Kiss of the White Bird


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As long as we have hope, we have direction,

the energy to move, and the map to move by.

--Leo F. Buscaglia

September 1985
As the leaves were falling off the trees, and the days were getting darker, so was my despair. The promise that I was given by Scientology to rid me of this parasite that was eating away my life was not going to happen. I had reached the top of the bridge and was phobic as ever.

I felt hopeless and literally believed that no one on this Earth could help me, so I decided to find a medium that could channel an entity from another planet. I called some friends who were former Scientologists to see if they knew of a reputable channel. I was told to contact Steve Muro in Los Angeles. He was doing some type of counseling that was taught to him by an entity named, Leah. My depression lifted, because I felt there was a window of hope. Hope and faith had kept me going all those years. I immediately dialed his number in Studio City.

Steve was home when I called. I explained to him my frustration, and how much time I had spent working with Scientology to no avail. He was so patient and understanding of my demise. He said, "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

I replied, "Not at all."

He began: "Have you ever yearned for a place you consider your true home?"

I answered, "Oh, god, yes. My entire life."

He continued: "Have you ever felt that your mother and father were not your true parents?"

I said, "Yes, I've felt that way since I was a child." I was starting to get excited, feeling that he may have the answers I so desperately was seeking.

He went on: "Did you have any unseen friends when you were a child?"

I replied, "Yes, when I was five years old an entity would come to me all the time. He looked like a tiny elf that would stand in the corner of the ceiling looking down at me."

Steve then asked, "Have you ever been told that you have unusual or compelling eyes?"

In wonder and excitement, I answered, "Yes. In fact my parents weren't sure what color to put down on the birth certificate, because my eyes are such an unusual color."

He continued asking several more questions, and then briefly explained about “The Star People.” “The Star People are extraterrestrial beings who have come to Earth to perform a special mission. They will help humankind through terrible earth changes and cataclysms that will be happening as our planet enters a new cycle of evolution.” Steve continued to say, “I believe you are one of those beings."

My heart ached. ”Could this be true?” I said to myself. Almost in a cry, because it came from such a deep place within my soul, I said, "Steve, I have been longing for my home and ‘my people’ my entire life. I've always felt I had a special purpose being here, but not knowing what it is has caused me intense pain."

"I want you to buy the book The Star People by Brad and Francie Steiger.

"I certainly will," I said as I was feeling all this energy churning in my solar plexus. "Would you tell me about Leah?"

Steve replies, "Leah is an entity from Venus. She has never been in a human body, but she has come to help us during this planetary transformation. You will understand more when you read The Star People."

I asked, "I was told Leah has been teaching you counseling techniques."

"Leah has been teaching us ways to heal, so we in turn can help others evolve, and be saved from the foreseen destruction."

For some reason I wasn't fearful, and in fact, I found it a bit exciting. I've always been adventurous, and this to me was just another adventure. I also think my total being really didn't believe it or rather the seriousness involved.

I asked, "Can I come down and have a session with you and meet Leah."

Steve said, "Sure, when would you like to come down?" "I'll leave tomorrow morning. Would Wednesday be alright?" I asked with enthusiasm.

"Fine, how about 2:00 p.m.?"

I said, "Great, I really look forward to meeting with you."

I couldn't sleep so Josie and I got in the car at 3:00 a.m. and took off for San Fernando Valley. I didn't take much with me, just an overnight case packed with a couple of pairs of jeans and a few shirts. I made a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, packed a large bag of Doritos, and took a bottle of Calistoga for the road. I was going to stay with my parents since Woodland Hills was close to where Steve lived. I loved driving on the empty roads in the early morning hours. The darkness was peaceful to me. The phobia was asleep in the dark, so it made the drive pleasant and relaxing. I always take the longer route on Highway 101, rather than Highway 5 because of its beauty. I enjoyed watching the sunrise lift through the fog, as I drove by the roaring sea. I only stopped a couple of times to stretch my legs and to let Josie out. I was excited to get there.

Around 10:30 a.m. I pulled off the Ventura Freeway onto Winnetka, five minutes before I made my turn onto Mason Ave. where my parents lived. I was home again and exploring another avenue in my search for healing. I pulled onto the newly paved driveway. The house as always looked like it was ready to be photographed for House Beautiful magazine. Everything was too picture perfect, which made me feel uncomfortable. My parents heard me pull up and lovingly greeted me with hugs and kisses. Josie and Sam, my parents scruffy little black and gray Schnauzer/Poodle, happily greeted each other by sniffing each other’s rumps and wagging their tails.

I visited with my parents and took some time to rest, but still couldn't sleep, so I decided to go to the Psychic Eye Book Store on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks to buy the book The Star People. I had only been in a metaphysical book store once before, and it made be a bit nervous. This was all so new for me.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading the book from cover to cover with my eyes pried open with wholehearted interest. “My god,” I said to myself, “Are ‘my people’ really here on this planet?” My entire life I've felt this planet wasn't my home. I felt so different from other people and terribly alone.

Brad and Francie Stieger, the authors of The Star People came to this realization out of their own personal visions and channelings. They believe there is a DNA packet inside the Star People that has been dormant and is now being released. Star People are now remembering who they are and what they must do here on Earth. 1

I remember walking on the beach in Santa Barbara one evening and looking up at the stars and sobbing, "Please take me home." Now that I realized I was here for some purpose, and I would be meeting other Star People, I was filled with joy.

The next day I went to visit Steve. He lived in Studio City with his wife, Lyn and their newborn son, Jason. I hadn’t realized until I saw him that we had met once before in Santa Barbara when the Advanced Ability Center had just opened. Steve is tall and quite handsome, with a dark complexion, a large bone structure, thick black wavy hair, and large dark brown eyes. To me, the most striking quality about Steve was the way he was able to put me right at ease. He had such an easy manner about him--a wonderful quality for a counselor. He was a Scientology auditor for many years before all the corruption began.

I stepped into his office. I could see a large walnut tree outside his window. It was similar to the one I loved to climb when I was kid. He had a huge cluster of clear quartz crystals on his desk. I was to see a lot of crystals from here on out. We discussed the book The Star People, and he asked me more questions. There was no doubt in our minds that I was a Star Person, as was he. I thought, “Could this be the reason why I feel so comfortable with him. Is my search finally over?”

He guided me through a type of visualization that Leah taught him called, self creation counseling. I did poorly and found out later from Leah it was because I was putting too much of my energy into coping with the phobia. Therefore, I didn't have enough to create. Steve suggested that I have a personal session with Leah and invited me to a group session that evening. Before leaving he gave me my first crystal, a small purple Amethyst.

Steve said, "Put it in the palm of your hand, close your eyes, and concentrate on it."

"Steve, I can feel it tingling in my hand."

"This is healing energy emanating from the crystal. If you carry it with you, it will help you."

This was my first crystal. I felt it was symbolic of an initiation into another aspect of my life. I treasure this gift to this day. I was to learn from Leah that the crystal is the highest form of evolution within the mineral kingdom.


It was hard to differentiate if the anxiety I was experiencing was because of the phobia or my first encounter with an alien—probably both. Jamie Sams, a sturdy Native American woman walked in. She had long thick black braids that hung over her shoulders barely covering her bright colored earrings. There were about 30 people, mainly former scientologists that seemed to know her well and were very excited to see her. Sitting in a chair in front of us, Jamie closed her eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. Her body started to jerk and her thumbs circled around each other at lightening speed. Leah had entered her body. In a high-pitched voice, Leah said, "Good evening, and how are all of you doing tonight?"

The group replied, "Fine Leah. How are you?"

"Very well, thank you. I would like to talk to you about the evolutionary process. If you look at the Ever Living One [God], there is a source of energy that radiates projections, ideas, and thoughts in the form of tiny units of consciousness. These are found in the core of each and every atom. As these streams or radiations of energy are sent from that source with total love, they are given total free will. Therefore, they may become manifest in a kingdom that is within the source, within the entire universe. But they must go through a natural evolutionary process, beginning with first density. This unit of consciousness will travel and will be connected to all units of consciousness or all other atoms and experience the first density. Can anyone give me an idea of what first density is?"

A man sitting next to me with a heavy English accent answered, "The mineral kingdom."

Leah said, "Yes, and plants are second density, anything that has life and has a growing and dying season of evolution. There are a total of one hundred densities and seven levels within each density. When we evolve to the eighth density, we become pure spirit and thought; thirtieth density, we become the spirit of an entire planet like Tara, our earth; eightieth density, we take on an entire galaxy; ninety-eighth density, we begin to understand omnipotence. And every imprint in an atom is at our disposal. We can manifest a universe of our own."

We were all a bit taken back by this, to say the least. She also said it took 2 to 3000 lifetimes of experiencing being a human being on the 3rd density just to progress to 4th density!

Leah then spoke of the earth changes, and my head began to spin in this whirlpool of new data. I had heard of the Akasha records before, a record in the spiritual plane that contains all the information of our past, present, and future, but this was the first time I was to find out that this was Tara's, our earth's memory bank and her spiritual name.

"Akasha, your earth is going to be skipping a few levels and is going to become a sun. Because of the work you are doing on yourself, and because there has been a great amount of acceleration due to this civilization having been seeded with higher density beings that have aided all the beings on this planet to double time their evolution, if you will, have also aided Akasha in her evolution.

"There are two universes within this third density, this planet. One of them is the physical, the earth as a planet, the manifestation of Akasha. The other portion of the parallel universe is her spiritual being. All of the beings that will be within her consciousness when she graduates will be graduating to 4th density. The earth as you know it will become totally dark. The spirit of Akasha will be leaving, and she will become a sun, full of light. The transition, the separation, if it came at this exact moment now, there would be certain people who would just disappear from this room. Others would be just sitting here. Those sitting here will remain in third density with the physical earth. The exact duplicate of this room exists in fourth density in the idea of Akasha. Those having moved to fourth density would not notice the difference except they would be able to see through each other’s bodies. The bodies are not quite as solid; they are gossamer like, emanating light. Prophets, your seers on this planet have for centuries spoken of this vast destruction.

"The poles of the earth will be totally exchanging positions. This will cause great devastation. Those that didn't raise their frequency will experience doomsday. Practice time is over. Stop judging and start integrating!

"There are great amounts of knowledge that are going to be available to all of you when you decide to ask. You will begin by stimulating your thought forms now and expanding your viewpoints. The total idea is to open your own channels and begin finding the answers within. The imprint or the finger print, if you want to call it that, of the Ever Living One, is found within the core force of every atom. You are made up of billions of those little goodies. All you need to do is tap into your own computer bank. Align yourselves with the love and light of the universe, and you will be able to find that God lives within you."

At the end of her talk she asked if we had any questions.

I told her about my phobia.

With her wonderful sense of humor, she said, "Get your bottom in Epsom salt baths." We all started laughing. She said soaking in four pounds of Epsom salts in warm water for one hour is supposed to replenish one's energy. She went on, "Understand dear, you are integrating former ideas. Have Steve introduce you to Jeff as I want you to sit inside the crystal pyramid for one hour alone."

Jeff was a student of Leah’s and made the crystal pyramid under her instruction. I found all of this exciting. A wonderful alien was helping us heal and become more conscious.

The following day I went to Jeff's home where the pyramid was. It was a little larger than a one man tent made of copper and clear quartz crystals. The crystals were wrapped with wire and connected to the copper. In this way the pyramid was able to hold and transmit energy.

A beautiful woman emerged from the pyramid. She introduced herself to me as Cheryl. She was tall and slender with long blond hair and light blue eyes. I was stunned when she told me she had bone cancer. She explained, "A large number of people who have done OT3 have gotten life threatening diseases. Have you done OT3?"

I answered, "Yes, I have. Although I don't feel well most of the time, this began way before my association with Scientology and it is not considered serious."

She said, "Leah told me that because many of us believed Ron Hubbard's story about the horrific destruction that occured 75 million years ago, that this fear caused our bodies to respond with disease."

A few months later I had a better understanding of what Cheryl was telling me when Leah told us: "Your body is your universe and your total consciousness. Ideas begin within you. They are created or born within your consciousness. These ideas will become manifest because your universe is connected to every other person, plant, place, thing in the total universe through the building block of all things, the atom. Even your thoughts are made up of atoms. That is why you have heard the expression, ‘thoughts are things.’ When you create an idea within your universe, you are creating a thing and giving it life  your creativity or your destructiveness. Can you see by agreeing to this mass destruction that it is immediately created within your universe?”

The group responded, "Yes, Leah."

"Did you notice how many, percentage wise, of the beings who had done this level produced life threatening diseases?"


"They only looked at that destructive incident and created it in their consciousness, their universe. And there had to be fear connected with that idea for cells in the body to reflect that fear and become diseased."

I still couldn't believe this gorgeous woman was so ill. I wasn't concerned about getting a disease, because I really didn't react to Ron's story with fear. I thought it was just fascinating. I also feel the reason I may have reacted differently was because I was aware of disembodied entities in my auric field prior to reading Ron’s story.

There was a large overstuffed green pillow inside the pyramid. I sat down on it and quieted my busy mind. In about ten minutes I started to feel tingling in my legs and up and down my spine. Then I could feel my energy field expand. When it was time to leave, I felt disoriented. I really wasn't sure what this was all about, since I had no knowledge of what this energy was supposed to do.

At a later time Leah explained: "We all have a certain frequency. If you’re out of balance, your highs and lows are not uniquely your own. The crystals around you come in contact with your frequency and regulate them."

I can only assume that out of some deep unconscious fear, I could not stay balanced. It was like I had a leak in my auric field. I was being pumped a tremendous amount of energy, the Divine's life force, but I just couldn't hold on to it.

I envied Jeff because he was working so closely with Leah, and was part of a community that was so involved in helping humankind. I really wanted to be a part of that. To my surprise, a few months later Jeff committed suicide.

Two days later on September 10, 1985 I had my first private session with Leah at Jamie's house in Hollywood. I was excited, but at the same time quite frightened to talk with an alien by myself. Jamie and her hound dog/mix greeted me at the door. The dog would be scratching and biting at his fleas during the entire session. I could smell the aroma of fresh baked bread emanating from the kitchen. I sat on a comfortable brown sofa, and Jamie sat on a straight back chair in front of me. She asked me a few questions about my phobia and suggested that it may be caused by a past life experience. She then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, her thumbs quickly turned in circles, and seconds later Leah spoke in her high pitched voice. "Good morning, Laura. How are you doing?"

I answered with a very rigid monotone voice, "Fine, Leah. How are you?"

She replied, "Very well, thank you. I understand that you feel that you would like to handle a life situation that you feel has been a barrier?"

In a flat, fearful voice, I answered, "You bet."

She said, "Alright, let us look. First of all, there are seven bodies to every being. I'm going to give you the names. The first one is your physical body. The second one is your emotional body. The third one that you handled with your former belief system, Scientology, is the mental body. The next one, the fourth, is your astral body, then the soul body, then the etheric body, and then the divine body. Let me explain to you what happens when you as a physical being learn something. If as a child you put your hand in the fire on the stove, your physical body will experience that in the way of pain physical pain. The emotional body would experience it through your emotions by crying or being angry. The mental body judges. Let us go over this for just a moment. You learned in your former belief system about negative attitudes or decisions  non survival decisions, I believe they were called."

"Yes." I nodded.

"That is the judgment that comes from the mental body. The astral body is the portion of your total being that goes away from the physical, mental, and emotional while you are sleeping. Looks at what could have happened, what will happen tomorrow, all of the different equations or pathways that could bring about total learning. The soul body, what you would call the memory of having put your hand in the fire, is recorded for the total of infinity. Then we have the etheric body. This is the channel, this is the total you  the over soul, the portion of you that remembers and looks at all of the lifetimes that you have had or having or will have in total, and how that particular experience of putting your hand in the fire, can be integrated in experience of the total being. The divine body or the portion of you that reflects the sum total of all there is and the creative perfection of the universe, looks at the perfection of putting your hand in the fire so that all of the total being, all of the seven bodies, can learn from it. Do you see what I mean?"

I was still fearful and said, "Ah huh."

"Therefore, when anyone has a phobia, there is a fear and courage is needed. Courage is only needed when any being believes that others are lesser or greater than they. When these feeling begin, what is occurring is a ricochet. In other words, the channel to the divine body is being blocked. Therefore, those emotions, those feelings hit the barrier and are judged by the mental body and begin to ricochet within your emotions creating feelings and emotions that are unpleasant. Then it begins to ricochet in the physical body causing you great discomfort. Do you see what I mean?"


"Now, let us look at how to break through the barrier. Would you like that?"

"You bet."

She said, "Good. To get to the astral, soul, and etheric portions of your being it would be advisable to flow love, total excepting love to those feelings. Could you sit back against the sofa, close your eyes, and place your feet on the floor. Now, let us look at any situation that you feel you gave great love to, someone who did not receive it or use it. Do you have that situation? Interacting and returning love?"

I went blank. "I don't know."

She said, "You spoke to the instrument (Jamie) about your former group, Scientology."

"Oh, yes," I hesitantly replied.

"Can we use that situation," she asked.

"Sure," I answered in a, I guess so, sort of tone.

"Good. I want you to visualize all the love, all of the energy you gave that group and the different members in it."

I said, "I'm having a hard time feeling it, because I no longer feel any love for them."

She said, "That is why I am trying to get you to look at it. There is no longer love there, because it's still hanging in space and time unused. Look at all of the energy that you put out, that you projected toward that idea or concept of Scientology. Can you look at it like a golden ball? Laura's energy. It is still there unused. I want you to take it and begin to pull that love back into yourself, like a little string. Let it be a ball of yarn. Pull your power, the power that you gave away, back into your self. You are the creator of that power, those energies, that love, those emotions. Bring them totally and completely back, back to the creator, you."

"Okay," I softly replied.

"Continue doing it until nothing remains. Complete?" she asked.

"I think so." And we continued. This time we did the process with Ted, a boyfriend who had recently broken up with me.

Leah said, "Let us visualize all the energy you gave to that man and bring it back into you." The rigidity in my voice left, and I was able to smile and giggle a bit. I said, "I can feel the energy coming back into me."

She said, "Of course! Have you retrieved all of that power?"

I said, "I think so."

"Good. Let us look at other life situations."

"I had trouble driving on the crowded freeway coming here."

"You have given your power to them!"

I said, "It's such a waste of energy."

She said, "Well, let's retrieve it!"

I was laughing now, and felt I was a balloon filling up with helium or maybe more like laughing gas.

She said, "Pull that power back into you. You made them gods on Mt. Olympus." I was now laughing hysterically. She continued, "It bloody well does not belong to them. "Do you know that your aura is approximately 17" full around your body now."

I said, "I don't know what you mean."

She said, "You are radiating 17" of energy on all sides of your body. Over half of your electro magnetic field was missing when you walked in the door."

"I really feel the energy around me, I really feel it!"

She said, "That's your power. How dare you give it away."

"I feel so much energy around me," I repeated again.

"You're finally experiencing your own power, instead of taking the cork out of your big toe and letting it run out the bottom."

I was laughing and finally I was able to relax. I was also getting used to talking to someone whose eyes were closed and whose thumbs were twirling in a borrowed body.

Leah went on, "That power is love. It is the core of your total being. Put the cork in the big toe and keep on pulling."

"I really understand, because I know when someone is hurting or when I have a disagreement with someone, I feel all this energy leaving me. I've done this my whole life. How do I refrain from doing this again?"

She answered, "It's very easy. You just say to yourself, ‘Now look here, that energy, that power belongs to me.’"

"I was being careful last night with my mother. She overheard me listening to a tape of yours and insisted on knowing who you were. So I told her you were an entity from Venus and it really upset her. I felt my energy starting to leave. I really concentrated, so I wouldn't become depleted."

Leah said, "Good. Let me tell you how to handle it. Realize that your friends, your associates, other physical beings can't take anything from you, nothing. It is you that are choosing to give away your power. There is not so many energy vampires running around that are going to kiss you and take your power. It is in the giving and it comes from the desire not to upset others. You do not need to placate anyone. You are powerful and perfect so stop wrapping it up in a Neiman Marcus box and giving it away. Your power is flowing through and away from you. You are like a sponge. You absorb negative energies and take on the problems of the world. And then you cannot understand why you have no power. Then the phobia begins. You are deciding in a sense that when you try to help others that they are not powerful enough to handle their own lives. And that you being so wonderfully powerful, can do it for them. This is not so. So you will use your power to handle the reality of others. Then when your realty goes a bit awry, there's no power left for you to handle yours. Your mother is plenty powerful to handle her own upset."

"I know she is."

"So, cut it out!"

"But she makes me feel so guilty."

"It is wonderful to have an experience in that way because from it, you will learn that the guilt giving you does not need to be received by you."

"I totally agree with you Leah, but how do I get this to sink in?"

Sternly she asked, "Who created this?"


"Thank you." I laughed and she asked, "Who is going to recreate this?"

"Me, but I just want to make sure I know how too."

"How would you like for me to give you a tool?"


"Do you remember the Epsom salt baths?"

"Yes, I took one last night and it was great."

"Did you feel yourself assimilating energy?"

"I'm not sure. I know I slept really good for the first time in many months."

"I want you to take a crystal with you and dub it your power crystal. I want you to make a list of every animal, every plant, every rock, every person, every situation that you have given power to. That would be anything that would make this phobia begin, and just look at how much power you have given. Therefore, item-by-item, you are going to visualize your power being returned to you by the universe. They didn't use it you know. It's still just hanging there. Within eight weeks you will be able to stand in a middle of a crowd and laugh your head off."

I laughed and said, "I'm sure I will."

"This is just like learning to play a musical instrument. Practice makes perfect. Every time you get in a situation, traffic jam or whatever, look around, don't panic, and say 'now look here world, I've just given you a bunch of my power, and I'm going to suck it back into me, just like a vacuum cleaner.' So get ready and breath deeply back into you and gently release. You may find that amount of power could even create gas. The chemical change going on in your body is creating new cellular structure, because the power is finally being returned. You can give someone your power, and then suddenly they will appear to you as giants. But if you retrieve that power, than it's just another ordinary person."

"Yes, yes, I understand that."

"Do you have another question?"

"Yes, I have many health problems such as a hormonal imbalance and difficulties with digestion. Do you think this all stems from the phobia, and when that is handled, all this will clear up?"

"Absolutely. You see your thoughts are like noise pollution to every cell within your body. They react to your thought forms. If you believe that you're being controlled, your body will have a problem. Any other questions?"

"No, Leah, I think that's it for now. Thank you so much."

"I leave you in love and light."

Jamie slowly came to, her eyes dreamy like. She sat quietly for a few moments, then yawned and stretched. Looking more alert, we spoke briefly. She then gave me a small clear quartz crystal to place in the water when I took my Epsom salt baths. My second gifting of a crystal and I treasured it. I left feeling very disoriented from all the energy that I was certainly not used to. I decided to drive to the beach that wasn't too far away, hoping to get grounded before my drive back to the valley.

Feeling the warm sand beneath my feet and the warm rays of the sun beating down upon me, I was thinking about what Leah had said at her lecture on evolution. "The sun's spirit is Michael and he is sending his love to us, but only when they hit Akasha, do his rays become light." I was in the center of these two great beings, and I was profoundly moved. When I look at this now, it means even more to me, because it's a beautiful example of how we need both the male and female principles for creation. Light, higher consciousness, new life, cannot be birthed without this consummation.

As soon as I returned to the bay area I phoned Colleen, a friend of Steve and Jamie's. She was arranging to have Jamie come up on a regular basis to channel, and I certainly wanted to be a part of it.

In two weeks time, I was sitting in Colleen's living room on Taraval St., in San Franciso. Colleen was around forty-two, very Irish looking with thick wavy red hair that matched her fiery personality. She had a lot of energy and quickly introduced me to the other four people that were there: Sean, her gorgeous son who had just turned twenty-one; Val, an artist whose paintings looked ethereal as did she with her long flowing white hair and pale skin; Jenny, Val's twenty-three year old daughter who acted more like her sister; and Claire, a pretty woman around thirty years old who was very attached to Colleen.

Jamie came out of the back room where she was resting from her trip from LA. Her long black hair was down, and I could see she was wearing long dangling clear quartz crystal earrings that were beautiful. She wore a long flowered dress with a white shawl wrapped around her shoulders. After a brief chat, we all became silent. In a few moments time, Leah came forth.

"Welcome ladies and gentleman. I thought it would be fun since we have such a lovely, cozy group to put a fire in the fireplace, and we'll have a fireside chat. How does that sound?"

Channeling was still very new to us, and we weren't all that comfortable in this new setting, so timidly we said, "Great."

We took a break while Jamie returned and lit the fire. The fire seemed to relax us and bring us closer together. Sean was laid out on the floor. Colleen and I sat on her beige feather down sofa. Val, Jenny, and Clair sat on pillows on the floor. Leah returned and said, "Let's get down to brass tacks. Any questions?"

Immediately, I said, "I have one, Leah. I recently saw a girlfriend of mine that I haven’t seen in about six years. We were at one time roommates. She had changed so much. It was like her spirit was gone. I asked her if she was happy, and she said she really was. Leah, I want to know if she is ok."

"That's none of your business. If she told you she was happy that should have been enough. If she chose to tell you, then I would have been able to give you some insight. You must allow her her own reality. You work on you."

I realized what Leah was telling me and I said, "There I go again. Thank you Leah."


Colleen said, "I don't feel like I'm from this planet. I feel like I'm an observer.

"That is true. You are a fourth density being. Let me explain. You are here on the third density, on this planet as a volunteer."

"This makes sense to me," Colleen calmly replied.

My insides were shaking. I was disoriented as my heart ached when I heard these words that I remembered reading in the Star People. To confirm what I already knew in my soul, stuttering I asked Leah, "Am I also a Star Person?"

"Yes, and what else would you like to know?"

"I know I have a strong purpose here on Earth, but I don't know what it is."

"Look at your phobia, the fear of people, masses of people. To overcome that and be a helper is your tragedy, your drama, your learning of compassion."

"Yes, you are right. Can you tell me where my home planet is?"

"In the constellation of Sirius, the dog star. Being forth density is why you and Colleen have such a terrible problem with understanding the pettiness of third density."

Colleen started to laugh, but I could have cried because of the pain of it. She continued, "Val is third density as is Jenny. Sean is third density and is finally waking up. Claire is third density and was acquainted with Colleen in one of her five previous Earth incarnations." This was no surprise to Claire, because she had a very strong bond to Colleen the first moment they met.

She answered many of our personal questions about previous lifetimes and spiritual evolution. We closed by talking about disembodied entities.

I asked her, "When I was very young there was an entity that would stand in the corner of the ceiling looking down on me. Was he evil? He frightened me. Do you know anything about that?"

"That being was not evil."

"What did he want?"

"To be there with you, to be your teacher, your guide, your friend. In your situation why wouldn't you be fearful? Your mother is afraid of taking a bath alone. That is catching--fear, guilt, hate is catching. Much more so than the common cold."

We all laughed. I said softly, “I know." And was amazed how she knew all this.

These fireside chats continued monthly for about a year until the word got out about Jamie. As she became well known, she visited us less frequently, because she was traveling to different parts of the world to channel. After that, everyone seemed to go his or her separate way. This saddened me, because I was happy to meet like minded souls.

I then explored many other channelings, such as Lazarus, Baschar, and Michael, but none touched by soul the way Leah did. Her warmth, love, compassion, wisdom, and her wonderful sense of humor, in my eyes, could not be surpassed.

The reason I eventually stopped going to channeling was because it had become just too popular. It lost its personal flavor and took on a commercial and faddish flare. It was also very difficult for me, because the groups sometimes grew to 200   300 hundred people. Because of the phobia, it was extremely painful for me to be amongst them.

I have no certainty if all what Leah had said was true. But I do know there are many things that she discussed that only now am I beginning to fully understand such as our interconnectedness with each other and all of life, and how we project our ideas, thoughts, and fears onto our external world. Is there such a thing as a "Star Person?" Possibly, but I have also come to know that there are certain psychological patterns that each of us carry in our deep psyche that might be the explanation for this phenomena. However, I must say it still touches a sensitive cord within my soul.

With the exception of the crystal pyramid, I don’t feel the crystals that Leah discussed were that powerful except for the love in which they were given and that I deeply cherish. I will never know for sure if Jamie was indeed channeling Leah or if Leah was a powerful part of Jamie’s psyche. However, I’m inclined to believe the former. But it really doesn’t matter to me, because what I learned was invaluable.

I am still in contemplation about the idea that Akasha, the earth’s spirit is evolving, and with a new birth, a death must occur. Presently there are many people who feel that we are responsible for the earth's destruction, and I partially share this view. I do, however, think Mother Earth (Tara) has much more power over her body than we do. It has been shown time after time that even in the most devastating circumstances nature has the capacity to return to life. But, can she renew herself quickly enough for other life forms to survive? We are on the road to making the earth inhabitable for human beings and other living creatures and this saddens me greatly. We need to take care of her body, as we do our own, knowing that we are all interconnected and affect each other profoundly. I cannot possibly know if what Leah said about Akasha’s evolution is true, but her message is clear and important. We must wake-up and be conscious of how we are treating our planet and those who we share it with. Are we expressing love and light or are we contributing to darkness and doom?

The technique Leah taught me to get rid of the phobia was helpful but did not completely work. I had many more lessons to learn from the phobia, which in turn has helped me to evolve. Leah was correct in saying that by seeing others greater or lesser than yourself contributes to fear. I do see a correlation in how I respond in crowds when I view myself as an equal; my tension is way down.

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