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How can i modify it? Then he will tell you well if you want to modify it uh, i didn’t create the document, as a matter of fact sir, you are the one who signed it, you created it, the last one who puts their mark on the paper its theirs. Contract law, the last one who writes is liable. .. one guy said to me no no its their paperwork, they made me sign it. Once you sign it its yours.

2:20 one man came to your house, and even when Bali did in his case he did the old Nuremberg thing,

Just because there’s a piece of paper a section of the German Nazi code that says any man woman or child that’s a jew shoot them in the head and throw em out in the gutter. Just because section 32 says that in the german code world, when the war is over, guess what, they all hanged anyway. So it doesn’t matter what some stupid code says, one man cant trespass on another man's property. So you gotta make a claim against that man who came kicking in your door.

2:21 there’s a reason why we have two courts running in this country. We have the crown and queens bench common law. In case the crown gets out of hand where is a man or a woman to seek redress when the crown has done wrong to a man, who created the crown?

2:24...they open up the court house and let the queen in right? Where is queens bench? Wherever she says it is. Where is your court? Wherever you say it is. you have got to know how to occupy a public bldg, just like she knows how to walk into any public bldg and make a claim. She needs this public bldg to carry on business, the queens business, the people's business. you gotta be able to walk into a public bldg and say the people's business needs to be heard, i have some matter for the people to hear. I’m one of the people. This is my court. This is a public bldg. Ive got business here. I’m gonna open up shop and I’m gonna run this place, so, court clerk i need you to do this, this, this, this, and this. Senior judge magistrate i need you to assemble this, this and this for me. And you gotta give em the orders. you guys gotta know how to act like a king or a queen. If you don’t they’re not gonna help you. its not their job to help you. its not their job to teach you how to be a queen. She knows how to walk in there and say where is the officer of this court? Where’s the court clerk? Where’s the magistrate? I need this court assembled. Magistrate you go seek the jury members for me. I need twelve. I need witnesses. Go summon these witnesses to appear. Court clerk lady issue summonses. I will create the orders and you will dispatch them forthwith. you guys gotta learn how to run into a public court house and use it and work it. If you don’t know how to work it they don’t have to spoon feed u, why should they? They’re going to win every single time. Why would i teach you how to beat me when i got such a great game going on?

2:29 i only have to answer to my fellow man. I don’t have to the crown prosecutor, barrister, magistrate or a crown judge. I’m not a member of the crown. I’m not representing anything. I’m a man, a man has come forth to make claim of wrong, if you’re in England, good, if somebody is making a claim i done wrong, they’ll say no. nobody is saying you done anything wrong. .. the only duty and obligation i have to my fellow man is not to do anything wrong. so if there is any man or woman saying i done anything wrong i will be more than glad to entertain before queen and country. Until then i got nothing else to say. And you guys just go on with your crown's little case because you know what? you already heard my wish to evoke this before queen and country. If you wish to interfere with my right to be a man to go before queen and country i am going to hold you liable as a man to another man. You’re a man judge, you’re a man prosecutor. He knows I’m not a member of the crown. He knows the crown is the creation of man. The creation of man is considered a monster. So you know and he knows he is giving up his fellow man to a monster, to a machine. And he knows this monster is going to hurt his fellow man. I am going to hold you liable for allowing your little creation called the crown to cause harm to your fellow man. you got a duty and obligation to your fellow man, not to the crown. And you gotta get that through your head that you’re a man and you have no duty and obligation to answer any member of the crown. you do have a duty and obligation to answer any man. Its that simple.

2:33 judge, you’re a creation of man. No judge ever created man. I’m a man, i created you. don’t tell me what you are going to do to me. I’m going to tell you whether i am going to allow you to exist. you cause me any harm, I’m pulling the plug judge. .. we are going to pull your charter. you are not going to exist in England anymore if you keep doing harm to man. We are not going to allow it.

When we did that show in England, i guarantee that’s why the British and Canadian government s love me because when i started the show first thing i say is what do you people think of your government ? They’re all evil greedy tyrants corrupt. Okay good. They’re all evil, so that’s making all of you good. What are you good people doing about it? Absolutely nothing. Yeah that’s what i thought. ... that’s why central government s love me because I’m picking on you people not them. Has anybody met a non corrupt government official? They’re doing what they’re supposed to do. What are you doing as a good man?

2:39 if you guys got hundreds of thousands of english men and women to send that to crown officials; look we created you and we have had enough of what you have done. And you are liable as a man for sending your little monster called the crown out into the public at large and man has to have the ability to redress grievances against the crown and you are certainly not going to take it into crown court. Its only going to work one of two ways; either you are going to let us have peaceful petition or peaceful grievances or its gonna get violent and there’s only one of you and ten thousand of us... for every one of you.
[long talk on using public buildings for free]
2:56 fifty people waiting in the hall... who would just love to ask you these same questions. .. and next time it might be 100, 200, 1000. These people have had enough of this. They want answers.
3:03 why do we need a people's court? Anybody on the crown side causing harm to man trespass on their right by kicking in their door under section 23 or 28, you know what? We are going to bring that man in and say why did you put a bullet in that Jewish baby's head? Well its under section 28.. Oh really?! Well you are still liable to man. you are still liable to the people.

3:10 the crown is doing a helluva job smacking you people around. they got you guys running around like a yo yo. They got you guys going in twenty different directions. They’re doing their job perfect. ... so you better just stay focused and just lay down the law and say look, I’m here to compensate any man i done wrong, other than that i got nothing to say to any of you. i am just here to speak to my fellow man and i know there is no man present in this court room, and I’m an Englishman and i got the right to take any claim of me doing wrong between g0d and country, between queen and country. I got that right and don’t interfere with that right. And that’s it.
3:13 you gotta give them... when you walked in there you were looking for the man or woman that summonsed you into court at nine o'clock, let them know that you are present and that you are here for the scheduled appointment at nine o'clock [have clerk time/date stamp papers when you arrive and when you leave]. And you said three times that you made yourself known to the court that you are now present in court and you are here to settle any matter and claim i have done wrong, or a debt and if no man comes forward make sure you go around to the court clerk and say i made my presence known to the court and that no man has come forward with a claim that i have done something wrong. Now what you were going for is traffic. Now what is going to happen i told you is they are going to suspend your license because they are going to say you failed to appear. So the problem is is what you are doing works fine as long as you are not in breach of a contract and they’re saying that you are in breach of a contract and they are going to find you in default because you didn’t appear to put your case before the court and say that no i am not in breach of a contract. you didn’t let them know that you were not acting under license at the time of the stop. And that you were under the wrong jurisdiction, yes, but there might be a venue where he can hear matters of traffic and of doing wrong, but the traffic court had no jurisdiction over you. So for them to summons you into court, they summonsed the wrong person, they summonsed the license driver, and you were not a licensed driver at the time of the stop. That’s what you should have put in your notice, that you have got the wrong person. I am a man going from point A to point B with my property. I am taking my property from point A to point B. Or on that day i took my property from point A to point B and there was no harm, loss or injury to my fellow man. If you believe i was this person acting as a licensed driver well this court would be in error. That’s how you should have brought it to their attention before you just go into traffic court and you start playing under common law rules. So okay those are common law rules, the only problem is we are not going to do this today because this is traffic court, some other day we will play under the rules of common law man. We are not gonna do that today. And that’s what somebody told u; we are not going to play this today. This was not the game before the court. The game before the court is licensed driver game.. is going to occupy this venue from nine o'clock to five o'clock. If you would like to do something with the court of claims, make a claim, we do that on Tuesdays. Today is Thursday we do traffic court here. No we are not going to play that today. And i think that is exactly what you said someone said no we are not going to play that today. Cause a court is a place where people go to play games. So that’s what i said you should have done.

3:17 How can i correct my error?
Did you see if your license is suspended yet at their web site?
No. And if it is suspended?
Then you worry about curing it. you got to address the court by saying Oh we were playing traffic court that day and I’m sorry i was evoking common law claims. Sorry about that. Let me make it clear one more time for this traffic court; i was not a man acting as a licensed driver at the time of the stop so you have no jurisdiction over me. I was a man going from point A to point B in my property with my property. Now if you folks would like to make a claim against me i believe your claims court is open on Tuesdays and traffic is on Thursday. But no, there is no business for me in traffic court. So sorry for any misunderstanding but i certainly was not acting as a licensed driver at the time of the stop. I did not produce my license to the officer at the time of the stop. I did not show him my license at the time. I do not believe that a man has any requirement to transport his property from point A to point B under a license. If i want to transport my property from point A to point B any place on planet earth i believe that a man has that capacity as long as he does not harm another man while he is doing it. And that is what I’m going to do, i am going to move from point A to point B on planet earth with my property. And there you go, something that simple.

3:24 if you really believe there is something called a judge and a magistrate, if you believe there is something other than your fellow man who would judge you or g0d who would judge u, god bless you. if that’s what you want to [be] lead to believe that this piece of paper in this book, somebody is going to come by and say

according to section 28 you are in violation...

can i see that section? I cant read that. Can you read that? Why don’t you get the man here who wrote section 28.


Get the man down here that wrote section 28 and have him tell you that’s what he wrote and let him tell you that it has something to do with i; a man; [Karl Lentz]. Let him say it in front of you and me and he will tell you Mr. Officer this ain't got a damn thing to do with i; a man; [Karl Lentz]. He will tell you you are so wrong. this has nothing to do with a man.

What? He ain't gonna tell me that.

You want to bet? How about you prosecute me. How about you charge me with a crime. How about you drag me into court. I am going to make a claim that you brought me into court for no good reason and I’m going to bring the man in who wrote this silly code and he is going to stand there in the witness stand and say this has absolutely nothing to do with a man and it certainly has nothing to do with a man known as Karl Lentz. [neither implicit or explicit]. And when he says that in open court on a stack of bibles then will you believe me? Before you get yourself in trouble Mr. Officer you better call your legal department and ask them what’s this crazy guy Karl Lentz going on about?

4:44...i wouldn’t go with that court of record nonsense. Every court is a court of record. You have to tell them, expressly, according to, like the common law of England or the common law of Black's law dictionary edition 4, that i have the right to evoke a court of record, which is their belief, which i also believe is your belief means it only moves under the common law where the magistrate is independent of the tribunal. [If] you just say court of record they will look at you like you’re crazy. I guarantee you there are courts of record in Alaska, the Eskimos their records they are recording on this massive igloo or ice cube somewhere. So what? What rules are we running under? Sioux indian rules or Arapaho rules? Of course they’re all courts of record, they are keeping a record of it, but what kind of court of record? Oh you mean [?] record or a court of record that i define as a court where the magistrate is independent of the tribunal only moves under the common law does not move under statutes. you just say court of record. Court of record what? you say court of record like everybody knows what you are talking about. you say I’m a man and i am going to move my banana court into this public venue. Okay. What is your banana court? Can you tell us what your banana court is based on? Oh if you want to know what my banana court of record is based on go to Black's law commentary section 378 or you can look at the good version of it is Black's 4TH edition where the magistrate is independent of the tribunal and it is ONLY going to move under the common law which means it can only be man on man. That an officer or an agent of the government cannot testify unless he takes the oath as a man.

Oh that banana court you want. That’s what you call banana court? Okay we call it court of record or we call it claims court, is that what you mean? Or we call it the people's court like judge Judy does. .. call it whatever you want just tell me what is a banana court?

Well i evoke a court of record?

Okay, can you tell us what it is?

Okay, see exhibit A. like i do i gave em notice of what a court of record was. Per [?] magistrate is independent of tribunal i don’t want anybody to view my, open my case, review my case until it comes before a jury. The magistrate and the court clerks are independent of the tribunal which consists of i prosecutor, the wrongdoer and the jury. I don’t want anybody else eyes on the case, in the case, touching the case, trespass on the case. I gave em a notice what banana court means, a notice of what court of record means. I gave them an understanding of what Lentz court means. Just cause i invoke Lentz court, Lentz court what? What is that? .. what does Joe Smith court mean?

You have no idea how to follow it all the way through to the end. You just watched a five minute youtube video clip explanation of it and now the judge is going to challenge you on it for the next three or four hours are you going to be able to deal with it for the next three of four hours?

Hit me Karl. Hit me with them.
No I’m not. I don’t do that nonsense. What I’m saying is this is what you have got to do.
4:59 recording ends.
Should i give notice to separates person from man?


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