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Short grammar


LdP-English dictionary

Preliminary notes

1. This is a proposed Lidepla-English dictionary of the Version 1.2. New words are coloured in violet, changed words in red. Latest additions are in the beginning, colored in blue.
2. Word etymologies are given sparingly, usually only one source language is indicated. However one should bear in mind that roots widely spread across languages are basically taken. E.g. the word "kitaba" is originally from Arabic, but the root is present also in Turkish, Hindi, and a lot of other languages. Moreover, the etymology indicated is often not the earliest one. Thus, you'll see "Turkish" under the words "banka" and "dolar" not because they are originally Turkish words but because in Turkish they have the same form as in Lidepla.
3. It matters whether several English equivalents are given with a comma between them or with a semicolon. If there is a comma, only their related/common meaning is implied; if there is a semicolon, meanings should be regarded independently. E.g.

fila (kwo) row, line; queue, file

“Row” and “line” are given with a comma between them, which makes it clear that here “row” does not mean “quarrel” nor “trip in a rowboat”. Similarly “queue” and “file” mutually specify each other, implying the meaning “a line of waiting people or vehicles”.

Grammatical abbreviations

exklami exklami-partikla (≈interjection)

gramatika gramatika-partikla (grammatical particle)

gramatika-komo gramatika-partikla (grammatical particle) or komo-worda (adverb)

inplas-komo inplas-komo-worda (the word that substitutes an adverb)

inplas-kwanto inplas-kwanto-worda (the word that substitutes a numeral)

inplas-kwel inplas-kwel-worda (the word that substitutes an adjektive)

inplas-kwo inplas-kwo-worda (the word that substitutes a noun)

komo komo-worda (adverb)

konekti konekti-partikla (preposition)

konekti-komo konekti-partikla (preposition) or komo-worda (adverb)

konekti-syao konekti-partikla (preposition) or syao-worda (affix)

kwanto kwanto-worda (numeral)

kwel kwel-worda (adjective)

kwesti kwesti-worda (question word)

kwo kwo-worda (noun)

loko-komo loko-komo-worda (adverb of place)

modus-komo modus-komo-worda (adverb of manner)

sta sta-worda (words describing state, e.g., modal verbs)

syao syao-worda (affix)

syao-gramatika syao-worda (affix) or gramatika-partikla (grammatical particle)

syao-komo syao-worda (affix) or komo-worda (adverb)

taim-komo taim-komo-worda (adverb of time)

unisi unisi-partikla (conjunction)

zwo zwo-worda (verb)
album(kwo) album

antena(kwo) antenna

bli(konekti-komo) near, nearby, beside, close to
bli may dom — near my house
bli klok char — around 4 o'clock
Ela zai sidi-te bli. — She was sitting beside.
bli-ney(kwel) near, nearby, neighbouring
See also: sirke

blu(kwel) blue
blutaa(kwo) blue
klarblu(kwel) light blue, sky blue

brave(kwel) brave, gallant, stalwart, dashing
bravnik(kwo) bold fellow, daring fellow, dare-devil

dok(kwo) dock (in port)
doker(kwo) docker
doki(kwo) dock


dros(kwo) thrush (bird)
gana-dros(kwo) song-thrush

flani(zwo) hang around; loaf, loiter about
flaner(kwo) loafer

floti(zwo) float (be afloat; drift)
flotika(kwo) float (something that floats)

flui(zwo) flow
fluisa (kwo) flow
hwan lif floti nich fluisa — yellow leaves floated down
flui-she(kwel) flowing, fluent
flui-shem(komo) fluently

franja(kwo) fringe (decorative border)

frosta(kwo) frost (intensely cold weather)
frosta-ney (froste)(kwel) frosty (cold, chilly)
frosti(zwo) freeze
sedey frosti — it is freezing today
frosti-ney (frosten)(kwel) frozen
Me sta frosten. — I am freezing.
defrosti(zwo) defrost, unfreeze
froster(kwo) freezer

garja(kwo) thunderstorm

gasta(kwo) guest
gasti(zwo) be a guest, be on a visit, stay
gasti she amiga — stay at a friend's
gastaguan(kwo) hotel, guesthouse
gastashamba(kwo) drawing room, sitting room, living room

gavahi(zwo) witness, testify
gavaha(kwo) testimony, witness
(kwo) witness, eyewitness
oko-gavaher(kwo) eyewitness

girlanda(kwo) garland

gol(kwo) goal (point scored)
gol-geit(kwo) goal (zone)

gol-geityuan(kwo) goalkeeper


inklina(kwo) slant, slope; physical tilt or bend; inclination (act; mental tendency)
flanka-inklina(kwo) list, heel, careen, bank
inklini(zwo) incline (bend; slope; tend)

intervyu(kwo) interview
intervyui(zwo) interview

janmi(zwo) be born; give birth to
ta janmi in yar 1975 — he/shi was born in 1975
janma(kwo) birth
janmadey(kwo) birthday
janmalanda(kwo) native land, homeland, motherland
janmalok(kwo) native place, home
janmalingwa (kwo) native language
janmamarka (kwo) birthmark, mole
(kwo) childbirth, delivery
(kwo) parent

jiva(kwo) life
(jive)(kwel) living, alive
jivaful(kwel) lively, animated
jivika(kwo) living thing/being/creature
jivi(zwo) live
jivishil(kwel) viable, tenacious of life
rijivi(zwo) resuscitate, revive
Krista rijivi! — Christ has arisen!
rijivifi(zwo) return to life
rijivisi(zwo) bring back to life

kitaba(kwo) book
kitaba-tana(kwo) bookshelf
kitabakin(kwo) booklet, brochure
kitabaguan(kwo) library
kitabashop(kwo) bookshop
shma-kitaba(kwo) trash/filthy book
kitabnik(kwo) book lover, bookworm

klaspa(kwo) clasp, buckle

klaspi(zwo) clasp, buckle

kompili(zwo) compile
kompila(kwo) compilation

kulpa(kwo) guilt
es may kulpa — it's my guilt
kulpa-ney (kulpe)(kwel) guilty
kulpe om koysa — guilty of smth
kulpe versu koywan — guilty towards smb
sinkulpa-ney (sinkulpe)(kwel) guiltless, innocent
kulpanesa(kwo) guiltiness

lasi(sta) let (allow)
lasi me go, lasi me wek — let me go
lasi lwo — let fall, drop
lasi koywan zin, lasi koywan inu — let smb in
lasi me dumi idyen — let me think a little bit
Bye lasi me fali! — Don't let me down!

laute(kwel) loud
lautem(komo) loud, aloud, loudly
bulautem(komo) in a low voice, in an undertone
lautvos-ney(kwel) vociferous, loud-voiced

limita(kwo) limit
limiti(zwo) limit, confine
limiti swa(zwo) limit/restrict oneself
limiting(kwo) limitation
limita-ney(kwel) limit, maximum, top

mandat(kwo) mandate, warrant, credentials

muh(kwo) mouth
muh de riva — estuary
muh-ney(kwel) oral
muh-ney lingwa — oral language
muhka(kwo) mouthpiece

nivel (kwo) level
niveli(zwo) level, level out

nochaparpar(kwo) moth
(Origin: nocha+parpar)

prison(kwo) prison, jail
prisonyuan(kwo) jailer

profi(kwo) professional (expert), pro

profi-ney(kwel) professional

rahim(kwel) merciful; charitable
rahimtaa(kwo) mercy, charity, grace
rahimem(komo) mercifully
norahimem(komo) unmercifully, cruelly
rahimi(zwo) spare (treat mercifully)

raki(zwo) ride (to transport oneself by means of smth), drive, go by smth (tr./intr.)
raki kaval — ride a horse
raki bus — go by bus
raki tren — go by train
raker(kwo) rider; passenger
raking(kwo) ride, riding; drive, driving
rakibile(kwel) passable, able to be ridden along (road)

rap(kwo) rap music
rapi(zwo) rap

raspi(zwo) scrape, rasp, abrade, graze
raspitul(kwo) rasp file
raspitura(kwo) graze, abrasion

regei(kwo) reggae

saxofon(kwo) saxophone

shefe(kwel) main, chief
shefa(kwo) chief, boss
shefem(komo) mainly, chiefly
shefurba(kwo) capital (city)
shefkomander(kwo) commander in chief

single(kwel) single (consisting of one part/aspect; undivided; individual and distinct — cf. “sole”)
single tota — a single whole
single shamba — a single room
single forma, singlika(kwo) singular (gram.)
singla(kwo) single

statua(kwo) statue

tabut(kwo) coffin
tabut-gari(kwo) hearse, bier

teklif(kwo) ceremoniousness, primness, formality

sin teklif — without ceremony
teklifi(kwo) behave formally
Bye teklifi! — Make yourself at home!
Bu gai teklifi om sey kanalya. — One should deal shortly with this scoundrel.
noteklifem(kwo) in a familiar manner, with familiarity

valza(kwo) waltz
valzi(zwo) waltz

vidi(zwo) see
vida(kwo) sight, vision, view (ability to see, act of seeing, smth seen)
vidiwat(kwo) view, spectacle, smth seen
vidimogsa(kwo) vision (ability to see)
vidisens(kwo) the sense/organ of sight
vidipunta(kwo) point of view, standpoint
vidike(kwel) visual
vidibile(kwel) visible, which can be seen
vidi-ney(kwel) seen, visible
vidi-nem(komo) in visible manner, visibly, apparently
fa-vidi(zwo) be seen, be visible
shulin fa-vidi in dalitaa — a forest could be seen in the distance
ek-vidi(zwo) catch a glimpse of
rividi(zwo) see again
Til rividi! — See you later!

way(kwesti) why
Way yu bu jawabi? — Why don’t you answer?
waynik(kwo) why-boy, why-girl

weklasi(zwo) let go, let off, release
(Origin: wek+lasi)

zuy(gramatika-komo) most; most of all
Ela es zuy jamile. — She is the most beautiful.
Ela gani zuy hao. — She sings best.
Me pri ela zuy. — I like her most of all.
zuy-ney(kwel) utmost

a (konekti) 1) to (aim, direction)
go a shop — go to the shop

lai a dom — come home

returni a janmalanda — return to one's native land
a oli taraf — in/to all directions
2) to (dative case)
a yu — to you
a may amiga — to my friend
shwo a swa — say to oneself
me ve rakonti a yu om to — I'll tell you about that
(cf. "versu")

aa(exklami) ah, oh (an exclamation of understanding, recognition)
Aa, es yu! –  Ah, it's you!
Aa, me samaji. — Oh, I see.
Written with two letters for distinction from the conjunction "a" (but pronounced the same way)
See also: ah

abat(kwo) abbot

abisma (kwo) abyss

abnegi(zwo) abnegate, deny oneself; renounce
lu abnegi-te fuming — he gave up smoking
abnega(kwo) abnegation, self-denial

aboli(zwo) abolish
abola(kwo) abolishment

abrevi(zwo) abbreviate (words); abridge (a book), curtail (a narrative)
abreva(kwo) abbreviation
abrevi-ney (kwel) abbreviated, abridged
abrevi-nem (abrevem) (komo) in abbreviated form
abrevitura(kwo) acronym

abrupte(kwel) precipitous, abrupt; brusque; sudden, abrupt

absente(kwel) absent, not present
absensia(kwo) absence

abses(kwo) abscess

absolute(kwel) absolute
absolutem(komo) absolutely

absoluta(kwo) (the) absolute

absorbi(zwo) absorb
Gunsa absorbi ta. — His work absorbed him.
absorba(kwo) absorption

abstrakti(zwo) abstract
abstrakta(kwo) abstraction
abstrakta-ney (abstrakte)(kwel) abstract

absurde(kwel) absurd
absurda(kwo) absurd
absurditaa (kwo) absurdity

abundante(kwel) abundant
abundantem(komo) abundantly, amply, generously
abundansia(kwo) abundance

abyas(kwo) habit, custom
pa abyas — through habit
hev abyas — to be accustomed, to be wont, to be in the habit of
abyas-ney(kwel) habitual
abyas-nem(komo) habitually (see also "pinchan")
abyasi (zwo) get accustomed/used (a koysa — to smth), get into the habit of
mah koywan abyasi a koysa — to accustom smb to smth
abyasi-ney (abyasen) — (kwel) accustomed, used (a koysa — to smth)
abyasen a mushkila — accustomed to difficulties

acha(kwo) axe

adapti(zwo) adapt, adapt oneself
adapta(kwo) adaptation
adapter(kwo) adapter
adaptibile(kwel) adaptable
adaptibilitaa(kwo) adaptability

adar (loko-komo) thither, there, that way
bu go adar — don’t go there
(Origin: a+dar)
Syn.: dar

adi (zwo) add
ada(kwo) addition
adiwat(kwo) additive, addition (smth added)

adike(kwel) additional

(cf. “aditi”)

aditi (zwo) add (math.), add up, tot up
adita(kwo) addition (math.)

administri(zwo) administer (manage, conduct)
administra(kwo) administration (administering)
administrasion(kwo) administration (managers)

admiral (kwo) admiral

admiri (zwo) admire
admira(kwo) admiration
admirival(kwel) admirable
admirer, admiri-sha(kwo) admirer

admiti (zwo) admit (grant entrance, whether into a place or into the mind)
admita(kwo) admission, admittance
noadmitibile(kwel) inadmissible

adopti (zwo) adopt
adopta(kwo) adoption

adres (kwo) address (location or its description)
adresi(zwo) address, accost
adresing(kwo) addressing, address (act)

adulte (kwel) adult
adulta(kwo) adult
adulto(kwo) adult male
adultina(kwo) adult female

adyoo (exklami) Goodbye! Adieu!
shwo adyoo, fai adyoo – to say goodbye
al fai adyoo — at parting
(kwo) farewell

adyutanta(kwo) aide de camp, adjutant

aflui(zwo) flow towards, rush towards, stream towards
afluisa(kwo) flow, flood (of tide), rising tide; influx, inflow
afluisa e defluisa — flow and ebb
(Origin: a+flui)

afsos (kwo) regret, pity

pa afsos — regrettably, sadly, unfortunately

afsosi(zwo) regret, be sorry about
afsos! (exklami) alas! it is a pity!
afsos-ney, afsosival(kwel) regrettable, sad, unfortunate

afte (konekti) after; in (at the end of)
afte yu — after you
afte to — after that
un afte otre — one after another
afte vidi — having seen
afte tri dey — in three days
afte un ora — in one hour
aften(taim-komo) afterwards, later on, subsequently
Nu nadi ke aften ve ye meno gwer in munda. — We hope that afterwards (in future) there will be fewer wars in the world.
Nu he diskusi se olo aften. — We have discussed this all later on.

aftechi(zwo) eat with, eat smth after drinking
Ta pi un glasakin vodka e aftechi bay marinaden gurka. — He had a glass of vodka with pickled cucumber.
(Origin: afte+chi)

agenda(kwo) agenda

agiti (zwo) agitate (also to stir up public interest in a cause)
agiti-ney (agiten) — (kwel) agitated, excited
agita(kwo) agitation (for the meaning “stirring up of public interest” one can use also “agitasion”)

agni(kwo) fire
agnibeda — fire (occurrence of fire in a certain place)
agnibrigada — fire-brigade
agninka(kwo) spark
fai agninka — (zwo) spark
(kwel) aflame; fiery
agnisi(zwo) burn up, fire up; sear
agni-luma(kwo) blaze, glow
agni-ston(kwo) flint; gunflint

agra(kwo) (ploughed) field, tillage
agralanda(kwo) countryside

agrajen(kwo) peasant (also “kisan”)

agrare(kwel) agrarian

agravi(zwo) aggravate (cf. “vexi”)
agrava(kwo) aggravation

agresi(zwo) aggress; feel aggression
agresa(kwo) aggression
agresive(kwel) aggressive
agreser(kwo) aggressor

agude(kwel) sharp, acute
agudisi(zwo) sharpen

ah(exklami) ah (expresses strong emotions)
fai ah(zwo) gasp with surprise

ahaa(exklami) aha

ahak(kwo) lime

ahfi(zwo) hide, conceal
ahfi swa — hide oneself
ahfi-geim — hide-and-seek
ahfilok(kwo) hiding-place
ahfi-shem (ahfem)(komo) hidingly, in a hiding way
ahfishil(kwel) reserved, reticent, secretive
buahfi-ney (buahfen) — (kwel) unconcealed, undisguised
ahfi-go(zwo) slink, sneak, steal
ahfi-kan(zwo) peep, watch furtively

ahir (loko-komo) hither, here, this way
Lai ahir. — Come here.
(Origin: a+hir)
Syn.: hir

ahmak(kwo) fool
Syn.: stupida

ahuki(zwo) hitch, hook, couple, link, catch
May palto ahuki a naga e tori. — My coat caught on a nail and tore.

aida(exklami) let's go, come along (invitation to go somewhere)
Aida a riva! — Let’s go to the river!
Aida fo yabla! — Let’s go to get some apples!
Turkish, Slavic

aika (modus-komo) quite, rather

aika hao — quite well


aira (kwo) air
aira kastela — castles in the air
airaportu(kwo) airport

ais(kwo) ice
ais-lenge — ice-cold
(kwel) ice, icy,
aiskrem(kwo) ice cream
aisifa(kwo) icing up

aivi(kwo) ivy

ajibe(kwel) queer, weird, odd
Syn.: strane, astoni-she, nopinchan

ajile(kwel) agile, alert, brisk
do peda ajile — swift-footed, light-footed
do menta ajile — with agile mind, quick-witted

ajilitaa(kwo) agility, alertness, swiftness, legerity

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