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So if you’re dumb enough to use codes in your lawsuit then you bound yourself to their rules


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So if you’re dumb enough to use codes in your lawsuit then you bound yourself to their rules.

[Which can’t interfere with the rights of man. sounds contradictory?]

So just make it one page, make it simple make it plain, they administrated my property without rights, i did not give them any consent, I am a man i have rights. They are the IRS they have no rights, they’re chartered, and I’ve never consented to give them a dime. Let them bring that fact forward that i did. They cannot say anything in common law court because they have no standing [trinsey v pagliero, 1964 which clearly says that an attorney can’t move a court, make a motion into the court, petition the court, make a summary judgment, present any evidence, any notices to the court because they’re an attorney and they have no firsthand knowledge. So the IRS would have to show up in court. Bob IRS, Susie IRS would have to actually show up and say you owe me a debt. Good luck w/that.

27: shrinkwrap; i like the idea of going in, in common law and i think i might choose that option at some point. But if you do choose to go against the IRS if they levied something or whatever, liened something, you can go after them in FDCPA and you can beat them there.

Do you know anybody who’s done that?

Yes i do, a case from November 2011 middle federal district North Carolina where an individual guy did that. Where he went after the two IRS agents whose names that were on the levy. One of them was just a number. And of course they didn’t show up because they don’t use their real names. But the justice department sent an attorney which he got rid of because they’re not allowed to represent the individuals in their private capacity and he was able to get the levy in the social security levy dropped by the court. He was able to get his non resident alien status established by the court according to the 1802 statute and he was able to get his money back. And that was working within the statutory system which granted has its issues but the FDCPA which is like the IRS, the IRS is a private debt collection company and so it doesn’t have status and in addition they were able to present evidence from the secretary of state that the IRS was not licensed to do business in north Carolina.

Everything you said was trinsey versus pagliero.

They couldn’t present themselves because those names don’t exist.

29: no man has the right to administer my property. Let that man come forward before court and testify that they do. They won’t show up and you’ll get a default judgment against them.

Is this common law or civil. He said common law. The other side can’t speak.

Put in writing, you [judge] are aware that this is under the common law? And he will say yes or no! Of course he will say yes, especially if you put it in writing.

You want to stand before him and recognize common law when you didn’t put it on paper before hand; anybody tries to adjudicate this matter other than a trial by jury he is going to be bound and held liable for any damage he is going to cause me without my consent, because the person in the black robe if he doesn’t have consent from you to make a ruling he is going to be held liable for the judgment just like any other man would be held liable.

Who is the man or woman that is ordering me? I will be glad to do what you order and I’m going to charge a hundred dollars an hour.

They’re all private companies and have no authority over property that they do not have direct control over, and the lady that fills out the CAFR report said but they [the public] don’t know that.

31: I am trying to get everybody just a cookie cutter easy one page law suit across the board. Somebody gets it for smoking a cigarette or traffic, file a one page claim. You don’t have to learn statutes, new codes. Just file a one page claim that they’re trying to administrate your property without [rights].

What if you have a big pile of leaves you didn’t finish raking because you hurt your back and county comes by and says remove them or be fined?

Somebody is trying to administrate your property without any rights. If you want 10,000 leaves on your property who is anybody to tell you what you can and cannot do with your property. Who is trying to tell me what i can and cannot do with my property? Give them a notice to cease and desist or you give them fair warning. And say i would like to know the man or woman who is trying to tell me to do something. Who is trying to order me? Who is going to compensate me? I will be glad to be ordered about by anybody, I’d love to [ ] make money if somebody gives me an order. So if you want to give me an order i will be more than glad to do what you wish. Just if you want me to do my leaves it’s going to take me more than 3 hours and I am going to charge you $100 an hour. I will be more than glad to carry out your wish. Who is it wishes me to remove my leaves? Is his name Bob Johnson, john doe? Give me a name.

Caller; and they can’t do that of course because everything is a private corporation.

What if an employee leaves their business card on your door?

Then you got a name. Call him up and say who left this card on my door? Oh hi Bob Jones, are you ordering me to do my leaves? Good, i only charge one hundred dollars an hour.

Caller; and wouldn’t you also ask him if he is an injured party?

First you ask if it’s his wish that you move the leaves. Is he ordering you to do something? Every man is worth his hire or whatever that crazy bible saying is.

What if you just said are you trying to engage a contract with me?

Are you ordering me to do something? Is this an order? I love orders.

34: caller; they can’t order in the real sense because he is coming from the county or the city and those are both private companies and they don’t have any authority over your land.

Karl; you go to McDonalds they don’t make any money until they take your order. So i don’t make any money until i tell somebody can i take your order. What would you order me to do? So let them make a...give me an order. Hang on a few seconds...

Who is the man or woman that is ordering me? I will be glad to do what you order and I am going to charge a hundred dollars an hour.

They’re all private companies and have no authority over property that they do not have direct control over, and the lady that fills out the CAFR report said but they [the public] don’t know that.

35: caller; I’ve gotta tell this story maybe I’ve told it before so may be redundant. This happened about a year ago i was paying a bill at the city because they do the electricity and the cable and i was just talking to the lady, i was just talking about stuff and i said do you know anything about the CAFR accounts? And I’m wondering if citi mortgage has a CAFR account. And it happens that the woman who handles the creation of the CAFR account report and her assistant were standing nearby and the lady who makes the CAFR account said oh my gosh nobody ever asks about CAFR accounts and i just created the current one for citi [city?] Mortgage and usually they cost sixteen dollars but i will give one to you because nobody ever asks about them. So she gave me a CAFR account for last year. And the lady that was with her who assists in creating that also takes payments at that counter in the city building and i talk with her periodically when I’m in there and one time and i was paying the electric bill and we were talking about CAFR accounts and i said you know it’s really interesting that citi [city?] mortgage appears to be a private company and she said yes it is. And i said according to what I’ve learned they citi mortgage doesn’t really have any authority over anything that occurs on any property that it doesn’t directly own and she said yes and then she waved her arm as if out to the public and said but they don’t know that. Pretty telling i thought. And the thing is they really don’t.

[“Pretty telling.” Are you kidding me?! That will teach you to tape record everything. Ask her to put it in writing and sign it. How does she sleep at night? You say 'according to what you’ve learned' can you quote chapter and verse? Can you show where it’s written in their code [besides the UCC]? Can we somehow rub their nose in it and say why are you robbing us? Or at very least why are you defrauding us? I am all for paying “my” bills. On the other hand how many millions did they make off everything i ever signed and why am i not entitled to any or all of that when their code says I am entitled to all of it?]

37: They’re a private company and that’s what every government so-called agency is that rod class discovered that as well given what’s from the appellate court judges have written to him and some of the decisions has said all these agencies have no authority. They’re all private contractors and the people that work for them are all private contractors and they’re all vulnerable to lawsuits and that of course lead to the thing about the police in north Carolina said they are all private contractors they have no authority, they have the authority of a walmart rent-a-cop and they’re all susceptible to suit and that lead to the uh I am not sure where it came from but the notice to all of those folks is that they might want to get their private property their houses and stuff all in somebody else’s name because they’re all susceptible to suit. They have no immunity because they’re not true de jure GOVERNMENT agents.

38: Karl; well even if they are a GOVERNMENT agency once they cross the line and interfere with your rights they’re no longer sovereign immunity existing even on the public side. If you’re a man you have rights. A public official took an oath of office and he’s bound by certain rules or conducts. I am not.

So if he crosses the line and interferes with my rights in any capacity, whether it’s a private capacity, man to man, or capacity of public figure, he’s still susceptible to suit. Like you can’t sue the office of like the governor. The governor is a wonderful marvelous creature, but the person who occupies the office you could sue him once he crosses the line and interferes with your rights. Because the governor’s office was established NOT to interfere with the rights of man. So if that man who is cloaked under the color of governor usurps his duties and interferes with the rights of man, now that makes him liable. Whether he’s private, public, whether he’s a common law man, you interfere with the rights of another man you are liable for a suit for damages.

Caller; people don’t realize it so they never pursue it.

That’s why i tell people don’t get too wound up whether it’s public or private or man on man.

If somebody interferes with your rights slam them with a law suit. Just get it done. One page, twenty one days, done. And let them try to answer it. Stop thinking about it. Just do it.
41: until you show us you have the right to tell us what to do [administrate property], we will do it. Until then, have a nice day. And that’s how you can stop everybody in their tracks. A deputy tried to execute a warrant in debt for a lien on my sister one time and we went around for a couple minutes and he said i love you man, i love people that know the law. I don’t have to do my job now. Now i have a good excuse why i don’t have to go in your sister’s house and take all her crap out of there and put it in storage for the attorney for the other side because you know how to answer me cause i just told him I am first in line, i have a lien on all her possessions, and he says to me well where that lien? I just pointed to my head and said its right here in my head. How do i know it’s true? Watch my lips; it’s true. He knew the law.
46: you have to be a US citizen for him to be your prez.
47: if the benefit is going to be a burden you don’t have to exercise it at that time.
49: terrorism is to interrupt with the proper function of government . I am self governing so if you interfere with my right to self govern and you are trying to order me about or threaten me, if you don’t do this were going to break your legs, or if you don’t do this were going to take all your money or throw you in jail that’s terrorism. [Extortion]

54: West Virginia BOARD OF EDUCATION versus Barnett 1943. You didn’t because anybody harm with your beliefs, they can’t hold you liable. No public official [anywhere in the universe] has any right to interpret mans beliefs. So if i believe i have the right to travel no GOVERNMENT official can interpret my beliefs. So that’s what you basically say who is interfering with my right to travel? And you send back the offer in three days. When you bring it to the county prosecutor they just laugh. The first three days they laugh. They say to me do you want an attorney? No, I am a man and i got standing. I am gonna clean your clock so you better just accept this or you’re going to lose and when you lose I am going to get you for barratry and filing false claims against a man.

...stop him from hurting himself.
57: you gotta hand it back to the person within 3 days and then on the 4th or 5th day file a claim against the prosecutor’s office for failing to file a claim that there is an injured party or that there is a breach of a contract.
Argue: making things crystal clear.

Argument makes it unclear.

I don’t use black's, i don’t want to get into legalese. I want to stay in common law.

You’re not gonna sue the cop for writing you a ticket; you’re saying okay who is going to prosecute this? I am gonna go after the man who is going to prosecute this he is moving a false claim through the court. The cop is not moving a claim the prosecutor is moving the claim so that’s why i asked the cop are you going to prosecute this? Or a county prosecutor, or a town prosecutor, or a state prosecutor, or is there gonna be an attorney that’s gonna prosecute this? Who is gonna prosecute this claim ticket? He said the county has an attorney. Okay then you go to the prosecutor. I don’t put my name as plaintiff versus defendant but we say that i am the prosecutor and i am going against wrongdoer or respondent. So they are either going to respond to me or they are the wrong doers that did me wrong, they caused me an injury. So when i say that to me, when i want them to respond you know when i have a traffic ticket on day four I am going to file a claim that they are interfering with my right to travel. I got stopped on the side of the road for some reason this man believed i did something that caused somebody harm or an injury or he believed that i was operating under my driver’s license at that time which i was not and i wished ordered and demand [require] that the prosecutor cease and desist from this frivolous claim against me and he refused to and he is going to now pursue this in thirty days and I am going to want to be compensated for wasting my time to answer a frivolous claim because the prosecutor has no standing, [ ] this cop he is not the injured party. .. I try to make it simple because when the prosecutor gets a lawsuit in his lap on day five or six he is going to have to answer that. He is going to say I’ve never seen anybody do this. Most people just go to traffic court and argue back and forth, well i got rights, i got this... I’ve never seen anybody turn around and file a lawsuit at me. Well bingo, there you go buddy. Here is a lawsuit coming back at you because you gotta prove that i interfered with somebody’s rights because this is a common law land. You believe i was operating under a license at that point in time well you made a mistake. No i was not. If they try to say well you gave me your driver’s license. That’s not my driver’s license, what are you talking about? It clearly says on the back that it’s the department of motor vehicles so they can remove it and take it from me at any time. That’s not mine. I didn’t produce that [caller interrupts to agree; “no it’s not yours. You’re right” thanks for that confirmation sparky, please SHUT UP]

Well he asked me for a driver’s license, i gave something to him so he wouldn’t taze me and put a bullet in my head. What do you think I am gonna do? I was under coercion, extortion, threat. He is gonna break my head, what do you think I am gonna do? He wants something from me he has got a gun he has got a tazer, what am i gonna do give him a hard time; 'well that’s not my license it’s a department of motor vehicles license' of course I am gonna hand him whatever it is to get me the hell down the road. It’s just a strange man coming up to me and said Hey i saw you going fast gimme your driver’s license. I said you got a gun? No! You got a tazer? No! Are you going to beat me? No! Then F off and I am going to drive away. But since this guy has got a gun well if he wanted my wallet and all the money in it i would have handed it to him because he’s got a gun. What was i supposed to do?

1:02 the whole trick is its pretty simple all you have to tell them is Oh did you believe i was operating your vehicle that’s registered and titled into your state at that time? No, i was operating mine. And does somebody want to come forth and make a claim that i was operating their motor vehicle because it’s titled? It’s hysterical when you move in common law because you just say oh i was lead to believe that the state has ownership of my car because they have equitable title and i have legal title and blah blah. I don’t believe any of that nonsense. Some man named California is going to have to come forth and claim that he owns a portion of this vehicle and can tell me what to do. Well the title says this and the title says that. I’ve never seen a title a two dimensional piece of paper stand up in court and testify under oath or affirmation. A title can be modified, altered, or forged. i want a man to come forward and say he’s the state of California and say i have legal title to that car and he’s gonna register it and he’s gonna inspect it [ ] let him come forward. If not I am gonna do whatever the hell i want until a man comes forward and makes a claim. Is a man gonna come forward and make a claim? Yes or no?

If we lived in France everything i just said is drivel its all nonsense. But in America it stands true.

we are one of the last countries [nation] that operates under the common law so while we got it we might as well use it cause i guarantee they’re gonna try to flip it as fast as they can once people start understanding the rights of man.

You’re right about that.

Oh they’re gonna flip it as fast as they can and they’re gonna say no no no we are into a code world

Just like France i got relatives in France i got family that owns half a town in Germany. I don’t care they all operate under civil code, they’re not in jail, they’re all happy and doing fine so like i said to the US Marshalls if we go into a code world I am fine I am not gonna wind up in jail or stalag 13 death camp, I am gonna be okay. It’s not a terrible thing to be in a code world you just don’t have certain rights you have to prove that you weren’t there at the scene of the crime instead of they have to prove.. In this country the burden is on the prosecutor to prove that you were at the scene of the crime, over in Italy or Germany you have to prove that you weren’t at the scene of the crime.

Caller; that’s because under roman civil law they assume you are guilty

Right. The cops don’t make mistakes there’s no reason for a cop to lie

1:05 that nonsense with titles and property... you make a claim for your property and you record it with the county recorders.
I’m a man i made a claim this is all my property if anybody wants to come and make a claim please feel free to make a claim for the next ten thousand years. I don’t owe a debt to any man for this property which I am the inhabitant of.

So if the county comes along and says oh look at this i say no no no look at what’s on top the top thing is a claim so this is a claim in the common law so it has precedence it goes first in line
1:10 GOVERNMENT can’t make claims only a man can file claims
1:12; making crystal clear...

Argument is to make it unclear.

I don’t use Blacks; i don’t want to get into legalese. I want to stay in common law.
1:14 i think somebody thinks I am a 14th amendment citizen or something let me make it crystal clear [argue] I am not.
1:17 its gonna take you about a year to understand it all, and the punctuations...
1:20 if they fail to answer in 21 days write a warrant to the sheriff or us Marshall and they will drag him into court.
1:21Once a man has spoken in open court under oath or affirmation it’s written in stone but while it’s on paper it never has the full force of law.
1:25 it’s [the US] a nation not a country
They administrated my property without rights. That’s my whole lawsuit.
1:35 my mom has been doing this [IRS] since 1972.

1:39 if somebody sends you a tax assessment or a claim that you owe some money they’re saying you are a debtor, that if you don’t pay this you are in debt because you are only in debt because somebody is saying you owe money. So you say I am a debtor? I am indebted to you? Oh really. I have no rights because you say i don’t have rights? You say I owe money? I am going to need you to come to court and swear under oath or affirmation that I owe money, and they can’t do it. No public official can come to court and swear because they’re a person they’re not a man.

The tax assessor tom Jones is trying to administer my property without my consent. What gives him the right to assess i owe a debt.
Verifiable not verified. It has to be in the present tense.
Anybody that puts on a piece of paper saying; pay me that money. Really? What gives you the right to demand that money?
You can’t tell me what this property is worth. Price goes up and down tomorrow.
I don’t believe it’s a true debt. Only a man can say i believe.

How is the county gonna show up and swear it’s true. Bob County is not going to show up.

Citizen; civis; a member of a family.

A nation is just a group of people.

A draft is not conscription, it’s voluntary.
2:02 your county court house has a warrant in debt. They have 21 days to answer. If they don’t answer then take the warrant in debt and get a writ of [susurration?] or writ of attachment and the sheriff’s deputy will execute the writ and seize the person’s property.
There’s a person in another state interfering with my rights, that’s when you go to fed court.
2:08File it into District court of the United States or they will presume you are a 14th amendment citizen.
Papal decrees surrounded by a red line, it’s their jurisdiction.
Federal court is all courts in the country, federal district court means in your district.

2:18 anytime anybody charges you something they come back to you with a criminal complaint, not a criminal claim. The jury is going to render a verdict; it’s an attainment, not a conviction. A conviction is when you jump up in the middle of the trial and say i did it. When a jury finds you guilty you are attained, and once you are attained, you have no rights.

They said you stole heirlooms. You demand a grand jury and then the grand jury is going to indict you.

Grand jury works more under common law rules. That lady is going to have to bring somebody in to point across the room and say I saw her take them. And if you don’t have somebody that has firsthand knowledge as a witness, a 3rd party impartial witness, somebody who is not related to that lady, point across the room, and say i saw you steal that stuff, they have no case

To get somebody convicted in this country, to get somebody attainted, there has to be a witness with firsthand knowledge and testimony who pointed across the room and say i saw her steal it.

Your counsel was incompetent. Should have said; where’s the firsthand witness?

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