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Tony burdened Ruby not. 200
Tonya doth promise to veto rote votes I morph today ... not. 260-
"Tonya may not..." (61)

Too bad, I hid a boot. (10)

Too big a bag I boot. 20

Too big, bang answer crew snag, nab GI boot. 237

Too familiar, Sir, is rail I'm afoot. (1)

Too far away, no mere clay or royal ceremony, a war afoot. (5or10)

Too far, Edna, [we] wander afoot. (129,[10])

Too fast it  it's a foot! 71

Too fat, so Lana lost a foot. 254

Too few we foot... 237

"Too flat, so pat on snot a postal foot." 237

Too hot to hoot? (00-many)

Too late Zeta  loot! 237

Too, Lotte, log I "Rigoletto" loot?  200

Too tragic to pass a pot cigar  toot! 237

"Toot!" I say as I toot. (109)

Toot, O Toto, toot! (97)

Top a pot. (4)

Top a potato tot atop a pot. (98)

Top a regular egg, a denim or bromine dagger, a Luger, a pot. (71)

Top pot! 312

Top snow level won Spot. 237-

Top step: pup pets pot! 1

Top step--Sara's pet spot. (10)

Top step's pup's pet spot! (10)

Toped sage, rip me not on Empire Gas depot. (1)

Topless Eve, Dave--evade vessel-pot! (71)

Topple kelp pot. (85)

Tops back cab spot. 237 1

"Tops sup macabre herb!" a campus spot. 1

Tops to Gwen  turned den rut new, got spot. 278

Tops to Hamas lab's "Abbas Balsam"—a hot spot. 255

Topseda's a despot. (16)

"Topsy, Tina, brute, loud duo let urbanity spot." 1

Torc I tore: still, it's erotic rot. (260)

Toronto got no rot. (85,57?)

Torres, ol' Connie Mack sat at a task, came in no closer--rot! (1)

Tory--rot! (85)

"Tosh, Sir," I snort, "I saw Roger, Reg - or was it Ron's Irish sot?" 71

Toss it in, I gave no one vaginitis, sot! 1

Toss it, Tissot! (85)

Toss lariats on no stair--Al's sot! (1)

Tote tot. (98)

Toths, I'm an Amish tot. 200

“Trace carwash, saw racecart.” 237-

Trace Mag's game cart! 98

Traci bore aerobic art. 260

Traci, buck cubic art! 260

Traci Lot said: "Traci Lot: systolic art, diastolic art." 260

Traci, many do [real aero]dynamic art. 260-

Traci naps; I help mislay older casks; I risk sacred loyal simple Hispanic art. 260-

Traci, no rider cast sacred ironic art. 260

Traci nor I deified ironic art. 260

Traci to crank narcotic art. 260

Traci tore erotic art. (6)

Track cart. (98)

Trackless arcades I minimise; yes, I minimised a crass elk cart. 260-

"Tracy, no panic in a pony-cart!" (10)

Trade bad DA bed art. (70)

Trade bed art. (161)

Trade Bill I will—I bed Art. 237-

Trade car "Bee" braced Art. 237-
“Trade carbs!” braced Art. 1-

Trade--I rub BB buried, Art. (1)

Trade Kansas' naked art. (33)

Trade life defiled art. 260

Trade man named Art.                             (311)

Trade notes I web at Art Strata; be wise, toned art. (237)

Trade notes sap radar, pass ET one dart. 237-

Trade notes use toned art. 237-

Trade paths if a fish taped art. 260-

"Trade red roses!" ordered Art. (71)

Trade revered Art. 237-
Trade Susan as used[, A/a]rt. (102)

Trade tin UFOs' work cats in; I stack rows of united art. 260-

Trade ye no mere moneyed art. (10)

"Traded, no bared nudes I ram must sip a radical acid," a rapist summarised under a bonded art. 260-

Traded Oregon's nog eroded art. (254)

"Trader, admit 'ah ha'" Tim dared Art. (1)

Trader cast [a sign, "IV Lover Revolving"--is at] Sacred Art. 237

Trader Ogre, [pap]er gored art! 1-

Traders sell less red art. (3)

Trades abased art. (254)

Trades are erased[, A/a]rt! (160)

Trades are erased on stats, nodes are erased art. 260-

Trades opposed Art. (85)

Trades used art. 237-

Tram loops ADA spool mart. (36)

Trammel a sure Jerusalem mart. (85)

Trams note: mace became ton smart. 237

"Trams side door behavior, O Iva," he brooded, "is smart." 1-282

"Trams to naval lava--not smart!" (164)

Trap a map, Art. (237)

Trap all afoot, I too, fall apart. (106)

Trap: anal Perot tore plan apart! (109)

Trap as if I sap Art.  (237)

Trap it, if I tip Art. (237)

Trap: Milo stones--oh!--those not so limp, Art. 1

Trap red nut under part. 237

Trap: Sal racks Anaconda, Dad--no can ask Carla's part! (1)

Trapeze, part! (85, 226)

Trapping no song, nip part. 237

Trash even interpret Nineveh's art! (112)

Trash kismet system: Sikhs' art. 260

Trash subsidiary raid is Bush’s art. 1-

Trash Tim Smith's art. (71)

Tray, be by Art. (237)

Trays or pelmets stem leprosy art. 260

Tray's 'simple help,' Missy Art. (00)

Trebek I like, Bert. 200_

Treble, [D]Elbert! (16,[85])

Treni saw Mesa as Em was inert. (48)

"Tres said, 'No Paris, Sir--a pond!'" I assert. 312

Trevor even saw, in Aristotle's severe vessel, tots    I ran; I was never overt. 282

Tri-Delt rats startled IRT. 200

Trini spot, paleface, cafe laptops in IRT. 200
Trip up IRT. 200
Trot, Demi a maniac ire masks America in a maimed tort. (109)

Trot, sad ex--indeed finesse'll lessen if deed nixed as tort. (1)

Troy met a god as a dog ate my ort. 307
Truck, Curt! (85)

Truckee, seek Curt. 237-

Tsetse fly won no Wylfe's Test. 260

T-sip Arla ire's at a serial rapist. 200

Tub, ask car traffic if far tracks abut. 1

Tubas abut. 260-

Tucson, or Cronos, cut? 237

Tug at a gut. (4)

Tug, no, draw a knife, ye fink--award on gut. 236

Tug to Lae Zero's sore zealot gut! 254

Tulsa amuses Uma, a slut. 307_

Tulsa, Miami: I maim a slut. (16)

"Tulsa night life: filth, gin, a slut." (00)

Tulsa's [mom's] a slut. (98,[37-1])

Tundra has sorceries less elongated, a jade tag no less, else I re-cross a hard nut. 260-
Tune lit civic tile nut. 237-

Tung Nimoy was a Wyoming nut. (245)

Tupac won [cigar...tragic] caput. (217)

Tupac's caput! 304 1

Turgid Dad: dig, rut! (1)

Turn--I dump Martin Gardner, I rend rag, 'n' I tramp mud in rut. (11)

Turn, I pin rut. (85)

Turn it in rut.                                                        237-

Turn it off, O tin rut. 237

Turn it up—‘it’ I put in rut.  237-

Turn, un-rut! 331

Turrets of Castle Fate let a felt sac foster rut. 260-

Ukiah sees Haiku. 309

Ukiah's pot tops haiku. (199)

Ululate--net a lulu. (1)

Ungate me, Vic, I've met a gnu! (333)

"Ungate my cart" said I as Tracy met a gnu. 307

Unglad, I tar a tidal gnu. 00-350-
Ungotten, put up net to gnu. (11)

Utter, "Et tu?" (85)

Val, sad Dad, add a Slav! 1

Val said "Sid, is Di a Slav?" 260

Val saw a Slav. 260

Vanilla deified--all in A.V.! (98)

Vanna, wanna 'V'? (145)

Venal pastrami mart's a plan, Ev. 200-

Vic, O.D. Doc--IV! (1)

Vietnamese tarts' acting is a sign it castrates 'em, ante IV. 260-

 Viva--let nine (to ten) in Tel Aviv! (23)

Viva, let no evil revel, ever--live on, Tel Aviv! (90)

Viva, "Let's Tel Aviv!" 237

"Von, it's Ustinov!" (188)

Vote to not slip up, refer pupils to note TOV. 00-350-

 Wad tram art daw. (1)

Wade, daw. (85)

"Wall a birth"  tribal law. 237

Wallow alive on no evil AWOL law. (98)

WalMart: is it ram law? (253)

Walnuts stun law. 237

Walsh tames a base maths law. 260

Wanna buy Yuban...naw! 1

Wapiti for profit I paw. 254

War debate lot: to let Abe draw. 237-

War, sir, is raw. (207)

Warburg ate Zeta grub raw. 237

Ward, emit note, "Yes--I, Wallace, call a wise (yet on time) draw." (1)

Ward nurses run, draw. (5)

Ward peed at a deep draw. (98)

Ward Romeo, pen one poem--or draw. (237)

Ward room Moor, draw! 200-

Warden, I free Seer fined raw. 237

"Warden, I let a device be xenon/ruby-armed," lots of UFOs told 'em, "ray-burn one xebec I've datelined raw". 260

Warden Ruth's a Barbie doll I venally did as a sad idyll, an evil lode I bra-bash turned raw. (260)

Warder, redraw! (16)

War distended nets I draw. (5or10)

Warming is a sign Im raw. 237

Warning: I sign in RAW! (237)

Warren is, raw. (253)

Warsaw flag, Alf, was raw. (109)

Warsaw was raw. (116,245)

Wary apline zen--Iplay raw! (109)

Was an ode, Ed, on a saw? (148)

Was "Analytical" a city Lana saw? (260)

Was E whose pre herpes  oh!   we saw. 1

Was G.I. Jane, men, a jigsaw? 200-

Was I nail'd up, reviled under a red nude Liverpudlian I saw? 260-

Was I sage Kyle Nolan on a lonely keg as I saw? 260

Was I stole macabre herb, a Camelots I saw. 1

Was in a myriad a dairyman I saw. 00-350-

Was it a bar on a can or a bat I saw? 71

Was it a bar or a bat I saw? (343)

Was it a Bud run-in in Urdu, Bat, I saw?                            200

Was it a can [of fats, an oiled deli on a staff, o/of fins Isniff o/of fur ruff o/on a man o]n a cat I saw?(71)

Was it a can on a cat I saw? (207)

Was it a car on a man or a cat I saw? 71

Was it a car on a rim or [footstools  loots, too  /free beer] from Iran, or a cat I saw? 71

Was it a car or a cat I saw? 10

Was it a crop mad dessert tub (buttressed, damp) or cat I saw? 71

Was it a foot, Sal, a wapiti paw (alas, too fat!) I saw? (11)

Was it a gar on a pan or a gat I saw? 71

Was it a man I met in a morass, or can I tell it's a pastille tin across a Roman item in a mat I saw? 260-

Was it a rare era rat I saw?                    361-

Was it a rat I saw? (122)

Was it a tar on a van or a tat I saw? 71

Was it Ararat I saw? 254

Was it as I sat I saw? 237

Was it Eliot's toilet I saw? 128

Was it [Lew's welt/Ron's snort/Roper's report/suds or Eros' dust] I saw? (71)

Was it open, one pot I saw? 237-

 Was it Sir W's wrist I saw? (11)

Was it Tim's mitt I saw?                  330

Was raw tap ale not a reviver at one lap at Warsaw? (80)

Wash saw! (many)

Wash self, flesh saw. 255

Wash silo Pa; tap & pat a Polish saw. (71)

Waste pan a pet saw. 307

 Waste pet saw! (161)

Wasted, a cadet saw. (1)

Wasted ace caps salient career act, Neil, as space cadet saw. (260)

Wasting is a sign I won, knowing is a sign it saw. 260-

Way to not spill latte: get tall lips to not yaw! 1

We decided ore's iron, or is eroded ice dew. 260-

We do Dew. 271

We do meta bedlam in an animal debate, mode W. (1)

We don't fellate my lion as an oily metal left no dew. 260

"We don't soldier away as it's a foot too fast," I say, aware I'd lost no dew. 260-

We dress, or get a hot dog seller and Narelle's god to hate grosser dew. 260

We dye no honeydew. (71)

We fanatical ilk nip nine men; in pink lilac, I tan a few. 260-
We few erase cares, Al  laser aces are we few! (116)

We foot GI boot too big, too few. 237

We freed fine venison; no sin even if deer few. (64)

We help Pacific Apple hew. (1)

We laud apt a nun at Padua, Lew. 254

We legalise silage, Lew. (71)

We let a ripper perp preprep pirate Lew. 254

We lost a fatso, Lew. (97)

We map spam, --ew! (154)

We mew. (many)

We naively allay Levi anew. 260-

We name odd names, reverse 'm and do 'em anew. 308

We name opera, rare poem, anew. (11)

We nap (and nap and nap...) anew. 00-350-

We, Nat, aim at a Miata, new. 200

We natural-lift sumos pull a wall up, so must fill a rut anew. 260

We nerd i.d. did renew? 200-

We ‘New Age’ beg, "!" 237

We panic, I'm so cosmic in a pew! (254)

We panic in a pew. (85)

We passed Odessa--pew! (71)

We passed on an Odessa pew. 254

We [pay a/pen one/ play, O Royal] pew. 237-

 We placed a decal pew. (00)

We plan races; use carnal pew. 260

We plate my rat in a snug unsanitary metal pew. 260

We pondered no pew. 71

"We" prefer pizzazz; I prefer pew. (1)

We prod oral (uvular) odor  pew! 307

We say, "An ewe, nay a sew." (248)

We see bee sew. (254)

We seven, Eve, sew. (6)

We sew. many

We sew no melanin in a lemon we sew. 260-

We sign also a Tao slang I sew. 237

We'd add loci to pentatonic abaci (not at nepotic old dad  ew!). 282

We'd dump Milton's fresh side-dish: serf, snot-limp mud, dew. 71

Wed honor, evil, Doc Tim; reps permit cod liver on--oh!--dew... (1)

We'd lime...mildew. (4)

We'd limp, mad, on no damp mildew. (71)

Wed no Anna on dew! 1

Wed not on dew. (110)

We[']d yen, O Honeydew! (4,[98])

Wedding: I sign Id dew. 237

Welded, Donna is uneven, an inane Venusian," nodded Lew. 71

"Well, adios, Unisys!" sobs bossy, sinusoidal Lew. (71)

Well, Anais surmises I'm Russian, Al. -- Lew. 200-

Well, are fleet eel feral, Lew? 254

Well, are tall OCS duds collateral, Lew? 200-

Well, I attack cattail, Lew. (71)

We'll ionise so he can ruffle elf furnace hoses in oil, Lew. 260

Well, lad, nag, "Gee, no abortion--no, it rob a one, egg and all, Lew.) (1)

We'll let Dad tell Lew. (16)

Well, let's axe Texas  tell Lew. 71

Well, let's tell Lew. 97

Well, let's tip rats, no mists, dim, amidst Simon's tar-pits--tell Lew. 71

Well, Lorne won't now enroll Lew. 307

Well, Lumina, can I mull Lew? (1)

Well, Ward did drawl, Lew. 200
Welsh slew. (85)

"Wendel's sled--new?" (205)

Went on fine mogul's 'Net to rev Australian snail art: suave rotten slug omen if not new. (260)

Went on Ned, "I am a madam, a maiden not new." (71)

Wes pisses, sips, pisses, sips...ew! 226

Wet Sara has a tort at Ayr to try, at a trot, a Sahara stew. 254

"Wet, sassy bananas, Em," raps Nat, "Stan's parmesan, an abyss, a stew ..." 71-

Wet, smug, yams may gum stew. (166)

"Wet snot--" sob[bed Deb,/s Tim, "it's] "Boston stew!" (71)

Wo, Nemo, toss a lasso to me now! (128)

Woe, my BB attacks--I risk cat-tabby meow. (71)

Wolf, Deb; beer on-tap's spat "No" re ebbed flow. (1)

Wolf drowned Logan in a golden word flow. 260

Wolf lauds dual flow. (98)

Wolf pal, lap flow. 1

Wolfgang Amadeus sued a mag: nag flow! 260

Wolf's pal spots laminate wet animal, stops, laps flow. (167)

Wolf's teets flow. 307

Wolf's tits flow. (98)

Woman, I too fall afoot in a mow! (16)

Won, I lob morts, pull odd doll up Stromboli now. (11)

Won no emu in a regatta (geranium era now.) 254

Won panda; alas, salad nap now. 1-

"Won pure grub, Ma  hamburger up now!" 237

Won race, so loth to lose car now. (10)

Wonder: Anne held--nah!--handle henna-red now. 1

Wonder bras save Vassar bred now! 1

Wonder dog's God red now. (98)

Wonder, Fred--now! (161)

Wonder if Di partied amid nugatory ammo or guns?: as, alas, a snug room may rot a gun, Di made it rapid-fired now? 260-

Wonder if I made no yo-yo, Ned--am I fired now? (1)

Wonder if snug BB guns fired now? 307

Wonder if Sununu's fired now? (81)

Wonder Mistress asserts I'm red now. 293

Wonderbra gyms: is my garb red now? 260-

Wonder-obsesser predicts albinism or female damsels in isles made lame from sin: I blast cider presses; bored now.    

Wonders in Italy: Latin is 'Red' now! (5or10) 260-

Wonk did know. 337

Wonk Rodham evolution, "No, I tu love mah dork now." (107)

Wonking is a sign I know. 1

Wonks know. (1)

Won't a footstool age galoots too fat now? 307

Won't Carter retract now? (77)

Won't 'e bet now? 2-

Won't Eb bet now?                    2-

Won't fightable domes use model bath gift now? 260

Won't I be bit now? (97)

Won't I beg Dee: "Finks' sarcasm lifting is a sign it films a crass knife-edge bit now?" 260-

Won't I decide medic edit now? 327-

Won't I fit now? 307

Won't I help massive Levis' sample hit now? 260

Won't I panic in a pit now? (97)

Won't I pop it now?! 337
Won't I repaper[, repaper] it now? (98,[10])

Won't I sit now? 309

Won't I Xerox a fax or exit now? 260-

Won't local apparel like kilts - oh, ghostlike killer! - appal a colt now? 260-

Won't lovers revolt now? (10or16)

Won't Neil assert nectar at a rat centre's salient now? 260

Won't Neil call a Walla Walla client now? 307

Won't Neil lube Mai's ass as I am ebullient now? (260)

Won't Nero rent now? 307

Won't net operators agree beer/gas/rot are potent now? 260

Won't Net inept egrets in a canister get penitent now? 260

Won't one race we kill appal like we care not now? 260-

Won't one spy, L.A. cop, assess Apocalypse Now, as I saw one spy, L.A. cop, assess Apocalypse Not Now? 260-

Won't Paganini nag apt now! (11)

Won't pews fill if swept now? 307_

Won't Radio Nara prefer paranoid art now? 260-

Won't salt[S.A.L.T.] last now? (11,[00])

Won't send a bad nest now? (191)

Won't Sis 'n' I insist now? 278

Won't six enemy men exist now? 307

Won't tame Manila ever reveal I name Matt now? 260

Won't ungulates pull upset a lug nut now? 260

Worrel lets Sarah harass 'teller row'. (1)

Worsen one's row? 85

Worst Intel Mac scam let nits row. 255-

Woven of olive damask, code docks a mad evil of one vow. 260-

Wowing is a sign I wow! 237

Xerox a noted Eton ax, O Rex. (168)

Xerox on an ox, O Rex. (1)

Xerxes lived evil sex, Rex. (1)

Xerxes--sex Rex! (110)

Xerxes taxes ex at sex, Rex. 200

Xerxes was stunned--Eden nuts saw sex, Rex! (00)

Ya, Ben, one poker trek open on e bay! 1

Ya, Dad--ah!--had a day. (1)

Ya, DO take pot (nice lad, Alec!) in Topeka today! (24)

Ya, Dot traded art today. (62)

Ya, gal one was I ere I saw Enola Gay. 252

Ya, kneel, locate feta, Colleen Kay. 1

Ya, Leona Cabot in a Manitoba canoe lay. (23)

Ya, Rob, marc, I mimic, I mimic Rambo Ray. (62)

Ya, rotten Rose, sail all aliases o'r 'Net to Ray. (1)

Ya, signing is a signing, I say. 237

Ya, Signor, war is, Sir, a wrong, I say. (1)

Ya, sing is a signal, slang is a sign, I say. 237

Ya, wag a gag away! (1)

Ya, Walla Walla, call a wall away! (37)

Ya, was moor-devil Lil lived rooms away. (1)

Ya, was Ned rubs burdens away. (201-1)

Ya, we fast at Safeway.                                       237-

Yacht notes radar set on th' cay. (117)

Yah burro, turn in rut or rub hay. (218)

Yahweh, can a nana chew hay? 307

Yahweh, [c]hew hay! 237

Yahweh clan I run in urinal chew hay. (260)

Yahweh cog, go chew hay! 237

Yahweh did hew hay. 200-

Yakima, am I Kay? (16)

Yaks say moths a lad dated act like non-actor's rot: can one kilt cadet add a lash to my ass, Kay? 260-

Yaks send a snide note toned in sadness, Kay. (260)

Yale democrats edit "Noon-tide Star"--come, delay. (10)

Yale mate made dame tame lay. (109)

Yale ran (in) a relay. (11or96)

Yale, remit tasks a DJs J.D. asks at time relay. 1

Yaler Eli Bom won snowmobile relay. (245)

Yam I fix, if I may. 200-

Yamaha may fire her if Yamaha may. (259)

Yams I do not poop (to no dismay!) (251)

Yams I do not pull up  to no dismay! 307

Yams I'd nip in dismay. (85)

Yankees seek, 'nay'. (1)

Yap to node, "Do not pay!" 237

Yard notified, a jade I fit on dray. (11)

Yaw a kayak away. (4)

Yaw a racecar away. 290

Yaw--yell, "Alleyway!" (161)

Yawed insanities reverse it in a snide way. 260-

Yawn a Jan way. 237

Yawn a more Roman way. (10)

Yawn, "O, cremate my metamer, Conway." (103)

Yaws in a craft on top spot; not far, Canis way. (11or148)

Ye, boil, I obey! (4)

Ye Boris, civic sir, obey. 237

Ye boy, obey! (4)

Ye kayak Kaya Key. 237

Ye, kid, rack card I key. 237

Ye knit alone by array, be no Latin Key. 237

Ye know I won key. (237)

Ye know, in a man I won key. 237-

Ye, Knox Essene, pen Essex on key. 237

Ye know if I won key. 237

Ye knit up, if I put in key. 237

Ye slew Welsey? 354-

Yell, "a galley!" (4)

Yell "A gang! Is Ed Otto hot to design a galley?" 71

Yell a he man's name: "Halley!" 71

Yell: "A moron I lap harasses Sarah Palin or O'Malley!" 260-

Yell a name, Lem, an alley! 1-

Yell "A van   I see beer, free bees in a valley!" 71

Yell a 'V' Oro Valley! (88)

Yell a vote to valley. (148)

Yell, "Aha!" Halley. (71)

Yell, "Alley!" (4,97)

Yell, Amos O'Malley. 309

Yell, "An animal, Sir, I slam in an alley!" 71

Yell, "An animal car, or a clam in an alley!" 71

Yell, Ava, "Nita['s pup] sat in a valley!" 71

Yell, eh Shelley? (83)

Yell, "Or trolley?" (161)

Yell, "Over!" Seles, re volley. (106)

Yell, "Up pulley!" 307

Yell upset a cider: predicates pulley. (6)

"Yell upward!" [I say, as I] draw pulley! (71)

Yep, mop, Pompey! 200

"Yer Duane 'n Audrey?" (97)

"Yes, a call, a bat, a ball, a Casey." (11)

Yes, a cedar testimonial lives on as a nose-villain omits e-trade, Casey. 200

Yes, able Bernard ran rebel base "Y". (107)

"Yes, I am Foreman  namer of Maisey." 260

Yes, Mark, cable to hotel, "Back Ramsey!" (10)

Yes, Mary's tapes are in; I erase Patsy Ramsey. 307_

Yes, O Ross, Em (or 'D') 'n' I lap up ("P-U"!) palindromes so rosey. (1)

Yes, rejoice CIO Jersey. 278

"Yes sir, Rome is!" ordered Rosie Morrissey. (245)

Yes sir, Rome tips Ed despite Morrissey. 260

Yes, Syd, Owen saved Eva's new Odyssey. (10or16)

"Yo, B.S.!" went newsboy. 200

Yo, bad anaconda had no Canada boy. (205)

"Yo, banana babe--O mama, I am amoeba banana boy!" (216)

Yo, bang a salami--I'm a lasagna boy! (203)

"Yo!" bare poet asserts, "Stress ate opera, boy." (109)

Yo, baseborn Amy peels as a sleepy man robes a boy. 307_

Yo' begat love voltage, boy! (1)

Yo, bet on a note, boy! (245)

Yo, Bob, eat gnu O you O young tae-bo boy! (1)

Yo Bob, mug a gumbo boy! (116)

Yo, Bret, slug Ulster boy! 200 

Yo, bro--free beer for boy! (109)

Yo, by pool, a musk conk knocks Uma loopy, boy! 1

Yo, Ceda, get a coyote toy, O cat--e.g. a decoy! 1

Yo--tap a toy! (144)

Yodel, "Fir tree seer trifled  oy!" 1

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