Key Question: Who loves you? Bottom Line: God loves me. Memory Verse

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First Look 3- through 5-year-olds, August 2015, Week 2

Large Group - Stage

August 9, 2015
Theme: Away We Go

Basic Truth: God made me. God loves me. Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Key Question: Who loves you?

Bottom Line: God loves me.

Memory Verse: “I have loved you with a love that lasts forever.” Jeremiah 31:3, NLV

Bible Story Focus: God has a plan for me.

Samuel • 1 Samuel 3:1-10, 19

Make It True (Large Group, 15 minutes)

This month we are still giving money to mountain child.

Memory Verse
“I have loved you with a love

that lasts forever.”

Jeremiah 31:3

“I have loved you with a love

Hug yourself and twist.

that lasts forever.”

Stretch arms out to the side as wide as you can.

Jeremiah 31:3, NLV

Hold hands open like a book.

Bible Story

First Look offers weekly Bible story on our DVD titled “Wonder, Look at God’s Story,” which you may choose to use rather than a live Storyteller this week. This DVD is available for purchase at the reThink store on our Web site.
What you need: Bible, 2 exercise mats

STORYTELLER: “Hi, friends! This is the Bible (hold Bible up high), and it’s FULL of stories that show us how much God loves us! In fact, there’s one story in here about a little boy named Samuel. Are you guys ready to hear this awesome true story about Samuel? (Pause.) Excellent, because this is a good one.

“God loved Samuel and Samuel lived in the Temple, which is sort of like a church, where he learned from his teacher, an old man named Eli. Now, do I have an awesome Small Group Leader that would like to help me tell the rest of our story? (Call someone up.) Thank you for helping us out today. You are Eli. Here’s your mat. And you are sort of old, so walk slowly. Go lie down over there and go to sleep. Now, I will be Samuel. (Take other mat and lay down on the other side of the stage.)
“One night, while Samuel and Eli were sleeping (make snoring sounds), suddenly, Samuel heard someone call his name. (Call out) ‘Samuel!’
“Samuel thought it was Eli calling him, so he went to him (walk across stage to Eli) and said, ‘Here I am, Eli!’ But Eli said, ‘No, Samuel, I didn’t call you. Go back to bed.’ (Encourage Small Group Leader to say that after you.) Good job, Eli!
“So Samuel went back to bed (go back to bed but before you lie down, pause) but thennnn he heard it again! Someone was calling his name. (Call out) ‘Samuel!’ And again, Samuel thought it was Eli, so he went to him. (Get out of bed and walk to Eli.) Phew! And Samuel said, ‘Here I am, Eli!’ But again, Eli said it wasn’t him and that Samuel should go back to bed. So he did. (Go back to bed but before you lie down, pause.) But then, you guys, it happened a THIRD time! Samuel heard someone call his name. (Call) ‘Samuel!’ So again he went to Eli. (Get up and walk over to Eli.) ‘Here I am, Eli!’

“And it was then that Eli realized who was calling Samuel. (To Small Group Leader) Eli, say, ‘Aha!’ (Pause.) Good job. It was God! So Eli told Samuel to go back to bed and if he heard his name called again, that he should answer. Let’s give a hand to our helper today. (Excuse Small Group Leader from stage.)

“So Samuel once again went back to bed and waited. (Lie down and then sit right back up.) And sure enough, God called again. (Call out) ‘Samuel! Samuel!’ So Samuel answered, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.’ And then God talked back to him! Isn’t that awesome?!
“The Bible says that from that day forward, God was with Samuel. He loved him and had big plans for him. God made Samuel one of His special messengers. He got to go and deliver messages from God. And God used Samuel to pick out kings. Kings are pretty powerful and important guys.
“Samuel picked out King Saul and King David. Do you know who King David became? (Pause.) It’s so great. King David was the great-great-great-many-more-greats-grandfather of Jesus! Wow, right?! God used Samuel to pick the great-great-great-many-more-greats-grandfather of Jesus to be king! God had big plans for Samuel, and you know what? (Pause.) God has big plans for you too! Yes, He does. God has big plans for you because He loves you so very much.
Let’s pray.
“Dear God, thank You for making each one of us special and for having a great plan for us. You know everything about us because You love us. We love You, God! Amen.

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