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Julia Roberts

On October 28, 1967 a star was born. A girl that later, will steal the hearts of many and shine into our world, being it in real life or on screen. Between the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Julia Roberts was one of Hollywood’s’ top stars. She is not always taken as a serious dramatic actress but she certainly is best at either a romantic comedy or light drama. Julia Roberts has starred in many films beginning with her first starring role in 1988’s “Mystic Pizza”. The next year she starred as a diabetic bride in “Steel Magnolias” that won her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

When the film "Pretty Woman" came to the screen in 1990, it turned a talented up and coming actress into a superstar. Suddenly, everybody wanted Julia. Papers wrote about her every day, the box office profits sky rocketed, and the whole world knew about Julia. From the moment of her appearance in the role of a street prostitute who happens to have a strike of luck to the heart of the handsome millionaire Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman”, Julia Roberts was announced as one of the brightest young stars in Hollywood.

The amazing acting and script that went with the stars only helped make this movie an enthusiastic, romantic comedy. Julia truly shines in “Pretty Woman”showing her talent and Richard Geres’ low key style worked great with Julia. The supporting actors Hector Elizondo, who plays Mr. Thompson, the manager of the hotel and Jason Alexander who plays Geres’ lawyer really help to bring the movie together. “Pretty Woman” is a film mostly based around the two main characters. Julia Roberts who plays Vivian a prostitute, who is struggling to cover the rent, who picks up a rich city man, Edward, played by Richard Gere. He gets lost and in her journey to get a date for the night ends up driving him back to his hotel. He invites her in and she is totally overwhelmed as she has never seen such an expensive hotel before. During the course of the evening he becomes enchanted by her and pays her to stay with him for a whole week while he is staying in the area. She cannot believe how lucky she is but things aren't as easy as she imagines. To accompany him throughout the week he allows her to use his credit card and buy suitable, conservative clothing. The movie is simply wonderful as it develops throughout the week. A few ups and downs keep the movie in your attention.

This movie is full of many one-liners and gags that help keep the comedy. It’s funny on it’s own that a rich, classy guy would ask a prostitute to stay the week with him to accompany him in all he does. What makes this movie so wonderful is how it develops into a romance. It starts out with just pure sexuality and throughout this movie she falls for him. This fairy tale that she has actually comes true and the finale ends this movie in good spirits. The fairy tale aspect of the picture almost works like a charm, thanks to some brilliant acting efforts, few snappy one-liners, and some bright direction. This “Cinderella” story of the nineties is obviously not very realistic but the actors do a wonderful job in portraying such a situation.

If someone were to ask me what my favorite movie was it would be “Pretty Woman”. It has a mix of everything. Romance, comedy and even drama at some points. The actors Julia and Richard must have had a lasting impression when they were asked to perform again together in 1998’s “Runaway Bride”. They had such wonderful chemistry but this movie does not compare to the success of “Pretty Woman” but it was successful in ratings and profits. Julia takes a whole different character in this movie. She goes from a prostitute to a country girl who can’t seem to find her man. The success of “Runaway Bride” and the spectacular on screen chemistry of Roberts and Gere prove what a dynamic duo they are. If “Pretty Woman” had not been as successful as it was then the public would not have reacted so warmly to the so-called sequel of “Runaway Bride”.

With “Pretty Woman’s” outlandish plot and characters the actors and actresses playing them make the movie flow and allow it to be enjoyable. I’ve watched the movie about 40 some odd times and I can’t get enough of it. I find more about it I like after every viewing.

Another feature of the movie that makes it a success is the music. This is another aspect that can make or break a movie. The music went along with the scene it was in. The scene where she shops and they have the song “Pretty” Woman by Roy Orbison couldn’t be more perfect for this scene. It describes exactly what she is doing.

As a whole this movie is a success. I can not say much negative about it. If you are looking for a feel good, fun, romantic movie you would love “Pretty Woman”. "Pretty Woman's" finest selling point is the self respect Julia Roberts' character gains throughout the course of the film. She falls in love with Richard Gere only after he makes her feel like she's worth something. And what's more romantic than that? “Pretty Woman," which opened quietly during the summer of 1990 but, thanks to positive word-of-mouth, was able to reach upwards of $175-million in theaters alone. The question of why it worked so well lies directly with the film's two charismatic stars, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, since the story itself is none too original or even believable. The other winning element that makes "Pretty Woman" so entertaining is its genuine sweetness and innocence, which is rarely found in today's films. “Pretty Woman" is a sparkler of a motion picture, and has what it takes to act as an example on how to make the quintessential romantic comedy. “Pretty Woman” is rated R for some violence, sexuality, languange and nudity.

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