Key Stage 1 ‘Jesus God’s Special Gift for Everyone’

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Act of Worship

{Advent Liturgy based on the Topic Gifts}


Key Stage 1

Jesus God’s Special Gift for Everyone’



Focal Point: Advent Wreath on purple table

Advent calendar with door opened to show a thought for the day.

Presents in shiny paper under a bare Xmas tree

God’s Story 2: open at p.55 (Luke 1:26-31, 38)

Any work done on the topic Gifts by children

(e.g. cards with keywords hanging from ceiling)

Leader: Good morning everyone. Let’s first sing our special Advent Song

{for example, Rejoice 1:56 ‘Soon it Will be Time’}
Winter time, Advent time, soon it will be Christmas time

Winter time, Advent time, waiting for the new born Jesus time.
Now as we light the candle (or candles!) on the Advent wreath it helps us to count the weeks to Christmas Day, Jesus’ birthday, and when we open the door on {say day and date} we can read what we are all going to try to do (or try to be!) today and it also helps us to count the days to Christmas.

The Word of God
Now we have put gifts (or presents) around the tree wrapped in shiny paper. These are given with love but we know that there are other ways of giving. We can be gifts to each other when we choose to do something to make people happy. We are going to listen now to a story about God giving a very special gift to Mary.

Perhaps we can sing the Alleluia before we listen to Luke’s story of the beginning. {Alleluia! Rejoice 1:16 or Celtic Alleluia}

Reader: A reading from Luke’s Gospel

All: Glory to you, Lord

{Perhaps have different children taking the parts of Narrator, Gabriel and Mary}
Mary’s Baby: {p55 God’s Story 2: based on Luke 1:26-31,38}
God sent a messenger named Gabriel, to a young woman called Mary.

She lived in Nazareth and was going to be married to Joseph.

Gabriel said:

Rejoice Mary, God has blessed you and God is very close to you.”

Mary did not understand these words. She was worried, and wondered what it all meant.

Then Gabriel said:

Don’t be afraid, Mary, you have pleased God very much. Listen! You are going to have a baby. His name will be Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of God. Your cousin, Elizabeth, is also having a baby. People thought she was too old but she is already six months pregnant. God can do anything.”

Then Mary said:

I want to please God. I am happy to do whatever God wants.”

And Gabriel left her.
Leader: The Word of the Lord.

All: Thanks be to God.

Response to the Word
Think about how Mary felt, she wondered what it all meant ‘your baby will be called the Son of God, he will be great’. What a gift to Mary and to us. Thank you God.
{Pick up the Bible/God’s Story 2 p58 with the picture of the Nativity}

Leader: Let us say together a ‘thank you’ prayer/litany:


All: For gifts that I have been given, thank you!

For the love and care, thank you!

For hugs and kisses, thank you!

For special people, thank you!

For God’s special gift, Jesus, thank you!



Leader: We will try to think of how we can be gifts to other people as each day we choose to do something to make someone happy.

Leader: Let us sing together softly: ‘Mary Had a Baby’ Rejoice 1:57

v.1 and v.2 Jesus was that baby

v.5 God’s great gift is Jesus

v.6 Clap your hands together

{* Keywords are underlined in the text!}

or end with Rejoice 1:58 or another appropriate song.

Act of Worship

{Advent Liturgy based on the Topic Gifts}

Key Stage 2

Jesus God’s Special Gift at Christmas’


Focal Point: Advent wreath or candle on “purple” table

“empty” stable/undecorated Christmas tree

wrapped presents each with a label e.g. peace, joy, friendship,

love, time, gratitude, kindness etc.

Bible/God’s Story 3 Isaiah 9:1,26

Leader: Good morning everyone! As we light the candles {we sing Rejoice 2:60 as we light candles} on the Advent wreath it helps us to remember that the time for celebrating the gift of Jesus at Christmas is coming nearer.
Child 1: We have been reflecting upon all the gifts we have given and received… our feelings about them… and our understanding that there’s more to giving than a present or wrapping paper or the value of it.
Child 2: And during Advent we’ve been trying to share the gifts we’ve been given with others…

{Perhaps class could name some of the gifts/talents which have already been explored earlier}

The Word

of God

Leader: The candles we have lit are also a sign of Christ coming into the world at this season – winter… when days are short and nights are long. Now we listen to the wonderful words of Isaiah. We welcome the words by singing Alleluia or perhaps Rejoice 2:20 would be appropriate.

Your word is like a lamp

Shining in the night

Shining in the darkness

Golden bright
Reader: A reading from the prophet Isaiah.

All: Glory to you, Lord.
Once a long time ago, everything seemed sad and gloomy, people felt as though they were living in the dark. Then something happened. It was as though a great light brightened up their lives and made them happy. For a child has been born for us. A son is given to us. And these are the names He has been given:

Strong Friend

Powerful God

Ever-loving Father

Bringer of Peace

This child’s kingdom will always be at peace.
Reader: The Word of the Lord.

All: Thanks be to God.

Response to the Word

Leader: Think quietly now about what you have heard. In the topic ‘Babies’ we explored the joy and happiness that a new born baby can bring… a great light

brightened up their lives… this baby has special names… perhaps you can pick out some of the gifts this child will have… gifts that he shares with everyone…

{Perhaps give examples of a strong friend, always loving us}.
{Perhaps you could make some reference to people who are fighting being “at peace” for Christmas… that it is a “holy” time…}
In your hearts now, think about what you could give to God in return for the gifts of God’s son…

{Ask the children to come forward and put the infant Jesus with Mary and Joseph into the crib followed by the shepherds. The class could sing quietly verse 3 of Rejoice 2:61}
v.3: When the shepherds came that night

to the chilly stable

all they had to give was love,

but they were more than able

to accept the gift God gave,

to the poor and yearning,

and they gave him all they had

real love for love returning.

{Alternatively, some children could hang the “presents” of love, peace, time, gratitude etc on the Christmas tree while quiet music is being played}

Children: Loving God, we give you love…

Loving God, we give you the peace we try to make… etc, etc,

Loving God, we offer our time as we stop and think about the coming of Jesus.
And all respond:
All: “Showing our love for the new infant king.”


Leader: Each year we prepare to celebrate God’s special gift… Jesus.

God so loved the world that God gave God’s only son. Now let us welcome Jesus into our hearts and homes.
We praise you, Lord Jesus (hands above heads)

Bless each one of us (hands on chests)

We welcome you into our hearts (hands folded in prayer)

(Guided meditations by Jane Reehorst)
{Perhaps finish with an appropriate Advent hymn/song e.g. ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ vv1,3 HON 401 or v1 of the ‘Drummer Boy’ Carol}

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