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Junior Essay titles

April 2015

Matthew Barrieau

A Portrait of the Reader as a Young Man: Epiphany and Irony in Joyce’s Portrait 

Nikki Erlick

Unreadable Books and Inaccessible Lanterns: Examining the Intersection of Flânerie, Fragmentation, and Inaccessibility in Virginia Woolf’s “Street Haunting”

Samantha Heinle

Control versus Creative Genius: A Faustian Bargain

Anastasia Snetkova

Seeking Security in the Womb: A Metaphor for the Postcolonial Environment

Rachel Thompson

The Best Carriage-Makers Didn’t Make the Best Cars: An Analysis of Three Literary Magazines and Their Relation to the Digital

Laura Trosser

A Race Towards Dissatisfaction: Hegel in Anne Carson’s Antigonick

Hannah Umansky-Castro

Social Ties of Soledad: Women as Anchors of Historical Time

Colton Valentine

Haunted Words: The Ghost of Hamlet in Mrs. Dalloway

-Barbara Johnson Prize Winner-

Joy Wang

Transcending the Real: The Hero and Enchantment in Les Misérables

Junior Essay titles

December 2014

Ben Sobel

On Retweeting: Attribution as Metalinguistic Device on Twitter.com and in the Work of Jorge Luis Borges

Victoria Zhuang

Putting the Head Back on: Severance, Social Critique, Redemption, and the Grotesque in European Narratives, Using The Master and Margarita as a Centerpiece Text

Junior Essay titles

April 2014

Opeoluwa Adebanjo

“One Day Your Eyes Will Open”: Relationships and Revolution in Third Generation Nigerian Novels

Reina Gattuso

“Where there is pleasure, there is agency”: Reading for a Political Countertext in Tarun Mansukhani’s Dostana

Jason Hellerstein

Metafiction and Autobiography in Philip Roth's Nonfiction

Louisa Kirk

The Mouvance of the Medieval Woman: Gender and Agency in Das Nibelungenlied and Diu Klage

Julian Lucas

HooDooing the Bodies of History: The Grotesque Aesthetics of Ishmael Reed

Benjamin Rausing Koerner

The Function of Myth in the Vǫlsungasaga

Indiana Seresin

“We are up early and we are up late”: Artistic Production, Autobiographical Experimentation, and Lesbian Experience in Gertrude Stein and Tove Jansson
-Barbara Johnson Prize Winner-

Victoria Tarpley

Éden Éden Éden as Non-Narrative: A Comparative Study of the Montage and Spatio-Temporal Relations in the Novel and Chris Marker’s “La Jetée”

Tian Zeng

Breaking Free from Mao's Rhetoric – the Collapse of Linear History and Universal Identity in Han Shaogong's "Pa Pa Pa"

Junior Essay titles

May 2013

Zach Connerton

The Kernel of the Problem; Addressing the Subaltern in Asturias's Men of Maize.

Michelle Dimino

Shaped by Place: Melancholic Incorporation in the Neapolitan Narratives of Elena Ferrante

Rebecca Elliott

The Political as Work of Art in Roberto Bolaño’s Chilean Narratives.
-Barbara Johnson Prize Winner-

Cassandra Euphrat Weston

Exposing Rifts, Finding Refuge: Poetic Resistance in the Work of Lenelle Moïse, Michelle Tea, and Cherríe Moraga

David Grieder

Bilingualism and Exile: Language and History in the autobiographies of Guillermo Cabrera Infante and Ariel Dorfman. 

Nate Hilgartner

“In dem tönenden Schall”: Paradox and Resolution in Tristan und Isolde

Alice Kenney

Manifesting the Imagined through Discipline and Grace

Didar Kul-Mukhammed

Recreating Child Perspectives in Persepolis 

Ben Lorenz

To Speak a Word for Nature: Language and Landscape in America's National Parks

Nick Rinehart

The Witness and the Participant; Or, Frederick Douglass's Pushmi-Pullyu

Nicolas Schwalbe

Gilles Deleuze's Difference and Repetition or the Noisy Voice of Being

Sofia Tancredi

Self Constructed: Metaphors of Selfhood in Science and Confessional Poetry

Celena Tyler

Female Madness as Dis-ease With Confinement in the Public and Private Sphere

Junior Essay titles

April 2012

Katherine Damm

'The Shattered World': Fragments as Mimetic in Modernity

Michael Feeney

Art and Society in Michel Houellebecq’s Plateforme

Ricky Fegelman

Two Valences of the Politicized Sublime: Preliminary Notes Towards an Investigation

Cat Flynn

“Told By An Idiot, Full Of Sound And Fury”: Cognitive Exceptionality And The Politics Of Literary Narrative

Giulio Galliani

Literary and Philosophical Expression

Keir Gogwilt

Performing Musical Writing

Emily Hyman

Tragedies of Marginalization: A Mother’s Path to Destruction for two of Frederico García Lorca’s Tragic Heroines

Nur Ibrahim

A good time for love is also/a good time to place a bomb:” Partition and partitioning in the writing of Manto and Amichai.

Patrick Lauppe

The Dangers and Advantages of Continuous Space: Liminal Spaces in German Expressionist Film and American Film Noir

Kiernan Michau

What We Know: Narrative Voice and Subjectivity in Realism

Sarah McCuskee

Detours from traffic: Materterine relation(s) as alternative to filial systems in Le Livre d’Emma and Cereus Blooms at Night

-Barbara Johnson Prize Winner-

Anna Ondaatje

Raising Lolita: How Readers and Critics Fail to See Nabakov's Heroine

Kevin Stone

Diagnosing Adultery: Adultery and the 'Disease' of Female Consciousness on the Cusp of Modernism

Xanthia Tucker

Mots d’Enfance: Words, Books, and the Representation of Reality in Sartre and Sarraute’s Memoirs

Junior Essay titles

April 2011

John Carpenter

Stéphane Mallarmé: Language and the Death of the French Poetic Tradition

Marina Connelly

Words for God: a study of religious text as psychoanalytic transitional phenomenon.

-Barbara Johnson Prize Winner-

Eva Delappe

"Ecological Poetics: Understanding Heidegger's "What are Poets For?" and Carson's Autobiography of Red"

Lauren Ianni

Literary Technologies: Materiality and Material Design in Kleist, Giedion and Zamyatin

Talia Lavin

Opening the Windows: Micah Yosef Berdyczewski And The Development of Modern Hebrew Literature. A Critical Study

Noah Madoff

Un Ecrivain Original”: Originality and Iteration in the Collage Poetry of Tristan Tzara

Diana McKeage

Angel, Duende, and Dream: Converging Approaches to Reconciliation of Trauma in Rainer Maria Rilke's Duino Elegies and Federico García Lorca's Poema del cante jondo

Joseph Morcos

Cynic's Utopia: Sloterdijk, Zizek, and Two Different Fictions of a Cynical Era

Victoria Palange

The Art of Theatre as “Le Feu Nouveau”: Understanding Apollinaire's Definition of

Surrealism in Les Mamelles de Tirésias"

Betty Rosen

At Home in the Passage of the Sand: Unfolding Possibilities and Reading Nomadically in Ilyās Farkūhs “Secrets of the Hourglass"

Sarah Rosenberg-Wohl

Auden and the Apocalypse in the Everyday

Junior Essay titles

December 2011

Susie Kim

Laughter and the Moment of Ambivalence in The Killing Joke

Kiernan Michau

What We Know: Narrative Voice and Subjectivity in Realism

Lizzie Thompson

Broken Spaces: Fragmentation and Insanity in Fictional Narratives of Incest

Junior Essay titles

April 2010

Christine An

“Today is the Tomorrow for Those Who Died Yesterday”1: Aesthetic and Artificial Representation of History in Younghill Kang‟s The Grass Roof and Hwang Sok-Yong‟s The Guest

Lorenzo Bartouccia

The Importance of Being Ended in

The Portrait of Dorian Gray

Sophie Duvernoy

Negative Existences: Reclaiming Traumatized Identity and Loss through Narration and Imagination in Twentieth-Century German Fiction

Ama Francis

The Torn Web: Overreading Colette’s La Naissance du jour and Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse

Chelsea Glover

Non-Creative and Creative Responses to Race/Gender Oppression in Black and Latina Short Fiction

Nell Hawley

The Game of the Five Nights: Comedy, Renunciation, and the Ironic Perspective in the Mahabharata Story

Pelin Kivrak

The City, His City: Time and Space in Borges’

Fervor de Buenos Aires

Liz Krane

Beginning to Mean Something: The Derivation of Purpose from Relationships and Love in the Works of Arthur Miller and Samuel Beckett

Charleton Lamb

The Reality Series: Television and its Reflection of Reality

Hannah Lincoln

William Blake and the Shamanic Tradition: Aspects of Shared Spiritual Experience

Christopher Magliozzi

Effectual Truth: Classifying How Fraud Shapes Narrative

Molly O’Laughlin

Novel Forms of Commentary

Julianne Ross

A Comparative Study of Metonymy and Female Desire in Federico García Lorca’s La casa de Bernarda Alba and Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire

Matt Stone

The Body Problem: Divorcing Gender from Character in Contemporary Theater

Oliver Strand

Which Remains?: the Abstract and the Concrete in John Ashbery’s “Definition of Blue”

Luzi Yang

Negotiating the Self, Cultivating the Self, or Denying the Self: The encounter of existentialism with the ideal of Bildung in Camus’ Caligula

Junior Essay titles

April 2009

Sophie Alexander

The theoretical martyrdom of Luce Irigaray: a return to feminine suffering

Anna Barnet

Off the Grid: Art Spiegelman's Maus and W.G. Sebald's Austerlitz

Elizabeth Brook

How does Nuvorican Poetry relate to the American Canon?

Andres Camacho

Literary Technologies: Materiality and Material Design in Kleist, Giedion and Zamyatin

Sylvia Castello

The Child World and the Adult World: An Exploration Through Alice in Wonderland and Pan’s Labyrinth

Rebecca Cooper

“What it is to be a Fucking Human Being”: A New Look at David Foster Wallace’s Nonfiction

Victoria Crutchfield

Perhaps I will reveal nothing, even to myself”: The Ethics of Interpretation in Susan Sontag’s Diaries and Early Works

Lily Kass

“Exaltation of a Voice”: Singing Characters and Barthes’ Grain

Clemence Kavanaugh

Holderlin, Nietzsche, Empedocles

Sally Morrell

Foreignizing Fiction: Authenticity in James Morier’s The Adventures of Hajji Baba Ispahani and its Persian Translation

Olga Moskvina

The Poetry of Aleksandr Blok as a Shared Psychic Space

Robert Niles

Shades of Gray: Towards a Poetics of Aging in Nabokov and Markson

Dan Normandin

The Seed of Death and the Glass of Eternity: Mythological and Religious Conceptions of the Poetic Task in Mandelstam’s Early Verse

Annie Stone

Hélène Cixous’ Active Writing and Female Yearning: Narrating the Self in The Awakening, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Rubyfruit Jungle

Maria Vassileva

Shovels and Smoke: An Introduction to Miljenko Jergovic’s Sarajevo Marlboro

Junior Essay titles

Spring 2008

Richard Beck

Writing in a Crowd: Serialization in the Works of Ėmile Zola and David Simon

Kameron Collins

Violence-ing the Gaze: Queerness, Masculinity and Victimhood in Gus Van Sant’s Elephant and Gerry

James Goldschmidt

Teaching For a Lifetime: Towards a Definition of Education in the Bildungsroman

James Hirshfeld

The Partial Presence of Hellenicity

John Kapusta

Something to Listen For: Towards a Modern Practice of Program Notes

Lucy MacKinnon

Character and Women’s Reality: Three Cases by Woolf, Glaspell, and Cixous

Kyle McAuley

Lines of Beauty: Ethics and Aesthetics in Anna Karenina

Emmet McDermott

The Legacy of Satire: An Investigation of the Residual Satirical Purpose in The Master and Margarita

Julie Min

Being and Time through Virginia Woolf

Jon-Mark Overvold

“The Shadow” and His Shadows: The Role of Medium in Narrative Reception

Anna Resnick

On the Threshold: Woolf’s Portrayal of the Self in Mrs. Dalloway

Jessica Righthand

From Eve to the Machi: Eroticism and Spirituality in the Poetry of Two Contemporary Mapuche Women

Junior Essay titles

Spring 2007

Aliza Aufrichtig “It Sounded Wonderful in Spanish”: Feigned Translation and Hemingway’s Authorial Hand
Alexandra Bell Odd Couple: The Socio-Political Goals of Flaubert and Zola in Salammbô and Germinal
Lisa Bloomberg Charming Creatues and Professional Ladies: Women Doctors in Late Nineteenth Century American Novels
Alwa Cooper Mutata servat: The Problem of Metamorphosis Pre- and Post-Atomic Bomb in Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Ted Hughes

Eike Exner Train Man: Critical Translation Commentary
Arielle Fridson Discovering Interruption: Inger Christensen’s Sommerflugledalen and Rainer Maria Rilke Duineser Elegien
Chelsea Grate The Woman, Destroyed: Representations of Femininity in Two Melancholic Works

Arlo Hill The Double and Dialectics: Metaphysical Theater in Artaud, Beckett, Hegel
Dan Howell On Etymological Play in James Joyce’s Ulysses
Carmen James In the Footsteps of Borges and Cavafy: The Real and Imagined Cities of Modernist Poetry
Olga Kamensky The Many Lolitas: Translation and Character Creation in Nabokov’s Novels
Kara Kaufman Narration and Invention in To the Lighthouse
Henry Lichtblau

Aslihan Ece Manisali Writing “I” in Another Tongue: Answering the Question of Identity in Multilingual Language Memoir

Miguel Morcuende Il/lisible: Sade and Klossowski
Alexandra Pape “What Do You Do About Death?”: Judaism, Assimilation, and Identity in 20th Century Anglo-American Literature
Tony Qian The Uncanny “Re-vision”: Derridean Hauntology in Lianhuantao and Changhenge
Jack Rasmus-Vorrath THE THE
Aileen Robinson A Doll’s House: Dramatic Essence and Production
Gabriel Rocha “Pássaro Pássaro”: Modes of Repetition in Gullar’s “O Trabalho das Nuvens”
Gregory Scruggs Banlieue Zéro: Filling the Images of Parisian Empty Space
Sarah Tseng Parallel Narratives of Awakening: E.B. White and Annie Dillard
Christopher Van Buren In Res Ipsas: Theological Allegory in the Commedia
Ximena Vengoechea What the Weather Brings: Clouding Reality and Fogging the Mind in Julio Cortázar’s “Las Babas del Diablo” and Maria Luisa Bombal’s “La Ưltima Niebla”

Junior Essay titles

Spring 2006

Alexandra Bush Analyzying Dada: Invitation, Resistance, Perpetuation
Cara Eisenpress Pulsating Space: The Gap Between in Paul Valery’s “Poesie et Pensee Abstraite”
Andrew Esensten Conflicts Between Fathers and Sons in Kafka and Wright
Ionita Casiana Flags of Every Nation: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality in the Ring and in the Novel
Brendan Linn This document isn’t about you: Heiliger Text and the compulsion to interpret in The Interpretation of Dreams

Dan Mach Sauntering Towards Bethlehem: Pursuing Natural Symbolism in Post-Thoreauvian American Nature Writing

Jeff Nagy Desire and Drive in Classical Detective Fiction, Noir Film and Fiction, Brian De Palma’s Scarface, and Rap Music Videos: Attempt at a Psychoanalytic Genre Definition
Robert Nelson To Rival Infinity: History, Narrative, and Human Comprehension in Tolstoy’s War and Peace
Katherine Plotnick Gestures of Possession: Conquest and Violation in Los pasos perdidos and La muerte de Artemio Cruz
Michael Sanchez The Unhappy Monsieur Teste: Valery and Hegel
Lara Schweller Color As Diction: A Construction of Similarities in Parisian Modernist Art
Benjamin Tarnoff “Mir wird so licht!”: Light and Desire in Goethe’s Faust
Emily Vasiliauskas “Ohne/Sprache”: Ineffability, Negative Theology, and Lyric in Paul Celan

Sarah Watson Saint Theresa and the Mummies: The Shape of History in Middlemarch

Ariel Westerman Understanding a Story about Understanding. Marguerite Duras’s Moderato Cantabile (the novel and the film): Relationships between the Reader/Viewer and a Story about a Woman’s Desperate Attempts to Relate to Her Life

Arie Zakaryan Gay Male Relationships in Twentieth-Century Latin American Literature: Who’s Got the Power?


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