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brashing — (kwo) brushing Brasil


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brashing(kwo) brushing

Brasil(kwo) Brazil

braslet(kwo) bracelet

brata(kwo) brother
bratalik(kwel) brotherly
May ko-bratas do kalam. — My co-brethren of the quill.

brata-docha(kwo) fraternal niece (brother's daughter)

brata-son(kwo) fraternal nephew (brother's son)

brave(kwel) brave, gallant, stalwart, dashing
bravnik(kwo) bold fellow, daring fellow, dare-devil

bravo(exklami) bravo
Bravo gro! — Bravissimo!

brecha(kwo) breach (opening, gap, tear, rupture)

brein(kwo) brain
breinvati(zwo) ponder, think over, turn over in one's mind

brek(kwo) brake
brake, apply a brake
breking(kwo) braking


breve(kwel) brief, concise
brevem(komo) briefly, in a few words

nobridi-ney(kwel) unbridled, unruly
nobridibile(kwel) indomitable

brig(kwo) brig

brigada(kwo) brigade
agnibrigada — fire-brigade

brij(kwo) bridge (card game)

brik(kwo) brick

brili(zwo) shine, glitter, glow
brili-she(kwel) brilliant, shining, shiny
brila(kwo) shining, glitter, brilliance
brilika(kwo) spangle

debrilifi(zwo) lose its lustre, grow dim

briliante (kwel) brilliant (glorious, superb, wonderful)
Syn.: gro-hao, magnifike

bringi(zwo) bring
go bringi koysa — go to fetch smth
lopi bringi koysa — run for smth, run to fetch smth

brisa(kwo) breeze (of wind)


bromine (chem.)

bronsa(kwo) bronze

brova(kwo) eye-brow, brow
with thick eyebrows

bru(zwo) brew (prepare liquor)
bruing(kwo) brewing

sweep (with a broom)
(kwo) sweeping

brun(kwel) brown

Brunei(kwo) Brunei

brutale(kwel) brutal
brutalitaa(kwo) brutality
Syn.: kruele (cruel), ferose (fierce, ferocious)

bruxisma(kwo) bruxism

bu(syao-gramatika) not (negation)
Me bu yao go adar. — I don't want to go there.
Tak, bu kontra-nem. — So, not otherwise.
Se es buevitibile. — This is inevitable.
Bu go adar! — Don't go there!
See also: non, bye

Buda(kwo) Buddha
budisma(kwo) Buddhism

Buenos Aires(kwo) Buenos Aires

bufal(kwo) buffalo

bufeta(kwo) buffet (a counter or sideboard from which food and drink are served or may be bought)

bugundey(kwo) day free from work, day off, rest-day

(Origin: bu+gun+dey)

buhao(kwel, komo) not good, bad; badly
sta buhao — feel unwell
(Origin: bu+hao)

bujeta(kwo) budget

buketa(kwo) bouquet (bunch of flowers; specific scent)

bukwa(kwo) beech (tree)

bulba(kwo) bulb

bulbul(kwo) nightingale

bulevar(kwo) boulevard

Bulgaria(kwo) Bulgaria

buli(zwo) boil
buli-she akwa — boiling water
buli-ney milka — boiled milk
buling(kwo) boiling

bulyon(kwo) broth, bouillon

bumbar(kwo) bumblebee

bunte(kwel) variegated, many-coloured, motley

bure(kwel) gray-brown

burjua(kwo) bourgeois
burjua-ney(kwel) bourgeois

burnus(kwo) burnous

burokratia(kwo) bureaucracy
burokratike(kwel) bureaucratic

buroo(kwo) bureau

bursa(kwo) exchange (a place for trading, such as a stock exchange)

Burundi(kwo) Burundi

bus(kwo) bus (coach)
pai bus — get the bus
bus-stopika(kwo) bus stop
busyuan(kwo) ticket collector (in bus)

bush(kwo) bush, shrub

bushel(kwo) bushel (unit of volume)

busta(kwo) bust (head and shoulders of body; woman's bosom)

buta(kwo) boot

tasmi (fai) butas — lace up one’s boots
gaobuta(kwo) high boot

buton(kwo) button (fastener; device meant to be pressed; bud)
florbuton — flower bud
presi buton — press the button
buton de jaketa — button of jacket
do dwa buton-fila — double-breasted
mausbuton — a mouse button
butoni(zwo) button
butondun(kwo) buttonhole

buy(kwo) buoy

bye(gramatika) negative imperative particle
Bye go adar! — Don't go there!
Boh bye lasi! — God forbid!
Syn.: bu, bu...ba

byen(kwel) convenient; comfortable; handy, easy-to use; opportune
es muy byen — it's very opportune, it comes in handy
nobyen-taim-ney — ill-timed
byentaa(kwo) convenience; ease, handiness
flat do oli byentaa — apartment with all conveniences

chabi(zwo) chew
chabing(kwo) chewing, mastication
chabiguma, chabika(kwo) chewing gum

Chad(kwo) Chad

chalma(kwo) turban

champion(kwo) champion, winner, titleholder

chapa(kwo) hoe, mattock

chapela(kwo) chapel (place of worship)

chapta(kwo) chapter (section in a book)

char(kwanto) four (4)
un charfen — one forth
tri charfen — three fourths
charfen, charfenka(kwo) quarter

charple(kwel) quadruple

charshi — forty
charsto — four hundred
char-neythe fourth
char-nem — fourthly

chardi(kwo) Thursday (also jupidi)

charma(kwo) charm (appeal, attraction — cf. "jadu", "talisman")
charmi(zwo) charm (seduce, fascinate)
charmaful(kwel) charming

chati(zwo) chat, babble, chatter
chata(kwo) chat, babble, chatter
auschati(zwo) blurt out, spill the beans

chauki(zwo) beware (of), be on one’s guard against, take care, look out
chauki doga! — beware of dogs!
(kwo) caution, wariness, vigilance, alertness
chauka-stepa — precautionary measures
(chauke) — (kwel) cautious, watchful, wary, vigilant, alert
chauka-nem (chaukem) — (komo) cautiously, warily, vigilantly
buchauke(kwel) incautious, imprudent
nochauke(kwel) foolhardy, reckless, desperate

chaure(kwel) wide, broad
chaurbrancha-ney baum — a spreading tree
chaurem(komo) broadly, widely, wide
chauritaa(kwo) breadth, width
chaurifi (fa-chaure) — (zwo) widen (become wide or wider), broaden
chaurisi (mah-chaure) — (zwo) widen (make wide or wider), broaden
chauri(zwo) widen (tr./intr.)

chay(kwo) tea
(kwo) tea room, tea house
chayvati(zwo) tea
chayvati koywan — to take smb to tea

che — the name of the letter CH ch

chek(kwo) cheque, (bank-) check, receipt (written acknowledgement)


cheki(zwo) check (verify; inspect)
cheka(kwo) check (inspection; verifying)

chelo(kwo) cello

cherma(kwo) bird cherry

cherpi(zwo) draw liquids, scoop (out); (fig.) to take, borrow
cherpika(kwo) scoop

Chesko(kwo) Czech Republic

chi(zwo) 1) eat
chi masu — eat meat
hao-chi-ke fan — a tasty food
chi sabahfan — have breakfast
chi deyfan — have a midday meal
chi akshamfan — have evening meal/supper
chibile(kwel) edible
chia(kwo) eating
syao chia — snack
chiwat(kwo) eats, food
chifan(zwo) meal, have a meal
chifanshamba — dining room
chifansa(kwo) meal
mah-chi(zwo) feed
jen-chier(kwo) cannibal, man-eater
chitul(kwo) eating tool (e.g. fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks)
2) capture (chess)

chiatuba(kwo) esophagus
Origin: chia+tuba

chibuk(kwo) chin

chihi(zwo) sneeze
chiha(kwo) sneeze
laute ek-chiha — a violent sneeze
chihing(kwo) sneezing; catarrh
mah-chihi-she(kwel) sternutatory
chih!(exklami) achoo!

Chile(kwo) Chile

chinara(kwo) plane (tree of the genus Platanus)

chipe(kwel) cheap

chipenesa(kwo) cheapness, low prices

Ant.: guy

chiriki(zwo) twitter, chirp
chiriking(kwo) twitter, chirp, chirping

chitan(kwo) pond

chiza(kwo) spoon
chaychiza(kwo) teaspoon

chokolat(kwo) chocolate

chori(zwo) steal, thieve
bechori koywan — to rob smb
(kwo) theft
chori-sha, chorer(kwo) thief
chorishil(kwel) thievish
chorike(kwel) thievish; furtive, stealthy

Chosen(kwo) North Korea

chou(kwel) stinking, foul, fetid

chu(zwo) go out, leave, exit; issue (from); ooze out; come out, be issued
lu chu shamba — he left the room
sudor chu on luy fas — the sweat stood out on his face
chu dwar — go out of the door
chusa(kwo) going out, leaving, withdrawal; exit, way out; outlet
chudao(kwo) way out
otre chudao yok — there is no other way out
chudwar(kwo) exit door
chuwat(kwo) issue (smth issued)
mah-chu(zwo) issue (smth); utter
ta mah-chu un strane suon — she uttered a strange sound

chuf(kwo) tuft (cluster of elongated strands, as of yarn, hair, or grass)

chukanda(kwo) beet, beetroot
chukandasup(kwo) beet soup, borscht

chunauta(kwo) challenge, defiance
chunauta-ney (chunaute) — (kwo) defiant

chunauta-nem (chunautem) — (kwo) defiantly


chuyshu(zwo) boast, brag
chuyshu-ke, chuyshushil(kwel) boastful, vainglorious

chyen(kwel) shallow
chyenlok(kwo) ford, wade; shoal, sandbank

da(gramatika) optional nominative particle

dabe(unisi) in order to, in order that, so that
Me shwo a yu dabe yu mog samaji me. — I speak to you in order that you can understand me.

dacha(kwo) dacha, summer house

dadu(kwo) bet, wager
fai dadu(zwo) bet, wager
fai dadu kun koywan— bet with smb
fai dadu om koysa — make a bet about smth
fai dadu pa shi dolar — make a bet of 10 dollars

dafni(zwo) inter, bury
dafna(kwo) interment, burial, funeral

dafta(kwo) exercise book, notebook

dai(zwo) give
daisa(kwo) giving
dai bak(zwo) give back

daklis(kwo) threshold

dal(gramatika) marks non-immediate (but blood) relatives
dal-brata(kwo) cousin
dal-son(kwo) nephew
dal-docha(kwo) niece
dal-kindocha(kwo) grandniece
dal-dal-brata(kwo) second cousin

dale(kwel) far, distant, remote
dalem(komo) afar
fon dalem — from afar

dalitaa(kwo) distance (a considerable amount of space), expanse, remoteness

inu dalitaa — (far) into the distance
fa-dale (dalifi) — (zwo) become more remote
mah-dale (dalisi) — (zwo) distance, move away from

Dale Esta (kwo) Far East
Dale-Esta-ney (kwel) Far Eastern

dalta(kwo) chisel

dalwa(kwo) bucket, pail

dam (kwo) dam, dike

dama(kwo) married or widowed woman; dame; lady; (in cards, chess) queen, (in checkers) king

damaja(kwo) damage
damaji(zwo) damage

damay(kwo) barley

damni(zwo) damn (cf. "shatami")
damna(kwo) damnation

dan1(taim-komo) 1) then (at that time)
Dan me bin haishi yunge. — I was still young then.
depos dan — since then
dan-ney(kwel) then, of that time
2) then (in that case)
si...dan... — if...then...
See also: poy

dan2(syao) suffix for container
chaydan(kwo) teapot
nayudan(kwo) butterdish
milkadan(kwo) milk can
flordan(kwo) flowerpot
kalamdan(kwo) pencil-box
kahwadan(kwo) coffee-pot
manidan(kwo) wallet
May be used as a separate word to avoid repetition:
tiri zian aus dan — draw one’s sword from its sheath
pren mani fon dan — take money from the wallet

dandi(kwo) dandy, fop
dandivati(zwo) behave foppishly

danja(kwo) danger, peril

danja-ney, danjaful(kwel) dangerous, perilous

dank a(konekti) thanks to, owing to
dank a lu — thanks to him
dank a to ke yu he zwo — thanks to what you have done

danke(exklami) thank you, thanks
Danke! - Es nixa. Bi hao! — Thank you! - Don't mention it. You are welcome!
Danke gro! — Thank you very much!
danki(zwo) thank
me danki yu por helpi — I thank you for your help
bu val danki, bu dankival — don’t mention it
danka(kwo) gratitude
dankaful(kwel) thankful, grateful

Danmark(kwo) Denmark

dansa(kwo) dance
dansi(zwo) dance
danser(kwo) dancer
dansilok(kwo) dance floor, dance hall

dantela(kwo) lace (light fabric)

dao(kwo) way (path; method)
sirkum-dao — roundabout way
pa sey dao — by this way
pa nul dao — in no way, by no means
Milkadao — Milky way
daojen(kwo) wayfarer, traveller; wanderer
(kwo) path (trail), pathway
daokrosa(kwo) crossroads, crossing
shefdao(kwo) main road, trunk road, highway

dar(loko-komo) there
May sista es dar. — My sister is there.
Dar es garme. — It's hot there.
Bu go dar! — Don't go there!
See also: adar, hir

darbi(zwo) strike (hit; impress)
darba(kwo) blow, stroke

darfi(sta) have permission, be allowed, (one) may
Lu darfi gun kom leker. — He is allowed to work as a doctor.
Me darfi zin ku? — May I come in?

bu darfi — is not allowed

hir bu darfi fumi — smoking is not allowed here

darmshtatyum(kwo) darmstadtium (chem.)

dashat (kwo) horror, terror
dashatfilma — thriller, horror film
(kwel) awful, frightful, dreadful (Syn.: terible)
dashati(zwo) dread, be terrified/horrified
dashatisi(zwo) terrify, horrify

dashi(kwo) ambassador
dashiguan(kwo) embassy

dasin(kwo) virtue (moral excellence, an example or kind of it — cf. "merita")
dasin-ney(kwel) virtuous

dasta(kwo) detachment, party
avan-dasta — advanced detachment, vanguard

data(kwo) data

datsan(kwo) datsan (Buddhist monastery)

datum(kwo) date (day, month and year)

dave (kwel) bygone, distant in time, ancient, old
davem(komo) long ago
yo fon davem — long since, for a long time
nodave(kwel) recent
nodavem(komo) recently, not long ago, lately

de1) (konekti) of (genitive)
kitaba de toy boy — the book of that boy
jamilitaa de munda — beauty of the world
lingwa de planeta — language of the planet
raita de elekti e gei elekti — the right to elect and be elected
2) (konekti) of (partialness — optional)
un pes (de) sukra — a piece of sugar
tasa (de) chay — a cup of tea
3) the name of the letter D d

de(s)(syao) "opposite action" ("des" if before a vowel)

desharji — discharge
delodi — unload
desorganisi — disorganize

deba(kwo) debt, duty (obligation)
zwo swa-ney deba — do one's duty
debi (zwo) owe, be obliged to
Ta debi a me dwashi dolar. — He owes me $20.
Me debi a ta may jiva. — I owe my life to him.

debati (zwo) debate
debata(kwo) debate
See also: diskusi

debuti(zwo) debut
debuta(kwo) debut, début

dediki (zwo) dedicate (address or inscribe to another — cf. “devoti”)
dedika(kwo) dedication

dedukti(zwo) deduce
dedukta(kwo) deduction, conclusion
deduktive(kwel) deductive

defekta(kwo) defect, flaw, impairment
defekta-ney (defekte) — (kwel) flawed, imperfect, defective

defensi(zwo) defend
defensa(kwo) defence
defensa-ney (defense) — (kwel) defensive

defini (zwo) define, give the definition of
defina(kwo) definition

deflui(zwo) flow away, rush from
defluisa(kwo) ebb, reflux
afluisa e defluisa — flow and ebb
(Origin: de(s)+flui)

defolta(kwo) default (original settings)

deformi (zwo) deform, put out of shape
pa deformi-ney inglish — in broken English
deforma, deformitura(kwo) deformation; deformity

degami (zwo) divorce
degama(kwo) divorce
(Origin: de(s)+gami)

degenerati(zwo) degenerate, undergo degeneration

degenerata(kwo) degeneration

degradi (zwo) degrade, debase
degrada(kwo) degradation

dejori(zwo) dislocate, put out (of joint)
dejora(kwo) luxation, displacement, dislocation
(Origin: de+jor)

dek(kwo) deck (ship’s)

dekadi (zwo) be decadent, be in state of decay, decline (physically or morally)
dekada(kwo) decadence, decline

dekan1) (kwo) dean (senior official in college)
2) (zwo) stop looking at, take one's eyes off (de+kan)

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