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Draw de[ad Ada,/b a cab,] Edward. 71

Draw Dean or Rona, Edward. 71

Draw dear, odd Dora, Edward. 71

Draw Debra[, Bro. Bob, or B/Brogan's nag or b/G's g]arb Edward. 71

"Draw--decide my drowsy ass." says wordy medic Edward. (71)

Draw, deed is aside, Edward. 237

Draw de[ep or pull up rope,/er." I wire]/er, O sore] Edward. 71

Draw deer, a hero's aroma, ham, or a sore hare, Edward. 71

"Draw deer!" I wire Edward. (71)

Draw deer, O sore Edward! (71)

Draw Dee's runts' udders, red dust; nurse Edward. 71

Draw, defiant naif Edward. (85)

"Draw Delia!" wailed Edward. 71

Draw, delay or [pull a ball up/stun Senor Drone's nuts], royal Edward. (71)

Draw Della, bat a ball, Edward. 71

Draw Della too tall, Edward! (16)

Draw denim; revel in Nile vermin, Edward. 71

Draw depots, I say as I stop Edward. 71

"Draw de[risive Levi Sir/sks [as is]?" asks] Edward. 71

"Draw desk," lisps Al, "clasp silks, Edward!" 71

Draw desk cocks, Edward. 71

Draw desk copy, Emil's slimey pocks, Edward. 71

Draw desk corks, a mask, rocks, Edward. 71

Draw desk ropes or, say, a lame Malay, as Rose porks Edward. 71

“Draw desks, Adelle, Ms. Anna smelled?” asks Edward. 71

"Draw Desks?" Ann asks Edward. 71

"Draw desks [as is]?" asks Edward. (71)

Draw desks as Omar or Amos asks Edward. 71

Draw despite tips, Edward. 71

Draw despot stops, Edward. 200

"Draw Dias," said Ward. (240)

Draw eel[s] leeward. ([4],161)

Draw eel Otto got to leeward. 200
Draw ere reward. (4)

Draw Eros, O sore Ward. 1

Draw, Neva, havenward. (85)

Draw nine men inward. (71)

Draw nine trowels, Lew--or ten--inward. 71

Draw no dame--dame we made mad--onward! (71)

Draw no deep speed onward. (164)

Draw no dray a yard onward. (16)

Draw no drowsy sword onward! (98)

Draw no evil deed, live onward. (237)

Draw no llama a mall onward. (132)

Draw no noon onward. (1)

Draw 'No!' on Ward. 1

Draw no parts, a rod, or a strap onward! 71

Draw no party booby trap onward. (245)

Draw no sore zeros on Ward. (98)

Draw no sore hung gnus   nude, [divided/suffused/wet, stewed,] unsung gnu heros   onward!71

"Draw no warts, rots, imps," I lisp, "mist, or straw onward!" 71

Draw [noses on/Nosey Norris, Sir Ron--yes, on/not a baron, a mama, a man, or a bat on]ward!71

Draw not onward. (85)

Draw not sudsy baby's dust onward! 71

Draw [now a paw on/now alcohol--oho claw on]ward! 71

Draw now{, Otto; no, do not tow} onward. 71

Draw, O Caesar, erase a coward. (10)

Draw, O coward! (122)

Draw, O Howard! (00-many)

Draw, Ocala coward. 200-

"Draw octet, coward!" (161)

Draw oh $, Howard. 107

"Draw (oh no!) Ron Howard." 304

Draw--oh, save Eva's Howard! (00)

Draw [pudenda, {s/l}ad Ned,/pudendum mud, Ned,/, puff a gaff/Pugnose Pip's pipe song/Pugnose Ross's sore song/"Pugnose

Draw pumas, damned animals I slam in a den, mad Sam, upward! 71

"Draw purists, albinos in unison," I blast, Sir, "upward!" (71)

Draw pupil's lip upward. (112)

Draw pupil's pup's lip upward. (10)

"Draw pups," I lisp, "upward!" 71

Draw pus lip up, pupils  upward! 71

Draw pussy bananists, O hosts, in an abyss upward! 71

Draw, put Sudsy Susy's dust upward! 71

Draw putrid dirt upward. (16)

Draw red net[, foe of/not on/pull-up] tender Ward. (98)

Draw [redder,/snot  tons!  /some memos,]Ward. 1

Draw sward. (85)

"Draw Syd a lemonade", piped a Nome lady's ward. 307

Draw ya, Hayward? 200

Draw yaw wayward. 331

Drawers at uppity-bred salons: Nola's derby tip put as reward. (5)

Drawers draw, Defoe tips nine men in spite of edward's reward. 254

Drawers NIH crust never prevents urchins reward. 1

Drawn, I sit; serene rest is inward. (171)

"Droll, lord?" (4,88)

"Drowatonsi" is not a word. (189)

Drown in an 'in' word. (237)

Drown my hymn word. 278

"Drown, word!" (161)

Drowsy, Burl Ives traded Art's evil ruby sword. 307

Drowsy traps exude layer of ebony as I say "no" before Yale duxes party sword. 260

Dru's basis is absurd. (88)

"Dry rot certain," I mailed Eli, "a Mini at Rectory Rd." 260

"Dual ewe!" we laud. (109)

Dualism, saps, spasms I laud. 71

"Dualisms?" I nod, "Eh, still, it's hedonisms I laud." 71

Dub guru rug, Bud. (1)

Dubbo media led Adelaide mob, bud. 260

Dubya, sot, saw Ara, was to say "Bud!" 200_

Ducal lips spill a cud. 260-

Ducks ask, "Cud?" (71)

Dude, Porter Goss: I miss ogre trope dud. 255

Due for agnized ode--Zingaro feud. (148)

Dumb Ben is in ebb mud. 307

Dumb mob emits time-bomb, mud. 71

Dumb mobs bomb mud. 64

Dumb mobs emits time-bomb, mud. ( 71)

Dumb mobster ref ferrets bomb, mud. (1)

Dumbo, lob mud. (88)

Dump mad, Nita sat in damp mud. (71)

Dump made zoo ooze damp mud. 307

Dump Milton's stew, no peels, Sam  all llamas sleep on wet snot, limp mud. 71

Dump mud. (97)

Dump mulch, Sir, in an Irish clump (mud.) (71)

Dump uneven rock case; we sack corn, even up mud. 71

Duo laps ESP aloud. 237-

Duo lapses, Pa--loud! 1-

Duo loved Devo loud. 00-

Duodenal pastilles in a can I sell: it's a planed oud. 260-

Dwell ever, revel lewd! (11)

"E, be!" (1)

E. Borgnine drags Dad's gardening robe. (177)

E dialed Adelaide. (88)

'E did, did 'e? (88)

E finks, "It's old Otto'd lost 'is knife." (14)

E, I 'drome 'em or die! (1)

Eg, all I (voter) got: enema from Al Gore--zero glamor, fame, net ogre to village! (107)

E.g., never to be so old again, I, a gad, loose bot, revenge! 1

"E. Moser," I toot, "Sign it up mocha--ah, computing is too tiresome!" (71)

ERA coding is a sign I do care. 200-

ESP, Al, located a cadet a collapse. 200-

"ET, a mania gate let again a mate!" 237

ET ad names “use mandate.” 237-

E.T.--ah, I hate! (109)

E.T. arises, irate. (88)

E.T., Im any dynamite! 237

E.T. is drawn in at an inward site. (237)

E.T. is opposite. (88)

E.T. is tenth Gill light net site. 237

E.T. on DVD, note. 335

E.T. sat a test in Eden: it set a taste. (260)

E.T. saw a sign in Rome: "morning is a waste." (260)

E.T. selects a past Celeste. 237

E.T’s a man, a Namaste. 237

ET’s “Apollo paste.” 237-

EU's sign: "I declare Talibanisms in a bilateral ceding issue." 260-

EU's sign: "I keep a foe raw, a nude target nine men integrated, unaware of a peeking issue." 260-

EU's site: was it ironing I sedate so, to set a design in, or it is a wet issue? 260-

Earplugs gulp Rae. 260

Eb, Anna, wrong is Signor Wanna Be... 1

"Eb, be." (5)

Eb, I am a man, Robert; reborn, a mama I be. 71

Eb, Ned, lit'll, I Bill Tilden be. 200

Eb, wanna Vanna W. be? 200
Eb: "Xerox, Ed, Ocala codex--or ex be!" 200
Ebullient Neil, lube! (85)

"Ed, a cafe facade!" (97)

Ed, a final plan: I fade. 83

Ed, a General Delivery levitator rotatively reviled La Renegade. (88)

Ed, a general, led O'Dell, a renegade. 200_

"Ed," a general lisps, ["aged, a jade gasps   ill,/"asps, ill ...] a renegade." 71

Ed, a millipede pill I made. 200-

Ed, a Sade revered a jade; wed, a jade revered a Sade. 254

Ed aced a decade! (171)

Ed Ames orders Red Rose made. 307

Ed, amiss, sees 'SS' I made. (1)

"Ed, Ari 'tan one' Eb's been on a tirade!" 200 

Ed, Art, Rep: aid Putin's snit: up diaper trade. 255

Ed, as I lap Eton I note palisade. 307_

Ed aver: Eve said "Ed" a lot to lad, Ed, I (as ever) evade. (1)

Ed, I axed ex-aide. 255-

Ed, I bait Angela's not on sale gnat; I abide. 71

"Ed, I clasp Murfreesboro; O rob seer frumps, Alcide!" (148)

Ed, I g[et on Iris, Sir   I note/et up Sid; I dispute/o to toot, too, to   to/ot too hot to hoot/reet Sis, I steer] Gide. (71)

Ed, I had Ada hide. 71

Ed, I hang, I sin on, I sign a hide. 254

Ed, I have [no cab on top, no poop on pot, no bacon/no tab on Bob, no bat on] Eva  hide! 71

Ed, I hear camera batter old Loretta bare--Macrae, hide. 254

Ed, I help pink [cock,] nipple hide. 71

Ed, I, here, hide. 71

"Ed, I hid atoms," I gag, "a ball in a van, a can, a vanilla bag, a gismo, Tad   I hide!" 71

Ed, I hide. (71)

Ed, I hide...I hide! 71,254-commentaries

"Ed, I hiss a lass, I hide." (109)

“Ed, I hiss… see commentaries

Ed, I rip up a pupil's ass, I kiss a slip, up a pup I ride! 254

Ed, I rise - I [bury my rub/do bod/got stog/rode dor]ies - I ride! 71

Ed, I (sad Emma) review a mall llama "we" (I've!) rammed aside. (1)

"Ed, I saw a side," Pru burped, "--I saw a side!" (71)

Ed, I saw Harpo Marx ram Oprah W. aside. (213)

"Ed," I say, "[no pan on a pony,/snap a pansy] aside" (71

Ed, I (snide liar) railed inside. (1)

Ed I snidely led inside. 200_

"Ed," I sniff, "inside, I [died/rubbed Deb  buried]" I sniff, "  inside!" (71)

Ed, I sniff it   Sara, too   tar a stiff, inside. 71

"Ed," I sniff, "it's a dessert gelatin:

I draw Deb Edward

I dump mud

I nail Lillian

I stack cats

I strap or rub burro parts

I tip spit

in it  a leg, tressed  a stiff, inside!" (71)

"Ed," I sniff, "it's a

fresh [silo of a foolish] serf, a stiff,


stifled elf  it's a stiff,

swamp  Maw's a stiff,

inside!" (71)

"Ed," I sniff, "it's a tube  no one but a stiff inside." (270)

"Ed," I sniff, "it's

Dad   stiff

Milo or Dino's son," I drool, "I'm stiff  

Pop  ill, old, a sad lollipop  stiff

snot, Ron, not on Norton's stiff,

inside!" (71)

"Ed," I sniff, "uh   I [pull up/see bees/sniff up puffins]," I huff, "   inside!" 71

"Ed," I sniff, "Up  I pu[ll/t it] up" I puff, "  inside!" 71

Ed, I spotted a clam in an animal cadet topside. (254)

Ed, I video Zoe divide! 97

Ed iced Ida   sad, I decide. 71

Ed iced Inez[:/'s tit: it's] Zen, I decide. 71

Ed: "Ilsa, not Asa, sat on a slide." 71

Ed (irate), "Get a ride!#?"                                        1-

Ed, is a macabre herb a cam aside? 1

Ed is a trader; cast sacred art aside. (257)

"Ed is an ass!" I hiss an aside. 71

Ed is aside. 1

Ed, is Bruce not Satan, a maroon Asia paisano, or a man at a stone curbside? (71)

Ed is busy--subside! (97)

Ed--is Deb at a bedside? (71)

Ed is loopy poolside. (97)

Ed, is "Niagara" a raga inside? (71)

Ed, is Nik inside? 97

Ed--is Nina May a man inside? (71)

Ed, is Nixon  an ox  inside? 97

Ed, is Nixon image—e.g. "a Minox"—inside? 255-

Ed is on no side. (97,325)

Ed, is platinum Ilsa a slim unit Alpside? (254)

Ed is sure Professor Calypso traced a jade car to spy lacrosse for Peru's side. 260

Ed, Isa, meet, see Rome (Rome--more, more!); esteem aside. (1)

Ed, it's [Bob's/Mom's/no stew   still, it's Weston's/not Eton's/not limp Milton's/not Ron Norton's/

remarkable Melba Kramer's] tide. 71

Ed, it's tide! (98,71)

Ed, losing, I sign, 'Isolde.' (88)

Ed okayed a jade yak ode. (263)

Ed or Les sent Nesselrode. (88)

Ed, remark on okra: "merde!" 200

Ed, Una sees a nude. (11)

Ed: under a net, safely, Lyle, fasten a red nude. 71-

Ed, under Mao fallen, sees Nell, a foam red nude. 71

Ed, under, sees red nude. (98-1)

Ed undid nude. (85)

Ed, un-snug Ev ordered Rove guns, nude. 200_

"Eda, Emil's red roses suck!" Cal Black cusses, orders limeade. (71)

"Eda, no--Melton's tide," I lied, "it's not lemonade." (71)

Edam in Essen I made. 307

Edit peptide. (161)

Edit, sir Aristide. (148)

Edit, slob, my symbols' tide! (98)

"Edit snot:" sobs ill Ellis, "Boston's Tide!" 71

Edith, cold-eyed, eyed loch tide. (11)

Edith, sack cash tide! 237

Editor rubs Ward, draws burro tide. (4+/or111)

Eel from uterine men I retumor--flee! (254)

Eel-fodder, stack-cats red do flee. (11)

Egad  a base life defiles a bad age! (10)

Egad  a base tone denotes a bad age! (78)

"Egad, alas, a salad age!" (207)

"Egad, an adage!" (6,98)

Egad, loon sahib, Barbara's Arab rabbi, has no old age! (5-16)

Egad  Loretta has Adams as mad as a hatter (old age!) (10)

"Egad, no, Bev--resign!" I sing, "I serve bondage!" (71)

"Egad, no bondage!" (85)

Egad--nobody do bondage! 260

Egad, Ray Warren rags garner raw yardage! 260

Ego[-]led [Isa Ott to/I sat at] a side loge. (88)

Egremont's a fast "No Merge." (88)

Egress assured, I hide Russ as Serge. 260-

Eh, can a pet abate panache? 260

Eh, can an alpaca plan an ache? 260-

Eh, Canada had an ache? (56)

Eh, cane my men, or call a crone--my men ache! (71)

Eh, consider: red is noche. (194)

Eh  port's at a catastrophe? (4)

"Eh, Sid, Al Capone--he no P.A.C. lad is he?" (1)

Eh, so modify Fido, Moshe? 200-

Eire nixes sex in Erie. (36)

El, a Piston did not sip ale. 200-

El, batter Gere's use regrettable. 200-
El boner got: "O, G.I., I go to Grenoble." 200-
Elapses pale... (16)

Elastic Illinois names use mansion: illicit sale. 260

Elated is an aside tale. 336

Elated is debased Oberon's snore--bodes a bedside tale! (5-1)

Elba cover rises irrevocable. (85)

Elba cover, rising up mid ill I'd impugn, is irrevocable! (88)

Elba, Ella makes Seka malleable. 254

Elba frets no malign Gila monster fable. (85)

Elba, I'm amiable. (85)

"Ebla, pluck culpable!" (85)

Elba, rap a parable. (85,88)

"Elba--Rome memorable!" (85)

"Elba, sun unusable!" (85)

Elba tastes limes as Emil sets a table. 307

Elba tastes yams; I do not; Hannah, to no dismay sets a table. 307

Elba, Tonto not notable. 254

Elba's able. (85-1)

Elbas are erasable. 255

Elbert and Edna treble. (16)

Elbert Elbrawn, a creepy peer, can warble treble. 260

"Elbert, strafe here, ere he farts treble!" (71)

Eld is idle. (85)

Elf--fawn, waffle! 309_

Elf foreman sees name, "Roffle." (98)

Eli, Doc, or Casandra had a hard NASA crocodile. 285

"Eli, file!" (85)

Eli, for pre-war K.C - odd, arch, sarcastic K.C. - it's a Crash Craddock rawer profile. 260-

Eli, game peeks keep 'em agile. 260

“Eli, man, a brutal flat Urbana mile!”                    (200)

Eli missed Ade's simile. 260

Eli Ness is senile. (71)

Eli, Nessie is senile. (71,200)

Eli not yawning is a sign in way to Nile. 260

Eli, Vera's tits are vile 226!

Elin, nomad, was tot, saw dam on Nile. (109?)

Elitist Alf's flats I tile. 260-

Elk cackle. (71)

"Elk carcinoma, Ramon," I cackle. 254

Elk: cats eyes tackle... 237

Elk, cattle 'belt-tackle'! (1)

Elk City, Kansas, is a snaky tickle! (88)

Elk nits tinkle! 254

Elle B. reknit my gym, Tinkerbelle! (98)

Elle (‘banana mate’) gots tits to get a man, Anabelle! 1

Ellen, all I've noted: a cadet, one villanelle. (11)

Ellie, Verdi did reveille. 200-

Elope here, mate  get a mere he pole!/Elope here, mates  set a mere he pole! (4)

Elope not as at one pole. 1-
"Elope, Pole?" (4)

Eloped a General (a gal!), a renegade Pole. (11)

Elsie, Nola sees a lone isle. 307

Elsie's on a 'nose' isle. (97)

Elsinore has tides[--abased,/Ned--no crater, a bare tar, condensed/--pale, elapsed,]it's a heron isle. 71

Em, a duo yet (air benign), I--King--inebriate you, dame! (1)

Em, Al--fondle held no flame! (1)

Em and I put sad Ahehsay away, as he had a stupid name. 260-

"Em, 'attack cat' tame?" (1)

Em, Brut rep did perturb me. 200

Em burps, "I lisp, rub me!" (71)

Em, Deb, mobster Bret's bombed me. 200

Em, Del Googled me. 200

Em, Dell appalled me.  200-

Em, Ed is aside me. 1

Em, Ed is (nigh ‘G’) inside me!                                                    1-

Em, er, can U.Texas exes axe tuna crème? 200_

Em eyes Ned; I am sad-eyed: a camera had eyed a harem a cad eyed as maidens eye me. 260-

Em, I mate with Gilliam's mail-light; I wet a mime. (71)

Em, I, Tonto, got no time. 200-
Em, I'm a Mime. (71)

Em, it's Pat's "Taps" time..  200

Em, it's time! (98)

Em, krill irk me. 200

Em, nary a war ( a 'football lab' too far away!) ran me. 1

Em: No Dad and Mom DNA, Dad, on me? 200-

Em, O-hog-tied-I hide it, go home. (1)

Em, OK, KO me! (1)

Em on orts, aga saw, was a gastronome. 200

Em, Patton did not tap me. 200-

Em, Ro, free beer for me? 200

Em spots an infidel cycled if Nina stops me. 260-

"Em, “tis I  visit me!" 1

Em, 'tis Ivor afar--O visit me. (148)

Em, Ward's badass sad abs draw me..! 1

Em, you buoy me! (1)

Embargo--[, O] grab me! (4,[98])

Embargos so grab me. (88)

Emetic xenon, excite tapir epees if I see peripatetic xenon excite me. 260-

Emekile rots at a data store--like me! (152)

Emil, a sleepy baby, peels a lime. (88)

Emil: an 'item' I met in a lime. (4)

Emil asleep, Allen yodelled, "Oy--Nella peels a lime!" (5)

Emil asleep, (Sis, Dad, Mom, Pop, Bob) peels a lime. 71

Emil asleep, Hannah peels a lime. (16)

Emil asleep, Nella peels a yam, and, Edna May asleep, Allen peels a lime. 307

Emil, asleep, peels a lime. (98)

Emil, Bus Six is sublime! 71

Emil, bustle felt sublime! 71

Emil murdered Rod as Bob, sad, ordered rum, lime. 71

Emil murdered, Roy ordered rum, lime. 71

Emil peed deep lime! (70)

Emil sanded Edna's lime. 71

Emil saw a slime. (116)

Emil, slice Cecil's lime. (71)

Emil, smash Sam's lime. 307

"Emil, snide Tony burned a leg at Soho," hostage-laden Ruby noted in slime.  (260)

Emil wets Deb Burton's fresh side-dish: serf, snot-rubbed stew, lime. 71

Emil’s a slime. 98-1

Emil's flow tips spit wolf slime. 295

"Emil's sign," I sing, "is slime!"                                                                        71

Emil's slime. (98)

Emil's stark Sumatran art: a muskrat's slime. (71)

Emil's Welsh serf [nixes sex in/sees] fresh slew slime. 307

Emily, as Bob, say "Lime." (241)

Emily mailed Delia my lime. 200-

Emily's "sassy lime!" (97)

Emir, Cadet Tim, dampening Nora's sarong (nine p.m.) admitted a crime. (11)

Emir, call a ballet--see Estella ball!--a crime. 254

Emir, con's no crime. 200-

Emir cottons not to crime. 200-
Emit a tap, use Magneto, do ten games up at a time. (237)

Emit Eno one time. (116)

Emit "Garnet Tiki," Kitten--ragtime! (1)

Emit lager on pils tub, but slip no Regal Time. 201

Emit Maya dwarf, raw, day (a.m.) time. 237

Emit no evil; live on time. (187,98)

Emit no gas, Otto: got to sag on time. (00)

Emit no one fire rife noon-time. (1)

Emit no tot on time. (116)

Emit prawn, warp time.  144-  

"Emit REM," Ma has told a lad, "Lotsa hammer time!" 260-

Emit "Si" sir: crisis time! (1)

Emit, slob, my symbol's time! (98)

Emit yell, "Alley time!" 293

Emma, doll, I'd accept Nan Guper as a ton tub--but not as a repugnant peccadillo (dam' me!)(5)

Emma: dose me--cane me--menace me so--dam' me! (71)

Emma, I am me. (many)

Emo has [a racecar as]a home. 309

Emote no tone to me. (62)

Emote not a Mama tone to me! 1

Emote tome. (85)

Emotion: a hero bore Hanoi to me. 260

Empire, rip me! (98)

Ems mood  rage nival (a vinegar!)  dooms me... 1

"Emu fat, sap pasta fume!" 6

"Emu Love-life": we file volume. 260

Emus said, "Alas, a salad, I assume!" (1)

Emus said, "Eva raved," I assume. 260

Emus sail, I assume. (71,97)

Encase Dan in Ade's acne. 260

Encase Lyle's acne. (71)

Enid and Edna dine. (16)

Enid, in a can I dine. 71

Enid, no Sade tale bled Omar a model belated as Ondine. 254

Enid, rastafarian emu-men air a fat sardine. 260-

"Eno, Greg, Nadia: sin or egg a dagger on," I said, anger gone. 1

Eno loops secret fart   a Pat Rafter cesspool one. 260

Eno misses ordered roses, Simone. (70)

Eno works at task row one.                            346_

Enol, a 'slob-magnet', forever (...often!) gambols alone. (1)

Enola bailed a deli abalone. (71)

Enola Devil lived alone. (116)

"Enola, I saw roses sent?" I wondered, "No witnesses   or was I alone?" 71

Enola saw I'd nailed a tame gem at a deli and I was alone. 260-

Enola sexed Nino's pups on indexes alone. 260-

Enola (sob!) milks Ed's desk, limbos alone ... 71

Enola's boss knocks Ed's desk, conks, sobs alone. 71

Enola's Naomi moans alone. (250)

Enos is one! 307

Enosis is one. (85)

Enya, jot some memos to Jayne. 307_

Enya, we kill lab animals in a can--in a can I slam in a ball, like Wayne. (198)

Epic Erma has/d a ham recipe. (71)

Epochs as an act: can a sash cope? 260-

Er, can even AWOL Peewee plow an even acre? (254)

"Er, eh, scram Mom  Marc's here!" (1)

Er . . . go nasal, interpret Nissan as an ass, interpret nil as an ogre. 277

Er...I fondle her as late petals are held--no fire. (11)

Er  I slap a Polish silo, papal Sire! 71

Er - I smash Tom's moth, Sam, Sire. 71

Er...if amiable Dee's in aniseed, Elba, I'm afire! 254

Er, is Reno Greg no longer "goner," sire? (1)

Er...,oh..., we dialed an Adelaide whore. 200-

"Er--ow, Sir!" I swore. (71)

Era flew: welfare. [ERA flew--welfare!] (162)

Era was in, is aware. 237-

Eras ago, togas are! (214)

Erasmus, Sade, Kant: naked as sums are. 255

Ere he rewrote me, we met or were here. 260

Ere held no fire, woman (or a mom?) raffles elf farm, Omar, on a mower I fondle here. 1

Ere held, nubile Mel I bundle here. 1

Ere Hera, Enid and Nadine are here! (148)

Ere hot decals erode, I fit a rotten net to ratified ores laced to here. 260-

Ere hypocrisies or poses are in, my hymn I erase; so prose I, Sir, copy here. (10)

Ere verses, I rises revere. (85)

Ere we nine were here, Gere, here we nine were! (254)

Ere we were [heroes, a base ore] here, we were. (85)

Ergo, I to Nero Gore, "Not I, ogre!" 297

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