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Orion? 1-

No iron in Orion? 200-

"No iron on Orion?" (174)

No, ironic, I note [mime /rare]tonic in Orion. 71

No iron on robe, no bone born on Orion. 71

No ironwood I tub, but I do own Orion. 254

No, is iced dab a bad decision? (1)

No, is Ivy's order a red rosy vision? (5)

"No" is Simone's rash sarsen omission. 260

No "it" at ice recitation? 237

No, it can assess an action. (5)

No, it, CART, is operative, Evita, re positraction. 200

No, it--ides, Sis--is sedition! (1)

No, it is open if an isle's severe vessel's in a fine position. 260

No, it is open on one position. (5)

No, it is opposed; art sees trade's opposition. (112)

No, it is opposition. (101)

No, it never propagates if I set a "gap" (or prevention.) (5)

No, it posed Ian an aide's option. (4)

No, it poses order  a red roses option. (4)

"No, it rots," I droned, "I am a foe of a maiden - or distortion." 260-

No, Ita's in a gross old loss organisation. 260

No, it's a bar of gold  a bad log for a bastion. (101or112)

No, it's a bare divider, a bastion. 71

No, it's a [bast/fast ]ion. (154)

No, it's a cast ion... (203)

No, it's egg user Ab's bare suggestion. 260

"No, J Lo naps en espanol, Jon." 173

No, Joni MacLenan is in an El Camino, Jon. (173)

"No," K.C. ordered, "rock on!"  200

No, Lang, is signal on? (245)

No, lass denies I met illicit salesgirl; rigs elastic I'll itemise in Ed's salon. 260

No lava sprawl warps Avalon. (85)

No lava was I ere I saw Avalon. (111)

No, Le Mans is name, Lon. 200

No lefties oppose it, felon! (11)

No, Lem, we dye no honeydew melon. 260

No lemon sports Red Nelson's Latin ego - no genitals, no slender strops, no melon. 71

No lemonade Eva gave Harris; sirrah, Eva gave Eda no melon. (11)

No liar, Uma saw a samurai, Lon. 200-

No lye clears Israel, Ceylon. (24)

No, Lyn, no pets step on nylon. 71

 No, Mac, I remain “God’s dog ‘n’ I America,” mon!   1 

No mad demand, Alec, if for a wastrel, alerts a War Office lad named Damon. 260

"No" made Paterno's son retape Damon. 200 

No man, Nick, can snack cinnamon./No man, Nick can snack cinnamon! (71)

No man nicks a rotor: ask Cinnamon. (260)

No Mede lapses or delivers reviled Rose's pale demon. (254)

No, Mel, a sleepy baby peels a lemon. (120)

No, Mel Gibson is a casino's big lemon. (212)

No, merit tacit (or erotic) attire, mon. 277

No miff, it's stiff--I'm on! (1)

"No minor tamp, matron--I'm on!" (11)

No, Miss, end a sadness--I'm on. (71)

No Miss, Im on! 237

No, Miss, it is Simon. (5or146)

No Misses ordered roses, Simon. (99,200)

No mists or frost, Simon. (10)

No mists reign at Tangier St., Simon. (98)

No Mitt, I'm on. 255

No more Cicero, mon! (103)

No - nab El Nino, or croon in Lebanon. 71-

No--noose be soon on! 00-350-

No, not toccata "C", cotton on! 254

No nurse is at NAFTA, ergo great fantasies run on. 260-

No, nurse--save last sale (vases); run on! (71)

"No, nurse, we live!" says Sissy, as evil ewes run on. (71)

"No nursemaid?" I, Ames, run on. 254

No nurses OD on PCP, no doses run on. 260-

No nurses [on Tele let noses] run on. 307

No, O God, I (fit if I do!) go on. (11)

No, O men, I left rat--not a cat--on tart, feline moon. (106)

"No omen?" I wondered, "No wine moon?" 71

No one redeem me, Ed, ere noon. (98)

No Ontario duo ban I in a boudoir at noon. 200

No Ontario nerd eyed Renoir at noon. (31)

No, Oprah Smith, Clifton did not filch Tim's harpoon. 292

"No" (or a "maybe") can add an ace by a Maroon. 260

No ostracised art for Eliot, a toiler of trades I cart soon. (11)

 “No pan…?” I say as I nap on. 1

No pang I rig, nap on. 254

No panic--I nap on. (109)

"No, pansy-ass" sobs Omar, "Amos, boss says 'nap on'!" (71)

"No pansy awl: a scissors Ros sics, always--nap on!" (1)

No parts, oh ghost, rap on. 1-

No parts(, Sis,) strap on. (1)

"No peels!" I say as I sleep on. (71)

No pet so tragic as a cigar to step on. (70)

"No Pinot Noir on Orion to nip on..." (149)

No  poor, tide suffused, I troop on. 71

No - poor tit - sodden nuts stunned, dost I troop on? 71

No pup e'er creep up on. 200-

No red-rig drowsy doom to Howard--draw, O, hot, moody sword-girder on! (11)

No renegade used a generality 'til a renegade sued a gene, Ron. 260-
"No regrets  I'm Damon (a nomad), Mister Geron." (1)

No; relate, Mat, Aesop's Elba fables--pose a tame tale, Ron. (10)

No REM sleep peels me, Ron. (1)

"No" risks iron..! (85)

"No, rob a list, " Ron snorts, "I labor on!" 71

"No roll order!" I wired Rollo, Ron. 71

No Roman, it's Tina, moron! 278

"No rot!" Del[ia wai/la cal]led to Ron. 71

No rot in Oman, rut in a crew or gel in a Nile grower ... can I turn a monitor on? 260-

"No rye, boy--" ordered Roy, obey Ron!" (71)

No, sail on, Ott, to no liason. 200

No; Sam--as I told a bad lot-- is a mason. (11)

No, Sam, on [silos, Sol/Sis] is no mason. (71)

No, Sam's mom's mom's "Ma," son. (1)

No sap aids diapason. (4)

No, stop--save Eva's pot, son! 338

No saw was on? (1)

No siege is on. 237

"No..." Senor Dresser drones on. (71)

No, set a maple here, help a mate, son. (10)

No sex, or extra-wet Stewart xeroxes on! 254

No, she stops spots, eh, son? (00)

No sheep oil Lacy's semi-messy calliope, eh, son? (71)

No side 'B,'  Edison? 200-

No side noted a cadet on Edison. 254

No sign, in evening, is on. (64)

No, sign it at calypso speed: nip in deep; so spy lactating is on. 260

No sign of Fong is on. 237

No, Sir, a[way  a papaya] war is on! (97)

No, Sir   P.M. Oslof was I ere I saw Folsom. (71

No, Sir, panic is a basic in a prison. (59)

No, sir, paw at Toni, Lani did in Al in Ottawa Prison. 254

No, Sir, pay a prison. 237

"No, sir, prefer prison." (86)

"No sir, Rome is!" ordered Rosie Morrison. (245)

No, slang is a signal, son. (1)

No slave, I demolish Tom's moth silo, medieval son. 71

No sleep, alone, Wes arises, sucks Alf's flask, cusses Ira's ewe Nola, peels on. (71)

No slender breeder (a bare deer) bred Nelson. 245

No slender evil was I ere I saw live red Nelson. (10)

No slender ram marred Nelson. (245)

No slender-based Iris, I ride sabred Nelson. 245

No slogans nag Olson. (245)

"No, slop is not new," went on Sip Olson. (71)

No slop, Sarge  we grasp Olson. 71

No sloth gifts; I fist-fight Olson. (71)

No slow Elsinore heron, I slew Olson. 254

No, smash Sam's mash, Samson. 200-

No snit, on to home--memo hot not in, son. (1)

No snob, Birdie, I'd ribbons on! 254

No, snow won, Son. 237-

No, so go to Togo, son. (202)

No--so tundra has a hard nut, O son?! (1)

"No, son." (00-many)

No, son, Onanism's a gross orgasm-sin--a no-no, son! (226)

No, Sonya Wallace, call away no son. (1)

"No sot, nor Ottawa law at Toronto, son!" 112-

"No splash!" sang Nash's alp son. 254

No, "speed nurses" run deep, son! (165)

No, spur a deceit; tie cedar up, son. 1

No stab: mock combat's on! (85)

No, Steel: fix a taxi fleet, son. 260

No, stop--save Eva's pot, son!                 338

No, Sue, rule us; Sue, lure us on. 254

No, Tasmania gained a den; I again am sat on. 260-

No tax if I fix a ton. 260-

"No telegram," Marge let on. (5or11?)

No television, Illinois, I've let on. 200

No tenor, eh Gallagher, on Eton? 71

No testbed for a war of debts, Eton. 71

No, tie it on. (62)

"No, tips in a mall: I kidnap and I kill a man I spit on." (109)

No, 'tis [Iris, sir/Ida Lee, lad], I sit on. (71)

'No' to N.Y. baby not on. 201

No togs Eve's got on! (11)

No, two was a "wow" ton! 237

No Vulcan is in ACLU, Von. 200

No war doth promise babes I morph to draw on. 260

No war bed; Debra won! (1)

No  was last salsa won? 237

No waste; grab a bar, get saw on. (5)

"No way a papaya won!" (97)

No way, elf-fawn--waffle, yaw on! (1)

No, we both promise I'm on ocean, anableps; I dispel banana economies I morph to be won. 260-

No, we do ID a level a diode won. 260-

No, we won! (73,97)

No web part notes (at art strata, set on trap) be won. 237

No weeds Dee won. 71

No welfare era flew on. (245)

No, weve won! 237

No wiener, Rene, I won. 71

No wig, [a (b/h)ag/Geronimo  no minor egg/no gong/nor pony; no prong/or fag or grog  a frog/ or (f/g)rog] I won. (71)

No, Will, I won! 97

No winos purr: it stupified a mix I made if I put stirrups on - I won! 260-

No   wire E[b/d], "A [b/d]eer I won!" (71)

No wire papayas I raffle stipulate metal - plate metal! - up itself far", I say, "a paper I won." 260-

No ... with gifts, a last fight I won. (260)

No, with Gil bird-rib light, I won. (1)

No, with gilded light I won. 260

No, with girdle held right, I won. (109-1)

No wonder its tired, "No" won! 237

"No word, Don...odd... row on." 237

"No word," I say, as I'd row on. (95)

"No word, no bond--row on." (10)

No worse, Pacific apes row on. (88)

No, Wyoming, Nimoy won. (23)

No X in [Mr. R.M.] Nixon? (98,[00])

No yarn I saw was in rayon. 307

 No yarn in rayon? 254

No yarn is in rayon. 307 

No yarn, Otis  I sit on rayon. 71

No  yes, rapidly, Syl, dip arse yon! 1

Nob Nobel bared no panel, let ego (Goth's "adios") retard a mad rater, so I dash to

go get Ellen a ponderable bon-bon. 254

Nod, Don! (85)

Nod egged on. (85)

Nod, Nila Jo, to J.A. Lindon! (11)

Nod on as I let love revive, revolt Elisa; nod on! 71

Nod, or ten alpacas may assess a yam sac a plane trod on. 260-

Nod rape pardon. (161)

Nod Roger--I hire Gordon. (71)

Nod, roll Lord on. 237

Nod won Snowdon. (85)

Nodes are erased art trades are erased on. 260-

Nodes are erased on stats nodes are erased on. 260-

Noel, I did not rub Burton; did I Leon? (16)

Noel, let's egg Estelle on. (16)

Noel peels a saw: I was asleep, Leon. 260

Noel saw I was Leon. (16)

Noel sees Bob as a foe of Asa (Bob) sees Leon. (98-1)

Noel sees Leon. (5)

Nog eroded Oregon. (85)

Noise: Lenin is an asinine lesion. 267

Noll, is Sam foe of Massillon? 200

Nomads   Sikhs in ruby burnish   kiss Damon. 260

Nome D.A. sees a demon. (21)

Nominal pay  a plan I'm on! 307

Nomists reign at Tangier, St. Simon. (16)

None miss Simenon. 254

Non-expatriates punish taps as paths in upset air tap xenon. 260-

Nonna, can I poop in a cannon? (71)

No-no is: I've let a television on. (133)

Non-words drown on! (88)

"Noose, be soon!" (85)

Noose-born Edna, push table to hotel bath, sup and enrobe soon. (11)

Noose me soon. 255-

Noose-musers resume soon. (71)

Nooses are dismal clams I'd erase soon. 260

Nooses are items ikons eye; yes, no kismet I erase soon. 260-

Nooses unit: is it in use soon? 260-

Nor I nor a camel--bar O'Day--breed deer by adorable macaroni, Ron! (254)

Nor I nor Emma had level'd a hammer on iron. (78)

Nora, alert, saws goldenrod adorned logs, wastrel Aaron! (16)

"Nora, arise!"  Ross knocks Ed's desk, conks sore Sir Aaron. 71

Nora, Basil (Rae's 'earl') is a baron. (11)

Nora got a toga, Ron. 278

Nora, my cast-up puts a cymar on! (11)

Nora, revel (clever!) a Ron. (1)

Norah swept Sol's lost pew, Sharon. (71)

Norah's dessert, Sid, distressed Sharon. (71)

Norah's foes order red rose of Sharon. (5)

Norah's lei rasps Ariel Sharon. 260

Norah's moods, alas, doom Sharon. (16)

"Norah's moods," Naomi moans, "doom Sharon." (5)

Norah's pure venom: "Is Simon ever up Sharon?" 254

Norah's rat saw a predawn wader paw a star, Sharon. (254)

Norah's rod--a sign--is reversing Isador, Sharon. 254

Norah's sewage, Meg, awes Sharon! 254

Norah's (sex, Eva, vexes/spot stops) Sharon. (71)

Norah's yard note: "Parapet on dray, Sharon." 54

Nordeen's met system's need, Ron. (245)

Nordic calf sees flaccid Ron. 260

Noreen…knee Ron. 237-

"Noreen, sign [a side-car, braced," I sang, "/it - 'tis I " - sitting, /it!" - {torn,/torsos} rotting,] I sneer on.["] (71)

Noriega can idle, held in a cage--iron! (265)

Noriega casts a cage: iron! (83)

Noriega made me damage iron! 307

Noriega to base: sabotage iron! (71)

Noriega went, ogled a ticklish silk citadel; got New-Age iron. (71)

Norm Adams knocks Ed's desk, conks Madam Ron. (71)

Norm, I'm Ron. (62)

Norma, I am Ron. (188+/or4)

"Norma," I say, "No beau qua Ebony--as I am Ron!" (1)

Norma, in a can I am Ron. 71

Norma is as selfless as I am, Ron. (11or137?)

Norma's [not on] Sam, Ron.[!] (98)

Norseman, Radar, names Ron. 237-

North girder case vilifies a base if I live sacred, right, Ron? 260

North Guatemala: Lola, lame, taught Ron. (109)

Norton, fire her if not Ron. 256

Norton [panned Ali; I, laden, nap/sparred Ali, lad: er, raps] not, Ron. (106)

Norton saw [wasp snot/wasps not], Ron! (98)

No’s raw war’s on? 1-

Nose--daft, sewn-on, late petal (non-West)--fades on. (11)

Nose I tag loosely, Ryle, so Olga ties on. (11)

Nose mannish (Tom's), aha, has moths in, names on. (11)

Nose--ogre dips same, Em, as spider goes on. (11)

Nose turbo to brute, son. 237 1

Nose video: foe-dive, son! (179)

Nose ye peek tacit, iritic, at, keep eyes on. (11)

Nosegay ages on... (85)

Nosey E.T., eye Son. 237

Nosh, oh son! 00-350-

Nosh, sip made babe dampish, son. (109)

Nosi, be dirtier, it's procedural: lull a rude corps, tire it, ride bison. 277

Nosy alpine men I play, son. 260-

Nosy Myrtle Worth's Ash Trowel: try, my son! 260

Nosy, they'll ask Sally, eh Tyson? (173)

Nosy tip--as it's May, no swan gnaws on yams; tis a pity, son. (110)

Not a bastinado Dan, it's a baton! (152)

Not a hero, no, rigid, I dig iron ore, hat on. (71)

Not a postal flat, so, Pat, "On!" 237

Not a stir, OK, nap son & no spank--or it's a ton! (1)

Not all is well  Lew's ill a ton. 307

"Not anode  (nor dramatic) I!" Tamar, droned on a ton...                                1-

"Not for Cecil?" asks Alice Crofton. (10)

Not issued ammo, deer fear guns, snug Rae, freedom made us sit on. 260-

Not La Paz--not Lima--here, Hamilton, zap Alton! (71)

Not lads simple, help Miss Dalton. 00-350-

Not Lebanon, no, nab Elton! 1

Not Leona, I paw a piano, Elton. (254)

Not limp, I tip Milton. (71)

"Not limp, it's Elba," I raved, "I here hide variables, tip Milton!" 71

Not limp, Sarge, we grasp Milton. 71

"Not Nadia, save Tulsa a slut, Eva," said Anton. 254

"Not new well, Lilith!" ('til ill) Lew went on. (1)

"Not New York..." Roy went on. (10)

"Not news,[" Isis/Omar!" Amos] went on. (71)

Not Roma, nor Otto pass a pot to Rona Morton. 71

Not sermon, Giselle  sign Om, rest on. 237

Not seven on a mere man, one vest on! (11)

Not sob story, not tube-top ace Capote, but Tony rots Boston. (231)

Notarise lame females I rat on. 260-

Note   a sore   I die!"   Rosa Eton. 71

Note both self-same new arts, all a-rut and natural-last raw enemas; flesh to bet on. 260-

Note bra: bar bet on? 200

Note buoys you bet on. (245)

Note, Dad: Eton. (4)

Note, Gin, if Yreka Bakery fini--get on. (1)

Note Gods tact: cats, dog set on! 237

Note: Jewel bares Imogen's tits 'n' ego; miserable, we jet on. 260

Note nine men yawn, Wayne - men in Eton. 71

"Note   no red roses sent?" I wondered, "no witnesses   order one ton!" 71

Note: no sap maps pampas on Eton. 254

Note--no tar, denim, or bromine (drat!) on Eton. (71)

Note, revere ton. 237

"Note, rise, sit up, Ed," I say, as I deputise Sir Eton. 71

Note ta[b/d/g/n/p/r/x] at Eton. (4)

Note too, "Hoot Eton!" (4)

Note was: 'No Sununu son saw Eton.' (169)

Note was, "Sununus saw Eton." 1

Noted loyal Pierre, "I play old Eton." (71)

Noter of Pam's age irons Noriega's map for Eton. 307

Notify a miracle to memo some motel car I may fit on. 260-

Noting, I sign it on. 237

"Nova" El cottons not to, Cleavon. 200

Now a gloat: tell Etta Olga won. 254

Now, a Jose Padilla's all I'd ape, so jaw on.  255-

Now a mall llama won. (83)

Now a sign is open, I manipulate men; I mine metal up in a mine; posing, I saw on. 260-

Now air ads:Daria won! 335
Now an intrepid lab I raged in, snide Garibaldi, pert Nina won. 260-
Now Ang Lee sees eel gnaw on. 307_

Now arise; I do ogle, Ma, camel goodies Ira won. (1)

Now as an ample hot swap-seller of soil of sad lots, a witness to dire prose, I burned a leg amid image-laden rubies, or peridots, sent, I was told, as folios for Elle's paws to help man a saw on. (260)

Now as an eye sees, "eye NASA" won. 290

Now De Sade's arena organist castrated a jade tart's acts in a groan erased as Ed won. 260-

Now Deb I, Greg, (golf flogger gibed) won. (1)

Now debonair dahlias, poor, drop or droop--sail, Hadrian, Obed won. (10)

Now, defile macabre herb a camel I fed won. 1

Now Derek can kiss Anais A. Nin, as I an ass (I, knackered) won. (103)

Now, Diana is sure, Russian aid won. (1)

Now die: R.I.P., maven of lower ewe notes; set one werewolf one vampire I'd won. 260-

"Now dine," said I as Enid won. (10)

Now do I repay a period won. (5)

Now, ere he lit a love volatile, he re won! (1)

Now ere we nine were held idle here, we nine were won. (10)

Now Eros saw Wapiti Paw was sore won. (180)

Now, Eva, Hewes' use we have won. (1)

Now Eve, we're here; we've won. (5)

Now, evil, I've won! (1)

Now, fine desperado, I repay baby a period: a Rep.s Eden, if won. 1

Now I am an apt eye doctor: I rot code yet Panama I won. 260-

Now I am upset, Amy: my mate's puma I won. 260-

Now I draw an award I won! (72)

"Now," I gab, "a bag I won." 71

"Now," I gag, "A gag I won!" 71

Now I may let a lost lamb or a cat at a carob malt, so lately am I won?                260-

Now I nod; egged on, I won. (118)

Now I part it I trap  I won! 237

"Now," I purr, "it's a stirrup I won!" 71

Now I race dismal gym noses on my glam sidecar: I won! 260

Now I race on a canoe car I won. 260

Now I rot a torc in a titanic rotator I won. 260

Now I saw sexes, was I won? 1

Now I say, "Can its bored nihility let a reneged evil madam live degenerately til I hinder obstinacy as I won?" 260-
Now I say no benign ivory booty burdened Ruby, Lisa easily burdened Ruby too, by roving in ebony as I won. 260-
Now I see bees I won. (149)

Now I see penis in epees I won! (1)

Now I see, referees, I won. (73)

Now I set up Sid to plan a bottle by me; it'll tie my belt to banal pot disputes I won. 260

Now I won! (many)

Now I'd named no-one, no foe was selfless; as selfless awe of one noon demand I won. 260-

Now if I say so, grab a fab argosy as if I won. 260-
"Now if I'd dash a jar, a hamster frets," maharajahs add if I won. 260-

Now if low loofahs upset a ripe raw late-model Bible, do metalware pirates push a fool wolf I won? (260)

Now (in a pajama), "Japan, I won!" (208)

Now in, I will, I win, I won. 237

Now is a car fast if it's a fracas I won? 260-

Now is a video booty call a fallacy to oboe divas I won? 260-

"Now it's a Canopus Eye," cited I, "eel bait: a snide Zagreb-born robber gazed insatiable eidetic eyes upon a cast

     I won." 260-

Now joy: bury Ruby--O.J. won! (1)

Now, lads simple, help Miss Dalwon. (1)

Now Lon Nol won. (133)

Now, Miss, end a madness--I'm won. (71)

Now, Mae, that Utah team won! 1

Now, Ned, I am a maiden nun; Ned, I am a maiden won. (10)

Now, Ned, I am a maiden won. (10)

Now, O sated artiste opening no masks among nine poets, I trade a sow on. 260-
Now, oh wise Doc Ragar codes I who won. (1)

"Now on a bad day, a minima idiot revealed 'Nam: no slender brewer bred Nelson Mandela ever to Idi Amin," I may

add, aba now on. 260-

Now racecar won. (98)

Now, rats, racecar star won! (248)

Now remit reward, Dad: drawer Tim, er, 'won.' (1)

Now Sahib, bar Arafat afar, a Rabbi has won! 307

Now, saw Andes--Edna was won! (201)

"Now saw ye no mosses or foam, or aroma of roses"--so money was won! (10)

Now sever, Eve, New Era series (oh, whose ires are!) we never, eves, won. 1

Now siege is won! (85)

Now sin, oh Tara, my marathon is won! 260

Now, Sir, a war is won! (5)

Now, sir, a war is never even  sir, a war is won! 226

Now, Sis, a tit "as is" won! 1

Now sit, lover, revolt is won! (149)

Now, son, Enos won. (62)

Now stop, major-general, are negro jam-pots won? 112-

Now, Syd, name Ramona no mare, Mandy's won. 254

Now, tip arcs as gull lugs a scrap it won. (1)

Now Yankees seek--nay, won. (109)

Nowise car races I won. 71

Nowise I bury rubies I won. (11,71)

Nubile date got to get a deli bun. 277

Nude, lucid, I ridiculed U.N. (71)

Nude Wren or Ocala coroner we dun. 200-

Nudists I dun. (85,200)

Nun sees kook sees nun. 1


  babes (71)

Bes... (237)

, do tame no nematodes   (71)

farts   Bob strafes   (71)

, I boo boobies   (71)

, I burp or drop rubies   (71)

, I burp up rubies   (71)

, I bury my rubies   (71)

,” I call, after cesspit level tips, "secret fallacies (260)

, I dunk nudies   (71)

, I go, "Lana's (71)

leper repels analogies   (71)

, I got stogies   (71)

, I snap pansies   (71)

, I spy gypsies   (10)

, I tire: venal, priapic, in a panic, I pair plane verities ... (260)

, I vomit (I hate car race Tahiti movies)   (71)

, idle Tom, an irate tar in a motel, dies   (71)

Ira's septic illicit pessaries 260

Madame De Sade tarred nudists I'd under-rated as edema dames

  mimes (71)

no bonk carts, no mists, dim amidst Simon's track, no bones   (71)

, "No, Cecil, slice cones, " (71)

, no men atop [San Elena/Sununu] spot anemones   (71)

, note   we oppose wet ones   (71)

, save garage vases, (71)

, save rare vases, (5)

  so, here, hoses (71)

so new, we noses (1)

  so no noses (4)

  so noses (98)

  so, now, two noses (71)

some Essenes see Moses (71)

suggests egg uses   (71)

, Taco VD advocates   (152)

, we decide: divide diced ewes   (71)

, we live on," says Sissy, "as no evil ewes (71)

  we smell [air, a lamb, a cab, malarial] Lem's ewes   (71)

, we snort at Lem's smelt, at Ron's ewes   (71)

!" we yell, "Amos knocks Ed's desk, conks O'Malley, ewes " (71)

, yes, (237)

  yet I, Sara, pass a parasite  yes, (71)


Nursery lyres run. (144)

Nurses, I lit up a Saxon ox a sap utilises ... run! 260-

"Nurses," I raved, "Eva rises   run!" (71)

Nurses, Ir[a/ene] rises   run! (71)

"Nurses   oh!" says sick Cissy as hoses run. (71)

"Nurses, on!" [said I, "   as/said Rev. Verdi, as/says Sammy Massy, as] noses run!" (71)

Nurses on satin - I sew Wes in it, as noses run. 71

Nurse's onset abates; noses run. (18or10?)

Nurses, onyxes, sexy noses run. 71 

Nurses order [Anna, Asa, Bob, Dad, Hannah, Mom, Otto, Sis, etc.] red roses, Run!. 307_

Nurses order [F]red roses--Run! 307_

Nurses ordered roses  run! (71)

Nurses process or calk lacrosse corpses  run! (71)

Nurses Rodney endorses run. (71)

Nurses run. (many)

"Nurses run!" says sick Cissy as nurses run. (11)

Nurses, runts [I fist/- I flee fine men - I feel fist ]- nurses run.  (71)

Nurses [salsa as las/Sarah haras]ses run. (71)

Nurses say, ["Bury my rub/"Snap my pans]y!"; asses run. (71)

"Nurses!" Si hisses, "- run!" 71

Nurses sob[;/," I say as/, sad, as/ , "says Sissy, "as]bosses run. (71)

Nuts, Stella, mania pliant I await nail pain: a mallet's stun. 1

Nuts stun. (85)

O, beat ere Tae Bo! 293

"O," brags Deb in a lisp, "ah, reprobate Tab (or perhaps Ilani?) beds Garbo!" (1)

Oh, cede not an iota to pass a potato in a toned echo. 260-

O, Coco, regard (I'd rage!) rococo. (1)

O Democrat's star, come, do! (99)

O dern it, Sol, Jo says, "Yas, O.J. lost in redo." (106)

O desirable Melba, rise, do! (11)

O desire me, Tad (I'm it); nip, intimidate me, rise, do! (71)

O, desire, rise, do! (4)

O Di, say Tim in all is upset a Houdini duo hates pusillanimity as I do? 260

O Diana, I do! (110)

O did prawn warp, Dido? (85-1)

O dire Cremona--I prefer piano, Mercer, I do! (11)

O dismayed artists: I trade yams, I do! 260

O, display Alps; I do! (23)

O, dissent I witness, I do! 260

O (d/g)o! (00)

O doc, axe Texaco--do! (1)

'O' doth cum...much to do! 260

O, enrobe me, Borneo! (88)

O gin, on[,on...] I go! (94,17)

O glad navy vandal, go! 278

O gnats, tango! (17)

O, go t' Boston, not (sob) Togo! (89)

O, go to Togo! (88,34)

O gol', Sal, U-card sees Dracula's logo! (1)

“O Gold Eyes” eyed logo. 237-

O, got testosterone tenor (E.T.) sot, set to go! (1)

"O, got to go!" 237

O, got to, got to go! (238)

O, got ya--way too sooty a way to go. (1)

O grab me, Emil, a lime embargo! (98)

O gracile deer, fan a free deli cargo. 260

O, had I [deified] Idaho! (85,[40])

O, had I drawn on ward, Idaho! (109)

O, had I Idaho! 85

O, had I lived as a devil, Idaho? 1

O, had I lived at Tadevil, Idaho! (58)

"O, had I nine men in Idaho!" (24)

O, had I nine more hero-men in Idaho! (11)

O, had I nine to ten in Idaho! 00-350-

O, had I now won Idaho! (88)

O, had I retired in Nideriter, Idaho! (58)

O, hose zoo ooze, SoHo! (1)

O, I baffle sympatico Doc: I tap myself, Fabio. 260

O, I dare not tone radio. (4)

O, I ho[e/g/p] Ohio. (88)

O, I hoot to Ohio! 71

O, I hope Ed, alias "Nacre Man" (and a DNA-namer!), can sail a deep Ohio. (42)

O, I hope Ed 'n' I see referees in deep Ohio. (366)

O.J., nab a banjo. (71)

O.J. nabs Bob's banjo. (71)

"O jammed nabobs, a reef a snide man stole corrupted a cadet", purr ocelots named - in safe eras - Bob and Emma-Jo.

O.K., gee, tail a terrorist, Sir, or retaliate--e.g. K.O.? (1)

"O.K, K.O.!" (146)

O.K., remit a zillion on oil Liz--a timer KO! (1)

O.K. Tim, Bush saw Wash. submit K.O. (303)

O.K., yell a sleek O.J. gag (joke...) Els--"alley KO." (1)

O, Lisa sees a silo! (71-1)

O lo, Gigot draws Madam's ward to gigolo. (201)

O, memsahib Bart, rabbi has memo. (116)

O, nag not Tonga--no! (23)

"O naughty me, tut, it's Bush - substitute, myth, guano."     109-

"O, Nevada Dave, no!" (23+/or88)

"O, no!" (00--many)

O render gnostic illicit song, red Nero. (5)

O, Rob, sneer, "Go, trekker, to Greensboro!" (103)

O slate bidet, a sod I bilk radared nudes used under a dark libido, sated, I bet, also.           260-

O sniff in, Selim, stab at smile, sniff in so! (11)

O, stone[, b/m]e not so! (97/8)

O Sylph, ply so! (85)

Odd, I keep pee, kiddo. (1)

Odd, I knew Owen, kiddo. 307

Odd...I know "ah ha" won, kiddo. (1)

Odd, I know I won, kiddo. 307

"Odd--in wonk evil I've known, I'd do..." (1)

Ode: Lotto got Toledo. 200

Ogden, Ned[,/:] go! (16/88)

Ogre mage gamer gonads let (as, ergo, ogres ate LSD) an ogre mage gamer go.                  (260)

Oh a dig--Idaho? (88)

Oh, a parasite masks a metis, Arapaho! (88)

Oh, a Van Morrison’s "no sir", Rom  Navaho! 1

Oh, cameras are macho! (61,97)

Oh, Canada had a nacho? (24)

Oh, Cecil, rage, “Not one garlic echo!” 200-

Oh, cede not an iota to pass a potato in a toned echo. 260-

Oh Cena, no, it called as a dell action--an echo! (1)

Oh, Cy spat at a psycho! 200-

Oh, Cy's p.s. is psycho! 200-

Oh, Cy's [Pa's a] Psycho! (307)

Oh, oh, I "Ho Ho." (30-1)

Oh no, do I dare radio Don Ho? (98)

Oh no, straw warts on Ho! 1

"Oh, to go to Togo, tho'!" (44)

Oh Tom, mamacito regards drag erotic: a mammoth 'O'. (152)

Oh, who was in a VW van I saw--Oh, who? (93)

Oh who was it I saw  oh, who? (73or99?)

Oh who won't care if I cap pacifier act now, oh who? (1)

"Oh, whose gardens path trowel  a tale worth taps?" Ned rages, "Oh, who!" 1

Oil often a Manet folio. 307

Oiled, I feel [Fiero's sore; /fine, Sir; arisen,/, fix elastins and Edna's nits; Alex,] I flee Fidelio.(71)

Oiled, I feel Fiona, I [pan Ossip, I piss on/pan Otis, I sit on/pass] a piano, I flee Fidelio.  (71)

Oiled, I feel, flee, Fidelio. 1-

Oiled, I flee [fig,/fizz, / Fido or brood,/ fine-mown women, / fire - no boner,/fists,/fire, Sal's laser -/

     fitness - " "I dissent -/fish, Tom's Mom's moths -] I feel Fidelio.  (71)

Oiled, I flee from [a dame - I die, madam - /a damned Aden madam/a {h/y]am/Adam/ /Ray's sassy arm] or feel Fidelio.  (71)

Oiled, I flee [pies, I rig a gag, I rise,/pines; I ram, I aim; arisen,/pits, I lie, I list,] I peel Fidelio.(71)

”Oiled, I foil Igor, bat Sara, stab Rogilio."-- Fidelio. 71-

Oiled, I fret - tubed, I hide butter, Fidelio. 71-
"Ol' Israel cunning" is a sign in nuclear silo. (260,64)

Olaf: fubsy Alfred, a wet, Ute wader, flays buffalo. (71)

Older caste felt sacred, lo! (64)

Ole put no putrid royal clay or dirt upon tupelo. 71

Olive, do not die--I'd to no Devil-O! (11)

Olli'd accept a fat peccadillo. (70)

Olli'd accepted a cadet peccadillo. 200
Olson I stunned, I am mad, a madam maiden nuts in Oslo! 254

Olson is in Oslo. (39)

Om I, "No regrets: I shoulder no burdened rub on Red Lu, oh sister Geronimo." (1)

Omar, as demanded, named Sara "Mo." 309

On a clover (if alive) erupts a vast, pure evil  a fire volcano. (00)

On A.I. play, Al, piano. 324

On a limo to Milano, solo gigolos don't nod; don't nod, solo gigolos, on a limo to Milano. 110

On a Nuriootpa map too, I run an 'O'. (260)

On a tip act, Capitano. (5)

On Dateline's a senile tad, no? 200-

On Ebay Amos traded Art; so may Abe, no? 307

On Elba, I made Robert sulk: calm, lacklustre, bored, amiable, no? 260

On Enola's yawl at Aceh port sat a catastrophe cat: always alone, no? 260

On evil DNA, we nereids die, renew and live, no? 260

On  I sack casino! (4)

On M.A.S.H., sad red lab's balderdash, Sam--no? (173)

"On Nella's porch," sang Sam, "all llamas gnash crops, Allen, no?" 71

"On nudism--uh--" Bob hums, "I dunno!" (71)

On, O Mike, lap anisado sodas in a pale kimono. (148or11)

On Sparse Wednesday, my ads end ewes' raps, no? 260-

On steps, Nader asleep, Milton's snot-limp eels are Dan's pets - no? 71

On  time, emit “No!”                                                                    1_

On top, Syria has hairy spot, no? (24)

On tub, Edward imitated a cadet  a timid, raw debut, no? (5)

On tub, nip a pin...but no. (253)

On Warsaw dock cod was raw, no? (53)

One bad example has, Sir, a "Larissa" help Max, Ed, Abe--no? (1)

One camera per prison--O Sir, prepare mace, no? (260)

One can ax an ace, no? (00)

"One car race, no?" (148)

One carpool tunnel, Len: "nut loop race"--no? (1)

One dice deliver, if Sal, Lisa (as ill as fire vile) decide, "No!" (1)

One jazz I play, or royal pizza, Jeno? (245)

"One kilt, Lucille," yell I, "cult like, no!" (1)

One lady gnat sees tangy Dale, no? 277

One leg, ass, a man rubs--I'm red--I peel--a pale epidermis burn: a massage, Leno! (71)

One lost sole, no? (98)

One Mat raps aspartame, no? (1)

"One mildewed lime, no?" (98)

One moon had a shadow O.D.; ah, sad, ah no omen--O! (1)

One nip, one melt taco's a pleasure in a zanier USA, El Paso cattlemen opine, no? 260-

One nod, slob, my stoner: are not symbols done  no? 1

One noon sex alert relaxes no one--no? (203-1)

One park caper is editorial cut at UCLA: "I rot, I desire pack-rape, no?". 200

One pat, not camera haste, gets a harem act on tape, no? 260-

One poem: "One gnat assesses Satan genome 'open': O!" 277

One resort rose--Reno! (33)

One rotten net tore, no? 307

One rotten saw was net to Reno. (38)

O'Neill, I bet all--I titillate Billiie, no? (71)

One-pac Delian said, "Dias nailed cape 'No'!" (1)

One-rut albatross essay asses sort a blase sugar as a rag uses albatross essay assessor tablature, no? 260-

Oo, Greta, Etna erupts a vast, pure anteater goo! (71)

"Oo--winos' P.M., oh Thompson!" I woo. (1)

Ooze, zoo! (98)

Oprah deified Harpo. 304

Or clever, I hire Velcro. 237-

Orbs may lap airplane  venal priapal yams, bro! 256

Oregano Sre. pondered no parsonage, Ro. 200

Oslo pot saves Sevastopol--so? (85)

Otto did bob, did Otto. (116)

Otto made Ed a motto. (9)

Otto made "Eel Lee Ed" a motto. (1)

Otto made Ned a motto. (11,307)

Otto, Mae, rise, sire a motto. (254)

Otto saw pup[  pup] WAS Otto! (00)

Otto sees Otto. 128

Oy, oy, a tonsil is not a yo-yo! (70)

P.M. averts IRA style kill- likely Tsarist revamp. 260

Pa, stems met sap! 1

Pa stewed; I hide wet sap. 71

Pa, tall Edna and Ella tap. (62)

Pa, tonight I (with Gino) tap. 307

Pacers went at news recap. 237

Pacific symbols (a toga, nuts, tuna) got a slob my sci fi cap. 260

Pack Alf a flak cap. (4)

Pack cap. (85)

Pack: rat, ark, cap. 309_

Pack sides, use disk cap. 237

Padres use urinal, Lani rues user DAP. 256

Paella in arcades used a cranial leap. ` 260

Pagan, I deified…in a gap!   353-

Paganini art: I train in a gap. 260

Page GAP. (85)

Page gawks at task wage gap. 358-

Paget saw a wasp saw a waste gap. 1-

Paget saw an inn in a waste gap. (10)

Paget saw an Irish tooth, Sir, in a waste gap. (112)

Pal, and a Rome gem (or a DNA?), lap. 237

Pal, cigarette rag--I clap! (109)

Pal clears Israel--clap! 237-

Pal, fix a taxi flap. 255

Pal frets: yogurt, rug, oyster, flap. 309_

Pal recaps Pop's pacer lap. (1)

Pal, rub burlap. (201)

Pal, rub no tit on burlap. 256

Pal sat in Anita's lap. (61)

Pal sees lap. (146)

Pals, Israeli snotnoses on tonsil, ears I slap. 71

Pals slap. (146)

Pals stole cosmetic items ocelots slap. 260-

Pals use Jesus' lap. 307

Pam, Ada vended a faded Nevada map. 307

Pam, draw a ward map. (4)

Pam draws a sward map. 307

Pam edits [Anna's] tide map. (233)

Pam Garrets in a bad loss: sold a banister rag map. 237

Pam loots a stool map. 295

Pam, Sam rubbed Eva, gave Deb Burma's map. 307

Pam, sell as a lot some memos to LaSalle's map. 307

Pam, step on no pet's map. (261)

Pam's Ira passes; so, Pip, I possess a Paris map! (11)

Pam's sure it was no Misses; Simon saw tie Russ' map. 1

Pan Sam, I Jo, win Iwo Jima snap. 237

Pan snot I here hit, on snap. 237

Panda [here] had nap. (4)

Pandas, sad, nap. 1

Pander it, tan unattired, nap. 260-

Panic in a Titanic, I nap. (170)

Panini, nap! 255

Pans dip a radical acid, a rapid snap. 71

"Pan’s it!" I snap. 237

Pansies, or a rose, I snap. (71)

Pansy-ass red now, Ned, dirt-ridden, wonders, says, "Nap!" (17)

Pants Al, a Deen, " I need a last nap." 200-

Papa, mar dada drama pap. 1

Par cadet timed nap, ate tar, got Nina, rolled robot to bordello, ran into grate tap and emitted a crap.260

Par that Utah trap! (23)

Parade Veda rap. 237

Paraded ragers regarded a rap. 260

Parcel bare ferret up mock computer-referable crap. (194)

Parcel in Sinai, Lilian, is Nile crap. (71)

Parcel truths in a Danish turtle crap. 260-

Parc’s deli fed nut undefiled scrap. 237 1

Parc's tram law maps DID spam Wal Mart's crap. 295

Pardo'd rap. 200

Paris, I Rap. 255-

"Paris, too, rained rags, gags, gardenia roots." I rap. 1

"Parities reverse it," I rap. 260-

Parrot a role to help mission: a hero tore Hanoi's simple hotel orator rap. 260

Parrot cadet saw Civic wasted actor rap. 237

"Part a tonsil," an academial corps proclaimed, "a canal is not a trap." 260-

Part animal, Cadet Roper reported a clam in a trap. 71-

Part, as a satrap. 200

Part at a trap. 122-

Part Nero, part didgeridoo: he's La Fleur, canoe dude on a cruel falsehood I, Reg, did trap or entrap.260-

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