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Deli fed ewe we defiled. 200

"Deliver," demanded Nemesis, "emended, named, reviled." (10)

"Deliver desserts," demanded Nemesis, "emended, named, stressed, reviled." (16)

Deliver, Eva, him I have reviled. (16)

Deliver files mad as a damsel, if reviled. 359-

"Deliver Jan, a werewolf, a flower Ewan," A.J. reviled. (173)

"Deliver my band's DNA", by Mr. Evil Ed. 00-350-

"Deliver no dandelion oil, Edna," Don reviled. (173)

Deliver no evil [avid diva]--live on reviled. ([5],98)

'Deliver no evil'  /[XYZ](sides reversed is) 'live on reviled!'/[ZYX] (10)

Deliver nun (un)reviled. (88)

Deliver  sin is reviled. (4)

Deliver star comedy by Democrats reviled. (73-1)

Deliver, warder, sue--damned lair o' Sartre purveyors (Roy, Ev, Rupert--rasorial den!) made us red, raw, reviled!1

Deliverer, as we Jews use Jesus, we Jews are reviled.  260-

Deliveries run to hate, yet a hot nurse I reviled. 260-

Delivery let Al saw tube off foe, but was lately reviled. (260)

Dell a virile Eli rivalled. 200

"Dell, act upon no put call," Ed. 200

"Dell, or Genia!" gasp I, "Trevor's Rover tips again--e.g. rolled!" (1)

Della (b/c/p)alled. (98,161)

"Della, Christina Ricci ran it!" Sir H. called. 260

"Della, Claire, kibitz T.I. biker," I, Al,  called. 200-

"Della, cyst ebbed on noses on no deb," Betsy callled. 254

Deltoid in ass, Al can over rev on a class an idiot led. 260

DEM: Alberto Got Re-Blamed. 255-

Demand a fad named. 237-

Demand "after Bret" fad named. 237 1

Demand no maid a diamond named. 254

"Demi, Al, cede!" we declaimed. 200
Demi, am I maimed? (109)

Demi Moore cinema tasks a tame nice roo mimed. 260-

De-model it as a tile, domed. (67)

Demon Eve venomed! (85)

Den Ma Deb be damned! 200-
Den maddened a jade Ned damned. 254

Den rod adorned? 237

Deng is said to (lag al-/bore rob-)-ot; Di assigned. (88)

Deng is sated, a cadet assigned. (88)

Denia: "Peru's misdeeds, I'm sure, pain Ed." (71)

Denied a wisp in sea glades, are not felspar traps left on erased algae snips I wade in, Ed? 260-

Denim axe[s] examined. ([6],88)

Denim mistress asserts I'm mined. 1

Denim-red nudists I'd unburdened rub nudists I'd undermined. 260-

Denim resident Ned is ermined. (173)

Denmark-Cuba sees a buck ram Ned! (24)

Dennis and Edna bedded Deb, and Edna sinned. 200

Dennis and Edna sinned. (232+/or11?)

Dennis Day, Nyad, sinned. 200
Dennis, devil may care, racy A.M. lived, sinned.        200-   
Dennis, Eve saw Eden if as a fine dew, as Eve sinned. (170)

Dennis, Hannah [or any palindromic name] sinned. (98)

Dennis Krats and Edna Stark sinned. (7)

Dennis never even sinned. 98

Dennis, no misfit can act if Simon sinned. (16)

Dennis sinned. 122-

Dennis, Tito got it--sinned. 237

Denote vinyl pant nap, Lyn, I've toned. 293

Dense, I bury my rubies, Ned. 71

Dense, I [bury rub/got stog/snap pans]ies, Ned. (71)

Dense Magda ordered road games, Ned. 260

"Dense patrons!" I snort, "Apes, Ned!" 71

"Dense, sir, a poor troop arises."--Ned. 71

"Dense tones, Ira, arise." notes Ned. (71)

Dense   yes, Ned   signing is dense   yes, Ned! 71

"Denser Eve's repelled; Elle perseveres, Ned. 260

Dent, Ned! (85)

Dentist: "Ah, that's it, Ned!" 278

Dentist nodded, Ed; don't sit, Ned. 278

Dentist: "Sit Ned." (109)

Denton saw Bob was not Ned. (88-10)

Deny a gay, a gay Ned? (00)

Deny a gem in a war for a Tsar or a star of raw anime, gay Ned. 71

Deny a god, O gay Ned? (71)

Deny fit Ned is God ere dogs identify Ned. 260-

Deny me no bone, my Ned. (71)

Deny me not; atone, my Ned. (5)

Deny me, on a canoe, my Ned. (110)

Deny, reify a gay (fiery Ned.) (109)

Depardieu, go razz a rogue I draped. (213)

Departed ET raped. 237

Deport a Canadian even Aidan, a cat, roped. 260

"Deport one," it told Lottie, "not roped." (201)

Depp, in Israel li'l, ill, ears I nipped. (1)

Derail sad Dole--crap parcel, odd as liar Ed. (109)

"Derek, actor, rack carrot caker Ed!" (1)

Derek answer drew snake: Red. 237

Derek (as night row radar) worth gin, sake, Red. 237

Derek can kiss an ass I knackered. 260

Derek, I like red! (97)

Dern, I see's, in red. 200

Deron's alleged, e.g. Ella, snored. (200)

Des, a residue faded; a feud is erased. (260)

Des, I lit up a cigarette lighter, a zany Nazareth GI letter a GI cap utilised. 260-

"Des, I, Tina Smith, girl-at-call, I will act alright: I'm sanitised!" 260-

Des, use lucre Hercules used. 260

Des, use vital errata Qatar relatives used. 260

Des uses a bat a database's used. 260

Desiderata: at a red is Ed. (88)

"Design" I sing, "is Ed..." 237

Designation: No, I tan GIs, Ed. (16)

Desire my lopsided arteries, or a rose I re-traded is polymerised. 260-

Despite Hanna, he tips Ed. 237

Despite no red roots to order, one tips Ed. 307

Despot Bob tops Ed. (109)

Desrae, her nude idyll at a fetish site, fatally died unrehearsed. 260

"Dessert sooty, Ma," Amy, too, stressed. 254

"Dessert's a sorry task, satyr." Rosa stressed. (1)

Desserts I derailed at a deli are distressed. (260)

Desserts I desire not, so, lost one, rise distressed. (101-1)

Desserts I desire not, so long no lost one rise distressed. 101

"Desserts I reviled  deliver!" I stressed. 1

"Desserts," I stressed. (85)

Desserts I'd reviled, drawn onward, deliver distressed. (10)

"Desserts, Miss, part straps!" Sim stressed. (1)

Desserts stress Ed. (109)

"Destroy, Amy, May orts." -- Ed.         200-

Desu, net for Esalen one laser often used. (1)

Desuetude too may be by a mooted ute used. 260-

Det, Alexis, Els' Ian is in aisle six, elated. 200
Detach cat, Ed. (97)

"Detail a Ter(cel/mite)," (Alec/Tim) retaliated. (88)

"Detail a termite's use"  Tim retaliated. 307

Detail a terror--Red error--retaliated. (254)

Detail a tertiary meme, Myra: it retaliated. 260

Detail ate, retaliated. (85)

Detail, if fast's affiliated. (88)

Detail of xenon siting is a sign it is non exfoliated. 260

Detail lapse's palliated. (88)

Deter a bare Ted. 200

Determine bat order (it's my gym's tired rota): Ben, Imre, Ted. 260

"Detonation, no?" Ita noted. 260

"Detonative!" Evita noted. (144)

Deuce cued. (4+/or85)

Deuce we cued. 200 

Deva Lew, ere what little felt tilt, ah, were we laved? 1

Deva re macaroni: "Nora came, raved..." (1)

Deva (s) saved. (88)

Devas saw a Santana fan at NASA was saved! (1)

Devil DNA ate feeble Babel bee feta--and lived! (222)

“Devil do” Gwen knew God lived. 1

Devil in a moonlit nude rift: it fired until no Omani lived. 260-

Devil, in Eve's eyes even I lived!                            (97

Devil loops secret Fall, eh, for I, Dante, set nadir of Hell after cesspool lived. (83)

Devil Natasha...ah, Satan lived! (149)

Devil never even lived. (88)

Devil, on a cloven old lone volcano, lived. 226

Devil’s eyes lived! 237-

Devil[s] lived. (00-many)

"Devo lips," I lisp, "I loved." (254)

Devo met a Mr...(eh, DNA and her mate moved?!) (194)

Dew Angela made erases a reed a male gnawed. 260-

"Dewy dale, cinema game...nice lady wed?" (5)

Dew-eyed, a jade ye wed. (71)

"Deweys, ye wed!" (88)

Dex, if 'dub,' design it a 'lub,' man--most somnambulating is, Ed, Bud: fixed! (1)

Dex, inside pain I aped is nixed! 1

Di, a scampi dip," Mac said. 200

"Di,a Seven-Up pun," Eve said. 200-

“Di, a shallot," Ayatollah said. 200-

"Di, a smell is not a tonsil." Lem said. (71)

"Di, as Dad said..." (00)

"Di, as I nurse it, I lit so hot a gel as to let (on a note) lotsa legato hostilities run", I said. 260-

"Di, ash-kiss an elk cock!" Lena's Sikh said. 254

Di, AWOL, pondered no plow aid. 200-
Di, Barak dove--vodka rabid? (1)

Di, beg never to hasten tisane men, as it nets a hot revenge bid. 260-

Di berated a cadet (a  rebid.)                                            (200)
Di, Bret, we peed, rapt, at Pardee pewter bid. 200

Di, did I as I said I did? 10

Di did, odd Dodi did.                                                                255-

Di [here/his ass I kiss as I] hid. (71)

Di, Knesset A.C. I led as a delicatessen kid. 200

Di, o, Vadim I'd avoid. 200
Di, Parsee Pete pees rapid! 254

Di rules a vase lurid. 260

Di, she debated a cadet abed, eh, Sid? 200-

Di stops Bob, spots id. 1

Diagnose: "song," aid. (85)

Dial aid. (85)

Dial late: got to get Al laid. 260

Dial (or tap) Pup Patrol aid! (1)

Dial saw I was laid. 1

Dial T for Odd or Oft Laid. 277

"Dial A Romantic: a tacit 'n' amoral aid!" (1)

Dialled omelette spun at a rat an upset tele-model laid. 260-

Diamante I've sold in a mallet is a dud, as I tell a man I'd lose Vietnam aid. (260)

Diamond light, Odo, doth gild no maid. (95)

Diamond losses sold no maid. 260-

Dian, I am reviled, I turn, I dump Martin Gardner, I rend rag 'n' I tramp mud in rut, I deliver main aid. 11

Diana is sure: Russian aid. 237

Diana is sure: "Taliban nun nab I (late Russian aid!)" (1)

Diana is sure to vote Russian aid. (71)

Diana Ross: "Esso ran aid." 237

Diaper saw D.N.A. stop spots and was repaid. (98)

Diana saw Dr. Awkward was an aid. (73or11)

Diana saw Elsinore heron I slew as an aid. 200 

Diana saw I was an aid. (88)

Diana's an aid. 278

Dianas wonk knows an aid. 237

"Diaper pin--I pre-paid!" (1)

Diaper sin is repaid. (110)

Diapered, Art (as a trade!) repaid. (10-1)

"Diarists are deposed," I sniff inside, "so pederasts I raid".                                                    (260)

"Dibil, lie--do Bristol, Remy, Merlot, sir, bode ill?" I bid. 1

Dick's attempt, FTP, met task: CID! (106)

Did a hi-fidelity lid rat set a debt in a cross, or can it be dates, tardily-tiled if I had ID? 260-

Did Edna hand Ed ID? 307

"Did ewe--wee ewe we did!" (60)

Did Hannah(or I, or any palindromic name) say as Hannah(ditto) did? (10)

Did I bark, rabid id?                                                349-

Did I butt  oh, a hot tub; I did! (1)

Did I do, O God, did I as I said, "I'd do good!"  I did? (16)

Did I live on no evil I did? (1)

Did I say a benign IT casing I sign is acting in Ebay as I did? 260-

Did I say Amy may as I did? (62)

Did "it" in knit, I did! 237

Did Joe kill like OJ did? (152)

Did no locale crap a parcel a colon did?            360-

Did Rose call lace sordid? (110)

Did rose, gardenia, geranium etc. arts ban an abstract emu in a regained rage (sordid)? 260-

Did rosy obese boys or all acrobats stab or call a rosy obese boy sordid? 260-

Did Ross awe her ere he was sordid? 260

Did we lap a lewd ID? 237

Dida knots as Tonka did. 335

Didgeridoo gone: no good I, Reg, did. 260-
Didi won straw warts, now I did!! (235)

Die, neaten no sarong, Nils, no dark radon sling, nor a sonnet Aeneid. (254)

Die, Renata, pat a neried. 254

Diego lost a fatso loge i.d. 200-

Dig, rut, evolve Bev--love turgid! (110)

Dig ruts: it is turgid. 260-

Dilated, I bed a jar of pot as a top for a bidet; a lid. 260-

Dilatory rags, Gary, rot a lid. 260

Dill apostle felt so pallid. 260

Dim Rodney repardoned ungarbed Deb, rag nude (no drapery  end or mid! (11)

Diminish sin, I’m Id. 237-

Dimity revisited a general, a renegade … 'tis I; very timid.                                 260-

Dine, Enid! (85)

Dine "Mir grim", Enid. 1

Dine, nine men, in Enid. 200-

Dio rotated a cadet, a toroid. 254

Dior, I'm so osmiroid! (85)

"Dip a root rotator  too rapid.!" 237

Dip a root's tip in tactile rife fire-lit catnip: it's too rapid. 260-

Dip, asses--R.O. horse's sapid! (1)

Dip, avoid Arab mob, evacuate tau cave, bomb a radio vapid. (254)

Dip is nil insipid. 6

Dip Millie Neil limpid. (85)

Dip rots till it's torpid. 277

"Dirt's a stress!" asserts Astrid. (245)

Disable Elba, Sid. 1

Disable Elba's id? (8)

Disavow ova, Sid. 200-

Disburse Sue's sample hotel ale to help masseuses rub Sid. 260

Disgorge grog, Sid. (4)

Dish Sid a radish, Sid. (71-1)

"Dishes, eh Sid?" (71)

Dismal deb nixes sex in bedlam, Sid. (110)

Dismal Sharon sees Norah slam Sid. (254)

"Dismal" slams id. 237

"Disney yen, Sid?" 6

Display kook's toots: parse patinaed Dean  it apes, raps, toots kooky Al's I.D. 107

Dispose sop, Sid. (4)

Disrobe Jeb or Sid? (71)

Dissed Art Lee, 'e eel trades, Sid. (1)

Distill its id. 277

Distilled animal sinew, Owen: I slam in a dell its ID.                             260

Distortion: a nano ‘it’ rots Id. 237-

Distress asserts I.D. 237

Diva Devil did live, David. 309_

Diva saw in my hymn I was avid. 307

D-lot mits rife, yes Reg--Dodgers eye first, I’m told. 1

Do, Galilee, see Lila God. 237

Do geese see God? (176)

Do Gem Andersen ones, Red, name God? 237

Do Gem, Anna, Susan name God? 237

Do get a Brut sample hot to help masturbate God! 260

"Do get a genetic ewe--cite, negate God!" (109)

Do get a minaret law, Walter--animate God! 254

Do get any mono-cell economy, Nate--God! (1)

Do get (in dim salon--ah Tesla, ever analytic!) a Poe opacity Lana reveals:"ethanol as midnite God." 103

Do ghosts ape pasts, oh God?                     144-

Do ghosts, oh God! 237-

"Do global slab, ol' God!" 237

Do gnaw, Satan, at a swan god. 254

Do gnaw Sega Sage Swan God. 237

Do gnosis on God. (85)

Do go, evil Kramer, to hooters (re “too hot” remark), “Live, O God!” 1-

Do go not to [Elliville/Grubsburg], Otto - no, God! 71

Do go, Tata, to God.                     190-

Do go to God. (237)

Do (,G/n/,R/r/s/,T)od. (many)

Do (gone desperado, I) repay a period: a reps Eden, O god! 1

Do good, do O God! 1

Do good, Sue, dice, decide us, do O God! 71

Do got no Gold...log onto God. 237

Do Goth girl alright, O God! (109)

Do grace, ESP, see car god.  237

Do, gypsy, spy God. 237

Do hasten, Reba, cabernets--ah, O.D.! (1)

Do I repay a period? 5

Do I rep[air an aria,/el bats at a stable/lace a faecal/lay oral life rot to refill a royal/ress arcane poo to open a

crasser]period? 260

Do I replate my metal period? 260

Do I report sad astro period? (245)

Do I report sea moth to Maestro, period?        11-

Do metal anodes--I've device, doc; a CODEC I've devised, on a late mod... (106)

Do NY syndicate yetis oppose no-one's opposite yet acid NY synod? 260-

"Do nine men interpret--nine men?" I nod. (16)

Do not emit stiff odes; sip 'til I oil it: pissed off, it's time to nod. 260-

Do not let Elton O.D. (152,307,71)

Do not refer to Nod. (88)

Do not ruffle elf fur to nod. (4)

Do not start at rats to nod. (16)

"Do, O food!" (103)

Do, O God, no evil deed, live on, do good! (11)

Do O.D.! (1)

Do offer a ref food. (4)

Do often rob, Iraq, a rib  or net food. 237

Do ogres wow a wowser good? 260

Do Omani/Siam abodes say baby-assed Obama is in a mood?                                              260-

Do orbit far; Canis, in a craft I brood. (148)

"Do orbital flat...?" I brood. 237

"Do orbits all last?" I brood. (88)

Do orbs brood? 260

Do owl-like noon telegrams, Marge, let no-one kill wood? 260-

Do page mates set a megapod? 260

Do paninis sin in a pod?  255

Do pen one pod. 237-

Do ram a rill (or redder, radar redder roll), I ram a rod. (254)

Do regard, I ordered, 'roid rager o.d. 200-

Do reorder red roe, Rod. (1)

Do renege not--stone Gene, Rod! (1)

Do repay me my ape, Rod. 200

Do slam Ron--bust a fat, subnormal sod. 254

Do so note, votive Devito--veto no sod. (109)

Do star brats O.D.? 260

Do, today, sub "busy ad" O Tod. (1)

Do ye not stop, afore solemn Edda's sagas sadden me, loser of a potstone yod? 282

Doc, Enola's tenth Cayenne yacht nets a lone cod. (71)

Doc Evil nets ten live cod. (233)

Doc, note--I dissent: a fast never prevents a fatness; I diet on cod. (153)

Dock cod! (148)

"Doctor, rot cod!" (161)

Doctor Seuss, igniting, issues rot cod. (144)

Dog Anna, God. 1

Dog as a devil deified, deified, lived as a god. (00)

Dog (as a devil deified) lived as a god. (78+/or4)

"Dog at simple kelp mist: a god!" (1)

"Dog doo--good God!" (98)

Dog, elk, cat, emu, me tackle God. (260)

Dog embargo: O, grab me, God! 00-

"Dog food lid" sides reversed is "dildo of God" 307

Dog, I'm Ed, a demi god. 307

Dog, I'm Ed, a Toyota demigod. 200

Dog, I'm Edward, a draw demigod. 200_
Dog, no poop on God! (227)

Dog pal sat in Nita's lap, God. (71)

Dog pal sees lap god! 1

Dog pinnacled on a Toyota (No. Del.) can nip God. (147)

Dog Red Nun under, God! 237

Dog saw as God! 1

Dog sees God. 1

Dog sees pup; pup sees God. 337
Dog sees pup sees God. 1-

Dog sex, even if fine, vexes God.            363-

Dog sit in a lap, pal, an' it is God. (4)

"Dog, sit  'tis God!" 1

!Dog was a saw god! 323

Dog-deifiers reified God. (5)

Doges use God. (4)

Dogma: I am God. (00-many)

Dogma I am, Ma; I am God! 285

Dogma I won't love: "Rise popes, I revolt--now I am God!" (00)

Dogma in my hymn: I am God. (59)

Dogma is a lair of raw war, for I (alas!), I am God. (102)

Do-gooders re-do, O God! (98)

Dog's a fool: aloof as God. (98)

Dogs arf as sassy Asa says, "Sassafras God." 71

Dog's God. 316

Dogs lap Tess, a basset pal's god. (254)

Dog’s Moor rooms God.                          353-         

Dogs sass God. (1)

Dogs teem, paw, swap meet’s God. 1_

Dogs yelp, "I, Ripleys God!" 237

Dog-tired, I hide Rit...God! (1)

Dog wasp saw God. (1)

Don (alias 'Bob') sail a nod. (201)

Don, as reviled 'Pop Smith' (Tim's Pop), delivers a nod! (1)

"Don  bob, nod!" 1

Don did nod. (88)

Don, I say [no to Tony/"Oy!"/"Spot Topsy!"] as I nod. (71)

Don--idle, I yield, I nod. (71)

Don, in Eve's eyes even I nod. (98)

Don, roses revere, reverses or nod. (174)

Don stops no rom moron, spots nod. 355-

Don won't nod if I don't now nod. 307

Don won't, now, nod. 1

Donate Goth's ash to get a nod. 260

"Done baby  " Babe, "nod?" 1

Done raw, a nut can act unaware; nod. 260-

Done, [we gag, gulp, or drop luggage;] we nod. (71)

Donna made Ted, a man, nod. (71)

Dons nod. 85

Don't, eh, tip epithet--nod! 1

Don't fart, Angela--mate, wet a tip, lap a pupa; palpitate, wet a male gnat-raft; nod. (71)

Don't fight a poet's osteopath gift, nod! (71)

Do(n't) nod. (00-many)

Don't nod I say as I won't, now I say, as I don't nod. (62)

Dont race, doctor  trot code cart, nod! 1

Don't revert; nod. (71)

Don't tip party booby trap, Pitt--nod! (1)

Donuts do not: piss, sip to nod, stun, O.D. (1)

Doog, Wes, Sid asserts Mae's seamstress ad is "sew" good. 200

Doom an evil deed, liven a mood. (10)

Doom deliver reviled mood. 1

Doom lives ever--it's astir: Eve's evil mood. (5)

Doom, royal panic, I mimic in a play or mood. (10)

'Doomed am I', made mood. 290

Dope  no wonder its tired now: one pod! 237

Dopey, eye pod! 237

Dopy Mr. Astor's reign at Tangiers rots army pod. 260

Dora, no swan gnaws on a rod. (71)

Dora, pull up a rod. (245)

Dora, sad, locks Ed's desk, cold as a rod. (71)

Dora sees a rod. (122,88)

Dora snips Aron's atlas in a pan I salt as Nora spins a rod. 254

Dora tended net, A Rod! 1

Dora tendered net, a rod. (10)

Dora tones area; erase not a rod. (10)

Dorian is not on Sinai, Rod. 200_

Dorset abates rod. (85)

Doryman, I gave wet ewe vagina my rod. 307

Dot saw I was Tod. (116)

Dot sees Tod. (00)

Doth turnip spin Ruth, Tod? 1

Dr., a terrorist, Sir--or retard?!? (1)

Dr., ah, stamp mats hard! 1

Dr. Alder's reward: red nun underdrawers, red lard. (71)

Dr. alludes, Use dullard. 1

Dr., enjoy my OJ nerd. 255

Dr. No was, I saw, on Rd. (88)

Dr. Of Deb’s is Bedford. 200-

Dr. OJ flirts on a nostril fjord. (255)

Dr. of Nat's, Ott, new, went to Stanford. 200
"Dr. of War" cottons not to Crawford. 200
Dr. OJ flirts on a nostril fjord.                                        255

Drab as a fool, Asa's aloof as a bard! (10-1)

Drab Bud I dub bard. 254

Drab Enos knocks Ed's desk, conks one bard. (71)

Drab pals slap bard. 97

Drag Gina, [a] niggard.                                                                                                           307

Drags Allan all Asgard? 254

Drain apse, Spaniard. 200

"Drain apses or Omani art!" I say as I train a morose Spaniard 260

"Drat Sadat, a dastard!" (6)

"Drat Saddam: a mad dastard." (98)

Drat Saddam: mad dog, a Cain, a man, a canine, Sir, arisen in a can, a maniac, a goddam mad dastard! 71

Drat, Saddam's a retard; drat Era's mad dastard. 98

"Drat, Saddam's mad dastard!" (6)

Drat, Sade's a base dastard. 200-

Drat, such clumsy obese boys mulch custard! 260-

"Drat such custard!" (122.85)

"Drat, such sin  a Danish custard!" 307

"Drat--suck custard?" (4)

Drat  suck limes, use milk custard. 256

"Drats!" added I, "Videotape--eh?--Sam, a sheep, a toe-divided dastard!" (71)

Draught nine men in th' guard. (117)

Draw a Dana gal, lag an AD award. 355-

Draw a pot to Pa, Ward. 1

Draw a pot--top award! (192)

Draw a slot, sir, Bristol's a ward. (45)

Draw a ward. (85)

Draw an isle to her arena for profane rare hotels in a ward. 260-

Draw an opus upon a ward. 260-
Draw as a snake, Kansas award. (98)

Draw Astra "pre dawn wader parts" award. 237

Draw award. (161)

Draw "Awareness Essene" (raw) award. 237

Draw (aye, no melody!) dole-money award. (10)

Draw crass (or gross!) arc, Ward! (1)

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