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19661030 Charles Lloyd Quartet (di) (fl+++)

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl) Keith Jarrett (p) Cecil McBee(b) Jack DeJohnette (dr)

October 30th 1966,Copenhagen, Denmark ,Radiohuset Concertsal,

01 radio intro 02:42

02 Joan (Lloyd) 09:12

03 Song of Her (Cecil McBee) 07:08

04 Zoltan (Lloyd) 06:29

05 Is it really the same (Keith Jarrett) 07:07

06 Tagore(Lloyd) 11:24

TT 44:06
Sound A

Radio broadcast mono


1966 - 670000 Charles Lloyd Quartet (BR)

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl) Keith Jarrett (p) Cecil McBee(b) Jack DeJohnette (dr)

Greek Theater, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA Spring

The other group appearing was the Grateful Dead. The year might be 1966 or 1967.

196701-02-03-04-05-06-07-08 Charles Lloyd Quartet

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl 6) Keith Jarrett (p, ss) Ron McClure (b ) Jack DeJohnette (dr )

Shelly's Manne-Hole, Los Angeles, CA, USA

19670110 Charles Lloyd Quartet

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl 6) Keith Jarrett (p, ss) Ron McClure (b ) Jack DeJohnette (dr )

Both/And Club, San Francisco, CA, USA

19670120-21-28 Charles Lloyd Quartet

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl 6) Keith Jarrett (p, ss) Ron McClure (b ) Jack DeJohnette (dr )

Fillmore West Auditorium, San Francisco, CA

19670127 Charles Lloyd Quartet

Charles Lloyd (ts, fl #1-8,10-16) Keith Jarrett (p #1-9,11-16, p, ss #10)

Ron McClure (b #1-8,10-16) Jack DeJohnette (dr #1-8,10-16)

January 27th 1967, Fillmore West Auditorium, San Francisco, CA

1 11603 Medley: Memphis Blues Again / Island Blues (Lloyd)

2 11604 Forest Flower (Journey Within)(Lloyd)

3 11605 Twin Pearls

4 11606 San Francisco

5 11607 Tagore (Lloyd)

6 11608 New Piece

7 11609 Is it really the same (Keith Jarrett)

8 11610 Here, There And Everywhere (Lennon-McCartney)

9 11611 Encore Of The Night (Love, No. 3)

10 11612 Lonesome Child: Song / Dance

11 11613 Lady Gabor (Szabo) (Memphis Green)

12 11614 Love-in (Lloyd)

13 12374 Tribal dance (Lloyd)

14 12375 Temple bells (Lloyd)

15 12376 Sunday Morning (Jarrett)

16 12378 Now Voyager (Lloyd)

1,7,8,12-15: Charles Lloyd - Love-In (Atlantic LP 1481, SD 1481)

A1 Tribal dance (Lloyd) 10:03

A2 Temple bells (Lloyd) 2:44

A3 Is it really the same (Keith Jarrett) 5:45

A4 Here There And Everywhere (Lennon –McCartney) 3:40

B1 Love-in (Lloyd) 4:44

B2 Sunday Morning (Jarrett) 7:55

B3 Memphis Dues Again / Island Blues (Lloyd) 8:57

Review by Thom Jurek [-]Issued in 1966, Love-In was the follow-up to the amazing Dream Weaver, the debut of the Charles Lloyd Quartet. Love-In was recorded after the 1966 summer blowout and showed a temporary personnel change: Cecil McBee had left the group and was replaced by Ron McClure. McClure didn't possess the aggressiveness of McBee, but he more than compensated with his knowledge of the modal techniques used by Coltrane and Coleman in their bands, and possessed an even more intricate lyricism to make up for his more demure physicality. Of the seven selections here, four are by Lloyd, two by pianist Keith Jarrett, and one by Lennon/McCartney ("Here, There and Everywhere"). Certainly the '60s youth movement was making its mark on Lloyd, but he was making his mark on them, too. With young Jarrett in the mix, turning the piano over in search of new harmonic languages with which to engage not only Lloyd as a soloist but the rhythm section as well, things were certainly moving across vast terrains of musical influence and knowledge. Drummer Jack DeJohnette took it all in stride and tried to introduce as many new time signatures into the breaks as he could get away with, allowing the ever-shifting chromatics in Jarrett's playing to be his cue from 7/8 to 9/8 to 12/16 and back to equal fours ("Sunday Morning," "Temple Bells," "Memphis Dues Again"), no matter what the musical style was. And there were plenty, as Lloyd led the excursion from post-bop to modal to blues to Eastern raga to cool and back. On Love-In, everything was jazz for the Charles Lloyd Quartet, and what they made jazz from opened the music up to everybody who heard it. The album is a lasting testament to that cultural ecumenism

2,9-11: Charles Lloyd - Journey Within (Atlantic LP 1493, SD 1493)

All compositions by Charles Lloyd except as indicated

1."Journey Within"(Lloyd) - 11:29

2."Love No. 3" (Keith Jarrett) - 5:37

3."Memphis Green" (Lloyd)- 9:15

4."Lonesome Child: Song/Dance"(Lloyd) - 10:36

Recorded on January 27, 1967 at the Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, California

3-6,16: lost

Review by Jim Todd [-]This 1999 reissue lets Charles Lloyd's music of the late '60s transcend its erstwhile, hippie era, Coltrane-lite cachet and come into its own as the expression of an expansive musical vision by a quartet of formidable players. Straddling the threshold to the avant-garde, the music doesn't so much defy categorization as dispense with the need for it. Folk themes, Eastern influences, blues, modal hard bop, and impressionistic passages meld seamlessly into a unique, cohesive musical conception. The sprawling 75-minute CD compiles two concert releases: a 1967 date at New York's Fillmore East and a 1968 concert in Oslo, Norway. Soundwise, the recording is average. It captures Lloyd, on flute and tenor sax, and pianist Keith Jarrett reasonably well and just slightly less so the bassists: Ron McClure in New York, Cecil McBee in Oslo. Drummer Jack DeJohnette, however, gets spotty treatment. At times his subtle hybrid of jazz-rock and free, pulsing styles registers well, at others it becomes a muddy clatter. Still, the CD succeeds in immersing the listener in the concerts. While the members of Lloyd's quartet are and remain enormous individual talents, this is an important but secondary consideration for Lloyd. Both concerts are pure collective efforts. The players solo, but the spotlight stays on the complete group. That said, Jarrett's fans will appreciate the selections that feature the pianist working with just bassist and drummer, performing inside/outside music in the spirit of his early trio with Charlie Haden and Paul Motian.

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