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Know, A New & Setup Peace :


Alhaj Noor Mohammad

MA, Bcs. (FP)

Gazipur-1700, 20/3/03

O people on earth,dear;

Will you please lend me your ear?

What I say, is not a hear-say mere;

But it’s a truth ripen bare.
I like to make you clear-

We all came from‘ Adam and Eve, pair;

That makes us descendants; near and dear.

But devil causes ill feeling what so ever.
We are physically equal to one another.

Allah created our body with equal spare.

He created things for all; to have equal share.

He demarcated no zone, country or barrier.
Devil excites some to restrict thoroughfare.

By hook or crook as suits there.

And thus stands, controller or ruler as fit fair

So what to do in this sphere?

We are to change their selfish character.

Advise to do all good deeds, with cheer.

And prevent misdeeds by as deem fair.

O my good fellow far and near

Will you please bother to hear?

What causes most to breed conflicting affair?

-It is the act of changing religious behavior.

And grouped people here and there.
-One race of people, one earth and one Creator.

So single is the religion, the Code of behavior,

The Universal constitution of life for ever.

It includes all those, what all should do eve;

And all those that one should do never.
The affirmative ones are beneficial forever.

The negative ones are Injurious forever.

These Set of Codes is called Religion of Creator.

One who accepts it, called Muslim-Believer,

Who does not accept it, is known Non-Believer.
So, follow the Sermons of One Creator;

Stop conflict on earth, what so ever.

Set up peace on earth every where.

Attain the ultimate ultimatgoal,World over.

 END 


I ventured to write this book to extend and add something in the stock of knowledge and understanding of the English knower. I did this by utilizing my leisure time during a span of forty years.

The various conflicts happened in the world between various people and nation pain me most. I think if all people on earth obey and maintain the dictation of one Creator, this world can be peaceful and harmless to all, as happened in the past at some places under the guidance of the prophets, saints and religious leaders, strictly in accordance with the instruction of divine books and sermons. I gathered information as far as possible for me by going through various books of a number of noble and dignified writers of the past and express my indebtedners to them.
If any contradiction with Islamic ideals is found in this book that may be considered invalid. It will be appreciated if the fault finder from the readers point out my fault and give me the scope for correction in the next edition if Allah wishes.
With good wishes to all, specially my younger colleague, Md. Zillur Rahman (Computer Engineer) Md. Nazmul Basher (Computer Engineer and lecturer of MIST gazipur) and Khandaker Khalid Alam (Lecturer of English, MIST) for helping me in publishing this book in many ways.

Noor Mohammad


I begin in the name of Allah The Almighty. Peace be on Mohammad (SM), the prophet of Allah.

Hazrat Ali (R) says, ‘Once I sat beside the prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (SM). At that time, there arrived Hazrat Jaber Bin-Abdullah Ansari (R) and asked the prophet, “what thing Allah created for the first time?” Prophet (SM) said, “Allah created my ‘Noor’ for the 1st time, in the space of initial one Thousand years. At that time, one day was equal to one thousand days of the Present time. That Noor sank deep is prayer for twelve thousand years.

There after, Allah divided the ‘Noor’ into four parts. He created the ‘Arsh-Azeem’ with one part, the ‘Kalam’ (Fate writer) with the 2nd part; the Heaven with the 3rd part and the ‘Alame-Arwah’, (the world of the souls). with the fourth part. Allah took another set of four parts from the 1st set of four parts, and created Rohani body of myself, Knowledge, ‘Shame and love consecutively from the 2nd, 3rd and fourth parts. Allah declared in the Holly Quran, “O Mohammad I did not create the ‘Asman’ (Sky) the ‘Zamin’ (the Earth) and all other things of the Universe if I didn’t mind to create you.”

The ( also told himself, “I was created from the Noor of Allah and all the things including the Universe were created from my ‘Noor".

Allah then commanded the ‘Kalam’ “Write, on the top of the ‘Arsh’; “Laa-Elaha-Ellallahoo Mohammadur Rasulullah” (Allah is one and Mohammad (SM) is His Prophet). The ‘Kalam’ wrote, ‘Laa-E-laha Ellallah’ and asked Allah, “You are alone and unparallel, who is the sacrad fellow whose name appears beside Your name? Allah told, “He is My friend, write down his name without any delay, with a threatening voice. The Pen got frightened and wrote down the name. Allah created after that eighteen thousand Mandals on the Arsh’ and eighteen thousand pillars on each Mandal. He set one thousand ‘Kadi’ on each pillar. The distance from one ‘Kadi’ to another is equal to seven hundred years path. On the top of each ‘Kadi’ eight hundred ‘Borgas’ were set. Each of the ‘Borga’ was so big and spacious that seven sets of Asmans and seven sets of ‘Zamins’ with all its contents were so well accommodated that there seemed finger ring lying in a vast Maidan.

After these, Allah created 4(four) Angels, one resembling to man, another to a Tiger, one to an Ass and the 4th to a cow. Their feet touched the ground deep to the ‘Patal’ and shoulders touched the sky. They traversed one thousand year’s distance in a single step. Allah ordered them to lift the ‘Arash’. They tried but failed. Allah declared that, “I am bestowing you with the strength of lifting seven storied Asman and seven fold. Zamin (Earth) with all contents. But they tried and failed. Allah taught them a set of ‘Tasbee’ and ordered to recite the set of Tasbee which enabled a them to complet the task.
After it, He created a precious stone called ‘Mohrior’ and created ‘Lauh-e Mahfuz’ (the protected and secluded stone on which fated information are inscribed). The height of the ‘Falak’ (Board) is seven hundred years path (1.86.000 miles in a second *60*60*24*365*700 miles). The Falak is bounded with red pearl on all sides,
Allah then ordered the pen (Kalam) to go on writing all the affairs of creation- Knowledge, information of those which will occur till the day of ‘Kayamat’ (doomsday).

Kalam started with ‘Bismilla-hi-rrahmane-er-Raahim’. It then wrote on the instruction of Allah, “I am Allah there is none worthy of worship except Me. Those Who will surrender on My instruction; have patient in calamities and will be contented with-

My Neyamat (gift) I must keep them with the pious people. And those who will not tolerate in my calamities and not be contented with My Neyamat let them search another lord other than Me and get out of the boundary from beneath the ‘Asman’.

When these much were written on the ‘folak’ it began to swindle with joy and went on uttering, “There is none so much lucky like me as knowledge of Allah are kept written on me.”

Allah ordered the ‘Folak’ to expand, and it became so. His seat (‘Arash’) covered the seven story of Asmans and Zamin,

Allah created a piece of ‘Eakut’ stone with a height equal to a distance of five hundred years’ path. Allah threw stern-look on it and the stone melted into water. Allah created the four direction. The East, The West, The North and the South and ordered the Water to expand on all directions and to create wave and produce foam and these were acted upon.
He then created fire and placed beneath the water. With the heat of fire vapour was produced and rested between the water laying on air Allah divided the vapour into seven parts. He created water from the 1st part and created the 1st ‘Asman’ (Sky). He converted the 2nd part in to copper and made the 2nd Asman with it. He converted the 3rd part into iron and made the 3rd Asman. Converted the 4th part in to silver and made the 4th Asman; converted the 5th part into gold plate and made the 5th Asman; converted the 6th part into Marayed pearl and built the 6th Asman and converted the 7th part into red Eakut pearl and built the seventh Asman. The distance between one Asman to another is equal to five hundred years’ path. Allah then created red soil at the mid point of the vast water reservoir which is known to be Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He then spread the soil around the earth with His four (4) prime Angels Haz Zibrail (AS), Haz Meekail (AS), Haz Azrail (AS), and Haz Israfeel (AS). Allah created the earth from these soils in two days.

It is said that once, Abdullah Bin Salam (R) came to the prophet and asked a series of question to the prophet (SM). “O, respected Rsulullah, please let me know the answer of the following questions.” Prophet (SM) made replies to

each question as appeared bellow :

Q: With what things Allah made the Earth.?

A: Allah created it from the foam of water .

Q: How the water-foam was created?

A: By Wave of water.

Q: How water came in to being?

A: Water was created by melting ‘Marwayet’ stone.

Q: How ‘Marwayet’ was created?

A: It was created out of darkness.

Q: How the earth is existing?

A: The earth has been existing on ‘Kohe Kaff’.

Q: How ‘Kohe Kaff’ was created?

A: It is made of blue ‘Jamrad’ stone. The bluish color of the sky was made from it.

Q: What is the height of ‘Kohe Kaff’?

A: Its height is equal to a distance of five hundred years’ path.

Q: What is the thing behind Kohe Kuff?

A: Seven world made of ‘Mesk’.

Q: What are there behind these worlds?

A: There are seven World of ‘Kapoor’ (Camphor).

Q: What lies behind these worlds?

Q: Seven world of Silver.

Q: What lies behind these?

A: Seventy Thousand Knowledgeable things beneath each, there are seventy thousand Angels. They sang the song of Praise of Allah for which Adam was born. The hymn is, “La-e-laha Ellallaho Muhammadur Rasulullah (SM)”.

Q: What is the thing to that side?

A: There lies a ‘Asdaha’ (a very big snake) its length is two Thousand years’ of path. The whole world is within his mouth.

Q: Who are the inhabitants of each of the Seven Donia?

A: (1) Angels live in the 7th world, 2) Devil with his disciples live in the 6th, 3) Giants live in the 5th, 4) Snakes in the 4th, 5) The ferocious animals in the 3rd, 6) Fairies in the 2nd, 7) And the first world is for the human being.

Q: What is there beneath the Seven world?

A: There is a cow with four thousand horns. the distance from one horn to another is equal to a space of five Hundred years of path. All the seven worlds contained between two horns of the cow.

Q: On what stand stood the cow?

A: It stood on the back of a fish which is floating on water whose depth is of forty thousand years’ of path. This water rests on the air. The air is on the darkness of hell which rests on a stone on the head of an Angel. This Angel stands on another darkness which rests on the will of Allah which depends on none but Allah.

Narrated by Abdullah-Ibn-Abbas that Allah created Noor (light) in each Asman (Sky) from which Angels are created with instructions to sing the praising-verses of Allah ceaselessly. If any one stops, it is burnt to ashes then and then.

Some of their appearances resemble to cow, some resemble to serpent; some like ass some with upper part up to waist made of ice and the lower part is made of fire. But the ice and fire maintain their individual characteristics without affecting one another.

Some of them are in standing position; some in bending; some in kneeling down; some in sitting in prayer. They will keep on the mood till the doomsday.
Allah created the week and created the Angels, the bearer of the Arsh on Sunday; seven stair Asman on Monday; seven stair of earth on Tuesday; created darkness of the night of Wednesday; created the fertility of earth with all things in it on Thursday. Allah made Tah-Tas-Sara; infernal region (bottom world).
Abdulla-Ibn-Abbas says “Sara is a blue colored stone beneath which the hells are located. Mallek by name, an Angel, is the chief administrator of the hell. Under him nineteen more Angels are deployed. Each of them has got seventy thousand hands on each of the right and left sides of the body with seventy thousand palms in each hand with seventy thousand fingers in each palm with one serpent on each finger. There is a special snake on the head of the serpent having its length of seventy thousand years of path; having a deadly-poisoned-scorpion on is head. If the scorpion ever bites anybody its pain will last for seventy thousand years.

There is so heavy a club of fire on each finger of the left hand that if one of it is placed on the ground; all the creatures will not be able to move it jointly.

Allah ordered all the nineteen Angels to enter in to the hell. But they failed to enter into it for heat of fire. Allah brought a ring from the Heaven and put sealed-mark on the forehead of each of them with the version ‘Laa-Elaha-Illallahoo Mohammadur Rasoolullah’ for which fire could not burn them.

There are seven doors of the Hell. Each is divided into several divisions. These are ; Zahim, Jahannam, Sakar, Saur, Noti, Habia, and Hotama.
 Hotama is the deepest Hell made for the ‘Monafic’.

 Habia for the Mushrek.

 Noti for devil worshiper.

 Saur is for the drinkers and dealers of wine.

 Sakar for the Jews.

 Jahim for the Christians.

 Jahannam for the Muslim sinners.
Beneath the Hell, there is a flat-stone held by an angel who stood on a mosquito which sat on the back of a giant-fish. There also stands a cow with seventy thousand horns; on the back of the fish. The earth rests on the horns and the horns of the cows are pushed in to the mud of the earth. Once the cow jerked its head; being bit by a mosquito; the scattered parts of the earth were joined together.

Allah then created sand and ordered the wind to spread some sands allover the earth and some inside the earth. He then created fire and created ‘Jin’ with it. When earth was filled with Jins, He sent a Rasul named Yousuf to them. He taught them ‘Shariat’ and showed them the path of Islam but the Jins didn’t accept him rather they killed him and began to create chaos and confusion on earth. Allah sent Angels under the Leadership of Azajil. They killed the vicious Jins.


Allah created, inside the Hell, one statue from fire in the shape of a tiger and named it Khabbis. He made another statue in the same way in the shape of a female wolf naming ‘Nilbis’.

They went to the bottom of the Hell ‘Sizzin’ and copulated there and gave birth to a male child named Azajil. Azajil offered ‘Sizdah’ along with ceaseless prayer for Allah for a thousand years and crossed the seven storied ‘Dunia’ (World) and came on this world. Allah awarded him two wings with the color of green ‘Zabarzud’ stone. He fled from there to the first Asman and offered sizdah to Allah for a thousand years and got the title of Khusho (Allah fearing). He then rose to the second Asman and prayed for another thousand years. The Angel-inmates named him ‘Addeid’ (the server of Allah). He went up on the third Asman and prayed for a thousand years and got the title of ‘Saleh’ (the compromiser with Allah). He then reached on the 4th Asman and did the same and got the title of (Wali’the friend of Allah). He rode to the 5th Asman and prayed in the same manner and got the title of Azajil. He then prayed another thousand years on each of the 6th and 7th Asmans; so much so; there left not a pin-point of space on the sky and earth where he didn’t put sizdah. He then went up to the Arsh and paid sizdah for six thousand years and prayed to Allah to pick him up, up to the ‘Lauhe Mahfuz’ so that he can see the activities (Lila) of Allah and perform much-more prayer.

Allah ordered ‘Israfil’ one of the four prime Angels, to take him up to the ‘Lohhi Mahafuj’. When he reached there, his eyes saw a written version, ‘One creature of Allah after performing ‘Ibaddat’ for six laces of years will become disobedient to Allah and violate the order of Allah for which his devotions of six-lace years be forfeited and be condemned as sinner’. Seeing these he stood up and went on crying to Allah for six-laces of years.
Allah then asked him, “O Azazil! what should be the punishment of a servant for not obeying My command”. Azajil replied,-‘Me lord! he who dose not obey his lord’s command, his punishment should be ‘Lanote’ (curse of Allah)”. Allah said, “keep this in writing”.
Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-Abbas (R) said this occurrence happened four thousand years before he was disgraced. Allah made him the Primer of Heaven for a few thousand years. The duration of a day at that time was equal to the duration of one thousand years of the present time. Azajil stood on a Dias of Noor and went on preaching, advising and instructing about the order of Allah. All the prime Angels along with other Angels kept on sitting bellow the Dias and went on hearing the lecture of Azajil.

Once the Angels were talking amongst themselves, “If any on of us ever commit any error, that will be put through Azajil before Allah for forgiveness. For the Angels saw the written version as said before.

On seeing this, they went on crying and lamenting, beating their own heads. Azajil enquired about the matter and came to know the reasons of lamentation of the Angels. Azajil consoled them by saying, “I am praying so that the disgracing occurrence may occur upon me”.

There after Azajil prayed to Allah “O my Allah, the Jins on earth are causing disorder by fighting and shading blood amongst themselves. Please send me on earth leading the Angels, to punish them”. Allah accepted this proposal and deployed four thousand Angels under the command of Azajil who destroyed most of the Jins and sent some to Kohe Kaff and cleared up the earth from the clutches of Jins.

Allah said in the Quoran “I wish to deploy an Ambassador of Mihe on the Earth”. The Angels asked Allah, “Do you like to post such fellow who will create chaos and confusion and commit bloodshed there? We are reciting ‘Tasbee’ upon you

and praising you always”. Allah said “I know what you do not know”.

Allah ordered the Angel, Zibrail (AS) to fetch a handful of mud from the earth. Zibrail came down on earth in the twinkling of an eye and tried to take a handful of soil from the side of the holy Kaba. The earth prevented him to take soil by placing various entreaties, “Do not take soil from me. For, when the Khalifa of Allah will be created some of his descendant will commit sin and be subject to punishments by Allah; which I will not be able to bear”. Hearing this, Zibrail went back without taking any soil. In such way the Angels Micail, Israfil, were sent to take soil from the Earth. But both of them went back without any soil on hearing the entreaties of earth. Allah then sent Angel Azrail. The earth prevented him in the name of Allah but Azrail paid no heed to the earth and snatched a handful of soil and presented before Allah.

Allah said “I will create a representative of Me and place him on earth and appoint you to take his life to cause death”. Azajil expressed his unwillingness by saying, “O Allah, the merciful your men will blame me and express ill feeling for me for taking the lives of their near and dear ones”. Allah said, “Don’t be worry about it, I will impose the causes of death upon each of them. So, none will blame you for causing death”.

The Angels with the instructions of Allah put the soil in between Tayef and Mecca. Mud was created due to rainfall in two years. In the 4th year the mud become somewhat dry In the 6th year it became very hard. In the 8th year it took the shape of a man.

Once Azajil, with 17, thousand Angels came beside the man-statue and looked with disgrace. Another day the Angels told Azajil that Allah will make this statue as His representative on the Earth. Azajill said, “That may be true but if it is placed under me I will finish him and if I am placed under him, I will not obey him”.

It is told by Abdullah-Ibn-Abbas (R) that once Azajil entered up to the navel of the statue but could not stay there due to the warmth of heat. He became very angry and spitted inside the body.

Zibrail brought out this spittle with a little mud and made a dog from part of it and create a date tree from the rest.

It is known from Abdullah-Ibn-Abbas (R), that the holly Rooh (soul) of the prophet (SM), was at that time reciting the name of Allah. From there, a little Noor (Light) fell to the place of present Raoza of MS.

With the advice of Allah, Zibrail made the soil of that place as scented as musk and enwrapped on the forehead of Adam. Then the body of Adam begin to emit light. After forty days, Allah ordered Angels Zibrail, Michail, Israfill, and Azrail for taking seventy thousand Angels with each of them and advanced; Covering the holy ‘Rooh’ of Adam in a cascade of Noor and put on the head of Adam after opening the cascade. All the Angels from the seven skies gathered there to observe how the Rooh enters into the body of Adam.

There came a voice, ‘O, Rooh enter into the body of Adam’. The Rooh roamed around the body but found no way to go inside. Rather prayed to Allah, “My body is made of light and this body is filled with darkness how can I enter into the body?” Allah ordered, ‘Enter into the body and come out against your will’. The rooh entered by the nose and began to roam around inside the head. When the Rooh came to the navel through throat, chest there produced blood, flesh, bone, skin, arteries and entrails.

By the wish of Allah, Adam tried to get up by leaning the earth with hands. The Angels remarked that this creature of Allah will be very much prompt. Adam observed his body to know with what matter Allah created him. The soul entered into each nook and corner of the body. At that time, Allah sent to him Angels to make his brain in order and rube off the forehead. After this, the soul settled every where into the body and a sneeze came out of the nostril of Adam. Adam showed gratitude to Allah by saying, “Alhamdulellah”. Allah gave him the hope of mercy by saying “Earhamukullah”.

Allah then ordered Zibrail to preserve the sneeze by saying that He will create Issa Ibn Mariom with it.

When Adam stood up, Allah advised him to sit on a throne made of diamond, pearls and gems spreading over forty miles in the Heaven; wearing a crown adorned with pearls and gems; on his head. A bright light came out of his forehead and enlighten the space up to Arsh. That light was Noor-E-Mohammad. Allah ordered all the Angels to name out things in the Heaven but they could not tell the names rather said, “We do not know anything except things made known to us by You”.

Allah ordered Adam to tell the names of the things in the Heaven. Adam did it Allah then ordered all the Angels to offer sezda (kneeling down) before Adam in his respect. All the Angels paid sezda except Azajil. The Angel raised their heads and saw Azajil standing. The Angels gave the second sezda in gratitude. The first sezda was meant to comply with the order of Allah and the second one was meant for showing gratitude.
Allah asked Iblish “O Iblish what prevented you from paying sezda to Adam whom I made with My own hand; did you take pride in you or thought yourself more respectable than Adam?”.

Iblish said “I am superior to him; you created me from fire and made him with soil.” Allah ordered him “Get out from here, you are misled. I am cursing you that will prevail till the Dooms’ Day.”

On being cursed his body changed drastically. His two eyes came down on the chest. He, who saw him told that he had been driven from the court of Allah. He is cursed, misled and became ashamed of.
Shaitan said, “Me lord! you disgraced me for Adam. This is my fate. Allah said, “Look to your own hand-written-statement.” The Devil saw, “He who dose not obey the order of Allah is subject to lanath (curse)”. Seeing this he became despaired and shameful.
He prayed, “Lord, spare me for the time when the mortals will be survived. Award me such power as I can enter into the nerve of mankind and keep myself hidden from their eye sight”.
His prayer was granted and he thus found the scope of sitting on the solder of man and doing mischief to mankind.
Iblish said, “Allah! in the name of your sanctity I swear that I will mislead most of the men to wrong ways except a few of your special servants”. Allah said, “That may be true but I will put you with your followers in hell”.

After this, the Angels carried the throne of Adam to Ferdous-Heaven with the permission of Allah. But Adam found no peace of mind even after getting all the blessings of Allah as he had no mate. Allah wished to create a female mate for him as companion. Allah cast sleep on his eyes and he fell asleep. Allah at that time, with help of Angels; brought out a curved bone from the left side of Adam for which Adam felt no pain at all. Allah created ‘Hawa Bibi’ with that bone with all the qualities of a female such as knowledge, responsibilities, shame, kindness, and adorned her with ornaments from the Heaven and kept her setting, with a gold crown on her head on a throne of precious stones.

He then got up Adam from sleep and grew love and attraction for Hawa. Adam prayed permission for going to the lady. Allah prevented from touching her before marriage. When Adam wished to marry her. Allah solemnized the marriage ceremony of Adam and Hawa in a befitting manner. All the Angels gathered on the shade of a sacred tree- ‘Shazaretuba’.

Allah unveiled all the curtains from their eyes and narrated the quality in praise of Himself. “Hamd is My praise; glory is My scarf; vastness is My wearing-cloth; all the creations are My servants; all the deployed Prophets are My own men and friends and Mohummad (SM) is my dearest one and Rasul as well. I created all things that speak of My oneness. My Angels, the inhabitant-Angels of the skies and those who carry My Arsh are the witness before whom I give marriage of Bibi Hawa with My beloved servant Adam and there by open another chapter of strategy, mystery and technique of generation. The dowry of this marriage will be hymn, holiness and praise-songs. There is no worshiped except one Allah, Who is alone and there is no co-sharer of Him. Adam, you along with your wife, live in the Heaven happily and cat whatever you like but don’t go to the stipulated plant. If you do that you will be doing the wrong. My Salam, Rahamat, and Barkat will be upon you”.

Adam, there after, recited the following versions, “I sing the sanctity of Allah, praise Him; there is none worthy of being worshipped except Allah. Allah is Almighty. Without the help of that Almighty none has got any capability, strength or power to do anything”.
When Allah finished the ceremony and speech of marriage of the wedding of Adam and Hawa; The audiences went on rejoicing and congratulating the couple by spreading gold, pearls and gems. When Adam intended to copulate with Hawa; Allah prevented him from doing so before paying ‘Mohrana’ of marriage. Adam asked, “How can I pay that”. Allah told him, “Recite Darud on Mohammad (SM) for ten times”. Hearing the sacred name, Adam was very much eager to see Mohammad (SM).

According to the wish of Allah, Adam could see the appearance of Mohammad (SM) on his finger’s nail of hand. At this time Adam felt the fatherly affection in himself for Mohammad (SM) and read out ten times Darud on him and brought faith on him.

Allah explained to Adam, the value of ten times Darud as enchanted by him. Allah also said, ¨I in return of these darud award you with all the riches and made Hawa Bibi lawful for you.”
Adam looked to the prohibited tree whose bottom was of silver, branches were of gold and lives were of green ‘Zabarzut’ pearl. It was looked to Adam very much charming and beautiful. He uttered “Sobhan Allah! What a nice tree. Allah gifted me the tree but forbade me to take its fruits”. He asked Allah “ Me lord, when you gifted all the things in Heaven to me, why you imposed restriction to eat the truih of that Purticulare tree?

Allah said “I gifted all things to you, is true, no doubt; but I forbade you to take the fruit of this tree as because you are my guest and that tree is your own; it is not fitted that you will eat the fruit of the tree being My guest”. Then a surprising event-occurred. A voice came from one end saying “O Adam don’t take Gundum.” Another voice came from other end “O Gundum go to Adam”. Another voice came from the third end, “O Adam, have patient.” voice came from the fourth end “O patient do not go to Adam”. Another voice came from another spot, “O Iblish incite Howa to become eager to take Gundom”.

Then the fate asked Allah “Me, lord! what is the mystery behind this”. Allah replied, “This is my amorous game. I will, send him from Heaven on earth that will reveal the newer strategy of creation. I will say ‘O Namrod put Ibrahim in fire’. On other hand, ‘I will tell the fire not to burn Ibrahim’. O Iblish give bad advice in the matter”.

When The fate advanced further, Allah told, “There is also mystery in it. I will make the fire comfortable for Ibrahim, so that there will grow more friends of Mine. From the mouth it will be told to the people, “O the believer, keep aloof from sins and Devil will be said O Shaitan show your unnatural feats. The earth will be told Be attractive to the people. The people will be advised, “Keep aloof from the world".
I will award for the strains and sufferings in the days of resurrection. My mercy and forgiveness will know no bounds”. It is told, in Heaven; there is no hunger and thirst, nakedness, and no sunrays. In the Holy Quran it is said by Allah “O Adam! Devil is the enemy of you and your wife. He may push you from the Heaven on earth at any time”.
When Adam saw that the doors of Heaven were secured, he felt contended, ¨Shaitan is on the earth and I am in the Heaven. There is no relation or link between Shaitan and me so that he can induce me to take the prohibited fruits. I do not care for his deception.”
There after, one day, the cursed Devil determined to approach Adam. He knew ‘Ism-e-Azam from Allah. By enchanting the Ism-e-Azam; he came to the gate of Heaven by crossing over seven Asmans (sky). He felt in cogitation. How he will succeed in entering into the Heaven, he was thinking of it.
By chance he saw a peacock on the wall of the Heaven. Seeing the Devil to read out Ism-e-Azam, the peacock asked him

- “Who are you?” The Devil replied, “I am an Angel”.

- “Why have you come here?”

- “I have seen the Heaven, I like to enter into it”.

- “I have no permission from Allah to allow you to visit the Heaven till Adam is inside there. The Devil said, “Put me into the Heaven, I will teach you Ism-e-Azam in lieu of it so you will get three benefits;

(1) You will not grow old,

(2) You will not die, and

(3) You will remain always in Heaven”.

Iblish readout the Ism-e-Azam and they both reached near to the door of Heaven. The peacock informed the matter to the python. He closed the door by keeping his head outside and asked the

Devil “Who are you, where from you came?”

The Devil replied, “I am one of the Angels of Allah”

The python said “Please teach me the Ism-e-Azam”

The Devil told, “I will do that provided you will take me in”.

Python said, “ I have no permission to allow any one inside the Heaven so long Adam is there”.

The Devil said, “I will not keep my feet on the soil of Heaven, rather I will keep my self sitting inside your mouth”. The python opened his mouth and the Devil entered in to his mouth and entered into the Heaven and shut the door. The Devil directed the python to take him near to the tree whose fruits has been prohibited to Adam. On reaching there, the Devil began to shed crocodile’s tears. Hearing his cry all the Hoors and Gelman of the Heaven gathered around the tree and opined, “We never heard such crying from the python”.
Then Bibi Howa (R) asked the python “Why are you crying ?” The Devil told, “I am crying for you as you will be got out of the Heaven and for that reason Allah prohibited you to take its fruits. In fact he who will take the fruits will remain in the Heaven forever. He also told Adam “May I tell you about that tree which can give you eternal life and a new state?
I swear in the name of Allah that I do not want your misfortune rather I am advising you to take the fruit”. The couple fell in deceit of the Devil. It was the Devil who took false oath for the first time in the world. Bibi Howa (R) first believed in the words of Devil. There after she picked up three grains of Gondom and kept one for herself and two for her husband.
Hazrat Muaz (R) said, “Howa un husked the Gondom, when a drop of blood came out. Allah sworn, “I will take revenge of it from you and your descendent-females that in each month there will come out blood for days together from their wombs.”

For violating the order of Allah, the crown from his head blew away before swallowing the fruit and he fell down from the throne. Both of them became naked. They went to trees from trees for leaves to veil there secret parts; but the trees refused to spare any leaf for them.

At last the fig and chandan trees consented to spare leaves and both the spouse were able to cover their secret parts with the help of the leaves of fig and ‘chandan’ tree.

Allah was satisfied with both the trees and said, “you will always be devoid of dryness”. Since then, if any one chews branches even for seventy times, get new test. He told the chandal tree, “I am making you favorite to all. If you are burnt, flavor will come out from your body”.

Allah called Adam, thrice, but Adam did not response. Then Zibrail (AS) came to him and said, “Oh Adam! Allah has called you”
Adam said, “Oh Allah I am very ashamed of my deeds”.

He began to enchant, “Rbbana Zalamna Unfusana Ollamtag Fir Lana, "O Tar Hamna lana Ku-Nanna Minal Khaserin” – “Oh Allah, we have tortured on ourselves, if you do not forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be ruined”.

Allah told, “Go down on earth with enmity between yourselves. You will have to stay there for some times. You will be given wealth for the same. You will live and die there and will be brought back here again”.
Allah ordered Zibrail (AS) to drop Adam, Howa, Peacock, and the serpent on earth. Zibrail told it to Adam. Adam cried for some time and took a piece of branch of a tree from Heaven for using it as brush to clear his teeth. This was preserved from generation to generation down words till it became the hand-stick of the prophet, Mosa. There after Adam was landed on Srilanka; Howa on Khorasan; peacock on Sistan; serpent on Ispahan and the Devil on the hill of Damawand. At that time, the serpent had four legs like camel. His legs were taken off so that he is to walk on chest. His food was ash and sand, then.

When Adam was landed, he cried for forty years or three hundred years, in grief recapitulating his error; so much so that his tears created a river on the bank of which there grew date, clove, and ‘jayfal’ trees. With the tears of Howa (R) Mehdi tree was grown up. Each drop of the tears became Marawayed pearls so that her daughter may adorn them selves with the pearls, next time.

Once Zibrail (AS) came to Adam and said, “O Adam! perform Hazz before your death”. Hearing the name of death Adam got frightened and started to walk to words Mecca to perform Hazz. where ever his feet touched the ground; there grew villages and wherever he stayed for some time, there grew towns later on.

To some learned people; it took only thirty steps of Adam to reach Mecca from Srilanka. When he reached to the ‘Holy House’, the (Kaaba Shariff) and found the Angels there. They told him, “We have been performing ‘Towaff’ (To move around the Holy House); enchanting the praise-verses of Allah”. At that time the name of Kaaba shariff was ‘Baitul Mamur’. This was a open house, Both inside and out side, covered with a tent of Jabarzud pearls and gold thread. The fixing bolts of the house have been used as beams which included in the inside works later on. It is prohibited to kill one who takes shelter in the premises of the Holy House.

Hazrat Adam was resting on a stone at the Zobl-e-Rahmat. He saw Howa Bibi (R) coming from the end of Zedda. He went forward and took her on the lap. Both of them wept on bereavement for some time mournfully so much so; all the Angels mourned with them.
Both of them looked at the sky above; curtain was unveiled from in front of their eyes. They could see up to the ‘Arsh’. Both of them learned some verses from Allah and with those verses they sought forgiveness of Allah; which was readily accepted by Allah Who is very much kind and merciful.
Adam saw on the Arsh, “Laa-Ilaha-Illallaho Mohammadur Rasullah”. He recited the version and prayed to Allah to forgive him with the blessing of that version.
Zibrail (AS) came to him and said, “Allah has sent you ‘Salam’; by whose name you prayed forgiveness to Allah is so worthy and pet to Allah that if you did so in the Heaven when you committed the wrong Allah would not drive you from there”. When Adam completed the Hazz, Allah ordered Zibrail (AS) to-
take Adam at a spot near to the Arafat and rubbed his back with his wings. As a result countless children, in the shape of big ants were born by filling the field of Arafat. Adam asked Zibrail (AS), “Will they all get accommodation on earth?” Allah informed him, “I made proper arrangement for them; some will be inside the back of father; some in the womb of the mother; some on the soil of earth and some in the grave on death”.

Adam laid, “Allah may I ask you, how many divisions would be of my descendants; and how you will grade them. ¨Allah said “I will keep some of them as Momen (Faithful), some will be non-believer some rich, some poor, some happy and some unhappy”. Adam opined, “It would be good if all would be in the same conditions”.

Allah said, “I will be glad with him who will be grateful to me; as I will not convert the happy to the needy; the rich to the poor; the obedient to the disobedient”.

After then. all the issues of Adam stood in lines from the East to the West by the order of Allah. Those who stood by the right side of Adam are all momens headed by Hazrat Mohammad (SM). Behind Hazrat Mohammad (SM), stood all the prophets. On the left side of Adam stood all the kafers (nonbelievers). All of them are notorious, oppressors and haughty people. After this, Allah asked all of them, “Am I not your lord?”. They replied all at a time; “Yes”.
Allah told, “If so, go on Sezda before your Lord”. On hearing this, those who stood on the right side of Adam went on Sezda. It was ordered by Allah to do it again for the second time.
Some of them from the right complied; some did not. Then Adam asked Allah, “Please tell me the significance of these.” Allah replied, by saying,
“Those who paid Sezda from the right, acting on My first order and second order are all momens. They will born in the house of momens and die as momens. And those who disobeyed for the first and the second time; all will born in the house of Kafer and will die as Kafers. Those who did not pay Sezda for the first time but did in the second time; will born in the house of Kafers but will die as momen on bringing Iman (Faith) from Kafers”.
Allah said further, “It will be of no matter to me whether they go to Heaven or Hell” Allah ordered one Angel to take consent from all the souls in writing and take their thumb-impression and preserved carefully. The Angel put the record within its mouth and became a statue of stone. That stone is Hazware Assad on which the Hazis put kisses. In the day of resurrection, this statue will be alive as Angel and the bond-papers will be verified. Those who acted upon the bond will be sent to Heaven and the rest will be sent to Hells.

Allah told Adam, “You accepted My conditions and accepted the responsibilities given on you by me; saying, “We accepted”. Then your Lord said, “Be the witness, I will also be your witness ”.

Allah also told, “O Adam, you will be the witness against Shish, O Shish you will be the witness against Iddris; O Iddris you will be the witness against Noa; O Noa you will be witnwss against Ibarahim; O Ibrahim you will be the witness against Ismail; O Isamail you will be the witness against Issahuq. By this way, Allah narrated up to Issa (AS). Allah then spoke about the apostles, “You all be the witness against Mohammad (SA) on his prophesy and advise your next generations to have faith on the Nabouat of Mohammad (SM) and extend all help to him”. Allah took oath from the Boni-Israil about the prophets.


Towba (Forgiveness) was accepted by Allah on the recommendation of Mohammad (SM).
Adam, was ordered to stay with his wife at Sinkols. According to the wish of Allah, Adam came to India and settled there. Once, Zibrail came to him with Iron and Mercury and necessary things to teach him iron works. Fire was required for the purpose. Allah ordered to collect fire from the administrator of Hell. Zibrail brought fir and gave it to Adam. He touched it and burnt his hand and threw on the ground. Fire went back to Hell. It is said that by this manner; fire was brought to Adam seven times but it went back to Hell each time by burning all things on way. Allah ordered Zibrail to wash the fire in the sea of Rahmat so as to lessen its power and to fit it for earthly use. It is also said that in other way, Adam produced fire by rubbing firestone. Zibrail taught him Ironworks and produced implements of cultivation. Zibrail fetched a pair of cows with a handful of seed of wheat from the Heaven and gave to Adam to carry on cultivation to earn livelihood. Adam started to plough the field with the cows. The cows went against. Adam beat a cow which said, “Why are you beating me? Had you been a bit prudent, before hand, you would not have to come on earth”. At this, Adam became angry and released the cows and went forward to home. Zibrail came to him again and asked, “where are you going?” Adam said, “The cows insulted me”.
Zibrail said, “He who disobeys Allah is to face many strains to earn his livelihood”. Adam began to plough again. The cows followed the same pursuit. Adam beat them. The cows began to cry, looking at the sky. Adam became angry and was about to set the cows free. Zibrail appeared there and asked Adam, “where do-

you go? Adam said, “The cows went on crying to Allah”. Zibrail told, “Allah bade you salam and told that you were like them. If you caution the cows, it will bear no good to you. So hastened to set to works I am shutting the mouth of the cows; so that they can not say anything. You will then get better service”.

After that Adam engaged himself in cultivation. He seeded the field. Wheat grown, ripen and Adam harvested within seven hours. Earth said, “O Adam, excuse me, I am old now; otherwise I would be able to give you crops within a shorter time than this”.
When Adam intended to eat the wheat after husking; Zibrail told him to crush the wheat to flour, get it wet with water, make bread and eat after frying on fire. Following the instruction of Zibrail, Howa prepared bread and served before Adam to eat. Zibrail Advised to wait till sunset as because they were observing fast. When the sun set in, the spouse broke fasting and eat simultaneously. On the next feeding time Adam marked black spot on his chest which grew so rapidly and covered the whole body of Adam. Adam got frightened; apprehending some sort of disgrace upon him. Zibrail met him and advised to keep fast on that day too which will vanish the black spot from his body. Adam obeyed Zibrail and the spot withered away. On the next day he observed fast and became cured fully.
The name of these fasting is ‘Aaiame Bawaz’ or white days fasting on the 13th to the 15th of each month. This fasting were made ‘Farz’ (Obligatory) upon Adam and continued up to Musa (AS).
Adam came to India and began to live there. Howa gave birth to a twin; one male, named Kabil and a daughter, named Aklima. Next she gave birth to another twin; a son named Habil and a daughter, named Gaza. It is told that Howa gave birth to one hundred and eighty twins except one single birth of one son named Shesh.

When Habil and Kabil grew aged; Zibrail came and told, “Allah has advised you to give marriage; Kabil with Gaza and Habil with Aklima.” Adam called his sons and told about the marriage. Kabil refused to spare Aklima for Habil. Adam told him that this was an instruction of Allah. He told, “you love Habil more than me; so you are doing this” Kabil did not accept the decision of his father and he is the first son on earth to disobey his father. According to the order of Allah; Adam gave marriage; Habil with Aklima and Kabil with Gaza.
After this, Kabil told Habil to divorce Aklima so as to engage her for himself. Habil said, “she is my wife, my father gave her marriage with me. I will never go against his decision and thus keep the decision of Allah in reality.”

Adam heard this. He advised two sons to make Korbani and keep the slain on the hill of Mina, telling that, “Whose Korbani will be accepted will get Aklima”.
Accordingly, they made Korbani; one kid each and kept on the hill of Mina and prayed to Allah to accept their Korbani. After a while, fire came down in the shape of a cock and burnt the kid sacrificed by Habil but did not burn the sacrifice of Kabil.

Kabil told Habil, “I will kill you.” Habil told, “Allah accepts the Korbani of the pious though you liked to set your hand on killing me I will not do so. I fear for Allah, the Almighty”. At the time of Noah Nabi there was a system of Justice of ‘water Vassel’ the party in conflict would set hand on the Vassal. If the Vassal did not move, the people touched it, were taken to be the truthfull. If the Vassal showed movement, they would be caught guilty.

Adam told Kabil that from now Aklima will be Haram (Prohibited) to you and Hallal to Habil. Hearing this, Kabil declared to kill Habil; by saying that he will do that so that Habil’s issues cannot say to his issues that, “Korbani of your father was not accepted but Korbani of our father was duly accepted by Allah.” Habil told, “My brother! please tell me my fault. I swear by the name of Allah that if you kill me I will not kill you. You will be held guilty in the day of judgment and punished”. Hearing this Kabil grew more ferocious. Once, when Adam went to perform Hazz, it was Tuesday; Kabil saw Habil in the goat-shed. Kabil was thinking as to how he can kill Habil. By chance, there arrived the Devil in the guise of man with a snake in hand. He picked up two stones; put the head of the snake on one stone and stroke with the other on the head; killed it and went away in silence hurriedly.

Observing the demonstration; Kabil picked up a stone and killed Habil by striking forcefully on the head. Kabil became guilty and Kafir (Nonbeliever) in the eye of Allah. Kabil began to think as to what to do with the deceased. He picked it up on his shoulder and began to roam here and there. By chance, there came two crows; quarreled each other; one died. The living crow dug a ditch with its beak and engraved the dead. Kabil followed this and buried Habil and was about to comeback home.

Allah ordered the land to catch hold Kabil and the land grasped up to the knee of Kabil. Kabil looked up to the sky and said, “O Allah Iblish is too a sinner, you could grasp him”

Allah replied, “O the cursed criminal, Iblish did not kill his brother”.

Kabil again told, “My father committed the sin of eating Gondom, he ought to be grasped.” Allah rebuked him with a stern voice, “O misled, when your father killed pity and mercy as you did?” The earth grasped up to his chest. Kabil said, “I heard from my father that his ‘Tawba’ was granted for the sake of the ‘kalema’ which is written on the ‘Arsh’ ‘La -e- laha Illallaho Mohammadur Rasulullah’; so for the sake of this ‘kalema’ (Verses) please forgive me.” Allah ordered land to set him free; which was complied readily.
Allah then sent an Angel on horse-back to Kabil. The Angel killed Kabil with repeated stroke of dagger. Allah made him alive; Angel killed him again in the same manner. This process will continue up to the Dooms Day.
On returning from the Hazz, Adam searched Habil vigorously but could not find him out. With much grief in mind, Adam kept him refrained from food and drinks and sleep. Once, at the end of night Adam dreamed Habil shouting, “Father! please rescue me.” Adam woke up and began to weep with much lamentations. At that time Zibrail Amin came and informed Adam that Kabil has killed Habil and engraved at that spot and lead him to the grave. Adam said, “If Kabil killed Habil, there should remain blood-mark on the soil.” Zibrail said, “Soil has soaked the blood".

Adam told, “curse of Allah be fell on the soil which drunk the blood of my son.” The soil vomited the blood. Adam and Howa dugout the body and found the brain out of the cavity of head and the body got wet with blood. Seeing this, they cried for a long time. The Angel of the sky also cried on their bereavement.

At last Adam put the dead body in a casket and brought home. From the version of Ibn-e-Abbas (R), “Adam traveled on the whole world with the casket. Wherever he reached, the inmates of that place, including animals, lamented in grief and opined ‘one should keep himself aloof from the man who can kill even his brother. There after Adam brought the deceased home and put in a grave. At that time Adam got one hundred and twenty issues. None but Habil died by now.

The aged sons of Adam approached him and sought some capital to carry on trade to earn their livelihood. Zibrail brought a handful of gold and another handful of silver. Adam asked, “What benefit will accrue with these wealth for my sons, and how they will carry on trade with these.”
A voice came from unseen media, “Put the gold and silver on the top of hills so that each of them can take by something and carry on trade to earn livelihood. These will not be diminished till the devastation of the earth.”
At the age of one thousand years, Adam fell sick. He told his son to bring various fruits. They went out for the purpose except one, Shish, who sat beside his father for taking care.
Seeing the late return of the sons; Adam advised Shish to go to the hill and pray fruits to Allah. Shish opined, “You are my father and guardian, if you seek fruits from Allah, He shall give you the same because your prayer is acceptable to Him” Adam said, “I am ashamed to Allah for taking Gondom and very much worried about it; but you are free from it.”
Hazrat Shish prayed to Allah and saw Zibrail (AS) came with various fruit in a gold-casket on the head of a Hoor from Heaven. She unveiled her face and appeared before them. Adam asked to Zibrail, “For whom this Hoor is meant for?” Zibrail replied, “She has been sent by Allah for your son, Shesh as because all your issues were born in pairs except Shish.” Adam gave marriage to Shish with this Heavenly lady.
Adam took from the Heavenly fruits and distributed the rest to his issues. Those who eat this fruits became Alem, Fazel, Wise and Philosopher.

The time of departure of Adam arrived. Adam advised his sons and daughter, “Shesh will be the Nobi of you. Have faith on him and follow him” All admitted it. Adam died. All the issues cried in bereavement for the death of father. There after they performed ‘Janaja prayer’ and buried to rest. All of them remain present at the side of the grave for 10 years and dispersed to their home.


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Shish was, at that time, the eldest of all brothers. He was superior to all in merit. He co-operated with all works but did not participate in works directly. His brothers escorted his share to his house, when the food of his brothers fell short, they took loan from him. His brothers met in a meeting and decided, “We will not give share of wheat this year, rather repay loans taken from him as he did not take part in production with us but takes share by sitting.”
In that year, he was made Nobi by Allah and awarded the Heavenly book. He preached Islam among his brothers All of them brought faith in him and accepted the religion of Allah, Din-e-Islam. They were unanimous to spear one tenth of the produce to shesh with which he maintain his family.
After some day, a son was born from the womb of his wife, the Heavenly lady. He was named Naosh. He remain in the religion of his father. There after he, too, died leaving his charge on his son ‘Kalabtan’. He preached Islam amongst thousands of people and showed them the right way of life.
After the death of Kalbtan, his son Mohlail succeeded him in preaching Islam. He was so handsome that people from all around, far and near, came to him in thousands to see and hear him and paid royalty to him. At last his family got so much fame as none was equal to them on earth. He had many sons. He died following the right religion, Islam. After his son Ezad or Aus got his chair. People would rush to meet Mohlail even after his death and went back in despair and sadness.


Shaitan, one day, in the guise of man came to the sons of Mohlail and said. “The visitors of your father grew very much dissatisfied with you. They came from the distant places with royalty and returned back on despair for not seeing your father”. Sons asked him, “What is the solution? “Shaitan advised, “Make a statue of your father, so that people can get some consolation and pay royalty which will bring income to you and increase your honor in the society. Otherwise, your honor will be diminished and you would be neglected”.

On hearing the version of Shaitan they agreed to implement the idea. Shaitan made a statue as like as the real Mohlail, veiled it and put in a Dias. The people would visit it, pay royalty as usual and went back. Thus passed away more than an era of time and many learned and notable men passed away. People became deviated from the right path. Shaitan engaged them in Idolatry. The Devil then visited another large community and deceived them by saying, “When your forefathers paid homage to the deity of Mohlail; you should follow them so that the soul of Mohlail may be happy with you and enrich you with wealth and riches.” At this they started idolatry. At last a son was born in this community named ‘Akhnuk’; popularly known as ‘Iddris’.

He taught people much and more, so the name of Iddris went well fitted upon him. The word ‘Dars’ means lesson in Arabic. His miracle was astronomy. He performed so much rituals on earth, that the Angels took him in the sky. He sewed cloths of people without taking any charge. He would recit ‘Tasbi’ continuously. One night, just he completed his routine works; there arrived Azrail in the guise of a man. Iddris always kept fast. At sunset his meal would come from the Heaven for breaking fast. He took something and returned the rest. That day when the meal came he offered the same to the traveler without taking anything by himself and set to prayer. Hazrat Iddris seeing the stranger became astonished and thought himself, ‘Who the stranger might be?’ He asked the stranger, ‘Follow me, let us go to the field of amorous sport of Allah and enjoy with you.’

When both of them came out to a wheat field, the stranger proposed to take off some wheat from the field and take rest. Iddris told, “You are a peculiar person; you did not take the legal food then, now you want to take illegal food.”
On going farther, they saw a goat. The companion wanted to eat it. Iddris told, “ It is illegal to sly other’s goat and take its meat.” This way, they kept company for three days and Iddris understood that his companion is not a man at all. He told, “For the sake of Allah you tell me your identity.” The companion told, “I am Azrail.” Iddris asked, “Brother! do you take lives of the whole Universe .” “Yes”, replied Azrail.
-I- “Perhaps you have come to take my life.”

Angel, “Not that, I have come to make friendship with you.”

-I- “You have been living with me for three days; how did you take off the lives of men?.”
Angel, “Lives of all are in my hand, as you hold the breads in your hand.”

-I- “I like to setup brother ship with you and become your brother.”

Angel, “I am agreed”
-I- “Can you please taste me the feelings of death once? Then it will create fear in my mind and I can learn from it and engage myself much more in prayer .”

Angel, “I cannot take any life without the permission of Allah.”

Iddris prayed to Allah who granted permission and ordered, “O Azrail take away the life of Iddris”. Azrail took Iddri’s life and prayed to Allah to make Iddris alive. Allah did it.
Iddris embraced Azraill on being alive. Thus brotherly relation sprang up between the two.
Azrail asked Iddris, “O brother how did you feel the strain of death?” Iddris, “It seemed to me that you put off my skin from the head to legs.”

Angel, “By Allah, I took your life with less strain as never done to anybody.”

-I-, “Brother I am very much eager to see the hell.” With the permission of Allah, Iddris was shown the seven hells. Iddris again told, “brother I am very much eager to see the Heaven. I will get much pleasure to see the Heaven and perform much rituals.”

Zibrail lead him to the gate of Heaven. Iddirs said then, “Brother I felt the strain of death and saw the hell; now I am to much thirsty. If you permit me I can enter into the Heaven and take a cup of water.” Azrail told, “Then make an oath so that you will return from there.”
Iddris did it. On getting permission from Allah; Iddris put off his shoes at the bottom of Tuba tree and enter into the Heaven. He came out and put the shoes and returned into the Heaven and sat on a throne inside the Heaven. Azrail told him, “Don’t make a late.”
Iddris said, “My dear brother! the owner of the universe told that everyone will have to taste the strain of death once. I tasted it once.” Thus Allah said there is none who will not be able to reach Hell. I reached to hell once. Allah also said, “One who will enter into the Heaven, will not require to come out of it. So brother, I will not come out of the Heaven”. Voice came from Allah, “Leave him to stay in the Heaven; I have written such occurrence in is fate”.
Azrail asked Allah, “You told that none would be allowed to enter into the Heaven till the last prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) enter into it.”
Allah said, “It is true that Mohammad (SM) will enter into the Heaven, first; then his Ummat.” Before this who entered into it will go around the Heaven but will not enjoy it".
Iddris went into the Heaven and began to wait. His kith in kin went on lamenting on his bereavement.
By chance one day, the Devil came to them and asked, “Why do you cry? I am offering a statue of your father. You go on worship it, day and night you will get consolation of mind”. Saying so, the Devil offered them a statue which was alike the appearance of Iddris.
They began to pay homage to the statue and thus started idolatry. This state of affairs continued for four hundred years till the arrival of ‘Noah Nabi’ to take them on right path.

The actual name of Noh Nabi was shukr. He cried to Allah much more and got the second name Noh. Allah said in the holy Quoran, “I sent Noh to his community. He spent nine hundred and fifty years amongst them.”

By that time only forty people accepted Islam. On the direction of Allah, Noh climbed up the hill and called loudly to the people to accept Islam. He told, “There is no God but Allah and I am his ‘Russul’.” By the wish of Allah that voice reached to the inmates over the universe around all direction. The kafirs and misguided; hearing the voice; put fingers into their ears. Some covered their faces with cloth. Some fled away or hid themselves. When Noh called the nonbelievers to accept Islam they dared insult him and beat to the blue mercilessly. When he came on senses; again called them to accept Islam with the words, “O people! say Allah is one, there is no co-sharer nor partner and Noh is His real prophet.”
It happened one day, the Kafirs dragged him over the ground by fastening the neck with rope when he called them to accept Islam. But they wounded him seriously. Noh had to keep himself bedridden for three days. In spite of that he began to call the people to accept the truth of Islam.
At last, there came the turn of deluge. Noh prayed to Allah as said in the Quoran, “O Allah, I called my community day and night to your path. But they were farther from hearing my call. He further told, ‘Allah! they, by no means are coming back from vice, tyranny and adultery and rebuking me".
It happened in another day, Noh invited his people as usual; the non believers belabored him. His cloths became dyed with blood. Then one of his nonbeliever wife came and told the people, “O people, my husband is off headed; Why are you beating him? what he says is all foolish talk out of madness; in fact he knows nothing.”
When Noah heard this disgraceful words looked to the sky and said weeping as Allah told in the Qouran, “At last he called his Lord and said, ¨I became defeated; do help me.”

Zibrail appeared by that time and told, “O Noah, pray to Allah, He will grant your prayer. These Kafirs will never bring faith on the truth; you plant this bough”. So saying Zibrail handed over a branch of tree brought by him from the Heaven. Hazrat planted the same on the ground. The tree grew so rapidly that in forty years of time it became six hundred yards in length and four hundred yards in breadth. In the span of this forty years all the wives of the Kafirs remained barren and their family became scattered. This happened as a result that “The women kafirs showed Noh to the children and instructed,- “Children treat this man as your enemy; don’t hear him; dismay him always with disgrace; for, he is off-headed. Hearing this, Noh became despaired of hope from his clan and said to Allah with tears in eyes as Allah said in the Qouran, “Noh said, O Allah don’t spare even a single house so that no offspring of the Kafirs remain on earth.”

Then Zibrail came and told, “Build a vessel with this tree”.

-“How can I do that?”

-“Cut off the tree and made planks by sawing.” This is said by Allah in His book Qouran, “Build a vessel on My order, in front of Me; those who insulted upon themselves; don’t tell Me about them again. They will be drowned.”
Hazrat Noh (AS) with the instruction of zibrail made planks from the body of the tree and bolts from the branches. The name of all prophets were inscribed on the planks, one for each, as follows-

1. On the first planks name of Adam (AS).

2. Shish (AS).

3. Iddris (AS).

4. Noh (AS).

5. Mosa (AS).

6. Ibrahim (AS).
And by this way, the names of all the succeeded Nabi and Prophets were inscribed ending with the name of prophet Mohammad (SM).
The boat was one thousand yards in length and four hundred yards’ is width. When boat was complete; the Kafirs jeered at it and felt compunction as depicted in the Qouran by Allah, “As you are laughing on us, likewise we will laugh at you. In near future you will find what insulting calamity comes upon whom for good”.
It is said that the reason of their laughter was due to the fact that the boat was built on dry land; and the smile of Noh was due to the incoming calamity upon them.

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