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amerikan(kwel, kwo) American (of or pertaining to the USA or the American culture; American man)
fama-ney amerikan poeta — famous American poet

amerikyum(kwo) americium (chem.)

male friend
(kwo) female friend
amiga-ney (amige), amigalik(kwel) amiable, affable, friendly
amigitaa(kwo) friendship, amity
beamigi(zwo) friend (add to a list of friends)
(zwo) unfriend

amini(modus-komo) at least
to ve duri amini un ora — that will last one hour at least

amper(kwo) ampere
sto amper — 100 amperes
shi mikroamper — 10 microamperes

amplituda(kwo) amplitude

Amur(kwo) Amur River

amusi(zwo) amuse, entertain
amusi swa — amuse oneself
amusa(kwo) amusement
amusi-she(kwel) amusing

indicates object of action
fai gola an koysa – take aim at smth
darba an tabla – a strike on the table
wuli an luna — howl at the moon
kansa an dwar — a glance at the door
lopi kun sikin an koywan — to run at someone with a knife


analis(kwo) analysis
analisi(zwo) analyse
analiser(kwo) analyst; analyser

analoge(kwel) analogous
analogem(komo) analogously
analoga(kwo) analogue

analogitaa(kwo) analogy, analogousness

ananas(kwo) pineapple

anar(kwo) pomegranate (fruit)
pomegranate (tree)

anarkia(kwo) anarchy
anarkike(kwo) anarchic
anarkista(kwo) anarchist

anatomia(kwo) anatomy

anchun(kwel) safe, secure
safety, security

Andaman-ney mar(kwo) Andaman Sea

Andes(kwo) Andes

Andora(kwo) Andorra

anekdot(kwo) anecdote, joke, funny story

anestesia (kwo) anaesthesia


anglosaxon(kwo, kwel) Anglo-Saxon

Angola(kwo) Angola

angula(kwo) angle; corner
agude angula — acute angle
tupe angula — obtuse angle
rekte angula — right angle
triangula — triangle
rektangula — rectangle
turni angula — turn (round) the corner

Anhel-akwalwo(kwo) Angel Falls

animal(kwo) animal

animi(zwo) animate, endow with life; enliven, give animation to
animi-ney(kwel) animated
anima(kwo) animation
shwo kun anima — speak with animation
animasion(kwo) animation ((making) cartoon)

anis(kwo) anise

anjel(kwo) angel
anjellik(kwel) angel-like, angelic

anka(kwo) anchor
fai anka, anki(zwo) anchor

mah-lwo anka — cast/drop anchor

ankilok(kwo) berth (space to moor)

ankur(kwo) sprout, shoot
ankuri(zwo) sprout, spring up

anonime(kwel) anonymous

ansambla(kwo) ensemble

anshi(zwo) hint
ansha(kwo) hint

Antarktida(kwo) Antarctica (continent)

Antarktika(kwo) Antarctica (south polar region)
antarktike(kwel) antarctic

antena(kwo) antenna

Antigua e Barbuda(kwo) Antigua and Barbuda

antilopa(kwo) antelope

antipatia(kwo) antipathy

antonim(kwo) antonym

antra(kwo) gut
antratot(kwo) intestine

anubav(kwo) experience
anubav-ney jen — experienced person, man of experience
anubavi(zwo) experience (cf. "trajivi")

anunsi(zwo) announce; give notice of
anunsa(kwo) announcement

anus(kwo) anus

aparat(kwo) apparatus

apari(zwo) appear (come into existence; to become visible — cf. “sembli”)
apara(kwo) appearance

aparte(kwel) separate, detached, apart (from others)
apartem(komo) apart
apartem fon otres — apart from the others
apartnik(kwo) hermit

apeli(zwo) appeal (but not “to be attractive”)
apela(kwo) appeal

apena(komo) hardly, scarcely, barely

apetit(kwo) appetite

apliki(zwo) apply (put on, upon, or to; put to or adapt for a special use; put into action)
aplika(kwo) application
apliki-ney (apliken) — (kwel) applied
apliken fisika — applied physics

aplodi(zwo) applaud
aploda(kwo) applause, clapping

apoga(kwo) support, prop, rest
apogi(zwo) prop, lean, rest
apogi on tabla — lean agaist the table

apoplexia(kwo) apoplexy
apoplexike darba (japat) — apoplectic stroke

aprikos(kwo) apricot

april(kwo) April (also mes-char)

aprobi(zwo) approve, give approbation to
aproba(kwo) approbation

apropoo (konekti-komo) apropos; by the way
Apropoo, me haishi bu he lekti sey kitaba. — By the way, I have not yet read this book. Apropoo sey kitaba, it es ya muy interes-ney. — Apropos of this book, it is really interesting.

arabeska(kwo) arabesque

arabi(kwel, kwo) Arab; Arabic; Arabic language

Arabiya Saudiya(kwo) Saudi Arabia

aramaya (kwel, kwo) Aramaic

aranji(zwo) arrange (plan or prerare for; bring about or come to an agreement; settle)
aranji mita — make an appointment
Aranjen! — It’s a deal! Agreed!
aranja(kwo) arrangement, deal

arda(kwo) earth
ardagloba(kwo) globe (the planet Earth)

ardanuta(kwo) peanut
(Origin: arda+nuta)

area(kwo) area (measure of extent of a surface)

arena (kwo) arena

arendi(zwo) lease, rent, charter
arenda(kwo) lease
arendaguan(kwo) rental agency

aresti(zwo) arrest, make a prisoner
aresta(kwo) arrest, custody

argenta(kwo) silver
argente(kwel) silver
argentefai(zwo) shine silver

argon(kwo) argon (chem.)

argumenta(kwo) argument (statement put forth as proof, reason)

Arhentina(kwo) Argentina

arhiduka(kwo) archduke

arigatoo(exklami) thanks, thank you
Syn.: danke, shukran

aritmetika(kwo) arithmetic
aritmetike(kwel) arithmetic, arithmetical

arivi(zwo) arrive (at destination, at a certain place)
ariva(kwo) arrival
Ant.: departi

arka(kwo) arc; arch (cf. “raduga”)

arkaike(kwel) archaic

arkitekter(kwo) architect
arkitektura(kwo) architecture

arkiva(kwo) archive, archives
arkivi(zwo) archive

Arktika(kwo) the Arctic
arktike(kwel) arctic

Arktike Osean(kwo) Arctic Ocean

arku(kwo) bow (weapon)
Arkuman(kwo) Sagittarius

arma(kwo) weapon
stal-arma — cold steel
agni-arma — fire-arms
armas(kwo) arms, armament
armisi(zwo) arm
armisa(kwo) arming

arma-dun(kwo) loophole, embrasure

armee(kwo) army
armeeyuan(kwo) military man, serviceman

aroma(kwo) aroma
aroma-herba — aromatic herbs
(kwel) full of aroma, aromatic, fragrant or sweet-smelling
aromike(kwel) aromatic (chem.)

arosi(zwo) moisten, wet, water (with any liquid)
aroser(kwo) watering-pot

arpa(kwo) harp

arsenal(kwo) arsenal

arsenik(kwo) arsenic (chem.)

arta(kwo) art
(kwo) artist

arteria(kwo) artery

artifisiale(kwel) artificial (man-made; false; unnatural — cf. “jengun-ney”)

artikla(kwo) article (a part of speech in some languages)
(cf. “makala”)

artileria(kwo) artillery

artishok(kwo) artichoke

arya (kwo) Aryan
arya-ney (kwel) Aryan

as(kwo) ace (playing card; expert)

asada(kwo) siege
asadi(zwo) siege, besiege

asembli(zwo) assemble: collect, bring together (people, materials, etc.)
asembla(kwo) assemblage, assembly; meeting, gathering
generale asembla — general meeting/assembly
desasembli(zwo) disassemble, take to pieces
Syn.: jami

asendi(zwo) go up, ascend, mount
asendi sulam — mount a ladder/stairway
asendi kaval — mount a horse

avion oltaim asendi-te — the plane kept ascending

prais asendi — prices come up
asenda(kwo) ascension
Syn.: go uupar
Ant.: desendi

aserti(zwo) assert, aver, claim, state
aserta(kwo) assertion, claim, statement

asfalta(kwo) asphalt

Asia(kwo) Asia

asilum(kwo) asylum, sanctuary
Syn.: refuja

asimili(zwo) assimilate (physiol. and fig. — cf. "similisi")
asimila(kwo) assimilation

asimut(kwo) azimuth

asla(kwo) donkey, ass

aspa(kwo) quotation mark

asparaga(kwo) asparagus

aspekti(zwo) look, appear
aspekti fatigi-ney — look tired
aspekta(kwo) aspect, view, sight, look, appearance
fai aspekta — pretend, affect, feign

aspiri(zwo) aspire, desire eagerly, long for, aim at, seek after
aspira(kwo) aspiration, striving

astat(kwo) astatine (chem.)

asteroida (kwo) asteroid (astron.)

astoni(zwo) astonish, amaze
fa-astoni(zwo) be amazed, be astonished, marvel, wonder
astoni-she, astonival(kwel) astonishing, marvelous
astoni-shem (astonem) — (komo) astonishingly
astoni-shem jamile gela — astonishingly beautiful girl
astona(kwo) amazement, astonishment

astrologia (kwo) astrology
astrologier (kwo) astrologer

astronomia (kwo) astronomy

astronomier (kwo) astronomer
astronomike (kwel) astronomical

ataki(zwo) attack, assail, assault
(kwo) attack, assault
chu-ataka(kwo) sally, sortie

atarafi(kwo) move aside, draw aside; step aside
(Origin: a+taraf+i)

ateisma(kwo) atheism
ateista(kwo) atheist

ateni(zwo) attain, reach, achieve
ateni e sobrepasi — catch up and overtake
lopi-ateni — catch up by running
raki-ateni — catch up by car (or other vehicle)
atena(kwo) achievement, attainment, accomplishment

atenta(kwo) attention
fai nul atenta om koysa — pay no attention to smth
atenti(zwo) be attentive to, heed, mind, pay attention to
atenta-ney (atente) — (kwel) attentive, alert
atenta-nem (atentem) — (komo) attentively, closely, carefully.
(cf. “chauke”)

Atlantike Osean, Atlantika(kwo) Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic

atlas(kwo) (anat., geog.) atlas

atletika(kwo) athletics
atletike(kwel) athletic

atma(kwo) soul
atma-ney(kwel) of soul
dusatma-ney(kwel) bad souled, base

atmosfera(kwo) atmosphere

atom(kwo) atom
atom-ney(kwel) atomic

atrakti(zwo) attract
atrakta(kwo) attraction
atraktive(kwel) attractive

audi(zwo) hear; listen

Me bu audi nixa. — I don’t hear anything.

Audi ba! — Listen!
hao-audi-ke musika — a music that is good to hear
bu-gwo-audi-ke — unheard-of
auda(kwo) hearing (auditory faculty)
auding(kwo) listening; audition
audibile(kwel) audible
audike(kwel) auditory, acoustic
audibilitaa(kwo) audibility
audisens(kwo) sense of hearing
audimogsa(kwo) hearing ability
fa-audi(zwo) be heard, be audible
finaudi(zwo) listen to the end
auder(kwo) (telephone) receiver
See also: slu

audio(kwo, kwel) audio
rekordi audio — record audio

augusto(kwo) August (also mes-ot)
in augusto — in August

aur(kwo) ear
aurganda(kwo) cerumen

aus (konekti-komo) 1) out (of) (outward movement)
pren kalam aus posh — take a pencil out of the pocket
Lai aus! — Come out!
2) (made) of (material), out of
botela aus glas — bottle made of glass, glass bottle
Me he zwo palas aus shamba. — I made a palace out of the room.
ausen(konekti-komo) outside of, on the outside, beyond the limits of
ausen dom — outside the house
Me jivi ausen urba. — I live out of town.
Sedey ye frosta ausen. — It freezes outdoors.
Sey dwar bu ofni fon ausen, sol fon inen. — This door does not open from outside, only from within.
ausen-ney(kwel) outer, external
(kwo) overclothes
ausen-taraf(kwo) the outside
ausen-munda(kwo) the outer world

ausdumi(zwo) think up, think out, concoct

ausflai(zwo) fly out

ausjivi(zwo) survive, remain alive
ausjiving(kwo) survival, surviving

auskati(zwo) cut out, carve out

auskavi(zwo) dig out, dig up

auskupi(zwo) redeem; ransom
auskupa(kwo) redemption, redeeming; ransom

auskwesti (zwo) question, elicit, try to find out from smb

auslanda(kwo) foreign countries
in auslanda — abroad
auslanda-ney(kwel) foreign, of foreign countries
auslandajen, auslander(kwo) foreigner, a person from a foreign country (cf. "gariba")

auslasi(kwo) let out, release; emit (of sound)
Origin: aus+lasi

auslyu(kwo) omit, leave out
Origin: aus+lyu

ausmorti (zwo) die out, become extinct

auspren(zwo) take out, pull out, extract

ausspiri(zwo) exhale, breathe out
ausspira(kwo) exhalation, outward breath
Ant.: inuspiri

ausyusi(zwo) wear out
ausyusa(kwo) wear and tear
(Origin: aus+yusi)

autentike(kwel) authentic (genuine, real)
autentikitaa(kwo) authenticity

auto(kwo) automobile, car, motor-car

automat(kwo) automatic machine, automaton, automat
automatike(kwel) automatic
automatikem(komo) automatically
automatisi(zwo) automatize
automatisa(kwo) automatization

autopilota(kwo) autopilot

autor(kwo) author

autoritaa(kwo) authority (power to influence or persuade resulting from knowledge or experience — cf. "mahta")

autostop(kwo) hitch-hiking
fai autostop — hitch-hike

avan(komo) forward, ahead (in space or time)
Avan, sempre avan! — Forward, always forward!
Kan avan, bu kan bak. — Look forward, don't look back.
Go avan, bu turni. — Go ahead, don't turn.
Treba mah kloka un ora avan. — One should set the clock one hour ahead.
avanen(konekti-komo) ahead (of) (at what place?)
avanen oli — ahead of everybody
avanen kolona — ahead of the column
Lu es yo dalem avanen. — He is already far ahead.
May kloka es pet minuta avanen. — My watch is 5 minutes fast.

avane (kwel) front, fore
avanpatas — forelegs
avana(kwo) front, facing side (also “avantaraf”)

avangarda(kwo) avant-garde, vanguard, advance guard
avangarda-ney (avangarde) — (kwel) vanguard, leading

avanpasi(zwo) pass ahead of, outstrip

avansi(zwo) advance, go forward; further, promote
avansa(kwo) advance, advancement

avantaja(kwo) advantage

avare(kwel) avaricious, miserly, greedy
avaritaa(kwo) avarice, greed
avarnik (kwo) miser, niggard

avatar(kwo) avatar (also myth.)

aventura(kwo) adventure

dusaventura(kwo) adventure (reckless scheme, shady enterprise)

avenu(kwo) avenue (broad street)

avide(kwel) greedy, avid
aviditaa(kwo) greed, avidity
avida (avido, avidina) — (kwo) greedy person

avion(kwo) airplane
aviondom(kwo) hangar

avokado(kwo) avocado

avos(komo) hopefully, maybe, perhaps, with luck we may
pa avos — on the off-chance, at random, in a hit-or-miss fashion

axa(kwo) axis, axle
axike(kwel) axial

axila(kwo) armpit

ay(exklami) ouch

Ayiti(kwo) Haiti

Azerbaijan(kwo) Azerbaijan

aztek(kwo) Aztec

azure(kwel) azure

bagramatika marks imperative
Nu go ba! — Let us go!
Manya yu hev skola. Tayari ba yur leson! — Tomorrow you have classes. Prepare your lesson!
Ta lai ba! — Let him come!
(cf. "hay")

badal(kwo) cloud
gro-badal — big cloud
swate badal — black cloud
badal-ney dey — cloudy day

bade (kwel) bad; evil (cf. “dushte”)
bu bade — not bad
baditaa(kwo) evil
lucha de haotaa e baditaa — struggle of the good and the evil
badifi (fa-bade) — (zwo) become worse, deteriorate

Baffin-isla(kwo) Baffin Island

bagaja(kwo) luggage
bagajadan(kwo) luggage rack; luggage storage compartment
Crimean Tatar

Bagdad(kwo) Baghdad

bagula(kwo) heron

Bahamas(kwo) Bahamas

bahana(kwo) pretext, excuse
bahani(zwo) pretext
bahani-yen ke — under the pretext of

bahmal(kwo) velvet

Bahrein(kwo) Bahrain

Baikal(kwo) Lake Baikal

bait(kwo) byte

baji(zwo) ring, resound; play (a musical instrument); strike (about the clock)
baji pa dwar — ring at the door
Hu-ney fon zai baji? — Whose phone is ringing?
baji piano — play piano

baji gana pa gitara — play a song on the guitar

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