Lady in the cave By: Gillian Gunn

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Lady in the cave

By: Gillian Gunn

In the story Emmis is looking for the reel definition truth and wants to travel

To the lady to tell him what the reel definition of truth. When he arrives he stays for a year and the old lady tells him a whole lot about the whole definition and tells him stories so…

Some pros. Are Emmis should go because he wants to fin out the reel meaning of truth.

And truth is better than lies and Emmis properly knows the meaning of lies. So he wants to find the meaning of truth so he can use truth instead of lies

Some cons. Are that he will not be with his family he might miss his wife. And his journey will be tough he will have to cross oceans, rivers and lakes
In the end Emmis stays for a year and learns the reel true meaning of truth and Verity tells stories about truth and when Emmis leaves Verity tells Emmis to the town that

She’s young and pretty.

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