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3-14-13 my private audio at talkshoe . com Karl Lentz [dean clifford running late] 2h46m [garbles/comments in brackets]

15:Karl comes on.
1:52 if you declare bankruptcy you have no rights to determine where your money goes, how it leaves your paycheck
1:59 karl; quiet title is very dangerous. Swearing under oath nobody has a lien on this and there’s no debt on it. You are going to be charged with a crime...

quiet title clearly says you are a person. And the bank is a person. You’re both of the same status.

2:07 no foreclosures in NY for 4 years cause people learned is there anybody gonna come forth put his hand on the bible and say that i owe the bank a dime.

If the banks cant make any money they will leave.

Caller [truefreeman on youtube]: bank sells mortgage to mr x, you don’t have a contract with mr x.

karl; that’s called a Deed of assignment or a novation

they might have bought your mortgage or maybe just assigned a POA to collect the debt.
Truefreeman317 fighting property tax for 3 years

2:24 i have rights and you [guv] don’t so whatever code they’re coming at me with, did i write that code? no. am i bound by that code? no. do i have to decipher that code? no. so when you’re trying to speak to me in some legalese agency code language do you believe i understand a single word that came out of your mouth? You want to talk to me man to man, come talk to me man to man because then you have a right and you’re presuming and assuming all liabilities and I’m presuming and assuming all liabilities, but if you want to be cloaked under color of law where you presume i cant sue you and presume i cant sue you for liability and causing me harm you’re crazy. I’m not engaging and intercoursing with you in any form what’soever because when you intercourse with strangers you’re going to pick up some crazy disease. I am not intercoursing in commerce with you because you’re a stranger you’re a danger, you’re coming at me with some crazy code, I’m not here to decipher your code, whoever knows this code gawd bless youse but if you want to talk to me man to man and settle this man to man I’m good to go, but any other way I’m not having anything to do with you, I’m not going to discuss with you, and the government cant come at you, they cant make you an offer, they cant present a contract to you, you’ve got to go to the government and ask them for help.

2:28 karl; i thought my ancestors left the land of rulers in europe and came over here to be self ruling. So are you trying to put your rules on to me well then somehow you’re saying that you are my ruler. So are you my ruler? So the only thing that’s gonna work is like one of those ghandi things everybody goes to traffic court, like a hundred people in traffic court and the judge says all rise and everybody rises and turns their back on the judge or prez gives a speech in front of a lot of people they rise and turn their back on him. Then that gonna hit CNN and go worldwide. The country standing up when their elected representatives give a speech and everybody just turns their back and they’re gonna go holy cow that is the public saying we’ve had enough.
Truefreeman; if you follow james mcbride youll go to jail. The so-called post master general of north america. I know at least 5 people who went straight to jail filing his documents into court, and hes not helping them.
...people who are not out for your best interest. People that are paid by the government to keep you chasing your own tail.

Karl; right right.

If you cant do your own research and come to your own understanding meanings and terms of the way things are then if you’re following somebody then believe me you are going to jail, or they’re gonna scare u. you need to take your time, do your own research and figure out what works for you the laws codes statutes on the books, whether you agree with them or not, actually there is remedy in there for you...

Karl; Right.

...u just have to understand it.
2:36 karl; this is tom murphy [calling in] [establish common law courts]
stopfedtaxliens.com be on next week



Karl Lentz confusion with Gordon Hall



Child custody

:39 dealing with clerks - complaint side of court vs claim side of court

:41 Js-44 cover sheet – check box 360 other personal injury

1:33 habeas corpus primarily used when law and equity were heard separate

Jurisdiction = who has control/authority over a particular piece of property

show cause why you have possession of my property

claim unrebutted stands true

rebut the claim before court hearing

FFCL Finding of Fact Conclusion of Law

1:43 red box on doc -non negotiable


3-28-13 unkommonlaw show #127469 at talkshoe com 2h13m [garbles/comments in brackets]


53: you make your lawsuit incredibly short because the other side already knows what they did wrong to u. the court clerk isnt supposed to read your paperwork. The folks in the black robe are not supposed to read your paperwork. The only person that is supposed to read your paperwork is the person that you’re prosecuting, the person you’re suing. He already knows what you did. Now he has the right to say can you please hand me more itemized statement of facts, but you don’t have to. you can just say to him you administrate like me; you uttered a false instrument which interfered with my rights to property. And then the next thing is; now i demand compensation. There you go, that’s my lawsuit. He knows what uttered forged instrument he created that interfered with my right to property. Well i did put see exhibit C, the forged instrument. [the “contract” in his case file was from some other case].

56: the only way you’re going to do this is take it to the common law side of the court and there’s a guy named tom murphy and maria janet and I’m trying to get these folks to go to their county commissioners and bring the public courts to be made available to common law claims side because the common law claims side of the community is not being heard by this private BAR member association set up in this public building that we have right now. Its like walking into the public library and the judges and lawyers takes all the computers and books... when can we have access to this public library?

Janet marie said her county court shuts down from 12 to 1. well there you go. you go to the county commissioner and just like the folks at the library they leave the library at 12 o clock and go to lunch, take over the library. Take over the books, computers, tables and have at it. there’s no reason you cant go to the county commissioner and say well the county law side of the court is not being heard in this public court house that my and everybodys great grandfather built and everybodys tax money built and say we would like to use this court from 12:15 to 12:45 two days a week. Just get your foot in the door.

And just say this is a public building we would like to use the facility. And when the court clerk comes back from lunch at 1 o clock we will hand her the ruling and she can file it for us in her fancy book and she can put it in the public record for us.

1:01 your notice to the court, make it one notice/sentence at a time, even if you have to file 10 notices. Don’t combine all your thoughts on one piece of paper. If they don’t like one they strike out the whole thing. Its like ordering ala carte. Each separate order one at a time.

1:03 if you folks answer to their code.. cause the judge always asks u; do you understand your rights? And everybody says yes. Oh goody. We are good to go. Okay because you understand what that code book reads. That’s basically what the judge says; you’ve been charged with code 1234567, do you understand your rights? And everybody says yes. Of course not, i didn’t write the book, ive no idea, i didn’t study the book, i don’t know what that code means. I don’t know what you’re talking about, where are you going with this judge? And he will say well you know what i mean. And its like no, you said do i understand what rights i have under this code? What code? Like i say to them that’s ridiculous, that’s too much for me to know. I couldnt possibly have that right. But if we move this to the common law side of the court then i understand my rights. But this side of the court i have no clue what you’re talking about. I’m not a code decipherer. I don’t have somebody to decipher the code for me. I don’t have a legal attorney to decipher this stuff for me. So no i am going to have to say i have no idea, i am totally incompetent in your code. They’re gonna say well do you want somebody to come and decipher it for u? Do you want an attorney? No you know what? I think id probably be better off if i just move over to the common law side of the court. And I’m just as nice and polite as i can possibly be, that’s the whole trick. you don’t get confrontational like a lot of folks jump up and down saying i know my rights and the constitution.. and you’re gonna do it this way and if you don’t I’m gonna sue you and everybody else blah blah blah.
1:05 people don’t want to make the judge upset so they just say yes yes yes and they get themselves in trouble.

1:06 an attorney cant create an order. An attorney can propose like a wedding proposal. So the man in the black robe looks at the attorneys proposal and he is either gonna grant or deny it. So, who created the order?

Caller; order to evict us from our home. The judge had said earlier that we had not responded to something and it was something we never even received. The judge was trying to hold us responsible that we never knew about. .. and we put paperwork in.. cause i know better than to not respond.

1:08 this isnt just for you this is for everybody; you have to say, when somebody is presenting something from the other side you basically have to say; i do not understand what you are saying. Are you trying to convey a message to me or negotiate with me or communicate with me something other than outside of common law? Are you relying on a statutory code or a federal rule or a state rule of civil procedure? I do not recognize civil procedure. I do not operate, I’m not bound to answer, respond, reply to rules of procedure. I am not pro se, I’m not a subordinate officer of that court or this court. I am a man in my court in the common law. In my court. So you have to file a claim in your court. you don’t answer in their court because you don’t speak their language. you cant possibly give them a coherent response in their court. you have no idea what they’re trying to say to u. what are you trying to say? I don’t speak legalese. I’m not competent to stand in your court. And i don’t want somebody to decipher this for me. you know what? Thank gawd this is america, that we have the right to move it over to the common law side. Judge, we are just going to move this over to the common law side, okay? And he will have to say.. they have no choice. They have to move it over to where you’re competent, where you could stand. If you try to respond back to them, as far as they’re concerned, you’re competent. You’re responding back and forth it sounds competent and it sounds like you know what you’re doing, it sounds legitimate. you know volleying back and forth. you have to tell them you’re not competent to give them an answer under statute because you are not proficient nor competent to give them an answer. Youd love to but you just don’t have the ability to do so. You are going to have to rely upon your right to move it under the common law. I can speak to you folks man to man which is my right but i have no ability to speak to some sort of legalese BAR association, I’m not proficient in their language.

Caller; they denied moving it over to common law.

The clerk of the court cant deny you trial by jury. Who denied u?

The judge, the clerk, whoever, it wasnt granted. I had paid for it and was waiting for them to give us a date and a time and they never did. … they don’t pay attention to what i do.

Somebody mailed you this order? How did you know this order came down?

...they came to lock us out of our home. We never received a copy of it.

Is there a copy on file?

Yes but we didn’t know about it because it was never mailed to us.

All you have to do when something like that happens, all you have to say to them; you have an order, that they believe there’s an order standing, see who signed that order and when they signed that order say; were you not aware that the paperwork before the court or the case before the court was to be moved under a trial by jury? When something comes thru as an order thru something other than your court, you inform that other court; how did you come to this ruling or decision when it was clearly established that this is my court and that this matter was being moved to a process called trial by jury? Now i demand of you to give me your finding of facts and your conclusions of law on how you came about with this ruling? So the person who wrote that order is going to have to say how he made that ruling. You’re going to try to get their neck in the noose and they have to do it. That’s part of their job. They have to tell you what legal determination or lawful procedure that you move under or what did you rely upon to make this ruling? Because did you not know, did you not see my claim my case my file through your court assigned to u, before u, before you made this ruling? How did you ignore all of my documents and evidence and files before this court? How did you do this magic act? Because as long as you are the prosecutor, if you’re the defendant you’re going to lose.

We were the defendant in that case so that’s probably why we lost.

Well then okay. Everybody else who heard this thing is going to listen to it in a year or two and you forgot to tell me that she did not file her own claim, that some bank or somebody was trying to administrate her property without right. Because when they came at her say oh lovely, try to settle the matter on the private side, we will pay you fifty dollars a month for the next thousand years. They might accept it, they might not because at least then they know you’re gonna upkeep the property.. some banks actually want somebody to occupy their building. Some banks just want to throw you out and just demolish the house, they don’t care. They already wrote it off and they already got the mortgage paid a hundred times whatever, the freemen of montana you know crazy currency beliefs you guys got, that’s fine. But anytime anybody is coming at you with a demand or order saying i demand this, this and this from u, you make an offer back and if you cant settle it on the private side at least you keep a record of your offers to settle the matter with the other side.

We made several offers...

you’re only gonna win as the prosecutor. So to go for the win you have to say okay look i tried to settle with this man or this bank on the private side. you know what? I’m done. We did it as long as we could. This administration process is exhausted. There is no remedy. Fine. We are going to have to take this into court. He said he wants to take this into court, lets take this into court. Now, he is going to move under this code this code this code. I’m going to move under the common law. This does not work in france, italy, germany. Their superior law is code. Our superior law is the common law. Thank gawd we live in that nation that still believes in man is superior to the government .

Now, you have to explain to the judge that the court moved in error, that you have the right to a trial by jury, and take a look at the order and tell the judge why was i denied the right to a trial by jury? He is probably gonna make it really simple and say well this case was moving under statutory code 1234 and under statute 1234 there is no provision for trial by jury permitted or allowed or accepted, it doesnt exist under this code. So that’s basically what his answer is going to be.

From now on I’m going to ask people were you the defendant or prosecutor or wrongdoer? Which one were u? So that way I’m not giving you answer presuming... like i would never walk into a court without being a prosecutor.

1:18 caller; if someone does a complaint against you as the defendant then what you need to do is turn around and make a claim as a prosecutor claimant in the same court? And move it over to common law?

What you first do is try to settle the matter on the private side out of court. Why did you jump right to filing a claim or complaint against me? Why didn’t you allow this to be settled on the private side and keep it out of the public venue? Why? And then if you have a date to appear in 30 days you could just tell the person in the black robe who is hearing the matter hey we did not exhaust administrative remedies, I’m still working on this thing on the private side. I want to keep my business between that party, i don’t want a third party interloper, like a man in a black robe, in my personal affairs with that person who believes that they’re in a contract and agreement with me. This is private. I don’t want my dirty laundry aired out in the public. Give me time to work on the private side with these folk, and the judge cant move because a simple order you folks want to see it? Look under the virginia supreme court rules VSCR

7b: 4 in a civil matter unless all parties are ready to proceed the matter cannot be moved through a court. So the judge cant say well its nine o three were ready to move, were moving now. Okay, you realize I’m relying on this basic civil rule because were civilized people. you cant force me to fight in open public court. I don’t want to do dueling at dawn. I still have a remedy on the private side. Let me work it out with this man. but you did it all in writing. you don’t wait until you get in front of him and ask for more time. Technically you can, but put it in writing. And find the law the rule that you’re relying upon in your state that says i have time, in a civil matter. Until all parties are ready to move you cant force somebody to move you cant force somebody to do something just because you got a contract with them. A husband cant force a wife to go to bed with him just because hes got a marriage contract.

1:43 caller when we file our paperwork do we put that red box around it or not?

all the red box basically means is there is nothing to be entered in and nothing to be taken out of this paper.

[So judge, i mean magistrate;

Gawd created man,

man don’t tell Gawd what to do.

Man created government ,

government don’t tell man what to do.

Am i going to fast for u?]

3-29-13 advise Dean Clifford


3-31-13 Karl vs Marc Stevens








1:27 /7 minutes – private versus public

2:46 /6 minutes – Status, standing, competency in court

3:40 /17 minutes – void judgments




My private audio at talkshoe. com Karl Lentz 1/2

18-20: It wasn’t until she referred to them as property that the court became really upset because the state can't make a claim for property. Even though everybody knows the 1933 act 'all property now reverts to the state.' okay great that's in the 2 dimensional world, that's in the administrative court, you can't use that in the common law court, the 1933 act. 'All property now reverts to the state.' Who says that has anything to do with my property? Who's property? My property? Karl Lentz's property? Expressly my property? No no no no no! That's vague; all property now lies in the state. I am not going to sit here and decipher what some guy wrote in 1933. It doesn't have a damn thing to do with me.

So i told the lady we live in a common law land and these people are terrified of that fact. These people want to turn this into a code land, an executive order land, like you have no idea. All you have to do in a common law land is...i said to the lady, did they steal your property? Was it a theft? Was it a robbery? And she had no idea. Robbery means they physically took your property while you were present by physical force. Did they do it in front of you? If they took them at school it’s a theft. If they did it in front of your face it’s a robbery and that's violent and that's a big time crime. And you can point across that room and say that woman took my child. You got a case. You don’t say they took my property you say they stole my property. It’s a theft. You say robbery and that judge knows exactly what you are talking about and the judge knows you know what you're talking about.

The claim is a trespass. Any wrong is a trespass. The nature of the case is there was a trespass. That's a wrong. Without a wrong there is no case. The characteristics of the wrong is going to be different.

Now do i use a fancy word like they are administrating my property without any rights? No! She could say in one word; robbery. They robbed me of my property and i want my property back now and for everyday that you hold my property I am claiming a thousand dollars a day. And the last line was; But, if you will give me back my property i will forgive you of your trespass just as I’d wish they'd forgive my trespass on their property. And they finally said we are going to return her property.
43: broadmind.org [Karl's]
47:127469 talkshoe call # [Karl's]
50: my stuff only works against GOVERNMENT agencies. It does not work against another man.

1:04 judge wanted a stay of trial. I said what?! You take your hat off and throw it on the damn floor and say i want a trial and i want it frickkin now! Convene court now! The court is here! The queen is present! I demand to see the jury! I want it on now. I said because they could smell fear that you wanted to put a stay, that means that you are not ready. The queen's not ready. The queen is never intimidated, it’s her frickkin court. She's gonna hold it, she's gonna hold it now! At 3 o'clock in the morning we are holding it now! The judge told me that ion Alabama. Oh please Karl don’t do that to me cause he seen how i was going. I said what's the term of the court? First i asked the judge; when does the court open? And he said well they just shipped me here from the sc of Alabama, i don’t know. Bailiff when does the court open? He said 9 to 5. I said to the judge; do you think I am a schmuck? When does the court open? He said 24/7/365. I said bingo! What’s the term of this court, 6 months, or a year? He said a year. So he knew what i was doing when i asked; what's the term of this court? A year, from right now? From inception? When you’re seating present. Not predated? No! I said when can i hold court? He says oh Karl you are not going to do that to me are you? I said sir just answer the question. I am establishing the rules of the court. I did this verbally. Nothing in writing. The DA had no idea what i was saying. At first they were laughing their asses off when i was asking these questions.

I said sir when does court convene. He said; whenever you wish.


My private audio at talkshoe. com Karl Lentz 2/2

I already got my kids back. I just want this record expunged. I need these people to admit they did wrong.

That’s how you hold court. You know the rules and if you know the rules the judge will work with you.
1:12its almost like intimidation. Who can intimidate the other person more? Can you intimidate a judge lady? And she did!
1:17habeascorpus, i call it restoration of property.
2 or 3 weeks ago on Thursday, held her court to get her property [children] back
1:21 i, a woman, arsenal claim, wrongdoers did trespass upon my property, and that was the whole law suit.
1:36 courtofrecord at gmail . com [Karl's]
1:43/4host of peaceful inhabitant comes on
2:06all state courts are common law courts.

All courts of record only operate under common law.

All federal district courts are courts of record.
2:20all i generate are claims and orders
12b6 is a wonderful thing. You ain’t gonna grant me a thing, I am taking it.

2:22Please charge me with something. I am going to claim all equity in that charging instrument.








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