Jumble Story


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Jumble Story
I was walking along Central Park taking pictures for the local paper. A snapshot here a snap shot there. But nothing seemed to catch my eye. All I got were some crummy pictures of trees that came out blurry because of the cold December wind. I started to head back home when I saw a strange looking figure in the blanket of snow resting along side a tree. Because of my curiosity I started to walk towards the tree. The more I approached the tree I kept guessing on what it could be. It stared at me with a scared face a frozen dead body laid still along side the tree.

I ran looking for a pay phone to call the police. I reached a pay phone. I found fifty cents in my pocket and slid it into the slot and dialed the number it began to ring on the third ring the operator picked up.


“Yes umm I’m in central park and I have found a dead body.”

“Alright Sir whats your name.”

“ Harry Belfore.”

“ Where are you.”

“ I’m in Central Park.”

“ Ok sir I’m sending Help out right now.”

I stayed on the line with the operator until the police arrived they asked me questions like, about what time did I find the body and how did I find the body. I saw a forensic team looking for any find of clues. They found lacerations around the bodies neck. They determined that the victim was a white female around the age of 25.

The Chief officer came up to me told me to go home and get some rest. He also told me that he would call me to come down to the station. He got my Information and told me to go on. Before I left I took some pictures for the paper.

When I got to my apartment I went straight to my kitchen. Took out a jar of fluff, two slices of bread, and a jar of peanut butter. I sat on the couch watching the five o’clock news. The reporter at the site talking about the death at the park. Then in the background of that tree a slow dark and blurry figure moved from one side of the screen to the other. My heart raced in fear of what would happen next. I quickly called the chief, he answered. I told him what I saw. He told me he would look into it.

I left my apartment and went back to central park. I was scared of what might happen to me. I thought that maybe the murder had might see me if I went any further into the park. I saw the chief and headed towards him.

“ What are u doing here.” He asked

“ Walking around.”

“ You shouldn’t be here, if that killer sees you here he’ll be after you next.”

“ Why would he be after me.”

“ He might of seen you when you were taking photos of the crime seen for the paper.”

We started walking down the long narrow trail. We passed a few trees in the dark lonely park. A blanket of fog covered us in the cold dark air. I knew I was in the wrong place at the wrong time because I knew something was bound to happen. But I kept walking to give the chief some kind of company. Then as we passed over the cobble stone bridge a dark figure lunged out with what looked like a clothes line he held the wire in his hand strangling the chief from behind. He grasped the wire tight pulling on both ends as hard as he could. I was frightened but I had to do something. I ran at the attacker with full force. Hoping to knock him off of his feet. With amazement, I did just that. The chief jumped to his feet. I got up off the hard cobble stone arch of the bridge. The chief held the wrestled with the attacker. I watched them switch back and forth. The chief got out of the attackers full nelson then pushed the attacker back. He fell backwards hitting his head off of the bridge wall falling down into the stream.

Twenty minutes later detectives arrived the chief talked to the other officers. An officer came up to me told me if I didn’t help out the Chief he would’ve been dead. Paramedics arrived to check out the chief wounds around his neck. The killer turned out to be an escaped convict. The chief came up to me holding ice around his neck. He told me if it wasn’t for me he would have been dead. He pated me on the back and told me go home and get some rest.


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