Kindergarten Big ideas Beginning, Middle, End Beginning-of-the-Year

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K-2 Media Curriculum


Library Songs CD, Grades K-5

Mosaic of Thought Website Teaching Tools: 



Big ideas

Beginning, Middle, End 





Intro. Media Center Activities

Caps for Sale

Dramatic interpretion

Most Wonderful Egg in the World

Predict the end of the story by drawing a picture 

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves (Sparkle crayons)

 Beginning, Middle, End



Author study (around holiday time)-Jan Brett (except The Mitten)

 Three Snow Bears (compare and contrast with Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

 The Hat (Jan Brett's website, how to draw Hedgie clip)

Antarctica-Debbie Miller (Kindergarten Unit)

United Streaming Video

Non-fiction book (K-W-L)

Mini-research project

Fletcher and Springtime Blossoms (add writting piece)

Beginning, Middle, End

Tillie Lays an Egg by Terry Golson

Give each student a day of the week and have them write and illustrate where Tillie lays her egg

Bind into a classroom book





Anansi Books

Anansi the spider : a tale from the Ashanti by McDermott (Possible introduction to Anansi-not used this year)

Anansi and the moss-covered rock by Kimmel

Anansi goes fishing by Kimmel (Activity: What did Anansi learn?)

Anansi and the talking melon by Kimmel

Anansi and the magic stick by Kimmel (Activity: Beginning, middle, end)

Anansi's party time by Kimmel (Activity: Turn and talk: How will Anansi trick turtle? How will turtle trick Anansi? How will Anansi and Crab get back from the moon?) Sequel to Goes Fishing


Possible Timeline

5 sessions to share stories and immerse them in Anansi tales

Another 2-3 sessions to do a beginning, middle, end extension. 



Beginning, Middle, End 

What did Anansi learn from that story?

Photo Story with Beginning, Middle, End example with Anansi and Photostory

Possible Computer Extended Activity: Binky's Story Scramble

Possible Research Extended Activity: Use nonfiction to research actual spiders, Debbie Miller 

Possible Extended Activity: Dramatic Interpretation, Reader's Theater




R.NT.00.01 become familiar with classic, multicultural, and contemporary literature

recognized for quality and literary merit that represents our common heritage as well

as cultures from around the world.

R.NT.00.03 discuss setting, characters, and events in narrative text.

R.NT.00.05 respond to individual and multiple texts by fi nding evidence, discussing,

illustrating, and/or writing to refl ect, make meaning, and make connections.

R.CM.00.01 begin to make text-to-self and text-to-text connections and comparisons

by activating prior knowledge and connecting personal knowledge and experience to

ideas in text through oral and written responses.

R.CM.00.03 begin to make connections across texts by making meaningful predictions

based on illustrations or portions of texts.

R.CM.00.02 retell up to three events from familiar text using their own words or




Standards for 21st Century Learning


Summarize or retell key points

Listen to others with respect

Sharing knowledge and ideas with others by discussion and learning

Create a product with beginning, middle, and end

Incorporate writing and oral skills to develop a product or performance

Use pictures to communicate new information and ideas

Predict what will happen next in a story

Draw conclusions about the main idea of a story

Retell a story using their own words and pictures

Express feelings about characters and events in a story

Retell stories using the correct sequence of events


1st Grade


Reading with Meaning

Teaching with Intention





Mental Images


Inferring--Straight from Debbie Miller

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters  





Stellaluna by Canon


Wolves by Emily Gravett (See Julie's blog)





Buzzy: The Bumblebee



See, Think, Wonder-Primary Sources

George Washington's Teeth

George Washington's Teeth by Chandra and Comora



Archaelogist's Notebook



2nd Grade


The Tiny Seed



Launch with magazine article "Kansas Killer" and storm chaser video on United Streaming


Students research using pathfinder on wiki

Report out using Flip cameras


Choose your own topic research

Research an animal (where they live, what do they look like, what do they eat) and write a paragraph in first person

If I was ....I would live....I would eat... I would look like...I would not (do something because I would be something else..didn't work so well)

Type and illustrate in Kid Pix

Record a reflection using Audacity pembrokemc/2010/03/03/researchers/

Research :"Convince mom and dad why you should be allowed to have a specific pet"

Use pebblego to research a specific pet.

Use the tools on pebblego:research sheet, picture of animal,



Help Me, Mr. Mutt



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