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Charles Lloyd Quartet (Fl +++)

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1966072324 Charles Lloyd Quartet (Fl +++)

A)Antibes, France 7/66 (DI)

Juan-Les-Pins Jazz Festival


intro 00:47

Autumn Sequence 09:46

Prelude (Lloyd)

Leaves (J.Prevert – J. Cosma – J. Mercer)


Forest Flower(Lloyd) 18:40

Love Ship (Lloyd) 05:49

Manhattan Tripper (Lloyd) 07:58

Island Blues (Lloyd) 05:19

19660807 Charles Lloyd Quartet

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl) Keith Jarrett (p) Cecil McBee (b) Jack DeJohnette (dr)

August 7th 1966, Kino, Molde, Norway

(Molde International Jazz Festival)

19660908 Charles Lloyd Quartet

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl) Keith Jarrett (p) Cecil McBee (b) Jack DeJohnette (dr)

September 8th 1966, New York, NY

1 10776 Untitled, No. 1

2 10777 Keith's Piece

3 10778 Manhattan Tripper (Lloyd)

4 10779 Cecil's Tune

5 10780 Song Of Her (Cecil McBee) 5.25

6 10781 Sorcery (Keith Jarrett) 5.18

7 10782 Seance(Lloyd)

8 10783 East of The Sun (Brooks Bowman)

5,6: Charles Lloyd - Forest Flower (Atlantic LP 1473, SD 1473)

1-4,7-8: lost

19660918 Charles Lloyd Quartet

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl) Keith Jarrett (p) Cecil McBee (b) Jack DeJohnette (dr)

September 18th 1966, Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey, CA

1 11239 Autumn Sequence(Lloyd)

2 11240 Forest Flower: Sunrise (Lloyd) 7.19

Forest Flower: Sunset 10.36

3 11241 East of The Sun (Brooks Bowman) 10.44

4 11303 Forest Flower: Sunrise (edited version)

5 11304 Forest Flower: Sunset (edited version)

1: lost

2,3 Charles Lloyd - Forest Flower (Atlantic LP 1473, SD 1473)

Review by Thom Jurek [-]When Charles Lloyd brought his new band to Monterey in 1966, a band that included Keith Jarrett on piano, Jack DeJohnette on drums, and the inimitable -- though young -- Cecil McBee on bass, no one knew what to expect. But they all left floored and this LP is the document of that set. It is difficult to believe that, with players so young (and having been together under a year), Lloyd was able to muster a progressive jazz that was so far-reaching and so undeniably sophisticated, yet so rich and accessible. For starters, the opening two title tracks, which form a kind of suite (one is "Forest Flower-Sunrise," the other "Sunset"), showcased the already fully developed imagination of Jarrett as a pianist. His interplay with DeJohnette -- which has continued into the 21st century in a trio with Gary Peacock -- is remarkable: whispering arpeggios surrounded by large chords that plank up the drumming as DeJohnette crosses hands and cuts the time in order to fluctuate the time. Lloyd's own solos are demonstrative of his massive melodic gift: his improvisation skirted the edges of what was happening with Coltrane (as everyone's did), but his own sense of the deep wellspring of song and the cross-pollination of various world musics that were happening at the time kept him busy and lyrical. Elsewhere, on Jarrett's own "Sorcery," his linking front-line harmonics with Lloyd is stellar -- this isn't communication, it's telepathy! Jarrett's angular solo is buoyed up by Lloyd's gorgeous ostinato phrasing. By the time the band reaches its final number, a sky-scorching version of Brooks Bowman's "East of the Sun," they have touched upon virtually the entire history of jazz and still pushed it forward with seamless aplomb. Forest Flower is a great live record.

4,5: Charles Lloyd - Forest Flower: Sunrise c/w Sunset (Atlantic 5078)

19661007-08-09 Charles Lloyd Quartet

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl) Keith Jarrett (p) Cecil McBee (b) Jack DeJohnette (dr)
Costa Mesa, CA, USA (Pacific Jazz Festival)

“Miles was also on the bill".

19661026 Charles Lloyd Quartet (DI) +++

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl) Keith Jarrett (p) Cecil McBee (b) Jack DeJohnette (dr)

28 Jazz im WDR, Gürzenich, Köln, Germany:

01. announcer/introductions 3:04

02. Autumn Sequence: 9:00

a)Autumn Prelude (Lloyd)

b)Autumn Leaves (J.Kozma – J.Mercer – J.Prevert)

C)Autumn Echo (Lloyd)

03. The Song My Lady Sings 7:32

04. Tagore (Lloyd) 8:14

19661029 Charles Lloyd Quartet

Charles Lloyd (ts, ss, fl) Keith Jarrett (p) Cecil McBee (b) Jack DeJohnette (dr)

October 29th, 1966, Aulaen Hall, Oslo, Norway

1 11731 East of The Sun (Brooks Bowman)

2 11732 Margot (Keith Jarrett)

3 11733 Song Of Her (Cecil McBee)

4 11734 Forest Flower: Sunrise / Sunset (Lloyd)

5 11735 Island Blues (Lloyd)

6 11736 Wilpan's (Cecil McBee)

7 11737 Sorcery (Keith jarrett)

8 11738 European Fantasy (Lloyd) 5.26

9 11739 Little Anahid's Day (Lloyd) 6:13

10 11740 Manhattan Carousel (Lloyd) 8:40

11 11741 Tagore (Lloyd) 9:48

12 11742 Is it really the same (Keith Jarrett)

13 11743 Speak low (Nash-Weill)

14 11744 Karma (Lloyd) 3:44

15 11745 Gypsy '66 (Szabo)

16 11746 Girl Talk

17 11747 Island To Antibes

18 11748 Sweet Georgia Bright(Lloyd)

19 11749 Hej-Da! (Hey Daw) (Lloyd) 2:46

20 11750 Joan(Lloyd)

21 17858 Gypsy 66 (Gabor Szabo) 13.19

22 17859 Speak low (Nash-Weill) 8.01

23 17860 Wilpan's (Mc Bee) 6.17

24 17861 Medley: Love-in (Lloyd) / Island Blues (Lloyd) 6.02

25 17862 Old Time Blues

26 17863 Is it really the same (Keith Jarrett)

27 17864 Margot (Keith Jarrett)

1-7,12,13,15-18,20,25-27: lost

8-11,14,19: Charles Lloyd In Europe (Atlantic SD 1500)

Review by Thom Jurek [-]Before his great quartet split at the end of 1968, Charles Lloyd took this band literally to the ends of the earth. As a quartet, they had grown immensely from that first astonishing spark when they toured the summer festivals in 1966. Here they are a seasoned unit, full of nuance, elegance, and many surprises, while having moved their entire musical center over to the pursuit of Lloyd's obsession -- incorporating the music of the East into Western jazz. This show in Norway, which featured the original band of Lloyd on flute and saxes, Keith Jarrett on piano, Cecil McBee on bass, and Jack DeJohnette on drums and percussion, took the idiom begun by John Coltrane and Yusef Lateef and moved it into places even they hadn't imagined. The set starts with "Tagore," a gorgeous flute piece for Lloyd with stunningly ornate percussion from DeJohnette. There is plenty of mystery but there are no edges in this tune, as the two men move from point to counterpoint to mode without seams. Just as quickly, Keith Jarrett enters the picture playing the inside of the piano and a few chords just to lend texture as Lloyd takes it out as softly as he whispered it in. "Karma" is a more conventional piece in that Jarrett creates a gently spiraling harmonic tower for Lloyd to float down from after he climbs it with gorgeous swells and a mournfully beautiful legato. The set ends with "European Fantasy" and "Hej Daj." The first is a slow modal blues, carried out by exquisitely complex harmonics created by Jarrett for both McBee and Lloyd to find their way into. Jarrett gives up nothing in his mystery. Lloyd floats along, touching points here and there before winding it out with the little flute piece at the end, which leaves the audience -- and listeners alike – stunned

21-24: Charles Lloyd Quartet Recorded In Concert - Flowering Of The Original (Atlantic SD 1586)
Review by Scott Yanow Released by Atlantic in 1971 when the Charles Lloyd Quartet was already history, these performances (from the same concert that resulted in Charles Lloyd in Europe) contain some excellent remakes ("Love In/Island Blues" and "Goin' to Memphis"), Gabor Szabo's "Gypsy '66," Cecil McBee's "Wilpan's," and a fine rendition of "Speak Low." Lloyd (whether on tenor or flute), the already impressive pianist Keith Jarrett, bassist McBee, and drummer Jack DeJohnette are heard in enthusiastic form. This set is even a bit better than the In Europe album due to the stronger (if more familiar) material.

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