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Josiah V. Thompson

Uniontown Pa

Family Record Book

Vol 8
V8 Page 1
Oak Hill Sept 3, 1922 4:38 Pm

I have just finished two books simultaneously, viz: reading of my last fall's trip from Book 5, Page 578 & recording in Book 7, Page 602, which I commenced June 11th last & have filled in less than three months. I am now commencing on this book & reading to cousin Kate record of my trip made up largely at first from penciled data taken & recorded when I came home & got a new book.

Book 6 Page 1, Kate said her grandfather was determined that his son Peter Rothermel, born she says in 1793, should marry Elizabeth Shearer born 1794, the oldest child of Frederick Shearer. Peter However, rebelled at having a match made for him & refused. This was down in Franklin Co Pa before the came out to Westnd Co. I don't think Elizabeth ever married & Kate says she died down along the Monongahela River from cancer & was greatly neglected & not properly cared for by her friends. She died at a sister's & maggots had got in the cancer which swarmed with them. This would probably be 1861 as Cousin Kate s'd Peter was at the time in his 69th yr & he & his sister Polly both died the next year, both unmarried. It is now 5:17 PM & I am up to Page 11 in Book 6 & will go in to Minnie's to supper.
Oak Hill Sept 4, 1922 11:40 AM.
Cousin Kate said this morning that Ada Kelley, daughter of her nephew Samuel B. Rotharmel was three weeks old when her father, Sam B. Rotharmel
V8 Page 2

& her mother Mary Newcomer were married & that her father (Samuel Newcomer) made Sam marry her. This she said was the year of the Centennial (See Book 4 Pages 304 & 305) & they lived in a little house in the yard at his father's "Sude" Pool (Rotharmel) wife of "Ab" (Sam's brother Peter Absalom) found out about it & was making a great tirade about it at Kate's home saying they were old enough to know better. (He was 34 & she 32). Kate said she didn't say anything, but that "Sude" had had the same trouble in her own family. Said her father, John Pool, after his first wife Lucetta Scholl, daughter of Chas J. Scholl (Sudie's mother) had died, had a young servant girl in his house named Thalheimer, who was not much, if any older than his children & she had a baby to him. Later, she was again pregnant to him & the neighbors took matters in their hands & sent a constable to the house & she was sent away & he was made to go & marry her & Kate says they had a lot of children, seven or eight, she thought.

Last night, Louisa H. Whaley, when here, said that Gertrude, John's wife, was in the family way, four months on the way, but for me to not say anything about it. Am to Page 60 Book 6 & it is 2:08 & I must got in town.

Oak Hill, Sept 5, 1922 12:33 PM

Reading to Cousin Kate from Book 6 Page 135 lines 9 to 11, she said Mrs Sarah E. Ault, then living at

V8 Page 3
Scottdale Pa had sent for her sister "Dill" (Adelia) to come & sew for her & she was there sewing for abt two weeks & these brothers of Mrs Ault, George & Johnston S. Plumer were on a visit with their sister at the time. She said her sister "Dill" liked Mrs Ault very much.

Cousin Kate says that Uncle Abraham Markle was in to Westmoreland Co Pa on a visit to see his father & stayed at her grandfather's as his father being old, did not like much noise about the house. This would be say 1814 to 1819, the dates of Peter Rothermel's coming & great grandfather's death. This is probably when Abraham got great grandfather's big family bible which went from him to his daughter Mrs Burgett & which her daughter Mrs Frank McCune allowed to be lost or stolen from their Iroquois Apartments at Pgh Pa.

Book 6 Page 150 Cousin Kate says Mrs Gault was a little girl when her father married his second wife who was from Washington Pa & who was disappointed when her husband died, that there was no money & the land was left so she could get but little. She built or got a little house out by Mendon where it was said Josiah Pore who went much to see her was going to marry her, but he didn't. Kate said he was an old bachelor & a girl living with him as servant went away crying to her mother because of his advances with her which were not
V8 Page 4

successful & her mother told her she need not go back. The next servant girl had the same experience & also went away or back to her father who was a Painter over by Irwin Pa. He drove her out & she had to go back to Pore & her father made Pore marry her. He wanted to fix it up by paying some money, but Painter would not do that. Kate says: "You know when you get mixed up with the Painters you can expect trouble". The girl was reported young, but Kate says Mrs Markle (widow of one of the John Markle family) says she wasn't so young. She says he lives up Main St above her old home & has several children & bragged once to someone that he was 82 & had a young baby. This occurred before Kate left West Newton Pa. Said too, that he owned the old John Jack farm & another one near it.

Book 6 Page 174, Cousin Kate says Samuel Brown is wrong in his statement about his grandfather Frederick Shearer coming to Fayette Co in 1823. She says he hauled a load out for her grandfather in 1813 or I think 1814 & they together went up to Fayette Co & bought the farm & Frederick went back to Franklin Co Pa, sold his farm there & moved right out to Fayette Co. Look up at Chambersburg Pa when he sold & at Uniontown when he bought.

It is now 3:55 PM & I must go in town.

V8 Page 5

Oak Hill Sept 5, 1922 8:33 Pm

Referring to Book 6 Pages 205 & 206, Mrs Ault's statement about the apple, no doubt given by Barrett, & her mother only told part of the story, Cousin Kate said that Mrs Scholl told about it, ie the carrying off of the two Jack girls to her grandmother the week after she arrived in Westnd Co. In fact, she told it everywhere. Kate thinks Mrs Scholl was 6 yrs old when it occurred & Barrett came to carry off her, Mrs Scholl's, older half sister & great grandfather had got wind of it & was waiting for him but unfortunately fired at him before he dismounted & he dashed off on his horse. Kate says there was an Annie Ross, whose mother, dying when she was quite young, her grandmother Ross living in that neighborhood had raised her. This Annie died spinning in the neighborhood & some years later was spinning at John Markle's & Kate's grandmother had her come to spin for her & she was there two weeks & she told identically the same story, which she said her grandmother had told her, saying the Jack girls were two fine beautiful girls. Kate says he built a shack or shed out of rails & brush & leaned it against the Jack Line fence, but just over on the adjoining farm & had the effrontery to keep them there two weeks before he took them off, no

V8 Page 6
doubt keeping them dosed up with powders & as she said before, shooting at anyone who came near. Kate says Mrs Elizabeth Markle didn't know that her sisters, Mrs Robertson & Mrs Finley were dead & was arranging to go up & see them & was found dead in bed the morning of the day Rothermels had arranged to take her to see them   or tell her of their death. It is now 10:30 PM & I to page 212 Book 6 & Cousin Kate is sleepy & will quit for the night.
Oak Hill Sept 6, 1922 9:33 AM

I have been at work reading over Book 6 for two hours & how in reading to Cousin Kate on Page 253 about what Mrs Ida McFadden's statement of Jane Jack & many of her children having red hair, she said Mrs Elizabeth Markle (Jane's sister) & also Paddy Jack had red hair & so had Marian Smith, Mrs Markle's daughter.

Book 6 Page 262, Cousin Kate says Lucy Hood's father, Wm Thompson had one sister. Just two in the family & this sister died when she was a little girl.

Page 263 Kate said George Bruner was a carpenter & worked for Millard F. Scholl & put the floor in their kitchen. She said Sarah Milligan was his second wife.

Page 279 Kate says David Baldridge who married Fannie Thompson
V8 Page 7

Lucy Hood's sister, was a confirmed drunkard & often laid around on the streets drunk & once when drunk came to Lucy's & she wouldn't let him in. He had been in the Civil War & finally got a pension & his mother who was rich, built a house somewhere, not at West Newton & David, Fannie & his mother lived together & Mrs Hanway also rich a widow, sister of Mrs Baldridge Sr same & lived with them. David & Fannie had two girls & a boy, one girl, Kate can't recall her name or her husband's is married & the unmarried girl whose name is Kate, named for her grandmother Baldridge lives with her sister. This Kate has a "spoiled face" & sews & is a nice girl. The boy's name is Frank Baldridge, named for his mother, is a nice man, not overly strong, used to work in a bank, went to Calif, for his health, married & has she thinks two children. She says Lucy Hood now gets a pension of $30 per mo. (it used to be $12) for her husband who was in the Civil War. She says Lucy wasn't good to her father either. Said he was sick at Spiegels, who kept a hotel or boarding house & she went one day to see him but didn't stay & he died the next day or so & his deceased wife's sister, Fannie Oliver took him to her home & he was buried from there. Kate said he was a bad man & that his wife died from disease he had contaminated her with.

V8 Page 8
Page 298, reading to Cousin Kate the statement of Dr Shane, that great grandfather had 22 children, she said: "Yes, that is what I always heard. Eleven by each wife". It is now 3:25 PM & I am up to Page 323 in Book 6 & must go to town.
V8 Page 9
Register's Office Berks Co Pa, Reading Pa Sept 9, 1922 10:10 AM
Administration Index P Z

"Descendents" Vol Page Adm Sureties

1758 Rodarmel, Laura 1 90 Ursula Rodarmel Benedict Kesher

1785 Rodermel, John 4 32 Elizabeth & Jacob Johannes A. Heim Rothermel

1769 Rothermel, Christn 3 23 Magdalena Rothermel Peter Federolf John Lesher

1823 Rothermel, Cath 9 181 John Rothermel Leonard Rothermel

1843 Rothermel, Abraham 15 220 Jeremiah Wolfinger John Herbein A.F. Miller

1825 Rothermel, Hannah 9 294 Frank Rothenburgh Adam Harebolt

1801 Rothermel, Jacob 6 8 Hannah Rothermel et Jacob Forney

al John Sahlegel

1826 Rothermel, John Jr 10 59 Sarah Rothermel Elijah Dechart Daniel Kerper?

1787 Rothermel, Peter 4 82 Christina & Jacob Adam Dreibelbiss Rothermel

1807 Rothermel, Paul 7 16 Sophia Rothermel Jacob Resser

Peter Rothermel Fred Maurer

1833 Rothermel, Peter 9 180 John Rothermel Leonard Rothermel Paul Rothermel Joseph Rothermel

1832 Rothermel, Peter 11 252 Jeremiah Starr Joseph Copight James L. Dunn

1803 Rothermel, Sibilla 6 307 Daniel Dreibelbis Peter Wanner c.t.a. Andrew Fegely

1814*Rothermel, Sophia 7 313 Jacob Rieser J.K. Boyer George Boyer

1860*Rothermel, Solomon 22 210 Paul Rothermel Peter Rothermel Obed Droyer

Same H to O
1821* Markle, Casper 8 369 Jacob Merkel et al Fredk Leibelsperger

J. San. P. Reinhart

[*These years have the first two digits chopped off. I am guessing they are 1800's CW]
V8 Page 10
At residence of Mrs Mary Rothermel 125 Main ST Fleetwood Berks Co Pa Sept 9, 1922 6:15 PM

Family Bible of Daniel Rothermel, son of Peter & father of Mrs Rothermel's husband Daniel.

Daniel Rothermel was the son of Peter Rothermel & his wife Helena Yaeger, was born July 7, 1799 in Maiden Creek Tp, Berks Co Pa & he was married first. Apr 17, 1825 to Maria Dunkel. He married Second Feby 25, 1829 to Esther Koller of Richmond Tp, Berks Co Pa who was born May 24, 1807 in Richmond Tp, daughter of John Koller & Barbara

Maria Dunkle died Mch 11, 1828

Their Children:

1. Maria, born June 3, 1830 in Richmond Tp

2. Hannah, born Nov 23, 1831, in Richmond Tp

3. Anna, born Nov 24, 1883 in Alsace Tp

4. John, born Oct 5, 1835 in Maiden Crk Tp

5. Martin, born Feby 26, 1837 in Maiden Crk Tp

6. Sarah, born Sept 18, 1839 in Richmond Tp

7. Esther, born July 15?, 1842 in Richmond Tp

8. Peter, born Jany 29, 1846 in Richmond Tp

9. Elizabeth, born June 23, 1849 in Richmond Tp

10. Daniel, born Dec 1, 1852 in Richmond Tp

The child of Daniel Rothermel & his first wife, Maria Dunkel was an unnamed son born & died the same day, 1825.

V8 Page 11
Family record of Mrs Rothermel's husband Daniel, follows in the same Bible all in German.
Daniel Rothermel & Mary Oswald were married at Hamburg Pa, Aug 21, 1875 by Rev Appel.

She was the daughter of John Oswald & his wife, Sarah Snyder & was born in Lenhartsville Pa Mch 24, 1856 ie in Greenwich Tp

Their children:

1. Laura, born Oct 31 in Leesport

2. Robert, born Apr 7, 1878 at Leesport Pa

4. Lewis, born Dec 30, 1881 at Maiden Creek Tp

3. Stillborn daughter, born Sept 22, 1880 at Maiden Creek Tp

5. Anna, born Apr 24, 1883 at Maiden Creek Tp

6. Sallie, born May 13, 1884 at Maiden Creek Tp

7. Hattie, born July 11, 1886 at Maiden Creek Tp

8. George, born Aug 21, 1887 at Maiden Creek Tp

9. Mary, born Aug 18, 1897 in Reading Pa


Sarah died Oct 8, 1842 of diptheria

Martin died Oct 17, 1842 of diptheria

children of Daniel, the elder as above.

Children of Daniel the younger.

Sallie died July 28, 1884

George died Sept 11, 1887

Mary died Sept 6, 1901

Mrs Rothermel's husband Daniel K. Rothermel died in Fleetwood Nov 7, 1918. His brother, Peter K. unmarried died Nov 6, 1916.

V8 Page 12

Their parents died viz:

Daniel Rothermel died Dec 25, 1869

Esther Rothermel, his wife, died June 17, 1885 and both are buried at Becker's Peters Reformed Church Cem in Richmond Tp abt 3 miles NW of Fleetwood. Their son Peter is buried there also. Their son Daniel is buried at the Charles Evans Cem Reading Pa.

All of Daniel & Esther's children are dead except Elizabeth & she & her husband Jacob Adams are living near Shoemakersville, Perry Tp, Berks Co Pa.

V8 Page 13
[Descendant Chart]
Frank Barrows Markle & Cassie MacDonald see Page 271 this book, the 7 youngest children all born at Palestine, Texas.
Helen Burton Markle B. at St Joe, Mo Jany 14, 1890 m. Sept 15, 1910 to John C. Townes, son of John Townes of Randolph Co Ala.

Helen, B May 4, 1915

Dorothy, B Sept 22, 1919

Charles W. Markle, Born at Palestine Tex May 8, 1891 m. Dec 1, 1919 to Margaret Fausett of Chambers Co, Ala, dau of Thomas Fausett & his wife Annie Elizabeth Crowder.

Eleanor Markle, B Oct 1, 1893 m. July 28, 1917 Wm H. Cade, son of Wm Cade & his wife Florence R. Craig of Lamar Co Texas.

Eleanor, B Dec 24, 1920

Bettie, B Oct 28, 1922

Jeannette Markle, B Dec 6, 1895 m. Nov 17, 1915 Joseph H. Russell son of Joseph Bradford Russell of Texas & his wife Lydia Frances Goodman of Hollins Va.

Carolyn, B June 14, 1917

Jeannette, B Apr 5, 1920

Dorothy Markle, B June 9

Willard Markle, B Aug 30

Frank B. Markle Jr, B June 26

Donald Markle, B July 9, 1911
V8 Page 14 & V8 Page 15

V8 Page 16 & V8 Page 17 & V8 Page 18

[Descendant Chart]
Daniel Rothermel & Esther Rothermel

[Their children]
Maria Rothermel, Born June 3, 1830 & died 1870 M. Solomon Yoder & lived in Alsace Tp. He a farmer. Both dead & buried at Alsace Church right by Reading Pa.

Sarah, married & buried

John, married & lives near Rosedale Pa

Mary, married & buried

William, married & buried

Solomon, married & lives N 10th Reading Pa

Hannah, Living in Alsace at Hyde Park near the church, unm, might have her father's bible.

Hannah Rothermel, Born Nov 23, 1831. M.1. John Leibelsperger, m.2. David Schmeck. All dead & buried at St Peters Reformed Church. All children by 2d husband.

a son, only lived a few days (by 1st husband)

Mary Schmeck, M. Lewis Stondt. He is dead & she too & buried at St Peters.




Lydema, a girl

2 dead

Daniel, He is dead. M. Sallie Adams who is living.





Esther, M. Jeremiah Lesher. Both living 1720 Perkiomen Ave, Reading Pa. Think she wd have father's bible record.

Minerva, only child, died last year, unmarried.

Irvin, d.y.

Anna Rothermel, B Nov 24, 1833 m. Jacob Dunkel. Both dead & buried at Genants Church near Leesport, Berks Co Pa

Daniel, m.1. Clara Maderia & live at Hamburg Pa. She dead. M.2.

Thomas, M. Sallie Fisher. Both living at Leesport Pa

Alice, M. Wilson Fox. Both living at Tuckerton, Berks Co Pa. She probably has her parents bible

William, Living at Blandon, Berks Co Pa with Jacob. Is single

Jacob, m. Anna Maderia a niece of Clara & live at Blandon where he is a farmer

Anna, died single, aged abt 31. Thinks she & Alice got all their mothers belongings including bible

Sallie?, d.y.

Esther Rothermel, B July 15, 1842 m. Lewis Wagenhorst. Both dead & buried at Kutztown Pa. She died with Morris.

Henry, M. Ellen Hoch. Both living at Kutztown Pa. A retired farmer.



Paul, d.y.

An infant, died

Morris, an old bachelor lives at Kutztown Pa. He lives in his own house adjg Henry with whom he boards. He would have record.

Lewis, died aged abt 8

A boy, d.y.

Elizabeth, born June 23, 1849 M. Jacob Adams. Both living at Shoemakersville. He is a farmer. They have their own record.






A son


Daniel Rothermel, Born Dec 1, 1852 m. Mary Oswald, my informant

Laura, my informant

Robert, B Apr 7, 1878 m. Minnie Zerker & live at 550 N 5th St Reading Pa.

Marian, a girl, B Feby 22, 1912

Robert Jr, B Apr 25,? 1915

Lewis, B Dec 30, 1881 m. Beulah Peiffer Both living abt 40 N 4th St, Reading Pa.

Guy, died aged 4 yrs

Anna, B Apr 24, 1883 m. George Romig & both living at Boyertown Pa

Mary, B Sept 25, 1916

Hattie, B July 11, 1886 m. Frank Behn & did live in Battle Creek, Iowa, but are at Royersford Pa.

Daniel Richard, B Sept 3, 1915
Leaving 8:15 PM
V8 Page 19 [blank]

V8 Page 20

At residence of Jacob Rothermel in Richmond Tp, Berks Co Pa just outside the Borough limits of Fleetwood Pa Sept 9, 1922

Mrs Jacob Rothermel's mother is here & her sister.

John Koller Rothermel was born Oct 5, 1835 see page 10, line 26.

He was married at Kutztown Pa by Rev. Sassaman Herman to Susan Elizabeth Peters, daughter of Benjamin Peters & his wife Sarah Kindt, when she was 17 yrs old. She was born in Maiden Creek Tp Sept 14, 1843. They were married May, 1861

Mr Jacob H. Rothermel gives from memory the dates as follows:

1. Ira Peters Rothermel was born Feby 7, 1862

2. Sallie Rothermel was born July 8, 1864

3. John P. Rothermel was born Feby 8, 1866

4. Esther Rothermel was born Apr 19, 1868

5. Lewis Rothermel was born May 19, 1870

6. Susan Rothermel was born Mch 21, 1872

7. Florence Rothermel was born June 22, 1875

8. Harry P. Rothermel was born Jany 19, 1879
John K. Rothermel died at the old homestead which his father bought when he was about 2 yrs old, in Richmond Tp, near St. Peters
V8 Page 21
Church Feby 27, 1908 & is buried at Beckers St Peters Church. On the above farm, all the children were born except Ira P. & he was born at the Peters home in Maiden Creek Tp

Florence says the Moselem Church, the oldest church in Berks Co was torn down about 35 or 40 yrs ago in a craze to do away with old things. Her sister, Esther (Mrs R) says it had nine Corners & was a fine old church. A Plain brick one was built in its stead.

V8 Page 22 & V8 Page 23
[Descendant Chart]
John Koller Rothermel, born Oct 5, 1835 & died Feby 27, 1908. See Berks Co History. Susan Elizabeth Peters, born Sept 14, 1843. They were married early in May 1861.

Ira P. Rothermel, B Feby 7, 1862. Graduated at Lafayette College abt 1885 or earlier M. in 1892 H. Elizabeth Grim dau of Daniel P. Grim & his wife Kate Grim. He lives 208 Windsor St, Reading.

John, unm. Graduate of Princeton College, Went over in 1917 & joined the French army.

Daniel, unm. Graduate of Mercersburg Academy & now a student in Univ of Penna

Katharine, unm, is in high school

Sallie Rothermel, B July 8, 1864 unmarried Graduate of Keystone State Normal at Kutztown Pa & teaches at Temple Berks Co Pa

Dr John P. Rothermel, B Feby 8, 1866. He graduated at the University of Penna at Phila Pa & is practicing medicine at Reading Pa. Married Sallie Bechtel. Both living at No 119 N 9th St, Reading Pa

Julia, Graduated Mt Holyoke Mass & is teaching in Decatur Georgia. Her specialty is Biology.

Leonard. He graduated at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa He is now with a RR

Esther Rothermel, B Apr 19, 1868 m. Dec 25, 1901 to Jacob Hoch Rothermel, son of Samuel Merkle Rothermel, who was born July 20, 1863 & have no issue. My informant.

Lewis Rothermel, Born May 19, 1870. He died Nov 19, 1870

Susan Rothermel, B Mch 21, 1892. M. on Dec 26, 1898 to Rev M.L. Herbein. She died Mch 26, 1917. She is buried at Spies Church No issue. Graduated at Keystone State Normal

Florence, B June 22, 1875 graduate of Keystone State Normal & fr Dickinson College & Am for Univ of Pa. Now teaching in West Phila High School. My co informant

Harry P. B Jany 19, 1879 graduated from Lafayette College & teaches in Germantown High School M. Mabel Pryor of Laughorne Pa where he lives Mar Aug 26, 1906.

Dorothy, M. Dec 14, 1908 [Think he means born]
See bottom of page 83 & 84 et seq JVT 12/2/23
V8 Page 24
Oak Hill Sept 11, 1922 9:40 PM
Book 6 Page 425. Reading to Cousin Kate the will of Simon Newlin, she s'd that "Jake" Longanecker came in to her father, Andrew Smith, & said "Uncle Simon Newlin hung himself last night". Her father said in reply "It couldn't be, for Simon Newlin was a sensible Man". To which Longanecker replied, "it was time he hung, himself". This "Jake" Longanecker was the son of David Longanecker (a brother of Kates Aunt Eliza (nee Longanecker) the wife of Benj Rothermel) & his wife who was a Newlon, a daughter of a brother of both Simon Newlon & William Newlon, called "Pappy" Newlon of the Willow Tree & their mother ie the mother of Simon, William etc was a McGrew.

Reading the next will of the Elijah Newlon dated Dec 20, 1858, Kate says this is the father of Mrs David Longanecker above referred to as her name was Ann & she said Ann's husband David & her Aunt Eliza had a sister Sarah Longanecker who was to have married Ann's brother, one of the Newlons & the people were all gathered at the house for the wedding & she wouldn't have him. He afterwards married a sister of Dr VanKirk of West Newton & lived in West Newton Pa & both lived

V8 Page 25
& died in West Newton. They had a daughter married a Gordon (& also other children) with whom Mrs Newlin lived & died & Mrs Gordon's son married Lillie Highberger's daughter a year or so ago. Sara Longanecker above married a Goldsmith (Samuel she thinks) & became the mother of Harry B. Goldsmith who married Adaline Bell.

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