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Part One Wednesday ads end ewe--no trap! (245)


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Part One Wednesday ads end ewe--no trap! (245)

Part Sara's trap. 1

Part stinky loo waste water grits I saw  as I stir, Greta wets a wooly knit strap. 307

Partake ESP, seek a trap. 237

Part caves doom Osama, so mood's 'Evac trap.' (273)

Part-Eli bunnies, pale, lapse in nubile trap! 109-

Parties so pall a posse I trap. 260

Parting arose: villagers' regal lives or Agni trap. (88)

Partisan wonks parse dudes' rows: 2002's worse dudes' raps known as "I"-trap. (107)

Partner, ask Carter if "Tipsy Spitfire" tracks aren't rap. (173)

Partner, Eve, never entrap! (148or11)

Partner, even in a van, I never entrap. 260

Partner, Eves ever entrap. (11)

Partner Trent, rap! 1-

Partners rent rap. 200-

Parts emit time's trap. (98)

Part-Semite times trap. (146)

Party boob Nixon: ox in booby trap. (109)

Party boob sees booby trap. 260

Party lion Ian deemed a jade, me, "Edna in oily trap." 254

Party men enacted etc. an enemy trap. 260

Party men, enamor-free, bed a miser Aceh deified: he cares I made beer from an enemy trap. 260
Party or tan in oil, O lion in a troy trap. 260-

Party, rat (in a sanitary trap)! (152)

Party-men easily Lisa, enemy, trap. (84)

Pa's a sap. (16?)

Pa's yam peels pep  sleep may sap. 307

Pasa, I made target: a date grated  am I a sap! 1

Pasadena caned a sap. (88)

"Pass it on, Otis  sap!" 237

Pass poor Tallahalla troops sap. 237-

Pass some moss, sap. 255,237

Pass time on a clover if a fire volcano emits sap. 307

Passes sap. (98)

Passionate Zeta is no sap. 237

Past Idaho had it, sap. (27)

Past sacred arts, trader cast sap.                                237-

Pat, ah, sin if I say, "Er, gosh, Pat, I pet Sal's last epitaph so grey," as I finish a tap? (1)

Pat and Edna tap. (16)

Pat, emit time tap. 1-

Pat, in a pan I tap. 237

Pat no elastic; it's ale on tap. 260-

Pat, no strident Utne dirt's on tap. 200-

"Pat pus-pots, Nella!" said Edi, as Allen stops up tap. (71)

Pat saw Bijou Ojibwas tap. (88)

Pat swore to note row spat. 200-

"Pat, tap!" (85)

Pat, 'tis Sis: sit, tap. (1)

Pater--get a Luger & regulate Greta P. (71)

Patsy, cram Marcy's tap! 307

Patsy, do bony art ropes I've doted on an anode to devise portray nobody's tap? 260

Patsy Ramsey emails "Liam eyes Mary's tap". 307_

Patsy Ramsey eyes Marys tap. 237

Pay a dog, God, a yap? (4)

Pay on time, emit no yap. (119)

Pay to hear Rae (hot) yap! 254

Pee, Han, on a Heep. 200
Pee, so to seep... (144)

“Pee will irk krill!" I weep. 255

Peel Sam asleep. (00)

Peel, sis, [a ewe,] as I sleep. (71)

Peel snot I'm reporting I bar often, as it is a net for a big nitro permit on sleep. 260-

Peel solo, sleep. (11)

Peel (sot!) pill, lull lip to sleep. 1

Peels are venerated: a car or a cadet are never asleep. 260

Peel's asleep! (201)

Peel's foe, not a set animal, laminates a tone of sleep. (195)

Peel's lager on red rum did murder no regal sleep. (12)

Peer cadet Celeste, wet, selected a creep. (254)

Peer Casandra had a hard NASA creep. 285

Peer Clinton's not "nil creep"?!                364-

Pen a sad idyll, as an oud duo nasally did, as an EP. 277

Pepsi IS pep! (00-many)

Permit Tim, rep. (201)

Perseus sues rep! 00-350-

Pet, 'smart tiles' use: lit tram step! (237)

Pet Spot on no top step. (98)

Pets, Ed, I side-step. (71)

Pets never even step... (201)

Pets nip instep. (6)

Pet snore ebbed, Deb—beer on step?                                    (1)

Pets step. (many)

Pets step on a 'No Pets' step! 287

Pets tell Abe ballet step. 128

Pets too fat fill lane 'H' when all lift a footstep. (4)

Pet-smart tiles use lit tram step. (237)

Pi data's in: a monitor's inept eye doctor too fled Oman - a model foot-rot code - yet penis-rot in Oman is at a dip. (260)

Pilfer a ramose broom, a moor besom, a rare flip. (11)

Pillagers sass regal lip. (88)

"Pilot Dill--it's non-organic!" I nag Ron on (still I'd to lip...) (1)

Pilot puts a, er, breast up to lip..! (1)

Pilot puts a "Otto T." toast up to lip. (1)

Pilsner is not on siren's lip. 200-

Pinch 'C', nip! 331

Pining is a sign I nip. (85)

Pinnaces are in a mall a man I erase can nip. 260

Pinot noir Owen knew Orion to nip. 307

Pins laid as a 'dial snip.' (201)

Pins nip. (4)

Pipemildewed Lime, Pip. 307

Pipe, pip! (85)

Pirate, set a rip. 237

Pissed under, red nudes sip. (1)

Pistons—odd—do snot sip..! 1

Pitiless, El I tip. 200

Pitiless Eve vessel I tip. 237

Pits loot tool's tip. (148)

Pitt, tip! (146-1)

Pittsburgh saw Hannah wash Grub St. tip. 260

Pity--no polo pony tip? 323

Place 'no-no' on one CA L.P. 1

Plan Alp bar, Abplanalp (94).

Plan no damn Madonna L.P.! (213)

Plan, oh Tara, my marathon Alp. 278

Play 'Alp'. (85)

Play augur, Uruguay alp. (88)

Play Latin on Italy Alp. (237)

Play "My Alp." (88)

Play Nobel, ebony Alp. 237

"Plug in Eve, Lem, eleven!" I gulp. 254

"Plug in: Love, vol. N," I gulp. (1)

Po hired Loni A. in older IHOP. 200_

Pocatello pol let a cop. (88)

Poco bored is non-onside Robocop. 200

Poet, is rat a Qatar site op? 340

Pogo's so GOP! 307_

Poland, Warsaw raw war was raw DNA lop. 237

Politeness or calm rifts: a vast firm lacrosse net I lop. 260

Pols ate feta slop. 200

Polson's no slop. (88)

Poltergeists I, egret, lop. 260-

Pommel a Salem mop. (85)

"Pooh," smiles Eva, "have Selim's hoop." (10)

Poop in birch crib, ‘n’ I poop! 1                                           

Poopster frets poop. (144)

Poor Dallas led Omaha models all a-droop. (245)

Poor Dan is in a droop. (10)

Poor devils live, droop! (11)

Poor, dismal clams I dig--no dong, I--dismal clams...I droop. (71)

Poor Dot, Desi (operators) rot, are poised to droop. 1

Poor drama lost,so, Lamar, droop.            237-
Poor taste wets a troop. 260-
Poor troop--a side divided is a poor troop. (94)

"Poor troops, alas," Peewee weeps, "--alas, poor troop!" (71)

Pop a dose of ‘Foe Soda Pop’! 200 

Pop, is Pepsi pop? 307

Pop multitasks a tit lump op. 260

Pop, slap Opal's pop. 307

Popes [abase/oppose/use] pop. (88)

"Popsy", a persona I prostrated under red nude tarts or pianos, repays Pop. 260

Porcine men I crop. (85,200)

Pose, Aesop! 85

Pose as Timi Imit's Aesop. (1)

Posed, unseen, I'm on a nominee's nude sop. 71

Posse, he's sop. 237

Post-natal, bared, nude: so pedereasts are deposed under a blatant sop. 260

Pot an ale stupor, eh hero--puts elan atop! (1)

Pot not felt, as it is at left, on top. 237

Pot pales, use lap top! 260

Potato--I did lose lucre (Hercules, old idiot!)--atop! (71-1)

Pots emit lager at a Regal time-stop. (201)

Pots emit no diaper fizz if repaid on time. (98)

Pots emit time-stop!                1-

Pots stop! (00-many)

Pots tip at a pitstop. 307_

Pot-smoker, trek, om--stop. (1)

Pot sot Ev ordered Rove to stop. 200-

Prawn--warp! (85)

"Procure Peru Corp.!" (71)

"P-U: erase L.A. shoe king, Nike--oh, sales are up!?!" (98)

"P-U motto, Bette," rag I, "Cigarette--bottom-up!" (1)

P-U, Saginaw--wan, I gas up. (1)

P-U, sir, a fast safari's up. (88)

P-U--strap my gym parts up! (245)

Puff in, sniff up. 00-350-

Puff up. (many)

Puff up tit, Elroy--or let it puff up! 71

Puffins sniff up. (85)

Pull a bat, I hit a ball up. (10)

Pull a beetroot to Otto, or tee ball up. 260-

Pull a cilia tail I call up. 260-

Pull a "Gallup"! (16)

Pull a llama, Dana Cabot, in a Manitoba Canada mall, all up. 260-

Pull a lid off a daffodil  all up. (4-1)

Pull a wall up. (237)

Pull, if to idiot (and a sad NATO idiot) fill up. 237

"Pull it all up!" I puff, "inside, ill, a tip I tallied; I sniff up, I pull a till up." 71

"Pull, it's still up!" 226

Pull up! (00-many)

Pull up a pliant nail, Pa--pull up! (1)

Pull up, Bob, pull up! (97)

Pull up, Eva, we're here; wave, pull up. (10)

"Pull up!" I say as I pull up. 260

Pull up if I pull up. (10?)

Puma, I am up. (209)

Pumas liven evil Sam up. (97)

Pump 'm up! 256

Pun, Eve, state, "Grate target at Seven up." (1)

Pun: Eve's a nine, Tab, or, Rob, a Ten, in a Seven-Up. (88)

Pun: I pay a pixy no onyx, I pay a pin-up! (11)

"Pun up!" (88)

Pun: upstart rat spun up. 254

Pun was sawn up. (148)

"Punish serfs," testified a rapist, "it's Hannah's tits I parade if it sets fresh sin up." 260-

Pup, I tip up. (71)

Pup, it was a sleepy teletype Elsa saw tip up. (71)

Pup, may a war a foot too far away amp up? 260-

Pup sees pup. (167)

Pupil's cd rom: "Al Gore, zero glamor DC slip up." 307

Pupils cite negro for genetic slip up. 307

"Pupils!" I say as I slip up. (11)

Pupils on, Lee, flee eel--feel no slip-up! (1)

Pupils roll a ball or slip up. (11,97)

Pupils saw gun dung was slip up. (201)

Pupils slip up. (00-many)

Pupils spot ZZ Top's slipup. 307

"Pure" Boston did not sober up. (16)

"Pure, eh?" called Ella, "Cheer up!" (11)

"Pure" hero tore her up. (109)

"Pure pacifists are deponed", I sniff, "inside no pederasts if I caper up." 260-

Pure suet is opposite user-up. (11)

Pure Venuses, O rose--sun ever up! (148)

Pure vocal lips spill a cover-up. (82)

"Purr, it's a stirrup."/Purr, "It's a stirrup..." (88)

Purr up! 71

Pus tore open a lane--Poe rots up. 254

Pus gnats' umpire, rip mustangs up! 260

Pus tips, eel sagged; I hid egg as Lee spits up. 71

Pusillanimity obsesses Boy Tim in "All Is Up." (5)

Pusses sup. (11)

Put a bat up--roll a ball, or put a bat up. (71)

Put a call, "I will act up!" (1)

Put a crow, a camel, a mini male macaw, or cat up. 00-350-

Put Eliot's toilet up! (97)

Put, Elma, "Hamlet" up. 200-

Put Elmo, C3PO tag atop 3COM letup. 255-

Put Felix (I left) up. (11)

Put Felix, if fuss arises or arose, sir (as suffix I left) up. (11)

Put firm lift at film rift: up! 237

Put in key ye knit up. 237

Put in Rubik cube now: as I saw one buck, I burn it up. 260-

Put in ruby, Levi, and naively burn it up. 260

Put it up! (many)

"Put it up!" I say as I put it up. 260

Put it up till I fill it; put it up. 71

Put Peking-issue cud acts in a gross organist caduceus sign I kept up. 260

Put Rabbi BB art up. 237=

Put ‘rat tart’ up! 1

Put rats' Koran garb on, sate Leroy, or let a snob Ragnarok start up. 260-

Put Ratso’s tart up. 200-

Put Tom Mott up. 200

 Put up! 85

Put upon, I waste bets a wino put up. 260-

Putin: "I pin it up." 237

Q, a "riot to go" got to Iraq! (1)

"Q it is--" I sit, "I Q!" (1)

Qadi called Della C., Ida Q. 281

R.E. Lee[ padlocks Ed's desk--cold, a p/ pared roses: "Run, nurses, order a p/, pot a top potato p]eeler.{"} 71

R.E. Lee, [pot a top /pot a top potato p/pots stop] eeler. 88

R. Perot party trap tore P.R. 301

Ra decreed, "[No devil lived on] deer cedar." (98)

Ra, jaded Lew, I welded ajar. 254

Ra,[ won't--no!--] war. (1)

Rab Al, U.S. Nine pianist, asks at Sinai Peninsula Bar. (88)

Rab taxes [evil Sara's live] sex at bar. (233)

Rabat: I hit a bar. (88)

Rabbi rib Bar. (98)

Race [fast, safe], car! (11)

Race, doctor  trot code car! 237

Racecar aeneid: Di, Dodi did, O did die, near ace car. 103

Racy, Bo gotHannah to go bycar. 307

Racy models in a nomad dam on an isle do my car. 260

'Radar Pop' did pop radar. 1

Rae, deny Don an anodyne dear. (254)

Rae filled a dell, I fear. (254)

Rae fixates on a nose tax, I fear. 255

Rae got Nixon Knox into gear. 200
Rae: Hero Montserrat star, rest no more, hear? 200
Rae Hines, senile, berated a cadet, a rebel in Essen, I hear.            200-

Rae, his poopy baby poops, I hear. (109)

Rae, his yodels led "oys," I hear. 1

Rae hisses so pitiably; mad as sad amyl bait I possess, I hear. 260-

Rae, Nile rats I list, or grots I list, are linear. 254

Rae, no stew's as wet so near. 254

Rae, past eleven eve, lets a pear. 1

Rafael, are we to help Ma samploe hot ewer ale afar? (11or148)

Raffish, pat one cow, tote no-one to two cenotaphs if far. 260-

Raft far! 85

Rag, "Destiny: baby nits!" Edgar. 1

Rag Iceman did name cigar. 237

Ragu sad Anaconda had no Canada sugar. 237

Ragus enact "Niagara War" against cane sugar. (88)

Rail, alas, "Sal a liar!" (201)

Rail at a liar! (122)

Rail, liar! (00-many)

Rail li'l liar. (1)

Rail Marian, "I defiled docile Eli cod (deli-fed) in air, am liar!" (109)

Rail on, O liar! (11)

Rail, rotund Al Gore: hero, glad nut or liar? (109)

Rails stem met SS liar. 237

Rajahs ask Lisa to get a date, yet a date got a silk sash ajar. 260-

Ram led pupils to hot slip-up: Del Mar! (109)

"Ram ode deceit'll tie!" ceded Omar. 1

Ram Oleg nagged a mad egg angel, Omar. 254

Ram on olio to toil on, Omar. 254

"Ramon, avoid a rare red dodderer, a radio-van." - Omar. 71

Ramona is reposed in a nide so Persian, Omar. (5)

Rap Bush's art: trash, subpar. 265

Rap: "Busy, subtle frat star felt busy, sub par." 1

Rase a caesar. (4)

Rasp allocating is safe; eradicate (wet acid) a reef; assign it a collapsar. 260

Rat (and sex!) axes DNA 'tar.' 237

Rat awash saw a tar. (85)

Rat censored NATO tot and Eros nectar. (254)

Rat is sitar. (6)

Rat signal (slang) is 'tar.' 237-

["Rat/"Regal] snot," sobs Tim, "it's Boston's [tar!"/lager!"] 71

Rate mildewed Lime, tar. 307

Rate tar. (85)

Rat-race lines oppose Nile-car tar. (149)

Rats abut tuba star. (201)

Rats ailed, damn it, in mad Delia's tar! (194)

Rats astir, I snag Ross's organ, Sir   it's a star! 71

Rats at a bar grab at a star. 128

Rats awash saw a star. (98)

Rats, Dee needs tar. 278

Rats drown in WordStar. (116)

"Rats, Evita reneged, Dad--degenerative star!" (1)

Rats eye star. 337

"Rats gnash teeth," sang Star. (10)

Rats--go do diary raid O' Dog Star! (237)

Rats let Telstar. (85)

Rats live on no evil star. (10?)

Rats live on [no tons of UFOs/nose-sore roses/nose-tar crates,] on no evil star. (71)

Rats, Ned, do show (oh!) sodden star. (1)

Rats paraded a rap star. (97)

"Rats--paranoid C. Dion a rap star!?!" (173)

Rats, partner, appall apparent rap star. (109)

Rats star. (00-many)

Ratting, I sign it "TAR." 237

Raw animals slam in a war. (179)

Raw, CIAs OMNI win mosaic war. 237

Raw foe Russia is sure of war. (64)

Raw, gore hero Gwar. 271

Raw, I led deli war. 1

Raw murder on GI; ignore drum--war! (111?)

"Raw Nixon: ox in war." (109)

Raw on a mat at academia, no Don aimed a cat at a man o' war. (110)

Raw sewage, Segar--ewes war! 254

Raw sexes war. (00)

Raw spot stops war. (1)

Raw, Warsaw was raw war! 283

Re: Draft on patinaed Dean, I tap not, farder. 107

Re drums: a Doc-demanded, -named, coda's murder! (1)

Re grub Ma has: it is a hamburger. 200_

Re hot girl: I owe new oilrig to her. (260)

Re hypocrisy: as I say, sir, copy her! (11)

Re Nile: no Aswan guru gnaws a one-liner. (88)

Re pussy rub: Silas Salisbury's super! (88)

Re vase film unit: Al pondered no platinum life saver. 260

Re venom: music I summon ever. (88)

Re vote, George B beg Roe get over. (107)

Reb, bologna made Ted a mango lobber. 254

Reb bordello rolled robber. (85)

Reb, burn [exotic illicit oxen] rubber! 260

Reb bursts rubber. (88)

Reb Milton's not limber.  (88)

Reba, sad Ahab, a B.A., had a saber. 200

Reba’s a saber! 237-

Re-boo Goober. 200-

Rebut a tuber. 226

Recall ab--e.g. do dodge-ball, Acer! 1

Recluse dahlias sad, airy myriad assail Hades ulcer. 1

Recluse sir, anon arises ulcer. 1

Recluse son: Gai diagnoses ulcer. 260

Red Albert's a fast reblader. 254

Red and I here hid Nader. 71

Red artsy obese boys trade lucid Iron Maiden solos, Ned: I am no ridiculed artsy obese boys' trader. 260-
Red, dab badder! (1)

“Red dare” her, Adder. 237-

Red dates E.T. Adder. (237)

Red, do file deli fodder. 260

Red dude kill lion--no ill-liked udder. (00)

Red dude so hot to snap pans, Otto hosed udder. (1)

Red Duke, ESP--seek udder. 237

Red Dumas is a mudder. 200

Red, dustcart-tame hem attracts udder.            314

Red, I [ban all, an ab/bark rab/gird rig/hate yet a h/lave val/park rap]ider. (148)

Red, I help pin a bra: got to garb a nipple hider. (260)

Red, I snide, "Deceit'll tie ceded insider." 1

Red, I video toe divider. 237

Red, I videotape Pa: toe divider. 260

Red iced a made cider. (4)

Red Iceman did name "cider." 237

Red is Nina, an insider! (11or148)

Red is no cerise: yes, I reconsider. 260

Red Leah's a pasha elder. 254

Red Len, Robert Ross, sort reborn Elder. 237

"Red Levite set IV, Elder." 237-

Red, limpid, dip milder. 316

Red lobster ruts turrets bolder. 237

Red lost case, Ma--Jesse James acts older. (116)

Red lost solder. (148)

Red, nag a gander! (4)

Red, nag redder gander! (148)

Red nags gander. (85)

"Red" named demander. (16)

Red net—no car is, sir, a contender. 1

Red net, sir, is tender! (148)

Red net tuna nut tender? (98)

Red nib's not on S-binder. (201)

Red, no Pistol Pete plots I ponder. 260,200

Red, no pistol plots I ponder. (148)

Red, no pizzazz, I ponder. 200-

"Red, no wider bra deceived a bad Evie (cedar bred)?" I wonder. 1

Red now, Asia is a wonder. (11or148)

Red now, Debora's a robed wonder. 237

Red now, I wonder... (98)

"Red now, is tundra bard nuts?" I wonder. (148-1)

Red now, nab rude Kansan as naked urban wonder. (109)

Red now on level  no wonder! (5)

Red now, red net's tender wonder. 237 1

"Red nowise, yet all aches, eh, call at eyes?" I wonder. 1

Red nude ran, snared under! (148)

"Red, nude wolfing" is a sign I flowed under. (194)

Red, 'nut Newt' went under. (237)

"Red, rig girder!" (4)

Red robber gazes not on S.E. Zagreb border. (5or117)

Red, robe, tag radar-gate border. (237)

Red robin I border. 307

Red robot straps parts to border. 226

Red robots axe Texas: to border! 255

Red  robots sent savanna vastness to border.                                                                         (1)

Red Rob's abed (not on Deb!) as border. (4-1)

Red rod, lop old order! 237-

Red roe reset agates ere order. (88)

Red roe restored no monde, rot sere order. (88)

Red root put up to order. (10)

Red Root ward Romeo, pen one poem or draw to order. 237

"Red roots to order." (148)

Red Rose ESP sees order. 237

Red Rose, I take Katie's order. 278

Red, rose suede uses order. 237-

Red roses run no risk, Sir, on nurses order. (5)

Red roses run on no nurse's order.                                                                                        307_

Red rot salt can act last order 237

Red Roy bred fox of derby order. (1)

Red rum did emit revel ere Lever time did murder. (112)

Red rum, eh--'twas I saw the murder! (5)

Red rum is Pepsi murder. 00-350-

Red rum, Sir, is murder. (11)

Red Rumanian named Aida an alibi, Lana a diadem, Anna, in a murder. (254)

Red rummy geese see gym murder. 307

Red rums play Alps murder! (194)

Red rum's total: a tot's murder. (116)

Redd, Al pets a stepladder. 200-

Rednesses or a note let a mate let on a rose's sender. 260-

Redo no kayak on Oder. 200-

Redraw a warder. (116)

Reeboks KO beer! (88)

Reeds part; [Ned/Nero puts animals, if of Islam, ina stupor,] entraps deer. (71)

Reeve, veer! (85)

Reeves, use veer! 200

"Ref for a motel room!" a Moor let Omar offer. (1)

"Ref, nine men in stark cots stock rats," nine men infer. 260-

Refasten art nine poetic eroded amici made; do recite "open intranet safer". 260-

Refasten Gipsy's pig-net safer. (10)

Refasten net safer! (11)

Refit or add a rotifer. 260

Reflog a golfer. (6)

Reg, a witness sent, I wager. 200

"Reg, Alan, a lager?" (4)

Reg, girths are not one rash trigger. 260

Reg, go lay a logger. 200-
Reg, gutter rag's a dud as garret tugger. 254

Reg, I tamed Em a tiger. (11)

Reg, I taste Peru tare 'til foe of literature pets a tiger! (1)

Reg, it was in Amman I saw Tiger. 200-

Reg, it's Tiger! (1)

Reg 'n I'll i.d. Dillinger. 200-

Reg, no lone car won, now race no longer. (10)

Reg, no, long no longer. (1)

"Reg ordered no..." pondered Roger. (71) (see Commentaries-IV.)

Reg ordered Rod as Dad, sad, ordered Roger. (71)

"Reg ordered  Roger?" (71)

"Reg ordered rope; Ed's deep!" ordered Roger. (71)

"Reg ordered roses [on no/run nur/" , sobs Al. "Alas--bos/, " si his/, smoe mos]ses!" ordered Roger. 71

"Reg ordered rot!" ordered Roger. (71)

Reg ordered rum...(71) (see Commentaries-IV.)Reg ordered rum as Asa murdered Roger. (307,71)

Reg remonstrated: "I sniff (inside tarts) no merger!" 260

Reg, rub sumo Musburger. 200

Regal as time, star dim, a madam amid rats emits a lager. (256)

Regal lips' sarcasm lacks irony; no risk calms a crass pillager. 260

Regal Liv, a den ma, damned a villager. 200-

Regal recluses ordered roses, ulcer lager. 71

Regal sip is lager. 122-

Regal was I ere I saw lager. (00-1929)

"Regal's Tide," Kramer remarked, "it's lager!" (194)

Regard a mere mad rager. (5or10)

Regard me leer, "eye-reel" 'em, drag 'er! (1)

Regenerate my baby: my baby met a reneger. 260-

Regenerate yet a reneger. 85

Reg-ordered rum murdered Roger. (307-1)

Regrub mild Limburger. (88)

Regular, I see sir, a luger. (71)

Regula's MIA aims a luger. 255-

Regulate gnats, Stan, get a luger. 278

Reid lost soldier. (98)

Reiterate, "[Zeta re /Tare ]tier." 237

Reknit my gym, tinker! (98)

Reknit, [s]tinker! (88)

Re-live, reviler! (4)

Re-live--viler! (85)

"Rello, hide divided deer's 'noir' prions Reed de-divided!" I holler. (1)

Remarkable was I ere I saw Elba, Kramer. (4)

Remarks simple helots stole help Miss Kramer. (260)

Remit reward: a drawer timer. (98)

Remit Rome cargo to go to Grace Mortimer. (10)

Ren, ask saner. 271

Ren names Albania in a blase' manner.                                      365

Ren, slip regal: not on lager--pilsner! (1)

Rend rag, Ava Gardner! (109)

"Rene'," I wondered, "   no wiener?" 71

Rene posted a cadet's opener. 200

Rene posted Odets' opener. 307

Reno gal, "L.A.--goner!" (23-1)

Reno gas is a goner.  200

Reno Levi sired a derisive loner. (110)

Reno, sir, pondered no prisoner. 20
Rent rap[,] partner! (161)

“Rent Raptor a Tarot partner!” 237-

Rent--so cyber!--a mob, or a robo-mare by Costner. 254

Rep aides process a passe corpse diaper. 359-

Rep Paramaribo job: I ram a rapper. (88)

Rep. Pate Otto got: (toe tapper.)                                    200-

Rep pussy assays supper. (88)

Repack caper. (85)

Repaid pal rubs burlap diaper. 307

Repaid, senile felines diaper. 237

Repatriate lots to let air taper. 260-

Repel a leper. (122,4)

Repel [at sick cist] a leper. 237

Repel evil as a live leper. (5)

Repipe, piper! (85)

Report it, Roper. (16)

Report troper. (16)

Reps act at Casper. (88)

Re-push Sahara hash: SUPER!                            200-

Rerevered, a jade revered, a jade's reversed; a jade revered a jade reverer. (254)

Resin on a castle melts a canoniser. 260-

Re-snag Remy's sassy merganser. (71)

Re-sold Dole: eel, odd loser. (109)

Re-sole man on a rotunda base: he's a bad nut or a no-name loser. 260-

Resole Rosa's in air boots too  Brian is a sore loser. 260

Resume Muse--resume, muser! (88)

Resume muser. (85)

Resume so pacific a pose, muser. (10)

Resume, totem user. (1)

Retame Mater. (4)

Retard rat sucks at a task: Custard Rater. 260

Retard rater. (4)

Re target a date grater. 260

Reti, "Brasilian Snail" is arbiter! (88)

Retinues row, as I tell a man a mallet is a worse uniter. 260-
Retire, meriter. (85)

Re trace, Carter! 237

Re-track, Carter! (88)

Retract, Carter! (77,85)

Retract it, Carter! (16)

Retracting, I sign it, "Carter". (16)

Retro Percival saw a Slavic reporter. 260

Retro Perth girl asks Ade not to deliver a rare, vile dot to Ned?" asks alright reporter. (260)

Retro planes ram arsenal porter. (110)

Retsina--can I gulp a plug in a canister? 71

"Rett, use large peg," rales utter! (1)

Rev. Ada called O'Dell a cadaver.                  200-

Rev., I ran a river! (88)

Rev.: Ned, Nina, made Ed a man in Denver (71)

Rev O raw, fine moon--no omen if war over. (1)

"Rev, Omega page mover." 237

Rev orders, "Red Rover." 200

Revel ever! (85)

Revel in a can I lever. 260

Revel in Unilever. 200-

Revelatory America in a maniac ire may rot a lever. 260-

Revenge, beg--never! (many)

Revenge my baby, Meg, never! (5)

Revere her ever! (92)

Revere piper ever. (122)

Revered now I live on--O did I do no evil, I wonder, ever? (5)

Re video Zoe, diver. 237

Revigorate tar, O giver. 85

Reviled, a maid and Nadia made liver! 254

"Reviled did I live, [" said I, "as] evil I did deliver." ([10],16)

Reviled dire women I do if, for a fat solicitor esteemed under a bar, a bared nude meet's erotic: I lost a far-off iodine mower I'd deliver. 260-

Reviled, I deliver. (88)

Reviled, stiff, I sat on pal's lap (not as if fits deliver!) (1)

Revocable was I ere I saw Elba cover. 201

Revolt a cat lover. (143)

"Revolt, love!" raved Eva, "Revolt, lover!" (16)

Revolt, lover?[!] (many])

Revolt, O hot lover! 260

Revolt or no, it is opposition rot, lover. (148)

Re-voltage begat lover. 200_

Revolting is error--resign it lover. (5)

Reward a dada drawer. 201

Reward: a node reiterates a set are tiered on a drawer. 260-

Reward an Irish [sin: a Danish,/tomb-moth,/tooth,] Sir, in a drawer. 71

Reward an item in a can I met in a drawer. 71

Reward animals, O Greg--ergo, slam in a drawer! (70)

Reward civic drawer. (201)

Reward Evil One: pop open olive drawer! (98)

Reward [lonely Tylenol] drawer. (98,[6-1])

Reward my gym drawer. (98)

Rewards for Peronist survival: eternal plan re Tel Aviv rusts in ore Profs drawer. 260

Rewards rot in a janitor's drawer. (173)

Re-wolf fast, oh fool, as time remits: aloof, hot safflower! (1)

Reword a [b/m]ad rower. (88)

Rex, ale rolled Robin in a gap; a Paganini bordello relaxer. 254

Rex attended a [f/j/l]aded net taxer. (307)

Rex, I fret...I ogle Von's novel goiter-fixer. (71)

Rex, I'm a mixer. (98)

Rex, I'm an Amana mixer. 307

Rex, I'm at a mixer.  200

Riah, can Igor fax alert Ella my mallet, relax a frog in a chair? 254

Riah, can Omar, Pam or Fred, durable, make Red Derek a Melba rudder from a pram on a chair? 254

Riah's in a bin, I banish air. 254

Rio duo, bad, egged a boudoir. 200-

Rio duo bid not on Di boudoir. 200

Rio's noble Di bid El,"bonsoir." 200

Rip at tapir I pat, tapir. (1)

Rise, Aesir. 237-

Rise - I prefer pie, Sir! 71

Rise  if Donna can nod, fie Sir! (1)

Rise, [lame male--]sir! (209,[11])

Rise, morning is red  no wonder sign in Rome, Sir. (10)

Rise not at one, Sir. (71)

Rise, Sir! (122,85)

"Rise, Sir, a noise   Levi's sample yield: dirt riddle," I yelp, "Massive lesion   arise, Sir!" 71

Rise, tag Civic Gate, Sir. 237

Rise, take lame female Kate, Sir. (11)

Rise to vote, Sir. (78)

Risen  oh, sir!  I saw mirror rim was Irish one, Sir. (11)

"Risen or prone, sir?" (11or148)

Risen ordained, I am a maiden, I--a drone, sir! 254

Risk a joke, Kojak, sir? 200-

Risk a pee, Deepak, sir? 200-

"Risk car-track, sir?" (11)

Risk cup on no puck, sir. 278

"Risk no masks?" asks a monk, Sir. 237-
Risk Rod, a dork, sir?  200-
Ro, give M*A*S*H same vigor. 200

Rob a gem--me, Gabor! (7)

Rob a grave, Eva R. Gabor! (71)

Rob ran NASA as Ann Arbor. (88)

Rob ran NATO, not Ann Arbor. (88)

Rob ran, Nan, in Ann Arbor.  200

Rod, at a manor, I seep; I piddle; I wield dip; I pee, Sir, on a matador. (71)

Rod, I sign, "I kiss ass, I kill or tap a troll; I kiss ass--I, King Isidor." (71)

Rod 'n' Eve gag, tromp a sap mortgage-vendor. (71)

Rod Nevada vendor! (149)

Rod no condor! (85)

Rod, no, creeping is a sign I peer condor. 237

Rod 'one' drags garden odor. 237

Rog, I name Pacific apeman Igor. (245)

Rog, I saw, was Igor. 200-
Rog, it's I--oboist Igor. (71)

"Roger gross," I hiss, "   or Gregor?" 71

Roll ember, Otto--hot!--to Reb Mellor. 254

Rolla pondered no pallor. 200-

Roma sidewalk law, Ed, is 'Amor'! (1)

"Romania, my main amor." (88)

Ron, Eton mistress asserts I'm no tenor. (5or10)

Ron, I'm a minor. (00-many)

Ron, I'm E Oboe minor. 278

Ron, I'm Enid of "O.D. in E Minor." 200

Ron, Ima is an item I met in Asia Minor. 200-

Ron O.D.'ed under a red, nude donor. (152)

Ron, Ohio I honor. 237-

Rooms bar Arabs Moor. 237 1

Rot a gill, alligator! (4+/or88)

Rot a renegade, wed a generator. [Rot: a renegade wed a generator!] (170)

"Rot--aid Al Gore, hero gladiator!" (109)

Rot all E flats, Eva's a vestal fellator! 254

Rot: avon nixes a sex innovator! (152)

Rot can rob a born actor. (00)

‘Rot Cat Ramsey’ sees ye, smart actor. 237

Rot, cello collector! (103)

"Rot!" Fatima wondered, "now, am I Taft, or..:" 71

"Rot" I deem a tart lucite tap I repair; I, a peripatetic ultra-tame editor. 260-

Rot, I'd e-mail--I am editor! (1)

Rot in a job, oh hobo janitor! 307

Rot in Omaha, monitor! 309

Rot, Laertes did set realtor! 200-

"Rot!" says sassy Astor. (71)

Rota, Ivan as is is an aviator. 200

Rota, I've llama--am alleviator! (1)

Rota rips aspirator. (4)

Rot corpse Sumatran art amuses proctor. 11

Rovaf, a nomad, did Damon a favor. (1)

Roy, am I mayor? (00-many)

Roy Ames, I was a wise mayor. (16)

R's 4 Bush: oh, sub 4 Sr! 302

Rub bur. (116)

Rub--deliver a reviled bur. (1)

Rude live deb bedeviled Ur. 200-
Rude veep peeved Ur. 200-

"Rue to base saboteur!" (85)

Rum elaborate waste lets a weta rob a lemur. 260

"Rum, rum..." I murmur. 1

Russel, fir tree seer trifles Sur! 1

Rutabega to base: we sabotage Batur. (149)

'S' is! (1)

S/M retro slang is semantic: illicit names, signals or terms. 260

Sad, a Cicero bee bore Cicadas. (16)

"Sad--" I, Di, peep, "I did as..." (1)

Sad, I misuse Jesus--I, Midas.                 (313)

Sad, I'm Midas. (00-many)

Sad--I'm sad as Midas! 329 Canada had anacondas. (106)

"Sad ... no Canadian actress, aided or eroded," I assert, "can aid anacondas." 260

Sad, oy, Toga got Yodas.                336

Sag time was its omen as nine men insane, most I saw, emit gas.        356-

Saga slave I'd e-mailed "MorF?" to, got (from Delia) medieval sagas. (260)

Sage, cud, or piles, Eli, produce gas. (71)

Sage detainees seen, I ate Degas. 255-

Sage signing is a gas. (97)

Sage, vote more cars race Rome-to-Vegas. (88).

Sages use gas. (146)

Said Boris, "Aye, Boyle, remote radiant Etna I dare to merely obey, as I rob Dias." 71

"Sail!", a reheard Edna hails, as Lia handed Rae her alias. 260-

Sail an alias. (85,88)

Sail as I held darts to not straddle his alias. 260-

Sail, Elias. (85,4)

Sail had dahlias! 1_

Sail on, game magnolias. (17+/ot110)

Sail on, Olias. (61)

Sal, a late petal up in a mill I manipulate--petal alas! (5)

"Sal," asserts Mae's seamstress, "alas." 200-

Sal, batter a backcomb, mock cabaret tablas. 254

Sal, is no fin even, even if on Silas? (254)

"Sal is not in?" Ruth asks, "Ah, turn it on, Silas." (5)

"Sal, lad, not to N. Dallas?" (191)

Sal, let's taste S[elah ale/ome mo'] sets at Stella's. (1)

Sal lit Roth’s ash tortillas. 1-

Salad Eliot Ness sent: oiled, alas! 260

Saladin enrobes a baroness, Senora, base-born Enid, alas! (10)

Salt a deified Atlas. (98)

Salt a DNA radar, and atlas. 237

Salt a pup, Atlas. (148)

Salt asks, "A diamond?"--no maid asks, "Atlas?" (1)

Salt [an] Atlas! (00-many)

Sam, a jap, laminates set animal pajamas. (111?)

Sam, a jap sage, irons Noriega's pajamas. 307

Sam, Ahab T. (alias Bob), sail at Bahamas. (27)

Sam, Allen, interpret nine llamas! (104)

Sam rubs madams - Burma's. 260-

Sam upset Estes' pumas. 307

Samorael bats at times emit tastable aromas. (189)

San Antone's Abe's use base, not Nana's. (88)

San Antonio koi - not Nana's - live to pot evil San Antonio koi - not Nana's. 260-

San Antonio poi not Nana's. 200-

Sara has tall abductee  meet Cud ball at Sahara's. 255

Sardi puts nog on stupid RAs. (00)

Sarge, I offer a ref fois gras. 307

Sarge, I oft et foie gras! (6)

Satan, I pay ya pinatas! 295

Satan, I prefer pinatas. 307

Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas! (142)

Save Ed, install a wall at snide Eva's. 254

Save taxi fare, Dr.--order a fix at Eva's. (110)

"Saved no trace: not one carton, Devas." (170-1)

Saw I: sad, lone diamond; no maiden old as I was. 278

Saw Ira, by a gay bar I was. 200-

Sawn, a man is foxed, Nina: an index of sin a man was. 260-

"Say, no stale falafel at Sonya's!" 255

Scipio pondered no poi pics. 200-

Scot City 'tic tocs'! (85)

Scrams a groom in Oregon--no "Geronimo!" arcs. (1)

Scranton's tots: not narcs. (6)

Scranton's U.S. partner entraps us, not narcs. (88)

Scrape edges of UFOs: e.g. deep arcs. 260

"Scroll up!" I say as I pull orcs. 260

Sebastian DeLeon remarks, "Kramer, Noel, Edna, it's Abe's!" 173

Sedan, ere solo, serenades. (21)

"See Barbados: soda, bra, bees." (22)

See bees./? (97/85, many)

"See bees?" I gasp, "Marcia - I cramp, sag; I see bees!" 71

See, beg, Ava's savage bees. (71)

See, Bev, I feel freed deer flee five bees. 71

"See, Bev   rats!" I say, as I starve bees. 71

See "Bigfoot" top Otto, of G.I. Bees. 237

See boffo bees.[?] 97

See, Bond, I hid no bees. (71)

See  boo!  bees? 237

See, booze can ace zoo bees! 237-

See, by [sub radar busy] bees. 237

"See cider on no red Icees." (173)

See  few owe fees! (10)

See fond ad, no fees. 237

See fondness drown me--lost, solemn words send no fees.          79-

See fees. 237

See, gag, tromp mortgagees! (71-1)

See, Gil, gent negligees!                                      200-

See, peacocks ask, "Coca epees?" (1)

See Petraeus's issue: art epees. 255-

"See, Pete, elf's fleet epees?" 355-

See Pete Rose yell at nine men in tall, eyesore tepees! 307

See, press as a sasser pees! 1

See, Purdah had rupees. 6

See purse births in Aden: India paid nine Danish tribes rupees. 260

See purse's rupees. 200_

"See referees[?]" (many)

See Rob major in Edeline's senile De Niro jamborees. 254

See sage money odd doyen, Omega, sees. (1)

See, slave, I demonstrate yet arts no medieval sees. (10)

See "trek o poker" tees? 1

See, we prefer pewees. (88)

Seek 'nay'--Mets stem Yankees. (1)

Seek no Monkees. 309

Seem I a fool, a hobo, Ray, a robo-halo of Aimee's? 254

"Seen knees?" (98,200)

Seepy baby pees. (109)

Seer--gag!--agrees. (237)

Seer gained to help maniac role ban Abel or Cain: ample hot Deni agrees. (260)

Seer gal agrees. (88)

"Seer, gas Idi not!" Toni disagrees. 254

'Seer Gate' set agrees. (237)

Sees a most serene rest, serene rest soma sees. (1)

Sees men—a “grow on, now, organ” Em sees. 1-

Sees Tulsa nightlife--filth, gin--a slut sees. (186-1)

Sega mist file lifts images. (237)

Sega Mist Rose sorts images. 237

Sega polos page we gap, so  lo!  pages! 237

Sega Raga saga rages. (237)

Segal lived in snide villages. (110)

Segal lives on no S.E. villages. (00)

Seige vets abet a mate lots to let a mate baste vegies. 260

Sein Nine do "Park Rap Ode," ninnies! (1)

Sela Ward did draw ales. (177)

Sela Ward won't now draw ales. 307

Selah, we're whales. (88)

Self first, I milk canker ere knack limits riffles. 1

'Self' fur never even ruffles. (98)

Self furnish Tab's baths in ruffles. 260

Selim smiles. 122-

"Selim's...Diane!" zen aid smiles. (1)

Selim's tired; no wonder, it's miles. (10)

Sell a rebus, "uber alles." (205)

Sell a vinyl trapeze   partly nival, Les. 260

Sell, Les! (85)

Sell Lima a mill, Les. (88)

Selma, I am Les. (98)

Semantic at times, emit tacit names. (1)

Semantic: I pot a topic it names. 260

Semantic, it names. (237)

Semillon, ah, tested a cadet's ethanol limes. 260

Semite mates abase tame times. (85)

Semite Moses: "I rise...sometimes." 254

Semite Moses ordered rose sometimes. 307

Semite Moses orders red rose, sometimes. (161)

Semite Moses runs to Lot's nurse (sometimes...) (110)

Semites are lepers, we Jews repel, erase times.    362-

Semi-troop parts, GI rigs trap--poor times! (1)

Semord, Nila, plait select celestial palindromes. (1)

Senile candy-ass revivers say "DNA? Celine's!" 260-

"Senile feet Tim mocks?" ask committee felines. 260

Senile females, Rodney away, endorse lame felines. (16)

Seniles revert at reverse lines. 64

Separate birth tribe, tar apes. (1)

Separate feta, rapes. 1

Separate[,] tar apes. (6,[88])

Separately, Lyle, tar apes. 71

Separatism lacks a moth to mask calm sitar apes. 260

Separatists, I tar apes! 103

Serum mixes, sex immures. 260-

Set a bad role model: C. Rice sacks Iraq after fret FAQ—a risk-case circle-dome lord abates.255

Set a ball orad--a roll abates!                            340

Set a broom on no moor, Bates. (5)

Set a collapsed udder on gin an ignored dude's pal locates. 260

Set a dwarf on a can of raw dates. 307

Set a flagellate I cosh to both societal/legal fates. 260-

Set a Gentile ballad on a nodal label it negates. 260

Set a Gentile ballet so high, Sarah: a rash GI hostel label it negates. 260

Set, a Luca Jesuit "angina man," Ignatius, ejaculates. (88)

Set a melba table, mates! (1)

Set a noted trap: TNT part denotates. (260)

Set a rut Asa saturates. 260

Set, a tornado Wodan rotates. (88)

Set a tsar, Ewen, to rot new era states. 260

Set A.C. off, USA suffocates. 255

Set acid areas Asa eradicates. 260

Set acid nips, an asp indicates. 260

Set agates. 5

Set agenda: fad negates. 237

Set agent it negates. 237

Set agent negates. (85)

Set, air benign, I target a fate: grating inebriates. 1

"Set alerts, O hymen assessor: cone dams made no crosses sane," my host relates. 260-

Set an 'I', mull-- it illuminates! (1)

Set animal on no laminates. (259)

Set, animal sees laminates. (201, 259)

Set animal trap nets gnu: tungsten part laminates. 260

Set arcana nab banana crates. 260-

Set are no times a semitone rates. (1)

Set at net, O Potentates! (85)

Set at serif, as Safire states. (116)

Set in gin, a man ignites. (177)

Set Irenic, I demonstrate tarts, no medicine rites. (85)

Set Isuzu sites. 97

Set on a vanity, my tin Ava notes. 307

Set on bank, nab notes! (85)

Set one ebony baby no bee notes. 260-

Set over Odessa, Marat Safin (if a star) amassed ore votes. 260

Set sat on no tastes. (98)

Set saw: Sahara has wastes. (85)

Set set not on testes! (98)

Set up side disputes. (260,255)

Set up Sidney on no yen disputes. (245)

SETI bites! (209)

"Seton Hall," Allah notes. 200

Seton lauds dual notes. (1)

Seville, Babel lives! (148)

Sew, oh Anna, help pin a nipple (Hannah owes!) (1)

Sew, Wes! (85)

Sex, ale, relaxes. 64, 237

Sex Alert: "Ella, my mallet relaxes!" (254)

Sex at embargo, so grab me taxes! 237 1

Sex at my gym taxes. (77)

Sex at "No spin" Fox is a "six of nips" on taxes. 255-
Sex at noon taxes. (127)

Sex atavism, Siva, taxes. 254

Sex ate taxes. 237

Sex atop, O, taxes! (253)

Sex axes! (98)

Sex elf flexes. 00-350-

Sex elicits Alex, elastic ilexes. 319

Sex--even a Dane vexes! (77)

Sex ever a hare vexes. (71)

Sex, if fussy Art ropes in Ed, Roz or Denise, portrays suffixes. 260

Sex, I'll oblige, Gil, bollixes! (1)

Sex: impugn it, film it or rap a poor troop a parrot I'm lifting up mixes. 260-

Sex in Asia, Raisa, nixes. 200

Sex in "Hair," Amy, Mariah nixes. 200-

Sex in Lebanon Abel nixes. 307

Sex in Nam Liam (a mailman) nixes. 307

Sex images Sega mixes. 260-

Sex is tacit at scenarios, so I ran ecstatic, "at sixes..." (1)

Sex, nylon parties, or senile felines, Rose: I trap no lynxes. 260

Sex, nylons I see; signals, slang I see, Sis  no lynxes. 71

Sex obese LA pensioner nixes; sex in Reno is Nepalese boxes. 260-

Sex often: I net foxes. (98)

"Sex, or excel?" Alec xeroxes.                 (310)

Sex Rex, Xerxes! (161)

Sex-aware era waxes. (85)

Sex Ed. Nixon (an ox) indexes. 307

Sez Agnew, "Go limp, Milo--Gwen gazes." 254

Sh Tom, Nate bit Tibetan moths. (98)

Sh--Tom sees moths. (16)

Sh--Tom Smith saw Nora Baron wash Tim's moths. (71)

Sh, Tom--stars lay or sat forever, of t as royals, rats, moths. (98)

Sh--Tom's gardener, Irene, drags moths. (71)

Sh--Tom's wasp saws moths! (98)

Shall I risk, sir, ill "ah"s? (1)

Shall Otay [add/assess/ax] Ayatollahs? (88)

Sharon's Ra entity: "My tit nears Norha's." 254

Sharon's tuba abuts Norah's. 325

Short, sad, a hick (Ninny Lynn, in K.C.), I had a Stroh's. 71

Shot put ogre vented: "ABC bad: ET never got up to 'H's". 260-

Shower drew "Oh"s! 1

Si, nut was I ere I saw Tunis! (149)

Si, sir   Casandra had a hard NASA crisis. 285

Si, semen loots as tool nemesis. 277

"Si, Tia, lure Gerulaitis!"  200

Si, we'll let Dad tell Lewis. (90)

Siamese, Ma is. (106)

Sib Anna cottons not to cannabis. 200

Sibilate, [g/l/s/y]et alibis. (85/8-1)

Sibilate pet alibis. (88)

Sibilate wet alibis! (85)

Sid, "Ere wolf, Ed deflowered is." 200

"Sid is," said I, "as Sid is." (98)

"Sides reversed is," said I, "as sides reversed is." (98)

Silas, [as a wino's son I was/ Asa was]as Al is. 307

Silly, ram amaryllis! (85)

Silly ram ate wet amaryllis! (1)

Silo port, embargoed or deified, ate lots of UFOs to let a deified rodeo grab Metropolis. 260

Sim, Red, I peel a pale epidermis. 254-1

Simoom is. (85)

Sims, it open nepotism is. 200

Sin: it rams martinis. (98)

Sinai bar Arabian is. 200

Sinai, Latino's son, Italian is.                                    200

Sinatra maid, Di Amar, tan is. 200 

Sinister, Bret, sin is. 1

Sino Cape Cod doc EPA con is. 200
Sion ill, if Illinois. (85/8-1)

Sion ill in Illinois. (88)

Sion ill is Illinois. (85)

Sip ale, Lapis! (98)

"Sip Ares, Serapis." (88)

Sip it in; I tram to hot martini tipis! (1)

Sip O Hopis! (88)

Sir, a fast anise made dame sin at safaris. (109)

Sir, a hat Amos saw was so Mata Hari's. 307

Sir, a jalapeno on no one pal ajar is. (1)

Sir, a mogul slug Omar is. 359-

Sir, a pond erred no Paris. (51)

"Sir, a pro for Paris." (35)

Sir aped Leto here (Hotel de Paris). (88)

Sir Apnisward draws in Paris. (43)

Sir, baffled am I, mad elf Fabris. (246)

"Sir, bed debris." (4)

Sir, bed not on debris. 200

Sir, I demand--I am a maid named Iris! (10)

Sir, I faze Zafiris! 292

"Sir, I gnash Tom's moth," sang Iris. 71

"Sir," I note, "bet on Iris." (71)

Sir, I revile drab nudes running; I sign in Nurse Dunbar, deliver Iris. 71

Sir, I saw I was Iris. (98)

Sir [I so saw I was/is] Osiris[./?] (88)

"Sir," I sneer, "Pete preens Iris." 71

Sir, I soon saw I was no Osiris. (16)

Sir, I stir, I sleep, I peel, Sir--it's Iris. (71)

Sir, I'm a damsel, if Ed defiles Madam Iris. 71

Sir, I'm Iris. (16,97)

Sir, in a deli Obama Mama boiled an iris. 200-

Sir, in Aden Eva gave Ned an iris. 254

Sir, is one more Omen Osiris? 255-

Sir is Osiris? 88

"Sir, Italia wine vinegar," I rage, "Niven, I wail at Iris!" 71

Sir Rob risks a bask, Sir Borris. 237

Sir Rod risks a task, Sir Dorris. 237

Sir Ron risks a mask, Sir Norris. 237

Sire, was I ere I saw Eris? (16)

"Sirrah, deliver deified desserts detartrated!" stressed deified, reviled Harris. (11)

"Sirrah Dias!" said Harris. (201)

Sis, a bare ve[nt  is it n/st, if Tim it fits,/st, it's] ever a basis.(?) 71

Sis, a bare vessel pot  fill [it  still], if topless  ever a basis? 71

Sis, a baseman names a basis. (71)

Sis, a basic side-disc is a basis. (71)

Sis, a basis is a basis is a basis! 71

Sis  a baton  stiff, it's not a basis. 71

Sis, a sin is as is. 1

Sis, aortas at R oasis. 1

Sis, ask Costner to not rent socks "as is"! (213)

Sis asks Edward, "Draw desks as is?" (71)

Sis ate idle Tom's motel diet "as is". 71

Sis emended "nemesis" 255

"Sis, I rode a Vespa to Milan in a morn, mad at a damn roman in a limo" taps Eva, Ed or Isis.307

Sis is Isis. (98,209)

Sis is redder, Sis is. 337

Sis, O rue neurosis! (85)

Sis, pony sanitises it in a synopsis. 260

Sis, Sam's dirt's as alien to bored old lode robot Neil as Astrid's Mass is. 254

Sis, Sargasso moss a grass is. (6)

Sis's Alcatraz art 'A' class is. 200

"Sit," I say, "rot a gun, nun--nugatory as it is." (1)

Sit in; I gave no one vaginitis! 1

Sit is as it is  it is as it is. 237

Sit on a petite pan, Otis. (71)

Sit on a potato pan, Otis. (10)

Sit on Otis. (9)

"Sit on Otis," Reg ordered Roger, "Sit on Otis!" 71

Sit, Otis! (85)

Sit sad, do lay burden  Ned, Ruby, Al  odd as tis. 1

"Six", an even UFO, bombards drab mob of uneven axis. 278

Six at mass, as Sam taxis. (1)

Six at Nita's sat in taxis. 307

Six at party trap taxis. (5)

Six ate nine taxis. (71)

Six ate taxis. 237

Six attack cat taxis! (61)

Six attract fat Taft cart-taxis. 71

Six elated a cadet, Alexis! (88)

Six Essene gyms are not as selfless a toner as my Gene's sex is. 260-

Six is! (85)

Six is a six, is a six, is... 288

"Ski burdened", I wailed, "Traci, buck cubic art Delia widened: Rubik's." 260-

Ski Red Erik's! (88)

Slain Edward's nosy sons draw denials. 307

Slam iced decimals! 359-

"Slam in a den, Wayne," Ben yawned, "animals." 71

Slam it, poets: aware, eye era, waste optimals! (1)

Slam Ron, batter Brett: abnormals! 260-

Slang is DNA Hymn on my hand signals. 237-
"Slang is not suet, is it?" Euston signals. (10)

Slang is signals[./?] (00-many)

Slang issue: damage pots to peg Amadeus signals. 260

Slap a ham on Omaha, pals. (182)

Slap crania in arc, pals! 1

Slap ere we're pals. (148)

Slap my gym pals. (71)

Slap [Norton, not Ron/solo gigolos'/any palindromic phrase or name] pals. (1)

Slap panel, Larissa, as Sir Allen appals! 254-1

Slap P[a/o]p, pals. (1)

"Slap parts!" I say, as I strap pals. 71

"Slap pots!" I said, "I decide divided ice, did I, as I stop pals!" 71

Slap, strap Sununu's parts, pals! (182)

Slap dab set up, Mistress Ann asserts, imputes bad pals. (5)

Slapdash, self-royal Clinton's not nil--clay or flesh, sad pals? (109)

Slate metals. (4)

Slate placid art, radical petals. 237 

Slave octuplets - oh, a top satanism! - sin at a spot a hostel put coevals. 260-

Slay arrayals. 237

Slay art, roped in snide portrayals. 260

Slay old lore--trace Carter, old loyals! (109)

Slay or slap a pal's royals. 71

"Slay," ordered royals. 200

Sled at ic[e/y] citadels. (85/178)

'Sled Omaha' may radar Yamaha models./"Sled, Omaha models!" 237

Sleek Bob did bob keels. 1

Sleek, rabid, lost, one pipe not sold, I bark, "Eels!" (71)

Sleek Roy went at New York eels. (36)

Sleek Upton did not puke, Els. 200-

Sleep; a potato Pa peels. 237 1

Sleep, Emil, on no lime peels. 307

Sleep not on [Eileen; ere Renee, lie not on] peels. (149)

Sleep on no peels. (98)

Sleep peels. (00-many)

Sleep 'til it peels! (3)

Sleeping, I pat Eldine's ass as Enid let a pig nip eels. 260-

Sleepy baby peels. (11)

Sleepy Lisa enamored under it, as a tired nude roman easily peels. 307

Sleepy Liza lazily peels. (82)

Sleet is won ere hail had a note, yet on a dahlia, here now sit eels. 260-

Slink, Nils! (85)

Slob, my son sees no symbols. 307

Slob mystic ate tacit symbols. (88)

Slog no mini-Mongols.                                           329

Sloop "Lager" on spool rotator loops no regal pools. (201)

Sloop on spool rotator loops no pools. (201)

Sloop spool loops pools. (201)

Sloop wet, so stew pools. 254

"Sloops, bog-dumps," I lisp, "mud-gobs, pools!" (71)

Sloop's second ellipse spilled no cesspools. 307

Sloops secure Peru cesspools. (85)

Slop Strohs on no shorts, pols! 1

Slots I play, or royal pistols. 71

Slots I pondered   no, pistols! 71

Slug Omaha moguls. 307_

Smack cams. 200

"Small, lewd rats" ad did dastard well, L.A. Ms.! (1)

"Smaller, Ed, nice vagina--man I gave Cinderella MS!" (152)

Smart ewes use wet rams. 00-350-

Smart little Celt, tilt rams! 237

Smart Nora, alert, saws goldenrod-adorned logs wastrel Aaron trams. (16-5)

Smart nurses run trams. (233, 254)

Smart solecism: lap up alms, ice, lost rams. 260-

"Smart task cart, track cart tracks at trams." (1)

Smart trams derotored smart trams. (201)

Smartness sent rams. (85)

Smegma is no[t/w] on Siam gems. 307_

Smits, a wee pee was Tim's. 200-

Smitten or in awe, I view an iron ET: Tim's. 260-  

Smug Satraps eye Sparta's gums. (5-1)

Snack car clears Israel crack cans. (26)

Snafu fans. 85

Snag rosy obese boys' organs. 260-

Snag Rosy's organs! (98)

Snag Roy's sassy organs! 71

Snail art suaveness enacted etc. an Essene v. Australians. 260-

Snail: it persevered, ruminated under a red nude tan: "I murder reptilians".          260-

Snap Deb's bra by Barb's bedpans. 307

Snap my tympans! (85)

Snap not on pans.                                                                                                (71)

Snap-On Tools loot no pans.                    200-

Snap pans! (4)

Snap wet stew pans. (1)

Snaps erupt at pure spans. (00)

Snare fin I mar often is a party trap as I net foraminiferans. 260

Sniff fins. (98,226,309)

"Sniff'um--muffins!" (6)

Snipe ninepins. (85)

Snipe pins. (4)

Snips laid, as a dial spins. (201)

Snoops decide I rub: BB buried, iced spoons. (1)

Snoops, on time, emit no spoons. (201)

Snore, herons! 85

Snore here herons. 88

"Snoring inebriated academial CSI men I fine" misclaimed a cadet, "air benign irons."      (260)

Snoring, I sign irons. 260

Snort, Celeste, "Greg, or Roger, gets electrons." (71)

Snort celestial L.A.--it's electrons! (1)

Snort celestial plots I pan; a pistol plaits electrons. 260-

Snot pellets ape pastel leptons. 260-

Snub [Sununu's] buns! (4,85[206])

Snug & raw was I ere I saw War & Guns. (14+/or130)

Snug all L.A. guns! (116)

Snug Mia, see referees aim guns. 307

Snug nets get fighter a zany Nazareth gift, e.g. Sten guns. 260

"Snug nut, stun guns!" 237

Snug Pac man deified 'Nam cap guns. 252

Snug, raw was I ere I saw war guns. (113)

Snug red nun, in rows rise many bees I see--by name, sir sworn in under guns. 254

Snug Satraps eye Sparta's guns. (5or10)

Snug, snot-sober, I fire Boston's guns. 71

Snug space cadet, I let a satelite ('D') ace Cap's guns! (1)

Snug, Ward re pins pajamas   sees Sam a Jap sniper draw guns. 307

So a lot of us sell a depth-girded right-pedal-less UFO to Laos. 260-

So, Al, was I ere I saw Laos? (149)

So, at nineteen, I'm on, Minny Lynn--I'm nominee ten in Taos. 71

So, camera solos are MacOS? 347

So cat may spin on its ass as Tino nips yam tacos. 307

"So, catnip in tacos!?" (98)

So, cat's eye gems are rare  now one rarer as Meg eyes tacos. 307

So crank on in, OK narcos. (88)

So, did Seton trade diary-raided art notes, Didos? (1)

So do deer free dodos? 260

So dodge, Peg, dodos! (1)

"So, Duke, kudos!" (88)

So Duke, most egos now won  so get some kudos! 307

So dukes use kudos? 260

So, Ed, I verify Blair tapes EPA trial-by-fire videos. 260-

So, Ed, I veto Von's "No" vote videos. 200-

So, Ed, I vow to do two videos. (88)

So, G. Rivera's tots are virgos? (213)

So Genevese divide seven egos. 260-

"So genial: snug, unslain egos." (254)

So go, Liz and Nemo, go mend Nazi logos. 307

So grasp murk...culprits stir...pluck rumps, Argos! 254

So guy, Degas welded Lew's aged Yugos. 307_

So Guy, Ed or Bob rode Yugos. 307_

So guys [, rot in a janitor's/, snug Hannah guns/truck Curt's/, Vernon revs] Yugos. 307

So here we sleep: I remit animals; I level Islam in a time ripe ...else we're 'ho's. 260-

So here we were: we were 'ho's. 260

So I dare not, on Omega Pi, page monotone radios. 260-

So, I dare 'nut Otto' not to tune radios. (71)

So I dare, Rosa, a sorer 'adios.' (243)

So I dare to Ned, "Denote radios!" (71)

So, I dare to tote radios? (203, 260)

So I dared [a vet, "O, no, do not evade/Ira, Ride] radios!" (71)

"So, I darn on." a Canon radios. (5)

So I loft nail pots to pliant folios. 260-

So I loft rope portfolios? 237

So I ran ecstasy ads; sapid, I pass days at scenarios. 260-

So I ran ecstasy by SAT scenarios. (88)

So I role cram Marcelo Rios! 260

So, "I saw Alec inside yet felt left eyed" is nice law: ASIO's. 260

So I target ideas I let effete Lisa edit e.g. ratios. 260

So, Ida, adios! (6)

"So, Ida," Dias said, "Adios!" 71

So, John is in Ho-Jo's? (00)

So lissom a lass I mother, eh, to miss Alamo's silos. 260

So, Ma [- I made Ed's deed - am I/I maim Miami!"--/, I mash Tom's moths - am I/may a yam,/, Mary, Amy or Roy may ram/ no boob on/no bird rib on/no nun on/no pot top on/no tit on/no wet stew on] Amos.[?] 71

So, Ma [ . not Asa, sat on/Otto got to/saw I was/sees] Amos.[?] (71)

So, Mama, I am Amos. 71

So, Mama, I won--now I am Amos! (62)

So, Mama, in a can I am Amos. 71

"So, man, I do rowel Lew or Odin, Amos." (1)

So, man, I snip bats, I stab pins in Amos. 71

So many delay Yale dynamos! 109-

So many demand name dynamos. 307_

So--mash Tom's mom's moths, Amos! (71)

So matrons did snort, Amos? 200-

So, masterful Carmona—no "Mr. ACLU"—frets, Amos. 255

So, may Al [play/prod or play/slay] Amos? 71

So, may Al[f] {Mel, Roy or Lem}[f]lay Amos? 71

So may Apollo pay Amos. (5)

So may get Arts award, draw a strategy, Amos. (5)

So, may gnats [tug guts / gulp plugs / repel lepers / cite mere emetics], Tangy Amos? 71

So, may gnats' sots toss tangy Amos? 71

So, may Ned deny Amos?  71

So, may no bees see bony Amos?  71

So may Obadiah[, even in Nineveh,] aid a boy, Amos. (10,[16])

So, may Oberon, Giotto ignore Boy Amos? 71

So, may Ruby bury Amos? 71

 "So, May 'til Autumn in mutuality, Amos?" 307

So near, one man I name, Nora: Enos. 71

So need a metal potato plate made, Enos? 307

So, NIH cottons not to chinos. 200-

So no cop, eh, totes a vase to the Poconos? 260

So, no decal pearl, Rae, placed on os? (1)

So, oh, sit all (eyes run, Nurse) yell "atishoos!" (148)

So oral laws are verified on a node: I fire Vera's wallaroos. 260-

So ozone can emit eyes on a nose, yet I menace no zoos. 260

So ozone dams made no zoos. 260

"So regards Rat's Lib: regrets, no more, hero-monster gerbil stars' drag-Eros." (149)

So remain a mere man--I am Eros. (10)

So renowned, I, a maiden, won Eros. (93)

So, renowned radar den won Eros..? 237

So rental rigmarole put a Tupelo Ram girl at Nero's.  260

So, return in rut, Eros. (205)

So see, Press, I (pisser) pee S.O.S. 1

So to no greener esplanade Tim must ride; nor on dirt summited an alp serene, ergo not O/S. 260-

"So, Vito, no TiVos?" 200-

“So," went on Nan, "not new os?" (1)

Sod lid on no dildos! (98)

Soda, Rod, led a sow to two sad El Dorados. 260

Soil of Tropez: is it lumps  Argyle rarified art  I trade if I rarely grasp multi size portfolios? 260

Sol led Rob to hot bordellos. (126)

Somalia janitor did rot in a jail, Amos. 237-

"Some deer fees!" I say as I see free demos. (71)

Some deer flee pee, Sis, as I see peel-free demos. (71)

Some medic I use damned God as sad Ogden made suicide memos. 307

Some memos, Al,  lend Nella some memos! 307

Some men interpret nine memos. (10)

Some men - it's Ed 'n' Al - cremate tamer clandestine memos. 260

Son, a more Tibetan game: Estella, mewler rabid, I barrel, we mallet, see magnate bite Romanos. (254)

Son, I blame dem albinos. 255

"Son," I blast, ["cart taxes, sex attracts/"it's/"it's gumbos," I sob,"mugs, tits,] albinos!" (71)

Son, I sack casinos! (97+/or98)

Son, I, Mo, deliver: revile Domino's.  200-

Son, I'm Minos. (88)

Son o' cop stops, sees tub (too hot to hoot!), but sees, spots, Poconos. (47)

Son, or Capitol Flo, tip a Cronos. 237

Sonar poses use sopranos.                                                                                     260-

Sonar possesses sopranos. (110)

Sonic cup packs I revive risk cappuccinos. 260-
Sore Del, irate, met a riled Eros! 1-

Sore dermis--I'm red, Eros! (113)

Sore Eros' sis is sore, Eros? (00)

"Sore eye, Eros?" (6)

Sore, hot lovers, revolt  oh! Eros. 226

Sore, Red Rose Carrot Co. doctor races order, Eros. (1)

"Sore, stiff inside, trots Ida   distorted!" I sniff, "   it's Eros!" 71

Sore was Deanna--Ed saw Eros. 236

Sore was I ere I saw Eros. (16)

"Sorry, Pyrros!" (154)

"Sort iodide, red roses--" ordered I, "do it Ros!" 71

Sorts I bet I'd duly known, in wonky Luddite bistros. 260-

Spa saps! (1)

Space man, name caps! 226

Space mongeese see gnome caps. 307_

Space race man sees name-care caps. (237)

Space race tapes use pate care caps. 237

Space 'zoo booze' caps. 340

SPACESUIT! (I use caps.) (71)

Spam maps! 226

Span snaps. (4,85)

Spankees seek naps. 260-

Spare Dartmoor's Sal can in a classroom trade raps. (11)

Spare me raps..! (00)

Spare parts rudder frames in oil I lionise mar Fred Durst rape raps.                                     260-            

Spare rock sample; help mask core raps. (152)

Spare Romney's yen, more raps. 255-
Sparta's one rule: "Lure no satraps." (21)

Spasm saps. (85)

Spasms; a groan I gave; to note vagina orgasm saps. 260

Spay dogs as God yaps. (254)

"Spay Spot!" said Ilsa, as Lidia stops yaps. (71)

"Spay Tim Sino-Eonism!" it yaps. (201)

Spider redips. (88)

Spidery gyre dips. (85)

"Spill a germ[,/or feral bit," I blare from] regal lips." (88)

Spill a tin egg I bottle, belay a Yale belt to big genital lips. 260-

Spiller gnomes use mongrel lips. (88)

"Spin, Miss, part straps!" Sim nips. (1)

Spin Ruth, turnips. 255

“Spin Snips!” 255-

Spindle held nips. 85

Spinster frets, nips. (109)

Spin tide robs, as bored it nips. 237 1

Spiny moths I lop add a polish to my nips. 260

Spire rips. (85)

Spiro Agnew, Owen, GAO rips. 200

Spit, O, two "how-to" tips. (1)

"Spit[, play molten rock cornet--lo, my Alp] tips!" (148)

Spit Q-tips! (6)

Spit rotator tips. (88)

Spiv's partner entraps VIPs. (201)

Splash at Utah's Alps! (33)

Splat, I hit Alps! (70)

Spock cusses, sobs: "Bosses suck cops!" (71)

Spock nabs bank cops. 278

Spoon a mighty myth, G.I. man, oops! 278

Spoon it in--oops! (6or97?)

"Spot, is Pepsi tops?" (4)

Spots met items' tops. 237-

Spot now won tops. 294

Spot Pop's pop-tops? 200-

Spot, Sis is tops. 337

Spot, still, it's tops. 200

Spot stops pots' tops.                                335

Spot word row tops. (8)

"Spotless," Ev said, " are Vera Dias' vessel tops." 200-

Spotless umpires I rate 'wet' arise, rip mussel tops. 254

Spots disfigure not one rug  if Sid stops. (4)

Spots emit; time stops.                        337 

"Spots, Marge, let's ask Rabbi Sam," a sib barks, as telegram stops. 71

Spots Miss, parts straps, Sim stops. (1)

Spot's tie--it's tops! (158)

'Sprawl' warps! (1)

Spy gyps. (85)

Sr. Otis, I vow to do two visitors. (88)

SS or Cecil operate, yet are police cross? (260)

St. Aper repats. (16)

St. Cadet alert after rabbi's sib Barret (fat!) related Acts. 254

St. Cid [dates set ad/revised Desi ver]dicts. (88)

St. Curt's [boa ob/niece in]structs. (88)

St. Eliot let O'Hara hassle Tomini motels, Sahara hotel toilets. 254

St. Eloi venin saved a mad Eva's nine violets. (5or10)

St. Eloi, vow to do two violets. (88)

St. Lomer remolts. (16)

"St. Nerues, Sue rents." (16)

St. Simon sees no mists. (16)

Stab, mock KKK combats. 237

Stab, mow, knife de fink wombats! (5)

Stab nail at ill Italian bats. (6)

[Stab/Strap] no pets in a canoe, Leona - can I step on [parts/bats?] 71

Stabler gnomes [abase/reverse/use] mongrel bats. 260

Stabler, Orel bats. 200-

Stack Cask Row on no work sack, cats. (1)

Stack cats. (63+/or97)

Stacy, ditsy cats we massed on Odessa mew: "Stacy's tidy cats!" 254

Stacy knits for a car of stinky cats. 307

Stacy met a god as a dog ate my cats. 307

Stacy, moths add dash to my cats. 260-

Stacy, must I jijitsu my cats? 97

Stacy's superb moss levels sombre pussycats. 260

Staff, let ewes reverse werewolf's flower, ewes reverse wet elf fats. (71)

Staff lug new ones ... oh, those now engulf fats!                                                260-

Stags draw E. Steward's gats! (45)

Stan gave Eva gnats. 307

Stan greets steer gnats. (192)

Staple domes on a level a nose model pats. 260-

Star bet at, I lost--so levitate, brats! (67)

Star, come, Donna Melba, I'm an amiable man--no Democrats! (170)

Star comedy as I say 'Democrats.' (73)

Star "comedy" by 'Democrats.' (6)

Star (eyes pale roses): "O relapse, ye rats." (88)

Star foams aim at a miasma of rats. 260

Star god a dog, rats! (183)

Star Mart's Eva saves tram rats. 00-350-

Star nuts stun rats. (00)

Star sees rats. (6)

Star Wars awe was: raw rats! (116)

Stardom deified 'mod' rats. (98)

Stare not, stare not, else dudes let one rat stone rats. 260-

Stare, Volta, at love rats. 254

"Stark cats" Peewee weeps, "tack rats." (71)

Stark codicil or frolic: I dock rats. 260-

Stark rabid, I bark, "Rats!" (5)

"Stark, rabid old Lodi!" bark rats. 254

Stark rowers rework rats. 260-
Star red rum, and Edna, murder rats. (00)

Stars denote it is a video booed: I video oboe divas I tie to Ned's rats. 260-

Stars' LA ever reveals rats. (193)

Stars ram Mars' rats. 325

Start folderol: "I ate tailored loft rats." 255

Start, little Celt, tilt rats. 237

Start one not, rats! 237

Start, rats! (97,98)

Start relaxed; Nina can index alert rats. 254

"States" is "Etats". 292

Stats we nod at added no bonded data: do new stats. 260-

Steel fetid rocks, Amy, mask cordite fleets. 260

Steel frets, "No malign Gila monster fleets!" 260

Stella bodily met a sot to sate my Lido ballets. 260-

Stella wanted Etna wallets. 200-

Stella won no wallets. 6

Stella wondered, No wallets? 16

Stella wondered, "Roy ordered no wallets?" (16)

"Stent nets!" (16)

Stentorian, I ram a marina; I rot nets. 260

Step not on pets. (122)

Step on no gnu dung, on no pets! (71-1)

Step on no pets. (122)

Step on tegs, get no pets. 361-

Step, puppets! 85

"Stephen, my hat--ah, what a hymn, eh, pets?" (10)

Steph's abs bash pets. (258)

Steve Case...he's Ace Vets. 237

Steve, man, name vets! (98)

Stevedores erode vets. 260

Steven, I left a[ lion in oil/n oily lion] at feline vets. (205)

Stew Rose--Ron's Ma's lit (nude by my bed) until Sam snores, or wets! (1)

Stewed, a jade wets. (11)

Stiff, fat, Sid's distaff fits. (71)

"Stiff, O dairyman, in a myriad of fits!" (112)

Stifle Napa Valley yell, Ava: panel fits! 260

Still, it's... (148)

Sting, attack ok, cat tag nits. 336

Stink, traffic (if fart knits!) (98)

Stinker, no yarn I saw was in rayon reknits. 307

Stinker reknits. (16)

"Stinkers draw--" mistress asserts, "I'm Ward's 'reknits!'" (1)

Stir, Brits! (1)

Stir granule rock core--lunar grits! (148)

Stir grits. (4,85)

Stir gyro, taro, Baltimore paper; omit laboratory grits. (71)

Stir writs. 200

Stole coyote toy, ocelots? 6

Stolen in rut as we sign it, I desire poor tar a paratrooper is editing; I sew saturnine lots. 260-

Stolen indexes, Ed: I desexed nine lots. 260-

Stolen opals I fix if I slap one lots. 260-
Stone not S! (98)

Stop Emily by lime pots. 307

Stop it, I hate Tahiti pots! (37)

Stop, Marcia - I cram pots! 71

Stop mode robs gold logs' boredom pots.                340  
Stop; murder us not tonsured rumpots! (5)

Stop murdered artists--I trade red rumpots! (16)

"Stop!" nine myriad murmur, "Put up rum, rum dairymen, in pots." (10)

Stop  no, not a ton on pots! (4)

Stop on no pots. 71

Stop, or clever Alfs flare velcro pots! 237 1

"Stop pals!" I say, as I slap pots. 71

Stop paws, swap pots. 1

Stop rats, madam, or free deer from Adam's tar pots. 71

Stop, Rose, I prefer pies or pots. (78)

Stop rotator pots. 290

Stop "same nice cinema" spots! (85-1)

Stop [s]pots! (00-many)

Stop, Syrian, I see bees in airy spots. (16)

Stop, Syrian, I start at rats in airy spots. (112)

Stop to dot pots. 336
Stop; we Negro few, we forge new pots. 307_

Stop ye no honey pots! 71

Store time so Yosemite rots! (45)

Stored under strata, torsos rot, a tart's (red, nude) rots. (11)

Stork rots. (85)

Story a waste; grammar gets away, rots. (64)

Story ran, "I'd Royals slay ordinary rots!" 1

Straddle held darts. 237

"Straddle hot elder A.J." says Sissy, as Jared Leto held darts. 260-

Strafe dirt up, damn it, in mad, putrid e farts! 256

Strafed amid...I made farts! (88)

Stram smarts! 200

Strap mares, eh, to these ramparts. 260

"Strap Mia in: a man in a mania trucks a madder red damask curtain!" a man in a mania imparts.  260-

"Strap no [parts/pets] in a canoe," Levi lisps, "I live - Leona, can I [strap/step] on parts?" 71

Strap on no parts. (111+/or98)

Strap parts. (11)

Strap red nude, red rump  also slap murdered underparts! (11)

Straps are Mac's camera's parts. 278

Straps laminate pet animal's parts.  254

Straps may not cap minarets of steel, for pro fleets foster an impact on yams' parts. 260-

Straps may pull if I fill up yams' parts. 260-

Strata title bid: I belt it at arts. 260

Stratagem off, O Yale dude; lay off Omega tarts. (205)

Stratford’s “Dr. of tarts.” 200-

Stratify fit arts. 85

Straw  no, too stupid a fad; I put soot on warts. (10)

Stray by array (by Art's). 237

Stray rat in a snug nomad evil duo, you'd lived among unsanitary arts. 260-

"Stress aloof Allen, Neil!" a fool asserts. 254

Stressed--decide, meet, see Viggo hog, give, esteemed iced desserts. (1)

Stressed,  Eva Gabor did

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