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Bald elf fled lab. (97)

Bald Elias, sad, assailed lab. 71

Bald nurses run "D" lab. 307

Balsa did as lab. (201)

"Balsam or a nice snivel (le vin sec) in aroma's lab?" (4)

"Baltimore Paper, omit lab!" (23-1)

Ban campus motto, "bottoms up!" MacNab. (10)

Bandits avast, I'd nab! (11)

Bar a stiff, it's Arab. 278

Bar an airy Syrian Arab. (257)

Bar an Arab. 00-350-

Bar Arafat afar, arab. 307

Bar: canoe on a crab. (4)

Bar crab. (85)

Bar decillion oil-lit pests, Al's last septillion oil-lice drab! 254

Barclay ordered an omelette, lemonade, red royal crab. (71)

Bar-contorted, I side-trot, no crab. (254)

Bard, dip Etta far, a fat, tepid drab! 254

Bard, liven a royal play or an evil drab! 71

Bard's drab. (85,144)

Bard's reign at Tangier's drab. (20)

Barge, Dave, evade grab. 254

Barge in, relate mere war of 1991 for a were-metal Ernie grab. (194)

Bargees, I see, grab. (11)

Barge water geese: we gag, gulp, or drop luggage; we see Greta; we grab. 71

Barnacles, surrey, walnuts stun lawyer Russel Canrab! (1)

Bat at a tab. (4)

Bathe, eh Tab? 1

Baton is a Crete maid's diameter casino tab. 359-

Bats ask Sir, "Oh, we nip, snip, so spin spine, who risks a stab? 254

Battle by my belt, Tab! 237

Be Devo motto, Got to move, Deb! 1

Be Dot's sole deceit  nuded, untie, cede loss to Deb. 1

Be ['green': one erg], Eb. (1)

Be still--it's Eb! (71)

Be wall if [I draw award  ] I fill a web. 237

Be wet on kayak, note web. 237

Be wise; yes, I web! 237

Bed a Deb. (201)

"Bed stress," asserts Deb. (98)

Bedded, I videotape Elsa asleep (a toe-divided Deb.) (71)

Bedevil a live Deb. (4)

‘Bedlam in a sac’ I remain: I, America’s animal, Deb 1 

Bedside table was I ere I saw 'El Bat' (Edi's deb!) (201)

Beg, borrow--or rob Geb! (88+/or98)

Bela, call Ella "Caleb". 307

Believe me, veil Eb. 200

Bell: a clang is a signal-call, Eb. (71)

Benetton saw I was not ten, Eb.  200-

Benigni saw I was in gin, Eb. 200

Bent carts bash Too-Tan-Ana-Banana-Tooth's abstract neb. 284

Bernie Mac came in, Reb. 307

Beryl, damn, rod a droll lord--adorn madly, reb! (1)

Beryl, nosy visionary Cyrano is Ivy's only reb. (88)

Beside bed is Eb. (71)

Beside trot-sidecar, race distorted, is Eb. (71)

Besides, acne encased is Eb. (200)

Best fight Abba's Sabbath gift, Seb. (260)

Best fill a rut and do odd natural lifts, Eb. 260

Beware era web. (85)

Beware...her...a web. 237

Beware venom, mon--ever a web! (88)

Big Nigel sees leg in Gib. (201)

Big sum, or free beer from us, Gib? (245)

Bird in a cage, peg a can I'd rib. 260

Birds drib. (88)

Birth girl right, rib! 226

Bishop made lame female damp, oh sib! (11)

Bismarck's a task--cram, sib. (88)

Bo Derek cons a snockered O.B. 200-
Bob a Nabob. 122-

“Bob!” I say as I bob. 1

Bob, level Bob! (00)

Bob mixes sex--I'm Bob. 00-350-

Bob, solos did mum gig  mum did solos bob. (1)

Bob stops; Otto spots Bob. (71)

Bob, ya, doth today bob! (1)

Bob, yaws sway, bob. 331

Bob's a snake (Kansas Bob!) (75)

Bob's Bob. (246)

Bob's boobs bob. (71)

Bog dirt (up a sidetrack carted) is a putrid gob. (5)

"Bog snot," sobs Tip, "made damp, it's Boston's gob!" (71)

"Bold lob!" (85)

Bolster Bret's lob. 200

Bombard a drab mob. (6)

Bombard 'em at starred loci, not at a catatonic older rat's tame drab mob. 260-

Bombard evil olive drab mob. 307

"Bon Soir, Rio snob!" (6)

Bonaparte [we] trap, a nob. (85,[88])

Bonsai cacao, acacia snob! 260-

Boob, no poop on boob! (264)

Boones use no O.B. 200

Border dispute: ET ups ID, Red Rob. 237

Bore Rob. (85)

Bored, I hide Ed's deed; I hide Rob. (71)

"Boredom a la mode, Rob?" (97)

Boredom mocks a mad damask commode, Rob. 260-

Boring: I arraign, I sit, I plan, I run, I pee deep in urinal pit, I sing, I arraign, I rob. (71)

Borodin I do rob. 85

Borrow, or rob![?] (122)

Bosnia gains Ob! (88)

Bosnia gasps again--sob! 33

Bosnia, sordid stage set: lame Maltese gats did Rosa in  sob! 1

"Boss," I rap, "nine men in Paris sob!" (71)

Boss madam, it was in a can I saw Tim Adams sob. (71)

"Boss, Tim busy!" submits S.O.B. (1)

"Boss, 'tis a hotel law sees wallet, oh, as its(--sob!)" (1)

Bosses run to here; here hot nurses sob. 260-

Bosses sob. (85,146)

Bossy ugly mad amyl guys sob. 260

Boston dad not S.O.B. (37)

Boston did not sob. (77)

Boston  O, do not sob! (55,85)

Boston ode: "Do not sob." (97)

Boyd digs giddy O.B. 200

Bros malcontent, net no clam's orb! (1)

Bruce Katz, take curb. 237-

Bruce, none curb! (88)

Bruce Wayne we few rats laud as a dual star, we few...Enya we curb. (260)

Buckle elk cub. 331

Buckle no parts nor, Pa, pop apron strap on elk cub. (4)

Buckley(')s (on a no//sag on no gas//sag, level gas)sy elk cub. (88)

Bucks are paper--ask cub! (88)

Bud did a AAA ad I'd dub. (1)

Bure cites: "Set ice rub!" (106)

Burger,  ah, share grub! 144-

Buried on an animal situated amid a pad I made taut, I slam in an anode I rub. 260-

Burl, rub! (85)

Burlap apes use papal rub! 364-

Burma Dad, ah, had a dam rub. (21)

Burn a cigarette rag I can rub. 260-, tell Liz I'll let her rub! (1)

Burr--rub! (98)

Bursitis it is, rub! 278

Bursitis--rub! (85)

Burst, rap; parts rub. (148-1)

Burst underbred nuts rub. 260-

Burton's telegram: "Marge, let's not rub!" (71)

Bush saw pop wash sub. 354-

Bush saw Sununu swash sub. (213)

Bush says, "Or a rosy, ash sub..?" 237

Bush super ads dare, “push sub!” 237=

Bush's in a data warding issue: torpid as a re-voting nit over a sad "I, Proteus" sign I draw at a Danish sub. 260-

Bush's ire: "Promise...Sim--or perish sub!" (1)

Busy LED under a dark-cap flower, omen of one more wolf-pack, radared nudely: sub. 260-

Busy van notes radar: a wastrel, alert, saw a radar set on navy sub! (00)

But a nip made lame female damp in a tub. 260

But a nose is super, as are pussies on a tub. (260)

But an aide de camp, Ma, ceded Ian a tub. 260

But an osteopath gilded a faded light; a poet's on a tub. 260
But anise I revile decides Sarah Palin edibility 'til I - Biden - I lap harassed ice deliveries in a tub. 260-
But Anita sat in a tub. (71,97)

But Anita's pomade--if it certified a cafe facade--if it rectified a mop--sat in a tub. (71)

But Anita's royal deportee, feet roped, lay or sat in a tub. (71)

But anon, I spit tit tips in on a tub. (1)

But as a wastrel (a revered loon) rots, a placid Arab mob held in a room made sure I'd lost if a fit soldier used

ammo or an idle H-bomb a radical pastor (no older, ever-alert) saw as a tub. 260

But as we see, Lee sews a tub. 260

But at a Sinai bar, an Arabian is at a tub. 260

But deliver a space cadet a pic named "Emancipated Ace Caps A Reviled Tub.” 260

But it is "it" I tub. 237

But live dogma: I am god, evil tub! (162)

But Nino is ired, Tab at derision in tub. 200

But no sign I'm mellow: AWOL lemming is on tub. (260)

But no, Sununu's on tub! (1)

"But no toolsmiths I wish--" Giselle sighs, "I wish Tim's loot on tub." 71

(But not sure by Amy)  maybe rust on tub? (1)

But now I won tub. 237

But Ragusa store, babe, rots a sugar-tub. 112-

But, sad Eva saved a stub. (11)

But Sebastian DeLeon remarks, "Kramer, Noel, Edna, it's Abe's tub!" 173

But still, if no jib barnacles sever a care vessel, can Rabbi Jon fill its tub? 260

But we do dew tub... 237

"Butanol" I aver, "prevents umpired art, as a trade rip must never prevail on a tub" 260-

Butt tub! 85-

Butt-roped, I deport tub. (71)

CD bans nab D.C. (271)

CIA: "Some craft sale be last farce  mosaic." 237

CIA: Some port I land, as a DNA lit rope mosaic. 237

Cadet, ah, I'd named a demand I hated--A.C.! (1)

"Cain, a madness--send a maniac!" 237

Cain[:] a maniac. (174,[213])

Cain a monomaniac. (85,98)

Cain, a monomaniac, sees Cain, a monomaniac. 260-

"Cain, a motor erotomaniac was Eve," said I as Eve saw Cain--"a motor erotomaniac." (170)

Cain, am I maniac? (245)

"Cain, Amory, Pa's a pyromaniac!" (71)

Cain am/was I ere I saw maniac. (201)

Call Ida "Cadillac." 309_

 Call Ida, call a cadillac! (110)

Call Ida, collect cello, Cadillac. (6)

Camel, beef, llama, tame elk, catsup, margaret's bold lobster, a grampus--tackle 'em at a mall, feeble Mac. 71

"Camel bible, Mac?" (103)

"Camel in Nile, Mac!" (8)

Camelot stole Mac! (161)

Camera, dare Mac! 237

"Cameraware, Mac?" (103)

Camilla, Miss, I'm all iMac. 200 

Camus at UCLA sees Al cut a sumac. 307

Camus, pull up sumac. (98)

Camus sees sumac. (6)

Can a Dr. award an A.C.? (152)

Can Ava help Pot topple Havana, C.? (32)

Can I attain a 'C'? (77)

Cares are vowed; for evil sadnesses send a sliver of dew over a serac. 260-

Case sac..! (85)

Cased, Lucas is a cul de sac. 200

Castaneda sees a den at SAC. (88)

Cherokees seek ore, H.C. (88)

Cigar Tom made ting in a can, ignited ammo--tragic! (82)

Cigar  toss it in a can, it is so tragic. (11)

Cigar tosser: I fret, fall ill, after fires so tragic. (82)

Cinci packs K.C. a picnic. (88)

Cis, Sal called "Pull-up Dell" a classic! (11)

Cis, umpires (I arm raise) rip music. (11)

Cite operas, Aeneas' are poetic. 276

Cite operas, as are poetic. (5)

Civic sin, Alan, is civic. 00

"Cod liver often frustrated Amy," Lisa emails as Liam easily made tart surf net for evil, Doc.307

Code, doc! (1)

Code H.T.--the doc! (179)

Code nut penned Sarah OHaras den, "Neptune Doc." 237

"Code Vita gene negative, doc." 237

Code “vole love” Doc! 1-

Cody, must I jujitsu my Doc? 307

Colby, Kansas is a snaky bloc. (88)

Cora sees a roc. (11)

Corky, Artemis, I met Ray Kroc. 307 

Cradle held Arc. 237

Cradle, here, held arc. (1)

Crash test at Seth’s Arc. 237-

Crass orgasm regret: fast, sullen, it nests in an onanist sentinel, lusts after germs, a gross arc. 260-

Cuba saw I was a Buc. 200-

D: "Alas, no tips; I spit on salad!" (00)

D. Lewis, I weld. 237

D.A. called Della 'cad'! (1)

D.A.: Ed's pets brag; a garb steps--dead! (162)

D.A., get it done: no 'D'-tit--egad! (1)

D.A. hijack, sir, did risk CA jihad. 200-

DART's Ada had a Strad. 200-

D. L. Ohm ran as T. Rex exerts an arm-hold. 71

DNA bar is won, Sir: is now, Sir, a band. 237

DNA hymn is in my hand. (260)

DNA Hymn O' Fidelity tiled, if on my hand. (237)

DNA lops Poland. 278

DNA lops Olson Olso’s Poland. 237-
DNA medicines rapidly mar amyl-dip arsenic I demand. 260-

DNA, wake ESP[--/, eel sleep,]seek a wand.            237

Dad, "Alas, a salad ad!" (253)

Dad, I did civic deed--a deed, civic, did I, Dad. (71)

Dad lobs us bold ad. 237

Dad,[Mom,/Pop,/Sis,] slay Alf's [Sis/Pop/Mom]dad. 307

Dad[Mom/Pop/Sis] struck Curt's [Sis/Pop/Mom]dad. 307

Dad was sore ere Eros saw Dad. (4)

Daedalus, nine pianists err as nuns arrest Sinai Peninsula dead. 260-

Daft, I meet Senorita Edna, gorge grog and eat iron, esteem it fad. (11)

Dahlia petals aren't raped in sadness: send a snide partner a slate pail had. 260-

Daily, Ma, Amy laid. 307

Dairy made feta pate fed a myriad. 307

"Dale  it's a pastie, lad." 226

Dale rules: use lure, lad. 237-

Dale, son, a tonsil is not a nose, lad. (62)

Dali bade both to bed a bi lad. 260-

Dallas is all ad. 6

Dam made Edam mad. (49)

Dam, stir, effuse, suffer  it's mad! (4)

Dame Russia is sure mad! (148)

Dames pale, [e]lapse mad. (11[98])

Dames ran, arse-mad. (71)

Dammit, I'm mad! (99)

Damn, I let rats start Elin mad! (219)

Damn, I sit in a cinema   I saw Asia   men, I can it   I sin, mad! 71

Damn mad dogma--is Siam goddamn mad? (98)

Damn mad, Ed is aside  damn mad! 1

Damned, I am a maiden mad. 307

Damned I am as a maiden, mad. 308

"Damned, I am atoned," I say, aside, "not a maiden mad!" (71)

Damned, raw, amid Ray's yard, I'm a warden, mad. 71

"Damon, Ron, I'm a minor nomad..!" (1)

Damp insistent nets I snip, mad.  71

Damp, insistent, is it nets I snip, mad? 71

Damp, it is Topsy's or Rose's or Rosy's pots I tip, mad. (71)

Damp Macedonia truck curtain ode: "Camp Mad." (164)

Damp mildew are voting, I see: sign it over-awed, limp, mad.                               260

Damp mud in a can I dump, mad, stiff, up I puff; it's damp mud in a can I dump, mad. 71

Damp mud in a can I dump   mud in a can I dump, mad. (71)

Damsel, a male's mad. (254)

Damsel Doodle's mad! 359

Dan, assess an ad. 1

Dan, I'm an Amin ad. 6

Dan made not one damn ad. 200-

Dana did an ad. 267

Dane am I, maenad! (85)

Dani, a model, bares images of UFOs: e.g. a miserable domain ad. 260

Dare, drone, monitor a Tarot in omen  order ad! 237

Dare I VAX on no Xavier ad? (164)

Dare Sumer a harem user ad. 237

Darn ocelots stole Conrad! (97)

Daryl, I'd dig Ukiah haiku giddily  rad! (1)

Dash 'sad'!/Dash sad... (85)

Dash sin if I finish sad. (148)

Dash to bodies, run a saline, divide nil: as a nurse, I do both ... sad. 260-

"Dash to me, Hebrew snail!", I answer behemoth's ad. 260-

Dass, don't regret so, or, 'deed, rooster Gert nods sad. (1)

"Data--" Deb begged, "egg ebbed a tad!" (1)

"Date, Tad?"/Date, Tad! (85)

Dateline Zen: I let ad. 237

Dating, I sign "it" ad. 237

Day came--not one Macy ad... (85)

Day ruffles a self fury ad. 237

De Beer faxes to her fine diamond ad, "No, maiden: if re hot sex, a free bed." 260-

De, bored, never even de-robed! (1)

De, keep it--I peeked! (1)

De, Leon noeled. (88)

De, not a devil lived atoned. 1-

Deal us nine paper pots to prep a peninsula, Ed. 260

"Dear be glad...a hardy hydra had algebra," Ed. (165)

Deb, a red nude tart, sullies a vase (illustrated) under a bed. (260)

Deb, ask cub, "Lair trial bucks a bed?" (1)

Deb ate weeds as Dee whales, Sam, as Selah women; Nemo wooly knits on tubs (but no stinky loo), wet a bed. 307

Deb bed--a feud--no flare, Bill: liberal fondue fad ebbed. (00)

Deb, Benoit polio-foil option ebbed… 71

Deb, best I move rug  if I am "gin enigma" I figure vomit's ebbed. (1)

Deb, Biff fibbed. 200-
Deb[, bob if I] bobbed. (98)

Deb, Bob never even bobbed. (98)

"Deb, boss, drown in words sobbed." (1)

Deb, bury ball a wallaby rubbed.                1
Deb Devol [never even] loved bed. (98)

Deb 'n' I saw Lillian's snail, "Lil", was in bed. (71)

Deb, Nino: is Simon an omission in bed? (71)

Deb nips a [wasp in Norah's tub, but Sharon nips a] wasp in bed.               260

Deb nixe(d/s) (D/s)ex in bed. (88)

"Deb, no--Emil sleeps," I lisp, "eel-slime on bed!" ` (71)

Deb, no pants, I nip Lana, an Alpinist, nap on bed. (71)

"Deb, no!" pants Ida's sadist, "nap on bed!" (71)

Deb, no pants  um  I must nap on bed. 71

Deb, no slits I pondered   no pistils on bed! 71

Deb, Ono mixes night, fifth gin, sex--I'm on O-bed! (1)

Deb sat in Anita's bed. 97

Deb sees bed. (1)

Deb, smash Sam's bed! (98)

Debase (dead or alive!) evil "A-Rod" aedes abed. (1)

Debase wedlock, cold ewes abed! (5)

Debate got a lot to LA to get a bed. (260)

Debate: "Will I wet a bed?" 254

Debate with girl last; if it's all right, I wet a bed. (225)

Debates set a bed..!  1-

Debating, Nita, dating, Nita--bed! (5)

Debonair Olga: "Ha, Gloria, no bed?" (71)

Deboned; I ban a citadel I'm sure Peru smiled at: I can abide no bed. 260-

Deboxed, Nina can index Obed. 254

Debra wrote Emma, but nixes sex in tub: A.M. meet, or war bed? (00)

Deb's born on Rob's bed. 307

Decadent Ned aced! (85)

[Decaf-/Devil-/Mad,/No, Oprah,/Now/Ten/Ward,] ill 'Aesop poets'--a waste!--oppose all I[draw./net./won./harpoon./dam./lived./faced.] 1

Decal perks a mate got to, get a mask replaced. 260

Decay aced! (85)

Decided to get a mate, got de diced! 237

Decider re-diced. (16)

Decima saw I was amiced! 16

Decision: a nano is iced. 237

"Dede, red roses," ordered Ed. 200-

"Dee, Dad--Ida did a deed." (71)

Dee "Dee'd." (85)

Dee, drawer pondered no pre-war deed. 200-
Dee [,f/,h/,n/p/,s/t/,w]eed! (1,144)

Dee, foe diva, nixes sex in a video feed. 200-

Dee, his reign at Tangiers I heed. 200

Dee, his tot re Tater Tots I heed. 200-

Dee, Newark okra we need. 200

Dee, Nin, exotic illicit oxen I need.                                            200-

Dee, no had I Sara's Idaho need. 200_

Dee, P.S. netted a Cadet  ten speed. 200-

“Dee,” press I, “keep pee kisser peed.” 1

Dee saw a seed. (116)

Dee saw Ang Lee's eel gnaw a seed. 307_

Dee saw Angela, pale, gnaw a seed. (71)

Dee, see, seed! 1-

Dee, stop, for a jade lion oiled a jar of pot seed! 1-

Dee waxes a weed. (71)

Dee waxes Isador's rod as I sex a weed.  (71)

Deed nine men I frisk, Sir (fine men indeed!) (1)

Deeds—I’m an Irish, sir, in a misdeed! 64

Deeds time-worn even amuse us, Sis Sue: sum an even row, emit "S" deed! (1)

Deem alibi lame, Ed? (71)

Deem, foe: wan, I so bid, "I'll loll libidos in awe of me--Ed!" (1)

Deem if I meed. (114)

Deep, I wipe Ed. 71

"Deep!" I wrote, "Rub race-car, brace carburetor; wipe Ed." (71)

Deep orgasm lift for Cara: Lara Croft film's a grope, Ed. (260)

Deep sleep or DNA can drop eel speed. 260-

Deep space ride lost one not; so led, I recap speed. (148)

Deep stare: liar times a semi-trailer at speed. (260)

Deep swollen nurses run, Sal, lick Cilla's nurse's runnel, low speed. 254

Deepak, rapt at parka, peed. 200-

Deeps on TIMESPACE (caps!) emit no speed. (154)

Deer body do breed. (4)

Deer both cramp up a telnet footstep tag and nag at pets to often let a pup march to breed.  260-

Deer breed. (many)

Deer, Casandra had a hard NASA creed. 285

"Deer cedar, let sap erupt pure pastel." Ra decreed. (98)

Deer, feral, are freed. (88)

Deer flare negates radar set: a general freed. (260)

Deer Fossil Ape Man’s name, pal, is so freed. 237-

Deer, free, see Brian on air Bee Seer freed. 237

Deer frets bomb, mobster freed. 226

Deer frisk, sir--freed. (10)

Deer gag on nog--agreed? (71)

"Deer gas!" I disagreed. (177)

Deer gas Marxist, six rams agreed. (260)

"Deer gases AC/DC CD cases," agreed? 200-

Deer see fees, Reed. 237

Dee's boll'll lob seed! (1)

Dee's in a fog of aniseed. 260

Dee's radar tools loot radar seed! 295

Defer a shallot; ayatollahs are fed. 260-

Define men as sane men I fed. 260-

Define men I pull as any nasal lupine men I fed. 260-

Define myriad imams in a gap as a paganism amid airy men I fed. 260-

Define vocality 'til a coven I fed. 260-

Defined, a den I fed. 237

Deflate my lion, O Stig: it's on oily metal fed. 260

Deft fellow at New York, Roy, went AWOL, left Fed. (88)

Defy men ere her enemy fed. 260-

Degas aged. (88+/or71)

Degas, are eras aged? (16)

Degas, are we not drawn onward, we freer few, drawn onward to new eras aged? (16)

Degas is aged. 226

Degas' same hand, Edna, he massaged.            200-
"Degauss Adonis, mad Adams?"--I nod, assauged. 254

Degenerate feta reneged. 6

Degenerate Meta reneged. (5)

"Degenerate Moslem--a car of pans on sideways, yawed, is no snap for a camel!" so Meta reneged. (16)

"Degeneration; no, Ita reneged." (16)

Degenerative, Evita reneged. (16)

Degenerative Tulsa slut (Evita) reneged. (00)

Deified, amused, under moss I let Amy bury me, Kate: take my ruby, mate lissom red nudes Uma deified.

Deified eras traffic in apt panic if farts are deified. 260 (+above)

Deified mistress asserts I'm deified. (98)

Deirdre paid Sal as diaper dried.  (71)

"Deirdre paid Strom," said Idi, "as Mort's diaper dried."    (71)

Deirdre, werewolf's flower ewer dried. 0307

Deirdre wets altar of St. Simon's  no mists, for at last ewer dried. (11)

Deidre, woman on a mower, died. (260)

Deirdre-Gal's lager dried. 71

Deity [sat scenic in ecstasy] tied. (85,[88])

Dek's a sassy banana, my man--an abyss as asked! (00)

Del, ban eagle Helga enabled. 200-

Del, battle felt 'tabled.' 1

"Del, Io/Ganymede made lots ill," a capo rued, "Europa/Callisto led a Mede my nag oiled."  260-
Del, I am enamored of ode Roman e-mailed. 200-
["]Del Lacer['s a snake," Kansas] recalled. (98)

Del: Levin snivelled. (71)

Del, Lord, elf funs snuffled, rolled! 1

Del, luck (rad!): lit nude, yes a wise Desi was eyed--until dark culled... 1

Del saw a sled. (116)

"Delb baby...burps a wasp..." Ruby babbled. (1)

Delbert and Edna trebled. (16)

Delft fled. (85)

Deli antonym, Amy, not nailed. 260

Deli vermin--I'm reviled! 200

Delia and Edna ailed. (16)

Delia (b/f/h/m/n/r/s/t/w) ailed. 88

Delia, flat tube rebuttal failed. 260

"Delia, her astral arts are hailed!" 226

Delia, here we nine were hailed. (16)

"Delia, home-made suicide medicines: raw arsenic I, de Medici, used," a memo hailed. 260-

"Delia ratted," Nadia said, "and Etta railed." (254)

Delia sailed as sad Elias ailed. (16)

Delia sailed, Eva waved, Elias ailed. (10,16)

Delia saw I was ailed. (116)

Delia sleeps; Allen sat as Nella's peels ailed. 71
 "Delia was ill!" Lisa wailed. (5)

"Delia, we cane men!" one menace wailed. 260

"Delia wed...under bra garb!" red nude wailed. 1

"Delia ... with Gino tonight!" I wailed. 260

Deliah, as a Hal, I led. 237

Delia's Ed (under bra garb  red, nude) sailed. 1

Delia's ill Abe sabred (no wonder!) baseball I sailed. (1)

Delia's Noella gets electroplate monometal; port Celeste galleon sailed. 254

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