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that man, Bob, who's also a police man came into my home, he was dressed in a uniform, he robbed me of my property and i demand he return my property


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that man, Bob, who's also a police man came into my home, he was dressed in a uniform, he robbed me of my property and i demand he return my property.
49: they’ve been doing a4v or OID or I am the 6th amendment thing, all kind of nonsense. You guys are making way too much out of this, it’s just DUI or driving without a license or license revoked. Just make a claim that you have done no harm, injury, or financial loss, what are you guys bringing me into court for? Bring in the injured party and i will compensate him. Until then thank you for getting me off the street when i was drunk, you are going to charge me for housing me that night at the local county jail 40 or 50 bucks? That's fine, but other than that i don’t require any of your services.
You can sign papers with UCC 308, NA [non assumpsit] or whatever but all they care is you put your mark on paper. You better be back in that court in 3 days and say i got buyer’s remorse that based upon these beliefs that now i got after the signature, i got buyer's remorse and i can’t consent or comply any further to that agreement we made. You are going to have to release me from that agreement.

And you can say i want to make another offer with terms and conditions because now you got a gun pointed to my head. How about we do it this way instead? And then they have to give you a counter offer or they say no and then they’re dishonorable. And then you say there is no more debt between you and them. It’s over.
55: if the IRS wants you to file put 10, 20, 30 tons of paperwork on them. ??????????? check audio for more.

1:07 he said I am the defendant. No the state is. The secretary of state wrote back to me and said i have to prove I am clean and sober. I said there you go, you're the petitioner.

The secretary of state used the word you like a hundred times.

Who is the you that you are referring to? Who is you? Are you referring to me a man?

1:08 Reads letter from secretary of state;

1:16 this is what they [secretary of state] are going to write back, that it’s all on you. The GOVERNMENT can't order you to do anything.
1:23 all legislation comes from the executive branch.

Not only is it my belief that this would be efficient and beneficial for all bodies concerned, but under fed regulations such and such [you believe the same].

1:26 i paid into the court so i am under their jurisdiction and have to carry out their orders without compensation.
1:30 you gotta write to the other side [prosecutor] and say hey how do you get jurisdiction over me? And you do it before you walk into the fing court. And then you get a response or non response from the other side and you say he didn’t respond.

How do you believe that i am the defendant or petitioner in this case? How do you think that occurred? Because i believe that i am neither a defendant nor petitioner in this case. And they'll write and say this is how we got jurisdiction over you. You don’t wait till you get to court.

1:35 a citizen is just a member of a household, or family.
1:36 Indiana flew Winston Shrout out here and told us a lot of nice stories, but no solutions. So now they flew me out and said wow, we told you the problem/s, you tossed us the solution.
1:45 ...you gotta pay karl 20 dollars in 30 days. Next case. My job is not to tell the judge to make him pull it out of his pocket. I still gotta figure out how to pull it out of his pocket. Its not the judges job.

How could the judge say take that guy away? The prosecutor should be the one who says I won, now take that guy away.

We [judge] have no power to order anybody to pay anything.

Did the judge win the judgment? no. the state did. Make the state order them to take you into custody.

Whos got the judgment? For some reason the judge is saying take the guy away. Did you create the order and the judgment judge for your benefit? Is that your judgment? Is that your order? And you’ve got the judgment? Whos got the judgment? They cant tell them take me away.

Judge; all i can do is order the judgment. I can not execute the order.

Why doesn’t anybody ever challenge anybody when they’re going to jail. Wait a second judge, who are you to tell anybody to touch my body? All he can do is say the judgment is for the prosecutor. Next case.
1:47judge can't say to take me away. Judge can't execute, only order.
1:54 Google the necessary and proper cause [for survival]. Half the guys did not sign the continental convention because of clause 8. Patrick Henry walks out of continental convention, or search Patrick Henry refused to sign.

Like the captain that got crew into lifeboat and they ate the cabin boy. Necessary and proper. He was not convicted.

1:58When the state is moving a case against you obviously you become the petitioner because you become a witness to yourself.

2:09 video based upon a news story. A man tried to pay off a credit card debt by drawing a picture of a spider. He was able to stay the credit card company 105 days until he could come up with the 235 dollars. So that way his credit card rating didn’t get destroyed and that way they couldnt hold a warrant in debt on him. They couldnt suspend his card because he was working on settling the matter on the private side. … i found it again on youtube.

2:11 “this video is based upon a true news report of an offer counter offer or stall stall stall yet stay in honor”. … you have to place something of value before the other party. Offered a drawing of a 7 legged spider to prosecutor who said they couldn't accept it in that form, for a car. I’d take that in a heartbeat and turn it into millions. It was in the news.

If my daughter did a drawing and died the next day you could not buy that drawing from me for any amount. so everybody has a value of what they claim has got value. So this guy is basically showing you how to do value.
2:14You don’t say to whoever it may concern, you address it to the first name.
2:20 the governor said the state of California is bankrupt, it’s not the state, the state are the people. The GOVERNMENT of the state of California is bankrupt. There is 2 states of California.
2:28 Marc Stevens it’s a great show, just do the opposite.
2:29 public defender will throw you under the bus. They want even a one minute in jail and a one dollar conviction. They do not want a dismissal or discharge because then you can sue them.
2:34 left off
[Next caller hard to hear and goes on for a long time]
3:15 why would i want to sue the United States? I go to the top guy Lentz against Prez.
3:18 somebody makes a claim you have to answer.
3:25 you better back up your claim with a bond. I just give them my word.
3:34 he put legalese in their paperwork then say i don’t understand, so he got sent for psych exam.
4:05 if the man requires the judge to forgive him he will.

When you beg for mercy and ask for forgiveness the judge knows the law of the land and has to forgive you, but the jury wont, they will throw the guy out of the house if you foreclose on them.

4:2? Get a letter from secretary of state that the state cannot require a man to have a driver’s license.

4:49 it seems the state and county agencies are separate from the fed but they’re not because they accept federal funds.

Joe Alverez & Karl My Private Audio at talkshoe. Com [3h38m]

Karl [I want to hear more from Karl!]

“Common law is the will of mankind” so notice them of your will.

Court of comety; 2 sovereigns in the same room.

1:43 Karl again;

No impact statement

Pauper case

1:45 the US doesn't have rights. They (the agents man/woman) have duties, responsibilities, obligations and that's all they have. They have privileges, they don't have rights. They’re bound by the constitution. They're bound by oath to a piece of paper.

Karl (as 'federal lady'); Do you believe that you have to pay taxes and do you believe that if you fail to file taxes, do you believe that you did wrong?

I don’t understand anything and I do not believe I did anything wrong.

That's all you have to do.

As long as you don't admit that you did wrong they have to prove that you did wrong and that'll never happen.

We're all just waiting on you to admit guilt.

[Karl appears to completely ignore the codes while saying It Ain’t Me, I don't know/care about your codes), and I do not believe I did anything wrong. Who says i done him wrong?]
press it upon the court record in open court



7-27-13 unkommon law at talkshoe . com Karl Lentz [talkshoe #127469] 1/3

gregg in indiana, tax evasion.

You filed 2 gurus paperwork and got 2 fed charges against you.

1:06 brain is 85% cholesterol. Mom had alzheimer's and on vegan diet. Doc said have her eat 10 or 12 eggs a day to build brain back up.
1:33 corporations and government s cannot require anything from me. I can require by right AND authority.

Corporations may have authority but not rights.

Is there a verified injured party in this matter.

Verify in open court under oath or affirmation.

You're committing treason...

1:40you’ve got the wrong show, that's rod class stuff, we don’t even go there.

I did sign the mortgage and the note but i didn’t realize it was fraud at the time.

Its not fraud at the time. That's the wrong show. We don’t even talk like that here.

You have to know he had evil intent at the time. If he wont utter those words in open court you will never prove fraud. A corporation can't commit fraud.
What is remedy 12usc 411? i don’t know what that is, that’s the discharge stuff.
2:03i require that you move this into a court of record and the judge said I’m not qualified for such a thing and the judge was telling the truth because obviously the judge was not bonded.

Wrote on paper; stay in abeyance until i can find competent counsel, and handed it to the prosecutor who agreed.

2:11...get away from titles and registration and all this other nonsense. All the state is looking for is who is going to be held liable financially for when you do something wrong. You can get government bonds like a US savings bond and place it in trust. Or post a surety bond w/state. Or keeping a cash deposit w/state. Or set up escrow account at the bank and give SoS access.

2:17why don’t you write the sec of state a simple letter, say, bob greetings, i a man then put your name in 4 corner bracket, require of you a simple answer. Is a man bound by your [sounds like 'toll'] codes.

2:19revoke signature on marriage certificate; revoke all you want on paper its a waste of time.
2:22/3UCC 1 & UCC 3...
2:35irs tax issue, if one hasnt filed in a long time can one do an exempt W4 now? [yes]
2:37 your alleged employer wants to comply with irs...
2:40they can send you all the letters in the world but that irs employee has got to stand in open court and say you owe x amount of dollars. Karl says no way [are they going to do that].
7-27-13 unkommon law at talkshoe . com Karl Lentz [talkshoe #127469] 2/3
If they’re gonna raid my home and take my stuff all i gotta do is say i made a mistake let me pay you 10 dollars a month for the next hundred years and if they don’t tender the offer then they have got to let the debt go.
2:48gonna see if they’re gonna send a prop tax bill
2:55 i would claim wrongdoers trespassed upon property, its not my property, its just... 'my property' is redundant. I am going to claim the wrongdoer or wrongdoers trespassed on property, or I’m going to claim wrongdoer interferes with my enjoyment of property during the past year. But not withheld.
Enjoying yourself just means enjoin. Enjoy doesn't mean like happy joy. It means i have exclusive right to bond with it and nobody else has a right to break that bond.
3:04 new jersey closed fema camps during hurricane.

3:06 this notice is to aid and protect the court clerk from any claim of injury or harm due to or arising from torturous acts, errors or omissions while in the performance of such individual's duties as an officer of court in regards to time stamps. Secondly, I a man require of the court clerk that the instant a presentment of any and all documents all articles said clerk must affix the proper time stamp. Thirdly, if a court clerk forgot to affix a time stamp upon certain articles i will forgive those of their trespass on the case (cause that's a trespass on the case) as i would wish forgiveness from those upon who i trespass upon the condition that they offer a cure to remedy the wrong.

Then i say here and verify in open court all here and be true.

And that’s just time stamps. It could be failing to file, failing to the court failing to issue citations or summonses

3:13there is a claim before the court your honor. The claim must be answered.
Caller; I didn’t do it right i never gave an order, but they know its coming.
We can make this disappear or take the order and send him a bill.

If you didn’t know and you did [send them a bill] i can almost assure you that they would send you a bill. Turn about is fair play. [ i aint givin them orders]

I have no bond. I signed out on my own recognizance. They cant lien me.
3:29how do i get out the door. This bill needs to be discharged. I know better than to ask them to discharge.
4:19 i a man, that's enough right there they know you are moving a common law court.
4:36he's gotta make a move against them. He cant wait for them to get all their ducks in a row.

The minute they pick you up the prosecutor is supposed to be told immediately within like a minute. The court is supposed to convene and get it on. So i said good. Get em going at 3 o'clock in the morning one day when everybody is sleeping and they’re not ready. Don’t wait for them to come and get you.

7-27-13 unkommon law at talkshoe . com Karl Lentz [talkshoe #127469] 3/3
4:38 a writ is not a warrant. a writ is an order for the confinement of the body of a person

body of a person could be a birth certificate. The body of a person is not defined in law.

You don’t bring the law you don’t get to win.
4:42 virginia is a commonwealth and cops can come and go in your house without a warrant.

They showed up with a warrant and he asked is there a bond attached to that? Well there's no bond, go back and bring a pack of matches and come burn it down. I’m going to take that bond.



8-3-13 unkommon law at talkshoe . com Karl Lentz

3h:29m notice is like screaming out to the world... its not just for the court room.

Require means by right and and and authority. The cop has authority, the state has authority, the president has authority but they have no rights. So all they can do is request of you. They cannot require of you because they have no rights. Now if you’re a citizen then they can require of you because you are underneath them because they have rights over the citizens, over their property. They can not require anything of the man but they can require of 'you' .. because there is two of youse, the legalese and [assume he said 'the man' but being talked over]. You is plural. Its not a singular word.

3:35 they didn’t ask you when i can pay us they asked when you can pay us.

You and i are not the same. I could act like an i when i want to i could act like a you when i feel like it.

Now do i want to be an i or do i want to be a you? It depends. Sometimes I’m an i sometimes I’m a you. You is plural. You is two entities. You is they’re not just talking to one entity. When will you make the payment, they didn’t say when will i make the payment. Which one of you is going to make the payment, i or you? I the singular person gonna pay it or you the plural person gonna pay it. Which one wants to be held liable? Because i cant tell 'i' what to do but i can tell 'you' what to do.

That’s why the judges love me cause i actually know what that BS means and you guys are totally f-in clueless. [that’s great BUT how does 'you' pay? Exactly how is 'you' liable? Do i send a birth certificate and say get it to pay?]

you address them as a man or woman. You have to get them in their personal capacity.

[3:50 golly guys, its so helpful when you talk over each other.]

[3:56 danny are you okay? You’re way under 100 decibels!]

3:59 karl; I’m not on the call tonight, nobody is manning the board. [driving in car on cell phone]

texas is pretty good, they got the 4 corner rule, the 8 corner rule [?].

4:01 i only put the bill in as exhibit...

judge; that exhibit doesnt count because i don’t have jurisdiction over that. That’s fine judge, you got no jurisdiction over it but i do. You want to attach rules and exhibits, that’s fine but you tell the judge keep his nose out of it i don’t need you to read the exhibits. I will present my exhibits to the jury. This guy already knows what hes done wrong hes got all the exhibits. You don’t let the judge read a damn thing. You leave my case alone. You keep that lid on it and you wait until i try my suit on before the jury. I’m not trying a suit on you in chambers. You don’t like my suit judge i don’t give a damn. You don’t like my exhibits i don’t give a damn. All i give a damn about is the trial by jury twelve morons who walk out of taco bell and sit in those seats. I don’t gotta convince you. What the hell do i care what you say is admissible? i will let the jury decide what is admissible.

[about 4:08 angry caller comes on and spars back and forth w/other callers. Pity there is no automatic volume control]

4:18 karl; that’s my baby, that’s my gold, what evidence do i have to put in to prove that to anybody? i don’t. That’s mine. There you go there’s the facts there’s the evidence there’s all the proof, i said that’s mine. I’m done.

4:22 karl; i don’t need facts and evidence. That’s mine, its mine, shes mine, hes mine, that’s mine, there you go that’s all the evidence and facts i need i uttered the words, now prove me that I’m wrong.

4:23 dan; you do a

notice you do a

cease & desist and then you do the

rules of the court and then you do the

claim and then you do the


you claim what you have to say in your notice.. what’s done wrong to you , you say i want this back or I’m doing this i acquired this.. you are holding your own court. So now you are taking control, they’re moving against you but now you are moving against them, now they have to answer the claim cause now a claim is brought before the court. Now they’re going to try to knock you off you’re claim so you have to stand as a man or a woman and don’t let them knock you off your claim because if you do then you’re filing a false claim before the court. Stop thinking like a defendant and start thinking offensive..

karl is showing us that we can go on the offense and go ahead and start throwing blows and get them to back up, they don’t like that cause they’re never in that position because we keep using this legalese and we getting our heads torn off. Karls done it, hes telling you to leave it the hell alone.

[talking shouting yelling over each other. if i did not need help you could not pay me to listen to this f-ing noise]
4:29 caller; I’m in supreme court right now cause i wanted to expose the [corrupt] system

[interrupting each other interrupting each other interrupting each other]

4:36 karl plays with equity cause karl knows what to do. We don’t know what to do. I don’t think anybody on this call knows how to actually give the orders and get remedy like we say and get compensated for like federal reserve notes or however we are supposed to get compensated. We cant even get past this stage, so how do we get compensated. We cant even hold our own court so how we gonna get this and that and get it discharged and get remedy for what were going thru. That comes down the line. People think they’re going to go in there and claim common law and walk out with a big check.
4:38 … in the long run i think we are all going to end up playing in equity. Common law is going to pass away because people want their houses and their toys for free and we are going to end up in a code world and all from something karl mentioned in passing was he will play around with equity and when it starts costing them a lot of money and time theyll put in his claim and that brings it all to a screeching halt.
4:42 who said you gotta make a claim for the common law? Why don’t you do that just say i claim and then go on with your sentence they already know you’re in common law.

4:44 billy thornton uses legalese template in his writings; 23 lines, double spaced, 12 point courier font,

… he wants to be a lawyer... i want mine written on toilet paper in crayon so the judge says holy crap this guy knows his stuff.

Caller; what style law are we under? Are there any rules what’soever?

No absolutely not. Its the customs of the people who live in a certain district (which is the supreme law of the land i.e., common law).

[Like this jurisdictionary guy hes a lawyer, i don’t care lawyers won cases, they could be paying off the judge]
4:55 sometimes hes a son, sometimes hes an uncle [or judge or whatever] but at all times he is a man and he knows his responsibilities to another man and he cant cause injury harm or financial loss or he is liable. Its that simple.
4:59 call ends.


unkommonlaw at talkshoe com show#127469 [garbles/comments in brackets]

[Karl comes on at first says his batt dying, be back on in an hour. He never made it back but good info on property tax about 2:42 and interesting traffic stop at 4:14 ]
Callers speaking with each other;

28: leave of court versus stay of court

38: they can’t understand that a claim trumps a complaint...

A claim is someone has trespassed...

Injury or harm

A complaint no one has done you wrong

Law trumps over policy

You got legal, illegal and law

1:31 Gregg from Indiana... my situations pretty grim...I’ve studied this stuff for 10-12 years... [Important info runs a few minutes]
2:34 your basic rod class freaking nonsense...gave me nothing but trouble

So you did give em that crazy patriotic nonsense.

...none of that shit ever applied to me and all i did was give em a reason to believe it did.

2:42 caller Dallas; it’s something i wrote to my county tax assessor when i was doing public records request. They were alleging that i was such and such and my property was such and such and i started deconstructing code and threw that at them and they threw code back at me and then i stopped all that nonsense and i said look Mr. Stevens I am a man your are a woman and if you can’t find the claim that i owe x amount of money then its arbitrary, its hearsay, there is nobody that is going to stand up and say i owe it. I tried it with the county tax assessor also and they wouldn’t sign it either that’s what got me thinking about it. They wouldn’t sign the bill. Wait a minute if you won’t sign the bill, who is alleging that i owe this? I said is Mr. or Mrs. [?] around and they said what kind of game are you playing? Are you playing word games [other caller likes to talk over him]. I kindly told her that i am a man am to government what god is to man. I created you okay, just like god created men and women.

Other caller; well i would say all that. When you make a claim you gotta back it up, you gotta prove it... you gotta prove that you created the GOVERNMENT .

3rd caller; no he doesn’t. That’s his claim. If they have a higher claim that’s the only thing that can beat...

He can believe anything he wants and do anything he wants.

He’s gotta prove it.

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