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Uranus Square Pluto June 2012


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Uranus Square Pluto June 2012

There are two exact aspects in 2012 of Uranus square Pluto, the first on June 24, the second on September 19. These planets square each other within one degree orb from June 3 to October 10 2012. Those things we believe are related to this square have been manifesting for at least one year, such as the financial meltdowns and the revolutions in the Arabic counties. As the exact aspect nears, we should expect these dramas to increase, both in number and intensity.

The heliocentric chart posted below under the subheading “Uranus Square Pluto Peak” describes the overall influence of this major planetary aspect. It’s very challenging because Jupiter is opposite Pluto, making a T-square to Uranus. But for now we want to see what this first square in June 2012 looks like. Uranus on the fixed star Algenib makes one a “reformer or agitator“, so the revolutions are set to intensify. The worst will come out with Uranus square Pluto on the destructive fixed star Facies. You might expect a more calming and peaceful influence to come from Venus sextile Uranus. I’m not sure about this given that Venus is retrograde and in the stormy Hyades of constellation Taurus, “tears, sudden events, violence, fierceness“.

In times of trouble, people often turn to their faith for guidance and comfort. In this chart, you see Jupiter is conjunct the South Node, and as Jupiter rules our faith and belief systems, you could say we will return to our faith, the old ways of orthodox religion, or for some of us, the even older ways of Paganism. It gets really interesting from here because Jupiter and the South Node are very tightly square Neptune, which also rules religion, but more so the higher personal relationship with the Divine, rather than the structure of the Church. This square suggests that the global challenges we are set to face, will see some involvement of religion, but this in itself will be a source of conflict.

At the more personal level, we may be torn between the comfort and security of the Church, and the less structured, more individual spiritual path as shown by Neptune on the fixed star Fomalhaut. Marina found that this star has a very ethereal nature, a lot like Neptune, and is associated with gurus. Uranus square Pluto does suggest major changes in technology (the internet), so we may see a rise in spiritual and religious personalities and movements on the web. This, and our personal spiritual journeys are supported by Sun trine Neptune, so long as we avoid the alure of these smooth talking gurus and other Neptunian catches like drugs, “All is well if Sun trine Neptune keeps the right company. This would work exceptionally well on a spiritual path and in service to humanity as a whole“.

One more point of interest is that Ceres is conjunct the May 2012 Solar Eclipse degree making it especially significant. Ceres, as the ruler of cereal crops, may indicate that the simmering food supply issue becomes more prominent later this year.

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by Jewel Del Core on Sunday, May 29, 2011 at 1:42pm ·

What follows is a transcript of a recorded speech inside the Zionist Chinese-Hebrew Masonic Hyper-Lodge of "Holy Oak" in New York. The recording was made with electronic means by ex-men of the Hellenic Central Intelligence Service in cooperation with electrical engineers of the Hellenic Restoration Group in 1984, New York U.S.A..





"…Brothers, in the name of Draconian Yahweh Asmodai Jedi, of the Saturnian Lord and Lord of the Moon. After all that comprised the thesis of the teaching you have accepted, we would like to have them closed with antithesis and avoidance of certain actions that could endanger our great goal of the Atlantian group-of-races, through the extermination of the Andromedian-Dravidian group-of-races in our planet. We roundup the denials you have been taught by Brother STEINBERG. The nations, members of the Andromedian-Dravidian group-of-races, FOR ANY GIVEN REASON MUST NOT HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF THE FOLLOWING:


1. The Atlantian group-of-races includes the 3 race branches of Israelites – Arabs – Touranian Mongols, and this must remain hidden because of the danger from the revelation that the conflict between them is faked, in order for the Andromedians to remain disoriented.


2. The Atlantian group-of-races founded and commands U.S.A., Soviet Union, European Economic Community and China, and this must remain hidden because of the danger from the revelation that the conflict between them is faked, in order for the Andromedians to remain disoriented.


3. Members of the Atlantian group-of-races, Avarians and Bavarian Mongols of Germany, created theory and action of Nazism - Fascism, and this must remain hidden because of the danger from collapse of the fake Holocaust we created by genociding a part of our Atlantian Israelite people. Our brothers, in the Name of Yahweh do not tantalize, because one tree bears fruit only after we lop it.

We have destroyed one part of our people in order for the rest -who was without national zeal- to flourish.


4. All the religions of our planet were created by our Atlantians brothers with purpose their final unification, regardless their seemingly differences.


5. The head of our group-of-races is Israel, the heart of our group-of-races is Arabs, the kidney of our group-of-races is Touranian Mongols.


6. The head of the Andromedian Dravidian group-of-races is Hellas, and the only way to get rid of this snake of knowledge and demystification, is its final fall and crash, after we raise it too high in the position of the International Peace & Security Leadership in order to take on its shoulders the full responsibility of the failures of International Management and the collapsing of Nations that we will secretly perpetrate through the Masonic lodges for the year 1995.


7. We will lead all the nations of the planet to ask the head of Hellas on the plate for its failure as a international leader of Peace & Security in the upcoming septennium and that will be our moral alibi in order to completely genocide the Andromedian Hellenic race. Hellas is surrounded by our Touranian Mongols brothers of Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria and our Arab brothers of the Mediterranean, and our nation Israel, and all the above must remain hidden because of the danger from the revelation of the total genocide of Hellenes we perpetrate for the year 1995.


8. All the political ideologies corresponding to the colors of the rainbow were founded and are commanded by our Brothers in order to disorientate and divide Andromedian Dravidians Hellenes.


9. Hellas has passed from the occupation of our Touranian Mongols brothers of Turkey, to the occupation of our Israelite brothers of England and the U.S.A..


10. That the main biblical religions that refer to Jerusalem, are the same regardless of their contradictions and that our Atlantian brothers wrote the “Protocols of the elder of Zion” in order for the Andromedians Goyim to believe in the alleged conflict between Judaism and Christianity. The Andromedian head Hellas will be the Political Antichrist of the upcoming septennium.


11. The Atlantian Israel will be the Political Christ of the 1000 years socialism, until for the Master of the planet Saturn to take himself the everlasting government.


12. The Saturnian Lord will command the underground Nefeleim of AGANTA and SABALA and the nightmarish DEROS of the underground lodges to climb in the surface of the planet in order for Hellas to take additional impeachment during the kingship of the Political Antichrist of Hellas, and additional impeachment to the Andromedians that live in the inner cavity of the planet.


13. Nefeleim are the reproduced race from Epsilon Bootes that drove the 5 races of 5 planets to conquer the Earth, under Tamil’s leadership who is the high officer of the supreme Draco Yahweh.


14. Yahweh and his draconian population arrived in our local space of Earth using the ships Levanah (Moon) and Lilith, 12.500 years ago, and were permitted to colonize Atlantis which was already colonized, as the rest of the planet Earth, by Andromedians.


15. Yahweh and his people declared revolution against the Government of the Local Galaxy and thus against the Federal Government of the Local Group of Galaxies that have as a center the Andromeda Galaxy. Yahweh ordered Tamil to play the role of the “Devil”.


16. Yahweh, under the names of Sin, and Zion, engaged in the conflict of the Uranus dynasties (Uranus, Zeus and Saturn), and made alliance with the first rebels of Saturn, against the Galactic Government and against Uranus and Zeus, the representatives of the Galactic Government.


17. The 3 outer planets still obey in the Galactic Government while the 6 outer planets under Saturn obey to the great rebel Yahweh.


18. The ships of the Local Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy have already arrived in the orbital level of planet Neptune in order to engage for the restoration of Galactic Authority in our Solar System.


19. The forces and ships of Yahweh are in a disadvantageous technological position, but will defend to the last one with the help of the Nations of our Planet, with the technology of U.S.A. and the Soviet Union.


Alelou Yahweh Alelou Yah, Alelou Ia, Alelou Metatron, Alelou Asmodai."



ublished on May 19, 2012 by maidenkid84


"Galactic Federation of Light", "Pleiadians" and rest Dragonian sewage 

Readers of our blog are putting pressure on us in order to comment the appeared thousands of youtube videos that mercilessly propagandize in the World Wide Web the alleged "GALACTIC FEDERATION (GALACTIC GOVERNMENT) OF LIGHT" and/or the alleged "PLEIADIANS".

We will not write much because already from the several G.H.REES documents that we have publicized in our blog (Greek and International version) a long time ago, It's becoming more than obvious the grand fraud and the psychological operation (psyop) of the Dragonians, taking in consideration the following data:

a) The "Galactic Federation of Light" is presenting itself with a complex emblem that contains inside it the "Reversed Epsilons", presented as )+( with curved epsilons (exactly as the "reversed Epsilon" symbol variation that prefer to use the Theosophical Masonic gangs of the Pseudo-"Epsilon"-"Olympians"-"Krinaetoi"(Rosicrucian Lodge of the Crinum & Eagle) etc etc, by false-impersonating the alleged returned Dodecatheon of Zeus, false impersonated to them by Cronians(Saturnians - Savaothians)/Yahweh Demons). But the climax and the completely ridiculous thing in this case is that their complex emblem except from the )+( contains inside it also and the "STAR OF DAVID" or the "CABBALISTIC HEXAGRAM OF SOLOMON" as a main emblem of the Lunar/Dragonians forces and of their communication methods with their earthlings subordinates: "tele-controlled projectiles". So here is completely obvious the alliance -- collusion of the Theosophists Cronians 666 with the Lunar Dragonians 888.

b) The "Galactic Federation of Light" is presenting itself with eponym supreme governors of their ships the entire Lunar Sin-Zion-Sion-pseudoYahwehic Dragonian drain that blood bathed and wiped out the planet and especially the White Andromedian Pelasgian and the Black Sirian Race for about the last 13000 years. Namely they presents as their ship's governors the: Metatron or Mataron of the demon possessed lunatic and loser black magician Pseudo-EUMOLPOS (enemy of G.H.REES), the Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, ...Urinael and all the rest known Lunar Cancerous sewage of the Galaxy accountable to the Universal Justice -- NEMESIS preparative to the Ultimatum years 2012 -- 2013.

c) The "Galactic Federation of Light" presents formations of luminous semi -- transparent spherical ships and/or holograms that form in the sky: Christs / Angels and the Judeo-Christian Cross Symbol. G.H.REES has for a long time ago informed the public about the form of these ships of 2nd Dimension of matter rarification (For earthlings the 2nd dimension ships are visible as bright semi-transparent geometric spectral solids. Higher Dimension Space Wars: SPACE GATE OF PYLOS:http://hellenandchaos.blogspot.com/2009/11/space-gate-of-pylos.html

) and therefore the sub-daughter vessels of this alleged "Galactic Federation of Light" are actually Lunar ships of the directly above Dimension namely of the 2nd Dimension. The true ships of the Galactic Andromedian Forces of planet Saturn that can drive through the defensive barriers of the adversary and that can monitor "inductively" our planet and/or that can commit tectonic/electromagnetic(EMP)/meteorological warfare against the adversary, are ships of the 3rd Dimension and above, made of Neutrino matter, and therefore are completely invisible.

d) The "Galactic Federation of Light" and the alleged allies of them the "Pleiadians" are admitting that they communicate with their earthlings subordinates and spokesmen through "CHANNELING" namely through "MEDIUM" namely through "DEMONIC POSSESSION -- TRANCE -- CATALEPSY". Those though are not the ways of communication that apply the true Governmental-Federal Andromedians Hyper-Scientists in Saturn's Orbit but are "ways of communication" (Read: WAYS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM AND MENTAL CONTROL -- WARFARE) that prefer to use the sewage of the Galaxy, known also as: Black Magicians Cronus/Yahweh Inc. -- spacebandits and annihilators of planets and solar systems -- megacells of PANA or SYM-PAN or Universe or Universal Organism. G.H.REES communicates with those true Governmental -- Federal Andromedians in Saturn's Orbit by strictly using only SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY of passive and active telecommunication devices NETRINO/NASER, while the charter of the Group strictly forbids from the Group's members any Para-psychological or Spiritual activity-method, as members which also have as a duty to immediately report to their superiors any para-psychological harassment against them whatsoever.

Published on May 14, 2012 by maidenkid84

Raymond Drake's very rare book. Download it!



The Complete Truth about the Draconians and Moon (PART 1

Icke is right in some things in his new moon research but under the false guidance of his Rabbis, Mediums-Psychics and voices in his head (aka: Lunar influence) he continues to conceal the truth and the whole picture. So here it is in brief:

Moon is a gigantic ex-physical-planetary body converted (terraformed) into a hybrid hollowed space semi-artificial body capable of travelling into interstellar space.

Moon origins is the constellations of Draco and Boötes a coalition Draconian rebellious constellation. 

(See: scotish astronomer Duncan Lunan research, Russian Academics Vasin & Scherbakov, NASA/JPL leaked statements, G.H.REES research, Raymond Drake, Don Wilson, etc)

Moon is governed by a race of Reptilians from the Draco constellation. The reptilians are dominating the Moon with extremely high technology and beings in two parallel space dimensions separated by light barriers (c, and c*10^6). Our current 1st visible Dimension of matter rarification (3rd Real) and the 2nd Dimension (4th Real) invisible to our sensors. The 2nd Dimensions of Reptilian Beings rules the 1st and can see all that happens in the 1st. The 1st cannot directly see what happens in the 2nd but has technological capability to communicate with the 2nd.

The Reptilians are a mutineers spacebandits faction which acts as a cancer against the Universal Organism. They made a rebellion million years ago against the Galactic Order and the Galactic Government - Federation. They wander around the Universe stealing planetary raw - valuable materials, by using the original planetary settlers as slaves aka:"Lord's servants" who bring out the raw materials to the surface. After that, they steal them, genocide the settlers, destroy the planets and leave for another solar system in order to repeat the mega-crimes and spread the cancer. They create religions and after that masonic-matrix-mind-control NWO pyramidal beehive systems in order to manipulate the "Lord's servants". In case the system is occupied by populations that are faithful to the galactic government (aka, the white andromedian race) they usually create through genetic engineering serpent DNA hybrid humans that look like the Draconian Chinese that live today in our planet. Then they use the Draconian Chinese serpent-saurian looking hybrids in order to assimilate and essentially genocide and overrun the enemy unfaithful to them population.

Moon came to our solar system around 20.000 B.C. when there was a legal Andromedian Government in our system, the Uranides or Varuna Dynasty (See: Hindu Scripts). Uranides means "People that came from the Sky" = Skylings. The Uranides rulers dynasty consists mainly of Zeus (Diaus Pitar in Sanskrit) and Saturn-Cronus factions. By the time moon entered in our solar system there was already a civil space war between Zeus-Cronus (See ancient Hellenic myths, Hesiods' theogony, Titans clash etc). Zeus made a temporary win against the mutineer Cronus-Saturn-Savaoth and closed the rebelious Cronians to prison-like places, like the Underground Tartars.
Moon at this time (20.000 B.C.) made a first attempt to enter Earth's orbit, that failed. It made a collision course towards Earth which was intercepted by the Andromedians Uranides.
The second attempt was successful and Moon entered Earth's orbit around 11.436 B.C. (See G.H.REES and Raymond Drake research, Tiahuanaco Bolivia encarvings, etc)
The Earth then was already occupied by white race colonizers from the Andromeda constellation and by the local indigenous Black Sirian Race. The white race Hellenes civilizers from Andromeda came to Earth through the star-portal of Sirius(Hyperion=Supersun) as a scientific mission in order to teach and civilize the indigenous Black Race about the Ecological Harmony and Universal Physical Laws. (See the Chronicles of the Dogon Tribe in Africa)
The Reptilians Draconian Moon having as high commanders: Asmodai Metatron and El Shaddai (See: Bible) or Sendai - Jendai (See: Star Wars) - or Judas, asked from Zeus permission to disembark its populations to Earth.




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