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Ergo, naming is a sign I’m an ogre.               1-

Erin is in ire. (85)

E-robotmail: "I am to bore." (154)

"Eros, bonk mad dog (goddam knob sore)!" (149)

"Eros' eye sore?" (161)

Eros saw Aviva was sore. (16)

Eros saw I was sore. (73)

Eros--Sidney, my end is sore! (6)

Eros' sis is sore. (116)

Eros, sniff up at a puffin's sore. 71

Eros' tonsil is not sore. 307

"Errol--meet, see, esteem Lorre!" (188)

Eructate semen I fed to lasses sane men assess a lot; define me set at cure. 260-

Eructate sputum, son; no smut upset at cure. 260-

Erupt [a/i]t pure. 237

Erupt on maiden, Ned--I am not pure! (62)

Esa collects old lost cello case. 260

Essen I finesse. 85

E-swords drowse!  357-

Et no regrets: I'm Eve, Mister Geronte! (16)

Et tu, Brute, go get Ur butte. 200-
Etats derussify my fissured state. (88)

Etna maid Ada had a Diamante. 200-

Etna, tub Ed's debutante. 200
Eton, an epic item so cosmetic, I pen a note. (4)

Eton, Caliente bet Neil a C-note. (88)

Eton duo: Lyre venom on every loud note! (98)

Eton is yawed, I see; sideways, I note. 260

"Eton's not sleepy tonight",  I,with Gino,type Elston's note. 307

Eureka, fake rue! 85

Eureka mixes sex  I make, rue. 316

Eureka--till I pull up ill, I take rue! 112-

Eurodisney yens I do rue. 144-

Euston saw I was not Sue. (16)

Euston sees not Sue. (10)

"Ev," I answer, "Drew's naive." (71)

Ev, is Australian snail art suasive? (88)

Ev, is ice decisive? (71)

Ev, is Neff offensive? 200

Ev, love, evolve. 200

Ev: love, revive, revolve! 71

Ev, love, to gibbon-snob bigot, "Evolve!" (1)

Ev, lover--[r]evolve! 71

Ev, older casserole lore's sacred, love.  200_

Ev, Racine men I carve. 200-

Ev, resign, "I'm raw, so, swarming, I serve." (1)

Ev reviled deli verve. 200

Eva, can a cave? Commentaries

Eva can ignite virtuosos out riveting in a cave. (116)

Eva can.. in a cave. (181)

Eva, can Woden OK one down a cave? 260

"Eva, canines!" I rasp, "Mac's scamps arisen in a cave!" 71

Eva[,][c/g/h/l/p/r/s/w]ave.[!] (88-1)

Eva, cool gin at an igloo cave. 307

Eva, Dee, see Dave. 71

Eva, do to Di, [Sal, Ruby, Amy, May, Burl,/Salim, Edna, and Emil] as I do to Dave. 71

Eva, Dot, tug taco catgut to Dave! 254

Eva drew" I answer Dave. 260

Eva, E.W., DNA Bob's racecars bob and weave. (248)

Eva, eh, in a can I heave! (71)

Eva, Eli, and Edna---I leave. (71)

Eva, Ella, Regan, Amy, Babs and Edna's baby manager Al leave. (260)

Eva gave to Pam a [jam--/a pot--to Pam,] a pot Eva gave. (71)

Eva, gin is a sin, is a sin I gave. (1)

Eva H. saw taxis, six, at Wash. Ave. 71

Eva, Histolytic city lots I have. (5)

Eva--holiday ad I, lo, have! (1)

Eva lit a cat I lave. 254

Eva RC did crave. 200-

"Eva, ri[de cars sore Ross raced!/de Ned!]" I rave. (71)

"Eva, rig a hag!" I rave. 254

"Eva, rig a jam or fan Alana from a Jag!" I rave. 254

"Eva, rig up a pug!" I rave. 71

"Eva riled Omar, a model!" I rave. 254

Eva riled, "Oy, I yodel, I rave!" (71)

"Eva, rip a map!" I rave. 71

"Eva, rip a pad or prod a pap!" I rave. 254

"Eva, rip a ram or an aroma rap!" I rave. 254

"Eva, rip up [an owl  {a g}al won] a pup!" I rave. 71

"Eva rips a gig, a gag!" I gasp, I rave. (71)

"Eva rise  

I bury rubi

I go   Lana {sees/stops, spots} analogi

I got stogi

I trap {nine men in/Tab at/,tag a hag at/,tag Nora's

sarong at/,tame Lem at/,tar a Tsar, a star at/

,trash cab, tag a bag at Bach's art } parti

Ida di

ill, Art ralli

I'll attack cat talli

ill, I flee from Adam or feel filli

es!" I rave. (71)

"Eva risen,[I see sines,/ Ida dines!/ Ivy names a vase, many vines!]" I rave. 71

"Eva rises"Eva rises, so tall - Ella tosses," I rave.
             - oh, no, 'tis Iris, Sir - I sit on ho
             or sees ro
             - order red ro
             , pale; Mila sleeps, peels a lime, lap
             - run, nur
             , runs, gags nur
             , runs, post Otto, stops nur
             , runs tap, pats nur
             , Salome laps up pus, pale molas

             , Si his

, so tall – Ella tos

             , sobs, as, naked, I hide Kansas bos
             , sucks Alf's flask, cus
             , sucks Ed's desk, cus
             , tests tset
                                                     ses!" I rave. 71

"Eva, risk catnips, I spin tacks!" I rave. 254

"Eva, risk no monks!" I rave. 71

"Eva risks Amy's sissy masks!" I rave. 71

Eva waded away, a Maya waded a wave. (254)

Eva wailed, "Edna handed Eli a wave!" 254

Eva, with gilded light, I wave. (71)

Eva wondered, "No pier?" ere I pondered, "No wave?" (11)

Evade Dave? (77)

Evade gruff urge, Dave. (109)

Evade me, Dave. (00-many)

Evade no one, Dave. (77+/or98)

Eva's ewe we save. 307

Evasion is a car of tools; it is loot for a casino I save. 260-

Eve damned Eden (mad Eve!) (8+/or78)

Eve, I sand as Red Rome Gem orders a DNA sieve. 237

"Eve," I say, "note vaginal plan   I gave Tony a sieve." 71

Eve, is a (pup, pot-top, butt-tub, Tulsa slut, mug o' gum) a sieve? 71

Eve is a sieve. (11,85)

Eve (maiden name, both sad in Eden), "I dash to be manned; I am Eve!" (170)

Eve maidened, I am Eve. (8)

"Eve, man, am Eve!" (16)

"Eva rises, so tall - Ella tosses," I rave. 71-

Eve saw diamond, [erred]  no maid was Eve. (11,[8])

Eve, sin IS Eve!     351-

Eve was I ere I saw Eve. (8)

Even a horror of evil distracts udder-obsessed dogs, goddesses, bored dustcarts I'd live for, or Rohan, Eve. (260)

Even Aidan, a cadet roper, reported a Canadian Eve. 260

Even ail I--viceroy o' yore--civilian Eve. (1)

Even am I, man, Eve.                                  339

Even as I trade tales of UFOs (e.g. "A Minister of Trade's Unusual Cat Nastily Lit Santa  Claus"), unused art for ETs in images

     of UFOs elated artisan Eve. (260)

Even I saw Edith Nesbit on tub, but not Ibsen H.--tide was in, Eve. (11)

Even I sin, Eve. 71

Even in Eden I win Eden in Eve. (11)

Even Rob went solo to lost newborn Eve. 260

"Ever one tenor, Eve." (148)

Eve's husband nabs...uh...Seve?! (260)

"Evian, Miss  I'm naive..." 97

Evil, a stiff  it's alive! 71

"Evil alert: saw (wow!) wastrel alive!" (1)

Evil--all its eras are still alive. (109)

Evil, all its sin, is still alive. (190)

Evil am I--I'm alive! (79)

Evil assent I won, Eva, else Popes leave no witness alive. 260-

Evil, assure Tahiti pawner, "Raw Warren wapiti hate Russ alive!" 254

Evil dog.Ron, nor tame matron, nor God, live! 1-

Evil era, Stacy; cats are live! (00)

Evil, evac a cave: live! (274)

Evil Eye, Live. 200-

Evil [I did/did I] dwell; lewd [did I/I did] live. (16)

"Evil, I roll a fine vinyl  perish Tab's baths," I reply, "Niven, I fall or I live." 71

Evil, in a can I live. (71)

Evil is a name of a foeman  as I live! (10)

Evil odes or prose do live. 00

Evil on a martini--I (in it) ram an olive! (1)

Evil rats on no star live. (286)

Evil, stark rats live. (1)

Evil Tim must at summit live. 00-350-

Evil was Saladin -- a man I'd alas saw live. 329

Evil yam strap parts may live. (160)

Evil's I.V. let Elvis live. 278

Evils live. (3)

Evita (B.M.O.C.) was, I saw, combative. (200)

Evita cover at Star evocative! (83)

Evita, gentle, felt negative. (109)

Evita, Madame, rose past six--exists ape-sore, mad, amative! (71)

Evita not [a mama/avid diva] to native. (201)

Evita re poets aware: "Eye era, waste operative!" (1)

Evita reneged, degenerative. (00-many)

Evita rots, erases old nasturtium essays, or asks a rosy-ass emu: it ruts and loses a restorative. 260-

Evolve, Bev--love! (98+/or108)

Evolvers rev love. (88)

Evolving is a wonder (cast sacred), now a sign: "IV love." 237

Exit lager on pils tub, but slip no 'regal time.' (201)

Exult at Luxe. (88)

Face decaf! (98,1)

Fart, R.A.F! (116)

Feds parry trams as martyr raps, "Def!" 00-350-

Feeble Tom's 'motel beef''. 00-350-

Ferret Tel Aviv a letter, Ref. (245)

Ferret up mock computer, ref!                                                                    (1)

Ferret's nominal plan, "I (monster) ref" 290

Fit, I repay my aperitif. 260

Flaccid Ron, on step, pets no Nordic calf. (71)

Flag Alf! 148

Flag no lad o God along, Alf. 237

Flagellate my metal leg, Alf. (71)

"Fla[b,/g/k,/p,/t,/w,/x,/y,] Alf." (00-many)

Flap a cap, Alf. 237-

Flat penis is inept, Alf. (102)

"Flaw on radar, now, Alf." 237

Flay a wan rotten net torn away, Alf. 260-

Flay me on a canoe, my Alf. (110)

Flay no polo pony, Alf. 307

Flee--baby peels a brich crib (a sleepy babe-elf.) (205)

Flee balsam Xmas lab, E-elf! 1

Flee, dun as a nude elf. (105)

Flee, elf! (00-many)

Flee no zoo, ozone elf! (98)

Flee to me, remote elf. (5)

Flee zoo, O ooze elf! (196)

Flee zoo ooze, elf! (164)

Fleecing niggard notables, Nita's a tinsel, baton-dragging, nice elf. (5)

Fleet agenda bad; negate elf. 237

Flesh: saw Mom wash self! (116)

Flex, elf! (97)

Flexatones use no tax elf. 260

Flog Ford, Dr. of golf. (109)

Flog sad loser, Al Gore--zero glares, old as golf. (109)

Florida dad, I Rolf. (88)

Flow on Ma, I am no wolf. 00-350-

Flow to her ore, hot wolf.             352-

Flower Ewoks K.O. werewolf. 00-350-

Flower ire, wolf. 309_

Foe M.D., Irene, rid me of. 200

Fool, as a witness I do dissent, "I was aloof." 307

For Elle's a signatory to a cacao memo a cacao tyro, Tang, is a seller of. 260-

Fresh side dish, Serf? 307

Fresh slew slime now on Emil's Welsh serf. 307

Freshen omelette lemon, eh, serf? (103)

Frustrate Lyle--fasten a net safely--let Art surf! (71)

Frustrate 'Net tenet, Art--surf! (98)

Frustrate: set art, surf. 237-

GI boot's too big. 237-

GI: "Boston's not so big." 260

GI buoy’s bank nabs you big. 237-

G.I. got Toledo code lotto gig. 260

G.I., rig! (1)

Gab at a bag? (1)

Gab, barge in: i.e. "grab-bag!" (1)

Gabe toted a jade tote-bag.                    200-

Gabe's on a nosebag. 97

Gabe's ondogram is a level (as I mar God) nosebag. 282

Gabe's onto, Hal, a hot nosebag.  200-

"Gable!" gabs God, "A ninepin I pen in a dog's bagel bag." 245

Gahagan did nag a hag. 200

Gage gag. 85

Gagne, I made Damien gag. (245)

Gale, lag! 85

Gall a Roman in a moral lag. (4)

"Gals draw," yawned Ray Arden, "wayward slag." 71

Gamely grab ARGYLE mag. (1)

Gardner, end rag! 237-

Garret, sin is a sinister rag! 1

"Gas tit, Elroy," ordered Roy, "or let it sag!" 71

(Gasp!) Marcia, I cramp, sag!  71

Gateman, a Toyota Sahara has a Toyota nametag. 307

Gate-man sees name, garage-man sees name-tag. (10)

Gaze no fog, (I, Zo, spy lace by array) be Calypso zig of one zag. 237

Gazelle, zag! 226

Gelatin knit a leg! (4 or 85?)

Gems it is, Meg! (11+/or148)

German Oprah snips Tahiti hat, spins harp on A.M., Reg. (254)

Gert, I saw Ron avoid a radio-van--or was it Reg? (11)

Gibe big. 85

Gibs, are "polio toil" operas big? (252)

Giddier ore I'd dig. (88)

Gigolos add a solo gig. 260-

Gigolos did solo gig. 307

Gip went at new pig.        122-

Girl (a mini-maid) Eva gave Di a minimal rig. (11)

Girl, I owe Nabob a new oil rig. (4)

Girlless, agnostic, I, Tsongas, sell rig. (88)

Girth guards draught rig. 237-

Gnash teeth to bosses' uses so both teeth sang.                                                                       (260)
Gnat sums mustang. (4)

Gnaw on no wang.           334

Gnome, do not draw a "mood o' doom" award to no demon 'G'! (1)

Gnostics: I disc ‘it’ song. 237-

Gnu hung. 00-350-

Gnu test, O Amy, assumed emus say "Mao Tse-Tung". 260-

Go bandanaed, draw, oh, Howard Dean, a DNA bog. 200-

Go Bill: it's "sip it safe, fast  I piss 'till I bog!" (1)

"Go by bog." (85)

Go call a cog. 237

Go, dare vomit, Tim, over a dog! 00-350-

Go decal a Palace dog 237

Go deliver a dare, vile dog. (116)

Go deliver a rat for a 'tar'(oft a rare, vile dog.) (204)

Go, demon gnome dog! 237

Go, desire vagina--man, I gave: rise, dog! (00)

Go do colossal class, O loco dog! 237

Go, do, dog. (78)

Go--do mush, Sumo dog. 200

Go  do not pass sap to no dog! (1)

Go, do not tack cat to no dog. (104)

Go dog! (00-many])

Go, Dot, to dog! 1

"Go, droop aloof," sides reversed, is "fool a poor dog." (10)

Go 'duo', you dog! (1)

Go dynamic, I’m “any dog.” 237-

Go, family, by Lima fog. 237

Go fan a fog! (237-1)

Go, feel free deer--flee fog. 237-

Go, fog! (85)

Go free data, deer, fog. 237

Go free, peer fog. 237

Go, Frere, cross sorcerer fog. 237

Go fret a water, fog. 340

Go from life, sir--rise film or fog! (11)

Go, 'G'! (1)

Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog. (97)

Go help Mister Bret, simple hog. 00-350-

Go help--Murdoch's a cash cod rumple hog. 255

Go, help pin a nipple hog! (1)

Go home, demo hog. (237)

Go, janitor pro Tina, jog. 237

Go Jerusalem Ace Camel  a sure jog. 237

"Go Jews!" Aaron says, sassy as Nora as we jog.                                                    260

Go jog! [Go, (c/f/h/l)og!] (1)

Go land a DNA log. (237)

Go later Greta  log. 237

Go lay Barb's bra by a log. 307

Go, Omar, oft, for a Moog. 200

Go Tatah, chat a fog! 237-

Go cart Xena set Arnie in rates an extra cog. 260

God, a red nugget  a fat egg under a dog! (6)

God, a saw was a dog! (116)

God, a slap Paris, sir, appals a dog! (23)

God, a wasp saw a dog! (1)

God as a dastard igniting I drat, sad as a dog. 254

God, as a were wolf, did flow  ere was a dog! `1

'God as all!'--I saw it, felt it, left; I was ill as a dog. (118)

God, as is, Ian, Anais is a dog! 200_

God, Asa, KC is sick as a dog! 307

God, assess a dog! 1-

God, ax a dog!? (1)

God deified dog. (98)

"God, deliver a person's 'No!'s re Pa (reviled dog!)" (1)

God deliver a reviled dog! (109)

"God, Delsy--a gay sled dog!" (71)

God, Di, Bart sold a sad, lost rabid dog. 255

God, Edam made dog. (116)

God hexes sex, eh dog?   326

God, I, Ed, sung Agnus Dei Dog. 237 1

God, Lee H. Oswald, I'm amid law, so heel dog! 307_

God lived as a devil dog. (116)

God lived on no devil, dog. (00)

God loaned Eden AOL  dog! 1

God, Nate bit a Tibetan dog! (16)

God, now Anna sees Otto sees Anna won, dog! (262)

God on W, "As I saw, no dog." 298

"God, red nudes suck cock!" cussed Underdog. 307

"God, sage, bill a call!" I beg as 'dog'.                                     344_

God saves Eva's dog. (70)

God saw I was dog. (116)

God sees pup; pup sees dog. 337

God smote Tom's dog.                                            (200)

God, son, I was a wino's dog. 307

God, Steph pets dog! (1)

 “God--sue us, dog!”                                                            (!)

 God, to have Eva  hot dog! (13)

God to Hegel, "Locate Beta College hot dog!" (1)

Goddesses so pay a possessed dog. (10)

God's asleep, Arden, as nine mown women, insane, drape Elsa's dog. (254)

God's dogma I deified: I am God's dog. (98)

God's ewe's dog! (98)

Gods eye Keyes' dog. 299

Gods ridicule lucid IRS dog. 6

Gods sass dog. (1)

Gods send a madness: dog. (85)

Golconda had no clog. (88)

Gold Elf furniture--be rut in ruffled log. (237)

Gold elf furred nut under ruffled log. 237-

Gold [eyes] eyed log. 237-

Golden G.I.s signed log. 307

Goldenrod a silly ram ate, wan on a wet, amaryllis-adorned log. (5)

Goldenrod adorned log! (98-1)

"Golf on, no flog." 290

Gong G.E.'s eggnog. 200

Gong: get set, Ed--detest eggnog! (71)

Gore dialed Anita Pat in Adelaide, Rog. 200_

Gorge grog! (17)

"Gorgon--no grog!" (4)

Got a tog? (4,87)

Grenada had an erg. (88)

Grub went Newberg. (85)

Grubs knife Finksburg. (88)

Grubs ordered, Rosburg? 200-

Gulp [a] plug. (00-many)

Gulp a slab o' basla plug. (6)

Gulp  cadet torn on a non rotted AC plug! (1)

Gulp I to Pat: "I tap a taboo boob; a tap, a tit, a pot I plug!" (71)

"Gulp snot," sobs Tip, "made damp, it's Boston's plug." 71

Gulp tub, but plug. (17)

"Gum  to help pay a way apple hot mug!" 306

Guns fired, I arm a ram-raider if snug. 260-

Gurbanguly, my lug, nab rug. 255-

"Gustav Klimt milk vats  ug!" 6

Gutsy uglies ban an abseil guy's tug. 260

H: (sarcastic...)"It's a crash." (11)

Ha--I, mere Jones, a Red, erase no Jeremiah. 254

Ha, I ram Mariah! 279

Ha, I rush to my lion oily moths, Uriah! (10)

Ha, I'm 'ere, Jeremiah! (4)

Ha, jar, level Rajah! 354-
Ha, Lil, Edna is an Asian Delilah. 200

Ha--robed Selim smiles, Deborah! (16)

Ha--Tunisia is in Utah?! 363-

Hades I've devised, ah! (106)

Hair, a pain, a madness end as Saras sadness, end a man: I, a pariah. 71

"Hair: a placid emu rug" said Ann, Nadia's guru (medical pariah!) 260

Hal, Boston's not so blah. 226

Hal, I led Delilah. (4,71)

Hal, I led [no pup upon/Otto O. to toot to] Delilah. 71

Hall, at a hotspot, stops to hat Allah. 200-

Hannah did deed, did Hannah? (4)

Hannah sees madam as a madam sees Hannah. (4)

Hannahs sass Hannah. (1)

Hanoi dares use radio--nah! (21)

Hanoi's Net sex ale relaxes tension ... ah! 260

Harass selfless Sarah! (16)

Harass sensuousness, Sarah. (10)

Harassed a hotbed deb to hades, Sarah? 364

Hard at toil (lest I awe) he waits: Elliott Adrah. 1

Harpo Marx on a teleport rope let an ox ram Oprah. 260

Harpo, note my Lima family met on Oprah. 307

Harpoon no Oprah. (88)

Harpo's piss sips Oprah. 307

Harpo's sips piss Oprah. 307 1

Has no garden robe borne dragons, ah? 254

"Hat up, Utah!" 85

Hate, tirade, ego patinaed Dean, it apogeed  a rite  TAH! 107

"Have ninth girl alright, Ninevah!" (237)

He (aside), "Sum amused Isa, eh?" (11)

He denies I seined, eh? (88)

He did, eh? (116)

He dubs, “No I.T. poker trek options, Bud.” eh?            1

He emits a poem or a flag, Abe, to tax a tote-bag Alfa Romeo pastime, eh? 260-

He eructates pus I'd nab and is upset at cure, eh? 260-

He faced decaf, eh? 237 1

"He goddamn mad dog, eh?" (12)

He goddamned dirt ridden mad dog, eh? 307

He harasses Sarah, eh? (00)

He laid at Ararat a dial, eh? (201)

He laminated a cadet animal, eh? (88)

He lived as a devil, eh? (16)

He made Edam, eh? (98)

He made Nile pipeline dam, eh? 237 1

He maps spam, eh? (116)

He may at last salt a yam, eh? 260-

He murmurs, “Rum, rum…” eh?                                1-
He naps ne'er, Greenspan, eh? 200

He or I act at Cairo, eh? (88)

He parts arboreal Evon's novel aero-bra strap, eh? 260-

He parts boobs—trap, eh? 1-

He piles on severed nudes used under Eve's nose lip, eh? 260

He plugs toilet at Eliots', (gulp) eh? (245)

He pulled Dell up, eh? (98)

He reliant nailer, eh? (98)

He repaid a no-name Pacific Apeman on a diaper, eh? (347)

He repaid a mom a diaper, eh? (223)

He ruffled elf fur, eh? 226 1

He sat in a taxi, left Felix at Anita's, eh? 354-

"He sees Enid and lo, hot to trot--or tot to hold!" Nadine sees, eh? (1)

He sees, not sober, ere Boston sees, eh? (00)

He set up side disputes, eh? (98)

He snoops spoons, eh? (1)

He snubs Bob's buns, eh? (1)

He spots one last sale--no stops, eh? (98)

He stabs Mom's bats, eh? (234)

He starts, "Di, Matisses sit amidst rats, eh?"  200

He stole lots, eh? (98,109)

He stops Ms. Pots, eh? 287

He stops spots, eh? (00-many)

He stressed, "No garden index if I fixed nine dragon desserts, eh?" (104)

He stung--oh!--"hog nuts", eh? 364-

He sued Amadeus, eh? (71)

He swept pews, eh? (85-1)

He toped at a depot, eh? (88)

He traded a [jaded art,/jade dart,] eh? (242)

He traded art, eh? (98)

He traps part, eh? (88)

He wets stew, eh? 1

He wolfs, "Ah, won't I draw an award--it now has flow, eh?" (1)

He won a Toyota now, eh? (205)

He won race car now, eh? (00)

He won Red Rod Order now, eh? (237-1)

He won snow, eh? (116)

He wondered: is no colossal eel as solo considered now, eh? (11)

He won't fight a math gift now, eh? (224)

He won't now, eh? (98)

He won't sign 'gist' now, eh? (1)

He yodels, "Sled  oy!" eh? 1

"Heavenward drawn, Eva, eh?" (71)

He'd examined all law on missed dogs' eyes: "I've distended nets I devise, yes, goddess, I'm now all laden ... I'm axed, eh?" 260-

He'd render a red nerd, eh? (00)

Hegel, sleep tender--red net peels leg, eh? 355-

Hell, a hymn is in Allan 'n' Allan is in my hall, eh? (62)

Hell, a spacecraft farce caps all, eh? (5)

Hell, Abe, yes, egad, nab bandages  eyeball, eh!? 1

"Hell, ace  Ron, Gipper, Rep. pig  no recall, eh?" 277

Hell, as Reg, Nation, oh, saw evil (alive!) wash on--O it angers all, eh? (1)

Hell is not a tonsil, Leh! (152)

Hell, it's a Toyota still, eh? (1)

Hell, it's [a] still, eh? 71

"Hello--toll, eh?" (1)

Help Max, Enid  in example 'H'. (16)

Her "Eve's noose" we soon sever, eh? (16)

"Here, help Muriel--I'm Sid," I smile, "I rumple her, eh?" (71)

Here, no boner, is Rod--a tamale's mad damsel--a matador, Sire; no boner, eh? (71)

Here no orchestral arts, eh, crooner, eh? (11)

Here so long--no loser, eh? (10)

Here we sniff on urine, men--I run off in sewer, eh? (71)

Hero Brahms: a gross orgasm harbor, eh? 260

Hero to my belle by motor, eh? 260

Herod never a care vendor, eh? 260

Heroine slave I demote to medieval senior, eh? 254

Heroines senior, eh? 260

He's a caramel in Niger, Dakar--a bum in Soho--Hosni Mubarak, a dreg in Nile maracas, eh? 71

He's god of UFO dogs, eh? 200

He’s a foe, so note time we meld, Lem, ewe mite to nose of Aseh! 1

He's an ROTC actor, Naseh. (1)

He's drawn it inwards, eh? (71)

He's let Omnibus sub in motels, eh? (1)

He's selfless, eh? (174,98)

He's told Ella I did LA; Vivaldi dialled lots, eh? 260

Hess sees Spandau quad, naps, sees SS, eh? 260

Hester, germs in an okra den I fed define dark onanism regrets, eh? 260

Hew hay, Yahweh! (98)

Hey--Art's straw warts stray, eh? (1)

"Hey, as I trade no pederast in fine drag, Siamese boys mulch clumsy obese Mai's garden if nits are deponed art," I say, eh? 260-

Hey, do rap parody, eh? 200-

Hey, KS Val's in at Stanislavsky, eh?                    200

"Hey Lisa, enemy call a gel oceany-green!" sneer gynaeco-legal lacy men easily, eh? 260-

"Hey, Menelaus, unusual enemy, eh?" 71

Hey, no mere ceremony, eh? (71)

Hey, no polo pony, eh?             (322)

 "Hey, too sooty, eh?" (71)

Hobo janitors rot in a job, oh! 307

Hoopla cover-ups must suborn, in robust sums, pure vocal "pooh." (94)

Hose nude dunes, oh! 252

Hot news, Di: one day my adenoids went "oh"! 260

How apes use paw...oh! 237

Hug a bared nun under a bag, uh? (71)

Husk, sad, asks "uh?" (1)

I (a snob, seer) trim Mir trees: bonsai! (1)

"I, a Zulu, [feel Gwen gag Agnew!"--glee/fit udder on," snored duti]ful Uzai. 254

I ace 'drome, Mordecai! (1)

I am A.I. (194)

I am ill Liberian oil librettist, a cat-sitter billionaire--Bill Lima, I. (71)

I Bardeen, did need Rabi. 200 

I bow, Obi. 85

I, Bronte, get no RBI. 200

I collared efts, Ed, in snidest federal loci. 260

I deem it Deb's bedtime, Edi. (71)

I defaced a jade cafe, Di. 260

I deny Don an anodyne, Di. 260

I deny organising is editors' sarcasms; a crass rot I design is in a groyne, Di. 260-

I did, did I? (00-many)

I did I dog a Toyota, God, did I? 295

I did emit, on extra cart, xenotime, did I? (1)

I did evil--ate voodoo vet alive, did I? (110)

I did mimic, "Im...Im..." did I? 1

I did mock rap's, did I? 260-
I did not limp, Milton, did I? (71)

I did not revert on Didi. (116)

I did not sob, "Boston," did I? (54)

I did not yell "Tame 'em!" at Lleyton, did I? 260

I did roar again, "Niagara!"...or did I? (148)

I did roll - or did I? 354-

I did see referees, did I? (245)

I die, Heidi! 97,71

I die here, Heidi.  370_

I die, here's a deb Otto got to bed, a sere Heidi. 254

I, Dirac, soiled Eli, Oscar, Idi. 254

I do Diana, I Dodi. 307

I dye boots to obey Di. 260

I, Ed, sung a[n/gnostic illicit song:] Agnus Dei. (88)

I emote, "Op'n, Al, La Rag De Edgar Allan Poe, Tome I." (103)

"I, Garbo, saw a rat not on Tarawa," so brag I. 254

I gave Yanayev a GI. 144-

I get a rake to Meryl; it's a nastily remote karate gi. 260

"I gnash teeth!" sang I. 260

I go, Toto, to G.I. 200-

I go, yet saw a sign: "In Rome morning is a waste, Yogi." (1)

I got an Amana to G.I. 200-

I, goy, warn raw yogi. (1)

I, Goya, saw Bob was a yogi. 307_

I ham, I ham, "Yum--muy mahi-mahi." (220)

I hose zoo ooze, so--"Hi!" (1)

I, lab boss, sob, "Bali!" (149)

I, lame nut, penned, "Dust  sudden Neptune Mali?" 1

I laned Denali. (88)

I led a red nude by a day bed under a deli. 307

I led deli. (194)

I let a fez amaze fat Eli. 260-

I live evil, I.                                                        342

I lob Mort's Bologna cuts; Stu can go lob Stromboli. 307_

I lob Mort's stromboli. 255

I, mad as a god, do gas Adami. 254

I, madam, on an oily lion, a nomad am I. 71

I made border bard's drowsy swords; drab, red robed am I. (10)

I made dice do some memo, so decided am I. 278

I made Kansas sass--as naked am I. (28-1)

I made tart surf Net (for often frustrated am I!) (172)

I made us sit tissued, Ami! (148-1)

I maim Miami. (85)

I maim niece in Miami. (43)

I maim nine men in Saginaw; wan, I gas nine men in Miami. (16)

I maim nine more hero men in Miami. (10?)

I maim nine Moro men in Miami. (16)

I maim tall Abe's abstract art "A Fat Rat Carts Baseball" at Miami. 307

I, male, macho, oh, camel am I. (8)

"I, man, am a miss," I hiss, "I'm a man  am I?" 71

I, man, am amiss  I'm a man, am I? 71

I, man, am damned--I am a maiden madman, am I? (71)

I, man, am regal  a German am I! (10)

I, man, I'm a idiot to Idi Amin, am I! (74)

I, Manu, style magic: I gamely tsunami! (1)

I, Marian, I too fall; a foot in air am I. (10?)

I, Mary, tramp martyr am I? (00)

I mask rap as ordered; Rosa Parks am I. 260-

I may argue I limp, mad as a damp milieu: gray am I. 260-

I may doom Boston; O do not sob; moody am I! 307

I may rub Silas Marner, wet a noted pup, detonate wren, ram--Salisbury am I! (71)

I may snap at a rat--a pansy am I? (71)

I met System 'I'. (116)

I mime Mimi. 128

I moan, Ed; I hide Ed's deed; I hide Naomi. 71

I moan: "Live on, [O] evil Naomi!" (16)

I moan, "Naomi!" (112)

I moan, "Nolice, Cecil, on Naomi." 254

I moan, "No, Neil--an alien on Naomi!" (71)

I moan, "No putrid [goddesses said I assessed dog /royal clay or]dirt upon Naomi!" 71

I moan, "No swan gnaws on Naomi!" 254

I never defile life, Dr.  even I! (4)

I, Niki, ban a bikini. 260

I, Nora, came most egotistic--it's I--to get some macaroni. (11)

I, not a girdle, held rigatoni. 255

I, not repaid, I'm a damsel  I polish Tom's moth silo piles, madam; I diaper Toni. 71

I pi. 00

I pity my tipi. 307

I pot cod as Delia mailed sad octopi. 71

I pot cod, nag and octopi.[I pot coy; nag any octopi.] 88

I pot "Code Red" octopi. 71

I pot co[ded/ts; I list/y] octopi. 71

I pot: coyote, toy octopi. 1

I prefer pi. (85)

I: prevent U-boats; tar evil, live rats; Tao--but never pi! (149)

I, Rasputin, knit up Sari. (213)

I roam as a Maori. (95)

I roamed under it as a tired, nude Maori. (131)

I roamed under rats as a starred, nude Maori. (10)

I run in Uri! (24)

I saw dam, [Edith; tide/Emily, lime] mad was I. 71

I saw desserts, I'd no lemons, alas, no melon, distressed was I. (10)

I saw Ed under Deb's bed; red, nude was I. (71)

I saw elf fur--tall in a vanilla truffle was I.  (345

I saw guns as I let [apes on race-car nose-pat/Arby also slay brat] Elisa; snug was I. 71

I saw I was I. 71

I saw Lana as I let Ron snort, "Elisa!"; anal was I. 71

I saw Rosa with Gillian's niece, in snail-light I was, or was I? (11)

I saw thee, madame, eh, 'twas I. (10)

I saw Tom signed Mac's Camden gismo--'twas I! (71)

I sew a lush Sultan robe now as I saw one born at lush Sulawesi. 260-

I, Sis, sass Assisi. 254

I sit in a can--it is I. 71

I site target, I bite grate  tis I. 1

I tan, I mull, I live on no evil illuminati. (00)

I tip away a wapiti. (11)

I told, Edna, how to get a mate: "Go two-handed, Loti." (10)

I was at a donut nab--agog, a bantu, no data saw I. (110)

I was named under a deb's bed; a red, nude man saw I. (71)

I was sad--no Hondas saw I. (71)

I wash Tom, Mama--a mammoth saw I! (71)

I won, Karen--an era know I! (116)

I, zany as ever, Eve, say: "Nazi!" (260)

Ian, I see Sinai. (244)

Ian is not on Sinai. (98,71)

Ian, is [Nina May a MAN in /no dame mad on] Sinai? 71

Id abases a bad I. 277

I'd [I]di. (1)

I'd revel (bong!), ignoble Verdi! (5-1)

I'd revere Verdi. (79)

I'd (sworn I) set tall lattes (in rows), Di. (1)

Ida had no Honda, Ed--dead, no Honda had I. (71)

Idaho yo-yo had I. (50)

Idyll aromas [did Sam /do sods am]orally, Di. 260

Idyll averted a jade trevally, Di. 260

If I feel fire, volcano fire, no boner if on a clover I flee Fifi! 254

If I feel fit on snow, on snot I flee Fifi! 254

If I feel, flee, Fifi. 200

If I felt tense yet sold a symbol I lob, my sad lost eyes nettle Fifi. 260-
If I flee from life, film or feel Fifi. 260-

If I had a hi fi... (6)

If US guns assert Sid is an imam in a war, did I draw an imam in as I distress a snug sufi? 260-
Ignore heron, G.I. (98)

Ilana, my spy, got to gypsy man Ali ` 200

I'll enliven Nevil, Nelli. (4)

Ill, I cable, "Mach's awash--camel bacilli!" (254)

Ill, I cable to hotel, "Bacilli!" (71)

I'll let Anita Natina tell Li. (1)

Illicit Sid, a star, bore her a wan unaware hero brat: sadistic ill I. 260-

Illicit song, rob all lung: null labor--gnostic, ill, I. (1)

I'm a bony nob am I? (71)

I'm a [Dad/Mom/Pop], am I? 122,1,1-

"I'm a damsel," brawny Llewellyn warbles, "--mad am I!" (71)

I'm a Dane; a maenad, am I? 260-

I’m a fool aloof, Ami. 1

I'm a GI root--to origami.  200

I’m a ‘ho’, oh am I?                                                  1-

I'm a lasagna--hang a salami! (110)

I'm a lasagna hog--go hang a salami! 348

I'm a lasagna hog, Hannah--go hang a salami! (215)

I'm a lasagna hog, O Sara, so go hang a salami! (1)

I'm a lass, a salad, new end alas as salami. 00-350-

I'm a "last salami!" (85)

I'm a live ogre, ergo, evil am I! (307)

I'm a Madam Adam, am I? (11)

I'm a "never-ever-even" am I? (62)

I'm a party-rat in a snug, unsanitary trap, am I? (71)

I'm a Pocono cop, am I? 71

I'm a rotary gyrator, am I? 260

I'm a track-limp milk cart, am I? 260

I'm a tune nut, am I? (62)

I'm aimed at old Madam d'Lotade, Miami. (58)

I'm Al, a slave  I demolish [a tuna can, Uta/Sam's mas/too/Tom'smot]h silo, medieval salami.71

I'm Al, a slob--my symbol: salami! (71)

I'm, alas, a one-guru, Genoa salami. (110)

I'm, alas, [a] salami! (97,[71])

I'm, alas, a slob--my symbol's a salami. 307_

I'm alive; evil am I. (79)

I'm anomie, I, mon ami. 279

I'm 'I'? (00-many)

In a canoe… Leona   can I? (commentaries) 71

In a la sin, Eva, meta-loco ‘H’ (chocolate maven) is Alan I! (for my friend, Alan Isaac) 1

In a panic, I tan a fetid, dull Luddite fanatic, in a pan, I. 71

In a regal age ran I. (10)

"In airy Sahara's level, Sarah, a Syrian, I." (10)

In I tramp--martini! (109)

In Ikiba, Nina made Ed a man in a bikini. (71)

In Illinois, I veto news editor on Orono Tides: "We note vision, Illini!" 71

In it ram a martini. (4)

In night, evil liveth, Ginni. (71)

In word salad, alas, drown I.  (59)

In words, alas, drown I. (59)

Infidels led Ifni. (88)

Infinitesimal Clam I set in Ifni.                            324

Io desires one nose rise  do I? 237

Ira, fasten animals I slam in a net   Safari! 307

Ira fasts, Alan, on a last safari. (110)

Ire these tame mates, eh Teri! (1)

Irish saw: "Awash, sir, I." 254

"Irregular, I gnash teeth," sang Ira Lugerri. 71

Is I? 71

Is Laertes set real, Si? (88)

Is pep a Pepsi? (66)

Is Pepcid Odic Pepsi? 237

Is sagacity, Lara, panic in a paralytic Agassi? 260

Is sensuousness 'I'? 6

Isis is Sis, is I. (109)

[Isis/I, Sis,] saw Assisi. (29)

It's a gamy mag, Asti. 200 

It's a gem, tuna nutmeg, Asti. 200-

It's a Motel Six Isle, Tom Asti. 200-
It’s a task: Colbert Neck Centre blocks a Tasti. 255-
It's a top-spot, Asti. (201)

It's an Oz amazon, Asti. 200-

It's Asti. (85)

It's Astro torts, Asti. 200

It's at serene rest, Asti. (88)

It's I, Carla--Cain, a maniacal racist, I. (71)

It's: "I'm a giblet, Omar--a motel bigamist, I!" 71
It's Ti. (85)

I've let a name emanate: Levi. (1)

Jar a Tonga, nag not a Raj. (11)

Jar red nun; aid Nina to pot an Indian under raj. 260

Jarred arts sell less, Trader Raj. (1)

Jeune Vassar Greta, water grass: Avenue J! (1)

Joe L. Biden is mad as K. Costner, ever reverent, socks Adam's inedible O.J. (71)

Jon, is some moss in O.J.? 278

Jose, can a creepy peer can Ace's O.J.? (1)

Joy, name 'em any O.J.! (1)

K.C., Abe, Rabe, Dirk, ride bare back. 200
K.C., "Ah, so Ida ran a Radio Shack?" 200-
K.C. is Llama Mall sick. (164)

KC is sick. 307

K.C.: it's a stick! (98)

KC, its an iPhone: no tone, no hp, in a stick. 255-

K.C. or Deb Ott, new, went to Bedrock.  200

K.L. at Sun got EMACS, so boss came to GNU's talk. (00)

"K.O. stingier of mien Adam," I say (as I'm a Dane   I'm foreign   it's OK). 260

K. Roy went on gig, not New York. (35)

Kara, bump off fop Mubarak. 200_

Kay, a red nude, peeped under a yak. (11)

Kay, a red nude, pooped under a yak. 00-350-

Kay, aka Delia, hailed a kayak. (110)

Kay dated a cadet, a Dyak. 354-

Kay Em, girl, rig me yak! (1)

Kayak a tide, edit a Kayak. 361-

Kayak a yak. 128

'Kayak Salami', I'm 'Alaska Yak.' 364-

Kay's last, if it's Al's yak. (201)

Kay's welder bred Lew's yak. 307_

"Keep a still eye!" we yell, "it's a peek!" 260

“Keep hope, pep—oh, peek!”                              1-

Keep keel right, fifth girl--eek, peek! (217-1)

Keep on "No Peek." (88)

Keep warm, or from raw peek. (85)

Keeping is a sign I peek. 237

Ken, I, Nyad, Rob, Al did Labor Day nine K. 200-

Kleban did nab Elk. 200

Klimt lips spilt milk. 226

Knap’s a spank? 1

Knife de fink. 200-

Knife H.T.--the fink! (179)

Knife no one, fink! (102)

"Knight, I ask nary rank," saith Gink. (5)

Knit rapid, I dip art ink. 237

Knit some matelots some moss to let a memo stink. 260-

Knits stink! (98, 226)

Knock conk. (4)

Knock O.K., conk? (174)

Know a wonk.[Know a wonk?] (88)

Known: a man wonk. 364-

Knutsen, a Dane, stunk. (71)

Kobe erases old ads as dad loses a Reebok. 307

"Kodak ad O.K.!" (194)

Koh Samui doses use sodium ash, OK? 260-

"Kokomo, Oz," I zoom, "OK, OK!" 71

Kokomo tots reviled dandelion oil Edna delivered to Tom, OK, OK? 200-

Koo to Nepal a jalapeno took. 200

"Kook, go fret a later fog--kook!" 340
Kosovo's OK. 329

"Kramer  not rabid!" I, Barton, remark. (1)

L.A., Ed, is ideal. 200-

'L.A.: Edward Elgar rag led raw deal. 260

L.A. era music is, Uma, REAL. 1

L.A. gnu (feral); LA sun; an age; ELO (ha!); a hole (e.g. an anus): all are fungal. 277

L.A. gypsies abase "I Spy" gal. 307

L.A. ocelots stole coal. 260

L.A. Paul' (an AIDS doc) ODs Diana Lu, a pal. (1)

L.A. peels sleep, Al. 1

'L.A. Penni', Kert, Kay, Ev, Edna and Eve yak trek in Nepal. (229)

L.A. poets (aware, Vera!) waste Opal. (1)

L.A. renegade, man, never even named a General! (255-1)

L.A. rots a panino's son in a pastoral. 255=

L.A. snow job: O.J. won, Sal... (00)

"L.A.'s rat ate my metatarsal. 260

La Guardia did aid Rau, gal.  200

"La, not atonal!" (11)

La Paz yam(s) may zap(,) Al. (88)

La Renegade led a general. (88)

"Lac it, Ammar gnus" is ungrammatical. (189)

Lace decal. 237

Lace fossil is so fecal. 277

Lace me, Cal! (71)

Laced, Kobe erases a Reebok decal. 307

Laci, demand a DNA Medical. 237-

Lad, a smile, Mel  I'm sad Al. 1

"Lad, it's Tim's" I jeer, "cree jism--it's tidal!" 254

"Laden..?" I pined, Al. (275)

Lager, Em, did me  regal! 1

"Lager--never even regal!" (164)

Lager, Sir, is regal. (11)

Lair troops' raw siege is war's poor trial. 237-

Lame robot loops sectarian odes used on air at cesspool to bore Mal. 260

Laminate pet animal. (88)

Laminate wet animal. 309

"Lana, Boston's tide," I lied, "it's not so banal." (71)

Lana C. LaDaug was I ere I saw Guadalcanal. 00-350-

Lana, can I [bob/draw eels leeward/dump mud/pee deep/poop] in a canal? 307_

Lana, can I set up side disputes in a canal? 97

Lana: "Can I, sir, dip Idris in a canal?" (189)

Lana, can I sit on Otis in a canal? (71)

Lana, can I spit Q tips in a canal? 97

Lana canoed under Fred, nude, on a canal. 200-

Lana fixes sex, if anal. (201)

Lana: "I saw a log, Nan, in Angola--was I anal?" (71)

Lana (on Rona): "Grow organ or no anal!" 278

Lana saw I nosed under it, a tired, nude son--I was anal. 71

Lana saw I was anal... 1

Lana, sign it up: mock computing is anal. 260

"Lana's tide," I lied, "--it's anal!" (71)

Lani Rusk corks Ed's desk, rocks urinal. 71

Lap,[a] pal. (146,[4])

Lap and a Rome madness  send a memo: "Ra DNA," pal. 237

Lap Opal! (85)

Lap Strohs on no shorts, pal. (173)

Lapse: porno's "on ropes", pal! (1)

Lapses--order red roses, pal! (133)

Laptops spot pal. (97)

"Lasagna, Sis" I sang as Al. 200
Lash[,] Sal! (85)

"Lass, bossy Ada wonders if fat Sid's distaff is red nowadays," sobs Sal. (71)

Lass, I made [E/Ne/Te]d a missal. 307

"Lass, I'm Sid." sad Ida's dismissal. (71)

Lass, I'm Sid's diamond--no maid's dismissal! (98)

Lasso bonobos, Sal. 200

Last egg gets Al. (97 +/or 289)

Last fig--as a gift, Sal? (11)

Last, I fort error retrofit, Sal. 200-

Last, penis is inept, Sal. 200-

"Last regrets" is, Sis, sister Gert's Al! (1)

Last, to die near "Aeneid," Ott, Sal. 200 

Late, avid, live nano-pupils saw gnu dung was slip-up on an evil diva (et al.) (201)

Late be Russia, but Tuba is sure bet, Al. (28)

Late Bill is ill, I bet, Al. (194)

Late pastime emits a petal. 237-

Later, a model rang Otto, got to gnarled Omar et al. 260

Latin egos erase dismal cymbals; a note yielded a faded lei; yet on a slab, my clam sides are so genital. 260-

Latino, cam on, evades USA ... he has used a venom; aconital. 260-

Lattimer asks a remittal. (5)

Laud dual! (85)

Laudable was I ere I saw Elba dual. 201

Lau's unusual. 200

Lay a wallaby baby ball away, Al. (6)

Lay block Colby, Al. (174)

Lay by Al. 336

Lay orb royal. (85)

Lays at scenic IL. or FL.: frolic in ecstasy, Al. 260

Lea, deign an Angie deal. 1

Leah career-uprooted artists I trade to or puree, Rachael. 260-

Leah paraded a Raphael. 307

Lear's in Israel. (4,34,110)

Lear's in it, on top spot--not in Israel. (29)

Lear's Israel. (98)

Lee, fine tune menu ten, I feel. 200-

Lee had a heel. (20)

Lee had Ed iced, I decided--a heel! (71)

Lee has a race car as a heel. (97+/or245)

Lee, heel! 00-many

Lee, help Miss Frane to do ten "arfs" (simple heel.) (104)

Lee lived: a man, a Titan, a mad, evil eel. 71

"Lee, nasties!" Ida raps, "Tim, it's paradise--it's an eel!" 71

 Lee, rib Barbara Warton, not raw, (Arab!) Rabbi Reel! (237)

Leeks keel! 85

Leer at a reel. (88)

Leery, Amy may reel. 307

"Leeward, raw eel!" (88)

Leg in, Nigel. (4)

Leg, Nan, as an angel! (88)

Leg sniffing is a sign, if fins gel... (152)

Legal again, I a gala gel. 327-

Lem, did Rose love voles, or did Mel? (71)

Lem, Martin I trammel. 1

Lem saw I was Mel. (116)

Lema called O'Dell a camel. 200-

Len, oil Soho's Lionel. 201

Leno, I, Lotte,  got to get to Lionel. 200
Leno, locate PETA colonel. 359-
Leno located a cadet: a colonel! (260)

Leo nearby, by Ruby, a minor in iron I may bury by brae, Noel. 254

Leon sees Noel. (5)

Leon stops Ned a limo and Naomi, laden, spots Noel. (254)

Lepers repel. (6)

Les denatured an "Omelette-Lemonade Rut" (an Edsel!) (88)

Les, mad at soldier Otto Reid, lost a damsel. 200
Les made raw ale, Delaware damsel. (45)

Les's a tram smart-ass, El. 200-

Lessen damn madness, El. 200-
Lessen it, set testiness, El. 200
Lessen Warren Rock corner rawness, El. (1)

Let 'er go, Gretel! (110)

Let, O mania, garage beg a Raga in a motel. 237

Let O'Hara gain an inn in a Niagara hotel. (213+/or26)

Let O'Hara mar a hotel. 260-

Let O'Malley yell, 'A motel!" (191)

Let Omar often nag a gannet for a motel. 260

Let Rack Centre block Colbert Neck Cartel. 255-
Let sap erupt pure pastel. (98)

"Let's burp inside, Red Roy ordered, "I snip, rub Stel!" 71

Lev, a galoot, sanded Edna's tool, a gavel. 71

Lev, a nag--Nita--torn up--spun, rotating a navel! 254

Levar, nun act can unravel. 200-

LeVar to grab metropolis silo port, embargo travel. (30)

Level, erase, ah, shades are level! (5)

"Level eye: taboo boob at eye level!" 1

Level Ned rubs camera bare--Mac's burden level? (175-1)

Leveler, relever! (16)

Levins snivel. (88)

Levo, hang a salsa romano on Amora's lasagna hovel. 00-350-

Levonne's bidet: a dip, a lid, a dilapidated Ibsen novel." (71)

Lew, Otto  ha!  Deirdre (no loner) dried a hot towel! 71

Lew, Otto has a hot towel. (73)

Lewd did I live & evil I did dwel. (84)

Lex, I pyre Vedas ad--every pixel! (1)

Lia, fail! 237-

Lia, get air: benign, olden nuts stunned long-inebriate Gail! (1)

Lia got: tide-rip men, amoretto; Lotte: Roman Empire (ditto Gail.) (71)

Lia met e mail. 237

"Lia, win Woden  one down!" I wail. 1

Liaison is a cerise disaster, an impolite bite, yet I bet I lop minarets: as I desire casinos, I ail. 260-

Liam dams mad mail. (00)

Liam delivers reviled mail. (233)

Liam, Li, answer Drew: snail mail. 200-

Liam Neeson loaded AOL; no seen mail. (247)

Liar Ed--derail! (161)

Liar emits a snaky Dole melody, Kansas time--rail! (109)

Liar felt to be bottle-frail. 254

Liar Marty laid a daily tram rail. 307

Liar, nail at Italian rail! 237

Liar spots top's rail. (1)

Liars, alas, rail. (16)

Liars repel Samurai via rum, as lepers rail. (103)

Lib regrets: bologna, mango, lobster, gerbil. 6

Lib regrets, "No, a monster gerbil!" (1)

Lice crisp, maced, Ed, I assimilate metal, I miss aide de camp Sir Cecil. 71

Lid of fade (metallic soot) emit Garret-simple, 'help-mister' ragtime to oscillate me--Daffodil.(116)

Lie, Neil! 85

Lie not to Neil. 200-

Lie, veil! (237)

Light a path, Gil. 1

Linda had nil. 278

Linda Strattons not tart, sad, nil. 237

Lio, can I stack cats in a coil? 71

Lion: if I saw one rut, and I cast it, can a man act its acid nature now as if in oil? 260-

Lion, O Puma, I am upon oil. (165)

Lionel lustily lit sullen oil. 71

Lionesses sass Essen oil. 260

Lionise us signing up Mister Gere; he regrets impugning issues in oil. 260

Lionise us, Sinai pot user: a perpetuated ace cadet (a Ute) prepares utopian issues in oil. 260

Lip up, Red   Nelsons no slender pupil. 1

Lisa, be most simple; help mist some basil. 307_

Lisa Bonet ate no basil. (144)

Lisa, by baby metal up in a moth turret, Tibetan aide Madame Dian ate bitter Ruth to manipulate my baby, Basil. (254)

Live Aid, Em, as is is a media evil. 200-

Live DNA tasting if of UFO sign "it", satan devil. 237

Live Dada, devil! 6

Live daffodils a daffodil slid off Ada, slid off a devil. 254

Live, devil! (00-many)

Live Devo, love devil. (164)

Live dirt (up a side track carted) is a putrid evil! (16)

Live drab, bar devil. 200-

Live evil. (00-many)

Live for a War of Rose or for a war of evil.  329

Live--for at last Seth tests altar of evil! 00-350-
Live forever of evil. (00)

Live--nab DNA, wasabi bib, a saw, and ban evil! (1)

Live non evil! (1,151)

Live not on evil. (10)

Live not on evil deed, live not on evil. (11)

Live not on evil, madam, live not on evil. (10or16)

Live, O Devil, revel ever, live, do evil!   (11)

Live on evasions--no, I save no evil! (3)

Live on, O do, to do no evil! (00)

"Live on, O doom," I moo, "Do no evil!" 71

Live on (tenet:) no evil. (140)

Live on, Time  emit no evil! (5)

Live SAM a soot to Osamas evil. 237

Live, sane Moses opposes omen as evil. (177)

Live, Simon, even one venom is evil! (327)

Live sin is evil. (245)

Live super-aware, pus evil. 254

Live tar, Zeus--must sum Suez rat...evil! (162)

Live time, never even emit evil. (10)

Live to help Pot topple hot evil! (104)

Live wartime did emit raw evil. (77)

Live was I ere I saw evil. (16)

"Lived on decaf, faced no devil." (141?)

Liven a bilateral flare, "Taliban Evil." 237

Lives drown in words evil. 226

Lives in Italy: Rome masks a memory; Latin is evil. 260-

Liz arbitrates set art, I, Brazil. 278

Llama tames lion, oils 'em at a mall. (194)

Llew did well. 201

Llew saw a seesaw as I saw a seesaw as well. 260

Llew's ass end

,Al, gave Eva gla

amasses so pretracted a cane pot to pen a cadet cart or possess ma

,Amy, met a bad Nate both to bet and abate my ma

assesses sad Nadine, Ron or Enid, and assesses sa

assesses sad names, Em, and assesses sa

assesses sa

lobs bol

locks a moth to mask col

dness as well. (260)

Llew's assent,[Alf, sees fla/I feel, emotes a case to mellee fi/I wi] tness as well. (260)

Lo...die, idol! 237

"Lo, Ho claims a crass ennui unnes sarcasm," I alcohol. (1)

Lo, Otto has a hot tool! (254)

Lo, pot saves Sevastopol! (34)

"Lo--so rear up, sir!" I spur aerosol. 254

Lo, was a Barrabas AWOL? 201

Loaded 'Net ended AOL. (144)

Loco torpedo rode protocol. (88)

Lodi, add an Adda idol. (88)

Lodi made Edam idol. (41)

Lonely Tsar OD's--pops Dora's Tylenol (110)

"Lonely, Tylenol?" 309_

Loofah a fool! (4)

Loofahs awry at Ayr wash a fool. (11)

"Look: a red, nude gap!" Marc rampaged under a Kool. (1)

Look, gee, I got stogie, e.g., Kool. (1)

Loop, race  we carpool! 237

Loop, reviled, under Everton, not revered nude Liverpool. 260-

Loot Reba's saber tool.                                            359-

Loot slate, metal plate, metal stool. 354-

Loot stool. 85

Looted, unseen, I'm on a nominee's nude tool. 71

Looters retool. 226

Lor--Reno's reward went up and Edna put new drawers on Errol! (11)

Lorne and Edna enrol. 292

Lost, I abolish silo bait, Sol. 71

Lost, I panic  I'm Ed, a cad, a mad academic in a pit, Sol. 71

Lost, Sol? 85

Low, asinine Lenin is AWOL. 200_

Low at New York, Roy went AWOL. (88)

Ludicrous spelling renders: sredner gnilleps suorcidul. 256

Lyrebirds sass Dr. I Beryl. (88)

"'M' lab menial slain--embalm!" (6)

'M' raffles Elf Farm? (1)

'M' regrets no monster germ. (1)

MP won; ergo, ogre now PM! (74)

Ma handed Edna ham. (11)

Ma has a ham. (116)

Ma hung gnu ham. 337

Ma, I am! (88)

Ma, I am A.B. Alan  I am gin enigma in Alabama, I am. 201

Ma, I am a boy: Obama I am. 260-

Ma, I am a lama, I am! (109)

Ma, I am a llama, I am! (97)

Ma, I am a Ma, I am! (4)

Ma, I am a man, Roberto; hot, reborn, a mama I am. 71

Ma, I am a Maya "Papaya Mama," I am. 200 

"Ma, I am a Santa at NASA, ma, I am!" 283

Ma, I am Al--lama--I am. (1)

Ma, I am all llama, I am! (1)

Ma, I am God!; dogma I am. 285

Ma, I dwell...I've seen knees  nude, red, unseen knees  evil, lewd I am. 71

"Ma," I say, "Lee's as eely as I am." (97)

Ma, I'm a damned, dirt ridden madam, I am! 71

Ma, I'm a hag, I ... dismal clams I dig - a ham, I am. 71-

Ma, in a Brussels less urban I am. (88)

Ma, in a can, I, maniac Cain, am in a can, I am! (71)

Ma, in Amman I am. 200
Ma is a nun, as I am. (16)

Ma is a retro porter, as I am. 200_

Ma is acidic, as I am. (226)

Ma is as selfless as I am. (16)

Ma is niece in Siam. (29)

["]Ma, Jan is [," Kramer remarks, "] in a jam.["] (97,[71])

Ma, Jedi hide Jam. 200
"Ma," Jerome raps pot top, "spare more jam!" (10or5)

Ma, nap on no Pan-Am. (98)

Ma nixes sex in A.M. 200

Ma, often I back cabinet foam. 278

Ma, origami, magi  roam! 279

Ma Perot's Dr., Al, located a cadet a collard store, Pam. 200-

Ma said, "A [crab, a jam, a ham, a jab -/ crass] Arcadia, Sam!" 71

Ma set a date, Sam. (98)

Ma--she stuns Dad’s nuts, eh Sam? 1_

Ma, snot-sober, I wire Boston." - Sam.  71_

Ma stops Ed's despot, Sam. 71_

Ma still lit? Sam/Ma, still, lit Sam. 1

Ma stops Ed's despot, Sam. (71)

Mac code to Oleg: "At tocsin is cottage looted, Occam?" 254

Mac snubs Bob's bun scam. (97)

Mac spots tip at a pit stop scam. 201

Macro frog irks--I risk rigor for CAM. (00)

Macro fire those craft farces, oh Teri  for Cam. 1

Mac's sad story rots D.A.'s scam. 278

Mad, a detail of Eden: one defoliated Adam. (94)

Mad, "A.M. Rio" dubbed a deb "Budoir Madam." 1

Mad, a maid I am, Adam. (11)

Mad, a miser on steps gags pet, snores: "I'm Adam." 71

 Mad, alive, I mash Tom's mom's moths   am I evil, Adam? 71

Mad, (aloof) was a sleepy type Elsa saw fool Adam. 307

Mad am I, Madam? (16)

Mad Amadeus sued a madam. (110)

Mad as an ox in battle, pelt 'Tab' Nixon (a sad a.m...) (1)

Mad as it is, it is Adam. (11)

"Mad at Adam?" (97)

Mad axes sever Eve's sex, Adam. 254

Mad dash, eh, Saddam? (77)

Mad dash, saber, draw no Osama, so: onward, re bash Saddam! (265)

Mad Edna, a slut, nipped & sinned w/ Dennis & Depp in Tulsa and Edam. (46)

Mad Edna, a slut, nixes sex in Tulsa and Edam. 307

Mad, rats tar dam! 1-

Mad stops sass Potsdam. (88)

Mad Zeus (no live devil) lived evil on Suez dam. (7)

Mad Zeus not on Suez dam. (23)

Madam, if "la Halo" (Kasmir) rims a kola half--I'm Adam! (1)

Madam, I [dig, I revive; rigid,/ peel sisal as I sleep -/ slam in a net torn, rotten animals - /wash supine men, I push

saw--] I'm Adam. (71)

Madam, I'm Adam. (114)

Madam, in a can, I'm Adam. 71

Madam, in Eden I'm Adam! (16)

Madam it is in Eden I sit--I'm Adam. (71)

Madam, it's Aeneas, Tim, Adam. (71)

Madam, lab men embalm Adam. 307

Madam Labia, I balm Adam. 256

Madam lived locally, died in sadness; revivers send a snide idyll a cold evil Madam. 260

Madam, name me man, Madam. (11)

Madam solos mum, sees mum solos, Madam. 1

Madame Nile pips pipeline, madam. 324

Madame, not one man is selfless; I name not one, madam. (5)

Madam's Adam's mad as Madam. (11)

Made no trace, we cart one dam. 237

Mae, not a peep at one A.M.! (88)

Mae, not as wet, stews at One A.M. 307

Mae snipped J. Depp inseam. 200-

"Maiden, if no craft so melts a chasse legato poem of foot ageless--ah, castle most far, confined I am."  5

Maiden woos, so owned I am. (5)

Maiden-made-Bev, loser, resolve: be 'damned-I-am' (1)

Mail one rotten net to Reno, Liam. (1)

Mail Pa's ax ASAP, Liam. 307

Mail to Paris, sir, a pot, Liam. (71)

Mail to Peru pure pot, Liam. 307

Maim, as did 'Sam-I-Am.' (1)

Main I am! (85)

Maine Ben/hen/Ken/Len/pen/Sen./Zazen I am. (88)

Mai's nine, Zorro, zero; more Zorro zen in Siam? 254

Major I aced is Nile dome model inside Cairo jam. (260)

Majority tiro jam. (88)

Majors nab an SRO jam. (88)

Malign, I rob; boring--I lam! (106)

Maligning, I lam. (88)

Man, Eve let a snug warder redraw guns at eleven a.m. 307

Man, Eve let an idiot--a retromastoid idiot, Sam, (or teratoid)--in at eleven a.m. (11)

Man, Eve let an irate tar in at eleven a.m.! (11)

Man, Eve stays sassy at seven A.M. (88)

Man, Eve's tall at six A.M. and, Edna, Max is tall at Seven A.M. 307_

Man, Eve's tan GI's see Rob (Maja's boss), Al and Edna lasso BSA jamboree's sign at seven a.m. 307

Man, Eve's tax I fix at seven A.M. 200

Man, I rush Surinam! (88)

Man live on  no devil; Nam. 298

Man maps yam snot and DNA--tons may spam Nam! (116)

Man, Oprah's sharp on AM! (210)

Man, rotisserie heiress, I Torn am. 200

Mandela, I dialed Nam. 200

Manet tastes sap assets at ten A.M. (88)

Manilow at New York, Roy, went AWOL in A.M. 200-

Man's mood dooms 'Nam. (193)

Many bees in air, an Alp, a planarian I see, Bynam. (71)

Mao bore, jaded, a Jeroboam. (88)

Mao bore Jeroboam? (103)

Mao, roam! 1

Maples made Damsel Pam. 237-

Mar pony not, Eva gave Tony no pram. (254)

Marc, get in ode: "Taste gnu, Jack (cajun!), get sated on it--e.g. cram!" (1)

"Marc, scram!" (113+/or88)

Marcia, some portraits I mist  I "art rope" Mosaic Ram. 237

Mares use ram. 237-

Marg, I pen [an] epigram. (4,[71])

Marg, I pet-epigram? (4)

Margaret fades in a groomed demo organised after a gram. 260

Marge let a moody baby doom a telegram. (5)

Marge let a reviled boob deliver a telegram. (325)

Marge let telegram. (16,201)

Marge, let's drown in words--telegram! (1)

Marge lets Norah see Sharon's telegram. (16)

Marge, let's send a sadness-telegram. (71)

Marge, lets telegram! (1,309)

Marge, let's telegram her over the sex of my gym foxes, eh Trevor, eh Marge ... let's telegram!260

Margi, "penis is burned raw--Warden rubs" is in epigram. (71)

Margo edited a cadet ideogram. 260

Margo edits Olson Adano's 'Lost Ideogram.' (71)

Margo needs, Dee, no gram. 1

Margo read [Asa] a sad aerogram. 307

Margo, toss a lasso to Gram! 309

Mari: "Hot, snug, defiant, Enos, on Etna, I fed guns to Hiram." 71

Maria Peron did no repair A.M. 200-

Marian I ram as a marina I ram. 260-

Marine mats slid off a daffodil's stamen I ram. 260

Marine men I ram. 307

Mariner Wren I ram. 200 

Marissa's ass I ram. 264

Mars UFOs told a war office sage, "beg a sec, if for a wad lots of us ram." 260-

Marta, Enos: I belt, tackle elk, cattle, bison; eat ram. (71)

Martensdale lads net ram. (88)

Martin, I tram! 1

Martin knows it is won, Knit Ram!    328

"Mart's red roses suck!" Cal Black cusses, orders tram. 71

Marty, Bo got Hannah to go by tram. 254

Marty, Bo got Otto to go by tram. 307

Martyr, do dry tram. 237-

Mary, babe, had a he-baby ram. (109)

Mary bred a derby ram. 268

Mary, must I jujitsu my ram? 307

Mary, nab any ram. (253)

Mary's order is, "I Red Rosy ram!" 237-

Mary's super: a bare pussy ram! 260

Mary's words (in a pajama), "Japan is Drowsy Ram." (24)

Ma's avid as a diva, Sam. 292

Ma's red, iconoclast Sal con O 'Cider Sam.' (1)

Mas reign at Tangier, Sam. 1

Ma's story rots Sam. (97)

Mash Sid a radish, Sam. (71)

Mash side-dish, Sam. 71

Mash Sid's dish, Sam. (71)

"Mask OK, Sam?" (88)

Mass evil traffic if fart lives, Sam! 277

Massage Degas, Sam. 200 

Masseur Bob rues Sam. 260-

Masseuse babe sues Sam. 260-

Masseuse sues Sam. 317

Masseuses are set among a harem; a camera hag no mates erase sues Sam. 260-

Masseuses are stolen; one lots erase sues Sam. 260-

Masseuses I minimised as I lap Nina made me edit eyes or prose, yet I deemed a man in palisades I minimise sues

Massless at rest are rats' .. er ... tassels, Sam. 260

Mat a mildewed Lima tam. 307

Mate, it nailed Eli: Antietam. 260

Mats, I rupee purist am. 200

Max, I stalled O'dell at six A.M. 200-

Max, I stampede P.M. at six a.m. 200

Max, I stay alert in a cosy port, new as if I saw entropy, so can it relay at six a.m.? 260-

Max, I stay away at six a.m. (5or10)

Max is lit, nude (bra-garbed) until six A.M. 200-

Max is tasting nits at six a.m. 307

Maxey, go lob my symbology exam. 307

May a bad boob dab a yam? 00-350-

May a banana nab a yam? 4

May a bat stab a yam? (71)

May a moody baby doom a yam? (16)

May a [node, Caleb, be laced on/noose pay a peso on/nostril flee NASA as an eel flirts on/

note set on/nut stun/pansy snap] a yam? (71)

May, (a sleepy baby), peels a yam. 307

May an [ore teeter/okra park/olive dab a devil/Opus repel lepers up/Otis sit] on a yam? (71)

May Degas draw Deb Edwards' aged yam? (71)

May Eva, Hume's emu, have yam? (98)

May it name 'em anti-yam? (194)

May we nab a new yam? (123)

Maya: I saw rose lunar granules, or was I a yam? (236)

"Mayhem, eh Yam?" (6)

Me, gig 'em?  200

Me  go help Miss Simple hog 'em? (1)

"Me, Leona, can I poop in a canoe?"  Lem. 71

Media kudos O.D. UK--aid 'em! (1)

Media pseudonym, Amy: no dues paid 'em! (260)

Media stock cot said, "Em..." 237

Meed ici: noise large, e.g. rales ionic, I deem. (1)

Meek I sonnets I like, Em. (11)

Meet animals; laminate 'em.  00-350-

Meet, see Rome--more esteem! (1)

Meg, a tarts a stratagem... 1

Meg, as is, is a gem. 200

Meg, I’d Dad dig ‘em. 1

Meg saw one rock core now as gem. (1)

Mega now, elf flew  on a gem. 237

Megabucks ask Cuba gem. 85

Megabucks I risk: Cuba gem! (85-1)

Megan, I finish sin if I nag 'em. (11)

Megan, October's deeds re Bot Co. nag 'em! (1)

Mega-Sade reversed, a jade's revered as a gem. 254

"Megaton"'s not a gem. (88)

Mega-wasted, E.T. saw a gem! (1)

Meg's bored; I hide Rob's gem. 71

Mel, chest nap-red nude yet (a sore hero!) sat, eyed underpants, eh, Clem? 1

"Mel, Em burps," I lisp, "I have seen knees, Eva  hips," I lisp, "Rub me, Lem." 71

Mel, Gabe dies   I raise sordid roses   I arise; I debag Lem. 71

Mel, Noreen sneer on Lem. 71

Mel ogled a ticklish silk citadel golem. 260-

"Mel--spare Tim any dynamite?" raps Lem. (71)

Mel stops, [notes fossil bliss of Seton;/tenses, reverses net,/tips pots, taps, knocks Ed's desk, conks Pat, stops pit]

spots Lem. (71)

Mel, tell a moth to mallet Lem. (254)

Melee: eye eel, Em! (1)

Mellow, AWOL, Lem. 200-

Men, I'm Eminem! (109)

Me-o-my, no gas; in rut a Saturn is agony, Moe M! (71)

Merci, Mota saw Peel's sleep was atomic R.E.M.! 200

Merde, Enid, I need R.E.M. 200-
Mere vespers, Rep--sever 'em! (1)

Met at a bidet one summer, a harem muse noted I "bat at 'em!" (1)

Met inward drawn item? 237

Met system? 237-

Metabolisms I lob at 'em. 260

Mia, may no SETI meso-Semite Sonya maim? 254

Mia--men--can acne maim? (254)

Mia’s ‘No’ is revered ere version’s aim. 1

 Miami I maim. (16)

Miami moan, "Naomi, maim!" 254

Miami, Tulsa's a slut I maim. (98)

Miami's civics: "I maim." (36)

Mike[,] can [Ellen] ace Kim[?]! (97)

Mike Modano's on a dome, Kim. (106)

Mike nodded "done," Kim. 1

Mike's ol' llama'll lose Kim. 00-350-

"Mike's running," I sneer, Greer green, "sign in nurse Kim." 254

Mined for allocated action, we sew no IT cadet a collar of denim. 260-

Mirror Red elder, Fred, led error rim. 237-

"Miry rim  so many daffodils[," Delia wailed, "]slid off a dynamo's miry rim!" (11)

Mirth (self-rehearsed irony, no?) rides Rae, her flesh trim. 260

Missy, bury Ruby's Sim! (1)

Mix a man a maxim. 315

Mix a maxim. (00-many)

Mo made Jed a Mom. 200_
Mo, order my Mr. Ed room. 144-

Mo Orr, A.B.A., nixed Ocala codex in a barroom.                200-

Mo toted, Ilsa, a slide to Tom. 200
Mod rats live on a Toyota; no evil stardom. (98)

Mode robot pets, too, foot-step to boredom. (1)

Mode robs boredom. (4)

"Model truth: turtledom. (194)

Mollahs shall Om. (88)

Mom saw tuna, a nut was mom. (253)

Mom saws tuna--nuts was Mom! (253-1)

Mom's Dad & Dad's Mom! (110)

Mom's dad's mom!?                                                                    345_

Mom's selfless, Mom. (85)

Moo lazily, Ned: deny Liz a loom. 260-

Moo rarely, TV ilk: OK Liv Tyler a room. 260-

Mood gods send a slate man at a speedy car a racy, deep Satan, a metal sadness: dog-doom.254

Mood synopsis is pony's doom. 307

Mood's mode, Pallas, is all apedom's doom. (214?)

Moods send a sere sadness, doom. (254)

Moody me--manic, I name my doom. (71)

Moody motto: "Oblate madnesses send a metal boot to my doom". 260-

Moody spigot dew, sag--as sagas wed to gipsy doom. (5-1)

Moor a Nixon aide - mock comedian ox - in a room. 260-

Moor bared nudes in a gap paganised under a broom. 260-

Moor Deb, Anita, made Jed a mat in a bedroom. 200-

Moor let Omani in a motel room. (20)

Moor Nabila toted Al Slade to Taliban room. 200-

Moor Rep Mordecai aced Romper Room. 200-

Moor sanded Edna's room. 290

Moores use room. 237

Moorgate got nine men in to get a groom. (5)

Moors dine, nip  in Enid's room. (16)

Mordecai aced ROM.                                    200

"More variety, Ben--one byte," I rave, "ROM!" (254)

Mort's GRE, Bo, to go to Bergstrom.  200

Moses, om! 237

Most naive deviants Om. (88)

Motel cats bored: no pizza, jazz; I ponder obstacle, Tom. (1)

Motel grub I burgle, Tom. 307

Mother at song no star, eh Tom? (80)

Mother Eve's noose we soon sever, eh, Tom? (10)

Mother: "Is puny Llewellyn up, Sir--eh, Tom?" (71)

Moths, I feel, flee fish, Tom. (71)

Moths, if refastened on a node, net safer fish, Tom. 260-

Motto 'B': "Slap Opal's bottom." (71)

Motto: "Blair--a lame, malarial bottom." (109)

Mr. Al ate fetal arm. 255

Mr. Alan, Madame, Ma--damn alarm! (71-1)

Mr Epstein, I'm sure vile DNA can deliver us mini ET sperm. 260

Mr., I forge Negro firm. 200

Mr. Owl ate my metal worm. (97)

Mr. owl is a basil worm. 00-350-

Ms., a crass media “pseudo-dues” paid Em’s sarcasm 1

Ms, I lob meek U.N. nuke embolism. 255

Mud, Ned, dated a cadet addendum. 200-
Mud, Ned, upset a knot on Kate's pudendum. 260-

Mud negates a set agendum. (88)

Muffins: sniff 'um. (98)

Mugger Eva gave Reg gum.                                                    200-

Muir amasses...samarium. (88)

Muir, tan a Niger guru, Greg, in an atrium. 254

Murder answer, C.S., is "crew snare drum." 200

Murder for a jar of red rum. (00)

Murder red rum? (4)

Murdered I bite  yep, I prepaper pipe, yet I bide red rum. ` 71

Murderee, never ask a yak firer if kayaks are veneered rum. 260-

Murmur, "rum, rum." (4,201)

Muse on a canoe sum. 260-
Music I sum. (17+/or88)

Muskrats add a stark sum. 260

Mussels in a pot top an isle's sum. 260-

Must a far-off fat symbol spot a top slob my staff for a fat sum? 260-

Must firsts rift sum? (85)

Must I bow to no two bit sum? 260

Must love Reno on one noon no one  no, no one!  revolts, um? (1)

Must pass apt., sum. 237

Must save vast sum. 358-

Must sell at tallest sum. (5or10)

Mustafa rewards drawer a fat sum. 97

Mustafa's tent nets a fat sum. (110)

Mut arrest negated a cadet agent's erratum. (88)

Mutate, Dave--evade Tatum! (71)

Mutate, killing nil, like Tatum. 260

Mute Rob ran an arboretum. (71,255)

Mute, rob Ray Kroc's corky arboretum. 307

My g-spot stops gym! 00-350-

My gerbil acts rifled Omani shahs in a model first-calibre gym. 260

My gym foes' union on a sill is a no-no in use of my gym.                                260-

"My gym tasks art too lonely?" a Jay Leno looter asks at my gym. (260)

My gym taxes sex at my gym. (98)

My, no--dues pall a pseudonym! (88)

My, no dues pile, Eli  pseudonym? 1

My prey was sawyer Pym. 254

"'N' if he won't, I must sum it now, eh, Fin?" (1)

NWO DEVO did napalm lap and I dove down. 271

N.W. ode disputed; a cadet upside down. 254

"N word" slip upsets Estes  pupils drown! 307

Nab a red, nude man named under a ban. (98)

Nab a stiff, it's a ban. 278

"Nab illicit song--" Aida signals, "slang is a diagnostic ill I ban!" (5-1)

Nab oozy rat in a sanitary zoo--ban! (97-1)

Naber, vegan, did nag Ev re ban. 200-

Nacirema, American! (179)

Nadia's Essene killed Omaha model likenesses, Aidan. 260-

Nag a pagan. (85)

Nag a petite pagan. 200

Nag a placid Arab, or rob a radical pagan? (230)

Nag, Egan. (85)

Nag ill Uma, Rev, over a mulligan. 200-
Nag not a Tongan. 355-

Nag old Logan. (161)

Nag on a koala, Okanogan. (88)

Nail a Moslem a camel, Somalian. (88)

Nail a Moslem act so laden ruts turned a lost camel Somalian. 260-

Nail a timid Al Gore  has a hero (glad I'm Italian!) 300

Nail a tin in Italian. 309

Nail a tin Italian. (148)

Nail a tired rotini in it, order Italian! (249)

Nail Amos, O Somalian! (88)

Nail Ian! (85)

Nail it, pert reptilian! (85)

Nail light, or froth, Gillian. 237

Nail Li'l Lillian. 309

Nail(,) Lillian! (85)

Nail, O tan Anatolian! (88)

[Nainar, he/Rog, I/Devo, li'l I] tremor'd Nil, a palindromer [Tehranian/tiger/'til I loved.] (263)

Naive foe--water cesspit tips secret awe of Evian. (64)

Naïve pals lap Evian. 307_

Naive pals lap lager--regal pals lap Evian. 325

Naïve plug is "I gulp Evian!" 307_

Naive was I ere I saw Evian. (97)

Naivete got smart: trams to get Evian. (88)

Nam Dr. of Nat's, Asa, was a Stanford man. 200-

Nam gab: Asa was a bagman. 200-

'Nam lore elders tell lets Red leer, ol' man!" (1)

'Nam M.I.A.s: "Aw, raw war was aim, man!" (64)

Nam, order a red Roman! (239)

"'Nam--raw war, man!" (120)

'Nam regrets no monster German. (1)

Nam was a saw man. (116)

Name baby "my babe," man. 237

Name cane pen, Ace Man! 237

Name career free race, man! 237

"Name cite, bet, Iceman!" 237

Name Duran a rude man. 200

Name I (Major-General Clare) negro Jamie Man. (10)

Name is Orton, not Rosie, man! (00)

Name life raft fare file, man. 237-

Name made Dunbar Arab nude dame man. 237-

Name man. (00-many)

Name me 'man.'//Name ME, man. (88)

Name no Deborah a robed one, man. (98)

Name no lad o' God a lone Man. (237)

Name no one 'Man'./Name no one, man!/Name no one man. (00-many)

Name none 'man'. 00-350-

Name not so,[O] stone man! (5,[11])

Name now one man. (112)

"Name of a foeman?" (5)

Name 'Rome' not on Tiber if a fire bit not one more man. (23)

Name taboo, Bateman! (161)

Name tag, gate man. 6

Name to vote, man. (148)

Name us Sue, man. 237

Name we man? 1-

Named, I slay old Ed, loyal sideman. 71

Name's Abel, a male base man. (11)

Names reverse man. 255

Names use Man. 237

Nametag's "Gateman." (98)

Nam's DNA bandsman. 200-
Namu ha(s/d) a human. (88)

Namu, help misfit (if simple human)! (237)

"Naomi, cite Operas Are Poetic," I moan. (170-1)

Naomi, did I moan? (10)

Naomi, finish sin if I moan. (98)

"Naomi," I moan. (116)

Naomi, moan! (85)

"Naomi, sex at noon taxes!" I moan. (127)

"Naomi, six IS!" I moan. (1)

Naomi, stark rabid, I bark "Rats!" I moan. (5)

Naomi told Lot, "I moan." (174)

Nap, Mason, now on no sampan. 200-

Nap, Pan. (146)

Nary a bay ran. 1

Nary a gay ran. 307

Nary a (J/j/K/R)ay ran. (85)

Nat assumes Radar's emu's Satan.                                200-

Nat, I , Pa, Cleo to go to El Capitan. 200-

Nat, I ram a Samaritan. (88)

Nat saw lee Kalakala keel was tan. 307

Natalia was awail--a tan! (21)

Natasha, is Isiah Satan? 255-

Nate bit a Tibetan. (98,110,291)

Nate, bottle felt to be tan. 336

Nate, sore, made lame female (Dame Rose) tan. (109)

Nat's den nabbed a deb, banned Stan. 226

"Nat's lapses suck cock!" cusses pal Stan. 71

Navigator sees rot: a G.I. van! (1)

Navigators rot a G.I. van. 260

Navy reviled animals I slam in adelivery van. 307

Navy subs busy, Van. 1

Naw, I ate Taiwan. 309

Naw, I'm a drowsy man--I gave not one vagina my sword (am I wan!) (105)

Naw, order M&M--M&M red, Rowan. (1)

"Nay, Al  am I Himalayan?" 771

Nay, cognac can go cyan. 277

Neb Rednom, aid a diamonder--Ben. (237)

Ned--an iris was it I saw, Sir, in a den? (71)

Ned, Anita [had a hat/sat/'s] in a den. (71)

Ned, ay, asinine Daniel did idle in a den--in, I say, a den. (11)

Ned, derided I redden. (255)

Ned dusted a cadet--sudden! 254

Ned, Edessa passed Eden. 237

Ned, Elias, steel fleets sail Eden. (254)

Ned, go gag Ogden. (6)

Ned, go to hot Ogden. (44+/or23)

Ned got at Ogden (88)

Ned got a (b/c/h/m/p/r/v)at, Ogden. (88)

"Ned got pewter, Ruth, Sabines sell, Lew's pools loop, swell, lessen, I bash turret!"wept Ogden.254

Ned, I, a man, had a GM, a dam, "Azzam" Adam Gadahn, a maiden. 255-

Ned, I am a liar, frail, a maiden. (4)

Ned, I am a Loyola maiden. 71

Ned, I am a maiden. (91)

Ned, I am Deborah, a robed maiden. 307

Ned, I am (DNA) hot to handmaiden. 200-

Ned, I am not so bad a Boston maiden. 307

Ned, I am now a won maiden. (1889)

"Ned, I bet ten I bore O.J.!" delivers reviled Joe Robinette Biden. 260-

Ned, Madras' tsar damned! (1)

Ned, rag on, "Storm rots no garden!" (1)

Ned rages, "Ohio's buns I snub  so I hose garden!" 71

Ned rages, "Order a forewoman, a mower of a red rose garden!" 260-

Ned robs burro or rubs Borden. 254

Ned sat in Anita's den. 97

Ned Slade repapered Al's den. (110)

Nedra Olson is in Oslo, Arden. (245)

Nedra, we gag Ned, nab Ahab, and engage Warden. (71)

Ned's less urbane poses open a Brussels den. 260

Nehru, as son, I'd pull up dinosaur hen. (1)

Neil A., NASA's pet, steps as an alien. 308

Neil A. sees alien! (211)

Neil, aloof, fool alien. (201)

Neil, an Asian [aide, Diana/(no damn Madonna!)], is an alien. 71

Neil Ana saw as an alien. 200
Neil, as I said, Dias is alien. 71
Neil--Asia is alien. (71)

Nel won an Amana now, Len. 278

Nell, a fairy's nine dragons (Sim's ideal, Nina) can in Lae dismiss no garden in Syria fallen.254

Nell, a midden made Boston stew nine men in wet snot, so be damned, dim Allen! (254)

Nell, adapt no devil alive, don't pad Allen. 254

Nell: "Ahem--uh--gross sorghum, eh, Allen?" (71)

Nell, an ox I, Nadia, lost--a fatso--laid a nix on Allen. 254

Nell asleep may poop yam peels, Allen. 307

Nell, asleep, snaps tops, yanks Ed's desk  nay, spots pans, peels Allen. 71

"Nell ate lemon omelet."--Allen. 71

Nell ate my DNA so Sandy met Allen. 307

Nell AWOL, shall aloof Neil, an alien, fool Allah, slow Allen? 254

Nell, eye boiled Eli, obey Ellen! 254

Nella, banish Tom's moths; I nab Allen. 71

Nella, Cain, a man in spasms, a groaning Nita, torrid Ananias, Isa, in a nadir rotating Nina;

orgasm saps Nina, maniacal Len. 254

Nella, demand a lad named Allen! (5)

"Nella, gnaw tacit tall imps," I lisp, "mill Attica, twang Allen!" 254

Nella mixes sex  I'm Allen. 201

Nella notes, "Burt relaxes sex alert; rubs Eton, Allen." 71

Nella notes Mary's sassy ram, set on Allen. (71)

"Nella pals a dastard," Nadia said, "and rats, Ada, slap Allen." 254

Nella, pule, we jam a jewel up Allen! 254

Nella risks all: "I will ask Sir Allen." (16)

Nella rode Ted or Allen. 254

Nella sees, sir, bed debris; sees Allen. (71)

Nella, so Red, a madam on a nomad; a mad Eros, Allen. 254

Nella stops, tense--notes net, tense--tones net, spots Allen. (71)

Nella won't set a test now, Allen. (5)

"Nella's bosom, signor--it's a cast-iron gismo!" sobs Allen. (71)

Nella's simple hymn: "I attain my help, Miss Allen." (5or10)

Nemeses test tsetse semen. 307

Nemeses use semen. 260

"Nemo, gardenia mood-god nips," I lisp, "in dog doo, Maine dragomen. 254

Nemo, walnuts [O so] stun L.A. women. (1)

Nemo, we divide women. (71)

Nemo, we dun nude women. 307_

Nemo, we lay Yale women. 307

"Nemo, we love to vote!"—Vole Women. 255-

Nemo, we love vole women. 255

Nemo, we revere women. (10)

Nemo wed underbred nude women. 307_

Nemo wrote, "You dare not toner a duo yet ... or women". 260

Nepal lifers refill a pen. (21)

Nepotism: a red uddered dude rams it open. 260

Neptune nips Hannah's pine nut pen. 260

Net aerial: by not signing up mistier ire it's impugning, is Tony Blair eaten? 260-

Net foe[--]often.[!] (85,[1])

Net forever, often! (161)

Net GI big ten. 237

Net no pets in a canoe, Leona - can I step on ten? 71

Net ten. (146)

Net Tim a mitten. (4)

"Net Time" lines a senile mitten. 237

Net tore: rotten. (98)

Nets a hero bared nullify a mix I may fill under a bore ... hasten! 260-

Nets afire, monomania truc[es abate; so to set a base/ks a maddened damask] curtain, a monomer I fasten.260-

Nets aft now won't fasten! (11)

Nets I lose can [nip a pin/ruffle symbols amid a sad "I'm-a-slob-myself" fur]nace, so listen!260-

Nets I omit can add an act I moisten. 260-

Nets I omit I moisten. (254)

Nets, Ilga, glisten. 71

Nets rot, Torsten. 260

Nettle felt ten. 237

"Network[,] Row Ten!" (161)

Networks [all] ask row ten. (88)

Network’s at task--row ten. 1-

"Never a foot too far--even." (10)

"Never odd or even." (6)

New-era style tome remits us nectar at census time remotely, Tsar Ewen. 260-

New Gretna cedes a vase (decanter), Gwen. (88)

New loose robes--oh, those!--bore so Olwen. (11)

New lower cadets row, nine men in worsted, a crew, Olwen! (11)

New soda rep's Ed, a desperado, Swen. 200

Niagara--bar a gain! (1)

Niagara, bar again. (4)

Niagara, eh--I hear again! (73)

Niagara, O roar again! (10)

"Niger diva avid re gin!" (40)

Nil, a vowel, flew Oval in. 290

Nil, Bud, was I ere I saw Dublin! (149)

Nil led Em Ott to Medellin. 200

Nina Ricci ran in. (85)

Nino's cut did Tucson in! (88)

Nino's nurse [mocks Ed's desk, comes,/pats Eva, saves tapes,] runs on in. (71)

Nino's nurse's pal locks Ed's desk, collapses, runs on in. (71)

Nip a leper//stolen in//Nine lots;//Repel a pin! (260)

Nip a pin. (4)

Nips delirial from Al Gore (zero glamor, flair), "I led spin!" (109)

Nisei babies sit up if I put issei babies in. 260-

Nita, bad Ella (coo!) called a bat in! (11)

Nita sews reward: dud drawers we sat in! (11)

Nita wets: an acetate can, a stew, a tin. (71)

Nita's satin! (98)

Nite slain, Ed sat as denial set in. (165)

No, animal, snip ye no hymen--one my honey pins lamina on! (1)

No bag was I ere I saw Gabon. (88)

"No Bush, eh  sub on!" 296

"No cab for Elk City tickler of bacon." (71)

No cab saves Eva's bacon. (201)

No can is sold as a tie damsel (as Linkin Park rap, Nik): nil sales made it a sad loss in a con. 260-

No, Casie's Rome remorse is a con. 200-

No casino can even up a pun: even a con is a con. 260-

No casino can ever offer one Keno ref, for even a con is a con. 260-

No casino can ever odd-or-even: a con is a con. 260-

No casino dialytic rat Star City laid on is a con.                                                            260-

No cinema men I con. 260

No Citadel breed o' deer bled at Icon. 237-

No, Claire's den made lots: Lara Croft's erratic illicit arrest for car Al stole damned serial, Con.(260)

No clap ended Nepal con. 200

No clear sides: Palestinian erases arena in its elapsed Israel con. (260

No Coen as is is a neocon. 200-

No coital left in it: fellatio, Con! (260)

No D.A. if a "made man" named a Mafia don. 260

No dago may assay a Mogadon. 260

No darn urn, Emma  ram men, run  radon! 71

No darts on a sock, Cora, rock Cosa Nostra don. 260

No, Deborah, a robe  don! (4)

No, Dee, Pedro had a horde peed on.                                200

 No deer gag agreed on. (98)

No demerits tire me, Don. (170)

No Dena elixir, tall, effaced a decaf fellatrix I leaned on. (254)

No, deport it (tit rope!), Don. (1)

No devil[let sap erupt; pure pastel/lice--Cecil/, no garden; one dragon/, Steve, vet] lived on.(98)

No devil lived on. 00 many

No, devil slob, my symbols lived on! (98)

No devil's deeds lived on. (140)

No devils met if items lived on. 201

No, Dial saw I was laid on. (00)

No dialytic ore fees see ferocity laid on. 260-

No dialytic rats Star City laid on. 260-

No distended nets I don. 260

No DNA ball I will abandon. 260

No, DNA, ban abandon! 237

No, do brag not on Garbo, Don. 200

No, do not denigrate tar gin, Ed, to no don. 200 

No, Don, don't fight a poet's osteopath gift; nod, nod on. 71

"No, Don--oh, turn Ruth on--O, Don!" (71)

No, don't revert--no, Don. 71

No, Dot, do not nip a pinto--nod to Don. (71)

No dot, nor Ottawa "legal age" law at Toronto, Don. (10)

No, Dote not on E.T., o Don. 200-

No, Dot's a mastodon. 260

No Dot's pull-ups to don? (5)

No, Dr. Eli made Ned a miler, Don. 200

"No dresser, Don?" (97)

“No, Ed,” I gasp, “Ruby burps a Gideon.” 255

No, Ed, I get a hotel Bible to hate: Gideon. (71-1)

No, Ed - I rise - no bones, I ride on. 71

No, Ed, "iced" I decide on. 200

No, Eli, pile on! 109-

No, Em is Nastase's at San Simeon.  200

No, Ev - I list [bed debts/Sam's masts/Ron's snorts/rat tarts /sulk-lusts/lame malts/old lots/Lem's smelts/(etc.) 71

No evil I did, I live on. 00-350-

No, evil, I finish, Sir   I'm Irish   sin if I live on ... 71

No evil, live on. 00 many

No evil sagas live on. (139)

No evil Shahs live on. (16)

No evil's deed live on. (138)

No evil,[s] live on. (00,[8])

No gar rate tarragon. (85)

No garden can add an acne dragon. 260

"No, gardener," I tell Lew, "we'll let Irene drag on." (307)

No gas, I dump Marcia, I cramp mud, I sag on. 71 

No Geronimo--deer flee from a damned raw warden-madam, or feel freedom in Oregon. (71)

No, Geronimo, deer fret over a rare voter freedom in Oregon. 260-

No, Geronimo, 'twas I saw Tom in Oregon. 71

No, gird no maid a diamond rig on. (11)

No, Hal, I led Delilah on. (5)

No haven in Eva, hon. (254)

No, he dunno what Utah won, nude, hon. (1)

No herd acts in an onanist cadre, hon. 260-

No, here we were, hon! (97)

No, hero Clinton's not nil-core, hon. (1)

No hero gone, so rose no gore, hon. 254

No hero metallic, a voter I wire to vacillate more, hon. 254

No, Holy Mama, I am a Mylo, hon. (1)

"No home demo, hon..." (98)

No hymnal plan, my hon? 200-
No, I met System Ion. (116)

No, I nip pinon. (85)

No, I no pull up onion! (98)

No, I nude, lucid--I ridiculed union. 71

 No, I nude, rising, I sign  I sired Union. 71

No, I rivet, abate virion! (1)

No, I save on final perusal  a sure plan if no evasion. (10)

No, I save seven mutual autumn eves' evasions. (245)

No, I sullied (until today) a dot-lit, nude illusion. (1)

No, I tag Ella's allegation. (98)

No, I tan (I cull a hallucination!) (109)

No, I tan--I'm at no contamination! (149)

No, I, tart surf tider, credit frustration! (1)

"No--" I told Ed, "lotion!" (1)

No, I[ (Tom) did mo/, Tom, mock commo/ top Sis' po/t roped a made por]tion. (1)

"No, I, Tu, love evolution." (179)

"No," I Tut, "it's no constitution." (109)

No, I'll impugn a bang up million. 260

No "in": I model it so hero/maniac ire made divided America in a more hostile dominion. 260

No iron an

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