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24:00 restoration of property (baby, health, body, spouse, car, land, coin, papers, finger prints, DNA, picture etc)

35:00 nature of all claims is a trespass (theft, deprivation, interference, wrong, harm, damage, stress, etc)





5-11-13 unkommonlaw at talkshoe com (show#127469) [3h30m]

5: caller; state tax issues..they see you paid your mortgage and figure you can pay the tax..

you can argue the amount, not the tax.

How about zero?

What evidence do you have I’m a tax payer, or that I’m in their jurisdiction? And they would never answer.

Why didn’t you make a claim against them for administrating your property without any rights?

You’ve heard my older shows right?

Yes but never heard 'administrating property without rights.'

what are they liening?

Anything i have registered in the county, which is nothing.

My sister and i trust each other and lien each others property.

Deputy came to sisters house while i was there, to enforce the levy all her stuff cause they’re enforcing the lien. I just walked out and said i got first lien on all the property that she might claim to own.

Deputy said wheres the lien filed?

I pointed to my head and said right here.

He said where is it recorded?

I said right up here [his head].

He said how do i know its true?

I pointed at my mouth and said watch this; its true.

Ive told that story a million times.

At the end the deputy hugged me and said i love people that know the law because i don’t want to be a moving man.

If they don’t, then the sheriff gets all his personal property levied.

32: caller joyce in colorado; cop took my private plates off my car. i sent back the ticket with this law does not apply written on there and i didn’t see it show up on the docket so i didn’t go to court. They put a notice out for my arrest. They sent no notice.

Spent 11 days in jail. Shocked in court with their bulldozer effect. I was handcuffed and led out before i could even complete three sentences. They put in a not guilty plea.

Ive heard all your recordings and wrote a page and a half letter which i havent sent.

I listened to richard cornforth.

42: I’m going to give the judge 5 days to answer.

Why 5? use one of the magic numbers; 3, 7, 21. they freak out when people give them the magic numbers. How did they know that?

Immediate always works good. I require your immediate response. If i don’t hear back in 3 days i will accept that as your acquiescence to this claim.

You had said in one of your calls that its my case. So i said i present myself and my case to the court

[ ] I’m claiming this case as mine, it belongs to me.

You cant do that. Why?

Cart before the horse. When the state brings the matter its their case and you cant steal it. You’re always going to be the defendant in that case. Karl talks about opening a new case on top of that case.

Every court that’s not the supreme court is a state court. And every court is also a federal court. And every one of those guys has put their hand on a bible and swore to uphold the constitution of the united states. You got them on an oath. And whether or not they say they have an oath or theyll try to say well this is administrative part, were not operating under oath. Well then i demand to be in a court of record. This is my right. Under article 6 and 7 of the bill of rights.

No matter how great your paperwork was if you don’t know how to stand behind it and you allow them to move you off of what they were saying, its very easy to lose jurisdiction and theyll slug you right back into theirs. For example, one person made a claim in common law in a court of record. The judge asked did you make this complaint yourself or did you have help? He used the word complaint not claim and when the man said i did it myself, he [the judge] flipped the jurisdiction back to his own because you cant bring complaint in a common law court of record. So when he agreed to answer to the word complaint it became the judges jurisdiction and no longer the mans.

Who am i speaking with? Gregg.

48: sound off for about 1 minute.

57:50 caller; I’m going after my mortgage and hired a private investigator that can go all the way down into fannie mae.

1:21 you cant go after a bond until the people have been convicted. Bond and insurance is two different things. One night ill do a show about the difference between bonds and insurance and how to file a claim against a person compared to going against a to the role they play.

1:23 the notary can never do wrong. The person under the notary can do wrong.

1:27 caller; two houses, many lots. Property tax on lot about 200. tax on one house 30K and 70K on other house.

Just email me this is an easy one. I like doing taxes. Taxes are easy.

1:29 If you want to be in a republic it means that you’re willing to pay for your government thru taxes.
1:31 i love getting kids back, go ahead with your story.

1:37 just because the mom and dad got lost drifting out to sea for the last 5, 7, 10, 30 years does not mean you cannot make a claim for their property until they return. And that’s what all the cestue qui trust is. All this nonsense about cestue qui trust, that’s all it means. It just means we are going to hold the property in custody for seven years until the rightful owner comes forth and makes the claim for the property. If not its going to revert back to the king. That’s all the cestue qui of 1666 trust is because what happened back then was the great london fire and the plague. The king just put everything in like a huge warehouse and everybody had to leave london because the plague and when they felt it was safe to come back they made claim to all the property that the crown put in trust. So all this nonsense i hear on all these calls about the pope owns you and the crown owns you, its all nonsense. The cestue qui trust ended in 7 years, 1666 to 1773.

you should be glad that shes making a public notice, good, because now there’s gonna be a hearing. You’re gonna demand a hearing. Hey! I just read the stupid notice in the newspaper that somebody is trying to take my property. That’s my freaking property. Then you are going to move your claim, not a complaint that’s in statute. You’re going to file a claim in common law court and you’re gonna be the only one standing there. The other lady can try to come in but shes gonna be laughed out of the court room. Because shes so far down the totem pole because she has no proof or evidence that those kids are hers.

1:44 caller; we were stigmatized as anti government , part of a cult, we didn’t believe in any of the school programs and all that kind of stuff. Cps robbed us of our children. Trying to get them back for 3 or 4 months, sent lots of paperwork. Then found karl. In common law we go in as a woman or a man, no adjectives. They didn’t want us in the court room anymore. They wanted us to settle. Court clerk was refusing our claims and they hadnt even gotten into the court house. We sent letter to head judge letting him know we know what’s going on. They wanted to take our kids permanently. Then they wanted to give them back as fast as they could. Dropped all criminal charges. The claim really put the fear of god into them. They definitely didn’t want to deal with us anymore what’soever. The crown did come up to us and said off the record the cps is scared shitless of you.
1:48 Ill send you that tape of jesse talking for an hour getting her kids back.
1:50 what gives cps the right to have the child removed from the home?

It was consentful. When she signed the hospital papers and registered the birth certificate and all that kind of stuff, she consented and signed that child up to be a legal person. The thing is you can jump back and forth between the legal person and the living man or woman any time you want. People are putting out all this disinformation that you have to reject all this stuff and give it all back. No no no. you can certainly play in the system that’s what its for to play in the commerce, but you’ve forgotten that you have rights as a man or woman. You have benefits and privileges as a legal person.

1:53 gregg is really good at this mortage stuff.

2:06 property tax issue, if you don’t pay we are going to foreclose. sent them a promissory note and international postal money order for $100, they sent back twice and said if you send a third time we will keep (which they did).

2:11 let them start foreclosure procedures. See where I’m going with that gregg?

Yeah they’re already guilty of conversion.

You ordered a hamburger and paid for it and they’re not going to give it to you.

Yeah and now they’re going to call a cop. And you got proof.

Let them start the procedure.

You folks just got to relax. Set the rabbit trap but don’t run back and check it every 5 seconds you gotta let it lie and let them snare themselves. You know they’re gonna break all kinds of laws. its gonna be legal, but its going to be unlawful what they’re doing.

You could bring it to their attention, you could compare what they did was unlawful with that it is also illegal, but were never gonna mix the two together in the same sentence.

That was important believe me, but because you used a negotiable instrument a promissory not and going by HJR 192...

i don’t care if you’re using a rubber band and a slinky. I don’t care what you deem as value. If they kept something of yours and you deemed it value, god bless them. I don’t care if you used silver copper gold nickels dimes, i don’t care what you used, they kept it, lovely.

Did they return the PN? no. and you did that thru a notary? Yes.

They didn’t return it, they didn’t tell you what was wrong with it

2:14 for those familiar with accepted for value, bills of exchange, promissory notes, the promissory note can get you in the least amount of trouble, because A promissory note is simply you issuing your word as currency, and its saying i promise. You’re not saying you got a magical account at the federal reserve, you’re not saying you’re a banker. You’re just saying I’m a guy and i promise to pay. That’s what a promissory note is and it has value. When they kept the PN or failed to refuse it or sent it back as defect you can actually execute the rules under the UCC and say if you havent done this, payment is made.

Gregg is giving you good info but you keep this all under your hat. You don’t speak another word to these people. You just lay low and keep cool. Don’t start interpreting the UCC code, don’t start wearing the big boy pants. Its private law you have no right to even access this UCC stuff. Try to bring it into a court you will be in contempt. Do not try and use their nonsense. You’re going to keep it all under your hat and say wait a second isnt this your law. Its not mine, I’m not making any claim its mine, but isnt it amazing my law runs unbelievably parallel with your law. Isnt that special. Now how we gonna do this folks. Cause actually they’re breaking their own law. We make laws everyday. I order a hamburger from mcdonalds and i give them money, we just made law. Billions of contracts are made everyday.

Don’t submit it in writing in your claim. You can attach it as an exhibit and say look, not only is it my belief but look at exhibit A, i believe this is what your law says but don’t take my word for it cause I’m not a lawyer and I’m certainly not practicing UCC, but why don’t you take a gander at exhibit A, cause i think you guys are breaking your own law.
2:18 You say that i believe that you took my property and did not return it. Like gregg said you dishonored my present [presentment?]. You didn’t say thank you. You didn’t acknowledge it. You can add UCC 3-501, 507 that stuffs lovely, you can do security instrument, title 9, whatever you want to do, signed negotiable instrument. BUT don’t you dare put it in your paperwork. You can attach it as an exhibit but don’t you dare put it in your paperwork or you’re gonna fry.

The prosecutor was saying not a valid payment...

What was his name? Damon i think. So what you say is Damon greetings, heres my payment. Have a nice day. You gave it to a man. Now hes liable.
[someone just donated and i said if we went over eighty dollars id stay on another hour]
2:45 they threw out our lessors. Ill bet they left of their own free will. They left of their own fear. Right but did the deputies drag them out? Did they go kicking and screaming? They just left. Because you’re at war. And if you just surrender and you’re at war, oh well. What do you think is going to happen? They’re gonna run over you like a freight train. You don’t want to stand and fight? Go ahead. Give up to a piece of paper that two dimensional. Go ahead because you believe it has some sort of impact or force of law.

[but you can go back and say i made a mistake...]

Land patents and quiet titles are a joke.

3:00 say hi bob to the judge. He'll be shaking in his boots. A man cannot pass judgment on another man.

3:20 anytime anybody in the government comes at you all you have to say is who are you to me? And they say well I’m a government agent.

So you’re a public servant.


Im the public. Is there something you want to serve me? no. well then i have no business to do with you.



5-16-13 unkommonlaw show#127469 at talkshoe com 4h11m [garbles/comments in brackets]

[thursday calls are for women getting kids back, saturdays for everything else]
19: i am the maternal grandmother of whatever the childrens names are Bob and Susie and i am making a claim for full custody of this child and if anybody wants to make a claim counter to my claim if they believe they have a higher [not superior] claim than mine appear at 9 o'clock on May 28th at family district court room 202.
23: no man can touch another mans property. I don’t care what badge you wear i don’t care if its the prez of the US or jesus christ.

32: if you’ve got a claim and you can make headway with it they’re gonna reschedule that hearing on you, they’re either gonna do it the day before or that day or mam we rescheduled for 3 o'clock and they held it at 9. and theyll say oh who told you 3? no, nobody told you 3. did i tell you 3? no. nobody called up. You’ve been knowing now for months its always been 9 o'clock. Theyll do that nonsense to you you cant trust these people.

[every phone call in the world is recorded. And, i record all phone calls. In fact id answer every call with hi you’re live and on the air]

so you gotta hold your actions close to your chest like you’re playing poker. Don’t try to out smart these people you’re gonna hurt yourself. The dumber they think you are the better off you’re going to be and then you just bring it on them at the hearing. You say i hear my daughter gave up on the kid, do you want to adopt him out now. Yeah. Then you spring it on them. Once she says in open court that she doesnt want her kid anymore then you spring that claim on them because she abandoned her property.

No you’re making a claim for it.

34: surrender means under threat duress or stress. Abandoned means you did it willingly or freely.
37: i can make a claim superior to state of calif who cant make a claim
51: judge cant deny a claim. If he does he is liable.

First give notice,

then cease and desist,

then claim,

then we demand compensation,

then we gave him an order
i don’t motion anything, i put in a claim.

None of that legalese nonsense; petition, motion, complaint. I don’t speak any of that gibberish. I just speak plain common language, that’s what the common law is. Not written down. What book can i read? What book? Common law common sense, its whatever the people in your community believe is relevant in that particular moment of time of what is fair an just. Its what the community decides.

1:11 the constitution has to do with the states and the feds... we don’t talk constitution here. Constitution means contract a contract between the states and the fed... i don’t care about the rights of the states or the fed. I just care about rights of a man or woman.

1:15 caller [Jamaican accent?]; everything that you sign at the social security office, every contact you gave them, they are the legal man. They are the agent that go into another private account that is set up for most of the people who don’t know about that, and I’m just learning about that too, but i know that every time they give you money, when you sign you pay for it, but i cant explain all the details but you pay for everything you get from social services. You already prepaid for that. That’s why every six months you have to resign and give them the authority again. Anytime you see these people they are really running some racketeering things and there’s things about this system that we are not gettin our full share of the benefits either but what do i know.

1:29 ...you should have filed a three sentence lawsuit and said i demand my property be returned to me immediately you should have filed a claim in a local district court and said i demand my property be returned to me immediately and let them answer your claim.

You guys gotta stop using words like subject matter jurisdiction. You think the judge has no control over the subject? Yes he does. Is somebody making a claim in court that he doesnt? no. so as far as he knows the child is there in court lawfully and legally until somebody says hey this property was taken unlawfully. You want to talk law? Make an action of the judgment. But i don’t make that silly plea action of the judgment i just say hey i was robbed of my property or my property was stolen or there was a theft of my property and i demand it be returned. There you go. That’s my claim. I’m done.

1:36 caller [Jamaican accent?]…and the system is set up so we believe them the man in the black robe he say jump and we say how high.. so we are programmed to OBEY THEM. I don’t know how we programmed but we obey the police even if we know we are right, we give up our rights when the police comes around we don’t question nobody, its crazy, I’m crazy about it because anytime a police comes up to me they must not to approach me unless i am breaking the law hurting somebody or damaging somebodys property otherwise he can not even look at me when I’m on the street.
1:38 granny; I’m going to try it.

Larry; wrong word. Don’t try it do it. [trying; looking good on the way to failure e.g., I’m trying to quit smoking]

1:46: karl i have people send me their paperwork to see if they’re genuine...

1:59 ...when the sheriff came to my sisters house i said where is the bond attached to that warrant? He said i don’t have one. Okay come back with the bond and i will be glad to open up all the doors in the house and hand you a box of matches cause you might as well burn the house down to the ground cause whatever that bond is worth I’m going to claim every penny no matter whether you break anything or not I’m going to make a claim for damages because you came into my property and you disturbed my right to be let alone, my quiet enjoyment of this domicile, my home, so I’m going to sue you, I’m going to keep the bond.

Most DHR workers don’t know that if you say you have my property and i demand it be returned and they ignore you they know that its stealing its robbery. Some law enforcement officers actually know what these words mean. Some don’t.

Require means a demand by right.
2:02 ...is there anywhere in their statutes, their rules that says they have to bring a bond with a warrant?

He is asking where you got that information from.

Where i got it from.. its not a complete warrant, i mean its just a kind of a warrant. It has to.. well it doesnt have to have a bond. you can go out there and get a warrant. I’m sure in statute they could do it without a bond because its considered just protocol for these people out there. They’re all honorable sirs. They’re all honorable to each other. When jesse went to make a claim he was going to sue them for a billion dollars, do you realize that in common law the other side might ask you to put up a billion dollar bond to have your claim heard. When you’re filing a complaint you’re all acting as pro se, you’re all acting as attorneys. Attorneys don’t have to put up bonds to sue each other. So they’re all, business will be cleared by 5 o'clock and whether your client can pay for the money or not, we are gonna take it out of the attorneys fund or whatever account hes got with the court and then he can square it up with his client, but all business with the court is gonna be done by 5 o'clock. Everybody is going to be paid off by 5 oclock and its either going to come out of the attorneys bond or somehow settle with the court, but when it comes to common law you say Oh you got a warrant there? Oh great. You know what, you’re going to invoke the common law, you’re going to say oh good you got a warrant? Good i want to see the bond that goes with that warrant because I’m not a honorable sir, I’m outside of your jurisdiction so if you want to come into my kingdom, if you want to come over the canadian border, come into mexico, come into my country you’re going to have to do it with a bond. That’s great that your warrants work in the united states without a bond attached but they don’t work in my land they don’t work in my country they don’t work in my jurisdiction. If you guys want to come onto my land my jurisdiction my state into my country well then you’re going to need a bond. I’m not going to let you just walk in here like you own the place. If you think this is within your courts jurisdiction well then you’re sadly mistaken, its not, this is my courts jurisdiction, this is my land, this is my border this is my venue so if you want to enter here you need a bond attached. See just demand there is a bond attached, that’s common law. … if somebody sues you in common law you better believe you can demand a bond. If i want to sue gregg for a million dollars gregg will say i will answer you once you put up a million dollar bond because when i prove that you filed a false claim against me karl I’m going to take that bond. What you wanted from me I’m going to demand from you. Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth. Whatever you wanted from me you bear false witness on a neighbor I’m going to demand equal and fair and just compensation, you gotta put up a bond and the magistrate the man in the black robe the court clerk will make you post the bond before they will move a claim against you before you make a claim against another man if the other side requires it.

2:17 all these calls that were recorded everybody knows that talkshoe wont let me come on live. Talkshoe kept threatening me to take all my calls down and leave them so i took all my calls off of talkshoe. They’re all gone. They had the power to delete all my old shows what made you think that i was just going to let them delete my old shows without me downloading them first me saving the calls

and telling talkshoe to go F themselves. Ill go to blogradio.com or whatever where thousands of people could listen to me not 40 or 50. i don’t care I’m just practicing to go on to bigger and better things. My niece got a show and she does over six hundred thousand people a night and all she talks about is harry potter... and talkshoe just gives me a way to get to Larry Dan Malcolm Dallas Gregg, so these folks can learn how to do this stuff too.

2:20 i started right around the beginning of april, march 30, i cant believe I’m still doing this, i thought 2 or 3 calls and id be done.

2:22 I’m always asking people what’s the next biggest forum we can go to and move away from hundred two hundred people restriction, how do we hit thousands, millions. [can you imagine thousands doing this, the court orders will stop, but what else may happen...?]

2:27 i would have told him go ahead and do the forensic... [on mortgage] is that what you would tell them to do gregg?

gregg; no, i mean the forensic are nice and everything but its costly, time consuming, you gotta prove chain of title and find out if all paperwork got filed properly according to county and state regulations blah blah, its a huge mountain of stuff, youll end up with a three inch stack of paper.

Karl; he could ask to do a forensic I’m saying. .. the only reason i said ask for forensic is to let the judge know its gonna take a freaking long time. … all I’m saying is try to put in for a little bit of delay, then you could do the stuff like Gregg is saying, then you could start asking who are you? Wheres your delegation of authority? Where do you have power of attorney on behalf of the bank? Maybe they do maybe they don’t, but they can do that answer in two seconds. What happens if they give you the answer in two seconds, proof boom. Okay now what? Now your clock is down to seven weeks and two days. I’m just saying if you want to stall for time just say I’m in the process of forensics I’m waiting for this to come back, I’m trying to do this and that gotta do the research on my own

2:36did you send that to them directly or through a third party? Directly. Then you didn’t send them anything at all because its he said she said.
2:40 a week ago my sister came on the show and said I’m paying for his internet and cell phone bill, so if you don’t start paying his cell phone and internet bill, I’m not paying it because I’m a school teacher and my job ends in june and he will be off the air.

2:43 man was not put on this earth to have to battle the bank or with the mortgage company [how do you know?]. We were not put here to have to learn all their silly rules and jump thru all their silly hoops [okay that i agree with]. I’m not doing it. I will say look things didn’t work out for me and the bank I’m sorry it didn’t work out, you’re gonna have to take two dollars a day for the rest of my life, other than that you cant get blood from a stone, you have to leave [let] me alone.

A CNN reporter went to WA state and there’s a 60 year old lady w/2 bum sons and they’re all on disability nobody had an income, mom was working at walmart as a greeter. They had like this beautiful million dollar home on a lake in the middle of nowhere. The bank said how much money do you have at the end of every month? 60 or 70 dollars. No give us a real number. 66 dollars. Good we will take it. CNN brought a crew cause they heard of this story... that will take like 84 thousand years to pay off. I thought they were crazy. As long as their books balance at years end , money coming in, they rather have somebody living in that house than have it abandoned and have animals take over or have her sons rip out all copper pipes and have nothing to show for that house theyd rather have something coming in and try to maintain that thing [some say theyd rather it was abandoned cause they make more that way but i don’t know how].

So what the bank did there was common law. The bank moved in common law which was incredible. CNN had no idea what happened. .. so can the bank invoke common law? You better believe it.

2:46 what if the bank had said no [to 66 bucks]? The debt is forgiven. You would no longer owe a dime. The house is free and clear. …

caller; it just popped into my head to ask for forgiveness.

Yes, but not yet. You want to try to act honorably. First you try to settle it on the administrative... you got yourself into this contract [what contract? A mortgage? How is that a contract?] on the administrative side as an official entity and you reduced your status to being that. You want to act as honorably as you can in their world so that way your credit stays great. [but, if your credit aint great we now know how to fix it]
2:49 I had to put a thousand dollars down to get my cell phone turned on.

Caller; two words for your cell phone; virgin mobile.

Alice in wonderland about making fun of the legal system.

2:53 three docs you receive at closing; deed, mortgage and promissory note...

what a lot of people don’t know when you receive the deed you own the house... record that with the county recorder and you’re done, you don’t owe anybody anything. Now if you want to be nice to who is selling you the house you can go ahead and sign the promissory note and that turns into money and then that’s what funds the sellers bank account so he can get the money that he has outlaid so you don’t screw him. That’s two documents and then the third document is the mortgage agreement. If i were to ever buy another house again what i would do is skip the deed put it in my pocket i would then sign the promissory note, i would rip up the mortgage throw it at them and say guys nice doing business with you and then leave, walk to county recorders office sign an acceptance of deed and be done because in the american economy there is no money, everything is paid for.

Karl oh here we go. Gregg and i totally opposite on the money thing.

[get the transmittal sheet from the title company which is available three days after signing the application which paid for the house. And what if they wont sell you the house if you don’t sign?]
3:10 be sure and call me this saturday were gonna do property taxes that’s gonna be a fun one an easy one. [didn’t happen]
3:16 caller; 18 USC 74b says motor vehicle and nobody can drive a motor vehicle unless you are in commerce. [a motor is electric. An engine is fueled]

[this caller goes on a long time and wants to go after them administratively.]

3:26 tom murphy did that went on for 2, 3, 4 years and he got three felonies against him for doing that. You gotta be real careful doing that.

3:28 this is a real talkshoe call. You’re using all the statutes and codes and...

other caller; hey Karl next time lets get winston shrout and doug riddle to be our guests.

Yeah and how about the divine guy?

Caller: should i be using them statutes and laws? [talking over each other]

karl; i mean you could give fair warning and cease and desist and make a claim but that’s no fun man and its only two or three sentences and youd be done, nah your way just scrambles their brains and makes them shiver in their shoes thinking a lawyers coming at them [being extremely facetious]

3:32 you folks know were messing around for like the last hour. You don’t make a claim for a bond until there’s a conviction. Until there’s a conviction which means they confessed or until there’s attaintment which comes from the jury. You cant make a claim for a bond until you’ve gone thru a lot of other steps.

3:39 the first hour of this call is good the rest were just playing around.

3:40 you still got those three things i showed you to do, the notice the cease and the claim, you still got that combination, i wrote five things, done, i said these three things go together, this goes by its self, this goes by itself

the number one mistake that people are doing is

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