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Then what i would do is put the terms and conditions in it. If you insist on interfering with my rights

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Then what i would do is put the terms and conditions in it. If you insist on interfering with my rights and i appear on the 30th day like you wished me to or you ordered me to and i don’t see a jury there i am going to be extremely upset and I’m going to charge you ten thousand dollars for wasting my valuable time cause you know the rules under article 6 clause 3 you took an oath to be bound by the constitution. I’m using my 9th and 7th amendment, I’m using amendments right now so i don’t confuse you. I’m going to say the 7th and 9th amendments. I have the right to a court of record. That is the only form of court secured and protected by the constitution of the united states. There is no other court established in the constitution for the people. Everything else is due to an act of congress, except the supreme court of the united states, but that’s the sc of the government , not the supreme court of the people. Its the sc of the government to put the checks and balances between the executive branch and legislative branch. If the state had a prob w/the fed or the fed had a problem with a state its their supreme court so they can slug it out. It wasnt built for us. Out court is the court of record. Its the 12 people in the jury. 7th amendment clearly stipulates once its decided before a jury it cant be retried or heard in any court in the united states including the supreme court. Its that simple.

1:48 caller do you write that to the judge or do you put that in as a filing in the case?

You send it straight to the judge and none of this nonsense about putting it in the paper. If i was you i'd send it to the judge, to the judicial review board of the state, and to the circuit court judge as well. You’ve got an out of hand crazy district court judge down here that is wholly loony tune. But you don’t say that. But at least get the grasp of what you’re trying to go with. Don’t make it patriotic. Don’t make it 800 pages. Make it one page long. Maybe 3 sentences and you’re done.

Caller; if you insist on having a hearing in 30 days and there’s no jury present I’m going to be extremely upset.

Yeah you better say it as nicely as you can. I’m going to realize that you still don’t believe that i have a right under the constitution that this matter is more than 20 dollars and you still believe that you have the right to interfere with that I’m going to be highly upset and i think that your boss is going to be upset at the circuit court and I’m already notifying him as well that I’m putting you on notice. I’m letting your superiors know that they are going to be held liable, and you can do that writ of mandamus thing, i am going to demand of them that you obey the law. And if you don’t obey the law they’re going to take over.

So how are we going to do this mam, how we going to do this judge sir. How do you want to play this game? Do you want me to put you on notice with your boss and say that you are not holding up your oath of office?

Caller: so do i hope they give me an answer?

I hope they don’t give me an answer. What do i want an answer for?

Caller: if they don’t answer you say they are acquiescent, to the fact of a jury trial.

Im suing them! And I’m going to prove to the jury, i gave them time to answer. They refused to answer.

You know the rules. He knows the rules. The maxim of law tacit acquiescence is acceptance of the rules. There you go.

Do you put that in your second letter?

No you put that in your first letter. You answer in 72 hours or 14 days or 6 months, that I’m going to use it as a form of acquiescence to prove that my claim is just and true and fair. And I’m going to present this evidence to the jury of why I’m suing you. You can sue somebody for interring with your rights. Nobody can interfere with your rights, they cant be surrounded, revoked or taken away. If they could take away your right to do something its a civil privilege its not a right.

1:51 caller; give us the procedure after that to establish the case for federal court.

In the first letter you said if we cant settle this matter on the private side i am going to [ ] common law court of record and put it in a federal district court because obviously I’m not going to get a fair hearing in a state court because you’re a state judge. Obviously you get paid by the state so your buddies are going to back you up. So you know what I’m going to do? Put it in federal court. How do you want to deal with this? And then you want to make sure the federal rules say.. you have to abide by certain federal rules. Shes interfering with my rights. Its a federal question and let the federal judge decide whether or not she had a right to interfere with your rights to a jury trial.

That’s what i say to people about declatory judgments. Go right to the federal district court judge and ask him can you give me your opinion federal district court judge. I got a fake lady judge giving me a hard time interfering with my right to a jury trial. Can you give me my standing if i brought it before you? How would you rule on that? Well okay, the federal judge is giving you a hard time. Yes. Okay this is her standing, this is your standing, you’re using article 6 clause 3, shes ignoring you right? Good. He will give you the opinion and then he will send it to the judge lady. And he will say now judge lady do you still want this lady to drag you into federal court, because i already ruled in her favor. Because when she comes here she is going to win in a half of a heart beat because everybody here at the federal district court already is aware of what’s going on. So, are you sure you want to settle this on the private side? That’s a declaratory judgment. 1:53

1:54 caller; what about our right to clean water?

Must be tom. Did you sue the prez yet?

Were going to. Common law court of record. All 50 states want to join in, have you heard?

Yeah. Only one page right? Send to prez right?

It doesnt take much when people are discharging.

Do you have a question?

What about our right to clean water?

Nobody has the right to contaminate common ground. If you find somebody discharging on the common ground or the common water you say, you hold them liable for doing it. Well epa is not enforcing the law well then their boss is the prez of the US and hes a public servant so you tell the guy in charge of dea or homeland security that I’m putting you on notice you have some crazy [ ] out here that they’re the law called the epa act, clean act of 1972 and they’re failing to enforce it. I’m telling you as the executive branch that your duty is to enforce the acts of congress. I’m giving you notice that if you don’t start sending some people to do their duty I’m going to charge you a feee of ten thousand dollars a day and bring some guys in here from china who will start installing [filters?] and well start billing the united states government for failing to clean the water. We will bring in an outside contracting agency and hand you the bill. If you don’t want to..we will find somebody else to do your job.

1:56 caller can they try you again if they had 2 hung juries?

Oh yeah. What seems to be the problem that you cant settle this on the private side?


And you had a jury trial? Whenever i had traffic i hate going before a jury. I went backwards thru a stop sign and i knew a jury would convict me. A jury would ataint me. I said to the judge but i didn’t break the law. there’s no injured party. And i didn’t have no contract with that cop because that’s my car and i can drive it anyway i want. And the judge says well no I’m going to find you guilty. I said to the judge can i bring the law into the court? What law? Its in every code book. What does it say in the footnote? Because he read the legalese, the code. The footnote; its lawful to drive in reverse as long as you don’t damage property and another person told you that you couldnt drive that car in that manner.

Huh. He said your case is dismissed. I said no its discharged because i aint coming back because i got better things to do than to explain to you the difference between dismissed and discharged when you couldnt even understand the difference between legal and lawful. So what your friend did was illegal, but what he did was not unlawful. Did he cause any property damage to anybody when he was driving his car.

You don’t need to go to the jury. You just tell the judge i did not break the law and you explain to the judge the difference between legal and lawful if the judge is an idiot because sometimes the judge don’t know.

Well hes not a judge...

right sometimes these administrating hearing officers don’t know the diff between legal and lawful. You gotta teach them. But how you do it is you present it to them a week or two or a month or 2 before you actually go to trial. And then you go to a precipe day with these administrating hearing judges that do in the traffic court. You could ask them to have a preliminary hearing with you in chambers with the prosecutor. He will give it to you. You state your case. You explain to him, look, this is what the law says. And i actually used the virginia code of 1950, its like 16 point 1 three thirty three. Read the footnote. It says lawful to drive in reverse in the commonwealth as long as you don’t cause damage to property or the person whos car it is told you specifically you couldnt. He said huh. I said judge its an ancient law. I said that’s law. What your reading is some legal nonsense code. The price went up from two dollars in 1950 to fifty dollars now in 2010. your legalese always changes but the law remains the same. The law never changes. As long as there is no injured party i can do whatever i want on this planet and nobody can tell me no. nobody is my damn daddy. We are all people here. If you want to drive backward i think you’re a nut. But you know what? if you want to wear a black robe I’m going to think you’re a nut. I would never be caught dead wearing it but i like to drive backwards so i guess I’m a nut too. But were all free to do whatever we want in this life aint we judge? And then you just go on with your day. He is not going to hold you guilty. Oh yeah this makes sense. You’re going to slug this problem out prehearing day. Don’t wait till you go to court. there’s no reason why you cant say i wish to [ ] this matter in chambers. I wish to settle this in a preliminary hearing. Is there some reason why we have to have jury? Is there some office hours i could just meet with you and the prosecutor? Can we have a 3 way phone call? I did that with the attorney general of virginia, i sat in the judges chambers and we slugged it out in the judges chambers and the judge realized holy cow this guy is going to run me over like a freight train in court and the judge recused himself. there’s a lot of ways you can settle this and a lot of ways without opening your mouth in court.

Im sure there’s some sort of rules in your civil code that says something about a preliminary hearing trial that you demand it, that you wish it, to move the matter into some sort of a plea bargain with the parties out of the public view. 2:02

2:03 can you explain dismiss versus discharge and how you effect that with the judge?

I tell the judge you could dismiss this because there is two types of bills in this world. there’s bills of account and there is final bills. So now if you want to leave my citational ticket where the state or the county could use it to create bonds or security instruments with it, fine. You could just dismiss it and use it as a form of security instrument. there’s 2 kinds of bills. Bills of account that I’m still going to be in debt to the county or the state. So you can bundle all my traffic tickets and everybody elses and you could sell it off to an investor like a derivative. just like they did with mortgages. This is how counties and states..they’re running out there getting traffic tickets like crazy that they just want them dismissed not discharged because once they’re discharged they cant use it as a form of debt instrument to create credit for their county or state. Dismissal leaves it on record

2:05 so how do you discharge it?

You don’t. Why would you want to do that, unless its hurting your insurance policy or employment. Just let the county or state keep it. I don’t care. Do you want to have ten thousand tickets with my name on it and you could generate money for the county or state without tax, and you need investors to buy this hokey dokey derivative bond nonsense like these mortgages on houses and somehow generate money for the county to fix the roads and [ ] for our schools, well god bless you i will go out and generate as many traffic tickets as you want me to as long as you...

[caller: they told me sign here and we will release you and return your property. I said re lease me, so you are going to lease me back to someone who had a lease before?]

11-19/29-12 ??

my private audio at talkshoe com guest dean Clifford [& Karl] 2h46m [garbled words/comments in brackets]

1h:02m sometimes all you have to do when you go to court like say foster care kid, you’re child was taken away and placed in foster care, i explain to people you guys are going about it the wrong way. That if you entered into a contract with the state or the county all you have to do is walk into court and say i wish for the child to be returned and they have to by law do it because you made a wish. Have you ever heard anybody try that style?
I have not. I can see there’s a couple different ways i could go on that to explain why that would be the case. Expand on that a bit.

I just emailed it to everybody. I pulled it out of the social service admin code under chapter 660-528 foster care for children.

Under the authority to place it says the department has no authority under voluntary agreement to hold the child against the parent’s wishes. Consequently the parents have the right at any time to request and to receive his child. Voluntary agreements are to be accepted only in situations in which the departments would have no hesitancy in returning the child to his parents.

Ninety nine percent of children are held in foster care based on some sort of agreement the parents signed with the state and for some reason the state found that the parents were in default of the agreement so they come on in and grab the kid.

All you have to do is go to court and say i wish for my child to be returned, and not only is that my belief, it’s actually in your administrative codes. So you have to do this. Just show them the code because, don’t offer the parents an agreement to place the child or work with the parents if there is real criminal charges or abuse or neglect. Don’t try to use it as leverage or plea bargain, because the parents can come back at any time and revoke the contract that they entered and you have to give them back their child immediately.

1:06 you make it your belief. That is my property. Nobody has a claim to that property higher than my claim. That child is proper to my person and if any other man wants to come to court and claim that property we could debate it but until somebody comes forward...
now you’re starting to pull a power play on them.
And i say to them not only is that my belief but under your code section 660 0420b that you have no authority to hold my child against the parents’ wishes. It is my wish that you no longer hold my child.
1:09 not only is this my belief but compare this with your belief or [rather] how you [ GOVERNMENT ] maintain your position
can this decision be appealed? If he says yes I am in the wrong court. I need to be in a court of record because once it’s been tried by the fact been tried by a jury it cannot be heard or retried in any court in the united states.
If you can retry it you’re in an administrative court
when i tell people to file a lawsuit, in the cause of action section, just say you are administrating property without right.
There you go. Unauthorized administration of a state property [state?] is the way i was phrasing more than a year and a half ago. You are an unauthorized administrator. You’re an administrator de son tort or an executive de son tort. If you’re claiming to be a force in the will of this estate produce the will right now because i think you’re full of it because I am the administrator. I am in possession of the will. The living will of the estate. But anyways that’s a rant.
1:12 thank you Karl, i will have you on again so that you can take over the whole show. I’ve had him on a couple times and i like Karl and will have him on again, but he takes over if you let him.

1:32 okay Karl did you have a question for dc?

Yeah you said you were hoping somebody had a lawsuit against CPS. I have a law suit against dps and i charged them one dollar for every minute that they interfered with my right to bond with my child.

The governor of the state is going to be served Friday and i got a really interesting order today it just says the court has reviewed plaintiff’s complaint and has concerns about its proprietary. Do you know what that means?

Yeah proprietary is a claim of a property right which is a right of use or a right to do something and if they have some proof of claim i wouldn’t ignore it.
The court is trying to figure out do they own my lawsuit or do i own my lawsuit because they tried to modify my claim, put me down as a pro se plaintiff and i said I am not a pro se nor am i a plaintiff. I am a prosecutor and the aggrieved party and I am an injured man.
Yeah, you’re the principal.
Right. But they said i was the plaintiff and they tried to say i was pro se but then if you’re plaintiff and a pro se you have to operate under the federal rules of civil procedure and i said i will not play under the FRCP because it’s not the law, it’s a rule, the FRCP comes from the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court does not create the law of this land. The congress does. So i said you cannot force me to abide by your rule if I am not part of your society, your legal society, so I am not going to be pro se. so if anybody tries to mutilate, tamper, alter, novate my claim without my consent, I am going to hold you liable cause you’re tampering with my testimony that I’ve already packaged to hand to the jury cause i want the jury to determine the facts and the law of this case and i just want you to stand as a magistrate just to take the verdict from the jury and hand it to the clerk of the court and record it.
Now that is interesting.
Oh yeah, the court actually said that, i am not to enter anymore uh... and i love taking orders to because

I’m going to send them a bill.


It says plaintiff is to refrain from submitting any other filings in this case pending this courts further review of the complaint [what complaint? It’s a claim]. But i love the sentence that says they have concerns about its proprietary. The federal court is trying to take claim of my lawsuit. They’re trying to tell me what i can and cannot do with my lawsuit, my property.

It was deposited with them right? And they’re trying to claim they own something you deposited with them. How can that be?
I kept the original. I just did it thru the universal postal service. I did the registration. So i have a file number of that complaint of my own. They’re trying to put their file number on it but i put it in the four corner rule. I gave them a box so they could put their claim number in. they don’t control anything in the lawsuit. They tried to say i was doing a civil rights claim. Civil rights? I am not a black or woman, a gay person or handicapped. what civil rights? I am suing for forgery and bad faith. You had the opportunity to settle this matter on the private side because i made a wish to have the child returned and you never obeyed your own law. Your law says if i make a wish and it’s based on a voluntary contract you have to give me back the kid and you won’t settle on the private side so there’s a lawsuit for bad faith and its forgery...
absolutely its bad faith, i like that.

Right, and then i went after them for forgery because they kept my kid from me and my wife for 8 years and they used somebody else’s name and child... it had nothing to do with me and my wife. It had nothing to do with me and my child. We just came to the hospital a couple days after he was born and they asked us to sign all kinds of paperwork cause he had downs... he’s not leaving without you signing forms... mam is that a threat? Am i under arrest? She said no, but I am telling you, you come back tomorrow morning he will be gone. It took us 30 trails, 9 judges and 17 attorneys to finally get a copy of the contract which didn’t have my name, wife’s or babies name on it. So the [ ] said what is it gonna take to settle this Mr. Lentz? It took me 2 years and you and Billy Thornton helped me out a lot, i finally came up with a number because i couldn’t figure out how to justify a number. Ill charge you one dollar for every second you interfered with my right.

I moved it under a court of record, if you can see my lawsuit on Angela’s site and i think you’d be amazed because you said you always wanted to see somebody do something like that. I didn’t use a single code, citation and they can’t figure out what to do with it now because i didn’t use any of their codes.

You can’t rely on Supreme Court citation because it’s just an opinion it’s not law.
Prosecutor is just somebody on a mission to accomplish something. it’s very vague word. And i always call them the wrongdoer. I am not defending. I never call them defendant because I am not fighting with these people. I just want to tell the jury these people did me wrong.

If they want to believe they did right I am not arguing their facts. If they believe they can use a forged contract to steal a child that’s their belief. I am just saying i think they did wrong.

I sent him [governor] a personal letter, Robert Bentley, not mister, not governor, not anything, man to man

i am telling you, you have subordinate officers that are under your control and authority, you are letting these people hurt me, and you are letting these people cause me harm. I am telling you, you have to pull them back, and one of the hats you wear is the governor, one of the hats you wear is chairman of the board of cps. I am telling you, you are going to have to pull these people off and you’re going to have to move on your own volition to overturn these orders or i am going to have to move you in a court of law. And he said well do it. Take me to a court of law. And I am taking you to a common law court of record where its man on man, because the federal court asked me yesterday why are you suing the governor? I said no! How did i stylize his name? I said Robert Bentley man. They said oh, so it is man on man. Yeah and i said and as what, chief magistrate, chief governor and as the chairman of the dhr.

There you go. And a wrongdoer. He’s not a defendant because i don’t want to fight this man. I just want to take my case to the jury and open up my case and say don’t i have a wonderful suit, its gold. Now he can open up his case and try to explain to the jury i have a forged instrument here but i think we can do what we did to him. I don’t want to defend myself and i don’t want him to defend from me.

I don’t want to bring a controversy into the public. Controversy empowers agents of fiction. Ask good questions of men to get agreement/peace.

The only determination should be was there an injury or not? Was the rule violated or not? Do you have standing to bring this claim or not? That’s the facts that need to be decided. That’s simple. a child could make that case.
Right. And every attorney said we can’t help you because you’re going to win. Well be disbarred. This is a no brainer, you should be able to figure this out and do this on your own.
Thanks Angela for letting me jump on because he said he finally wanted to see somebody finally sue these people.
1:47 law is we are subject to no matter what [gravity, etc]

2:03 ignorance is innocence but once you know and you fail to fix the problem that’s no longer innocent. [knowing there’s a problem and knowing how to fix are 2 different things]

2:03 keep making mortgage payment but then get it back on the other end. Or forgive the debt.

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