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That’s a code then. One is a law and one is a code. So are you committing false claims in court? Are you guys committing perjury? You just come to court and say whatever you feel like saying? You’re lying? I thought you guys swore up and down that we were here to discuss the fact that i broke law. I guess i didn’t break the law did i? Then i guess there’s no reason to be here. Oh they hate it man. I catch them at their own words. I brought them over to the common law side just saying something simple. Are we to discuss i broke the law? Is that what you’re claiming? Are you claiming i broke the law?


Only problem is only man can make a claim. So i guess we’re on the common law side now. So who’s here to make a claim?

Oh jeez. This guy got us in 2 seconds or less.

Yup. I am done sir. Anything else you need?

I’ve been doing this for 20 or 30 years, getting in and out of court it’s so fast it’s scary.

46: i did all that freemen of Montana nonsense. It gets me nowhere. I made a claim, I am a man, and I can do it in one page or less. The federal court doesn’t like it that simple. My whole cause of action is only one sentence long; forgery. They used a forged instrument to interfere with my rights. I am done.

58: there’s ways to not pay the filing fee. But if i didn’t pay the filing fee then that would be admitting I am in a public court. To get them to acknowledge for me to file free they would give me so much non sense, then I’d have to file as a pauper. But if you file as a pauper everybody knows if you’re a bankrupt country or a bankrupt person you have no rights. You’re creditor determines what you can and cannot have so you never file bankruptcy and you never file that you’re a pauper because then a judge determines whether you get to go into that court or not then he will tell you what your rights are once you get into that court. So instead of going the informa pauperis route or whatever that is, i got the $350, I’ll go file in federal court and in the next couple weeks ill just claim my money back. Oh guess what? I just paid my money to a public court. What am i doing? The courts are free to the public. Like the public library. Please send me back my 350 dollars.

59: people ask me what got me into this. 1972 NY state outlawed corporal punishment, spanking kids.

I said so that’s illegal now? They said no, there’s a difference between legal and lawful and they showed me the code book.

1:01 once you use their words they can use legalese back at you.

All you have to do is say you’re a man and you’re making a claim and right there you’re on the common law side because it’s presumed or assumed in this country that this is common law and that a man can hold court in common law. Why would you want to add more than I am a man and I am making a claim, because only a man can make a claim.

1:06 here it is. Parties, claimant, i, a man by my will move this case through this federal court by way of rights secured and protected to a man by the bill of rights and the united states constitution articles one, seven, nine and ten and under the common law of the land. There you go. That’s how i define myself as a claimant.

And i wrote to the respondent the dhr what you folks call cps, 1 is a federal agent. 2 is a state agency.

And jurisdiction was simple, a party to diverse. There exists a controversy between the parties.

Number 3, the value of the controversy exceeds 20 dollars.

Number 4 the power of the court can divide the restoration of rights to man.

5 i can move a court and order monetary compensation for damages.

venue, the court house is within close proximity to the defendants.

And then the matter in controversy, forgery, the deed shall uttered a forged instrument which is interfering my rights. See exhibit C.

and then the order. As the dhr moves in bad faith i as a man believes that in order to settle this case

it is necessary and proper for i a man to be made whole and complete at the sum of 300 gazillion dollars reflects the amount of time for every second that my rights have been interfered with to date. As the above stated sum is owed payable and due forthwith is to be paid in the full within 21 days after the wrongdoers have been served their summons sued in order to prevent further damages to accrue.

And then i wrote down i will affirm and verify in open court that all this herein above be true.

Cause only man can affirm and verify in open court. That’s my whole law suit.

1:09 when complaints get dismissed for failure to state a claim, that’s right. Because you didn’t state a claim. You made a complaint. Of course you failed to state a claim. You filed a complaint. So file a claim. They’re telling you right up front. You failed to state a claim.
1:14 i wrote federal court on the face of it, the money order. I got the picture of it off pacer. As far as I am concerned I am in a federal court and they said no you are in united states district court. I said no I am in federal district court because i paid $350 to be here and on the uscourt.gov web site it says in the very first sentence all federal courts are article 3 courts under the constitution. So, I am in an article 3 court because it says right here on your web site, that’s what i said to the US Marshalls in 2013. I am pulling it off the US Marshalls web site and the uscourt web site.

1:22 coca cola can’t sue in the common law court because only man has rights. Coca cola has duties and privileges in their charter. A man can move common law, coca cola can't. Coca cola has to appear in a code court. They [coke] were established under some sort of code. i wasn't created under a code. I said to the marshals do you actually know where the codifications come from? What branch of the government codifies the public law? He says i don’t know. No branch of the GOVERNMENT codifies public law. It’s a private publishing corporation called Thompson’s out of Canada. They come down and read the public law. They unroll the public law in the library of congress vault and they interpret the public law and they codify it. they create a code out of it. Now if they’re misinterpreting the public law who am i going to sue, Thompson’s the publishing company who actually creates the public code? Good luck with that.

So if you want to stand in the code world go ahead. I am just gonna stand in common law all the time.

1:28:57 that’s what’s great about dealing with a federal court. If you get an order for 300 bazillion dollars the US Marshalls will go carry it out for you. If you get an order from a county or state court you gotta figure out how to collect the judgment. You could file like a writ of debt and then try to go get a writ of attachment and try to get the sheriff's department to go carry it out for you.
1:29 i don’t know if you know Janet Marie, she got arrested. She does community call 2009. she got stopped by a young police officer about 2 weeks ago and she tried to do conditional acceptance upon proof of claim...secured party creditor... the cop was totally bamboozled and so let her go. So a week later the cop was following her and stopped her and she did CA and had 10 cops surrounding her.

She called tom who called me to be witnesses. Cops broke out driver’s window and had her in jail for a day. Tom Murphy turned in common law paperwork for her, like 9 pages.

She said she was going to file a complaint. I said you are going to file a claim and that’s going on top of their complaint so they hear that first. Once you get it filed the prosecutor will probably work on some sort of settlement if you know how to do your paperwork. You don’t file a cross complaint against a fiction in law because then it reduces your status to a fiction in law. So you don’t want to file cross claim or counter claim or any of this cross non sense. You want to leave them in their ridiculous code world and you want to file an original claim in your common law court.

1:34 before you do a law suit you have to give fair warning; 6 lines

  1. i, your name, give no entity the right to administer my property. [little old ladies like this when they’re trying to get their grand kids back from like cps. So this is how i sent it to some lady but you could use it for a car or tow truck that towed your car away. You can use it for anything]

  2. i, say that blank [baby Johnny/ car] is my property.

  3. i say no man or woman can say/make a claim my claim is untrue.

  4. i want my property returned to me.

  5. said property is to be totally under my control postpaid within 3 days [or whatever time you are going to give them]

  6. six; I will charge wrongful holder of said property X amount of dollars for every [time increment] day property is not returned starting on the 22nd day after they have received this summons and this suit see attached claim.

You're supposed to give them 21 days to answer a law suit.
1:39 your body is your property. Whose got the right to touch your body? That’s your body. Whose got the right to administer my property without my consent, including my body? Now if i violated some code who wrote the code? Are you kidding me? Some Canadian company called Thompsons codified the public law and because Thompson says this is what the law is, is Thompson gonna come before the court and swear that’s exactly what the public law says? I don’t think so. So you have no right to administrate because rights are reserved to man. government s don’t have rights. They have duties, obligations, and privileges.

1:42 when the GOVERNMENT makes complaints they’re whining about something. There is no harm.

defrauded is a word a man uses. You’re a man and you were defrauded of your rights. Somebody tricked you and took your property. Your property is your rights.

No one has a right to raise your blood pressure, stressing you out. Because that’s your body, that’s your person, that’s your property. They have no right to interfere with your property or administrate your property. They are a government ; they are not supposed to be doing anything against the man. That’s supposed to be here for our benefit, not to cause harm.
1:44 almost every country in the world is blue. There are only a couple of orange countries left. So if somebody doesn’t defend this country and the rights to move under the common law we are all going to be considered guilty until we can prove ourselves innocent like the rest of the world. Right now only man has a right to stand in court and say who is going to put me in jail? Like the oj Simpson case stand in court and point across the room and say i saw oj kill her. When the verdict was read i was the only one that was happy. I knew he killed his wife, there was no doubt, but in this country it’s still the rule of law not the rule of man so you still need a person to point across the room and... say i saw that man kill her. If you can just get thrown in jail because of circumstantial evidence [like] DNA or a video tape or a phone call...you can get the electric chair for a video tape? Oh come on. I want at least one person to stand across that court room and swear on a stack of bibles he saw me do it, even if O.J. had a twin. At least i know in this country that common law still prevails. The oj Simpson case was the perfect case. After 30 days the jury knew they were going to find him not guilty because she had no witness. So we all knew it was a waste of time.

1:48 Billy Thornton he's a good guy but he writes too much. He writes 50 pages of law to the case. I just say who’s gonna come and say it’s not this way? See that’s my law. I am bringing the law to the court. This is my law. I say you can’t do this to me. Who is gonna come on the other side and say i can do this to you? Oh really? Lovely. Let’s get a jury to decide who’s right? Me or you? Not 50 pages of explaining hale v. Hinkle... that was then. I don’t know what they were doing in that court room 100 years ago and i don’t really care. now i know this is my court room, you did me wrong. You say you didn’t do me wrong. Great, let’s get in front of the jury tomorrow.

1:50 an attorney can’t do anything in a common law court.
1:51 You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars. This is a common law country. Just drag it over to the common law side. They’re gonna kick and scream and try to stop you, but you just drag it over. And they have to let you do it as long as you keep it simple. Don’t use any of their words. You use their words you lose your court.

Host; send me your one pager and I’ll post it with the notice [on myprivateaudio . com]

You have to give fair warning, and try to settle it on the private side.

I just like to make it simple because as soon as they think you’re trying to play one up, like you think you know you’re an attorney, wish you were an attorney kind of thing, they are going to clobber you.

1:54 there’s only like 6 or 7 steps [in common law] and you’re done. This isn’t rocket science. This is how my dad and grandfather did it. They didn’t speak fluent english. They can move thru court in 20 minutes. They didn’t know anything about a code. How did the country exist before the codes started coming out in 1938? because law was simple. Did you do something wrong? The man has to appear in court and testify against you. The plaintiff must appear is an ancient common law that’s been around for thousands of years because if you point your finger and say you did me wrong and you bear false witness against thy neighbor, you die. It was a death thing. So nobody was crazy enough to file false or frivolous claims, because whatever punishment you wanted for the defendant got done to you if you lost. Common law is incredibly simple. So that’s how you beat the GOVERNMENT all the time because the GOVERNMENT needs to have the plaintiff appear. Now the prosecutor is appearing for the plaintiff, but the guy who’s making a claim...well it’s a plaintiff, a complaint, not a claim. I don’t even bother to answer. You got a claim, state your claim. Your claim is 2 sentences long. Prove it. Can you prove it?

1:57 I am a man and i have rights and that’s protected and secured by the united states constitution. And now I am gonna make the people hold up their oath to the constitution. Did they or did they not under article six, two and three, swear to uphold the constitution as the law of the land? That’s the next step. After i demand that they send my orders back signed sealed and delivered which they’re not gonna do. I said to the Marshalls then I am going to have to hold them to their oath of office. And then when they don’t uphold their OATH OF OFFICE I am gonna go after their bond. And i showed them the book under section 61 public officials public employees and bonds. [he reads it]

1:58 if they don’t have a bond they cannot officially or legally discharge the functions of that office.

Because freemen of Montana say public performance bond, hazard bond, no! There are only 3 types of bonds; official bond, fidelity bond and surety bond... that’s where they started doing it wrong. They started doing all these crazy checks and sight drafts, they started going after it for the money. I started doing it for the principal. I am not going to use sight drafts and birth certificates to try and monetize my

[countings? Or accountings? ]. they were using department of agriculture routing numbers to buy all kinds of stuff. .. they wanted revenge. I only sued for a dollar and attorney said no, they will pay you the one dollar then where are you going to be. Make it a big number that will get everybody's attention.

2:02 you gotta keep it on the common law side and they want me to bring it over to the civil rights side, and i don’t have civil rights. That’s what i told them, civil rights are only for certain protected individuals in society and I am not it. It’s not a prophylactic remedy for all society's ills. That’s Scalia in us versus torgen[?] in 2006.

2:03 you can’t modify your claim by one word.(or you will be called a liar with a false claim) And you get challenged..you have to keep saying that one sentence like a broken record. Cause that’s what it is. You pressed upon the record your word and you can’t modify it by one word. You can’t start changing your claim. Either you did discover the south pole or you didn’t. They say come on you may be off by one millimeter. You say no! If you say you are off by one millimeter then you didn’t discover the South Pole. They say be reasonable about this, it was 100 degrees below zero, you were sick, maybe your compass froze. Come on. Just say maybe, maybe i was off by 1 mm. As soon as you change your claim by one, millimeter, your whole claim falls thru and you don’t get a penny and your case gets kicked out of court. So don’t fall for this lawyer nonsense when they say to be reasonable. Don’t be reasonable. You make your claim. Your word is your bond. You don’t ever alter your claim. You don’t change your word. Do it in one sentence or less. That way you don’t have too much to say in court and you can’t possibly make a mistake. You do 800 pages of course you’re not going to be able to remember it under oath or affirmation in open court.

Like Richard Cornforth tells you if you don’t make your claim under oath or affirmation in open court it could be considered a void judgment. Somebody could come back 100 years from now and say you did not do it in open court under oath or affirmation. So that makes it a void judgment. You have to do it in open court under oath or affirmation. So make your claim one sentence. I just say forgery; the dhr uttered a forged instrument which interfered with my rights.

2:08 Episode 189 was traffic tickets. 188 was cps, family court. This one, 199, is one page claims to any kind of court for any kind of property. Anything you claim is proper to your person is your property. family court said crazy because i said that child was my property. Oh we don’t call them that. I looked over to my wife and said she’s my property and they’re like how dare you call your wife your property. Well I am her property. Oh that’s horrible. We don’t talk like that anymore. She has the exclusive right to enjoy me and no other man or woman on the planet has that right to use me or touch me without her consent and i have the same agreement with her to enjoy her and nobody has the right to touch her without my consent. We got married and the 2 become one. Were enjoined. We are property to each other. And that child is the fruit of our labors. We produced that child and he’s our property. The black social worker was going bananas that we call our children property. Be he is proper to me. We don’t use words like that anymore. Well you can erase em out of your legal books, but in law my property is my rights. I have the right to that child and nobody else does. So rights and property are basically the same word. You can say that’s mine by right or you can say that’s my property.
Caller; arrested for dog bite...

2:12 anytime the state moves the court and creates an order and tells you it has a judgment passed against you they’re all void because nobody came to court and swears under affirmation that you did something wrong. So you would just say that you are incompetent in that administrative court, which you are because you do not know code. Idiot is a legalese word that just says that I am not competent to contract in an administrative court.

2:14 i was not aware i had the right to move this in a common law jurisdiction. I was confused. I was incompetent.

Richard Cornforth talks about 99% of all judgments are void if somebody did not come before open court and swear under oath or affirmation you did wrong.

2:18 you do not speak at an arraignment. I ask for paper and pencil, judge can throw the book at you. So i don’t say anything to the man in the black robe. I don’t even recognize that he exists.

I write at the top notice is there any man making a claim before this court. Is there a claim before this court? Can this claim be verified in this court at this time?

They have to answer you. They have to say yes there is a claim before the court.

That’s why you always move under the common law. They pick you up under code such and such how do you plead? Plead to what? That drivel? I don’t even know what you just said. Well let me tell you what it means. No no no no no! I didn’t write that code i can’t be held... i didn’t write that contract. I don’t know what you’re reading. I don’t know how you’re interpreting. That’s not my words those are your words. Don’t tell me what they mean. The public law in this country is written by congress. It gets sealed and rolled in the library of congress. And nobody looks at it, except those who write the code book. So the code is written by some Canadians. So I am in violation of some code Canadians wrote. What? This is silly. All I am here [for] is to answer to the law and all law in this country is common law. And all the law in this country is did i hurt a man or woman? Is a man going to come forward and claim i did him harm? Yes or no? If you get tricked into going into France and answering under codes they trick you. Our great grandparents didn’t read english. When they went to court they knew there was a claim before the court that they did wrong and they answered to the wrong and it was over in 5 minutes.

And don’t let anybody tell you there is such a thing as statute of limitations because sol's don’t apply to man. Man is not bound by laches because they are bound...

2:21 look at it this way, I am suing the fed court for a gazillion dollars. They’re handing me 2 orders. One was 7 pages and one 9 pages. I didn’t read them. Why? Because it’s all legalese. I don’t speak legalese. So you’re reading all this stuff they’re sending you and trying to figure it out. I don’t waste my time. To me is this common law? Yes or no? There is nothing [ ] order that can be handed down except by a jury.

So if i don’t see a verdict by a jury i don’t see anything. So i laugh when these guys are sending me orders. I look at the last page just to see if it’s actually signed by a man and it’s not, it’s all rubber stamped. I don’t bother reading this cause I am not going to let it get me upset because it has nothing to do with me the man. So while we still have a common law country just drag it over to the common law side and use it. The claim is going to go above their complaint so your claim is going to get heard first. That’s how it works in law. Whoever’s claim goes in last is heard first in court. They already got a complaint against you, a warrant, and whatever nonsense. You are going to come in and file an original claim. You’re not going to counter claim or cross complaint, you’re going to file an original claim and say they are administrating my property without rights. They’re trying to tell me what to do and they have no right to do it. And they’re going to say well we have the right under this code. You don’t have rights under a code. You have duties, obligations, and privileges under a code. You don’t have rights. Only a man has rights. A code is not rights or law. A government comes after you they have no right to come after you if you’re a man. You have to establish that fact. In my lawsuit...it’s so simple,

i, a man, have claimed I’ve been harmed, I have rights, and they’re secured by the constitution. And I am done. I don’t have to give them my name. It can be anonymous versus anonymous or john doe versus john doe. You don’t have to give them a name if you don’t want to. You just say I am a man. Then the jury will come down and decide the matter. You have the right to move any claim or complaint or any case against you... when it’s a criminal complaint its 6th amendment and when a civil complaint or claim its 7th amendment. So everybody has the right to trial by jury. Cornforth will tell you no attorney will appear on the other side. And Clayton Cherry was on Angela’s show and he said the same thing. Google new York state because in 4 years there hasn’t been a foreclosure because Clayton cherry and his group went before the NY supreme court and they said if any bank wants to try to foreclose on any more people in NY state the attorney are going to have to come forth under oath or affirmation in open court and swear that everything the bank is saying is true. And every attorney is now going to be held liable for any false claims if he can’t prove it he is going to be disbarred and held liable for damages. So no one has brought forth a claim for foreclosure in NY state for like 3 or 4 years now. Once folks start realizing that an attorney can’t speak in a common law court, they can’t do it. They can’t bring forth a claim. Only the plaintiff can say anything. So you can just say the plaintiff never appeared. Rule number 1 in common law; the plaintiff must appear. The defendant doesn’t have to appear but the plaintiff must appear. The plaintiff never appeared. I don’t know how much simpler i can make it.

I don’t speak legalese. I only speak common law.

The US GOVERNMENT has made this web site and it clearly says all federal courts are article 3 courts. United states district court web site says all federal judges are article 3 judges. So I am going to hold you to it. They’re going to try to drag you over to their side and you refuse to go. The whole problem with people saying they’re not going is because they start talking to the man in the black robe instead of just writing it and putting it on paper. That way you didn’t say to anybody in the court. You just write across the top notice. That means you notice the whole entire notice. Not judicial notice. Not executive speedy notice. Just the word notice. Is there any man in this court making a claim?

You get called to traffic court at 9 o'clock in the morning you show up at 9 o'clock in the morning. You stand up and say is there any man who is going to make a claim against me before me today. It’s 9 o'clock and at 9 o one I am leaving. Is there any man making a claim? Say it now or forever hold your peace. Say it 3 times and leave. And if they give you any crap say look i was there at 9 o'clock. You said for me to appear at 9 o'clock. Well we didn’t get around to calling you till 11:30. oh well you didn’t say that. On your summons you said to appear at 9. i appeared at 9.

2:29 just write lower case notice.

Anytime i get a ticket i have no problem signing my name because i will just make an original claim against that person immediately that they filed a false claim. Listen to the first or 2nd call when he gave me the ticket i actually started my business on the side of the road and my sister said come on Karl just take the ticket. Oh, what am i doing? Just give me the ticket as many as you want. Monday morning i went down there and i handed the prosecuting attorney and i said this man is making a false claim against me because i did not cause any harm or injury to anybody and i want this claim to, make it go away. Discharge it. Dismiss it. You know, he made a mistake. Lawyer said he [the cop] teaches the code so what he wrote must be correct so i will see you in court. Oh well, i gave you fair warning to take back the tickets and you wouldn't take them back. That’s on Angela’s other call i went thru the whole thing how i beat them in court. The lawyer said he never lost and the cop said he never lost and i just did the old trick and i made sure in open court when it first started i said were here to discuss the fact because i broke the law. Is that right?


And you know the difference between legal and lawful right?


Good I'll be done in 2 minutes.

2:32 it’s a first amendment right to re-grievance against the GOVERNMENT . You can sue them and say nobody has the right to administer my property. The GOVERNMENT doesn’t have rights. It’s simple.


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