & Josephine McDermott, ggdaughter of Andrew Porter & Elizabeth Parker

2. Mrs Elizabeth Porter Falconbridge, 27588 daughter of 2335, Born in NY wife of John D. Falconbridge, daughter of Samuel Munce Hamilton & Emily Augusta Porter above.

3. Mrs Caroline Amelia Roberton Perkins 5528, Born in Pa, wife of Edward Lang Perkins, daughter of Rev Alex Roberton & Elizabeth Parker Brooke, gd of Geo Roberton & Mary Craig: Robt Brooke & Charlotte Porter, ggd of Andrew Porter & Elizabeth Parker.

4. Mrs Mary Roberton Moorhead, 669 sister of 5528 born in NJ wife of Maxwell Kennedy Moorhead.

5. Mrs Elizabeth Brooke Roberton Craige 10774 sister of 5528, born in NJ wife of J. Lindsay Craige

6. Mrs Mary Craige Wood   11757 daughter of 10774 born in Pa, wife of Thomas Dewees Wood

7. Mrs Lillian H.C. Wazland   13718 daughter of 10774 & John Lindsay Craige born in Pa wife of Francis L. Wazland [Wayland?]

V22 Page 8
8. Miss Georgie Edwards 6404

Born in Illinois, daughter of Albert S. Edwards & Josephine E. Remann gd of Ninian Wirt Edwards & Elizabeth Todd, ggd of Robert S. Todd & Eliza Ann Parker, gggd of Robert Parker & Elizabeth Porter & of Levi Todd & Jane Briggs.

ggggd of Andrew Porter & Elizabeth McDowell, gggggd of Samuel McDowell & Mary McClung.

Miss Edwards is not of Elizabeth Parker's line but I put her in because of her Todd & Parker lineage. Levi Todd was with Genl Clark & so was Narcissa's Richard LaRue. (Robert S. Todd was descended from Elizabeth Jack)

9. Mrs Margaret A. Simpson McKean 7449, Descd of Col A.P. born in Michigan, wife of Henry B. McKean, daughter of John G. Simpson & Julia A. Hall, gd of Thomas B. Simpson & Margaret Niel Porter ggd of Andrew Porter & Margaret Niel
10. Mrs Sarah Humes Porter Phelps   3234, born in Ills, wife of Oliver Phelps, daughter of Louis Shissler & Rose Porter gd, of George Bryan Porter & Sarah Porter Humes, ggd of Andrew Porter & Elizabeth Parker
11. Miss Mary Brooke 38212 born in Brooklyn, daughter of Edwin Bridges Brooke & Julia Aletta Lawrence, gd of Pierce Butler Brooke & Harriet Rosanna Ellsworth, ggd of Robert Brooke & Charlotte Porter, gggd of Andrew Porter & Elizabeth Parker his 2d wife.
V22 Page 9
12. Miss Charlotte Robertson Lloyd 70179 niece of 5528, born in Washington D.C. daughter of Clinton Lloyd 1832 1900 and Charlotte B. Heberton b 1832 married 1853, gd of Rev Alex Roberton & Elizabeth Parker Brooke.
These are all the names of this line in the 79 vols of the lineage Books D.A.R. hitherto published.

Quotations from Penna Magazine Vol 5 p 487 you have probably seen this, if not, it will interest you.

Mrs Emily Todd Helm of Elizabethtown, Ky daughter of the late Robert S. Todd is preparing a genealogy of Robert Todd of Scotch ancestry who came from County Down, Ireland to Trappe in Montgomery Co, Pa in 1737 had by 1st wife.

1. John, born County Down, married Margaret Thompson, died in Louisa Co VA in 1793

2. David Born County Down 1723 married Hannah Owen of Phila Co, Pa died Lexington Ky 1785.

By second wife maiden name unknown, had children:

4. Mary born County Down, married James Parker of Montgomery Co, Pa

4. Elizabeth born County down, 1730 married 1st Wm Parker brother of James. married 2d Andrew McFarland gf of the late Gove David R. Porter ob 1790

5. Robert born County Down 1732 died near Warren Tavern, Chester Valley, Pa 1816. In 1789 90 was a member of the Convention to frame Constitution of Pa from Westmoreland & died in Unity Tp that Co 1810. (She has him die twice)

6. Rebecca born at Trappe, married Robt Majors

V22 Page 10
7. Andrew born at Trappe 1752, married Hannah Bowyer & died at Trappe 1835. Wants data of Hannah Owen, wife of David Todd, believed Daughter of Robt Owen & Susanna Hudson & grandson? of Robt & Jane Owen of Lower Merion Tp & formerly of Dol y Serre, near Dolgelly, North Wales.

Also concerning descendants of Sarah Todd, married John Finley & of Rebecca Todd who married R. Majors.

Children of Andrew Porter & Elizabeth Parker (first four by first wife)

5. Charlotte b Feby 1, 1778 married Robt Brooke 5 sons, 3 daughters

6. Anna Maria b Jany 1, 1781

7. Alexander Parker b May 8, 1782 died 1782

8. John Ewing b May 11, 1784 died unmarried

9. Col Thomas McKeen Pres of Easton Bank

10. David Rittenhouse b Oct 31, 1788 ob Aug 6, 1867

11. George Bryan b Feby 9, 1791, second son Andrew Brigadier General Civil War. In 1850, Gen Scott spoke of him in highest terms   Mexican War.

12. James Madison b Jany 6, 1793
Another D.A.R. that might interest you because of names associated:
Mrs Laura Bryan Parker 75516 Vol 76 p 194 born Waco, Texas wife of Edward Wheeler Parker desct of Abia Brown, James Harrison , Capt James Scott, Capt James Jack

V22 Page 11

Daughter of Guy Morrison Bryan 1821 1901 & Laura Harrison Jack, gd of James Bryan & Emily Brown Austin & Wm Houston Jack 1806 1844 & Laura Harrison, married 1827

ggd Patrick Jack 1769 1820 War of 1812 & Harriet Spencer married 1797

gggd James Jack & Margaret Houston married 1766

ggggd of James Scott & Frances Collier, married 1766 & Anthony Hampton & Elizabeth Preston.

See bk 16 p 98 111 & 552 559
V22 Page 12
Oak Hill, Dec 14, 1927 9:25 PM

I find today in the Apr 1927 New Eng. Hist & Gen. Register (which I have put in Bookcase in Outer Hall 2d section from far end bottom shelf west end) pages 132 3 in Article on abstracts of Probate Records of New Haven, Conn, record of will of Anthony Thompson Sr made Mch 23, 1647. His second son was Anthony & he had brother William & John Thompson will presented in court May 27, 1650. There are also wills of Anthony Thompson Jr, John Thompson Sr, John Thompson & William Thompson. These are no doubt some of our Thompsons. See if Anjou has anything to connect them up.

V22 Page 13
Oak Hill Dec 23, 1927 8 PM

I have been reading over the D.A.R. Magazines that have piled up by my chair & in that of Aug 1925 Vol 59 No 8, I find page 485

Reference to Mrs President Lincoln & her craze for buttons & dresses.

Page 495 & 527

Reference to Mrs Jesse H. Shreve, State Vice Regent of Calif whose address is 2265 Fort Stockton Drive, San Diego Calif

Page 522

Among Answers in the Genealogical Dept 12221 Vance, Alex Vance's survey was among the first in upper & lower Tyrone Tp Fayette Co, Pa who took up 300 A but survey was not actually made until 1788. John Vance, son of Alex, was a settler in the Tp in 1766. He was a native of Va & came with Col Wm Crawford who had married his sister. John married Margaret White, also a Virginian. Ref 0 469 Nelson's Biog Dict & Hist Ref books Fayette Co, Pa.

a. Connell. Connellsville derives it s name from Zachariah Connell, its founder. He came a few years later than Wm McCormick & married 1st Ann, daughter of Wm Crawford & 2d Miss Wallace, whose sister Aunt Jenny Wallace acquired a reputation as the keeper of a toll bridge across the Yonghiogheny River.
V22 Page 14
He died 1813, aged 72 yrs & was buried near the home of John Freeman near his two wives. Page 551. When Fayette Co was organized in 1783, Col Thomas Gaddis, Rev James Finley & Zachariah Connell were the commissioners.

b. Crawford. Is John the son of Col Wm Crawford who married Hannah Vance & was born 1732 in what is now Berkeley Co, WVA or of Col Wm Crawford, son of John who died near where Chambersburg now stands & whose widow married John McKenney. Both Cols Crawford lived in what is now Fayette Co, Pa. Will be glad to furnish information if you can tell which was the ancestor.

Miss Georgia C. Price R 2 Blackstone VA (Nottoway Co) Am writing tonight.

See page 78.

Sept 1925 D.A.R. Mag on [age 587 gives ref to Col John Henry Autes & addresses of his descendants.

See bottom shelf of Book case in outer hall.
V22 Page 15

Oct 1925 D.A.R. Mag pages 651 2. Answer to Query 12147. Todd is given a list of the children of Col Levi Todd (descendant of Elizabeth Jack, see Anjou Vols) b 1756 in Va removed to Ky abt 1777. He & Walter Carr were among the founders of Lexington, KY & both were members of the Legislature of that State.

Levi Todd's 1st wife was Jane Briggs whom he married in the Fort at St Asaphs, Lincoln Co, Feby 25, 1779. Their children were compare

1. Hannah b 1780 married Rev Robert Stuart

2. Elizabeth b 1781 ob 1863 married Capt Chas Carr

3. Dr John married Elizabeth Smith

4. Nancy married her cousin John Todd son of Robt

5. David married Eliza Barr

6. Anna Maria married ________ Bullock

7. Robert Smith (father of Mary wife of Abraham Lincoln)

8. Jane Briggs married Judge Daniel Breck

9. Margaret

10. Roger North, married Ferguson

11. Samuel.

Col Levi Todd married 2d the widow Tatum & had:

12. James whose son was Dr L.B. Todd of Lexington KY. This may be your James. Col Levi Todd fought at the Battle of the Blue Licks in the Revolution. His brother Jonathan was Senior Colonel at same battle.

V22 Page 16
Oak Hill, Dec 26, 1927 8:15 PM

In D.A.R. Magazine Vol 60 NO 1 Jany 1926 Page 50 Gen Dept No 12495

b. Crawford is the query. Wanted names of wife & daughters of Capt John Crawford, son of Col Wm Crawford & his wife Hannah Vance of Fayette Co, Pa who moved to Ky 1783/4 P.O.R. Pa Am writing D.A.R.
In D.A.R. Vol 60 No 2 Feby 1926 page 114 Gen Dep Query 12534, Leslie

a. Findley "Wanted Gen of husband of Mary Todd Findley sister of Genl Levi Todd, also names of their children:" N.C.M. Am writing D.A.R.
In D.A.R. Vol 60 no 4 Apr 1926 page 248 Gen Dept Query 12565 Jack Mason Family "Wanted Rev record of fathers of John Jack b 1766 d 1822 & of his wife Mary (Polly) Mason b 1769 d Jany 17 18 1853. They were married in Woodford Co, Ky Dec 1, 1789 & their children were:

1. William born 1790 married Sarah Burch

2. Samuel born 1792 married Rosanna C. Hampton

3. Preston

4. Jane married James Hampton

5. Frances married Wm Ryal

6. America married Scott

7. Polly married Brady

8. James Younger

9. Cynthia

V22 Page 17
10. John Franklin born 1812

John Jack & his wife went from Ky to Switzerland Co Ind about 1818 & are supposed to have gone to KY from Westmoreland Co, Pa D.E.J. Compare this list of children with mine in book 5 & find out why they think they went from West Co, Pa. Am writing D.A.R.

In D.A.R. vol 60 no 5 May 1926 page 307, among others they report as given to the library the following books on Penna:

1. The Old Presbyterian Congregations of Cumb & Franklin Cos. A Nevin 1852

2. History of Bucks Co H.J. Battle 1887

3. Some Pioneers of Washington Co F.S. reader 1902

4. Memorial Record of Crawford Co Pa S.P. Bates 1899

Make slip to examine when in Wash D.C. at Mem. Court Hall.

In D.A.R. vol 60 no 6 June 1926 p 368 is ref to their library & "Early Friends Fam of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts Phila, Wm F. Fill Co Printers"

Among many families dealt with at length is the Thompson family. See it also.

V22 Page 18
Oak Hill, Jany 2, 1928 9:46 PM

In the Journal of American History for July, Aug & Sept 1918, much space is given to the Crawford Ancestry viz pages 333044 & much more is given to the allied families in the line of Miss Anna Lawrence Crawford of NJ & many fine portraits.

She traces the family back to Thorlongus, Thor the Tall, an Anglo Danish Chief who was expelled from Northumberland by William the Conqueror 1068 1074 & went to Scotland & became ancestor to the families of Douglass, Lindsay, Campbell & others.

Sir Reginald Crawford Shff of Ayr had a son Hugh & his daughter, Margaret Crawford married Sir Malcolm Wallace & became the mother of sir William Wallace. There are in this issue illuminating articles on Alaska, & Stephen Decatur 1779 1820.

The magazine in 11x8 1/2 inches.
V22 Page 19

In the "Franklin Co School Annual & Programme of the 67th An session of the Teachers Institue at Chambersburg, Pa Nov 14 18, 1921" several pages are given to an article or paper read by O.C. Bowers May 26, 1921 before the Kittochtinny Hist Soc at the residence of Dr Leslie M. Kauffman on Captain Patrick Jack 1730 1821, brother of my gggfather John Jack, proving that he is not the same as Capt Jack the Black Hunter of the Juniata. I am filing this pamphlet in bottom shelf of 5th Sec from west end of the book cases in the outer hall.

On page 28, he recites a deed dated Feby 1, 1770 recorded in Deed book 3 page 537 (does he mean at Chambersburg or Carlisle) where "Samuel Jack, son of James Jack the blacksmith of Guilford Tp, Cumb Co Pa to Patrick Jack of Hamilton Tp Co & state aforesaid, brother of the aforesaid Samuel Jack conveys 221 A 150 P & allowance in Peters Tp reciting an order dated Mch 3, 1767 No 2952 granted to said Samuel Jack to take up 200 A of land adjg lands of John Holiday & others.

See Anjou's "Patrick Jack's line in the New World Vol XXI page 2000 where his reference to will of Robert Jack in Ireland indicates that his brother James above, my ggggfather was living in 1787. Look in Chambersburg for settlement of his estate.

V22 Page 20
On page 36 is an article on Brown's Mill which says that my gggfather Capt John Potter lived within a Stones throw, in the stone house by the spring to which the inhabitants repaired for protection from the Indians & from which with his trusty rifle, he went forth at the head of a company to the relief of the terrified settlers at McDowell's Mill near Markles. It was from this house that his son Thomas Potter went to visit his cousin Mrs Richard Bard, who had but lately gone to housekeeping across the mountains in Adams Co & was slain by the Indians the day after he arrived. Here too came James Chambers afterwards, Gen James Chambers of the Revolution, courting his lovely Kittie   Kittie Hamilton   the orphaned niece of Capt Potter who made her home with him & here they were married near the close of the French & Indian War. Here too after Capt Potter's death came Thomas Brown wooing successfully his widow who he married & went to his house nearby to live. Thomas Brown & his brother George Brown settled there near 1750, took up large areas of land & from them the place took its name. Sarah Brown
V22 Page 21
the daughter of George married Capt Benj Chambers, son of the founder of Chambersburg, Pa. It says that here near the mill lived the gggfather of Gov A.S. Curtin (does he mean Capt John Potter) & here in an unmarked grave, he reposes. See John A. Diehl at Marion Pa & have him show me the old Potter stone house & give me the traditions & place of his grace. Cyrus Rumler (son of Daniel M. Rumler) a farmer of Hamilton Tp has a pair of pincers that belonged to Capt Patrick Jack which were given to his father by Mary Jack the Capt's daughter. Daniel M. Rumler had been a tenant on her farm for many years.

V22 Page 22

In the official Bulletin of the National Society Sons of The American Revolution Vol 22 No 3 Dec 1927 page 454 is record of:

Homer G. Hamer, Indianapolis, Ind No 4414, son of W. Frank Hamer & wife Mary Julia Pool, gson of Geo Gatch Pool & wife Chloe McKinnon, ggson of Daniel McKinnon Jr & wife Mary Ann Bishop, gggson of Daniel McKinnon Sr & wife Nancy Harrison, ggggson of William Harrison & wife Sarah Crawford, gggggson of Col William Crawford, Col in Va troops was taken captive & burned at the stake by the Indians.

My attention was called to this name by reason of having been at Hamerville & Georgetown O & of Col Hamer having gotten Gen Grant to go to West Point. As not street number is given, I am writing him briefly & if I get his address will write fully. This is the first trace I have of Col Crawford's Harrison descendants. Jany 19/28 He writes 13th from 723 Hume Mansur Bldg & is an M.D.

Page 456

James Vance Kyle, Auburn Calif No 45343 is ggson of James McFarlane 1st Lieut of Penna troops through his daughter Jennette McFarlane who married Joseph Kyle. Look up Mrs Swope's records that I got at Newville, Pa abt Aug 1, 1926

Page 464

Is record of my entrance NO 45881

Am filing the pamphlet in book cases in outer hall Sec 5 bottom shelf.

V22 Page 23
Oak Hill, Jany 4, 1928 7:42 PM

In the Centennial Biog Hist of Richland & Ashland Co O by A.J. Baughman, Lewis Pub Co Chicago 1901 there are several Biographies to be noted viz:

Page 278

Charles G. Grosscup was born in 1849 at Lynnville, Lehigh Co, Pa son of Charles Grosscup & wife Mary George. In 1901, he lived at Shelby, Richland Co, O where he was a plumber. His father Chas had the following children viz: 4 sons & 2 daughters.

1. William Grosscup born in 1837

2. Caroline Grosscup born 1840

3. Owen Grosscup born 1843 (ob 1896)

4. Joseph Grosscup born 1846

5. Chas C. Grosscup born 1849

6. Matilda Grosscup born 1852

2. Caroline died in 1894, married Jonas George of Germansville, Lehigh Co, Pa.

The others were living in 1901. Their parents died in Germansville, Pa when each were abt 70. Look for tombstones & get record.

Chas G. located in Ohio in 1869 & in 1873 married Amelia Neikirk daughter of Daniel C. Neikirk of Republic Seneca Co, O & have had one daughter who is wife of Dr G.A. Metzger, practicing in Columbus, O. Make slips.

V22 Page 24
Page 701. Elias J. Grosscup was born in 1842 in Milton Tp Ashland Co, O son of Daniel Grosscup & his wife Fianna Stober & grandson of Paul Grosscup one of the Pioneers of that part of Ohio, where he came with his family at an early day. His maternal grandparents were Jonas Stober & his wife Elizabeth Miller, also early settlers of Ashland Co coming from Lebanon Co, Pa (see if it was not Stover). Daniel & Fianna were reared in Ashland Co, O attended the same school & in 1841 were married & had 5 children:

1. Elias J. Grosscup born 1842

2. Rebecca Grosscup born 1844 ob 1851

3. Daniel Paul Grosscup born 1846 a Pres minister located in 1901 at St Paul, Minn.

4. Fianna M. Grosscup b 1848 married Samuel Fry, of Iowa City, Iowa where they both lived in 1901

5. Mary A. Grosscup b 1850 ob 1875 the father was still living in 1901 at Winterset, Iowa but the mother died in 1853.

Elias J. attended Ashland Academy for 3 yrs & became a teacher & clerk in a dry goods store.

On Dec 23, 1863 he married Miss Emma Piefer of Milton Tp daughter of Joseph Pifer [sic] & his wife Mary Shuey.

V22 Page 25

They had 3 children, one dying in infancy & two daughters were living in 1901.

1. Child d.y.

2. Mary G. Grosscup b Aug 2, 1865. She graduated from Kemar College, Hagerstown, Md. Married Apr 1898 Dr J.V. Sampsell of Elyria, O.

3. Ella M. Grosscup b Sept 6, 1869 educated at Hartcourt Place Sem Gambier O & at Miss Miltenberger's School Cleveland, O

Married Howard Swartz of Ashland, O Secy & Mgr of the Star Telephone Co there. They had 1 daughter:

1. Virginia Grosscup Swartz b July 2, 1900.

Elias J. moved back to the farm which he ran & taught in the winter. On Jany 1, 1885, he was elected V.Pt of the Farmers Bank & on the death of Jonas Freer, he succeeded to the Presidency. Make slips.

V22 Page 26
Shaker Heights, O July 24, 1929. Made slips to here JVT
Page 168. James V. Thompson was born in Guernsey Co, O July 2, 1827 son of William Thompson & his wife Margaret Raitt. His father was born in Adams Co Pa Mch 27, 1793 & after reaching his majority, married Margaret Raitt of Fairview, O. IN 1828, he moved to Monroe Tp, Richland Co, O & settled on a farm near Lucas, Richland Co, O & later went blind & died there Oct 13, 1877. He was member & officer of the U.P. Church. His wife was a native of Dundee Scotland born May 3, 1799 daughter of David Raitt & his wife Lillis Angus.

William Thompson & Margaret had eleven children of whom in 1901 four were living viz:

William of Blairstown, Iowa, retired farmer

Maria who lives with William, her brother.

Isaac N. a retired farmer of Monroe Tp & James V. subject of this sketch which gives page pictures of himself & wife.

He went by steamer via Panama in 1851 to the Calif gold mines & returned in July 1856. Married Dec 18, 1856 Miss Hadassah Wilson daughter of Wm H. Wilson of Harrison Co, O of which Co she was a native & they had twelve children, of whom five are dead & those living are:

V22 Page 27
Rev John S. Thompson U.P. now living Shannon City, Iowa Margaret L. Thompson married Orin Tucker a Pullman car builder North Harvey Ills

Mary A. Thompson married Cary Welty, Wooster, O

Lillian L. Thompson married C.B. Shorey of Chicago Ills

Willard Jay Thompson attending Univ, Ada, O

Lawrence A. Thompson operating the farm

Ira V. Thompson farmer of Odessa, Wash.

After running his farm for 42 yrs, he moved into Lucas, O.
V22 Page 28

Page 560. Isaac N. Thompson was born in Monroe Tp, Richland Co, O Dec 18, 1837 son of William Thompson & wife Margaret Raitt.

His father was born in Adams Co, Pa Mch 20, 1793 see page 26.

*when 18, he accompanied his parents on their removal to Belmont Co, O & served in the War of 1812. They located on the dividing line between Belmont & Guernsey Cos, O. He was an Elder in U.P. church & an original Republican & strong anti slavery man. All of his eleven children grew to mature years. He farmed & taught school in the winter. On Oct 15, 1861, he enlisted in Co E 64th O.V.I. He was in many hard fought battles see page 561 & was mustered out at Nashville, Tenn, Dec 10, 1864 after 3 yrs service.

Soon after his return home, he married Miss Alice Welsh, a native of Ireland who came to America with her mother Mary (Dundon) Welsh, her father Dennis Welsh having died in Ireland. He lives on his farm in Monroe Tp & is a staunch Republican. He & his wife are members of the Baptist Church of which he is a deacon. Apparently no issue. His wife & himself have page photos, but they seem to have his & his brother James V's wife mixed.

V22 Page 29
Page 562 et al is an article on Samuel Wilson with Pa antecedents, his father Robert Wilson being born in Wash Co, Pa in May 1816. Both Robert & Samuel had large families.
Page 458, Ezra J. Potter Photographer of Mansfield O was born in Wayne Co, O Sept 19, 1844 son of Jacob Potter from Morrison's Cove (Blair Co) Pa & his wife Mary Ann Mickel a native of Bedford Co, Pa. He was a native of Morrison's Cove, where is an old historic church known as Potter's Church. Jacob & Mary Ann had seven sons, several serving in Civil War. Ezra J. enlisted on Sept 3, 1861 in Co9 E. 3d Ohio Cav in Civil War. He married in 1866 Miss Mary Brackenstoe & have two sons, William & James.
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Oak Hill Jany 6, 1928 8:46 PM

In the History of the Pres Ch of the Forks of Brandywine, Chester Co, Pa, Brandywine Manor by James McClure L.L.D., J.B. Lippincott & Co Phila 1885 273 pages, I note the following:

The second pastor, Rev Adam Boyd was evidently the pastor of gggggmother Eleanor Jack, widow of Patrick, see my references to her will. In Oct 17 4, he was installed pastor of the Churches of Octoraro (upper) & Pequea, page 22. See pages 44, 580 etc 65 72

Pages 202 3

Among the pewholders 1792 were:

Samuel Caruthers

Elizabeth & William Elliott

Adam Jack

William Sterrett Sr & Jr

John Todd

Pages 207 9

Among the subscribers to a fund to enclose the g.y. by a stone wall 1794 5 were:

Margaret & William Elliott

Elizabeth Jack

Widow Thompson

Nancy, William & Alexander Wilson

Page 210 Among members of Legislature:

Col Thomas Bull 1793 1802

Genl Mathew Stanley 1829

Col Thos K. Bull 1846 8

Page 237 Among subcribers to Rev Adam Boyd's salary

James Jack, 1746 1758

pages 258 9

V22 Page 31
List of those buried in the g.y. from Mch 1849 to Apr 1863 14 yrs:

Robert Caruthers Aug 2, 1849

Jane Caruthers Feby 28, 1856

Agnes Thompson June 29, 1856

Samuel Caruthers Mch 15, 1857

Ann Thompson Sept 10, 1858

In the History of Neshaming Pres Ch of Warwick Tp Hartsville, Bucks Co, Pa 1726 1876 by Rev D.K. Turner, Culbertson & Bache, Phila Pa 1876 370 pages. He was 6th pastor

1st pastor, Rev Wm Tennant Sr 1726 1742

2d pastor, Charles Beatty 1743 1772

There is much Historical data about both of them & their children & about Rev Dr Samuel Finley & about Rev Samuel Blair who was born in Ireland June 14, 1712 see page 33.

Of Rev Samuel Finley see page 41 et seq.

On page 113 et seq is mentioned Erkuries Beatty 8th child of Rev Charles Beatty born Oct 9, 1759 & father of Rev Charles Clinton Beatty of Steubenville, O who I knew. He entered the Revolutionary War when 16. In 1799, he married Mrs Susanna Ferguson of Phila, Pa. I think I have somewhere in my records that her married name was Caruthers. He died Feby 3, 1823 & is buried in Princeton Cem see page 120. Had 3 children.

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Page 308 Collectors of Pew Rents:

1793 N.W. Quarter was

James Finley

1807 Quarter NO 4

James Kirk, James Finley, John Todd

1807 Quarter No 3

Robert Thompson

List of Pewholders Com 1785

James Kirk, William Thompson, Robert Thompson, James Finley

Among those buried 1731 1876 in Neshaming g.y. Warwick Bucks Co, Pa page 331

Elizabeth Finley Dec 6, 1843 aged 67 yrs 8 mos 19 days


Rosanna Kirk July 10, 1793 aged 2 yrs 8 mos

Agnes Kirk Jany 30, 1815 aged 65 yrs

James Kirk Jany 16, 1841 aged 92 yrs

Margaret Kirk Mch 19, 1850 aged 61 yrs


William Thompson Jany 21, 1807 aged 79 yrs 6 mos 13 days.

Robert Thompson July 10, 1849 aged 79 yrs

10 other Thompsons
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Oak Hill Jany 7, 1928 11:27 AM

Pamphlet "Thomas Maskell of Simsbury, Conn etc 38 pages Vineland NJ 1927" I find on page 9:

Mary Maskell born Greenwich NJ Sept 4, 1701 ob Dec 17, 1784, married Mch 27, 1720 Thomas Ewing, son of Findley Ewing & his wife Jane Porter who was born in Londonderry, Ireland in 1695. He died at Greenwich NJ Feby 28, 1747 8. It lists their 9 children with dates of birth & deaths in part on page 16 at a later date, James Caruthers is given as subscribing £4 toward repairs to the church & on page 30 a Thomas Maskell Caruthers is mentioned.
V22 Page 34

In the 2 vol 1229 pages History of Schuylkill Co Pa in bookcase in outer hall 4th section published in Chicago 1916 by J.H. Beers & Co there are Articles in Vol 1 pages 32 27 & 112 116. Thompson articles which I think I made slips for when I got the books on Pages 407 9 is an article on Geo S. Hensyl M.D. which states that his gggf came from Germany to Penna & his son George Hensyl married Eva Dunkelberger & spent their lives on a farm in Northumberland Co, Pa. Their son John D. Hensyl was born there on Oct 7, 1814 & died Nov 24, 1895 a prominent lumber merchant & farmer. He married Susanna Rothermel born in same Co Nov 18, 1814 & died Dec 29, 1893 (see my book 21 p 160) although the History said she died on Dec 30, 1894. She was the daughter of Abraham Rothermel & his wife Mary Hunter & it says she was an own cousin of Peter F. Rothermel, the artist. This then confirms definitely placing him as son of John see page 158 book 21 who was brother of Abraham, her father & son of Peter, who was his grandfather as he had written on a piece of paper found among his papers & whose widow had remarried. See my records B 21 page 158 where her name was Magdalena Dreibelbiss.

John D. Hensyl & Susanna had ten children:

V22 Page 35

See book 7 p 583

1. Catherine married Levi Conrad a miner, Treverton, Pa

2. Lot R. born Jany 6, 1840 ob Jany 1, 1900 doctor

3. Nathan a RR engineer at Shamokin, Pa

4. Daniel who died aged 38 yrs

5. Mary who died in infancy

6. Silas an engineer living in Shamokin, Pa

7. Rev John who died 1913 Pastor Ev Luth Church Shamokin, Pa

8. Louisa married Wm Van Zandt, a RR engineer, Shamokin, Pa

9. Sallie married Peter Neidig a merchant, Shamokin, Pa

10. W.L. a practicing physician, Shamokin, Pa

Lot R. was the father of Dr Geo S.

List above to take with me to see Mrs Van Zandt.
Pages 447 9 are 3 pages on the Standt family. Get the book & make slips.
Page 496 5 [sic] is an article on Elias Bachart born in East Brunswick Tp Aug 14, 1843 son of John Bachert & wife Elizabeth Zettlemoyer. He was then a miller & farmer in East Brunswick Tp a Democrat & a member of Friends Lutheran Church. He married Hannah Merkle, daughter of Wm & Elizabeth (Dunkel) Merkel & have had the following children:

1. Albert Robert Bachert b May 12, 1868 farmer in East B. Tp

2. William Ivy Bachert b July 25, 1869 married Edith Leiby

3. Elizabeth Bachert b Oct 28, 1870 ob aged 3 mos

4. Cordelia Bachert b Jany 10, 1872

5. John E. Bachert b June 17, 1878 married Amanda Nester

6. Richard A. Bachert b Oct 14, 1882 ob 1900

[Note: differences in spelling noted]

V22 Page 36

7. Howard J. Bachert b Mch 18, 1886

8. Luther P. Bachert b Nov 18, 1887

9. Thomas W. Bachert b May 9, 1890

10. Oscar P. Bachert b June 7, 1895

Hannah was born Oct 3, 1849. Her father William Merkle was born at Moselem Berks Co, Pa & moved to Walker Tp Schuylkill Co, Pa & died aged abt 55 yrs. He married Elizabeth Dunkel born Maiden Creek in Berks Co, Pa who died aged abt 50. Both are buried at Zion's Church, Lewistown, Walker Tp Schuylkill Co, Pa. They had children:

1. Solomon Merkle married Phoebe Hein both dead

2. Simon Merkle decd married Lydia Stein

3. Esther Merkle widow of John Shock lives Lewistown, in Walker Tp

4. Maria Merkle decd

5. Elizabeth Merkle decd

6. Catherine Merkle married Benneville Yoder of Boyertown, Pa

7. Hannah Merkle b Oct 3, 1849 above

8. Leah Merkle, twin, d.y.

9. Rachel Merkle, twin, d.y.

10. Benjamin Merkle decd who married Sarah Dotterer who lives at Boyertown, Pa.
William was the son of Solomon Merkle a native of Berks Co, Pa who married Elizabeth Rothermel also a native of Berks Co, Pa. Look in my book no 1 & see if I got them placed when in Berks Co, Pa in Aug 1898. He bought 200 A in Walker Tp Schuylkill Co, Pa to which he moved
V22 Page 37
& both are buried there at Lewistown at Zion Church, German Lutheran of which both were members. Make slip to get inscriptions on their tombstones & also William's & wife. They had children:

1. Hannah Merkle married Geo Standt

2. Catherine Merkle, unmarried

3. Maria Merkle married 1 Mr McClure, married 2 Mr Wilson

4. William Merkle above

Make slips.

Vol 2 pages 649 50

In the Alvin Kistler article p 646, Mrs Kistler was daughter of Phaon [best guess] Gerber. See her Romig ancestors & make slips.

Page 826 7

See article of Peter Fetterolf & make slips.

V22 Page 38
Oak Hill Jany 8, 1928 10:33 AM

On last Thursday morning 5th inst, going to Pgh on the 6:35 AM PRR train, Albert B. Hutchingson who was on his way to Scranton, Pa came & sat with me & asked me if I had found record of a Coulter marrying a Thompson & I told him I had when at Newville, Pa in July & Aug 1926. He had been to Newville & had talked to Mrs Swope. He said Samuel Coulter had married Margaret Thompson & their daughter had married John Holliday & had a daughter Margaret had married an Alexander. I think & was the grandmother I believe of Albert B.'s wife who was an Alexander. He said Samuel Coulter will was on record at Carlisle or possibly Chambersburg & he had a copy. He thought Margaret was the daughter of Rev Samuel Thompson which I think is but a conjecture. I think what I found was different. Look up my records. Albert B. had in a little pocket men's book many records of tombstones inscriptions he had copied some from g.ys at Shirleysburg, Huntingdon Co Pa & elsewhere, many of Carruthers, Thompsons et al which I asked him to copy off & send me & he said he would. Follow up.

V22 Page 39

A letter dated Dec 6, 1927 from Erminie Jack Chambers (Mrs A.B. Chambers) of 1907 Pomona Ave, Oroville, Butte Co, Calif refers to my correspondence abt 3 yrs ago with her sister Mrs Lucie J. Dodson & asks if the Jack Hist has been completed & if I have succeeded in connecting their line with ours. She wants a copy of the book. Am writing her.

A letter dated Nov 9, 1927 from Mrs Flora Lusk Ward of 295 Lola Ave, Pasadena, Calif referred to me by cousin C.E. Carothers, Wash Pa says her line is as follows:

George Carrothers married Jane Workman, Old Wash Co family before the Revolution. Their son Samuel Carothers born 1780 Wash Co, Pa ob 1865, married Mary Dye born 1781 ob 1843 married 1802 Wash Co, Pa. Says Wash Co records have not helped her any nor church records. See however my records b 12 p 236, 24206, bk 13 p 397, 408 & 432, book 11 p 519 & 539 book 6 p 220 et seq. I referred her to Blanchard G. Hughes for the Workman family & Joseph B. Doyle for Steubenville records. She wants to know where & when Geo Carrothers was born married & died whether he was married twice (he was) & whether he was in Revolutionary War. [Note: variations in spelling noted]

V22 Page 40
Oak Hill Jany 11, 1928 10:25 AM

I have a letter dated Dec 26, 1927 in answer to mine of Oct 11, 1927 to her mother Mrs Ella R. Thompson see b 23 page 333, from her youngest daughter & child Carolyn Rankin Thompson 124 Westmoreland Court, Riverside Calif giving record of her mother's family & by reason ob lack of space, I am transferring from Book 16 page 75 to the following page viz Book 22 p 41 where it shows her marriage to Prof Edward Payson Thompson 1858 1922 who was son of Rev Samuel Findley Thompson born South of Fairview, Guernsey Co, O May 17, 1828 author of the family Hist referred to on next page. See page 141 of said Hist & his wife Ellen Kerr Given, see page 151 of the History, Page 130 1 of the Hist says her mother Eliza (Arthur) Telford had a brother Alan Arthur whose son Rev Wm Arthur D.D. born in the North of Ireland graduated at Belfast College & came to America when 18 & became a Baptists minister in Vermont & NY & his son Chester Alan Arthur born in a log cabin at Fairfield VT, Oct 5, 1830 became 21st Pres of the U.S. l Samuel F's father Adam Thompson born in Adams Co, Pa Feby 6, 1795 married Jane Raitt born in Dundee Scotland Mch 10, 1801 Adam was son of William Thompson born in Scotland abt 1741 & had ten children listed in table p 43 See Hist p 9 to 221 for numerous descendants see page 42.

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[descendant chart]

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