Language Arts 9 Short Story Assignment

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Language Arts 9

Short Story Assignment
Throughout this unit, you have read and analyzed stories written by other people. To demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the short story and its elements, you will write your own story, using the following guidelines:

  1. Your story must fit into the “Mystery and Imagination” genre.

  2. Your story must clearly contain all six components of a plot.

  3. Your story must contain at least one round, dynamic character and at least one flat, static character.

  4. Your final copy must be word processed, double spaced.

  5. Your final copy must include at least one illustration that connects meaningfully to the plot of your story.

You will complete several worksheets and activities to help keep your story on track. These are for marks, and must be completed before your final version.

Your final, completed story is due Monday, April 14 2008.



Monday, April 7th

Dialogue notes

Getting Started: conflict chart, character chart, character sketches

Plot line

Homonyms sheet

Said is Dead

Write intro

Tuesday, April 8th

Homework check – ***intro written

Homonyms sheet due

Comma Rules

Wednesday, April 9th

***Rough copy due


Comma 1 quiz

Monday, December 3

Dialogue worksheet – correct together

Lab time to type stories

Tuesday, December 4

Then VS Than worksheet – correct together

Comma 2 Quiz

***Short story due***

Getting Started

  1. Choose an idea for a suspense, horror, mystery, or fantasy story.

  2. Brainstorm a list of five possible protagonists for your story. For each one, include a list of at least three minor/supporting characters.

  3. Next, come up with an antagonist – a person, force, event, animal, etc that will try to prevent your antagonist from reaching their goal. List three potential antagonists and some other minor characters that could be considered antagonists.

  4. A short story must be centered around a conflict. Use the following chart(s) to develop your internal and/or external conflicts in detail.

Internal Conflict

Description of conflict/circumstances, etc.

External Conflict(s)

With who/what

Description of conflict/circumstances, etc.

  1. Choose one of the conflicts to be your story’s main conflict.
    Choose the protagonist/antagonist combination from your brainstorming list that best suits the conflict that you want to develop.

  2. Using the charts, create a character sketch for your protagonist and at least one minor character. Be sure to include details about physical description, personality, and their purpose in the story. For your protagonist, describe the change they will undergo to make them a dynamic character

Protagonist’s name

Physical Description


Dynamic Change

Minor Character

Physical Description


Purpose in the story

  1. You are now ready to write the introduction to your short story. Your introduction must be 2-3 paragraphs (8-10 sentences per paragraph)

    1. Establish your setting

    2. Establish the mood/atmosphere

    3. Introduce characters

    4. Provide necessary antecedent action

    5. End with the initial incident
      Your introduction is due Tuesday, November 27, 2007.

  2. Using the charts, plot out the rising action, climax, and falling action and resolution for your story. Clearly explain how the event you chose is the climax, as well as what type of conclusion your story will demonstrate.

Rising Action


Falling Action


  1. Now that you have organized your story into each of the five components of a narrative story, you are ready to take all of these points and put them together to create your final masterpiece.

    Your story needs to be at least two pages double-spaced in twelve point font. All of your charts need to be completed and checked my Miss. Miller before you will be allowed on the computer to type your story.

  2. What to hand in on Monday December 3, 2007:

    1. Title page

    2. Final Copy

    3. Rough draft

    4. Peer Evaluation

    5. Rough notes and charts

Scoring Guide for Language Arts 9 Short Story Assignment

Title: ________________________________________________________________________

Author: _____________________________________________________________________


Student Mark

Teacher Mark

Content (10 marks)

Was it a good read?

The story is interesting and creative – it has engaging characters and it holds the reader’s interest. The point of view is consistent. The writer has carefully chosen ideas, situations and characters to effectively move the story to its conclusion. The conflict is clear, and is appropriately resolved.

Organization (10 marks)

Was it easy to follow?

All six elements of plot are clearly and creatively incorporated. The writer effectively demonstrates focus, coherent order, connections between events and/or details, and closure.

Sentence Structure (5 marks)

Was it easy to read?

The writer effectively demonstrates control of sentences, effectiveness and variety of sentence type and length, and variety of sentence beginnings.

Vocabulary (5 marks)

Did the writer’s voice come through?

The writer demonstrates accuracy, effectiveness, creativity, and appropriateness of words and expressions.

Said is Dead.

Conventions (5 marks)

Was it free of error?

The writer demonstrates effective control of mechanics (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, indentation, use of dialogue)

and grammar.

Total Mark:


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