June 5, 2015 Join Group Destinations Unlimited

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@ Sight & Sound Theater

June 5, 2015
Join Group Destinations Unlimited as we travel to Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, Pa.

Soar with Joseph as his inspiring story unfolds in front, beside and even above you! With innovative dream sequences, lavish Egyptian staging, colorful characters, live animals and memorable songs, this energy-packed show will leave you laughing, crying and uplifted with the life-changing message of forgiveness. See the show that has everyone talking

Package Includes: Motor Coach Transportation, Lunch at Shady Maple Restaurant, Reserved Seats for the 2:45pm Show. Seating on Main Floor. Water, Snacks and Movies on the Bus, & Driver Gratuity.
Tentative schedule: (Subject to change)

7:30 am Bus departs from- K-Mart-Rio Grande, NJ

8:15 am Bus departs from-Shore Mall-Pleasantville, NJ

11:15 am Approximate arrival at Shady Maple Restaurant. Enjoy this all you can eat

Smorgasbord Lunch. Free time to visit the gift Shop.

1:30 pm Depart for Sight & Sound Theater

2:45 pm Show begins

5:15 pm Show ends

7:45 pm Approximate arrival time at the Shore Mall

8:30 pm Approximate arrival time at K-Mart

A deposit of $30 per person deposit is due within 14 days of making reservation. Final payment is due May 1, 2015. Tickets are non-refundable once paid in full. No Exceptions!

We accept: Visa, MasterCard & American Express. A 3% processing fee will be assessed for all credit card charges. Please send reservation form along with payment to:
Group Destinations Unlimited- P.O. Box 1182, N. Cape May, NJ 08204

Phone # 609-889-2888 or E-mail: grouptrips@yahoo.com
Please note: You cancelled check or credit card is your receipt. We do not send receipts or reminders of final payment. Please make a note of when final payment is due.


Reservation form

Name:______________________________________________# of Tickets______________


Phone #____________________________ E-mail Address:____________________________

Amount enclosed: $________Deposit $______Full Payment

Departure location: ______________________________

CC #______________________________________ Exp. Date:_________ CCV:_________

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