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dekapisi — (zwo) decapitate dekapisa

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dekapisi(zwo) decapitate
dekapisa(kwo) decapitation
(Origin: de(s)+kapa+isi)

deklami (zwo) declaim
deklama(kwo) declamation

deklari (zwo) declare
deklara(kwo) declaration

deklini (zwo) deflect; decline (gram., phys., astr.)
deklina(kwo) deflection, declination

dekori(zwo) decorate, make decor
decoration; decor
Syn.: orni

dela(kwo) affair, business, case, issue, matter
bu es may dela — that is none of my business
dela go hao — the affair goes well
prave dela — just/righteous cause
fai dela kun — deal with, have to do with
Dela es ke... — The thing is that... The point is that...

delegi(zwo) delegate
delega (kwo) delegation (act)
delegasion (kwo) delegation (group of people)
delegiwan(kwo) delegate

delfin (kwo)

delikate (kwel) delicate, fine

delir (kwo) delirium, ravings
deliri (zwo) be delirious, rave
delir-ney (kwel)

demandi(zwo) demand (claim, request or ask forcefully)
demanda(kwo) demand (claim; desire to purchase goods; request for some product)

demision(kwo) resignation, retirement
demisioni(zwo) resign, retire

demokratia(kwo) democracy
demokratike(kwel) democratic

demokratisi(zwo) democratize

demokratisa(kwo) democratization
demokratier (demokrat) — (kwo) democrat

Demokratike Republika Kongo, DR Kongo(kwo) Democratic Republic of the Congo

demon(kwo) demon (evil spirit)

demonstri(zwo) demonstrate
demonstra(kwo) demonstration
demonstra-ney (demonstre) — (kwo) demonstrative
demonstrasion(kwo) demonstration (public display of group opinion)

optional accusative particle
Den se me he zwo yo. — This I have done already.

(Origin: de(s)+nadi)

dense(kwel) dense
dense shulin — dense forest
dense tuman — dense fog
fa-dense (densifi) — (zwo) become dense
mah-dense (densisi) — (zwo) make dense, condense
densitaa(kwo) density
densa, densika(kwo) thicket
(kwel) thin, sparse, rarefied
nodensifa(kwo) rarefaction

denta(kwo) tooth; prong
diki denta — show/bare one's teeth
shwo tra denta — say between one's teeth
dentista(kwo) dentist
dentagron(kwo) tusk
dentakrona(kwo) crown of tooth

dentaflesh(kwo) gum (in mouth)
Origin: denta+flesh

departi(zwo) depart, leave (a koysa — for smth)
me departi a Rusia — I am leaving for Russia
Ant.: arivi

depatmen(kwo) department


dependi(zwo) depend (fon koysa/koywan — on smth/smb)
Fon hu se dependi? — On whom does it depend?
dependa(kwo) dependence
nodependa(kwo) independence
rekoni nodependa — to recognize the independence
nodependa-ney (nodepende) — (kwel) independent

depo(kwo) depot, store, storehouse
depo-shamba(kwo) storeroom; pantry

depon(zwo) take off, lay off, put off
Depon ba palto! — Take off the coat!
(Origin: de(s)+pon)

depos(konekti) since, starting from
depos toy dey — since that day
me es hir depos klok shi — I have been here since ten o'clock
depos dan — since then
depos nau — from now on, henceforth
depos longtaim — long since
Syn.: fon

deposita(kwo) deposit (in bank)

depresion (kwo) depression (psychology, economy)

deri(zwo) delay; linger
deri spira — hold one's breath
dera(kwo) delay

deriven worda — (grammar term) word with an affix, ending, or particle (e.g. jen-ney, jamilitaa)

derivi(zwo) derive
deriva(kwo) derivation
derivi-ney(kwel) derivative, derived
derivitura(kwo) derivative

derma(kwo) skin, hide
tumderma-ney(kwel) swarthy, dark-skinned
dedermisi(zwo) skin, flay, excoriate

dermalogia(kwo) dermatology

desapari(zwo) disappear, vanish

desapara(kwo) disappearance

(Origin: de(s)+apari)

desemba (kwo) December (also mes-shi-dwa)

desendi(zwo) descend, go down
desendi sulam — go downstairs
desendi kaval — dismount a horse
kamina desendi a riva — the road descends to the river
desenda(kwo) descent
Syn.: go nich
Ant.: asendi

deser(kwo) dessert

deserti(zwo) desert (abandon, withdraw)
deserter(kwo) deserter

desidi(zwo) decide
desida(kwo) decision
desidi-nem (desidem) — (kwo) decidedly

deskovri(zwo) discover
deskovra(kwo) discovery

deskribi(zwo) describe
deskriba(kwo) description

desne(kwel) right (not left)
desna(kwo) right, right side
a desna(loko-komo) (to the) right
Kan a desna! — Look right!
Hir treba turni a desna. — Here one should turn right.
desnen(konekti-komo) at the right (of)
May dom es desnen. — My house is at the right.
Desnen dom ye garden. — There is a garden to the right of the house.

desnehander(kwo) right-handed person

despota(kwo) despot

destini(zwo) destine
destina(kwo) destination (ultimate purpose for which smth is created or intended — cf. “safara-gola”)

destrukti(zwo) destroy
destrukta(kwo) destruction
destruktive(kwel) destructive, disruptive
Syn.: nihilisi

detal(kwo) detail

detal-ney(kwel) detailed

detal-nem(komo) in detail
detalisi(zwo) detail
detalisa(kwo) detailing

detekti(zwo) detect
detekta(kwo) detection
detekter(kwo) detector

detektif(kwo) detective

determini (zwo) determine (establish or ascertain definitely, give direction to, fix the limits of)
determina(kwo) determination (but not resolution — cf. “resolutitaa”)
determinitaa(kwo) determinacy
nodeterminitaa(kwo) indeterminateness

developi (zwo) develop
developa(kwo) development

devisa(kwo) motto

devori(zwo) devour

devoti (zwo) devote
devoti swa a koysa/koywan — to devote oneself to smth/smb
devoti-ney (kwel) devoted
devota(kwo) devotion (act of devoting or the state of being devoted)
boh-devoten (kwel) pious, devout

dey(kwo) day (in all meanings)
deyfan(kwo) midday meal; dinner
lumadey(kwo) daylight, daytime
bugundey(kwo) day free from work, day off, rest-day
festadey(kwo) holiday, day of celebration
(kwo) working day, workday
janmadey(kwo) birthday
hao dey! — good day!
fa-dey — it is dawning, day is breaking
fa-deysa(kwo) dawn, daybreak

deykitaba(kwo) diary
(Origin: dey + kitaba)

diabla(kwo) devil, fiend (Satan or demon)

Pa diabla! — What the devil!

See also: bes, satan

diagnos(kwo) diagnosis
(zwo) diagnose

diagonale (kwel) diagonal
diagonala(kwo) diagonal

diagrama(kwo) diagram

dialekta(kwo) dialect

dialoga(kwo) dialogue

diamanta(kwo) diamond

diametra(kwo) diameter

diarea(kwo) diarrhoea

diba(kwo) bottom (the lowest part — cf. "popa")
mar diba — sea bottom

dies (kwo) sharp (mus.)
dwadies — double sharp

dieta(kwo) diet, ration

difusi (zwo) diffuse
difusa(kwo) diffusion (but not prolixity)

digesti (zwo) digest (physiol.)
digesta(kwo) digestion

digne(kwel) dignified, stately; worthy
dignitaa(kwo) dignity
digni(zwo) deign, be so kind as
digni lai — deign to come

diki(zwo) show, display
diki lisan a leker — show one's tongue to the doctor
diki suy joisa — show one's joy
dikifinga(kwo) index finger
dika(kwo) showing, demonstration
diker(kwo) pointer, indicator
oradiker — hour hand
minutadiker — minute hand

dikiwinda (kwo) shop window

diktat(kwo) diktat, dictate (command)
(zwo) dictate (impose, order)
diktater (kwo) dictator

diktatura (kwo) dictatorship

dikti(zwo) dictate (say or read aloud)
dikter(kwo) announcer
diktura(kwo) dictation (school excercise)

dilim(kwo) slice, clove
luna-dilim(kwo) crescent

Dilli(kwo) Dehli

dimension(kwo) dimension

dinamika(kwo) dynamics
dinamike(kwel) dynamic

dinastia(kwo) dynasty

dine(kwel) thin (about sizecf. “nodense”)
Ant.: grose

diploma(kwo) diploma

diplomatia(kwo) diplomacy
diplomatike(kwel) diplomatic

direksion(kwo) direction (path, course — cf. "diriging")

direkte(kwel) direct (not indirect — cf. "rekte")
direkte kontakta — direct contact
direktem(komo) directly; straightforwardly

direktor(kwo) director (person chosen to control or govern the affairs of an institution or corporation)
direktor de skola — director of a school

dirigi (zwo) direct (aim at; manage, control)
fa-dirigi (zwo) make one’s way (to), direct one’s steps, head
diriging (kwo) directing; direction (guidance; the skill of directing a film, play etc.)

disain(kwo) design (shape, appearance, plan for the structure and functions)
disaini(zwo) design, lay out, make a design
disainer(kwo) designer

disasta(kwo) disaster, calamity, catastrophe (cf. "beda")

disekti(zwo) dissect, anatomize

disekta(kwo) dissection

disertasion(kwo) dissertation

dish(kwo) dish (the vessel or its contents)
Syn.: pyata

disipi(zwo) dissipate, squander, waste
disipi jiva — live fast, lead a dissipated life
disipa(kwo) dissipation, squander, waste
Ant.: spari, ekonomi

disipla(kwo) disciple
Ant.: guru, talimer

disiplina(kwo) discipline (behaviour control)

diska(kwo) disk

diskrete (kwel) discrete, discontinuous

diskusi(zwo) discuss
diskusa(kwo) discussion

disposi(zwo) dispose (arrange; have at one’s disposal)
disposa(kwo) disposition, disposal (positioning; control)

disprosyum(kwo) dysprosium (chem.)

disputi(zwo) argue, spar, bicker
disputa(kwo) dispute, controversy
disputibile(kwel) disputable, arguable
disputnik(kwo) debater, squabbler
prais-disputnik — haggler

distansia(kwo) distance (cf. "dalitaa")

distili(zwo) distil
distila(kwo) distillation
distiler(kwo) distiller

distinti(zwo) distinguish
fa-distinti in batala — distinguish oneself in action
distinta(kwo) distinction
fai distinta inter koysa e koysa — make difference between smth and smth
distinta-ney (distinte) — (kwel) distinct
distintive(kwel) distinctive

distrati(zwo) distract, divert

distrata(kwo) distraction, diversion; (fig.) absence of mind

distrati-ney (distraten), distratishil(kwel) absent-minded
distratem(komo) absent-mindedly, mechanically

distribu(zwo) distribute
distribusa(kwo) distribution

disturbi(zwo) disturb, trouble, bother, unsettle, put out of order
disturba(kwo) disturbance; disturbances

diva(kwo) miracle, marvel, wonder
diva yok — no wonder
diva-ney(kwel) marvellous, wonderful
divi(zwo) wonder, marvel, look with amazement
divi an koysa — marvel at smth

divan(kwo) divan (sofa)

diverse(kwel) diverse, sundry, several, various
diversitaa(kwo) diversity, variety, multiplicity

dividi(zwo) divide
shi-dwa dividi bay char es tri — twelve divided by four is three
divida(kwo) dividing, division (act)

division(kwo) division (military formation)
(cf. "divida")

do1) (konekti) precedes a specific characteristic, distinctive feature, or destination of object
gela do grin okos — green-eyed girl
jen do lignagamba — a man with a wooden leg
sikin do kalam — penknife
okula do surya — sun spectacles
bota do parus — sailing boat
auto do mil dolar — a car for 1000 dollars
es kosa do ridi — this is ridiculous
2) (kwo) C (mus.)

docha(kwo) daughter

dodo(kwo) dodo (extinct bird)

doga(kwo) dog

man-doga (dogo) — (kwo) male dog

gin-doga (dogina) — (kwo) bitch, female dog
yundoga(kwo) pup, puppy

doh(exklami) (in response to a negative question or statement) yes; oh yes; on the contrary, quite the contrary
Also yu bu lai? - Doh! — So you won't come? - Oh, yes, I will!
Syn.: kontrem

doiche (kwel, kwo) German (relating to ethnicity, language or country); German (person of German ethnicity); German language

Doichland(kwo) Germany
Doichland-jen(kwo) inhabitant/citizen of Germany

do-janma-ney (kwel) innate, inborn, inherent, native

dok(kwo) dock (in port)
doker(kwo) docker
doki(kwo) dock

doktor(kwo) doctor (holder of a doctorate; physician)
See also: leker

doktrina(kwo) doctrine

dokubao(kwo) briefcase
(Origin: dokumenta + bao)

dokumenta(kwo) document
dokumenti(zwo) document
dokumentale(kwel) documental

dol(kwo) dale, vale

dolar(kwo) dollar
auto do mil dolar — a car for 1000 dollars

dolche(kwel) sweet
dolchevos-ney — having a sweet voice
dolchitaa(kwo) sweetness, sweet (basic taste sensation)
dolcha, dolchika(kwo) sweet (smth sweet)

dom (kwo) house; home
me es pa dom — I am at home
chu dom — to leave home
treba go a dom — we should go home

domlik(kwel) home, cozy

domyuan(kwo) member of household
dom-masta(kwo) householder
domgina(kwo) housekeeper
banidom(kwo) bath-house
forjidom(kwo) smithy, forge
grendom(kwo) granary, barn
melidom(kwo) mill
mifendom(kwo) hive
furmidom(kwo) anthill

domen(kwo) domain, sphere; domain (computing)

domini(zwo) dominate; wield
domini auditoria — hold one's audience
domini tema — be master of one's subject
domini kalam — wield a skilful pen
domini garibe lingwa — have a good command of a foreign language
domini swa — possess oneself; get hold of oneself
chaure ston-ney plataforma kel domini maidan — the spacious stone platform that dominated the square
domini-she(kwel) dominant, dominating
domina(kwo) domination

Dominika(kwo) Dominica

domino(kwo) domino

domisi(zwo) domesticate

doni(zwo) give as a gift; donate; make a present (cf. “dai”)
dona(kwo) gift, present; donation
dona de shwosa — gift of speech
donakin(kwo) sop; tip
donishil(kwel) generous, unstinting
donishiltaa(kwo) generosity

dosa(kwo) dose

dosh(kwo) vice, defect, flaw
dosh-ney(kwel) vicious
Ant.: merita

dosile(kwel) docile

doti(zwo) endow, grant; furnish a dowry

dota(kwo) dowry, endowment; gift, talent, endowment

dotika(kwo) dowry (payment or property)
sindotnik(kwo) person without talent

dragon(kwo) dragon (cf. «lung»)

draka(kwo) scuffle, tussle, fight

drama (kwo) drama

dranga(kwo) pressure, stress, force, push, spurt, dash; urge, drive
por dranga de halat — through force of circumstances
dranga fo libritaa — drive for freedom
drangi(zwo) urge, hustle, press, force
ek-drangi avan — dash / spurt / rush forward
fa-drangi(zwo) jostle, hustle, crowd
fa-drangi tra jenmenga — thrust one’s way through the crowd
fa-dranging(kwo) crowding, crush, jam, squash

drastike(kwel) drastic
drastike shanja — drastic alterations
drastike meja — drastic measures

drega(kwo) dregs (also fig.)

dreni(zwo) drain, draw off liquid
dreni-tuba — drain, drain pipe
drena, drenaja(kwo) drainage

drimi(zwo) dream (hope, wish, daydream)
drima(kwo) dream (hope, wish, cherished desire), daydream
drimnik(kwo) (day)dreamer
drima-ney (drime) — (komo) dreamy, pensive
drima-nem (drimem) — (komo) dreamily, musingly
(cf. "sonja")

drir(kwel) uncompromising, steadfast, firm, unflinching, inflexible, unbending

drole(kwel) funny, amusing

droni(zwo) drown; sink
droni-ney jen, dronijen — drowned man
mah-droni(zwo) drown (deprive of life)

mah swa droni — drown oneself

dros(kwo) thrush (bird)
gana-dros(kwo) song-thrush

duan (kwo) segment, section, piece
laste daoduan — last section/length of road
taimduan — space of time
studi-duan — semester (term of an academic year)

dubi(zwo) doubt, question
duba(kwo) doubt
dubival(kwel) doubtful, dubious, questionable
sin duba, duba yok — undoubtedly, no doubt

dubli(zwo) dub (a film)

dublon(kwo) doubloon (coin)

dubnyum(kwo) dubnium (chem.)

duda(kwo) pipe (music — cf. “pipa”)
dudi(zwo) play the pipe

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