Karl Lentz Transcripts of calls from 11-8-12 to 8-16-14

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Karl Lentz Transcripts of calls from 11-8-12 to 8-16-14

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Karl on You Tube: Fair Warning Letter myprivateaudio.com/Karl-Lentz.html


I, Bob Johnson (your name), gave no entity, known as the DHR, the right to administrate my property. (You can use this with child services; you can use it for a car, etc,)

2. I say that Baby Johnson (car, etc) is my property.

3. I say that no man or woman will make a claim saying that my claim is untrue.

4. I want my property returned to me.

5. Said property is to be totally under my control post haste, within 3 days (or whatever time you want to give them.)

6. I will charge the wrongful holder of said property X amount of dollars every (minute) (day) said property is not returned starting on the twenty-second day after they have received this summons and this suit. See attached Claim.

Karl: It’s so simple. You just say that you give nobody the right to administrate my property. So I say I want it returned in so many days and then I’m going to start charging money if it is not returned. You are supposed to give them 21 days to answer a lawsuit. On day 22 I am going to start charging you because within those 21 days they have an opportunity to make a settlement on the private side. So on day 22 you are going to start charging them in district court and you are going to move for a trial by jury. You are going to get your property back.
Craig: they get tough down here. They won’t accept any paperwork or anything. You can’t believe anything they say.
Karl: that is why you have to make it incredibly simple.
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Karl Lentz on Angela Stark’s Talkshoe 39904 episode 199-135:45.



My private audio episode#187 (family court)] at talkshoe com Karl Lentz 2h 49m [garbles/comments in brackets]

Agents for STATE OF ALABAMA took Karl’s newborn baby without cause or due process.

Took Karl 8 years to get his downs syndrome baby back.

[Contract [to give up child] was supposedly in the case file in front of the judge but couldn’t be found and state said he got a copy when he signed and we don’t have to provide one. The state didn’t lie, there is a contract in the case file, but it is someone else’s not Karl’s]

12: i conditionally accept your offer for one million dollars but that does not negate the fact that there is still an outstanding balance between us. Rayleigh v Maine.

If you say: “to make me whole and complete i require 1 million dollars” and they come back with a counter offer of say 500,000 and you accept it; well then your million dollar claim was a false claim and then every part of your claim gets challenged, thrown out and dismissed.

Editor Note: Hold your ground on the claim’s facts and value. The claim is the claim. If you want to accept a lower counter offer than your claim, you may agree to accept the partial payment but you will forgive the balance out of the kindness of your heart.

The record must show the forgiveness of part of the debt (the 500K), but the full claim remains the same. They may make a lower offer with the single goal of getting you to change your mind. Don’t fall for it. Once they make the offer, you may counter offer with your kind response. “I accept your offer to pay $500,000. By date xxxxx, for partial payment of your debt; and because i am merciful i will forgive you the balance due of your debt of $xxxxxxxxxxxx.” – Or something like that. Also you should have verified your claim to the liable party prior to a court action by due process, proper notice, your questions and testimony, memorandum of agreement for all they do not rebut.

15: it is the order of court; court means me and the jury and the defendant, we are the court; not the judge, or the clerks. You don’t see the word a, the, this court, it’s just court...

Editor Note: The court is the record between the parties/men and the current “record of agreement(s)is court/ the authority. The agreement is the judgment/authority. Court records and acts upon the agreement/right/authority. Read that again.

“it is the order of court that the state of Alabama court case stylized at ju 2001 51832 is to be known to the world as void ab initio and all of its subsequent orders are to have no force of operation.” So that’s how simple an order has to be, just basically saying i want the world to look at this case as a false case and that every subsequent order that came from this case is to be noticed as void, or known as. You don’t want to use the word deemed cause deemed is a legalese word. Everything i write has not one legalese word in it so when they try to come at me with legalese….well you’re pro se. No I am not pro se. i don’t know what that means. Where can i find that in the common parlance, common term. I am not pro se. I am just a man. And if you try to diminish my standing i can’t accept that. I am just an aggrieved man and aggrieved just means somebody who has lost his rights and he wants his rights back. (or justly compensated for the taking)

20: i realized the number one thing i did wrong is i used code. They kept 12 b 6 ing me. (FRCP Rule 12 b 6 – failure to state a claim). It took me years to understand what a 12 b 6 is. They’re saying they agree with every single fact that you are saying it’s just that you are not providing them the law in which the court can invoke the jurisdiction, the power over the other people, over the other party. I was using title 42 and a 1983 civil rights claim. The problem was i was asking for something that title 42 section 1983 doesn’t allow me to ask for in a form of relief.

So if you use their codes and you don’t use it exactly as it was written they’re gonna say there’s nowhere in the 1983 civil rights statute that says anything about us being able to force the state to turn over a case file.

In 2008 i was writing my final and they changed all the codes. Then i found Billy Thornton and the only problem is he talks too much to the judge.

24: And me i just say judge you have an oath of office, you have a duty to function to that. You move under article 6, clause 3, you took an oath to uphold the constitution and you’re bound by that oath and I am going to hold you to it. So

My job is to create orders and

Your job is just to see that my orders get stamped and get delivered to the other side.

And the other side has 21 days to either accept or appeal the order,

Then we will come back and have a common law court of record trial where

The jury will be the judge and determine the facts and determine the law.

I don’t need you [judge] in any capacity what’soever to judge anything.

[Why need a jury if a GOVERNMENT employee can’t say you owe me $]

25: i modified their summons, and you gotta be very careful, to be federal district court, not a united states district court.

It’s a good idea to use theirs [to copy, cut & paste from] because it’s stylized just like they do.

It’s like when you pay a bill to the cell phone company, they just run your bill thru a machine. Nobody actually opens up the bill and reads it.

And some people are doing that accepted for value nonsense and that’s where they’re getting away with it because nobody is really going to open up the bill, whatever you sent back to them and read it. Well you accepted one dollar in my check for the bill and there’s no more balance between us. You can’t do that nonsense.

...it says summons in a civil action. To the defendant. And then it just says a lawsuit has been filed against you. Within 21 days after the service of the summons not counting the day you received it, 60 days if you’re a united states agency or an officer or an employee of the united states described in civil rule procedure 12 or 90 days in a social security action you must serve on the plaintiff an answer to the attached complaint or motion under 12 of the federal rules of civil procedure. The answer or motion must be served on the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s attorney whose names and address are here.

Mine is almost exactly the same but much simpler.

Mine just says after 21 days after service of summons on you not counting the day you received it. You must serve on the prosecutor a verified [not verifiable?] answer to this suit or make your wish known to the tribunal you want court to try the matter on day 22.

Only a man can give a verified answer. A certified answer comes from an attorney.
33: now when i look at a judge I am looking at a magistrate, a glorified bus boy.
34: at the bottom i said: if you fail to present a verified answer, a judgment by default will be entered into the record against you and the immediate execution of the orders will commence upon the 22nd day. [Never use 'if “ sounds like threat]. Maybe: Upon your failure to…………

People don’t know what a default judgment is. Just means the man didn’t show up. They can hold the order in abeyance for 7 years.

Nihil Dicit judgment.

37: is there a verified, not certified, criminal complaint before this court. I don’t care if its cocaine trafficking, if its machine guns, i don’t care if it’s anything. Who is the injured party? And mar [?] started going bananas, oh no i want you to plead guilty, not guilty, no contest. I said sir i already answered you. And once i open my mouth in court, like Billy Thornton say, everything that you submitted to the court before you opened your mouth gets thrown out and now you are starting a whole brand new contract with the judge. So you just say; do you not have what i wrote in front of you? Yes i do. Well that’s all i have to say to the court at this time. If you want to hold me or enter a plea for me i am going to charge you ten thousand dollars a day for every day you hold me in here until the injured party appears and if he doesn’t appear the clock is ticking. One dollar for every second you interfere with my rights. What is your wish? Cause wish is a very powerful word. If the parents wish to have the child to be returned to them and the child was placed into custody not under a crime, not under a conviction, if the parents wish to have the child returned to them based upon a contract with the state the child is to be returned to the parents immediately. [Will post the Alabama code on the net]. But you have to use the correct word. You have to say i wish to have the child returned immediately. I want my kid returned, that’s not a wish. Only a man can make a wish. So until you make a wish in court...i was watching on you tube the judge said do you wish to be sentenced? Or do you want to come back and sit in court again? Judges use the word wish a lot. Because only man can make a wish and once you make a wish it’s going to be granted. That’s what the judge is there to do, to grant you your wish. You order the judge around.

Most don’t get their kids back because they think its way too simple. They believe they have to get a lawyer, attend parenting classes...

If the child was taken into custody, and this is under the social security act 672 subsection F under title 42 and it’s under the Medicaid act 472 subsection F, it states exactly what i just said that if the child is taken into the states custody the parents must approach the state. The state is not allowed to approach the parents with a contract.

So for 6 years i was defending myself against a criminal charge [that didn’t exist].

You [cps] need a verified criminal complaint before the sheriff’s department or the county prosecutor can talk to you. And once you do that I am going to move, because that’s my property...oh man i drove the social services people crazy in 2001 i said are you going to touch my property without my consent? And they said well we don’t call children property. Well i do and that’s my wife and she’s my property to.

Oh my god you just called your wife property. What does property mean mam? I don’t know. Whatever i claim is proper to my person which i believe i have the exclusive right to and enjoyment to enjoy. She has no problem being my property and I am hers. We have an agreement that I am proper to her person. She’s got the exclusive right to enjoy me. Nobody else can make that claim.

Does anybody in this room claim to have a claim to my property, to my child?

It took us a long time because everybody we talked to believed that the state had a right to touch my children.

46: sealed case attorney general says state has no right to take your child.

48: reads answer from sealed case.

50: i just want a common law court of record trial. The common law is the law of this land. There is no higher law. Google the word land, land means the people and the common law court is the land of the people. If you have ever seen that movie Excalibur, King Arthur, the king and the land are one. That’s true, the king and the land, the king and the people are on equal footing and equal sovereigns.

Can you show me where, a court of record is outlawed?

53: it’s not plaintiff versus defendant. It’s just prosecutor versus wrongdoer. I am prosecutor; I am the one moving the claim.

I don’t do any of this judicial notice, get rid of all these adjectives, just make it one word; notice. Are you a free man? No, I am just a man. All i know is I am a man. My mom told me I am a man and i don’t know any other definition of that word. You are not going to diminish my capacity as a man. In this country man created the government . The government answers to the man. Well are you a citizen. I am not even going down that path. What does being a citizen have to do with kidnapping my baby?

Did you or did you not kidnap my baby? Well are you a citizen. No no no no, I am the prosecutor here. I am the one moving this court. I am the one asking the questions. Do you have a claim against me? No! Well then you are moving under my rules.

Do you have a verified claim?

The defendant does not have to show up but the plaintiff must show up. His attorney can be there but the plaintiff must be standing next to the attorney.

The plaintiff must appear. whatever you wanted from your brother, if you filed a false claim, we are going to demand of you. And we might triple or quadruple it.

If you injured somebody you better compensate them. Offer to rake his leaves, wash his windows, you compensate him somehow because you did him wrong. But when a GOVERNMENT or county for a speeding ticket or something, no no no no, I am filing a counter claim against you. Why? Because you are not going to bring any injured party before this court. If the plaintiff shows up I am going to compensate him right now but he has gotta put his hand on a bible and verify that i injured him. Well the state says it. They better put their hand on the bible and verify it. Visa or MasterCard gotta put their hand on a bible and verify it. It worked like a charm for my sister and Macy’s credit card.

[Sister had fifteen thousand dollar bill for repairs from Rental Company. He wrote to owners they sent itemized bill for eight thousand plus and he wrote back extortion and fraud.]

My mom was an IRS agent auditor and collector. Write zero on every box [on w 2 form?], cross out the zero and write exempt on last line and highlight it. They won’t take any more taxes and you won’t be held liable anymore. First line of 1040 instruction book; voluntary compliance.

You keep original W2 form and write copy on the copy you send IRS.

1:09 We [IRS] can only tell you what you owe, you gotta believe you owe it.

1:12 you send notice to whoever adopted your grandchild that you are holding my granddaughter in naked possession which means you have no legal lawful claim to this child. There might be legally it says they can but it’s not lawful.

1:12 You just say my baby has been stolen from me.

No man has ever come forth at any time before a court of record to claim they had a superior claim to the possession of my infant.

Now I am moving my claim for the immediate lawful return for the possession of my child is to be placed under my control and i will bring you forth before a court of record to verify my claim. So it’s fairly simple. You just tell who ever is holding your property, i don’t care if it’s a car, i don’t care if it’s a yoyo, i don’t care if its a child, you give them a notice, you have my child, you have my yoyo and i want it returned. Maybe you didn’t realize it was mine, but its mine, even though you got it from some legal process no man has ever come forth and verified under oath or affirmation that they had the right to possess my child. But i will do that because the highest court in the land is a court of record and this country moves under the common law. All state courts are common law courts. I hear all this nonsense about equity or administrative courts it says right at the federal GOVERNMENT dot org web site it says on the first page all state courts are common law courts. So where can i get my child returned to me? Through a common law court. This man is going to have to come forward and claim that’s his baby, that he has more right. So then you have to move before a jury. You get that judge totally out of the picture.

This is the nonsense that i had to deal with. I went thru 9 judges with that administrative process.

You put the GOVERNMENT back where they belong, just as a referee before a common law court of record.

If they don’t return your child you’re going to charge them one dollar for every second they’re holding naked possession of your child unlawfully.

Does that come close to trezavant v Tampa? ($25,000. For 23 minutes of unlawful incarceration/ deprivation of liberty and property.)
1:21 found in administrative codes if a man makes a wish [in court] it must happen immediately.
The Holder in due course blues, a cartoon at youtube
1:28 civil rights are what the state grants you. They cannot take away your rights.
1:31 my property was taken from me unlawfully [not illegally].
1:32 GOVERNMENT cannot make an offer/contract to you. You have to go to them

ss act 472 and Medicaid act 672. The parent must seek the state. (Editor note – men/woman agents will offer to contract so the record shows you did ask government . They always want you to sign something even if you want to decline offer they want you to sign.)
1:54 got to be verified not certified [use verifiable, present tense]

1:57 the judge said can you pay the $300 or 30 days in jail. I said how about i pay you 5 dollars a week for the next 3 years? And he said what? I said do you not accept that offer? I said are you refusing my payment? Judge said you go to clerk of court and whatever you work out tell her its fine with me. So he understood the law. I made him an offer. I said look i don’t had $300 at this time but i know i can come up with an extra 5 bucks a week for the next 2 years. Do you accept that, and he was like ahh umm. If he of said the word no then he’s the one who brought controversy into the public venue. He dishonored my proposal. The debt is no longer owed so the judge knew i was playing with him.

Caller; i don’t know, he could have come back with a counter offer.

He did [sounds like; he said how bout you pay half]. I told you my word is my bond. All i could do is 5. Do you think I am gonna do 5 when i could really do 10? Do you think I am going to lie to a judge?

1:59 how to stop employer from sending 1099 to IRS. A 1099r retirement. .. I am not a contractor or a small business. The IRS has made assessment which they can’t

You notice the IRS that I believe this is extortion and I believe this is fraud.

You are trying to claim i owe a debt which i do not believe i owe. And now some man has got to come forward into open court under oath or affirmation and swear on a stack of bibles that i owe him money [then] i will work a settlement with that man.

But until that point honestly i believe you are committing extortion and i believe what you’re doing is fraud and if you don’t cease and desist immediately i am going to submit a case against you in the common law court of record because you are causing me stress.

Anymore correspondence I am charging you 10 thousand dollars for every letter i get in the mail.
Caller; is that because 35 years ago i signed a w4?

Karl: Nope. At any time you could say guess what? You are causing me harm. You are causing me injury. You are stressing me out. I don’t wish to be stressed. I don’t wish for any aggravation from anybody. When my mail comes in i better not see another letter from you. You just tell them you are going to file a claim because you have been injured. You have been wronged [that is the biggest word in law; you have been wronged]. You believe they are causing you stress and harm and you do not have a lawful claim to any of my property and if some man wants to claim right to my property, my money, let him come forth to a common law court of record, state his case in front of 12 judges and maybe the 12 judges will find for that man, because an attorney cannot speak under oath or affirmation in an open court, a court of record.

2:00 the IRS has made assessment which they can’t do

You notice the IRS that I believe this is extortion and I believe this is fraud.

You are causing me stress and harm. You're causing me injury.

Anymore correspondence I am charging you 10 thousand dollars

Tell them you are going to file a claim because you have been injured. You have been wronged [that is the biggest word in law; you have been wronged]. You believe they are causing you stress and harm and you do not have a lawful claim to any of my property and if some man wants to claim right to my property, my money, let him come forth to a common law court of record, state his case in front of 12 judges and maybe the 12 judges will find for that man, because an attorney cannot speak under oath or affirmation in an open court, a court of record.

2:04 the judge said to the attorney do you have any firsthand knowledge of the conversations or any events that took place between that man and that woman during their marriage? The attorney said no! The judge said well then you know the rules. You need to sit down. And he needs to speak. He needs to defend his self. Attorneys are not allowed to speak in open court unless they have firsthand knowledge.

2:05 look for Mr. Cherry on Angela’s calls he knocks the attorneys out of the box in 2 seconds. So if the IRS tries to come to court with an attorney you knock the IRS' attorneys right out of the picture. Wait a second this is a common law court of record; I am presenting my case as an injury. I have been harmed. I’ve been injured by something or somebody, using a name called the IRS. Now their attorney can’t speak. Only the IRS can speak. Oh, IRS didn’t appear? Then i guess i win the judgment. And it’s a Nihil Dicit is Latin for "he says nothing"; a judgment for want of a plea. Stronger than just a default. The other side failed to speak. The other side failed to answer. The other side failed to tell the attorney what to do. I want my judgment and i want it now. It’s over.

Corpus juris secundum, the second one, 925 section 344 all federal district courts are courts of record. Don’t go to the United States tax court or the United States claim court or United States any court. You just go to the federal district court.
2:05 look for mar cherry on Angela’s calls he knocks the attorneys out of the box in 2 seconds.
2:07 They switched all the codes on me. How do i get away from their code world? I learned the common law court of record by watching Bill Thornton and the only problem with Bill Thornton is he talks too much to the man in the black robe. He should just say look this is going to be done in 21 days, you are going to give me an answer. On day 22 i want your stamp of this court on this order and it’s done. You people know how to appeal it. If they don’t want to appeal it I am going to sell the judgment in about 20 seconds. So that’s the summons to appear in 21 days or this order is final. [What happened to no appeal in a common law court?]
2:09 highest court of the land is common law court.

Highest court of us GOVERNMENT [INC] is Supreme Court.

Can you show me where common law court is outlawed? Well it’s in the code. That's a code, that's not law. Where is it outlawed?

Because you will see that in traffic court all the time; is there a reason why i can’t establish a case in a common law court of record and move the state prosecutor or county prosecutor who is trying to move, who is trying to prosecute a false charge of a crime that i drove too fast? Is there a reason why i can’t drag him into a common law court of record and bring him into my case?

What they’ll say is well we don’t do the common law anymore. Can you show me where it’s been outlawed? Because i hear you saying we don’t do common law anymore, but can you show me where it’s written down? They say okay well there’s the code. That's a code, that's not law. Where is it outlawed?

When did you throw away my constitution because the 7th amendment says i have a right to move a common law court of record and once a jury comes down with a verdict it can’t be heard in any other court in this land? If the judge starts going off on you say judge if i lose can i appeal this?

I asked the judge; can I appeal this decision? If he says yes I am not in a common law court of record. There is no retrial in common law court of record. Under the 7th amendment it says once you have been tried by jury in the common law court of record it cannot be retried by any court in this land. So obviously judge I am in the wrong court because...

Caller; you are not a party to the constitution.

That’s right, but the state and the fed GOVERNMENT are. And the state and the federal government say this is the contract between the government s; that we will not interfere with the rights of man. And if anybody interferes with the rights of man the man has the right to sue the GOVERNMENT . The constitution is just to protect our right. It’s just to make sure that the GOVERNMENT does not interfere with our rights. That’s all. I am not a party to it and i don’t want to be a party to it. Once you sign a contract you relinquish certain rights to obtain privileges. So i don’t want a privilege from anybody.

2:12 Q: if you want to rescind all your signatures do you have to do it nunc pro tunc?

No. If the IRS is coming after you and asks; are you a US citizen? What does that have to do with me getting a letter in the mailbox and I am telling you it’s causing me stress. What does that have to do with me having a driver’s license, or SS #? What does that have to do with anything? Because no man is ever going to stand across from you from you in a court of record; so it’s always going to be an attorney. An attorney is not allowed to speak in a common law court of record. An attorney is not allowed to speak unless they have firsthand knowledge.

2:16 the 7th amendment is simple and the 9th is even simpler. It just says; whatever rights man has before this contract was written between the fed GOVERNMENT and states, man still has those rights. Those rights never change. So 9th amendment is actually called saving to suitors clause, and all that means it’s an escape clause for a man who doesn’t want to operate under any of that contract. Nobody talks about the 9th amend, but it’s the most powerful that we have to drag everybody into a common law court of record. I had the right to drag anybody into a common law court of record before this constitution was created. I had the right to go before a jury before 1776. I had this right to a trial by jury for the last ten thousand years. Just because you guys made a new contract between the fed GOVERNMENT and the states doesn’t eliminate my rights because it’s very simple. The enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. The people always had the right to go before the community for a trial. …

Well now we have a constitution, now we gotta do it this way. No we don’t. The people have the right to do it the way we’ve always done it. Just because you guys came up with a new constitution in 1793 doesn’t mean we’re going to forget about the old ways, the way we always did things. They said okay fine, whatever rights you had and whatever trials you had prior to this constitution, you know what? You still got that right to do that trial that way. So there you go. You always throw the 9th amendment at them, the 9th article [of bill of rights]. That’s how you pin the judges to their seat, if you say it correctly.

2:18 caller; did Karl say there are no fees to file in the court?

2:21 the free use of all courts of record and not of record (doesn’t mean superior courts) is to be granted to the people. I pulled that out of Tomlins law dictionary 4th edition page 320.

So i don’t care if you want to consider me a king, cause in this country were considered sovereigns or on equal standing with the king. You want to call me king? Fine. You want to call me the people? Fine. You want to call me the subject? Fine. Because a common law court of record is free to the king and his subjects. So call me a king, call me a subject, i don’t care, as long as I am getting in here for free. I am not paying three hundred and fifty dollars.

2:23 [reads letter posted at my private audio site titled; question to the court can this court interfere with a United States constitutional right.doc which i copy/pasted below from myprivateaudio.com];

i, write this, for there are many of the land, similarly situated, who have listened to me on a few talk shows, whom appear to be truly interested and have told me they will be following along with this case to witness the results, for i, believe i, have chosen a simple method, to move my case through this court i, have chosen to appear before a federal district court, in the capacity of, a ‘man’ aggrieved, making simple wishes and demands, to order the restoration of my rights, and to seek compensation of the declared wrongs;

That being said….

i, now present to this district court of the united states for middle Alabama’, my case;

i, as a man, wish and respectfully, demand, ( as You have always been professional and courteous to me in the past) of this court to: (1) file my suit, and; (2) to give my case an Action Number, and (3) deliver the enclosed summons to the wrongdoers, (4) please time and/or file stamp my original copy of the suit and mail it back to my address ( Please see enclosed: Self-Addressed, pre-Stamped envelope ); (5) It is my wish, to not be charged a fee, and i, do not want to diminish my standing to that of a pauper, i, want my standing to remain that of “a man aggrieved”,

i, do not believe, i, have been presented a 'bill' for services rendered;

i, do not believe that at this time, an officer of this court, can claim i, owe this court a debt;

i, DO Believe, that this court was created for the use of man, and those of mankind to settle contentious matters, in a civil manner, without a fee;

i, declare i, appear before this court, to seek the restoration my rights1 that are secured and protected by the 'united states Constitution', and as all of the officers of this court, have bound themselves2 to the 'Constitution', i, as a man, call upon the officers of this court, to perform their duties;

That being said….

IF the officer of this court, still maintains that i, am in error of my beliefs, i, will accept their beliefs, therefore i, have enclosed the $350.00 filing fee demanded of me from the clerk of the court, for this matter in controversy between i, and The government of the STATE of Alabama, has gone on for too many years already, So please, just take the $350.00 as i, need this case to MOVE NOW, for once this case is settled, it will allow an 11-year old boy, of my (and his mother) flesh and blood to be returned to us…( Ooh, if You wish to allow me to proceed “fee free” please return the $350.00)

[In later calls he does not use the word 'demand' but 'require' or perhaps 'wish']

2:28 caller; is there any way this can be related to foreclosure due to property taxes?
2:29 if somebody is claiming something that they want to take your property, only another man has standing in a court of record. I just emailed this stuff to Angela. So if you see the way i stylized the governor [or government ?] of Alabama, like man, Karl Lentz, i just put a black line between me and him, i said versus man, Robert Bentley. So now it’s man against man in a common law court of record. So now we both have equal standing. His employees hurt me. They took my kid. I believe they kidnapped my kid. I am coming after him because he should have kept his crazy dogs on his property in his yard and should have kept them away from my property. They thought well were the big cheese in Alabama we could do whatever we want. We could let our dogs run wild. We can take your property and take your children away and kill all your animals. What are you going to do? Sue us in Alabama courts? Well we run the courts. We are the court. Well good. Fine. I will take you to federal court.

If somebody is claiming...like chappy said, who penned the document? Who took the pen in their hand and said ms north new jersey you owe a x, y and z. you go after the man who put his name on the bottom of that document. And you say good. You are going to stand under oath or affirmation in a common law court of record and you are going to swear that i owe this amount of money. And they’re gonna be like well I am an attorney and i can’t... like my mom, an IRS agent told me, if I am off by one penny, that’s a federal penalty. I go to prison for a long time. That’s fraud and extortion. So whoever is coming up with these numbers he better be perfect and he better be able to testify under oath or affirmation.

Go back to Angela’s episodes, a Mr. Cherry, he shows you how to knock the attorneys from the county, the state, the dmv, the IRS, visa, right out of the picture. So then you’re standing in an empty courtroom.

Everybody remembers George bush versus al gore. Hanging chads. Went to Supreme Court... who said is there one man saying his vote was interfered with? … There was no injured party, they had no case.

Caller; if the attorney doesn’t have the principal standing next to him willing to testify that i owe him the money.

That’s right. He is going to have to swear that his property has been interfered with by your action or inaction. And there’s nobody who is going to be able to say my name is Suffolk County. Now because she didn’t pay me the money she promised me i couldn’t buy my kid a GI Joe doll, so she injured me. Nobody is going to be able to do it. They don’t have a case. So don’t answer their case as a defendant, go back and listen to this.

If the IRS asks; are you a US citizen? What does that have to do with me getting a letter in the mailbox? I am telling you that causing me stress. having a driver’s license, or a SS#
2:34 make your own case that they’re filing a false claim against you because there is going to be no injured party who is going to stand in their court.

You can say you believe they are filing a false claim against you, and yes they might have the codes and all kinds of stuff...but you can still believe they're filing a false claim. You don’t have to believe in santa. You have the right to believe whatever you want. And this is what gets people in trouble all the time; they have no facts. Never argue the facts. Cop says I was doing 900 mph, okay; you have a right to your belief. Now I have the right to believe that unless there is an injured party you have no case, and I actually won.

Virginia code; illegal to drive in reverse. Footnote says it’s lawful to drive in reverse as long as I do not cause injury or damage to man or property. [Judge said] huh, case dismissed. I said no it’s discharged

2:38 i said to all the state troopers sitting there; if my truck caught on fire you’d be the first ones to pull me out. God bless youse because i loves youse all. But you know, every time you interfere with a man’s right to travel you’re breaking the law. It might be legal what you’re doing, but it’s unlawful what you’re doing. I left the court house and the deputy said I’ve never lost. I am the traffic county enforcer. I teach all the recruits. How did you beat me? Cause i didn’t break the law. He said what law? I said you read it. I tried to give you the paper in court and you laughed at it. You wouldn’t read the law. Oh, while were standing out here let me give you notice. Next time i come thru this county doing 90 mph or 900 mph in reverse and wreckless and I am all over the road. If you ever interfere again with my right to travel I am going to sue you in your official and individual capacity. I am going to lien you up and this county for everything you got. So next time you see me come thru, you remember my rights now, just wave high.

And he said how are you going to do it? I said i know the law. Have a good day. I said i beat you once i can beat you again.

So when you know the law and how to deal with the common law [and how they impact their legal codes] you will win every time. ..

In the code world you’re guilty and you got to prove you’re innocent. And that’s what they’re trying to do here in america.

2:39they want us to prove we don’t owe the tax in their code world. No, this is common law still, you have to prove i do because there is an injured man or woman standing on that side saying that if i don’t pay this money they’re not going to be able to support their family. So you are going to need to bring an injured party. This is still a common law land. They’re trying to bring the european style of court system into this land. We are not going to win by election. We’re not going to win by getting good governors or congressman in office. The only way you’re going to win is public court. And the only way were going to win in court is if we rely upon the 9th and 7th amendments [articles]. We had the right, long before this GOVERNMENT , that we had the right to [ ] and have everybody judge us. We have the right to a trial by jury of our peers. The GOVERNMENT can’t interfere with that right. I want a trial by jury of my peers and i need the injured party to come forth and testify under oath or affirmation. Because you will get letters from visa card... an attorney actually made an affidavit. The attorney is not going to be able to affirm this affidavit in open court, but they can send all type of nonsense to the court and the court will accept any paper the attorneys want to put in. now the whole trick is you tell those attorneys to stand in open court under oath or affirmation and swear to that. And they’ll be like well we can’t. That’s right you can’t. But you can put all the docs you want to try to trick you people...

caller; why can’t they swear?

b/c they have no firsthand knowledge because they’re not a party to the case. You’re near new York right?

Attorneys can put in all the docs and affidavits they want but they cannot swear to them in open court b/c they have no firsthand knowledge of the case.

2:42 There's been no foreclosure in NY for 2 years. Because the judge said any attorney that comes to court, any paperwork from a bank trying to foreclose on some little old lady, that attorney is going to be held liable for whatever that bank submits to the court. So attorney, if you want to take the stand and put your hand on the bible under oath or affirmation and swear that you know for a fact that that little old lady owes BANK OF AMERICA money, we will take your testimony. So Google NY foreclosures.

The attorneys are terrified. The judges aren’t playing this nonsense anymore.

They are sending little old ladies affidavits, but now, somebody like me or Mr. cherry said to the judge, hey judge, make that attorney go on the witness stand and put his hand up and swear to that, and make the bank come forward. And they’re like I am not going to do that.
Only a man can be injured in common law. Only man can verify. Not certify. My whole case file has been certified by 9 judges... it’s genuine, perfect and it’s ridiculous. Everything in there is total fraud. All certification means is one person picked up a piece of paper and says do you believe i have a piece of paper in my hand? Yes. Okay stamp that seal and just certify that piece of paper. Certify just means another person believes that paper exists. It doesn’t mean anything on that document is true. ..

2:44 any statement that can’t be conclusively proven or disproven is not fact. I could say i was born on Jupiter. That’s a fact, it’s a false fact, but it’s a fact. But then I am going to say i remember being born on jupiter, that’s not a fact because nobody could independently verify what i said. So you just say i was born on jupiter. So until another man can claim my claim is a false claim that I wasn’t born on jupiter, my statement stands as true.

You don’t dispute the people’s facts. You let the people believe whatever they want, to say or make whatever facts they want about you. Well my facts are this; …………. Now were gonna need a third party impartial witness to testify who’s facts are true because i have equal standing in court. Call ends 2:49

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