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rob agave desserts. 307

Stressed, Flo--wolf desserts! (76or77)

Stressed--no tips; spit on desserts! (228)

Stressed was I ere I saw desserts. (16)

Stressed was I, sad, alas, to order a redroot salad as I saw desserts. (100)

"Stroh's--" Sam, "men, I saw Bob was in Emma's shorts!" (97)

Stu can go lob bologna cuts. (178)

Stu, nae, pondered no peanuts. 200

Stu, op macramé mar campouts. 200

Stuck card rack cuts... (1)

Stun guns puff up snug nuts. 307

Stun nineteen; knee ten in nuts. (109)

Stun, O coconuts! (148, 237)

Stun odd donuts. 309

Stun[t] nuts! (00-many)

Stunt: New York city tick, "Roy," went nuts! (237)

'Stunt' (Newt) went nuts! (109)

"Stunt Sis, niece!" insist nuts. (194)

Stunt submarine men I ram, bust nuts. 237

Sub ally snores: a laser on syllabus! 260

Sub Anissa motored Dero to mass in a bus. 200

Sub in moded omnibus. (4)

Sub mob [see bees] bomb us. 260

Sub on tube nine, but no bus. (67)

Subdue fan on a feud bus. 260

Sub lair trees rot sap at a Pastor Seer trial bus. 237

Submarine men, I ram bus. 200-

Submarine pod open: I ram bus. 260

Suborn acting: I saw a sign it can rob us. 260-

Suborn action: I sack Roy, we nag a New York casino; it can rob us. 260-

Suborn actors in Ephesus, eh? … penis rot can rob us. 260-

Sub's knob bonks bus. (97)

Subtle cavers rev a Celt bus. 260

Sue, Babe, us. 237

Sue, Dave did evade us. (71)

Sue, dice, do, to decide us. (10)

Sue, divide us! (71)

Sue, kill a gal like us. 307

Sue located a cadet a coleus. 200

Sue, reverse mordant Etna 'dromes, revere us. 254

Sue, Rip must fill a tip so hospital lifts umpire us. 260-

Sue, Rob's doggone nog gods bore us. (254)

Sue sue us, Sue use us. (62)

Sue, tip sedate Meta despite us! (148)

["]Sue,["] Tom [smiles, "Selim]smote us.["] (10)

Sue, torpedo code "Proteus". 254

Sue us! (00-many)

Sue us, Otto--sue us! (71)

Sue, vaginal pain rehab mobs bomb a hernia plan I gave us. 260

Sue, yes, God's dogs eye us. (1)

Sue(,) Zeus. 226

Sue Zorro, Zeus. 200-

Sugar, a PSA test now wont set asparagus! 1

Sugar, [did, Di,/do/don’t--no!--/…] drag us. 1
Sugar, don't nod--rag us! (1)

Sugar drops are now [a sin: I sa/a site, yet I sa/as is: I sa/ASIO's, so I sa/]w one rasp or drag us.260

Sugar free beer, frag us! 200

Suit Angie, Ignatius! 1

Suit no Pontius. (85)

"Suit no regret."'s a motto, Master Gerontius. (5)

Suk curses ruckus. 200-

Suk, Libya may bilk us. 200_

Sum (in awe!): "No trail(s), liar, to new animus." (1)

Sum us. 85

Sums are deified, Erasmus! (77)

Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus. (10)

Sun a [sad Ada's/sleepy Peel's/stark rat's/wet stew-] anus. 71

Sun an anus. 71

Sun at noon, tan us! (3)

Sun ate Thor  oh, tetanus! 318

Sun even one, Venus. (4)

Sun, even us. (237)

Sun, ever, a bare Venus. (11or16)

Sun is in us. 237-

Sun is of use to myriad airy motes (UFOs in us!) 1

Sun: it is itself, lest is it in us? (237-1)

Sun on USA woman at naughty myth: "Guantanamo was UN onus." 277

Sun words e.g. "a fine poem", "gardenia", "cocaine" drag me open if ages drown us. (260)

Sununu's tonsil is not Sununu's (110)

Sup, Mac, not on edible gel--bide not on campus! (106)

Sup, Mylo, ere Olympus. (4)

Sup not on pus! (00)

Sup on extra tart xenopus! (1)

Sup on no pus! 71

Supply, Nat, any L.P. pus! (148-1)

Suppository rot  I sop pus. (6)

Sure, it's a tacit cat tactic: a tastier us! 71

Sure, paper us! (71)

Sure, vendetta fatted--never--us. (11)

Sure, vomit, Tim over us! (00)

Surete DNA can deter us. 260

Swag we gave--no onyx or proxy noon, Eva--gewgaws. (254)

Swallow AWOL laws! (98)

Swan Gaia gnaws. 237

Swap for a jar of paws? (97)

Swap God for a janitor, rot in a jar of dog paws. 354-

Swap paws. (4)

"Swap paws," I say, as I swap paws. 71

Swede bedews? (85)

Swedes use Dews. 200_

Swen--edit "Peptide News." (71)

Swen is snug as a gun's sinews. (109)

Swen nixes sex in news. (00)

Swen, on gnus, sung no news. (116)

Swen onside, Ed, is no news. 200-

Swens sat not on TASS news. 200-

"Swept pews?" (85)

Swoboda, do bows.                                                            (200)

Sworn I sit, 'tis in rows. (00)

Sworn: "Ide Wang saw Missy mad ere gnat-angered Amy's Sim was gnawed in rows." 1

Sworn in at signed logs, golden GIs tan in rows. 260

Sy, as senior gym partner of my gym, put up my gym for "Entrap My Groins" essay. 260

Sy, Doog, Ma's at a Sam Goody's. 200 

Sycamore has a hero: Macy's. 00-350-

T. Eliot, [erupt pure/mistress asserts I'm] toilet! 1

T. Eliot nixes sex in toilet. (213)

T. Eliot sees toilet. (179)

T. Eliot (top bard) notes putrid tang emanating, is sad; I'd assign it a name,

"gnat dirt upset on drab pot toilet." (15)

TI boyz OK rash Sarkozy obit. 255-

Tab a sale ball, label as a bat. 278

Tabor cadets, albeit odd, do tie blasted acrobat. 307

Tabor, call Acrobat! (85)

Tackle elk, cat! (98)

Tact sold lost cat. 278

Tact, solemnities, a bed and Edna: debase it in me, lost cat. 260-

Tactile disaster: germ regrets a side lit cat. 260

Taken in, I say drowsy, "Pepys--wordy, asinine kat!" (103)

Tame Cal passed Odessa place mat. (22)

Tame liver slave I demote, veto Medievals, revile Mat. 237

Tame Mat. 332

Tamed, I waste serene guess as ass Eugene resets a wide mat. 260

Tamely grade, Ed, argyle mat. (1)

Tan geese line Nile, see gnat. (23)

Tandem attorney sees yen rot tamed Nat. 1

Tan, gnat! 85

Tango, gnat! 128

Tao bet is a rap, as West Nile lint sews a parasite boat. 237

Tao bet select Celeste boat. 237

Tao: Bret's yodel range gnarled oyster boat. 290

Tao broom not sold, lost on moor boat. 237

Tao gate emits a past: I meet a goat. 237

Taogem ordered Rome goat. 237

"Tao gnome, deliver a tare  vile demon goat!" 237

Tao gnome devil foe dispute let up side of live demon goat. 237

Tao: grail sees liar goat.                                                                            237

Tao meditating, I, Ed, deign it a tide moat. 237 1

Tap a tip: "pit a pat." 85

"Tap bats!" I say, "Reed locks Ed's desk--cold, eery, as I stab Pat!" (71)

Tap Emil's eye slime, Pat. 1

Tap God’s dog, Pat. 237-

 Tap, Otto--pass a pot to Pat. 71

Tap Pat. (00-many)

Tap silly, ramate, wet amaryllis, Pat. (1)

Tap testes I set--set pat! (1)

Tape 'I' to tie, Pat. 269

Tape no one, Pat. (67)

Tape, Pat! (85)

Tapes running, I sign in Nurse Pat. 71

Tapioca taco I pat. 278

Tar a rat at Ararat! (4)

Tar baby B.A., brat!                                                          (200)
Tar blatant natal brat. 355-

Tar "comedy democrat"! (161)

Tar: for evil liver of rat! (161)

Tar guru, rugrat! 1

"Tar rest no" Montserrat. 237

Tara saw Bob was a rat. (233)

Tara's partner entraps a rat. 226

Tarts rub, burst rat. (71)

Tarzan raise Desi Arnaz rat. (7)

Tarzan raised Desi Arnaz' rat. (6)

Tarzan raised a Desi Arnaz rat. (6?)

"Ted, a cadet, alerted a cadet, saw I DNA-tested a cadet, arrested a cadet, debated a cadet; so Pete posted a

       cadet a bed Ted, a cadet, serrated: a cadet set and I wasted a cadet," related a cadet. 260-

"Ted, a canoe on a cadet?" (4)

Ted, ace cadet! (161)

Ted acts, Al, as a last cadet. 200-
Tee, meet. (85)

Tel Aviv erases a revival: E.T. (24)

Tell a ballet?! (85)

Tell a beds procedure of a foe rude, "Corps de Ballet." 237

Tell a body, "Do ballet." (110)

Tell a plateman (on a morose dam-side by me) to note: my bed is made "so Roman" on a metal pallet. 148

Tell a Van Ert re naval let. (1)

Tell Abe to vote 'ballet.' (97)

Tell ET! 237

Tell if [a] fillet. (161,[85])

Tell imp at Otto Neil's elm, Leslie, not to tap millet. 254

Temple, help Met! 200

Ten Alps bordered Rob's planet. (97)

Ten Alps live on no evil's planet! (106)

Ten alps, no Omaha hay astride dirt: say "ah!"ah, a moon's planet. 277

Ten animals did slam in a net. (191)

Ten animals I slam in a net. (73)

Ten dip a rapid net. (10)

Ten game baby agas sass a gay babe magnet. 260-

Ten on trapeze part: no net! (83)

Tenable was I ere I saw Elba net. 201

Tender, I wired net. 237

Tender: red net. (98)

Tenet 'C' is a basis, a basic tenet. (16)

Tennis idea: Ed is in net. (260)

Tennis is in net. 237

Tennis rats flog golf stars in net. (00)

Tennis set won, now Tess in net. (10)

Tennis: Tip spits in net. (71)

Tennis tips: "Saliva Vilas" spits in net! (00)

'Tenor Octopus Night' netted: a cadet (tenth!), Gin's U-pot, coronet. (205)

Tense Dave evades net. (110)

Tense, I snap a pansies' net. (98)

Tense, I snap Sharon roses, or Norah's pansies net. (10)

Tense, video Zoe dives net. (237)

Tenth cayman I rustle felt Surinam yacht net. (260)

Tepee gal ate metal Agee pet! (97)

Tesla pal’s ET. 237-

Tess, laminate wet animals' set! (1)

Tessa met system asset. (201)

Tessa saw N.Y. Llewellyn was asset. (201)

"Tessa: snot," sobs Tip, "made damp, it's Boston's asset." 71

Tessa, we call it nude porn, roped until lace was set. 260

Tessa's in Italy, Latin is asset. (10)

Tesseract care's set. 200

Test figs as gift set. 200-

Test set. (85)

"Testes I set--set!" (1)

Testimonials, slain, omit set. 260

The fat cop spoke in a strange tongue: "Eugnot egnarts a niekop spoc tafeht!" (149)

The noon sex alert relaxes no one, H.T. (203)

There we were, H.T.! (71)

"Thru modem, Anna, I rat, 'n' e-mail rap at a parliamentarian named Omuhrt." (71)

Tia wastes sugar bale DNA costs I list, so candelabra gussets await. 260-

Tibetan ate bit. 237-

Tibetan royal piano revs Verona: I play ornate bit. (260)

"Tide man-law" Al named it. 200-

"Tide mate taken in", I say, as if I say asinine Kate tamed it. 260-

Tide net safe soon; a noose fastened it. (00)

Tide reverse; no one's revered it. 290

"Tide-red rots"--I dunno; Sam, a mason nudist, ordered it. (1)

Tides are sedition; a hostile divide lit so Hanoi tides erased it. 260-

Tides opposed it. 237

Tides simulate, bet alum missed it. 290

Tides, sorcery, lateness or calamaris: as I ram a lacrosse net, a lyre crossed it. 260-

Tie frustrated unsure Profs to obese boots for Peru's nude tart surfeit. 260

Tie it! (many)

Tie: it is a spastic item, so can I tip it in a cosmetic it saps as i tie it?  260-

Tie it to node: most eye doctors rot code yet some do not tie it. 260-

Tie [man did name/ye] it. 237-

Tie mitts in a task coma; tell Liz I'll let a mock satanist time it. 260-

Tie, nod, Eve...weve done it! 237

Tie us, sir, or issue it! (62)

Tied, [I hiss, "I'm Sid - it's a mast I dismiss -] I hide it!" 71

'Tight era: zany trades, Ira, 'til I'm a militarised arty Nazareth git. 260

Til aide waste let irony, sir, copy hypocrisy, no rite lets awe dial it. 260-

'Til less rot I deliver, evil editors sell it. 260-

Til nude yet, can Angie feign an act eyed unlit? (1)

Tiles run apart as saps pass a trap a nurse lit. 260-

Till it O Toro; rototill it! (71)

Till it 'til lit! (4)

Tilt cap, I had a loud duo, lad  a hip act lit! 1

Tim, Arch, to be sure peruse both, cram it. (62)

Tim, as demanded, named Sam "it." 226

Tim, business Elton did, did not lessen" I submit. 260

"Tim  bust, submit!" (9)

Tim, Dan acts if I cap a sap, as a pacifist can admit. 260-

Tim Egerton paws mirror, Rena: an error--rim-swap, not re-gem it! (11)

"Tim," I assert, (I, a waitress!) " aim it." 200-

Tim, I--I'm it! (1)

Tim, madder, made a glass algae dam red, dammit! 254

Tim (madder ogre) dips evil, li'l live spider: gored, dammit! (1)

Tim made us sign it "Lover"  a revolting issue, dammit! 307

Tim made us sue, dammit! 307

Tim must act at cat summit. (71)

Tim must assuage Gauss at summit. (71)

Tim must sell a tan teapot atop Aetna (tallest summit). 307

Tim, oilrig Asian infidels add a sled if Nina is a girl I omit. 260-

Tim, over a hard nut, saw Emil's slime was tundra hare vomit. 307

Tim, over arsenic cave, vaccines rare vomit. 252

Time his ad as I hem it. 336

Time I did live, evil did I emit. (201)

Timid as Ma, I am sad I'm it. (62)

Timid, I hid--I'm "it". 307

Timid, I'm 'it'. (85-1)

Timid, O God, I'm it! (110)

Timid royal procrastinating is Ed's design: I tan its arc or play or dim it. 260-

Tim-mad sex (I'm damned, Ned!) admixes, dammit. (1)

Timor family peels for Ian: air of sleepy Lima from it. (260)

"Tim's verses suck cock!" cusses Rev. Smit. 71

Tin abusing is a sign I sub an "it." 237

Tin, as it is, it is an "it." 237

Tin ( I sip it, Tip) is in it. 200-

Tin is in it. 308

Tin: it senses a goddess I kissed, do gases nest in it? 260-

Tin made Ron snore damnit! (177)

Tin Utah clears Israel chat unit. 237-

Tina, can it! 307

"Tina, Emil, I mean it!" (97)

Tini saw drawer, a reward was in it. (00)

Tinkers reknit! (85)

"Tin-made car, O Horace--damn it!" (71)

Tino, dump mud on it! 128,307

Tino laid a dial on it. 309

Tino relapse--he's paler on it.              (331

Tino saw regals toss Senor a bonfired roll I will order if no baroness sot's lager was on it. 307

Tino's poopy baby poops on it. 307

Tino's retsina canister's on it. 307

Tio, twas sung  gnus saw to it. 1

Tip a clam in a tub, but 'animal cap' it. (4)

Tip a motel ball at a fish; tap paths if at all able to map it. 260-

Tip an Irish serf--fresh, Sir--in a pit. (71)

Tip big pin, nip Gib pit.                                355-

Tip: E. Kansas is a snake pit! (27)

Tip, I sip it. 200-

Tip it! (4,97, many)

"Tip it!" I say as I tip it. 266

Tip 'n' I pee, deep in pit. (71)

Tip on a nano pit. 237

Tip on no pit. (4)

Tip ordered, "Ro, pit!" 200

"Tip pus pots!" Mel says, "Tap, Patsy, as Lem stops up pit!" (71)

"Tip snot!" I say, "Noses running, I sign in Nurse Sonya, sit on spit!" 71

Tip spit? (1)

Tip  swore to note row spit. 200-

Tip was, "I saw pit." 237

Tips drown in word spit. 277

Tip's on no spit! (1)

Tip's secret to Roy R.: "Accept peccary, or otter cesspit!" (71)

Tips spill, lips spit. 00

Tipster Bret spit. 200

Tipsy madam, mad Amy, spit. 200-

Tipsy, Mama, Jews ask, "Sid's disk?" as we jam Amy's pit. 71

Tipsy or not, Sis, Nina can insist on Roy's pit. (71)

'Tiramisu, pot, cod, octopus  I mar it. 260

Tire, drum, murder it. 290

Tired—no pot to ponder “it.” 237-

Tired nude I rub won Sid 'n' Amos's ol' blossom and is now buried under it. 260

Tired, nude, I, Ruby, do basic tests etc. ... is a body buried under it?    (260)

Tired nude Tatum stars as rats mutated under it. 307

Tired nudes[, pale, relapsed/sip it  I pissed] under it. 307

Tired nut on pop, not under it. 290

Tis a heme meme has it! (1)

"'Tis arena fan era: Sit!" (83)

"Tis as if a sit. 237

'Tis burlap: a pal rubs it. 260-

'Tis but an Irish sin if I finish, Sir, in a tub sit. 71

‘Tis I, daft Sal’s last fad, is it? 1-

‘Tis I, is it? (98)

Tis I, Vera, Ray--a potted ace cadet, to pay a rare visit. (110)

"'Tis in a can, a damp rub," I burp, "Madam, in a can I sit!"  (71)

Tis in a can I dump mud; in a can I sit. (71)

'Tis in a can, [I'm a dame - I die, madam -/I'm a dame - I lie, madam -/I'm a dame, madam;/I'm a dame, Rosa - sore, madam,/ I'm a damned dirt-ridden madam -/I'm a damp madam -//I'm a ham;] in a can I sit.(71)

Tis in a can, I'm Adam; in a can I sit.  (71)

"'Tis in a can," I puff, "It's a hole - Tom's Motel - oh, a stiff, up in a can, is it?" (71)

'Tis in a canoe I lie, on a can I sit. 71

'Tis in a cast (if, Tim, it fits), a can I sit. (71)

'Tis in a DeSoto sedan I sit. (307)

'Tis in arid Iran I sit. 307

'Tis Ivan on a visit. (10)

'Tis Liam e-mails it. (68)

'Tis meet I 'boo!', titan gnat (I, too, bite 'em, sit!) 1

"'Tis meet, sex on a sad dais," I add, "as an ox esteems it." 254

'Tis muse sums it. (148)

'Tis time, sire, I Sotadic acid at Osiris emit, sit. (106)

Tis won, knit  all Latin knows it. 237

"Tissot, toss it." 237

Tissued, Amy made us sit. 307

"Titanic" ain't eligible to hate grower crew, or get a hotel big; I let niacin at it. 260

"Titanic," I summarise, "Yes, I ram music in at it". 260-

Title bid: I belt it. 260

Title felt it. (237)

Title fit--I felt it! (237-1)

To be e PAC serene I won't fard $ on patinaed Dean; I tap no $, draft no wiener, escape e bot.(107)

To be sure, deceive, vie, cede ruse, Bot! 1

To be sure, I’d lost soldier-use bot!                             1

To blather away at snacks, a can or a banana bar on a cask can stay a war, eh Talbot? 260

"To boredom mode, robot!" (184)

To dip piss is simple: help Mississippi, Dot. (260)

To dire pagans: nag a peridot. 260

To drool fix, I floor dot. 237

To fly, flay or flow, add a wolf-royal fylfot. 260-

To gain a man in a mania, grab a bargain a man in a mania got. 260-

To get a keg, Del won Klan race riots, to ire carnal knowledge Kate got. 260

To get a kepi, pass a pipe Kate got. 260

To get a man, I [evaded a ve/get a date g/pass a p]in a mate got. 260-

To get a mania, grab a bargain a mate got. 260-

To get a mass aroma fox, I may beg remote Meg: rush, kiss me, opening nine poems Sikhs urge me to merge by a mix of a morass a mate got. 260-

To get a mastiff (OK), cat (tall order), Omani rat (sociatal boost) or rapt parrot (so oblate), I co-star in a more droll attack of fits a mate got. 260-

To get a mate, James deeds 'em a jet a mate got. 260-

To get a rake-off, fit sane ponies I rise in open a stiff foe karate got. 260-
To get a ripe nib as a reward, assess a drawer a Sabine pirate got. 260-
To get at sane men, a snide dire dresser derided insane men a state got. 260-

To Gill, a spa "saps all I got." (1)

To give Levi a name Deon ate, get an oedema naive Levi got. 260-

To help mask Osama's ode man in arid Iraq/arid Iran, I named Osama's OK sample hot. 260-

To help Pa sleep, peels apple hot. 290

To hoot, Honig, rival a virgin oh-too-hot. 1

To Idi Amin, I'm a idiot. (177)

To Iraqi test set, IQ a riot! (88)

To LSU, O engineer, game escrow orcs seem a green igneous lot. 260-

To lab: albatrosses sorta blab a lot. 255

To labor--burglar of oral grub--rob a lot! (00)

To lad, "Eh, so my Lima family moshed a lot?!" 1

To ladle wan alpine men, I plan a weld a lot. 260-

To Lake Erie rim, all a mire, I reek a lot! (82)

To laser ace, he cares a lot. 260

To lash taped art, I trade paths a lot. 260-

To lasso two newts I partner, ruck a ewe, not one weak-current rapist we now toss a lot.     (260)

To last, Carter retracts a lot. (19)

To last so, Claire, abuse on a canoe - subaerial - costs a lot. 260-

To last so, credible bona fides used if a Nobel bid, er, costs a lot. 260

To lay a bad egg, anti-semite Moslem academia maimed a camel: sometimes it nagged a bay a lot. (260)

To lay a plan, I'm on nominal pay a lot. 260-

"To lay a sewer, O Metallica, vacillate more," we say a lot. 260-

"To lay aside little cares, I ran on a riser a Celt tiled," I say a lot. 260

To lay aside poor dissipated acts in a non-AWOL lair, I allow an onanist cadet a piss: "I drooped!" I say a lot. 260-

To lay benign erotica packs, I risk capacitor engine by a lot 260

To lay on nailed Omani artists, I train a model I annoy a lot. 260-

To lay-by all lists, I'll lay-by a lot. 260

To lazily ape no-one, pay Liz a lot. 260

To Leo, "Bored Rob, order oboe lot. 290

To let in a brush, turn Ruth's urbanite lot. 260-
To let in gig, or frog, ignite lot. 237-
To lip, suit no Pontius Pilot. (98)

To lip, tons of UFO snot, pilot. 237-

To nets, ah, no, son haste not. (5or10)

To note dull aisles made vital up in a motel, I pay a pile tomanipulative damsels I allude to not. 260-

To obtain Alpine pen, I plan (I at boot.) 237

To often let a gang nix obesity, Les, or proselytise boxing, nag a telnet foot. 260-

To order, Red--root! (16-1, 237)

To order tan oil, sex, ale...relaxes lion at Red Root. 237

To pat cafe trades I'm in, I maximise it in a sniff of off insanities; I mix a minimised artefact, a pot. 260-

To poll a Gallup, I pull a Gallo pot. 278

To posse: "Manila Ed is a crank narc!" (as I deal in a mess o' pot.) (00)

To prevent a rat, never pot. 237

To prevent sums of units, tangle falafel gnats tin UFOs must never pot. 260-

To Raisa, "Did Asia rot?" (144)

"To Talladega," raged Al, L.A. tot. 200-

To wit, I wot. (85)

Tod asks, "Irene risks a dot?" 71

Today a pain ode came solo to Greece: ergo, to lose Macedonia, pay a dot. 260

Today, as I rise, Sir, I say, "A dot!" (71)

Today, names use many a dot. 237-
Todd erases a red dot. (97)

Todd, I did Dot! (1)

Todd, "I'd say no to cat taco, Tony, as did Dot." (71)

Toil, Eliot. 161

Toil estimates set: am I T. S. Eliot? 260

Toil lessens selflessness, Elliot. 260-

"Toilet not new--wow!" went on T. Eliot. (1)

Tolerate tare lot. (85)

Toll Aileen an eel I allot. 254

Tone: "Capital flat I pace not." 237

Tone, divide not. 237

Tonga, sag not! (109)

Toni, kudos O.D. U.K.--I not! (1)

Toni Tennille fell in net; I not! 304

Toni, Zandra hated a cadet; a hard Nazi, not. 254

Tonka deity-baby tied a knot. (185)

"Tonsiette," rag I, "Camel as Salem a cigarette is not." (1)

Tonsured nihility rots a story 'til I hinder us not. 260-

Tony, Amy names a base; many may not. 260

Tony, "Asian, I gave no men an anemone vagina--I say not!" 71

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