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Ans: B: Astanpayi

What kind of animal is a bat?

A: Reptile B: Mammal C: Bird D: Amphibian
Ans: B: Mammal

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First Fastest Finger First Question :

Ques : Arrange the following geometrical figures in Increasing order of the number of sides they have.
A. Decagon B. Heptagon C. Quadrilateral D. Octagon
Ans : C – B – D -A

Ques 1 : Which of these is a food item which is also used to make laddoos ?

A. Bill B. Til C. Jhilmil D. Dil
Ans : B. Til

Ques 2 : Who among these is most likely to address you as “Chachaji” ?

A. Brother’s daughter B. Sister’s Son C. Wife’s brother D. Aunt’s Son
Ans : A. Brother’s daughter

Ques 3 : In the context of Indian law, which of these are ‘bailable’ or ‘non-bailable’ ?

A. Witness B. Judgement C. Summons D. Warrant
Ans : D. Warrant

Ques 4 : Which of these is a rabi crop ?

A. Paddy B. Wheat C. Sugarcane D. Soyabean
Ans : B. Wheat

Ques 5 : Who became the ‘World’s fastest Man’, after running a distance of 100m in just 9.58 sec in 2009 ?

A. Asafa Powell B. Carl Lewis C. Yohan Blake D. Usain Bolt
Ans : D. Usain Bolt

Ques 6 :The father of which of these MPs in the 15th Lok Sabha is the current chief minister of a state ?

A. Deepender Singh B. Dushyant Singh C. Agatha Sangma D. Dimple Yadav
Ans :A. Deepender Singh

Ques :7 : Which of these places in Uttarakhand is situated at the confluence of the Alakananda and Mandakini Rivers ?

A. Rudraprayag B. Devprayag C. Badrinath D. Karanprayag.

Ans : A. Rudraprayag

Ques 8 : Which saint-poet was said to have been raised by a Muslim couple, Nima and Niru ?

A. Surdas B. Tulsidas C. Kabir D. Raidas
Ans: Kabir

In what language is the denomination of a contemporary Indian currency note written at the bottom of the language panel of the note?

A) Tamil B) Sanskrit C) Nepali D) Urdu
Ans is D) Urdu

Ques 9 :In the Mahabharata , who killed Dhrishtadyumna, the commander of the Pandava army ?

A. Dronacharya B. Karna C. Ashwatthama D. Duhshasana
Ans is C) Ashwatthama

Ques : Who among these was the paternal aunt of Krishna, according to the Mahabharata ?

A. Gandhari B. Satyavati C. Madri D. Kunti
Ans : D. Kunti

Ques : Which of these Nobel Laureates was under arrest when he or she was declared a winner of the award ?

A. Martin Luther King Jr. B. Yasser Arafat C. Aung San Suu Kyl D. Nelson Mandela
Ans: C. Aung San Suu Kyi

Ques : Which of these elements was named after the native country of one of it’s discovers ?

A. Indium B. Niobium C. Rubidium D. Polonium
Ans: D. Polonium

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 22/12/2012 (Saturday)

Out of these film characters, who says to her elder sister “Didi there dewar Diwana, hai ram kudiyo ko dale dana” ?
A) Puja B) Mohini C) Nisha D) Anjali
Ans: C: Nisha

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Q: Which of these is a unit of weight and also a unit of currency in Great Britain?

A) Ounce B) Cent C) Pound D) Euro
Ans is C) Pound.

Q: Identify the lead singer of this song. Song -> “Dinkh Chikka ding Chikka”

Ans. Mikka Singh

Q: On the bank of which river is the city of Jammu located?

A) Satluj B) Tawi C) Tapi D) Jhelum
Ans is B) Tawi

Q: Who created the character of Mowgil, a boy raised by wolves?

A) Jim Corbatt B) Enid Blyton C) Ruskin Bond D) Rudyard Kipling

Ans is D) Rudyard Kipling

Q: Till Dec 2012, which of these Indians cricketers has scored a double century in Test Cricket?

A) Yuvraj Singh B) Cheteshwar Pujara C) Virat Kholi D) Suresh Raina
Ans is B) Cheteshwar Pujara

Q: Which of these freedom fighters was also known as the “Frontier Gandhi”?

A) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan B) Shah Nawaz C) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad D) Syed Ahmad Khan
Ans is A) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Q:Which of these animals digest their food outside their body?

A) Caterpillar B) Cricket C) Termite D) Spider
Ans is D) Spider

Q: The Largest moon of which planet is named Titan?

A) Jupiter B) Neptune C) Saturn D) Uranus
Ans C) Saturn

Q: Who, during his days in prison, wrote an essay titled ‘Why i am Atheist?’?

A) Bhagat Singh B) Michael Madhusudan Dutt C) Subhas Chandra Bose D) Motilal Nehru
Ans is A) Bhagat Singh

Next Fastest Finger First Question :

Starting with the topmost, arrange these bones from top to bottom in the order in which they appear in a human body.
A. Femur B. Rib C. Skull D. Pelvis
Ans : C-B-D-A

Ques : Which of these names is associated with the name of rapper and pop singer Honey Singh ?

A. Lo Lo B. Po Po C. Mo Mo D. Yo Yo
Ans : D. Yo Yo

Ques : According to an act of the Govt. of India, there is a ban on the sale of which products within a radius of 100 yards of educational institutions ?

A. Chocolate B. Cold Drinks C: Tobacco D: Tea
Ans: C: Tobacco

Q: As of November 2012, who holds the record for the total cumulative spacewalk time by the female astronaut?

A) Shannon Lucid B) Sunita Williams C) Peggy Whitson D) Susan Helms
Ans is B) Sunita Williams

Q: In which ocean is the EI Nino formed?

A) Indian B) Atlantic C) Pacific D) Arctic
Ans is C) Pacific

Q:Which Sikh Guru was imprisoned at Gwalior Fort by Emperor Jahangir?

A) Guru Gobind Singh B) Guru Nanak C) Guru Hargobind D) Guru Tegh Bahudur

Ans is C) Guru Hargobind

Q: Which of these is not a memorial dedicated to a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family?

A) Shakti Sthal B) Vir Bhumi C) Shanti Van D) Vijay Ghat
Ans is D) Vijay Ghat

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 16/12/2012 (Sunday)

Ques Which of the following proverb means “kisi ko bharkana?
Option : A) Aag lagana B) Ullu banana C) Ding maarna D) Pheeth pherna
Ans: A) Aag lagana

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In the film Jab Tak Hai Jaan, what is the title of the documentary made by Akira on Major Samar Anand ?

A. The Man Who Cannot Die B. The Secret Dairy C. The Black Death D. Living With the Superstar
Ans: A. The Man Who Cannot Die

Ques3 for Rs20,000: Who started the campaign “Peoples Movement Against Corruption” against Corruption in 1991?

A) Baba Ramdev B) Anna Hazare C) Arvind Kejriwal D) Swami Agnivesh
Ans is B) Anna Hazare

Ques: In which mountain range does the river Narmada rise?

A) Maikala Range B) Vindhya Range C) Mahadeo Range D) Rajpipla Hills
Ans is A) Maikala Range

Ques: Which of these names means ‘one who is really pleased’?

A) Anuvarta B) Ashwini C) Ashutosh D) Amartya
Ans is C) Ashutosh

Ques: With which journal did ‘Bal Thackeray’ start his career as a cartoonist?

A) Panchjanya B) The Free Press Journal C) Amar Sandesh D) Indian Express
Ans is B) The Free Press Journal

Ques: Which of these cities has a cricket stadium named after a hockey legend that hosts ODI matches?

A) Ahmedabad B) Mohali C) Kanpur D) Gwalior
Ans is D) Gwalior

Ques2 for Rs 10,000: Which of these led to the sinking of the ship Titanic?

A) Tidal Wave B) Collision with another ship C) Cyclone D) Collision with an iceberg

Ans: D) Collision with an iceberg

Ques3 for Rs 20,000: Which of these sportsperson won an Olympic medal in ‘Pehalwani’?

A) Yogeshwar Dutt B) Vijay Kumar C) Gagan Narang D) Vijendra Singh
Ans is A) Yogeshwar Dutt

Ques4 for Rs 40,000: Who is the author of the Man booker Prize winning book ‘Life of Pi’?

A) Julian Barnes B) J M Coetzen C) Yann Martai D) V S Naipaul
Ans is C) Yann Martai

Ques6 for Rs 3,20,000: Rudrayag, Uttarakashi & Champawat are all places in which state of India?

A) Jammu Kashmir B) Uttarakhand C) Madhya Pradesh D) Himachal Pradesh
Ans is B) Uttarakhand

Ques7 for Rs6,40,000: Which of these woman actress to become Chairperson of the Central Board of film Certificate (Censor Board) ?

A) Sharmila Tagore B) Nafisa Ali C) Aparna Sen D) Asha Parekh
Ans is D) Asha Parekh

Ques8 for Rs12,50,000: A butterfly tastes food using which of these body parts?

A) Wings B) Feet C) Antenna D) Eyes
Ans is B) Feet

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 15/12/2012 (Saturday)

At a normal temperature, what happens when a magnet comes close to a piece of iron?
A; It “Pigals”(melts) B: It “Gals”(dissolves) !! C: It “Jams” (hardens) D: It sticks (chipak)
Ans: D: It Sticks

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Ques3 for Rs20,000: Which prime minister of India was a commercial pilot?

A) Morarji Desai B) Charan Singh C) Rajiv Gandhi D) Inder Kumar Gujral
Ans is C) Rajiv Gandhi

Q: Which of these terms would you prefix to Aloo to get the name of a dish?

A: Dhukka B: Dum C: Mukka D: Jhatka
Ans: B: Dum

Q: Which of these would you use to describe 3/4th of a kilo?

A: Paav B: Sava C: Pauna D: Aadha

Ans: C: Pauna

Ques for Rs80,000: Which Peshwa’s Love for a dance called Mastani is a popular love story?

A) Narayan Rao B) Raghunath Rao C) Baji Rao 1 D) Balaji Vishwanath
Ans is C) Baji Rao 1

Ques6 for Rs1,60,000: According to the Mahabharatha, whose name was Pritha, from which Arjuna got his alternative name ‘Partha’?

A) Pandu B) Kunti C) Krishna D) Draupadi
Ans is B: Kunti

Ques: Rs40,000: Which of these human body part is primarily used to perform Anulom-Vilom pranayam?

A) Eye B) Ear C) Nose D) Mouth
Ans is C) Nose

Ques: Rs80,000: In the stories of Rabindranath Tagore by which other name do we better know Abdur Rahman?

A) Postmaster B) Kabuliwallah C) Gora D) Pathan Chacha
Ans is B) Kabuliwallah

Ques: Rs1,60,000: Who won India’s First Olympic medal in Badminton?

A) Aparna Jha B) Syed Modi C) Prakash Padukone D) Saina Nehwal
Ans is D) Saina Nehwal

Ques Rs3,20,000: Who served as the CEO of CitiGroup from 2007 to 2012?

A) Vikram Pandit B) Vinod Ghosla C) Vinod Dham D) Micheal Corbat
Ans is A) Vikram Pandit

Ques Rs 6,40,000: Which of these positions has never been held by Dr Manmohan Singh in his entire career?

A) Member, Rajya Sabha B) Governor, RBI C) Member, Lok Sabha D) Finance Secretary, Govt. of India
Ans is C) Member, Lok Sabh

Ques for Rs12,50,000: Aboard which space shuttle did Kalpana Chawla travel into Space?

A) Columbia B) Discovery C) Exploration D) Galileo
Ans is A) Columbia

Ques : Arrange these living organism in increasing order of their normal size

A. Cockroach B. Mosquito C. Lizard D. Crocodile
Ans : B-A-C-D

Ques : Which of these is also known as ‘odhni’?

A. Topi B. Salwar C. Chudi D. Dupatta

Ans : D. Dupatta

Ques : Which of these devices is most likely to be affected by a virus ?

A. Washing Machines B. Mobile Phone C. CRT Television D. Air Conditioners
Ans : B. Mobile Phone

Ques : Which of these freedom fighters was also known as ‘Lok Nayak’ ?

A. Ram Manohar Lohla B. Bal Gangadhar Tilak C. Madan Mohan Malviya D. Jayaprakash Narayan
Ans . Jayaprakash Narayan

Ques : What sport do Tania Sachdev and Koneru Humpy play for India ?

A. Carrom B. Badminton C. Chess D. Squash
Ans : C. Chess

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 14/12/2012 (Friday)

What do you mean by “Bhor” in following line ” bhor bhaye panghat pe mohe natkat shyam sataye” ?
Option : A) Madhay ratare B) Prataha kall C: Sanjhe D: Godhule
Ans: B: Prataha kall

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Starting from the first arrange these personalities in the order in which they became President of India .

A. Shankar Dayal Sharma B. Pranab Mukherjee C. Pratibha Patil D. A P J Abdul Kalam
Ans: A-D-C-B

Ques :Which of these proverbs is used for someone who indulges in ‘khushamad’ ?

A. Aankhen Bichhana B. Daant Todna C. Taang Adaana D. Talve Chatna
Ans is D) Talve Chatna

Ques : Which of these TV series revolves around Jethalaal and his wife Daya Ben ?

A. Lapataganj B. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah C. RK Laxman Ki Duniya D. Chidiya Ghar
Ans is B) Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah

Ques : What is the place where coins are minted called ?

A. Chaupal B. Rasatal C. Taksal D. Astabal
Ans is C) Taksal

Ques : Which of these is the name a technique common to both wrestling and swimming?

A. Freestyle B. Butterfly C. Greco-Roman D. Medley

Ans: A) Freestyle

Ques :Which of these places of historical battles is believed to be named after the colour of its soil or sand ?

A. Haldighati B. Plassey C. Panipat D. Buxar
Ans is A) Haldighati

Which of these sportsperson was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratna in 2012?

A) M S Dhoni B) Sushil Kumar C) Vijya Kumar D) Abhinav Bindra
Ans is C) Vijya Kumar

Ques : In the Mahabharata, which of these kings married Duhsala, the only sister of the Kauravas ?

A. Jarasandha B. Somadatta C. Shishupala D. Jayadratha
Ans is D) Jayadratha

Ques : Which of these originated during the British Raj as Cachar Levy in 1835 ?

A. Madras Regiment B. Assam Rifles C. Jat Regiment D. Rajputana Rifles
Ans is B) Assam Rifles

Ques : Where did Sushma Swaraj, at the age of 25, become a minister for the first time in her career in 1977 ?

A. Madhya Pradesh B. Haryana C. Delhi D. Centre
Ans is B) Haryana

FFF Question : Starting from the first, arrange these Hindi phrases according to the human body parts mentioned in them from top to bottom .

A. Kamar Kasna B. Pair Jamaana C. Baal Pakna D. Aankh Maarna
Ans : C-D-A-B

Ques : The plant of which of these flowers grows in water ?

A. Rose B. Champa C. Chameli D. Lotus
Ans: D: Lotus

Ques : Which of these items are usually bought in a single piece, instead of buying as a pair ?

A. Mojri B.Dandiya sticks C. Gloves D. Sunglasses
Ans: D: Sunglasses

Ques : Which prime minister of India was a commercial pilot ?

A. Morarji Desai B. Charn Singh C. Rajiv Gandhi D. Inder Kumar Gujral
Ans: C. Rajiv Gandhi

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 09/12/2012 (Sunday)

Which mountain range is known as the “Guard of India”?
A: Vindhya B: Satpura C: Himalayas D: Karakoram
Ans: C: Himalayas

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Q: In which jail was the terrorist Ajmal Kasab hanged to death?

A: Yerawada Central Jail B; Taloja Central Jail C: Arthur Road Jail D: Thane Central Jail
Ans; A: Yerawada Central Jail

Q: Which of these is also measured in light years?

A; Speed B: Distance C: Pressure D: Electric Current
Ans; B: Distance

Q; Which god was the father of Arjuna, son of Kunti?

A: Indra B: Surya C: Agni D: Vaayu
Ans: A: Indra

Q: What was the first capital of the ancient kingdom of Magadha?

A: Vaishali B: Pataliputra C: Rajagriha D: Nalanda
Ans; C: Rajagriha

Q: Which of these cricketers has not hit six sixes in an over in First Class or International cricket?

A: Yuvraj Singh B: Ravi Shastri C: Herschelle Gibbs D: Sanath Jayasuriya
Ans; D: Sanath Jayasuriya

FFF: Arrange these words in the correct order to make a proverb

A: Saanch B: Aanch C: Ko D: Nahi
Ans: A-C-B-D

Q: Which of these colours gets its name from a fruit of the same colour?

A; Gulabi B: Firozi C: Jamuni D: Champai
Ans; C: Jamuni

Q: In which of these sports can a maximum of 4 players, including both sides, play at a time?

A: Boxing B: Polo C: Table Tennis D: Volleyball
Ans; C: Table Tennis

Q: Which of these drinks is rich in Vitamin C?

A: Lemon Juice B: Milk C: Coffee D: Tea
Ans: A: Lemon Juice

Q: Identify the film from this song (Chalte Chalte yehi Kohi)

A: Umrao Jaan B; Mughal-E-Azam C: Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam D: Pakeezah
Ans: D: Pakeezah

Q: Which of these chief ministers was elected to the UP Legislative Assembly in 2012?

A: Digvijay Singh B: Uma Bharti C: Vasundhara Raja Scindia D: Narayan Dutt Tiwari
Ans: B: Uma Bharti

Q: Dharamvir Bharati’s verse place “Andha Yug” is based on which ancient text?

A: Ramayana B: Mudrarakshasa C: Mahabharata D: Mrichchakatikam

Ans: C: Mahabharata

Q: Which of these states shares a boundary with both Nepal and China?

A: West Bengal B: Uttar Pradesh C: Uttarakhand D: Arunachal Pradesh
Ans: C: Uttarakhand

Q: Whose ancestral home is ‘Ganguly house’, located in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh?

A: Sourav Ganguly B: Sunil Gangopadhyaya C: Kajol D: Kishore Kumar
Ans: D: Kishore Kumar

Q; Which of these animals sleeps for the shortest duration in a 24 hour day?

A: Giraffe B: Tiger C: Cat D: rat
Ans: A: Giraffe

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 08/12/2012 (Saturday)

Which animal name will complete the line of this kid’s song “Lakdi Ki Kathi , Kathi Pe ……?
Option : A) Gadha B) Bandar C) Ghoda D) Bhains
Ans: C) Ghoda

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FFF: Starting with the closest, arrange these planets of our Solar system in increasing order of their distance from the sun.

A: Mercury B: neptune C: Mars D: Saturn
Ans: A-C-D-B

Q: Which of these phrases means “to bribe”?

A: Jeb Tatolna B: Collar uthana C: Pocket Garam Karna D: Baaju Chadana
Ans: C: Pocket Garam Karna

Q; A kick start is usually associated with which of these vehicles?

A: Car B: Motorcycle C; Train D; Autorickshaw
Ans; B: Motorcycle

Q: Which of these teams does not have a team in the 2012 edition of IPL?

A; Mumbai B: Delhi C: Kolkata D: Kochi
Ans: D: Kochi

Q: According to the opening credits, which Hindi film is based on the play Kishan vs Kanhaiya?

A: Kishen Kanhaiya B: Ladies vs Ricky Bahl C: Mittal vs Mittal D: OMG Oh My God!
Ans: D: OMG Oh My God!

Ques : Which of these diseases usually occurs due to the bite of Aedes mosquitoes ?

A. Malaria B. Dengue C. Filaria D. Typhoid

Ans: B. Dengue

Ques : Which is the only district in Jharkhand through which the river Ganga flows ?

A. Dumka B. Sahibganj C. Godda D. Deoghar
Ans: B. Sahibganj

Ques : Who has been the longest serving chairman of the Tata Group ?

A. Nowroji Saklatwala B. Sir Dorab Tata C. J R D Tata D. Ratan Tata
Ans: C. J R D Tata

Ques : 9 January was chosen as Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas to commemorate whose return to India ?

A. Mahatma Gandhi B. Subhas Chandra Bose C. Swami Vivekanand D: Raja Rammohun Roy
Ans: A. Mahatma Gandhi

Q: Whose autobiography is “My unforgettable memories”, which is dedicated to “Mom, Mati and Manush”?

A: Pranab Mukherjee B: Jyoti basu C: Tasleema Nasreen D; Mamata Banerjee
Ans: D; Mamata Banerjee

Ques : According to the Devi Bhagavata purana, which king performed a yagna to totally wipe out the naga dynasty ?

A. Parikshit B. Dilipa C. Suketu D. Janamejaya
Ans: D. Janamejaya

Next Fastest Finger First Question :

Ques : Starting with the smallest , arrange these leaves in the increasing order of their average size ?
A. Bay Leaf B. Banana Leaf C. Tulsi Leaf D. Tamarind Leaf
Ans: D-C-A-B

Ques : Which of these instruments is normally used for harvesting of crops ?

A. Favada B. Khurpa C. Hal D. Hansiya
Ans: D. Hansiya

Q: To whom is this Doha dedicated: ‘ Ramdoot atulit bal dhama, Anjani Putra pavansul nama’?

A: Ganesha B: Agni C: Hanuman D: Shiva
Ans: C: Hanuman

Q: The yellow part of which of these edible items is called ‘zardi’?

A: Egg B: Mango C: Papaya D: Turmeric
Ans; A: Egg

Q: On which actress is this song picturised?

A; Sridevi B: Madhuri Dixit C: Karisma Kapoor D: Raveena Tandon
Ans: B: Madhuri Dixit

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 07/12/2012 (Friday)

With respect to traffic, Which of the following word is associated with Zebra ?

Option : A) Sub-Way B) Over Bridge C) Crossing D)Footpath

Ans: C) Crossing

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Ques : Which god is Sri Vitthal in Pandharpur, Maharashtra believed to be a manifestation of ?

A. Brahma B. Kartikeya C. Vishnu D. Ganesha
Ans : C. Vishnu

Q: Where was Hussein Ibn Ali killed by soldiers of the Umayyad ruler Yazid in A.D. 680?

A: Quds B: Medina C: Cairo D: Karbala
Ans; D: Karbala

Q: Who would you identify with this expression: “Mere Dadaji Indian test team ke captain thhe. Aur Dad Bhi.”?

A: Rohan Gavaskar B: Mohinder Amarnath C: Saif Ali Khan D: Amarinder Singh
Ans: C: Saif Ali Khan

FFF: Starting with the least expensive, arrange these common consumer products sold in India in the increasing order of their prices.

A; Domestic LPG Cyliner B: Litre of kerosene C: Litre of Petrol D: Unit of electricity
Ans: D-B-C-A

Q: Which of these besides being a unit of weight is also a type of bread?

A; Pao B: Gaj C: Pauna D: Sawa
Ans; A; Pao

Ques : Which of these is most likely to happen if a balloon is filled with hydrogen gas and then released in air ?

A. It changes colour B. It floats upwards C. It sinks to the ground D. It starts oozing water.
Ans : B. It floats upwards

Ques : Who founded the newspapers ‘Saamana’ in Marathi and ‘Dopahar ka Saamana’ in Hindi ?

A. Sharad Pawar B. Bal Thakeray C. Vasantrao Chavan D. Vilasrao Deshmukh
Ans : B. Bal Thakeray

Q: Which of these mountain ranges is not a part of the western ghats?

A: Sahyadri B: Nilgiri C: Aravalli D: Anaimalai
Ans: C: Aravalli

Ques : Which of these sportspersons is a ‘shishya’ of Pullela Gopichand ?

A. Sania Mirza B. Saina Nehwal C. Deepika Kumari D. M C Mary Kom
Ans: B. Saina Nehwal

Ques : Which of these leaders has been a minister in the Maharashtra government ?

A. Milind Deora B. Praful Patel C. Nitin Gadkari D. Supriya Sule

Ans : C. Nitin Gadkari

Ques : Who was the Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister of India during Pokhran II ?

A. Dr R Chidambaram B. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam C. Dr. Anil Kakodkar D. Dr K Kasturlrangan
Ans : B. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Ques : Who first narrated the life story of Lord Rama to Valmiki ?

A. Narada B. Vishwamitra C. Brahma D. Vasishta
Ans : A. Narada

Ques : In 1929-30, under whose presidency was the demand for ‘Purna Swaraj’ made during the Lahore session of the Indian National Congress ?

A. Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya B. Pandit Motilal Nehru C. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru D. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Ans: C. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

KBC 6 GBJJ Question of 02/12/2012 (Sunday)

Q: How Many Female Players are there in a team in Tennis Mixed Doubles ?
A: One B. Two C. Three D. No one
Ans: A: One

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Q: Starting from the earliest, arrange these historical events associated with India in chronological order

A: Quit India movement B: End of British Rule C: Revolt of 1857 D: Arrival of east india company
Ans: D-C-A-B

Q:Which of these terms is used for a mixture of several spices?

A: Gajab Masala B: Garam Masala C: Gumnam masala D: Gadbad Masala
Ans; B: Garam Masala

Q: In Hindi cinema, by what name is the R&AW agent Avinash Singh Rathore better known as ?

A: Rowdy Rathore B: Agent Vinod C: Lovely Singh D: Tiger
Ans: D: Tiger

Q: What is the maximum number of Sundays that a month of an English calendar can have?

A; 3 B; 4 C: 5 D: 6

Ans; C: 5

Q: The Union Carbide plant in Bhopal used to produce which of these products?

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

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