Last Update 12-26-08(with 10-22-08 submissions, 7,525 74 Kanaks, Amy, mask an ak 47. (260)


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Last Update 12-26-08(with 10-22-08 submissions, 7,525
74 Kanaks, Amy, mask an AK 47. (260)

9' 11" = 119"   [nine feet eleven inches does indeed equal one hundred nineteen inches!]  307

A ball ejaculated a cadet: a Luca jellaba. (260)

A base tar cost Socrates a B.A. 278

A bat's a man in a mastaba. (260)

A Bernie Mac star comedy democrats came in, Reba. 307

A berry tastes O so 'set', satyr Reba. (1)

A bot in a macadam was I ere I saw Madaca, Manitoba. (175)

A buck cabs back, Cuba. (1)

A buck sat on Fidel; forts act; Castro fled: if not, ask Cuba. 260-

A cobra ended near Boca. (280)

A coup d'etat saved devastated Puoca. (155)

A Cronos is in Orca. 237-
A dad dabs bad dada. (1)

A daffodil I doff, Ada. (11)

A daffodil slid off Ada. 237-

A Dan acts Niagra war against Canada. (88)

"A Danish custard--drat such sin, Ada." (71)

A dank, sad nap--eels sleep and ask 'nada'. (194,97)

A dart's accordioned an adenoid, Roccastrada! (88)

A diabolic in a panic, I lob Aida. 254

A diet: a salad, alas, ate Ida. 128

A dim lap and I did napalm, Ida. (246)

"A dim or fond 'No' from Ida?" (11)

A DNA gun is in Uganda! (88)

A DNA made Dee news we needed, Amanda. 1

A gas, an age, bore Cicero, began a saga. (10)

A gas Romeo prognosticated on an ode: tacit song or poem or saga? 260-

"A gas, yes, on a sign," I sing, "is a nosey saga!" 71

A gem: pistil's late petal slit--sip mega! (1)

A glade I rub  e.g. a yard's drayage: buried alga. (1)

"A global lab, Olga!"         355-

A global war ad: "A raw lab, Olga!" 1

A glossolalia web won't now bewail a loss, Olga. 260-
A Goth saw Ada wash toga. (6)

A goy did yoga. (88)

A goy sits--'tis yoga! (156)

A goy was I ere I saw yoga. 71

"A Hamilton's not Lima--ha!"       355-

A harem attache can assess an Aceh cat tamer ... aha! 260-

A helot Sal lets see Patsy's tape Estella stole, ha? 254

A home made rifleman enamel fired a memo: ha! (260)

A hoot, no debate: we lit a love volatile (wet a bed on, too--ha!) (1)

A "I.V.-also" guy was I ere I saw Yugoslavia. (175)

A kit saw Sarah char a swastika. 307

A lad named Dez amazed Mandala. 237

A lag, a no-win, a faded artist, a hero with girdle held right: I wore hats, I traded a fan, I won a gala.260

A lone dire duo yodel, "Bali available? Do you deride Nola?" 260

A Lone Star brat's Enola.                                    200-

A lone wolf, lest I dial, laid itself low. 260-

A lug I lack, Caligula. (88)

A.M.A. Jap sniper repins pajama. (111)

A man apart lusts ultra Panama. (85)

A man appals--I slap Panama. (115)

A man, apt as I am, guesses Seugma is at Panama. 321

A Mede on an alpine fen: I plan an oedema. 260-

A melt senses, nestle Ma. 290

A melt till ever sere--here's revel, little Ma! (214-1)

"A mere hardy hydra here, Ma." 255

A mere "we had lost" and lo, "Tim rots a pun up a storm" I told Nat's old, ah, ewe re Ma. 1

A Met said Deliah ailed   Diastema? 307

A Met said "diastema". 307

A Minot calliope repo I'll act on, Ima. 200

 A mole put no putrid dirt upon Tupelo, Ma! 71

A morass: I panic in a piss aroma. 260

A mullet in a canoe - Leona, can I tell Uma? 71

A must: festoon snoots (efts), Uma. 1

A mynah pipes, "Epiphany, Ma!" 71

A new order began; a more Roman age bred Rowena. (16)

"A new organ!" I nag Rowena. (254)

A new organ'll nag Rowena. 260

A Nigerian oil Lima demanded named a millionaire 'Gina.' 260

A niggard did drag Gina. 307

A nit was I ere I saw Tina. (209)

A nitro jambalaya pot we pan is sold as a sad loss in a pew to pay a lab, Major Tina. 260-

"A 'no merit,' as revel-cadet Tim, busy, submitted a clever satire, Mona." (1)

A nude man saw I was named 'Una.' 7

A nude, tall, I titillated Una. (71)

A nun swept pews, Nuna. 307_

"A nut for a jar of tuna?" (165)

A nut, I saw Roy - or was it Una? 71

A nut nosed itself; it stifles tides on tuna. 00-350-

A nut on a canoe nabs flower every A.M. so staff of fatsos may revere wolf's bane on a can o' tuna. 307

A nut tenders Red Net Tuna. 307

A nut was I ere I saw tuna. (209)

A nut, yes, on a sidecar traced is a nosey tuna. 7

A pain--a blast--ah, that's Albania, Pa! (71)

A parasitic illicit is Ara, Pa. 200

A peg at lovely Tsar--a style voltage, Pa. 00-350-

"A Peru tush suture, Pa!" 200

A photo of a foot ... oh Pa! (260)

A plan: I rub urinal, Pa. (71)

"A poem, a carol--or a cameo, Pa?" (11)

"A pre-war dresser drawer, Pa!" (157)

A race made us sing: "I'd no cross, arch, crass or condign issue, Dame Cara". 260-

A rag ain't sewn in West Niagara. 307

"A RAM ate Gaston," ratted a cadet tar, "not sage Tamara." 254

A rash self-warning: I sign in raw flesh, Sara! (237)

A rat stole lots, Tara! (1)

A relic, Odin, I'm a mini, docile Ra! (116)

A rep on a task can see snacks at an opera. 260-

A repo man did Rossini's sordid 'Nam opera. 260-

A repose divides opera. (20)

A repositioned art aimed a cat at academia trade: no, it is opera. 260-

A rimless abyss I pass, a pissy bass   Elmira! 71

A risk: complete LP mocks Ira. 260

"A risk sated?" a cadet asks Ira. 260

A[-] Rod was I ere I saw Dora. (00)

"A rode row!" swore Dora. 237

A rodeo won Hannah no woe, Dora. 260

"A sabre-push: superb, Asa!" (71)

A sacred admirer, I'm Dad (E.R. Casa.) (88)

A sad lost eggnog gong gets old, Asa. 260

A sage trots in: "I plaster Gene, ten egrets, Alpinist Ortega (S.A.)." 71

"A Sandia still 'it'" said NASA. 237-

A Sankrit [eel-fleet/lover's revolt/rope report/silk list] irks NASA. (71)

A Santa Claus U.N. UFO’s elf furniture man sees name rut in ruffles of unusual cat—NASA.237-
A Santa (dog) lived as devil (god) at NASA. (366)

A Santa pets rats as Pat taps a star step at NASA. (366)

A Santa, Sam X, saw tree deer: 'twas Xmas at NASA. (109)

A Santa sn(a/i)ps p(a/i)ns at NASA. (366)

A Santa spat taps at NASA. (366)

A Santa spits tips at NASA. (366)

A Santa spit(s) taboo bat('s) tips at NASA. (366)

A Santa spots tops at NASA. (366)

A Santa stops pots at NASA (366)

A Santa taps Pat at NASA. (366)

A Santa's at NASA. (6)

A sign I sin: I sing, Isa! (254)

A sire was I ere I saw Erisa. (98)

A siren, I ram mum mariner, Isa. (1)

A slab foe damages a Sega made of balsa. 260

A sleepy Toni let Al plate linotype, Elsa. (260)

A slut (moody Amy) may doom Tulsa. 307

A slut nigger got to Gregg in Tulsa. 307

A slut nixes sex in Tulsa. (6)

A slut taxes sex at Tulsa. (98)

A slut was I ere I saw Tulsa. (98)

A suicide car bomb mob raced "ici", USA! (237)

ATO's Avanti hit Navasota. 200

A tar recipe to get sap DNA, noise, hockey, a ham, less ewes, Selma Hayek,cohesion and paste got epic errata. 260

A tart's bust: is it substrata? 260
"A tin mug for a jar of gum, Nita?" (11)

A tin waste pan a pet saw, Nita. 307

A tinsel sign (simple hotel truth) subsumed a mad emu's bush turtle to help missing isles, Nita. 260-

"A tiny raw nude diced for a jam I'm a jar of," decided unwary Nita.  260-

A tip: Acre possesses sad nabob and assesses so per capita. 260

A tip: save Eva's pita. (158)

A Toyota sir is a Toyota!" 283

A Toyota's a Toyota. (00)

A vagabond  a hobo  had no bag, Ava 226

A vagabond, I hid no bag, Ava. (71)

A "Valdez" oozed lava? (88)

A valet ate lava! 278

A veep met Tab at Tempe, Eva. (48)

A video won no woe, diva. (260)

Aberdeen's dads need Reba. (22)

Aberdeen kookoo kneed Reba. (39)

Aberdeen's top spots need Reba. 307

"Able foe of Elba?" (121)

Able pupils slip up Elba. (201)

Able was I ere I saw Elba. (112)

Able was I ere I saw 'Madam, I'm Adam.' (272)

Able was I, I saw Elba!              163

Abut a tuba. (88)

Acrobats revolve, rev lover, stab Orca! (1)

Acrobat, stab Orca! 237

Acrobats did stab orca. 200-

Acrobats stab Orca! (97)

Acros Popeye pops Orca. (237)

Actors rot CA! (00)

Ad negates a set agenda. (85,110)

Ada: lo, can I produce cud or pina colada? 260-

Ada: Nero Wolfe, Flo, wore nada. 200

Adam, I'm Ada! (10)

Adam railed at a deli armada. 200_

Adam ran an armada. (110,200)

Adaven, Denio Jct., etc., join Nevada. (88)

Add 'A'. (1)

Adelberta was I ere I saw a trebled "A." (16)

"Adieu," sot Dias said to Sue, Ida. (71)

"Adieu, Sue, Ida." (71)

Aerate pipet area. 358-

Aerate wet area. (85)

Aero Key, eye Korea! 237

Aflush, promoted, iced in, I reek, I list Sam's masts, I like Erin, I decide to morph sulfa. 71

After gym massage, Tate, gas Sammy Gretfa. (1)

Agassi's saga, sir, is Agassi's saga. 292

"Age irony, Noriega." 304

Age Monica in Niacin-Omega. 359-

Aglow as Isis I saw Olga. (11)

"Ah, a Mayan on a Yamaha!" 260

Ah, a model bled Omaha. 254

Ah, a mogul's ewe we slug, Omaha. 254

Ah, a monitor to trot in Omaha. 254

"Ah, a wet, sanitary rat in a stew--aha!" (71)

Ah, Aristides opposed it, sir, aha! (10)

Ah, computer, fret up; mocha. 324

Ah, Satan, all I know is: I won--kill a Natasha! (1)

Ah, Satan, derogating Nita, hating Nita, gored Natasha. (5)

Ah, Satan, no smug smirk rims gums on Natasha. (5)

Ah, Satan sees Natasha. (6)

Ah, siege--mat a tame geisha! (4)

Ah, Tabatha ... I raped a jade pariah, Tabatha. 260-

Ah, tag a pup, Agatha! 71

"Aha, May, on a Toyota--no Yamaha?!" (170)

Aha, Monica Seles acin' Omaha! (260)

"Aha, Monica's tuna cigar-toss is not nil; Clinton's is so tragic a nutsac in Omaha."  (320)

Aha, monitors rot in Omaha! (152)

"Aha--more vomit, Tim, over Omaha!" (159)

Aha--Moses [reverses/runs race-cars, nurses] Omaha. 71

"Aha, oh!" we yell, "A walleye--whoa, ha!" (71)

"Aha!" says sassy Asa, "Ha!" (71)

Ahso nip, I lift filipinos--ha! 307

Aid Acadia. (85)

Aid nine men, India. (88)

Aidan spits red dust: "If foe-rot is a store of evil, a live foe rots as I tore off its udders' tips, Nadia." 260-

Ail, Elia! 85

Ailerons never even snore, Lia. 260

Aim a Toyota tatami mat at a Toyota, Mia. (00)

Aim, Mia! 309_

Aims on a site so nasal are feral as a nose: 'tis anosmia. 1-
Air ad on MTV (tm): No Daria! 335
Air [an] aria. (85,[98])

Airy snips, Isa, yell, "An animal site let Islam in an alley!" as I spin Syria. 254

Al cut a goldenrod adorned log at UCLA. 307

Al, I gave Lev a gila. (110)

Al, I name Manila. (00)

Al leapt under a red nut paella. 260

Al lets Burt rub Stella. (71)

Al lets Della call Ed Stella. (16or6)

"Al, let's dump Milton's snot-limp mud." - Stella. 71

Al, let's go hog Stella. (4)

Al lets Nat slay old loyal Stan, Stella. 71

Al lets no pets step on Stella. (98)

Al, let's nod on Stella. (245)

Al lets postal fart Xerox Edna P.'s spandex, or extra flat sop, Stella! 71

Al, Liz dogs Godzilla! (1)

Al, old Elias says Sissy assailed Lola. (71)

Al pooh-poohs hoop hoopla. 307

Al poohs hoopla. 85

Al, y'all, lull Layla. (1)

Alan Alda stops racecar, spots ad: "Lana  L.A." (213)

Alas, ram [a Toyota] Marsala! (98)

Alas, ramp Marsala. (4)

Ale gnat, nag elegant Angela! 260

Ali, name Manila. (88)

"Alien Earth girl, right Rae?"--Neil A. 254

All 'E' flora end near, ol' fella! (1)

All emu, I rot in a sanitorium, Ella. (173)

All erotic, I lose (my lyme/lame female) solicitor, Ella. (11,10)

All I roger is edified art I trade if I desire gorilla. 260-

All I saw was sung in: a moron I lap harasses Sarah Palin, or Omani gnus saw Wasilla. 260-

All iMac/eMacs came, Camilla. (252)

All in a van, an able Ma races in a gelato total e.g. anise, caramel, banana, vanilla. (260)

All in all, it's still a 'nilla. (160)

All in A.V. [deified/smash Sam's/smell Lem's/slice Cecil's] vanilla. (98)

All Ivan ironed rages; or animals I slam in a rosegarden or in a villa. 260-

All, Ivan is in a villa.                                                    200-

All use Sulla. (85)

Allah, lave Valhalla! (117)

Allegation: No, I tag Ella. (16)

Allen, draw Otto, [h/n]ot, toward Nella. 71

Allen, I slam mammaries, I rip a map; I rise, I ram mammals in Ella. 254

Allen (no Slav), Omar (Croat) add up soot, tattoo spud data, or cram ovals on Nella. 254

"Allen," snaps Lana, "a rod loops, a strap parts, as Pool, Dora anal, spans Nella. (254)

Allen snips Noel's ass as Leon spins Nella. 254

Allen, stiff, forever off, fits Nella. (71)

Allen, Tim: I list [bed debts]; I limit Nella. 71

 Allen's boss knocks Ed's desk, conks, sobs "Nella!" (71)

"Allen's boss tended nets," sobs Nella. 71

Allen's simple yelp: "Miss Nella!" (71)

Aloe, Burdet, never prevented rubeola. (71)

Aloe diving is a sign I video L.A. (260)

Alone, I list [Alf's flats -/lame malts;/Lew's welts,] I lie, Nola.  (71)

Alone I slew Elsie, Nola. (307)

Alone, Potsy spots red roses, orders Topsy stop Enola. (71)

Alone, stiff, insistent, nets I sniff--it's Enola. (71)

Alone, vile, we use no bone, Sue--we live, Nola. (71)

Alone were we, Nola?  (71)

Am damn mad, Ma. (98)

Am gin enigma. (4)

Am God: dogma! (161)

Am I avid as a diva, Ima? 292

Am I drawn inward, Ima? (1)

Am I[,]Kay[,]Nixon [, a man-ox/an ox/as I see, Sis, an ox] in Yakima? (71)

Am I Kay, Yakima? (88)

Am I loco, Lima? (88)

Am I Ma? (00-many)

"Am I mad, eh?" Giselle sighed, "Am I, Ma?" (71)

Am I Mary's sassy ram--I, Ma? (1)

Am I me, Jemima? (122)

Am I Mom, Ima? 1

"Am oral aroma!" (161)

Ameliorating Nita, roil Ema! (5)

Amen, enact (etc.) an enema. 277

Amen, Ewen, a new enema! 159

Amen, I call a cinema. (109)

"Amen!" I call if I fill a cinema. 354-

"Amen!" I claimed, "A canine mows women in academial cinema". 260-

Amen, I play alpine, Ma!                                                    1-

"Amen, if Donna can nod  fine, Ma." (1)

Amiable was I ere I saw Elba, Ima. (111)

Amiced was I ere I saw Decima. (16)

Ammo: Casandra had a hard NASA comma. 285

Amoral Luddite females net a tense lame fetid dull aroma. 260

"Ample help, Ma?" (6)

"Amputee, feet up!" Ma. 307

"Amuse Iran", I drone, "pose so roses open ordinaries, Uma." 260-

Amuse, Ma (today!), Nan--any ado tames Uma. (1)

Amuse Potosi's isotopes, Uma. (71)

Amy, a hot "nine," mowed underbred nude women into hay, Ma. (71)

Amy, must I jujitsu my Ma? (97)

Amy no rigid imam: "I dig irony, Ma!" 254

An Aden I-Max Ed examined, Ana. 200

An aid nix Indiana? (85)

An Aid Sees Diana. 255-

"An alpaca cap, Lana?" (88)

An alphabet ate (bah!) plan A. (148)

An anableps ogles Nita's tit; it's a tinsel gospel banana. 260-

An apertif did fit Rep Ana. 200

An elder of Tucson sees no scut for Ed Lena. (1)

An era came: MACARENA! (221,144?)

An ERA foe sues PA Halbert re 'blah' apse use of arena. (1)

An error  rim not on mirror, Rena. (11)

An index - even one! - vexed Nina. 260-
An insipid dip is Nina. 200-

An “it” rocks—ask Cortina! 237-

An oil lad emailed Delia "Medallion A" 260

An ole crab was I ere I saw Barcelona. (00)

An oz. I rap, Arizona. (88)

Ana, I'd ni(p/x) Indiana. (88)

Ana, nab a banana. (4,226)

Ana nabs Bob's banana. (124)

"Anaconda Eli got to Gilead ... no, Cana!" 260

Anaheim, Mo, cottons not to commie Hana. 200-

Anal Al lit so still Alana. 1

Anal pet agent now won't negate plan "A". 307

Anal sex at noon taxes Lana. (3)

Anal sex[ at N.Y., Llewellyn, tax/, eh, hex/, Eve, vex/if deified fix/in rotator nix/is level six/of star comedy

democrats fox]es Lana.(201)

"Anal sex: if faster germs it opened, I won't never prevent no wide nepotism regrets," affixes Lana. 260-

Anal sex in a Toyota nixes Lana. 307

"Anal, sparse, I snap pansies," raps Lana. (71)

Anal was I ere I saw Lana. (98)

Analgesia is: (e.g.) Lana! 1

Analytic Paget saw an inn in a waste gap city, Lana. (5)

Anastasia is at San'a. 278

"And DNA, medieval slave, I demand DNA!" 260

And ET saw waste DNA. 237-

And Enos cut niece in Tucson, Edna. (48)

And foes act solid, Nan D.--I lost case of DNA! (191)

And live NOT on evil DNA. 1_

"And Mason, ostensively my Levis net Son o' Sam DNA."  307

"And now, alas, a law on DNA." 260

And we saw a Jawa sew DNA! (70)

Andrew E. Steer, greet sewer DNA! 237-

Andrew's nabob answer: "DNA!" (71)

Andy met a god as a dog ate my DNA. 307

 Animal loots foliated detail of stool lamina. (117)

Animal saw gnu dung was lamina. (201)

Anita got a toga, Tina. (71)

Anita semi-mimes a Tina. 1

Ann, asleep, peels Anna. (201)

Anna was mad—no kayak on dam saw Anna. 237-

Anne, he got Sal, alas, to Gehenna! (11)

Anne, I see Sienna. (88+/or71)

Anne, I snip a map in Sienna. (71)

Anne, I snip [Una May or Roy (a man!), up/up a pup/up Alf's flap--up] in Sienna. (71)

Anne, I stay a day at Sienna. (10)

Anne: I stop, [I swap paws, I/sitr grits,] pot sienna. (71)

Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna. (16)

Anne, I vote no-go--gone to Vienna. (11)

Anne, I vote no one to Vienna! (254)

Anne, is a Toyota navy van a Toyota Sienna? 307

Anne, is Nina May a man in Sienna? (71)

Anne is not up-to-date, God: do get a dot put on "Sienna." (16)

Anne, varnish Tom's moths in Ravenna. (11)

Anne's no try at all eye opener sees Rene Poe yell at Ayrton Senna. (260)

Apple, help Pa! 1-

Aptness sent Pa. 237

Aram's at Asmara. (29)

Arden Olson is in Oslo, Nedra. (245)

Arden saw I was Nedra. (16)

Are "Macaroni" a gang I arraign again...or a camera? 260

Are poets a waste (Opera)? (00)

Are ponies, Iona, a noise in opera? (11)

Are ponies' raps sparse in opera? (230)

Are poxes a sex opera? 254

Are virtuosos out, Rivera? 255

"Are we, Nan," [I start, "rats/(I strap on no parts) "  ] in a new era?" 71

Are we Negro few sad as we forge new era? 307_

Are we not drawn onward to new era? (203)

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era? (10)

Are we not drawn onwards, we Jews, drawn onward to new era? (14)

Are we not, Rae, near to new era? (7)

Aria-gnus, Eva, have sung air "A". (16)

Aristides edits Ira. 254

Arizona did an 'Oz,' Ira! (1)

Armernia mate met a Maine Mr. A. (21)

Art, I've Levitra!!                                                        200-

Art lusts Ultra. (85)

Art named a jade mantra. 237

Art: Si dips a detail of Ed's defoliated aspidistra. (88)

Art, USA make Kama Sutra. (88)

Artemis, I met Ra. (85,226)

As a placebo, robe Cal, Pasa. (1)

As Ant ink pots level: stop, knit, NASA! 237-
 "As Ayr rat spun urinal, lass," I hail Edna, "can Delia hiss, 'Allan, I run up starry Asa'?" 254

As I leave to help Martin act...can I trample hot Eva-Elisa? (260)

As I left I [b/h]it Felisa. (307)

As I let a cadet relay no risks, irony alerted a cat, Elisa. 260-

As I let a dot yaw on, still it's no way to date Lisa. 260

As I let a rig nip a toe, dive by Amy, maybe videotaping irate Lisa. 260-

As I murdered Ross a lass ordered rum, Isa. 307

As I murdered Roth, Gilda (mad light!) ordered rum, Isa. (1)

As I pee, sir, I see Pisa! (97)

As I vacillate, my metal pots may level yams to plate my Metallica visa. 260-

As I vet at State, got koala OK to get at state visa. (260)

As I vote, vote--Faso's so safe to veto Visa. 255-

As I was, I saw Isa. (88)

As last enamor fees I trap, a raft rat carts bad abstract art far apart, I see, from a net salsa. 260-

As lessor came open, I waded art, and Edna traded a wine poem across Elsa. 254

"As lesser pillar of salt an atlas for all," I press Elsa. 254

As USA gassed Odessa, gas USA. (254)

Ask a lasso to toss a laksa. 260

Asleep, I [wave tar at Eva,] wipe Elsa. (71)

At a dairy's pus seminar in Iran, I mess up Syria data. (260)

At a desk, commit civil ado so Dali victim mocks E data. (260)

At a nose we snip...oh, Chopin's Ewe Sonata! (260)

At a Roman isle, in a dale, Mr. Actemo met Carmela, Daniel's inamorata. (260)

At a Roman isle, Mr. Actemo met Carmel's inamorata. (260)

At a tone won't, now, Eno "ta ta"?  (1)

At Adrianople, help on air data. (260)

At (in ) a deli antsy Lana's analyst nailed Anita. 200-

At Ira's set (tennis), see referee's sin net Tessa, Rita. 254

At night I war as [a NASA Ra/Sara] with Ginta. 237 1

At rest on desk, Costner, ever reverent, socks Ed, not Serta. (71)

At rest, I hit Serta. (71)

At sap time, remit pasta. (110)

At saps bedside, Tony noted, is Deb's pasta. 71

At solo, do "To Do" List A. 260

"Ate feta." ` (85)

Auks ret sinister skua. (201)

Aver, Eva! (85)

Avid Allen spots a Toyota, stops Nell (a diva.) (120)

"Avid ass--I kidnap and I kiss a diva." (109)

"Avid Ogden," I, ah, cabled Elba, "chained Godiva." 254

Avid, 'ogler' gnomes oppose mongrel Godiva. (88)

Avid ogles maddened damsel Godiva. 307

Avid rats detonate yet a noted star diva. 307

Avoid Di ova! (201)

Avon ass O.B. did Bossa Nova. 200

Avon Rep Uses a Base: Supernova. 255-

Avon sees nova. (22)

Avon went new, Nova. 335

Ax 'A'. (1)

Ay, not too hot to hoot tons o' snot; too hot to hoot Tonya. (71)

BMOC sees comb. 307

Ba can rut, turn a cab! (1)

"Ba, don't--fella Al left no dab!" (1)

"Ba--nab!" (1)

Bach's in a Danish cab. (260)

Bach's up; push cab. (71)

"Back car--" claims Mia L., "crack cab!" (1)

Back car cognac scan: go crack cab! 237

Back Curt's truck cab. 278

Back Satan, I am a main, a task cab. 237 1

"Bad arm, Delia--help me to temple!" hailed Mr. Adab. (103)

Bad art lulu--a Paul ultra-dab! (1)

Bad, evil gull'll lug live dab. (1)

Baja saw was a jab. (22)

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